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2010 届高考英语总复习(完形填空题)42 篇附详细解析

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后人 36-55 各题所给的四 个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Anna Douglas was 72 years old when she started writing her newspaper column . She had been a school teacher before she retired (退休),but she needed to keep 36 . She was even willing to work without 37 with a business that

pay . She then offered her

helped other businesses find jobs for old people .Every day she 38 39 other old folks like her .By talking with two things .Old people had abilities 40 . But old people also had some


that were not 41

.She found a new purpose for herself then . Through the years ,she 42 to write stories about

people for national magazines . There was now a new 43 : Old people like herself .She began to write a

newspaper column called“Sixty Plus”, which was about 44 old .She writes about the problems of old people , 45 .

especially their problems with being Anna Douglas uses her 46

ability to see the 47 problems

truth behind a problem .She understands

begin . For example , one of her grandchildren 49


said that his

the houses as soon as he came to 50 some ways for him to

visit . Mrs Douglas

understand his grandchildren . “It's important to know 51 about your

grandchildren's world , ”says Mrs Douglas. “That means questioning and listening ,and 52 is not what old

people do best . Say good things to them and about them , ”she continues . “Never try to grandchildren or other young people .Never 53 54 55 your your ,

opinion .Don't tell them what they should do .

they have been taught they should have respect for old people .The old should respect them as well .” 36 . A . free D.busy 37 . A . service D.books 38 . A . observed D.answered 39 . A . recognized D.demanded 40 . A . studied B . agreed C . gave B . followed C . enjoyed B . met C . comforted B . money C . students B . rich C . powerful

D.used 41 . A . mistakes D.characters 42 . A . had D.used 43 . A . subject D.plan 44 . A . getting D.supporting 45 .A .unknown D.discouraged 46 . A . thinking D.leading 47 . A . that D.whether 48 . A . visitors D.friends 49 . A . got D.passed 50 . A . invented D.imagined 51 . A . everything B . something C . anything B . chose C . suggested B . entered C . left B . readers C . listeners B . when C . why B . working C . writing B . refused C . misunderstood B . respecting C . employing B . life C . way B . ought C . was B . problems C . questions

D.nothing 52 . A . listening D.advising 53 . A . praise D.encourage 54 . A . speak out D.stick to 55 . A . Commonly D.Naturally 答案及解析 完形填空 36. D。她从教师工作上退了下来,然而她一直很忙。B 项有 一定干扰性。 keep rich 意思是“富有”, 从后文 she was even willing to work without pay .可以看出 B 项不 合题意。 37. A。从空后的 that helped other businesses find jobs for old people .可以看出,她提供的是商业服务。 38. B 。从空后的 By talking with them 可以看出, Anna Douglas 每天都与很多老年人会面,而不是观察或安慰 他们。 39. A。通过与他们交谈,她认识到两件事情。接下来的两 句便是她认识到的事情。 recognize 在这里是“认识 B . Surprisingly C . Happily B . give up C . get back B . scold C . trouble B . speaking C . pleasing

到”的意思。 40. D。老年人有未被利用的能力。这是她积极为老年人找 工作发挥他们余热的原因。其他答案不合题意。 41. B。然而老年人也有老年人的问题。A 项有较大干扰性。 从后文我们知道,有一位老年人不受其孙子女的欢迎, 这是他面临的问题,而不是错误。 42. D 。从后文 She began to write a newspaper column called“Sixty Plus”,我们知道,她为国家杂志写人 物故事是以前的事。 43. A。联系上下文 Old people like herself .是报纸的一 个话题(subject),因此其它选项不合题意。 44. A。get old 在这里为系表结构,其它选项不正确。 45. C。B,D 项有较大干扰性。作者举的例子说明很多老年 人被其孙子女误解,而不是(他们的要求)被拒绝等。 46. A。从空后的 see the truth behind a problem 我们得 知,Anna Douglas 用的是 thinking abilities 。 47. C。从下文举的例子看,她明白的是事情的起因,因此 其它选项不合题意。 48. B。A 项有较大干扰性。从前文我们知道 Anna Douglas 是靠写文章与老年人交流,而不是建立了咨询中心,因 此 A 项不合题意。 49. C。联系上下文我们可以推知,这位老年人与其孙子女

