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选修6 Unit4 Global warming

高二英语同步课程 选修 6 Unit4 Global Warming

I.重点词汇、短语 1.消耗,消费 v.____________ n.____________ 消费者 n.____________ 2.全球气候变暖 ____________ 3.温室效应____________ 4.人类活动 ____________ 5.自然现象 ____________ 6.发生____________ 短语拓展: come across____________ come back____________ come in____________ come out____________ come to____________ 对练: 用适当的介、副词填空 ①The dictionary is being printed and it will soon come______. ②This was a really difficult question,but a little boy __________a good answer. ③I came_______an old friend at the party last night. ④The amount owed comes ________$40.50. 7.at random_____________ 8.subscribed to (1) ____________ eg:He subscribed to Reader's Digest. 他订阅《读者文摘》。 我已订阅了一种周刊。 (2) subscribe to an idea/a view/an opinion 赞同支持某种看法、观点及意见 subscribe one’s name to 签名于…… eg:I couldn’t subscribe to your opinion more. 我非常同意你的观点。

eg:How did this come about?这事是怎么发生的?

come up____________ come up with____________ come to oneself____________


9. 大量的____________=____________ eg:Large quantities of money______ been sent there. A large quantity of books ______ been offered to us. 10. tend 1)趋向于做某事________________=________________ eg. She tends to get angry when others disagree with her. There is a tendency towards regional cooperation.有一种地区性合作的趋势。 2)照看,照顾 eg. You’d better tend to your own affairs. 你还是管好自己的事情吧! 11.上升____________ 12. result in_____________ result from_____________ 13.oppose 1) 反对某事 2)反对做某事____________=____________=____________ eg. During the discussion, many members were _______my proposal, which upset me greatly. How can anyone be opposed to that?怎么可能有人会反对它呢? 14. 后果,结果____________ in consequence 因此 in consequence of 由于…的缘故 eg.I'm quite willing to accept the consequences 我完全愿意承担后果。 15.state____________ n.____________ n.____________

eg.The witness stated that she had never seen Mr. Smith.证人宣称她以前从未见过史密斯先生。 16.range 1) n.________ eg. The houses are sold out within this price range.在这个价位范围之内的房子已售完。 2) v________ 在 A 到 B 之间变化 17.瞥了一眼____________ 1) at first glance___________ 2)glance at/down/over/through = give/take/have a glance at?___________ eg. He glanced at the envelope and recognized his uncle's handwriting. 易混辨析 glance,glare,stare


glance at 指快速地看某人或某物一眼,强调动作。 glare at 指怒视。 stare at 指由于害怕或吃惊而睁大眼睛注视某人或某物。 对练: 用 glance,glare,stare 的适当形式填空 (1)The boy ________at the broken glass he dropped on the floor,and didn’t know what to do. (2)She _________shyly at him and then lowered her eyes. (3)He didn’t shout;he just________ at me silently. 18.忍受____________ eg.She could hardly put up with that fellow any longer.她再也不能忍受那家伙。 put on put off put down 19.只要____________ 20.等等 ____________ 21.有影响;有关系____________ 22. 大体上 ____________ eg.On the whole, I like this TV show.总的看来,我喜欢这个电视节目。 23.保持 ____________ 24.情形,情况 ____________ eg.In normal circumstances I would have resigned immediately.在正常情况下,我本会马上辞职的。 25.adj. 平均的 _________ 1) 平均____________ 2) 在平均水平之上____________ 3) 在平均水平之下____________ 对练:用适当的介、副词填空 ①If your grades are_______ average,you shall get a reward. ②Four hundred people a year die of this disease_______ average. ③Temperatures are_______average for the time of year. 26.代表___________ eg.The lawyer spoke on behalf of his client. 律师代表当事人说话。 put up put away put forward

II. Sentences 1. That probably doesn’t sound very much to you or to me but it is a rapid increase compared to

高二英语同步课程 most natural changes. 这对你我来说很可能是无所谓的,但是跟多数自然变化相比较而言,这却是一种快速的增长。 2. There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer but there is fierce debate over whether it is human activity that has caused this global warming or whether it is just a natural phenomenon. 毋庸质疑的是地球正在变暖,但关于它变暖的原因是由于人类活动所致还是一种自然现象还存在激烈的 争论。 3. Some people think future global warming would cause the sea level to rise by several meters; others predict severe storms, droughts, famines, the spread of diseases, and the destruction of species. 有人认为全球变暖会导致海平面上升好几米;也有人预言会出现严重的风暴、干旱、饥荒、疫病和物种的 灭绝. 4. It is the greenhouse effect that gives the earth’s surface the average temperature of 15℃ . 温室效应使得地球表面的平均气温达到了 15℃. 5. Together, individuals make a difference. 众人拾柴火焰高。 6. Your contribution counts. 你的贡献很有价值。 III.单元语法:it 的用法

