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Cloning 克隆

Frankenstein’s Monster

The film is from a novel written by Mary Shelly in 1816.

The 1931 film is still the most famous film of all horror films. What happened to the mo

nster then?

How was the monster created?

Read part 1 and find the general idea of the paragraph.
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The general story of Frankenstein Main idea: __________________________ Exercise:

1. What did Frankenstein happen to learn when he was studying at university? A. He learned how to clone humans. B. He learned how to give life to lifeless matter. C. He learned how to create monsters. 2. By which did we know the creature is intelligent and has human emotions? A. The creature is more creative than his master –Frankenstein. B. He wanted Frankenstein to create a wife for him and hated him because of his refusal. C. The creature knows how to end his own life.

Read part 2 and match the main ideas with each paragraph.
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Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4


a. The monster became a creature from Frankenstein’s worst nightmares. b. Frankenstein regretted having created the monster. c. The outlook of the monster.

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d. The monster came into being. Exercises of part 2: 1. When Frankenstein managed to give the creature life, he was ___________. A. disgusted B. excited C. sad 2. Why did Frankenstein have dreams? A. He was too happy to see the creature full of life. B. He was too terrified of the horrible creature. C. He wished for a new and creative life.

Fill in the form according to the text
How to create the monster The monster’s appearance The monster asks Frankenstein to… by using bones from dead bodies large, strong and extremely ugly, with wrinkled yellow skin, black hair and white teeth ,black lips create a wife for him

Frankenstein’s feeling Horror and disgust filled his heart; he about the monster regrets for what he did.

The ending of both Frankenstein dies in the chase of the Frankenstein and monster and the monster disappears in the ice and snow his creation

1. 创造生命 create life resemble a human being 2. 与人相像 intelligent 3.有智力的 refuse to do 4. 拒绝做某事 5.追赶...到。。。Chase...to... 6. 结束某人生命 end one’s life the Arctic 7. 北极 8. 在一个寒冷的夜晚 on a cold night 9. 渴望的;焦虑的 anxious give life to… 10. 赋予生命 11. 燃尽;烧成空壳 burn out 12. 借助它的微弱光亮 by its tiny light breathe hard 13. 喘粗气

14.在它的皮肤下面 beneath his skin 15.与…形成对比 contrast with… be unable to do 16.无法做 使某人有能力做 enable sb to do 17.来来回回;上上下下 up and down ups and downs 起伏;盛衰 throw oneself on… 18. 扑在…上 19.怕得发抖 shake with fear 20. 就在这时 at the same moment 21. 伸出;递出 put out 22.一次又一次 again and again 23. 雨水敲打着窗户。 The rain fell against the window.

I wish I had not created this creature. I wish I were was on the other side of the world. I wish I could disappear!

A. 与现在事实相反 主语+wish+that从句(谓语动词:过去式) (be的过去式一般用were) I wish I were a bird. B. 与过去事实相反 主语+wish+that从句(谓语动词:过去完成式) C. 与将来事实相反 (谓语动词:would/could+动词原形)

真希望…. “wish+宾语从句”表示不能实现的愿望,汉语可译为____ 或“但愿……”等 [回顾总结]

表虚拟的用法 从句中谓语动词

表示过去不可能实现的愿望 表示将来不可能实现的愿望 时

were/did had done would/could do

1. The monster is terrifying. I wish the wasn’t/weren’t (not be) so monster _____________ terrifying. 2. I didn’t create a real human being. I wish I had __________ created (create) a human being. 3. I feel lonely and unhappy. I wish I didn ’t feel (not feel) unhappy. _________ 4. I’d like to live my life again. I wish I could live (can live) again. ________

Work in group of two. One will be Frankenstein and the other will be the monster.
How can I describe I had tried to

The monster
You thought I would like to exist in the world? I wish I were good-looking. You hated me. In return, I took revenge on you. Is it my fault?!

I wish
I wish I can’t stand

Surf the Internet to find more information about cloning and write a composition :

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