关系并不融洽,因此当他进来时,孩子们就离开。 50. C。她给这位老人建议了几种方法。 51. B。 A, C 有较大干扰性。 从空后的 your grandchildren's world 我们得知, 想了解孙子女世界的一切是不可能的。 52. A 。 本 空 承 接 and 前 的 分 句 而 来 , 因 此 答 案 应 在 questioning 和 listening 间 选 择 , 选 项 中 没 有 questioning 。 53. B。 联系上文 Say good things to them and about them . 得 此答案。A 项有一定干扰性,空前的 Never 决定了此选 项不正确。 54. D。stick to 在这里是“固执地坚持”。A,B 均有一定 干扰性。联系前文 Mrs Douglas 认为老人应该多听听孙 子女的见解, 不要太固执地坚持自己的看法。 speak out 意思是“说出”,give up 是“放弃”,因此不合题意。 55. A。D 有较大干扰性。Naturally 意思是“自然而然地”, 而 Commonly 指“通常情况下”。 2 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给 的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 We may look at the world around us, but somehow we manage not to see it until whatever we've become used to suddenly disappears. 36 , for example, the neatly-dressed woman I 37 to see -- or look at -- on my way to work each morning.

For three years, no matter 38 the weather was like, she was always waiting at the bus stop around 8:00 am. On 39 days, she wore heavy clothes and a pair of woolen gloves. Summertime 40 out neat, belted cotton dresses and a hat pulled low over her sunglasses. 41 , she was an ordinary working woman. Of course, I 42 all this only after she was seen no more. It was then that I realized how 43 I expected to see her each morning. You might say I 44 her. “Did she have an accident? Something 45 ?” I thought to myself about her 46 . Now that she was gone, I felt I had 47 her. I began to realize that part of our 48 life probably includes such chance meetings with familiar 49 : the milkman you see at dawn, the woman who 50 walks her dog along the street every morning, the twin brothers you see at the library. Such people are 51 markers in our lives. They add weight to our 52 of place and belonging. Think about it. 53 , while walking to work, we mark where we are by 54 a certain building, why should we not mark where we are when we pass a familiar, though 55 , person? 36. A. Make B. Take C. Give D. Have 37. A. happened B. wanted C. used D. tried 38. A. what B. how C. which D. when 39. A. sunny B. rainy C. cloudy D. snowy 40. A. took B. brought C. carried D. turned 41. A. Clearly B. Particularly C. Luckily D. Especially 42. A. believed B. expressed C. remembered D. wondered

43. A. long B. often C. soon D. much 44. A. respected B. missed C. praised D. admired 45. A. better B. worse C. more D. less 46. A. disappearance B. appearance C. misfortune D. fortune 47. A. forgotten B. lost C. known D. hurt 48. A. happy B. enjoyable C. frequent D. daily 49. A. friends B. strangers C. tourists D. guests 50. A. regularly B. actually C. hardly D. probably 51. A. common B. pleasant C. important D. faithful 52. A. choice B. knowledge C. decision D. sense 53. A. Because B. If C. Although D. However 54. A. keeping B. changing C. passing D. mentioning 55. A. unnamed B.unforgettable C. unbelievable D. unreal 英语参考答案 36—40 BCADB 51—55 CDBCA 41 —45 ACDBB 3 阅读下面短文,从短文后面所给各题的四个选项 A、B、 C、D 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 I was afraid to fly alone, but Dad put me on board anyway and a flight attendant ( 乘务员) was keeping an eye on me through the flight. 46 —50 ACDBA

21 came to land. As we broke through the clouds, I could see lights 22 and knew we were getting close to the ground. When we came to the runway, however, I realized we were going too 23 ! I turned and looked back: no one seemed to be acting 24 — it seemed to be fine. The lights were gone when suddenly someone shouted, “Look, the runway's 25 !” I looked up ahead and saw a busy road. There were lots of 26 that must have seen us because some of them 27 . We crossed the road, and I felt 28 not knowing whether we were going to run over or be hit by the cars! 29 was with us, but not for long. We 30 nose down onto some ground. The flight attendant came, “Have to 31 !” I didn’t 32 and immediately unfastened my seatbelt. Through the window I saw 33 sign. A 34_ thought crossed my mind that the plane could be sitting on gas tanks and it might 35 ! The exits were opened and the 36 started to help get people down out. When I did touch the ground, I wanted to 37 , still fearing the explosion. The gas tanks were 38 and the flight attendant passed me my cell phone by which I called my grandparents, who were waiting for 39_ from me. Although they knew no one was dead, they were still glad I was 40 ! 21. A. Order B. The plane C. Time D. Place 22. A. below B. ahead C. around D. behind 23. A. slow B. far C. high D. fast 24. A. carefully B. differently C. calmly D. seriously 25. A. moving B. working C. ending D. closing

