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M2 Unit 1 Tales of unexplained Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. (研究) indicates that men find it easier to give up smoking than women. 2.The first living c sent into space was a dog named Laika. 3.I have hardly enou

gh s left to move my feet. 4.We will not give up until we find c evidence. 5.Years after the accident I still have (噩梦) about it. 6.I like Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy (故事). 7.Through great efforts,he has made rapid (进步) in English study. 8.There have been (无法解释的)horse deaths in Kentucky before. 9.The police found the (目击证人) to the murder case. 10.Please call your dog off—it’s f the children. 11.We must accept the (可能性) that we might be wrong. 12.Pollution causes a threat to the continued (存在) of this species. 13.The speech was strikingly (类似的) to the one given by the American President earlier this year. Ⅱ.汉译英 1.偶然遇见 2.加紧,加快 3.寻找失踪的男孩 4.失踪 5.出现 6.根据 7.排除??的可能性 8.编造 9.负责,主管 10.带走 11.据说?? 12.追赶 13.确信…… 14.继续生存 15.平均 16.调查 17.信任,信赖 18.对……感兴趣 三.重点句子 1.Standing inside were lots of whiteskinned, strangelooking creatures with large black eyes. 飞船里面站着许多白皮肤、怪模样的生物,一个个都长着又大又黑的眼睛。 2.The aliens took me away so that they could do research on me. 外星人劫持我以便他们能在我身上进行研究。 3.We will not give up until we find convincing evidence. 我们将直到找到令人信服的证据才会放弃。 4.Yetis are said to be heavily built and hairy.据说野人体格健壮而多毛。 四.单词点睛 1. puzzle n.难题,难解之事;谜 vt.&vi.使困惑,使为难,使伤脑筋;迷惑 puzzled adj 感到困惑的 puzzling adj. 令人困惑的 puzzle out 想出 be puzzled about 对??感到困惑 puzzle over/about 苦思 be a puzzle to sb 对某人来说是个谜 be in a puzzle about sth 对某事迷惑不解 【词语辨析】 puzzle 与 mystery puzzle 侧重表示令人困惑不解、难以捉摸的谜或难题; mystery 侧重表示带有神秘色彩的、难以解释的事。如:


The real purpose of his going there remains a puzzle. The first one to solve the mystery of the sunken ship could win a large sum of money. 【活学活用】 (1)我每星期的钱都到哪儿去了是一个难解的问题。 It’s where all my money goes each week. (2)这封信使我迷惑不解。This letter . (3)下一步该怎么办,我心里还没数呢。I what to do next. (4)老将军对着那张旧地图苦苦思索着。The old general the old map. 2 search vt.&vi.(常与 for 连用)搜索,搜寻, 探查,查究 n.搜索,查访,搜寻 search after/for 寻找, 探求 search sb 搜某人的身 search some place 搜查某地 search?for? 为找??而搜查?? search one’s memory 寻思; 追忆 search out 搜(查)出, 探出 search through 把??仔细搜寻一遍 search into 调查, 研究 in search of 寻找 make a search for 搜查,搜寻 【活学活用】 (1)我到处找这本书。 I everywhere for the book. (2)他搜我的身想找点钱,结果一无所获。 He for money, but none was found. 3.convince vt. 使相信,使信服,说服 convincing adj. 令人信服的;有说服力的 convinced adj. 确信的;坚信不疑的 convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事 convince sb 说服某人 be/become convinced of? 相信??,确信?? be convinced that? 确信??,承认?? be fully convinced 充分相信 be half convinced 半信 convince sb to do sth 劝某人做某事 【活学活用】 (1)我们说服她放弃乘飞机而坐火车走。 We by train rather than by plane. (2)他认识到了他的错误。He his error. (3)这是一个令人信服的解释。This is a explanation. (4)那个学生使我相信他的音乐天赋。The student his gift for music. 4 exist vi.存在;有;生存,活着 existence n.存在,生存 exist as 作为??而存在 exist in 存在于??中 exist on 靠??生活(生存) come into existence 开始形成 be in existence 存在 【活学活用】 (1)海水中存在的盐分最多。Salt mostly in the sea water. (2)人没有空气就不能生存。One cannot without air. (3)那位老太太仅靠咖啡和面包生活。The old lady only on coffee and bread. 5 witness n. 目击者,证人 vt. 目击,见证 give witness 作证 with a witness 确实 witness to sth/doing sth 证实,为……作证 a witness to… 是……的见证;证实……是真实的 【活学活用】 1.单项填空 The girl witnessed ________ the man burst into the bank on a dark night the week before last. A.to see B.seeing

