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Ⅱ.语言知识运用(两个部分,共20小题,计20分) 第一节 单项选择,从A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳答案填空。(共10小题,计10分) 难度:★★★。整个10道语法题中出现了4道易错题,因此语法部分标记难度为★★★ 21. —We failed in the English speech competition. —What ____ news! A. frustrating B. a frustrating C. frustrated

【答案】A 【考点】形容词 【解析】令人沮丧的消息。frustrating. News不可数,不能加a.
22. ______ is very popular among the young people. A. Chew gum B. Chewing gum C. To chewing gum

【答案】B 【考点】doing 做主语 【解析】“嚼口香糖在年轻人中很流行”,要用doing做主语。

23. Waste water ______ into Xiang River. It’s our duty to keep it clean. A. shouldn’t be poured B. mustn’t pour C. can’t pour

【答案】A 【考点】被动语态 【解析】此处waste是形容词“脏的”,不能被倒入湘江,应用被动语态。

24. —Cathy could swim when she was only 4 years old. —____________. A. So did Jack B. So can Jack C. So could Jack

【答案】C 【考点】倒装句 【解析】cathy在她四岁就能游泳,jack也能。倒装句助动词看原句中动词为 could,所以选
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25. — Is Jack in his room? ★★★ — No, I saw him ____ out with his backpack just now. A. go B. going C. went

【答案】A 【考点】句型:see sb do和see sb doing的区别 【解析】See sb do看到某人做过某事;see sb doing 看到某人正在做某事。go out表示全过 程,going 表示正进行。因go out短暂动作,无法持续,看到的是全过程。选A.易错选项C. 被just now影响。

26. The volunteer spoke as clearly as she could ______ the visitors understand her. ★★★ A. to make B. making C. made

【答案】A 【考点】插入语 【解析】本句含有一个插入语:as clearly as she could. The volunteer spoke clearly to make…表示目的。

27. Don’t talk with your partners in class ______ you are asked to do so. A. if B. when C. unless

【答案】C 【考点】连词 【解析】不要在班上和你的父母讲话除非你被要求这么做。

28. I want to use QQ to chat with you on the Internet. Can you tell me ________ ? ★★★ A. how to use it B. how to use C. what to use

【答案】A 【考点】宾语从句 【解析】 此题根据语法A和C都正确。 How to use it.怎么样使用qq. What to use用什么?关 键是根据前文意思,如何用QQ,派出C. B选项use后要跟宾语。

29. My pen-pal Andrew found _______ difficult to learn Chinese well.
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A. /

B. that

C. it

【答案】C 【考点】it做形式宾语 【解析】It替代后面的to learn Chinese well.当成句型:find it +adj+ to do sth.

30. Miss Li ______ more than 100 books in the last few years. ★★★ A. read B. has read C. has been reading

【答案】B 【考点】现在完成时。 【解析】此题的解题关键是:in the last few years.完成时标志。有个迷惑选项C. has been reading表示现在还在做,会持续下去,跟原句时间标志词不符合。

第二节 完形填空(共10小题,计10分)通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的A、 B、C三个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 Mr. Ma, a famous mental (心理的) doctor from Beijing once said at an important meeting. “Now many young students can have 虑的) 31 with their minds. Some students become anxious(焦 33 with people around them

32 they have to study very hard. Others have trouble

like their parents and classmates. Parents and teachers should care more about these problems.” Then Mr. Ma gave some examples. One patient, a middle school student from Xi’an was doing 34 in his lessons. He thought his teachers and friends often 35 him, and he become so nervous and _36 that one night he left his home without telling his parents. _37 student, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Shanghai, was very afraid of exams. While she was reading the exam paper, she couldn’t think of_38 to write.

A recent report from Jiefang Daily says about 18 percent of young students in Shanghai have mental problems. They often feel worried and veryto_39 . Unluckily, many of them won't go and ask for help. Some think they will look stupid if they go to see a doctor. Others won’t talk about their secrets. 40 the end of the meeting, Mr. Ma offered some ideas to young people:
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● Talk to your parents or teachers often.