26. A. people B. passengers C. buses D. cars 27. A. stopped B. rushed C. escaped D. cheered 28. A. puzzled B. scared C. discouraged D. ashamed 29. A. Hope B. Care C. Luck D. Fear 30. A. landed B. struck C. settled D. crashed 31. A. get off B. sit still C. run away D. stay behind 32. A. wonder B. reply C. hesitate D. hurry 33. A. a gas-station B. an emergency C. a keep-off D. a no-crossing 34. A. curious B. powerful C. cautious D. bitter 35. A. survive B. explode C. rescue D. disappear 36. A. pilot B. air-hostess C. crew D. captain 37. A. lie down B. rush away C. ring up D. give up 38. A. unharmed B. destroyed C. removed D. equipped 39. A. gift B. word C. story D. evidence 40. A. polite B. patient C. nervous D. alive 参考答案 21~25 CADBC CBABD 4 The western world has always been divided into two types of people —the cool and the uncool. It is a division that at sex 37 .They 36 .They are in school. The cool kids are good are good-looking 38with and the opposite want 26~30 DABCD 31~35 ACADB 36~40




their style. They can do their homework but 40 be

they don’t make a big effort. That would cool.

The uncool kids are in the other corner of the playground. They are very bright ,but they don’t have great 41 skills and they are 42 at

sports .When they are not programming computers or doing calculus (微积分) in their heads ,they are reading comic books and watching 43 shows like the “X

Files” .They are

as the geeks. 44 .Make

Here’s the news. The geeks are

friends with them now or they will put virus in your computer and 45 your maths homework to ruin.

Geeks might not be popular at school, yet they do pass their examinations ,and they might not be too popular at university, but 46 good degrees. 47 of the 21st

The most important

century ,computers and IT, has been at least partly created Gates 48 by geeks .Geek heroes like Bill

others to follow their example .Being

a geek is a way of earning good money .And the creation of the Internet gave them a 49 of their own to

work global geeks

and 50 51



,making ,the effect

them of

a the


popular culture has started a new 52 .Geek

trend (趋势) .It is now cool to be

culture is becoming an important part of general popular culture ,in which what you know is more important than 53 you look like. . Geeks were often bullied

But there are also 54

or laughed at in school. Now a geek may be your boss .Perhaps it is time for 36 . A . continues C.remains 37 . A . computers C.sports 38 . A . pleasant C.crazy 39 . A . copy C.take 40 . A . not C.perhaps 41 . A . speaking C.social 55 .

B . makes D.starts B . studies D.maths B . popular D.average B . advance D.act B . indeed D.actually B . operating D.experimental

42 . A . speechless C.active 43 . A . known C.thought 44 . A . taking up 45 . A . put C.bring 46 . A . win C.wish 47 . A . industry C.progress 48 . A . promise C.demand 49 . A . chance C.world 50 . A . force C.organization 51 . A . of C.in 52 . A . rich C.handsome on

B . sharp D.hopeless B . referred D.admired B . taking D.taking in B . cause D.serve B . take D.finish B . discovery D.development B . discourage D.excite B . space D.career B . company D.department B . on D.for B . attractive D.uncool

C.taking over

53 . A . how C.what 54 . A . opportunities C.possibility 55 . A . punishment C.competition 参考答案 36.D 37.C

B . that D.how much B . dangers D.question B . argument D.employment 38.B 39.A 40.A 41.C 42.D