C.to seeing D.to having seen 2.根据汉语意思完成句子 (1)你应该为她作证。 You should her. (2)他的行为证实了他的诚实。His actions his honest. 6. disappointed adj. 感到失望的 disappoint vt. 使??失望 disappointing adj. 令人失望的 disappointment n. 失望,扫兴;令人失望的事 be disappointed to do sth 做某事很失望 in disappointment 失望地 be/feel disappointed at/about sth 对某事感到失望 be/feel disappointed with sb 对某人感到失望 to one’s disappointment 令某人失望的是 【活学活用】 (1)足球比赛的结果使所有球迷非常失望。 The result of the football game all the football fans. (2)因为下雨我们的野餐被取消了,我们对此消息都感到失望。 We were all the news that our picnic was cancelled because of the rain. (3)她说她不能参加我的生日聚会了,这很令人失望。 She said she couldn’t attend my birthday party, which was very . (4)没有获得那份工作真叫人失望。Not getting the job was really a . 五.短语存储 1 show up 出现,露面 (=turn up,appear) show?into/to/out 带领?进/去/出去 show?around 带??参观 show off 炫耀 show sb sth/show sth to sb 向某人展示某物 【活学活用】 (1)他给我看他的新收音机。 He . (2)她把我引进客厅。She the sitting room. (3)威尔森先生要走了。请你送他到门口好吗? Mr. Wilson is leaving now. Will you ? (4)他直到 12 点才出现。He until 12 o’clock. (5)加里总是在找机会炫耀他的拳击技巧。 Gary was always looking for an opportunity to his boxing skills. 2 make up 编造,捏造,虚构;组成,构成;化妆;和好;整理;补足,补上 make up for 弥补;补偿;补回 make it 及时到达;成功 make one’s way to 朝??走去 make a living 谋生 make a difference 有影响 make way for? 为??让路 【活学活用】 (1)他们加速进行以补回失去的时间。They hurried on to lost time. (2)那男孩编了个故事, 这故事不是真的。 boy The a story which was not true. (3)她把脸化了妆以便看上去漂亮些。She to look prettier. 3 look into 调查,研究;向??里看 look after 照看 look over 浏览 look on 旁观 look on/upon sb/sth as 把??看作 look about/around 向四周看; 四处寻找 look ahead 向前看;展望未来 look alike 相像;相似 look away 把脸转过去 look back 回顾;回过头看

look down upon/on sb 轻视/鄙视某人 look up to sb 尊敬某人 look forward 向前看 look forward to doing/sth 期待??,期望?? look out 向外看;当心, 小心(=watch out) look through 透过??看;快速检查,快速阅读;仔细检查,逐一审查 look up 仰视;(从词典、电话本等中)查找 【活学活用】 用适当的介词填空 (1)A committee was set up to look the cause of the accident. (2)My friend looked my cat while I was on holiday. (3)Look !There’s a car coming. (4)When you do not understand a word,you can look it in this dictionary. (5)I used to look him as a friend. (6)I’m looking to seeing you this summer vacation. (7)After supper, I have the habit of looking newspapers for the latest news. 4 on average 平均 the average of? ??的平均数 an average of 平均 above/below average 高于/低于平均水平 higher/lower than average 高于/低于平均(水平/值) 【活学活用】 用 average 的相关短语填空 (1) ,_boys are taller than girls by several inches. (2)As a top student in class, her grades are . 5 put on 增加,添上; 表演,演出,上演; 穿上,戴上;打开,播放 put aside 储蓄,储存;把??放在一边;腾出(时间) put away 整理,收拾 put down 写下,记下;放下 put forward 提出(意见、建议) put off 延期,推迟 put out 熄灭,关(灯);扑灭 put up 建造;张贴;为??提供膳宿 put up with 忍受,忍耐 put through 做成,完成;接通电话; 使通过考试;使经历(难受的事) put sth into practice/use 付诸??于实践/运用 put one’s heart into 全心全意地投入 【活学活用】 用 put 相关短语的适当形式填空 (1)Would you please your name and address? (2)You shouldn’t seeing the dentist. (3)Hurry up and your shoes . (4)It took firefighters several hours to the fire. (5)Stores are Christmas decorations. (6)She likes her favourite music while cooking. (7)She can’t his violent temper. 6 make one’s way to (尤指缓慢而艰难地)朝??方向去;缓慢获得成功,发迹 feel one’s way 摸索着前进 lose one’s way 迷路


