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Unit 4 Lesson 1 Tomorrow’s World学案

Unit 4 Lesson 1 Tomorrow’s World 学案

通过本节课学习,你将学到以下内容: 1 通过阅读,了解人们如何预测空间未来发展及态度。 2 准确掌握重点词汇和结构及它们的用法 3 区分 will 和 be going to 表将来。

预习课文 自主学习 1. ________our lives 影响着我们的生活 Line 1 2. in the last thirty years =in the ______ thirty years 在过去的三十年里 3. in the past 在过去 Line 4 4.connect to______ Line 10 5. _______对。。。悲观 Line 21 6.________ 对。。。乐观 Line 24 7. find out holiday offers________ Line 25 8._______ 各种各样的 Line 32 9.a huge growth of shopping on the Net _________ Line 36 10. get entertainment ________ Line 39 11. mail service _____ Line 46 12 as if =_______ 似乎,好像 课堂阅读训练: 1.Go through the article and match the paragraphs with these headings in two minutes. a) Pessimistic opinions b) Our future in virtual reality c) Optimistic opinions d) The Internet growth 2. Careful-reading Fill in the blanks below: In the last thirty years, the Internet has ________ _________. In 1983 only ______ computers connected to the Internet


there are around _________

In the future

the ________ is going to continue

课堂活动 Activity: Group work A debate 辩论赛 Group A ---optimistic Group B---pessimistic 语言支持 I?m pessimistic/optimistic about …As far as I know/I’m concerned … It seems to me that …From my point of view,... Personally, I think...In my opinion... 重点句型 1.in the past/last thirty years 做时间状语,谓语动词用________。 In the past 10 years, great changes ___________in our hometown.(take place) 2.It is+adj.+that clause 主语从句用形式主语 it 指代 (很清楚,很显然)we are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet. 3. see + 宾语+ving /done /do I just saw him ______with a knife he bought a week ago. (play) I saw Tom ______by a group of boys at the bus station. (surround) I saw Mary ______ downstairs and pick up the phone. (go) 精选试题 (2010· 浙江卷)Many lifestyle patterns do such great harm to health that they actually speed up weakening of the human body. A.a;/ B./;the C.a;the D./;/
—Do you have any problems if you this job? —Well,I?m thinking about the salary. A.offer B.will offer C.are offered D.will be offered . (上海高考)With the government?s aid, those settlements. A.affect B.affecting C.affected D.were affected When a pencil is partly in a glass of water,it looks A.as if B.now that C.even though D.so that 语法探究

by the earthquake have moved to the new

it were broken.

Find out the difference a) talks about a future event we can predict from a present situation? (陈述根据目前状况可 以推测出的未来结果) b) expresses our opinions about the future? (陈述我们对未来的看法和观点) 1. now there are around 50 million and this growth is clearly going to continue.

2. …, “It is clear that we are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet.” 3. She also believes that, in the future, we will get entertainment from the Net and that television will probably disappear. 4. “Personally I think virtual reality will become a part of modern life,” … 5. “… We will work in virtual offices, shop in virtual supermarkets, and we will even study in virtual schools.” 即学即练 1. Oh! The sky is cloudy. It ________ rain . A. is going to B. will. 2. Who do you think _____win this match? A will B am going to

Lesson 2

Cyber space

通过本节课学习,你将能够: 1.掌握听力技能:预测大意;抓关键词,理解细节 2.了解重点短语的区分和用法 1.

课文预习 Try to finish exercise 2 and look through the questions before listening 重点词汇 科学的 adj. _______________ 原子能的 adj. _______________ 计划,方案,工程 n. _______________ 时髦,时尚 n. _______________ 建议,提议 n. _______________ 拒绝,不接受 vt. _______________ 核心短语归纳:
1.get in touch with 与??取得联系 keep/stay in touch with 与??保持联系;继续关注某 事物 be in touch with 与??一直有联系 be out of touch with 与??一直没有联系;不再了解 (某物) lose touch with 与??失去联系 即学即练 I regret to say that I have ______ with most of my childhood friends. A.kept in touch B.out of touch C.lost touch D.go in touch 运用: 请用以上结构完成句子。 (1)我与他之间的联系有 10 年了