43.A 44.C 45.C 46.B .C 47.A 54.B 48.D 49.C 50.A 51.B 52.D 53

55.A 5

At 4 : 00 pm. Hiroyuki Matsuda, 36, who lives in a suburb of Kyoto, goes to a nearby nursery school to pick up his 5-year-old daughter. Hiroyuki, a(n) (36) father in Japan is a junior high school teacher. His wife Takako, working in a publishing house, gave (37) in June. After a two-month maternity leave (产假), she (38) to work, while Hiroyuki (39) his new life as a

househusband. Over the past six months, taking child to the nursery school and (40) her back home has been an important (41) of his daily life. Talking and walking with his daughter

comes (42) to him and he looks (43). Yet some people stare at him (44) when he pass by--- (45) is how rare it is for a man to be walking with a child in a residential district ( 住 宅 区 ) on a weekday. When Hiroyuki goes to the market, he (46) his buying

smoothly and goes straight home. He does exactly what any housewife (47), so Hiroyuki was (48) with being seen as a curiosity. When their first child was born, his wife took childcare leave. But when his second child (49), the situation at his wife’s office did not (50) her t o take it. So Hiroyuki applied to his school for leave. Knowing this, the principal (51) encouraged him, saying raising the next generation was a worthy undertaking (任务). Despite his recognition of the merits of arrangements, Hiroyuki has not told his parents he is (52) childcare leave. He’s worried that if they found out, they might criticize (批评) Takako for (53) him do (54) a thing. Though recognized naturally, childcare leave for a man is not (55) to be accepted. 36. A. average common B. excellent D. normal C.

37. birth


right D. food




38. A. got back back 39.

B. took back

C. brought

D. held back A. continued B. D. began B. carrying D. sending B. D. period B. natural D. awful worried D. easy A. warmly B. kindly C. B. angry C. C. step C. C. ended C.

finished 40. A. taking bringing 41. stage 42. A. strange frightful 43. eager 44. A. A. part

coldly 45. which 46. takes 47. would A. might A. makes A. what

D. politely B. D. that B. D. pays B. D. could should C. does C. it C.



glad D. angry




worried 49. A. came along up 50.

B. came down

C. came

D. came over A. permit B. D. advise B. yet D. though A. with D. on A. forcing B. D. advising such D. so A. ordinary B. ready C. B. thus C. making C. B. by C. C. allow C.

promise 51. A. still even 52. in 53.

allowing 54. what 55. A.

natural 参考答案

D. successful

36.A37.C38.A39.D40.C 41.A 42.B 43.D44.C 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.D 49.A50.B 51.C 52.D 53.B54.A 55.B 6 September 4 was my first day at Phillips Academy,

my new school. It was also my 18 I received a warm 36



from my host family--- the

Steins. Gena was my host mum, and her daughter Lily would also be a new the school and 38 37 at Phillips. They took me to

me around the campus.

On our way to my dorm ( 学生宿舍), we saw a huge truck delivering a student’s 39 to her room. Many

students at the school were very rich, and they would fill their dorms with decorations (装饰物) . But I was 40 not to because I thought it was a 41 of time

and money. I had a single room, which was about the 42 of

a Chinese college dorm --- the ones which usually hold six people. 43 she helped carry my bags, Lily asked me, “What’s 44 ,Teresa?”

your favorite

I thought for a moment before answering, “Orange.” I didn’t know why she had asked the question. We 45 an introduction meeting after dinner. 46 of

the students were native English speakers, so I felt a little 47 . 48 , tired and wanted

I returned to my room after the

to go to bed after a (n)


day. 50 .The bed was

When I opened my door, I found a big

perfectly made with blankets and an orange sunflower pillow. On the 51 was a sunflower-pattern mat (垫 52 beside the bed.

子)while a colorful lamp I opened my mouth, There was also a 54

53 . How beautiful! card. I touched the little pillow

on the bed as I read the card.. A warm current ( 暖流) rushed through my 36. A. heart 55 . B. card C.

service 37. A. student citizen 38. A. walked showed 39. A. bag letters 40. A. warned determined 41. A. matter show 42. A. design

D. welcome B. teacher D. visitor B. introduced D. invited B. newspaper D. furniture B. forced D. supposed B. waste D. use B. size C. C. C. C. C. C.

pattern 43. A. As Because 44. A. fruit food 45. A. organized attended 46. A. All Some 47. A. pleased angry 48. A. dinner meeting 49. A.