● Take part in group activities. ● Try to get on well with the people around you. ● Go to see a doctor if you often feel unhappy. 31. A. problems 32. A. so 33. A. to communicate 34.A. well 35. A. laugh at 36. A. worry 37. A. Another 38. A. something 39. A. happy 40. A. At B. questions B. because B. communicating B. easily B. looked at B. worried B. Other B. anything B. unhappy B. In C. troubles C. but C. in communicate C. badly C. laughed at C. worrying C. Others C. everything C. excited C. By

31. 【答案】A 【解析】 problems,指“问题、麻烦”,相当于trouble, 常用搭配为solve the problem. question指“疑问”,常为answer the question. trouble不可数。 32. 【答案】B 【解析】有些学生变得很焦虑因为他们不得不努力学习。 33. 【答案】B 【解析】考have trouble (in)doing sth.的固定搭配 34. 【答案】C 【解析】后文说到学生变得很紧张,说明没考好,badly。“很糟糕”较合适。 35. 【答案】C 【解析】易错选A.注意35题原句说he thought,过去式。 36. 【答案】C 【解析】became后加形容词worried,感到担心的;worrying令人担心的。 37. 【答案】A

【解析】前文讲到one student, 此处举第二个例子。one… another…一个…另一个…
other 后加名词复数,others后不能加名词。 38. 【答案】B
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希望得到肯定回答的问句中;anything“任何事情” 39. 【答案】B 【解析】跟句中worried并列的用unhappy,表达感到不开心。 40. 【答案】A 【解析】考词组。at the end of…在…的末尾;in the end.最终;by the end of…在…的 终端。后要用过去完成时。 解析:难度★★。此篇完形更多的考的是语法点。比如 31,37,40,均是易错题,需要对 语法知识掌握非常牢固才易做出。

Ⅲ 阅读理解(四部分,共25小题,记50分) 第一节 阅读短文,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的写(T),不符合的写(F) (共5小题,记10分) Audi as a car company is very famous in the world. It is famous for its popular cars and special designs. It is now said that a two-wheel bike of 2012 will come into our life. The new bike, called the Audi e-bike Worthersee, is a kind of battery powered e-bike. It is also a new kind of sports bike. The e-bike doesn’t use any electricity straightly. It is not a normal bicycle either. The company describes the bike as “high-end-pedelec”. It makes the bike for “sport and fun”. The design is very super, probably for the reason of being different from other bikes’ look. Audi wants us to know that e-bike, like their cars, is very good in performance and speed. The e-bike is not heavy at all; it is only 52.17 pounds. It has three different functions(功能)。 You can either just ride it or the electric motor help you when you ride it, or you can just sit on it to relax let the electric motor do all the work. It is such an interesting bike that you can ride in different ways. What’s more, it has a surprising fast top speed at 50 miles per hour. 41. Audi is a car company whose cars are popular and strange. 42. The e-bike is the same as other bikes’ work. 43. If you are too tired to ride, the e-bike can also take you to the places you want to go..
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44. The e-bike is heavy and it has two different functions. 45. If you ride the e-bike Worthersee, others on normal bikes will fall behind you.

41. 【答案】F 【解析】根据第一段第一行It is famous for its popular cars and special designs. Strange 有点贬义,而special偏中性,用得不恰当。 42. 【答案】F 【解析】根据第二段第3行The design is very super, probably for the reason of being different from other bikes’ look. e-bike跟其他单车的外形不同。 43. 【答案】T 【解析】 根据第三段第3行or you can just sit on it to relax let the electric motor do all the work. 43题描述正确。 44. 【答案】F

【解析】根据最后一段第1行The e-bike is not heavy at all; it is only 52.17 pounds. It has
three different functions(功能)。此题错误。 45. 【答案】T

【解析】根据最后一段最后一句What’s more, it has a surprising fast top speed at 50 miles
per hour.可知这种车速度很快。 解析:此种正误判断题在2014年中考中已经不考,做题方法仍是找到问题中的关键词对应 道原文找答案,在找同义替换时要注意词义的褒贬不变。如41题。

第二节 阅读短文,从每题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子 的最佳答案。(共10小题,计20分) A Americans love cars. They go everywhere in them. 85﹪ of people in the US go to and from work by car. And most adults have driving licenses. Why does this car culture exist? How it started? America’s love of cars started after the war(战争) when soldiers returned home from World WarⅡto rebuild their lives. They borrowed money from the government to buy houses and cars which become the symbols of status(地位). The more money they had, the bigger their cars were.
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● Making of roads During the war, President Eisenhower noticed what good roads Germany had. He decided to build a new four-lane(四车道)roads in America. He said if something happened suddenly, the two-lane roads wouldn’t be able to carry all the cars that would suddenly leave the cities. Cars and oil companies liked his idea and building started. ●Car lover Not just teenagers are crazy about cars.Some Americans love their cars so much that they paint their cars beautifully .These are called Art Cars.Every April there is an activity in Houston, Texas,where they show their cars. ●Pollution Cars have polluted the environment.American President Bush refused a worldwide law that is against pollution.Many countries were angry about it.Bush said he had to think of the American economy(经济)and all the American people that make money from cars.Factories say they want to make cars that pollute less.But others say making cars that pollute less will never be as good as having fewer cars. 46. When did Americans begin to love cars? A.Before the new two-lane roads were built. B.After World War II. C.During World War II.