单元检测 一、单项填空 1.________ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared 2.Please tell me how the accident_____. I am still in the dark. A. came by B. came out C. came to D. came about 3.The accident that resulted________the death of two passengers resulted________careless driving. A.in;on Bin;from C.on;in D.from;in 4.You have made a few mistakes in your composition but______,it’s well written. A.first of all B.on the whole C.on the other hand D.so far 5.It was 1969___ the American astronauts succeeded in landing on the moon. A. that B. when C. on which D. which 6.It was ______ back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go 7.There's some doubt ____he'll keep his promise. A. whether B. if C. that D. which 8. The _____ parents were all _____for the children's safety. A. concerned; concerned B. concerned; concerning C. concerning; concerning D. concerning; concerned 9. The students ages ____ 15 to 18. A. range B. ranged C. range from D. ranges from 10. _______, we’ll go camping. A. weather permits B. If weather will permit C. weather permitting D. weather permitted 11.1) My parents don’t mind what job I do ________ I am happy.


A.even though

B.as soon as

C.as long as

D.as though

2) —Our holiday cost a lot of money. —Did it?Well,that doesn’t matter _______ you enjoyed yourselves. (2010· 江西,22) A.as long as B.unless C.as soon as D.though 12. ---I will not come here tomorrow. --- _____________to me, because I don’t care. A. It doesn’t make any difference B. It makes much difference C. It doesn’t make no difference D. It makes a difference 13.Large quantities of solid fuel ______consumed every day and too much carbon dioxide is sent into the air, which in turn _______ the going up of temperature. A. is; results in B. are; results in C. is; leads to D. are; results from 14. To make a living,they are willing to ________ many of the disadvantages of city life such as crime,heavy traffic and pollution. A.put up B.put off C.put up with D.put away 15. It was with great joy ______ he received the news that his lost daughter had been found. (福建 2004) A. because B. which C. since D. That 16. He is a devoted advocate who strongly advocates _______clean energies such as the energy of the sun, the wind and ________ instead of ______ those that pollute our environment. A. to use; so on; to use B. using; etc. using C. to use; etc. to use D. using; so on; using 17.People who come to attend court hearings are always chosen _______ in order to be fair. A. by chance B. at random C. on purpose D. in general 18. — We haven't been to the Great Wall for ages. — No, I don't remember how many years ago _______ I last visited it. A. it was that B. was it that C. it was when D. was it when 19. It was not until the beginning of the meeting _____ he realized _____ I told him was the only possible way to deal with the problem. A. that; what B. what; that C. when; what D. when; that

二、完形填空 Many years ago, I owned a service station and roadhouse on the main road between Melbourne and Adelaide. One very cold, wet night at about 3:30 a.m., there was a 16 on the front door of our house. A young man, wet from 17 to toe, explained that he had 18 out of petrol about 30 km up the road. He had left his pregnant(怀孕的) wife and his two children 19 at the car and said that he would hitchhike(搭便车) back. Once I had 20 a can with petrol, I took him back to his car where his two-year-old and four-year-old children were both 21 , saying that they were cold. Once the car had started, I suggested that he 22 me back. Before leaving, I had turned the heater 23 in the roadhouse, so that when we went in, it was nice and 24 .While the little ones played and ran 25 ,I prepared bread and butter for the children, and hot chocolate for the 26 . It was about 5 a.m. before they 27 .The young fellow asked me how much he 28 me and I told him that the petrol pump (加油泵) had 29 $15.He offered to pay “call-out fee”, but I wouldn’t accept it. About a month later, I received a 30 from Interstate, a large bus company that we had been trying to