D. example B. Though D. While B. weather D. color B. planned D. opened B. Most D. Few B. nervous D. afraid B. class D. party exciting C. tiring B. D. C. C. C. C. C. C.

surprising interesting 50. A. secret warmth 51. floor 52. A. stood appeared D. hung A. wall D. ground

B. joke D. surprise B. desk



B. lay


53. A. frightened satisfied 54. A. post name 55. A. mind face D. body BBADC 7 D. festival

B. moved D. understood B. birthday



B. head


参考答案 35-45: DACAC




阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给 的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D 中,选出最佳选项。 It was the district sports meet. My foot still hadn’t healed (痊愈)from a(n) 36 injury . I had 37

whether or not I should attend the meet. But there I was, 38 for the 3,000-meter run.

“ Ready ? set ? ” The gun popped and we were off. The other girls rushed 39 me. I felt 40 as I

fell farther and farther behind. “ Hooray ! ” shouted the crowd. It was the loudest 41 I had ever heard at a meet. The first-place runner

was two laps(圈)ahead of me when she crossed the finish line. “ Maybe I should 42__, ” I thought as I moved on.

43 I ran

, I decided to keep going. During the last two laps, 44 and decided not to 46 45 in track next my foot did heal. 47 than the one 48 , the

year. It wouldn’t be worth it,

When I finished, I heard a cheer —

I’d heard earlier . I turned around and

boys were preparing for their race . “ They must be cheering for the boys. ” I was leaving 49 several girls came up to me. “ Wow,

you’ve got courage! ” one of them told me. “ Courage? I just 50 a race ! ” I thought. “ I would have

given up on the first lap, ” said another girl . “ We were cheering for you . Did you hear us? ” Suddenly I regained 51 . I decided to 52

track next year. I realized strength and courage aren’t always the 54 53 in medals and victories, but in

to overcome difficulties. The strongest 55 the

people are not always the people who win, people who don’t give up when they lose . 36. A. slighter heavier 37. A. expected doubted B. worse

C. earlier D.

B. supposed C. imagined D.

38. A. late

B. eager

C. ready

D. thirsty

39. A. from behind close to

B. ahead of C. next to D.

40. A. ashamed B. astonished frightened 41. A. cheer B. shout C. cry

C. excited D.

D. noise

42. A. slow down speed up 43. A. Therefore However 44. A. with delight in advance 45. A. play B. arrive

B. drop out C. go on D.

B. Otherwise C. Besides D.

B. with fear C. in pain D.

C. race

D. attend D. until D. louder

46. A. even if B. only if C. unless 47. A. weaker B. longer 48. A. well enough C. lower

B. sure enough C.

surprisingly enough D. strangely enough 49. A. while since 50. A. finished lost 51. A. cheer B. hope C. interest D. experience B. won C. passed D. B. when C. as D.

52. A. hold on B. turn to C. begin with D. stick with 53. A. measured increased 54. A. sadness B. struggles tiredness 55. A. or B. nor C. and ABDCC D. but 46 —50 ADBBD C. diseases D. B. praised C. tested D.

参考答案 36—40 51—55 BDABD

CDCBA 41 —45

8 It is exciting to apply for a job that really appeals to you. In making your application, there are a number of points for you to __36__. In your letter of application, aim to say just enough to give a good __37__ of yourself, __38__ being too long. If you are answering an advertisement, any information for __39__ it asks must, of course, be given. This will usually __40__ your scholastic record and __41__ education and training. You may also be asked to give the names of one or two persons to __42__ references. For this purpose you should choose people who know you __43__ enough to vouch( 担保 ) for your character and ability; and in courtesy( 礼貌 ), you should seek in

__44__ their permission to be named as referees. It will depend on circumstances ___45___ you can usefully add about yourself. Your __46__ is to bring to the __47__ of the employer any good reason why you rather __48__ any of the other applicants should be chosen for the job. If therefore you feel you have any special skill or aptitude for the work __49__, for example, any __50__ interest in the line of business, let this __51__. Finally, __52__ is your use of language. You cannot go __53__ if you keep your sentences and paragraphs short, making sure the sense is clear and well expressed. Choose __54___ words so long as they __55__ your meaning. 36. A. see D. observe 37. A. account D. opinion 38. A. instead D. without 39. A. which it B. what C. that D. B. besides C. including B. picture C. feature B. describe C. add

40. A. explain describe

B. cover


D. illustrate B. further C. higher

41. A. better D. longer 42. A. ensure D. deliver 43. A. very D. well 44. A. detail D. consequence 45. A. how often much D. how long