I _____________________________ with him for ten years. (2)多多打电话给我,我不希望与你失去联系。 Do telephone me as often as you can. _______________________________________. (3)我们现在通过 QQ 与他保持联系。 We now ______________________________ by QQ. (4)我和他取得联系没有什么困难。 I have no difficulty _____________________________________. 2.be up to 做,从事于(尤指做不好的事) up to sb. 由??决定;是??的责任 up to sth.①达到(某数量,程度等);至少有 ②直到?? ③能胜任/适合 ④做/干(不好的事) 即学即练 —What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the baseball game. —______. Whatever you want to do is fine with me. A.It just depends B.It's up to you C.All right D.Glad to hear that 3

hang on (hold on)别挂断 ;紧紧抓住(to) ;坚持
hang up 挂断

4.suggest vt. 提议,建议 suggest(sb./sb.?s) doing sth. suggest (to sb.) that sb. (should) do sth It?s suggested that sb. (should) do sth. 提示:(1)suggest 作“暗示;表明”之意时,可接名词或从句,但从句中的谓语动词要根据 主句的谓语动词决定其形式。如: His expression suggested that he was angry. 他的表情显示出他生气了。 (2)suggestion 表示 “建议” 时, 其表语或同位语从句中也用 “(should)+动词原形” ; 表示 “暗 示”时,用一般时态。如: He made the suggestion that we go by train. 即学即练 His suggestion ______ to see the art exhibition interested every one of us. A.that we go B.which we should go C.that we would go D.we should go

Lesson 3 Virtual Reality

1. 通过阅读了解说话者对 virtual reality 的态度 2. 在语境中了解本课重点词汇的用法 3. 初步了解虚拟条件句

________ 建议 ______出 离去 _______打包 _______标题,题目 Site______ title ________ destination ________ non-smoker _______

Read the text and finish exercise 3 on page 13

课文梳理: Line5 What about =how about (+sb/sth/doing sth) … line7. depend on 取决于, 依靠,指望 it (all) depends.难说,视情况而定 line20 what’s more 此外 ;还有 Line 26 in the flesh=in person 亲自 Line33 imagine doing sth 想象做某事 line 35 Line 37 pack a suitcase 打包 整理

I still find it hard to imagine

上面句子中 it 作形式宾语, it 作形式宾语还可以代替动名词或从句。 ①He thinks_it_his_duty to help others. 他认为帮助别人是他的职责。 ②He made_it_a_rule to get up at six every morning. 他把每天早晨 6 点起床作为一项制度。 ③We consider_it_no_use going to the seaside. 我们认为去海边没用处。 ④We all consider_it_a_pity that you didn?t come to the party. 我们都认为你没有来参加聚会很遗憾。 ⑤I hate_it_when people speak with their mouths full. 我不喜欢人们说话时嘴里有满满的东西。 ⑥You may depend_on_it_that we?re honest. 你可以相信我们是诚实的 即学即练 (1)(2007 年山东)He didn't make ______ clear when and where the meeting would be held.





(2)(2006 年山东)I'd appreciate ______ if you would like to teach me how to use the computer. A.that B.it C.this D.you

Line39 . line42. dip a toe into/in sth 涉足,试做 dip into sth 浏览, 随便翻阅;伸进某物 go on an around-the-world tour 周游世界 go on a tour 语法: 语境感悟
1). If you are promoted, (will you make any changes? 2). If I lived in the USA, I would celebrate Thanksgiving. 3). If you work hard, you will get a good job. 4). If we didn’t have computers, life would be very different. 5). If it snowed every day in winter, I would love it.

在条件从句中 (叫虚拟条件句),表示与事实相反的条件。分三种情况(以 do 为例): 表 示 与 事 实 情 况 条件从句的谓语形式 相反 表示现在情况 主句的谓语形式

表示过去情况 表示将来情况

即学即练 (2012· 海淀第一学期期中练习)Who does that shop assistant think he is?He behaves as if he the grocery. A.own B.owned C.will own D.has owned (2012· 湖南湘潭模拟)It was lucky that little Jack was not at home when the fire broke out; otherwise,he his life. A.had lost B.would lose

C.would have lost D.might lose (2012· 安徽安庆二模)—You better now if you had listened to me. —Next time I will. A.would be B.will be C.would have been D.had been (2012· 福建泉州毕业质检)—Mike,it?s a pity you didn?t come to last night?s concert. It was really great! —Really?If I A.hadn?t been C.shouldn?t be so busy,I would have gone with you. B.weren?t D.wouldn?t be

Lesson4 Virtual tourism
教学目标 1. 运用阅读策略找出篇章结构和各段的主题句 2. 掌握相关词汇、结构的用法

导游,向导,指南 n. 定居 vi. 中央的,中心的 adj. 市郊,郊区 n. 火山 n. 景色,风景 n. 阳光 n. 平均的 adj. 定期的,规则的 adj. 材料,原料 n. 景色,风景 n. __________ __________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

吸引人的,有魅力的 adj.