【答案】B 【解析】根据题干American begin to love cars找到第二段第1行“America’s love of cars
started after the war(战争) when soldiers returned home from World WarⅡto rebuild their lives.”可知,时间发生在二战之后,答案填B.

47. New four-1ane roads were build _______.
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A.in Germany

B.by car and oil companies

C.in America

【答案】C 【解析】根据题干New four-1ane roads找到原文第3段第1-2行He decided to build a new
four-lane(四车道)roads in America.所以答案选C

48. The underlined word “building” here means “the building of _______”. A. companies B. roads C. houses

【答案】B 【解析】根据第三段都在讲Making of roads.并且降到修建4车道的公路,所以选B

49. What were other countries’ feelings about Bush’s decision? A.They agreed with him. C.They paid no attention to it. B.They showed anger to it.

【答案】B 【解析】 根据题干Bush’s decision找到原文pollution那段的第1-2行,American President
Bush refused a worldwide law that is against pollution.Many countries were angry about it.所以是很生气,这里were angry about it=show anger to it.

50. What does the last sentence mean? A.It’s better to have fewer cars. B.It’s better to make cars that pollute less. C.It’s easier to make cars that pollute less.

【答案】A 【解析】 找到最后一句话: But others say making cars that pollute less will never be as good
as having fewer cars. 要正确理解never be as good as的短语意思: 不如…好。 说making cars
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that pollute less不如having fewer cars好,所以选A符合题意。 解析:此篇阅读的单词量较大,特别第49和50题的答案出现了同义替换,要

We have to agree that brushing teeth day after day can be a bit of pain. What’s even worse is trying to get much water to rinse(冲洗) out the toothpaste. Not only is it difficult, but also a waste of water. Of course, you could use a rinsing cup, but that has to be cleaned all the time. Now, a design company has finally invented an interesting invention called Rinser to help you do it. A company in New York recently invented a toothbrush. It looks very much like a common one expect one thing. That is when you pour water on the handle, it magically sprouts(涌向) straight into your mouth. It makes rinsing an easy thing and a lot of fun. The brush is designed such that its handle (把手) has a hollowed(空的) out part. This part collects tap water and directs it to a tiny spout (喷口) . All the users have to do, is aim the tap onto the sprout and the toothbrush will offer you water as much as possible. This kind of cool toothbrush won’t be used until November, 2012. Although it is convenient, it is a little expensive. Each one can cost $22 if you order it from the design company. Once it it is sold in stores, the price will rise up to $34.99. If you are interested in this cool toothbrush, ask your mum or dad to get one for you! 51. What can Rinser do according to the passage? A. It can save time when you brush your teeth. B. It can help you rinse the toothpaste. C. It can help wash your face.

【答案】 【解析】答案:B。根据题干的Rinser找到第一次出现Rinser的第一段最后一句, Now, a
design company has finally invented an interesting invention called Rinser to help you do it.
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这里的it指代第一段第1行的get much water to rinse(冲洗) out the toothpaste。所以答案选 B.

52. What does Rinser look like? A. It looks like a common toothbrush. B. It looks like a tap. C. It is too heavy.

【答案】 【解析】 答案: A.根据顺序原则, 在第2段第1行: It looks very much like a common one expect
one thing.。Rinser看起来很普通。

53. What does Paragraph 3 mainly tell us? A. It mainly tells us what Rinser looks like. B. It mainly tells us when we can use Rinser. C. It mainly tells us how Rinser offers you water.

【答案】C 【解析】本题为主旨题,要找第3段的主旨,很多同学看到第一句话描述外形,即选了 A.原文后面都在描述此种外形的牙刷如何供水。也有选 B。注意B选项主体词为when. 不符合文意。

54. The underlined word “once” means “_____” in Chinese. A. 一次 B. 一旦 C. 曾经

【答案】B 【解析】用代入法:一旦在这种牙刷在商店出售,价格…。

55. When will people start to use Rinser according to the passage? A. In December 2012

B. In November 2012
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C. In November 2013

【答案】B 【解析】 根据原文最后一段第 1 句: This kind of cool toothbrush won’t be used until
November, 2012.not…until…,直到…才,答案选B.