B. agree

C. supply

B. closely

C. long

B. return

C. advance

B. how soon



46. A. purpose proposal

B. suggestion


D. destination B. notice C. interest

47. A. sight D. attraction 48. A. then D. otherwise 49. A. or then 50. A. strong

B. maybe

C. than

B. and

C. so


B. particular

C. extra

D. extraordinary

51. A. to know D. known 52. A. such D. that 53. A. illegal D. wrong 54. A. plain D. usual

B. being known

C. know

B. where

C. there

B. strange

C. vain

B. honest

C. common

55. A. communicate B. convey D. translate 参考答案 36—40 DADAB 51—55 DDDAB

C. transform

41 —45 BCDCC 9

46 —50 ABCAB

What would life be like without television? Would you spend more time 36 , reading, or studying? Well, now 37 !

it’s your chance to turn of f your TV and TV-Turnoff Week is here.

The goal of TV-Turnoff Week is to let people leave their TV sets 38 and participate in activities 39

drawing to biking. The event was founded by TV-Turnoff Network, a non-profit organization which started the event in 1995. In the 40 , only a few thousand people

took part. Last year more than 7.6 million people



people in every state in America

and in more than 12 other countries! This is the 11 year in which TV and turn on 42 43

are asking people to “turn off the .” 44

According to the TV-Turnoff Network, the average in the US spend 45

time in front of the TV (about

1,023 hours per year) than they do in school (about 900 hours per year). Too much TV grow fat. 47 46 has made many kids

, in 2001’s TV -Turnoff Week, US Surgeon

General David Satcher said, “We are raising the most 48 generation of youngsters in American history.

This week is about saving lives.” Over the years, studies have shown that watching a lot of TV 49 poor eating habits, too little exercise,

and violence. Frank Vespe of the TV-Turnoff Network said that turning off the TV “is or healthy lifestyle”. “One of the great lessons of is the realization that 52 51 TV-Turnoff Week 50 , part of a

I turn on the TV, I’m

deciding not to do something else,” Vespe said. TV-Turnoff Week seems to be making a US Census (人口普查)data 54 53 . Recent

that about 72 percent

of kids under 12 have a limit on their TV time. That’s 55 about 63 percent ten years ago. B. sleeping C. washing D.

36. A. drinking playing outside 37. A. find out D. keep out 38. A. away beside 39. A. like 40. A. end total 41. A. besides D. except 42. A. governments businessmen 43. A. the light D. the Internet 44. A. grown-ups parents 45. A. less more 46. A. programmes

B. go out

C. look out

B. alone

C. on


B. as B. event

C. from

D. such as D.

C. beginning

B. except for

C. including

B. parents

C. organizers


B. the radio

C. life

B. kids

C. clerks


B. enough

C. little


B. screen

C. hours

D. watching 47. A. However D. As a result 48. A. overweight D. overseeing 49. A. leads to D. keeps away 50. A. will be could be 51. A. organizing B. taking part in C. B. should be C. may be D. B. results from C. develops B. overeaten C. overgrown B. On the contrary C. In fact

participating D. asking for 52. A. wherever this time 53. A. living sense 54. A. shows writes 55. A. rising up from 完形: 36-40. DABCC BCCAD 36.根据上下文考查合适的动名词。从文章大意可知是希望 41-45. CCCBD 46-50. DCAAB 51-55. B. down from C. up to D. B. says C. reads D. B. choice C. difference D. B. every day C. every time D.

人们有健康的生活方式,参加一些 activities( 第二小节 中),因此选 playing outside 最合适。后面的 reading 和 studying 都是室内活动。 37.根据上下文考查合适的动词。上文提出了一个问题,所 以选 find out“发现、找到(答案)”。 38. 根据上下文考查意义正确的搭配。 leave?off“关掉”, 这是 leave 复合宾语结构。 39.考查搭配。由后文的 to,可见这里只能填 from。 40.根据上下文考查合适的词组。这两句话讲的是参与这个 活 动 的 人 数 的 变 化 , 因 此 先 说 的 是 “ 一 开 始 ”in the beginning 。 41.根据上下文考查意义正确的词。这句话是对前一句话的 补充说明, 根据后文的 and in more than 12 other countries 可见是对所有参与者的一个说明,用 including“包括”。 42.考查符合上下文的名词。进一步陈述组织者的目的。 43.考查符合文章中心思想的词义选择。组织者的目的就是 希望人们有健康的生活方式,用 turn on life“点亮生活” 很形象地阐明了中心。 44.考查符合上下文的名词。下文的数据明显是针对学生而 言,因此用 kids。 45.根据上下文提供的数据,当然看电视的时间更多。 46.考查符合上下文的词。这里表示“看电视过多”。

