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Unit 4 How many satellites do you know the earth has?

Super PK
? We will, we will rock you

Teaching aims
1)To master the following words and phrases: spacesh

ip pull float weight Cheer up break out now that 2) To develop students' reading skills 3) To get students to read the science fiction story 4) To stimulate students’ interest in astronomy and space travel

Step1: Lead-in
Look at the pictures and think:
? where are they? ? why they can fly like this?

? where are they? ? why can they fly like this?

Project: about Chang'E-1
? China's first lunar probe Chang'E-1(嫦 娥一号(Chang'E1) 是中国的首个月球探 测器)


Who is the first man landing on the moon? Armstrong (America, 1969) Who is the first Chinese astronaut to go into space? Yang Liwei



So far, how many countries have succeeded in sending people up to space? Three
launched Chang’e I successfully? A.October 24th,2007 B.November 5th, 2007 C. November 22nd,2007

4 What was the date when China

New words
spaceship pull float Cabin exhausting Weightlessly now that cheer up Break out
n.宇宙飞船 n.拉,拉力 v.漂浮 n.船舱 adj.筋疲力尽的 adv.失重地 既然 感到高兴,欢呼


Step 2 Reading
Task 1 Skimming

Task 1 Skimming
Finish the following questions 1. Who do I travel to the moon with ?

2. How did we travel to the moon?
3. How many times would the force of gravity change on our journey? 4. Which change would be the most powerful?

1. Who do I travel to the moon with ?

Li Yanping , an astronomer 2. How did we travel to the moon?

by spaceship

3. How many times would the force of gravity change on our journey?

Three times
4.Which change would be the most powerful?

the first time

Task 2: Scanning


Main idea for each paragraph A. The things I did on the moon. B. We turned back to the earth. C. Last month, we visited the moon.

Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4

D. How the force of gravity changed when we traveled from the earth to the moon.

Task 3 Careful reading

Find out how the gravity changed for Li Yanping in different times.

1.The force of gravity would change 3 times on their journey.

The time

The gravity changed

Leave the 1.The pull of gravity became very strong. earth In space
2. The gravity disappeared and floated weightlessly. 3. The gravity became very light.

On the moon

2.His weights changed three times too. Now write them down.

The time The weight changed Leave the Very heavy, then the weight lessened earth
In space
He had no weight and could float around like a feather. The mass will be less, then the weight increased again

leave the moon

Step3 Further exploration

Please take down some notes while discussing, after discussion, please report it. Example: If I visit the moon, I might have ….problems: The first one is·· Because ·· To solve this problem, ·· ·· I would take ··with me. The second ·· one is ·· ·· ·· ··

Problem1:how to breathe
I will have to carry my Oxygen Tanks if I go to the moon This is because there . is no air on the moon. I will put the Oxygen Tanks on my back so that I can breathe all the time.

Problem 2: how to eat

I will have to take my food with me. Because the gravity of the moon is not as strong as the earth’s, the food will float away.I need bring Space Food that I can eat more easily.

Problem 3: how to move around

My last problem is how to move around on the moon. I may find it more difficult to move around on the moon. I will need a bit of practice, once I get the hang of it, I won’t fall over.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

地球引力 the force of gravity 离开 be off 逃离地球的引力 escape the pull of the earth’s gravity 减少重量 lessen the weight.

? 1. I was lucky enough to have a chance to make a trip into space. have a chance to do sth. Mary is very happy that she has a chance to make a trip into space.

3. ... “walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.”
......既然引力改变了,走路也的确需要 练一练了。

now that同since相似,语气较弱,强

1. 既然你忙, 就让我给你做吧。

Now that you are busy, let me do it for
2. 既然人都齐了, 咱们开始干吧。

Now that everyone is here let’s start work.

4. We watched, amazed as fire broke

out on the outside of the spaceship as
the earth’s gravity increased.

break out
它与happen, take place, come out等


1) 战争爆发

The American Civil War broke out

in 1861.

2) 发生争吵

A quarrel broke out between them.

3) (火灾)发生 A fire broke out in his house last night.

break down
打破; 毁掉; 破除; 坍塌; 坏掉

break in
破门而入; 打断

7. cheer up; cheer sb. up

感到高兴振奋 8. masses of 许多,大量 9. get the hang of 熟悉,掌握,理解 10. exhausting (sth); exhausted (sb)

5. … not be as strong a pull as the earth’s …I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.
1). “A + be + 倍数 + as +形容词原级 + as + B”. This tree is three times as tall as that one. His father is twice as old as he. 2). “A + be + 倍数 +形容词比较级 + than + B”

The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River.

The number of students in our school is three times larger than that in theirs.
我们学校的学生数量比他们学校的多 三倍。

3). “A + be + 倍数 + the +名词 (size,
length, amount) + of + B”

The newly broadened square is
four times the size of the previous one.

— Do you regret _______(pay) 100 dollars for the painting? — No, I would gladly have paid __________ (两倍那么多了)for it.

( paying; twice as much)

6.get the hang of sth.


我一直想知道这部新的打字机的用法. I’ve been trying to get the hang of this new ______________ typewriter. 我不十分了解你的论据的意义. get the hang of I don’t quite __________________ your argument.

Last month I visited the moon with my friend. Before we left, I was told the force of g_____ gravity would change three times on our journey. Then we took off. As we left the earth, I became very heavy h_____. Gradually the weight lessened When I l_______. was in space, it d__________. We f_______ disappeared floated weightlessly in the cabin and I c_____ ___. When cheered up I was on the moon, I was surprised to find out now that even walking needs lots of practice n__ ____ gravity changed. The returning of the earth was very frightening We were amazed to watch fire f_________. break ____ b____ out on the outside of the ship.

1. exercise book Part 5 2. 王后雄 section C 3. 背诵新概念两篇 4. 预习Unit 5 的单词



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