Read the text and fill in the blanks Auckland: the largest city in_______ New Zealand Location: Features: it is__________ North island An important center for ________ The most exciting city for people with different__________ History Maoris settlement: ____________years European settlement in______ Capital of New Zealand for some time

In 1985, a center for _______in Asia pacific

Population Famous sights Climates

____________________________ __________________________ called “ city of _______ ” _______climate with plenty of _______. Average temperature: ______________________

1.Population ① Population 作主语时,看做整体时谓语动词用 ______ ,但前面如果有百分之 几或几分之几时,谓语动词 ______ 。 ② population 作主语时,用 ______ 提问,不用 how much 或 how many 。 ③ population 表示某地有多少人口时,前 面常常加冠词 a 或 the ;表示人口多或 少时,用 ______ 或 ______ 。 2.be located in 位于 be 与动词的过去分词连用,表示状态。类似的还有:be determined to do sth. 下决 心做某事; be lost in thought 沉思; be married to sb. 与某人结婚; be seated 就坐 Ideally for Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue, the New York Park hotel is

a favourite with many guests. A. locating C. having been located B.being located D.located

3.It is also the most exciting city in New Zealand with people of many different cultures living there. with people of many different cultures living there 为 with 的复合结构 通过例子归纳 ( 1 ) with+ 宾语 +_______ He likes sleeping with the window open. 他喜欢开着窗子睡觉。 (2)with+ 宾语 +_______ He fell asleep with th e light on. 他睡着的时候灯还亮着。 (3)with+ 宾语 +________ With so many children talking and laughing, the room was lively. 这么多孩子又说又 笑,房间里充满生机。 (4)with+ 宾语 +________ The boy went out to play with his homework unfinished. 作业没完成,男孩就出去玩 了。

(5)with+ 宾语 +________ With a nurse to look after his sick mother, he was able to go to work. 护士照顾他生 病的母亲,他能够上班了。 (6)with+ 宾语 +________ Miss Gao came into the classroom with a book in her hand. 高老师手里拿着一本书进了教室。

John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work A.finished B.finishing C.having finished 4. settle a problem ,he gladly accepted it. D.was finished

解决问题 专心去做

settle down 定居 / 平静下来 settle down to doing sth
5 as well as 相当于 not only…but also…, 但强调的是前者。 He as well as I agrees with you.=Not only I but also he agrees with you. 归纳拓展 ①主语 +as well as+…… ,谓语动词与前面主语保持一致。 ② as well as 有时相当于一个介词短语,后面跟动名词、名词或代词作宾语。 ③ as well as 有时可用作比较结构,意为:与 …… 一样好。 ⑵易混辨异 as well/too/also/either 都表示 “ 也;还 ” ,但位置不同。 ① as well 常放在句末。 ② too 用于句中或句末,用逗号隔开。 ③ also 用于句中,置于实义动词前, be 动词、助动词或情态动词后。 ④ either 用于否定句句末。 及时反馈 (1)He is an artist. He is a writer A. either B. also C. as well . D. as well as an important part in daily communication. C. are playing D. play

(2)E-mail, as well as telephones, A. is playing (3) B. have played

the danger from another earthquake, people had to overcome a shortage

of food, drinking water, medicine, clothing and almost everything. A. As far as B .As well as C. As bad as D. As much as

(2007 年 陕 西 Though he started late, Mr.Guo played the piano as well as,if ,Miss Liu. )

A.not better than B. not better

C. no better than

D. no better

6. be known as 被认为是 be known for 因??而出名 be known to 为??所知 be known by 根据??了解 make sth. known to sb. 把某事向某人公布 It?s known (to all) that... 众所周知

用 for, as, to 填空 ①Is there any instrument known ______ the world? ②Ji'nan is known ______ its springs. ③Zhang Yimou is known ______ a film director. ④The place is nationally known ______ its fruit, especially its seedless grapes. ⑤It is known ______ all that theory comes from practice. 7 . view

远眺 / 俯视的风景 风景 名胜 场景 / 风景 风景的总称

sight scene scenery 即学即练

You can get a good ______from the hill.

8. average adj. 平均的,一般的,中等的 n. 平均数,一般,中等 the average of... ??的平均数 above/below (the) average 在一般水准以上/下 on (the/an) average 按平均数计算 up to (the) average 达到水准 即学即练 —How do you find the football match between Guangdong and Liaoning? —There is nothing special. It is only ______. A.average B.ordinary C.common D.usual vi. 平均(达到),平均为

Communication workshop 教学目标:
1. 常见旅游介绍内容和相应的句式 2. 复习本单元话题词汇 Sentence patterns and expressions
Location: is/ lies; is located in/to/on…

Population: …has a population of… …with a population of… General: …is the largest city …is one of the largest cities … is famous for/as… …is a center of … is a political and cultural center Climate: …has a warm climate with… Sightseeing: Famous sights include … as well as… Leisure: There are many things to do in… such as...