47.考查符合上下文的关联词。下文是对上文作更具体的说 明,in fact“实际上”。 48.根据上文的 grow fat ,这里应该是 overweight“超体 重的”。overeating“吃得过多”是导致肥胖的一个方面 (还 有 缺乏 锻 炼) , “成 长 过快 的”overgrown 和“监 督”overseeing 不合文意。 49.根据上下文及搭配考查合适的动词词组。从逻辑上看首 先排除 result from“由于”、keep away“不接触”,再 根据后面的 too little exercise, and violence 从搭配 上排除 develops。 50 .根据中心思想,组织者认为从道理上说这样做“应该 是”健康生活的一部分。 51.从下文来看 Vespe 是作为一个电视观众,即一个参与本 次活动的参与者,讲自己的体会,而不是一个组织者,因 此选 taking part in,而 participate 后面需要加 in。 52.结合句意考查名词引导的时间状语从句。从主句的现在 进行时, 可以判断选 every time“每次”最合适。 而 every day 后面要加 when,this time“这次”不合题意。 53 .结合上下文 考查固 定搭配 。 “产 生了影 响”make a difference 。 54.根据句意考查名词与动词搭配。下文不是列举 data“数 据”具体是多少, 所以不能用 says 或 reads, 应该用 shows

表示数据说明的情况。 55.根据上下文考查词义。从前后数字来看是在 63 percent 的基础上的上升,选 up from。 10 阅读下面短文,撑握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给 的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项 The annual marathon in my town usually occurred during a heat wave . My job was to 36 behind the runners in an ambulance 37 any of them needed medical attention . The driver and I were in an air-conditioned ambulance behind approximately one hundred athletes 38 to hear the sharp crack of the starting gun . “We’re supposed to stay behind the 39 runner , so take it slowly ,” I said to the driver , Doug , as we began to creep forward . “Let’s 40 hope all the runners are fast !” he laughed . As they began to pace themselves , the front runners started to 41 . It was then that my 42 were drawn to the woman in blue silk running shorts and a baggy white T-shirt . “Koug , look !” We knew we were already watching our “last runner” . Her feet were turned in , yet her left knee was turned out . Her legs were so crippled and 43 that it seemed impossible for her to be able to walk , let alone run a marathon . Doug and I watched in 44 as she slowly moved forward . We didn’t say a thing . We would move forward a little bit , then stop and wait for her to 45 some distance . Then we’d slowly move forward a little bit more . Finally , she was the 46 runner left in sight . Tears streamed down my face as I sat on the edge of my seat and watched with awe , amazement and even reverence ( 敬 意 ) as she 47 forward with sheer determination through the last miles . When the 48 line came into sight , trash ( 垃

圾 ) lay everywhere and the 49 crowds had long gone home 50 , standing straight and ever so proud waited a man . He was 51 one end of a ribbon (带子) of crepe paper tied to a post . 52 slowly crossed through , leaving both ends of the paper fluttering behind her . I do not 53 this woman’s name , but that day she became a part of my life –a part I often depend on . For her , it wasn’t about 54 the other runners or winning a trophy ( 奖 品 ),it was about finishing what she had set out to do , no matter 55 . When I think things are too difficult or too time-consuming , I get those “ I -just-can’t-do-it” , I think of the last runner . Then I realize how easy the task before me really is . 36.A.interview B.watch C . follow D.fall 37.A.when B.even if C.because D.in case 38.A.searching B.sitting C . wishing D.waiting 39.A.slow B.last C.wounded D.helpless 40.A.just B.ever C.still D.however 41.A.run B.miss C.disappear D.lose 42.A.attention B.mind C . sights D.eyes 43.A.bent B.hurt C.soft D.painful 44.A.happiness B . silence C.disappointment D.hope 45.A.keep B.make C.gain D.shorten 46.A.single B.only C.last D.careful 47.A.pushed B.fought C.pulled D.jumped 48.A.close B.end C.match D.finish 49.A.seeing B.cheering C . standing D.interesting 50.A.Yet B.But C.Thus D.Therefore 51.A.catching B.handing C . holding D.bringing 52.A.He B .I C.They D.She 53.A.remember B.know C . understand D.forget 54.A.winning B.competing C . beating D.fighting 55.A.what B.where C.when D.why