31 to stop off at our roadhouse for a long time. It 32 out that the young fellow I had helped was its general manager, the most 33 person in the company. In his letter, he thanked me again and 34 me that, from then on, all their buses would stop at my service station. In this 35 , a little bit of kindness was rewarded with a huge amount of benefits. 16. A. kick B.hit C.beat D.knock 17. A. finger B.shoulder C.head D.hand 18. A. driven B.used C.come D.run 19. A. away B.behind C.over D.out 20. A.supplied B.poured C.equipped D.filled 21. A.sleeping B.crying C.quarrelling D.fighting 22. A.allow B.ring C.lead D.follow 23. A.on B.off C.in D.over 24. A.neat B.hot C.warm D.attractive 25. A.around B.inside C.nearby D.along 26. A.drivers B.guests C.customers D.adults 27. A.left B.arrived C.ate D.disappeared 28. A.gave B.paid C.owed D.offered 29. A.appeared B.exhibited C.calculated D.shown 30. A.call B.letter C.check D.notice 31. A.get B.force C.requite D.hope 32. A.pointed B.turned C.worked D.found 33. A.generous B.successful C.serious D.powerful 34. A.praised B.persuaded C.informed D.convinced 35. A.lesson B.business C.aspect D.case 三、阅读理解 The city of Rome has passed a new to prevent cruelty to animals. All goldfish bowls are no longer allowed and dog owners must walk their dogs. This comes after a national law was passed to give prison sentences to people who desert cats or dogs. “The civilization of a city can be measured by this,” said Monica Carina, the councilor (议员) behind the new law. “It’s good to do whatever we can for our animals who in exchange for a little love fill our existence with their attention,” she told a Rome newspaper. The newspaper reported that round bowls don’t give enough oxygen for fish and may make them go blind. “Rome has tried to protect fish more than anywhere else in the world .It stands out for recognizing that fish are interesting animals who deserve(值得)over respect and compassion every bit as much as dogs and cats and other animals,” said Karin Robertson, a director of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Last year a law was passed in Italy that gives people who desert pets big fines (罚款)and prison sentences. Since then local governments have added their own animal protection rules. The northern city of Turin passed a law in April to give pet owners fines of up to $598 if they do not walk their dogs three times a day. The new law in Rome also says that owners mustn’t leave their dogs in hot cars or cut their dogs’ tails to make them look lovelies. The law also gives legal recognition to the “cat ladies” who feed homeless cats. The cats live all over the city from ancient ruins to modern office car parks. 36. The new law passed in Rome will _____


A. help improve fishing environment B.guarantee better conditions for goldfish C.stop people from catching goldfish D.discourage keeping goldfish at home 38. The underlined word “compassion” in Paragraph 6 is the closest in meaning to ____ A. pity B.praise C.support D.popularity 39. People may break the law in Turin if they _____ A. keep their dogs or cats in cars B.feed homeless animals in car parks C.raise their cats near ancient ruins 四.用所给词的适当形式填空。 come about quantities of result in be opposed to keep on put up with as long as and so on on the whole on behalf of 1.Anyway, our opinion about the Olympics are _______________ the same. 2. It’s burning of fossil fuels that is ______________ the increase in CO2. 3. I’ll never understand how it______________ that you were one hour late on such a short journey. 4. If she could ___________ the terrible conditions there, we would take her. 5. You can borrow my bike____________ you can return to me tomorrow morning. 6. Tom will attend the important conference ______________ his parents. 7. If you ___________ studying English hard, you will get high marks in the exam. 8. My son likes eating fruits like apples, peaches, bananas ___________. 9. Please put up your hands if you ____________ the final decision. 10. The police found ____________ drugs at his home, so he was taken away. D.shut their dogs home all day long

六、短文改错 Like many other places, our hometown is either facing the problem of pollution. Unfortunately, people there have realized the importance of protection the natural environment. Factories have been taken measures to stop pouring polluted water into the rivers. The citizens no longer put waste, such as rubbish or human waste into the rivers. Every year, a great number trees are planted. As a result, the water in the rivers are becoming cleaner and cleaner. The hills around the city were covered with green trees and the air there is much more fresher than before.

1._____ 2._____ 3_____ 4._____ 5._____ 6._____ 7_____ 8_____ 9_____ 10._____

16-20 DCDBD 21-25BDA CA 26-30 DA C DB 31-35ABDCD 36-39 BCAD 66. either→also 67. Unfortunately→Fortunately/Luckily 68. protection→protecting 69. been 70. √ 71. or→and 72. number 后加 of 73. are→is 74. were→are 75. 去掉 more



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