find one’s way 找到出路,设法到达 fight one’s way 用力开出一条路前进 wind one’s way 曲折而行 push one’s way 挤道 make way for? 为??让路 find the way to? 找到去??的路 on one’s way to? 在去??的路上 by the way 顺便问一下 in a ?way 用??的方式 all the way 一路上;自始至终 in the/sb’s way 妨碍某人;挡路 【活学活用】 1.用 way 相关短语的适当形式填空 (1)He pulled his car aside to the truck. (2)I ran out of gas to the airport. (3)I tried to get into the parking lot,but there was a big trash can . 2.根据汉语意思完成句子 (1)我们在森林中迷了路。We in the forest. (2)你能找到回住所的路吗?Will you be able to back to the house? (3)我们从人群中挤出一条路来。We through the crowd. (4)99 号公路沿着海岸弯弯曲曲地延伸。Highway 99 along the coast. (5)她挤到人群的前面。She to the front of the crowd. 7 run after 追踪,跟踪 run for 竞选 run away 逃走 run out 用完, 耗尽(为不及物动词短语) run out of 用光,用尽(为及物动词短语) run oneself out 精疲力竭 run over (开车)碾过,轧过 run across=run into=come across=meet with 偶然遇到 【活学活用】 (1)昨天下午我在街上遇到一个多年不见的老朋友。 I an old friend whom I hadn’t seen for many years in the street yesterday afternoon. (2)打了那孩子后她逃跑了。She hit the child and . (3)我已经没有耐心了。My patience has . (4)我快没有耐心了。I am patience. (5)他已经精疲力竭了。 He has . (6)他被公共汽车轧死了。 He was by a bus and killed. (7)一个警察正在追一个小偷 A policeman is a thief. 8 step up 加快,增加;走上前,走近 step aside 让到一旁,避开 step back 后退 step down 走下来;辞职,下台,让位 step out 出去一会儿,暂时离开 step on 踩在??上 step forward 前来提供帮助 step in 走进;介入,干涉,插手(尤指为终止事端) take steps to do sth 采取行动/措施做某事 【活学活用】 (1)近来我们增加了煤炭产量。Recently we have the coal production. (2)请你让开点让我下车好吗?Would you mind to let me off the bus? (3)她后退了几步来欣赏这幅画。She to admire the painting. (4)外国客人从飞机上走了下来。The foreign guest from a plane. (5)我们必须采取措施确保此类事故不会再发生。 We must to make sure such an accident can never happen again.


六.句型透视 1. Standing inside were lots of white skinned, strange looking creatures with large black eyes. 飞船里面站着许多白皮肤、怪模样的生物,一个个都长着又大又黑的眼睛。 句型公式 (1)v.ing/ed+介词短语+be+主语+其他成分 (2)介词短语+谓语+主语 【句型解读】 这是一个倒装句,主语是 lots of white skinned, strange looking creatures with large black eyes。 因为 creatures 是复数形式,所以谓语动词用复数形式的 were。句子倒装是因为主语较长, 为了使句子避免头重脚轻的现象,所以使用倒装。如: Growing all over the hills and around the lake are trees of different kinds. Seated on the ground was a girl playing the guitar. On either side are rows of apple trees. Before us is a tall classroom building. 【活学活用】 用动词的适当形式填空 (1)On the wall (hang) two large portraits. (2) (write) on the blackboard is an announcement. (3) (lie) across the river is a bridge built two centuries ago. (4)On the top of the hill (stand) a temple where I once visited the monk. 2. Yetis are said to be heavily built and hairy.据说野人体格健壮而多毛。 句型公式 sb/sth is said to do?=It is said that sb/sth?据说?? 【句型解读】 本句可改为: is said that Yetis are heavily built and hairy. 能用于这种结构的动词还有: It know, report,think,consider,suppose。如: George is said to have gone to France. = ___________________________________________ This book is said to have been translated into several languages. = __________________________________________________________ 3.The aliens took me away so that they could do research on me. 外星人劫持我以便他们能在我身上进行研究。 【句型解读】 (1)so that 表示目的“为了” 引导目的状语从句,常和 can, could, may, might, would 等连 , 用。如: He started very early so that he could get there ahead of time. The girl studied very hard so that she could pass the exam with a high mark. (2)so that 还可以引导结果状语从句,表示“结果” ,前面常有逗号与主句隔开。如: He ran too fast, so that he fell down on the ground.




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