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Unit 5 First Aid

Part 1 Words and expressions

aid : n.&vt.帮助;援助;资助

1) They aided flood victims.他们援助遭受水灾的灾民。 2) They aided in solving the proble

m. 他们帮忙解决这个问题。 3) A dictionary is an important aid for many language learners. 字典 对于许多语言学习者来说是个很重要的工具。

[重点用法] do/give/offer first aid进行急救 aid sb. in (doing) sth.在…方面帮助某人 in aid of为了援助…;作为援助…之用 with the aid of借助于, 通过...的帮助 call in sb’s aid请某人援助

[练习] 汉译英

1) 老师借助电脑上课.
Teachers often give their lessons with the aid of computer.

2) 他募资为了帮助穷人. He raised money in aid of the poor.

3) 她的亲戚帮助她继续她的学业. Her relatives aided her in study/to continue her study.

tissue n. [U](生理)组织; [C]纸巾,
手巾纸 [典例]
the muscular tissue肌肉组织 a box of tissues 一盒纸巾

Her whole story was a tissue of lies. 她的整个故事是一套谎言。

squeeze vt.&vi. 榨;挤;压榨
squeeze juice from an orange榨桔子汁 squeeze oneself into a crowded bus挤入拥挤的公共汽车 squeeze through the crowd挤过人群 [练习] 汉译英 1) 失散多时的母女挤过人群紧紧抱在一起。 The separated mother and daughter squeezed through the crowd and hugged together. 2) 小偷挤入拥挤的公共汽车寻找作案机会。

The thief squeezed himself into a bus to seek the chance of stealing.

injury (c./u.)n( 身体;感情;名誉) injure( v.) injurious(to) (adj)
be an injury to 伤害..., 危害..., 对...有害 do sb. an injury/do an injury to sb.伤害某人 to suffer injuries to the head 头部受伤 a leg injury一处腿伤 add insult to injury 落井下石 an injury to one’s reputation损毁 …的名誉

sprain n. 扭伤 vt. 扭伤, 损伤
I sprained my ankle/wrist when I fell. 我跌倒时扭伤了踝骨/手腕。 He got a foot sprain in his ankle. 他脚踝受了严重的扭伤。

choke vi. & vt. vt. 呛;使窒息;阻塞;抑制;扑灭 vi. 窒息;阻塞;说不出话来
choke sb. to death 使…窒息死亡,掐死 … choke on a fish 鱼刺卡在喉咙里 choke with anger 气得说不出话来 choke(hold) back one’s tears 忍住泪水 choke one’s feelings 抑制感情

The smoke almost choked me. 烟呛得我几乎喘不出气来 The streets in the centre of the city were choked up with traffic. 市中心的街道被车辆 堵塞了.

essential adj. basic, necessary essentials n. (pl.) 必需品; 要素,要点
Food is essential to life. 食物是维持生命不可或缺的 Personal space is essential for healthy living. (拥有)个人空间是健康生活所必需的。 the essentials of grammar 语法要点

organ n. 器官 The eyes are the organs of sight. 眼睛是视觉器官. The liver is an organ and so is the heart. 肝脏是一个器官,心脏也是。 state organs 国家机构 organic adj. 器官的, 有机的, 组织的 organic vegetables 有机肥料灌溉的蔬菜

layer: a depth or level 深度或层次

a poem with several layers of meaning. 有多层含义的诗歌 a layer of dust on the windowsill 窗台上的一层灰尘 a cake with four layers 四层蛋糕

heal vt., vi. 治愈(伤口);使复原 heal sb. Of sth He was healed of his sickness.他病已痊愈。 Time heals all sorrows. 时间会治愈一切忧伤。 treat “治疗”,着重强调过程,不涉及结果, 不一定治愈。 heal 多用于治疗外伤。 cure “治愈”,强调结果。

swell vi.&vt. (swelled ,swelled/swollen) Her leg has swollen badly The wind swelled the sails.风鼓起了帆。 The heavy rain swelled the river 大雨使河水上涨了。 swollen 可作形容词,表示“ 肿胀的” Her eyes were red and swollen with weeping. Have a swelled/swollen head (指因突然成功)冲昏头脑

nerve n. 神经, 勇气;魄力;胆量 a man of nerve 勇敢的人,有勇气的人 (pl) 神经质;神经过敏 She gets nerves before every examination. 每次考试前她都很紧张。 Get on sb’s nerves刺激或烦扰某人

jewelry 和jewel 的辨析: 两者均有“ 珍宝首饰” 之意,

jewelry 为集体名词, 不可数;
jewel 为可数名词

squeeze out 榨出, 挤出 他们被年轻人挤出了就业市场。 They have been squeezed out of the job market by young people. squeeze money from sb 向某人勒索钱财 squeeze money out of sb 那个年轻人经常向那个小学生勒索钱财。 The young man often squeezes money from/ out of the pupil.

In place

在适当的位置, 适当

out of place 不在适当的位置, 不适当 in place of 代替 take the place of 代替

1) vt.给;介绍;赠送;呈现
2) n.赠品, 礼物, 现在 3) adj.现在的, 出席的, 当面的 [典例] 1) A series of famous plays will be present during the Spring Festival.

2) Thirty guests were present at the ceremony. 有三十位客人出席这次典礼。

3) The guests present were very satisfied with the atmosphere of the party. 到场的宾客都对晚会的气氛表示满意。

4) Presents will be sent for customers along with the electrical appliance. 买家电付送礼物。

[重点用法] present sth. to sb.把……送给… present sb. with sth.为某人颁发… at present/at the present time现在,此刻 for the present目前,暂时

represent vt.表现, 描绘, 声称, 象征, 扮演, 再赠送, 再上演
representation n. 表示法, 表现, 陈述,扮演 representative n. 代表adj.典型的, 有代表性的

[练习] 汉译英 1) 当航空员返回地面时,少先队员们为他们送上了鲜花。 The Young Pioneers presented their flowers to astronauts when they returned to the Earth 2) 因为他出色的表现,他获得了一个金茶壶。

He was presented with a gold teapot for his outstanding performance.
3) 资金暂时是足够的.

The fund is enough for the present.

stab v. . 刺;刺伤;戳;刺穿;直入 He stabbed the woman with a knife and she died. 他用小刀把这位妇女刺死了 a stab (stab sb.) in the back 暗箭伤人,背后中伤
bruise 擦伤;打伤;使成瘀伤 She bruised her knee. 她的膝盖擦伤了。 擦伤(水果、植物等);碰损 Soft fruit bruises easily.细嫩的水果容易碰损



authentic news可靠的消息 an authentic signature真实手迹签字 authentic document真实的文件 [练习] 汉译英

1)为解救其他人的性命, 他得寻找一个可靠的人将消息带出去。
To save others’ lives, he had to look for an authentic person to send out the message.


People should sign down their authentic signature when using credit card.


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