第三节 阅读下列图表,从每题所给的A.B.C三个选项中,选出最佳选项回答问题或完成所 给句子。(共5小题,计10分) 56. What kind of movie do you think it is? A. A carton B. A thriller C. An action movie

【答案】C 【解析】图片中有枪,所以选action movie动作片。

The most charitable(慈善的) celebrity of 2013 Name: Lady Gaga Possession: Singer Age: 27 Nationality: US What she has done: anti-bullying(恃强凌弱行为) fighting with White House setting up a foundation 57. which of the following about Lady Gaga is NOT mentioned in the picture? A. She has set up a foundation. B. She has been selected (选举) as the most popular singer. C. She has done something against (反对) bullying.

【答案】B 【解析】注意选择没有提到的。

Job Wanted
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Interview Me Work for nothing in the first month! Then hire or fire me! Thanks for looking! Linda 58.What is Linda doing? A. She is writing a book. B. She is looking for a job. C. She is making a film.


Middle School Tennis Camps July 26-27 ﹠August 17-18 Time:8:30-6:30 Cost:$35 Place: Lee’s Tennis Court Tel: 0731-8883008, Mr. Han E-mail: Tennisman@gmail.com 59. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Students can practice playing tennis at 8pm on July 26. B. The tennis camps are free to everyone. C. You can call Mr. Han to learn more information.


SUBWAY Sandwich﹠Cake Italian Sandwich


Hot Milk
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Beef sandwich Fish sandwich

$ 4.5 $5

Coke Orange Juice

$2 $ 2.5

60. If you order one Italian sandwich and two glasses of hot milk, you should pay ____. A. $ 5 B. $8 C. $ 11

【答案】C 【解析】one Italian sandwich $5, 1杯Hot Milk 是$3,2杯$6,加起来就是$11.

第四节 阅读下面的材料,然后根据材料内容回答问题。(共5小题,计10分) You might think that Western students are less shy when they meet something new or come to a new environment, but the truth is that pupils in the UK can be uncomfortable too. Being at university can make Britons feel nervous. Everyone finds it difficult to talk to the other gender(性别)at school. However, there is a way of dealing with this shyness in Britain, and it is called “Fresh-ere Week” ,Freshets Week is designed to help people socialize(适应社会) and lose their in-habitations(拘 谨).It is a one-week long party for first year students to welcome them before lectures and coursework begin. I remember my first week at university----it was terrifying. I looked at the schedule for Freshers Week and was amazed at how much was planned. Every hall organizes its own events to help students become friends with the people they live with .My hall was called “Goldney Hall”and the week ahead included (包括) a talent show, a comedy night, and themed parties, including one for which we had to dress up as golfers. The first event I went to was a school kid party at which everyone dressed up as if they were in school. This party encouraged me to talk to all the people on my floor. One boy, who lived opposite my room, was very handsome and I felt nervous speaking to him at first. But when we met at the party dressed in silly school outfits(装备),I remember feeling a lot more relaxed speaking to him. My Freshers Week was busy, but I managed to forget how scared I was. There is one thing’s for sure: Nothing helps your inhibitions quite like dressing up as a golfer.
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61. How do Britons feel when they first go to college? __________________________________________________________________________________ 62. What was the name of the writer’s hall? __________________________________________________________________________________ 63. How many events did the writer’s hall organize? __________________________________________________________________________________ 64. Is the party for all students or first year students? __________________________________________________________________________________ 65. What was the first event the writer went to?

61. 【答案】:根据第一段第3行:答案填:Britons feel nervous. 62. 【答案】:Goldney Hall
63. 【答案】Three. 根据第3段倒数第一行included (包括) a talent show, a comedy night, and themed parties,可知有3个。 64. 【答案】For first year students. 65. 【答案】It was a school kid party.

