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高一二部英语学案(三) Book 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note Grammar 设计人:张艳丽 时间:2010. 3. 11
教师寄语:Activity is the only road to knowledge. 行动是通往知识的唯一道路。 一.学习目标: 1. 宾语从句的用法。 2. 引导宾语从句的关系词的选择和使用。 二

.学习重点、难点: 关系词的选择和使用 三.自主学习: I.单词拼写: 1. Don’t ___________(盯着看) at me like that. 2. Her parents don’t __________(允许) her to go out alone at night. 3. It was not our __________(错误) that we were late. 4. I don’t know the exact s__________ where it happened. 5. Cruelty and kindness are c______________. 6. Sorry, this table is too heavy. I don’t have the s__________ to lift it. II. 根据课文内容用适当的词填空: 1. Oliver believes _______with a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London. 2. Henry Adams does not know ________he should do. 3. I wonder, Mr Adams, ________you’d mind us asking a few questions. 4. May we ask ________you’re doing in this country and ________your plans are?

5. Well, I can’t say _______I have any plans. 6. His eyes stares at _______is left of the brother ’s dinner on the table. 7. I didn’t know ________I could survive until morning. 四.探究点拨: 名词性从句相当于名词,可分别作主句的主语、表语、宾语和同位 语。因此,名词性从句可分为主语从句、表语从句 、宾语从句和同位语 从句。 I、宾语从句 1. 宾语从句在复合句中起宾语作用,可以作动词的宾语,也可以作 介词的宾语。引导宾语从句词有连词 that,if,whether;连接代词 who, whom,whose,what,which;连接副词 when,where,how,why 等。 e.g. 1) I think (that) women can reach very high achievements in many fields of science. 2) I wonder whether/if she remembered how many babies she had delivered. 3) Do you know who/whom Jack was speaking to? 4) He asked whose car it was. 5) Pay attention to what the doctor said. 6) Please tell me when the earthquake took place. 7) Will you tell me how I can keep fit and healthy? 2. 如果宾语从句后面有宾语补足语,要使用形式宾语 it 而将从句 放到补足语后面; e.g. I thought it strange that he failed to call me. 我觉得奇怪:他没给我打电话。 3. 在 think, believe, suppose, expect 等动词之后的宾语从句中,如果 从句谓语是否定含义,则不用否定形式,而将主句谓语动词变为否定形 式,这叫否定转移; e.g. I don’t think you are fit for the job.

我认为你不适合这项工作。 注意:在发生否定转移的句子中,其反意疑问句的人称及助动词与 从句的人称和动词相对应。 e.g. I don’t think you are right, are you? 我认为你不正确,对吗? 4. 在 think, believe, imagine, suppose, guess, hope 等动词以及 I’m afraid 等后,可用 so 代替一个肯定的宾语从句,还可用 not 代替一个否 定的宾语从句: e.g. 一 Do you believe it will clear up?你认为天气会转晴吗? 一 I believe so. 我认为会这样。 或 I don't believe so.(或 I believe not.) 我认为不会这样。 五.检测反馈: 用连接词 what, whose, why, whether, when, which, how often, where 填空: 1. She doubts _________the news is true. 2. I can’t understand __________ you are saying. 3. I’d like to know __________ dictionary it is. 4. Some children want to challenge themselves by learning a language different from ___________ their parents speak at home. 5. We don’t know _________ they didn’t finish the job in time. 6. People in Chongqing are proud of _______ they have achieved in the past ten years. 7. –I wonder ____________ you’ll water this kind of flower. –Every other day. 8. I don’t know ___________ of the boys is your brother. 9. They have decided _________ they will leave for New York. That is next Sunday. 10. Nobody knows _________ he comes from.

五.拓展提高: 1. –What a great trouble for him! –Yes, I wonder _________he can manage it by himself. A. if B. how C. what D. that 2. It is no longer a question now ________man can land on the moon. A. that B. if C. whether D. what 3. The road is covered with snow. I can’t understand ________they insist on going by motorbike. A. when B. whether C. why D. how 4. He said ______he had eaten nothing for a long time and _____he was very hunagry. A. that; / B. /; that C. /; / D. what; what 5. The true value of life is not in _______, but _________. A. which we get; what we give B. what we get; what we give C. which do we get; what do we give D. how we get; that we give 6. Please remind me _______he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off. A. where B. when C. how D. what 7. The teacher asked the new student ________ class he was in. A. that B. where C. if D. which 8. Did you find out ______? A. she was looking for whose child B. whose child was she looking for C. whose child she is looking for D. whose child she was looking for 六.Summary:(总结) 七.Homework:(作业) Finish the workbook exercises about the object clause.


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