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—What about the rent? —______. You can pay weekly or monthly. A.It's up to you B.That's all right C.No problem D.Not at all 2.The two families have ______ their disagreements out of court in a friendly way, and this is what all of us expected to see. A.settled B.solved C.defeated D.overcame 3.—If you like I can do some shopping for you. —That's a very kind ______. A.offer B.service C.point D.suggestion 4.We pay much attention to the changes in the weather just because it______ us so directly in what we wear, what we do and how we feel. A.affects B.attracts C.benefits D.contacts 5.It is known to all that ______ you exercise regularly, you won't keep good health. A.unless B.whenever C.although D.if 6.Harm will be ______ the environment, if we keep ______ it. A.done to; destroying B.done to; destroy C.done to; damage D.done; destroying 7.—What are the doctor's remarks about his illness? —He suggested that the patient ______ operated on at once.

A.was B.is C.be D.has 8.As we know, ______ medical examination will help us find out health problems as early as possible. A.normal B.general C.regular D.common 9.When he was told of his transfer to the sales department, he simply ______ to go. A.refused B.objected C.denied D.rejected 10.After he became conscious, he remembered ______ and ______ on the head with a rod. A.to attack; hit B.to be attacked; to be hit C.attacking; be hit D.having been attacked; hit 11.She had a tense expression on her face, ______ she were expecting trouble. A.even though B.as though C.now that D.in case 12.Young man, if you hurry up, I think ______ quite ______ that you will catch the next train. A.that; probably B.this; certainly C.it; likely D.you; nearly 13.Last week he was caught robbing the bank opposite the station. ______ his age, the police have decided not to charge him. A.In spite of B.In view of C.In charge of D.In case of 14.(2009· 安徽师大附中模拟)We all thought ______ a question ______ we could raise enough money for the project. A.that; that B.it; whether C.it; that D.that; whether 15.(2009· 安徽卷)But for their help, we ______ the program in time. A.can not finish B.will not finish C.had not finished D.could not have finished

1 答案:A 解析:It's up to you.由你来决定。本句意思是你可以按周也可以按月付租金,由你决定。 2 答案:A 解析:settle the disagreement 调停分歧,使对某事达成一致。solve 解决,一般指疑惑或谜 团;defeat 击败;overcome 克服。 3 答案:A 解析:offer 主动提议;service 服务;point 要点;suggestion 建议。 4 答案:A 解析:本题考查动词区别。句意为:我们非常关注天气变化是因为它对我们的穿着、我们所 做的事情、 我们的心情都有非常直接的影响。 affect 影响, 符合本句语境; attract 吸引; benefit 使……受益;contact 联系,接触。 5 答案:A 解析:unless “除非”。根据本句含义“除非你有规律地锻炼,否则你不会保持健康的身体”,

可知答案。 6 答案:A 解析:do harm to “对……有害”;keep 后跟动名词作宾语。harm 作主语,谓语动词用被动 形式,不能忘记 to, keep doing sth. 为固定结构。 7 答案:C 解析:考查动词 suggest 的用法。答语句意为:医生建议立刻对病人动手术。suggest 作“建 议”讲,后面的从句中必须用“should+v.原形”结构,should 可以省略。 8 答案:C 解析:本题考查形容词辨析。根据句子意思,这里是定期检查的意思,因此应该选择 C 项。 normal “正常的,一般的”;general “普遍的,总的”;common “普通的”。 9 答案:A 解析:考查动词词义辨析。句意为:当被告知调往销售部时,他断然拒绝了。refuse 拒绝, 后接动词不定式;object to (doing) 反对(做……);deny 否认,后接名词或动名词;reject 拒 绝,抵制,后接名词。 10 答案:D 解析:remember to do sth. 记住要做某事;remember doing sth. 记着做了某事。因为 be 与 attack 和 hit 之间是被动关系,应用被动语态。 11 答案:B 解析: 由 were 可推断出此句为虚拟语气。 as though=as if 后可跟虚拟语气, “仿佛, 好像”。 12 答案:C 解析:it 是形式宾语,不能换成 this 或 that; likely 是形容词,作宾语补足语表示可能的。 13 答案:B 解析:考查介词短语辨析。句意:上周他在抢劫车站对面的银行时被抓。考虑到他的年龄, 警方决定不起诉他。 in spite of 不管; in view of 鉴于, 考虑到; in charge of 掌管, 负责; in case of 以防,万一。 14 答案:B 解析:此处 it 作形式宾语,真正的宾语为 whether 引导的从句,因为还是个问题不确定所以 用 whether。 15 答案:D


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