IV.写作技能(三部分,计30分) 第一节 完成对话 根据上下文的意思,把下列对话补全完整。(共5小题,计10分) A:National Day is coming, we’ll have an 8-day holiday. It’s great.66. ____________________? B: I don’t have any plan this holiday. A: Where did you use to go? B: I used to go the beach. A: 67.______________________________? B: No, we didn’t use to swim. We used to collect shells and play volleyball on the beach. A: 68. ____________________________! Do you plan to go there again? B: No. I’m in Grade 9 this term, I think study school come first . A: You are hard-working, so you are always the top student in our class. We’ll have the monthly
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test soon.69._________________________________-? B: By studying with a group. we can learn and help each other.70 _________________________? A: Sure, I’d like to join you. We’ll have fun learning! 66. 【答案】What’s your plan? 【解析】根据答句:I don’t have any plan this holiday.可知上文问其是否有计划。 67. 【答案】Did you use to swim? 【解析】此题要根据答句推测,答句说:we didn’t use to swim.我们过去不游泳,说 明问句问过去是否经常游泳?因此用Did…use to的句型。 68. 【答案】That sounds great! 【解析】此题较难,空后为感叹号,说明对上文进行赞叹,可用That sounds great! 69. 【答案】How do you study for tests? 【解析】此题考到问学习计划的句型,根据答句By studying with a group.通过小组学 习,可知问句应用How do you study…的句型。 70. 【答案】Would you like to join us? 【解析】根据答句I’d like to join you.可知上文在提出邀请。 解析:此种补全对话的题目,根据前后句的回答来推测容易判断出答案,重点要熟背各种 交际句型。 第二节 语篇翻译 阅读下面的短文,把划线部分翻译成中文或英文。(共5小题,计10分) The junior high school graduates have to take a P.E. test in many places around China. The full marks are usually 30 points and it counts for much in the senior high school entrance exam. 71. 因为对青少年而言,保持健康是非常重要的。 In Nanjing the test is held in April. Students have the test in their own school. Each student is tested on three sports. They can choose long jump, basketball dribbling(运球) or volleyball. The pull-up is for boys and girls can choose sit-up. Both boys and girls must skip(跳绳) in the test, 72. 所以,学生们需要花大量的时间练习跳绳。They have fun skipping. 73. Most students find the test easy and more than 90% of them can get full marks. That’s because they have been training for it during the three whole years. Students in Junior Three usually do lots of practice in P.E. classes. 74. The training makes the test easier than it seems to be. Students in Nanjing don’t need to run a lot for the test, but students in Beijing must do lots of running for the test. Running is one of the sports in test. So in P.E. classes, they usually run a lot. Sometimes they have to run 3,000 meters in one class. Some students are tired of running, 75.
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they don’t think running is the most necessary sport for teens. They should be allowed to choose their favorite sports, such as swimming or dancing. But most teachers and parents welcome the P.E. test. They say it helps students build up their health. 71. ___________________________________________________________________________ 72. ___________________________________________________________________________ 73. ___________________________________________________________________________ 74. ____________________________________________________________________________ 71. 【答案】Because it’s very important for teenagers to keep healthy. 【解析】用到句型:it is adj for sb to do sth. 72. 【答案】So, students should spend a lot of time practicing skipping. 【解析】注意spend time (in) doing sth的搭配 73. 【答案】大部分的学生觉得考试很简单,超过百分之九十的人能够取得满分。 【解析】本题注意full marks为满分,不是高分 74. 【答案】训练让考试比看上去更加简单。 【解析】it seems to be看起来的 75. 【答案】他们认为跑步对青少年来说并不是最有必要的运动。 【解析】本题易错。they don’t think running is the most necessary sport for teens本句为否 定前移,其实原句为they think running is not the most necessary sport for teens。所以翻译的时 候应翻译为他们认为跑步对青少年来说并不是最有必要的运动。很多学生在此题丢分。★ ★★ 第三节 作文。(计10分) 学校20周年校庆马上就到了。届时,将会有许多毕业生回到母校来参观并看望老师。 你作为一名志愿服务者来接待学长们,将在报告厅向他们简单介绍学校现在的基本情况, 并谈谈你个人对创建和谐美好校园的建议及对学校美好未来的祝福。 校园美丽,干净,舒适 现状 师生之间关系融洽 学生好学,兴趣广泛,课外活动丰富 建议和祝福 (自拟一至两点内容)


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注意:1. 表达中须包含所给要点,可以适当发挥。2. 字数80左右。开头已写好,不计 人总词数。3. 文中表达不要提及真实校名及姓名。 解析: 本文看似标题很广泛,实际上内容已经给出,因此,可以写成总分总3段式的说明文。 第一段总写学校的现状;第二段分写给出的三条要点;第三段给出自己的建议和祝福。结 构拟定,便可以在遣词造句,重点不要犯语法错误。达到要求的80字左右。 重点单词:beautiful; clean; comfortable; be full of; get on with;


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