参考答案 36—40CDDBA 51—55 CDBCA

41 —45CDABC

46 —50 BADBA

11 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21-40 各题所给 的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 When I was about 12, I had an enemy, a girl who l iked to point out my shortcomings. Week by week her list 21 : I was very thin; I wasn’t a 22 st udent; I talked too much; I was too 23 , always feeling superior to (胜过)others, and so on. I tried to hear all this as long as I could. 24 , I became very angry. I ran to my father wit h 25 in my eyes. He listened to me 26 , and then he asked. “Ar e the things she says true or not? Janet, didn’t yo u ever wonder 27 you’re really like? Well, you n ow have that girl’s 28 . Go and 29 a list of e verything she said and mark the points that are 3 0 . Pay no attention to the other things she sai d.” I did 31 he told me. To my great 32 , I dis covered that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn’t 33 (like being very thin), b ut a good number I could – and suddenly I wanted t o change. For the first time I went to a fairly 3 4 picture of myself. I brought the list back to Daddy. He 35 to ta ke it. “That’s just for you,” he said. “You know 36 than anyone else the truth about yourself. B ut you have to learn to 37 , not just close your ears in anger, feeling 38 when something said a bout you is true, you’ll find it of help to you. Ou r world is full of people who think they know your affairs. Don’t shut your 39 . Listen to them all, but hear the truth and do what you know is the rig ht thing to do.” Daddy’s advice has always 40 to me at many i mportant moments. In my life, I’ve never had a bett er piece of advice. 21.A.collected B.added C.grew D.co ntinued 22.A.good B.bad C.short D.greedy

23.A.silly B.friendly C.dull D.proud 24.A.In other words B.Above all C. As a resul t D.At last 25.A.tears B.happiness C.promises D.wishes 26.A.coldly B.quietly C.eagerly D.happily 27.A.who B.how C.what D.that 28.A.excuse B.opinion C.talk D.advice 29.A.take B.make C.create D.receive 30.A.wrong B.correct C.big D.true 31.A.as B.so C.before D.till 32.A.joy B.pleasure C.surprise D.anger 33.A.say B.like C.do D.change 34.A.wonderful B.clear C.interesting D.beautiful 35.A.promised B.refused C.expected D.agreed 36.A.wider B.higher C.better D.worse 37.A.listen B.stand C.speak D.share 38.A.hurt B.sad C.shy D.excited 39.A.words B.mouths C.eyes D.ears 40.A.returned B.gone C.appeared D.happened 参考答案 21—25 CADDA 26—30 BCBBD 31—35 ACDBB 36—40 CAADA 12 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 41-60 各题所给的 四个选项(A,B ,C 和 D )中,选出最佳选项。 Who won the World Cup 1994 football game? What happened at the United Nations? How did the critics like the new play? 41 an event takes place; newspapers are 42 the details. Wherever anything 43

on the streets

happens in the world, reporters are on the spot to the news.

Newspapers have one basic __44

, to get the news

as quickly as possible from its source, from those who make it to those who want to 45 it. Radio, telegraph,

television, and 46 inventions brought competition for newspapers. So did the development of magazines and other means of communication. 47 , this competition merely spurred( 刺 激 , 鞭 策 )the newspapers on. They quickly made use of the newer and faster means of communication to improve the 48 and thus the

efficiency of their own operations. Today more newspapers are 49 and read than ever

before. Competition also led newspapers to branch out to many other fields. Besides keeping readers _50 of the latest news, today's newspapers _51_ and influence readers about politics and other important and serious matters. Newspapers influence readers' economic

choices _52_ advertising. Most newspapers depend on advertising for their very _53_. Newspapers are sold at a price that _54 _even a small fraction of the cost of production. The main _55__ of income for most newspapers is commercial advertising. The 56_ in

selling advertising depends on a newspaper's value to

advertisers. This


in terms of circulation. How

many people read the newspaper? Circulation depends _58__ on the work of the circulation department and on the services or entertainment _59_ in a newspaper's pages. But for the most part, circulation depends on a newspaper's value to readers as a source of information __60 the community, city, country,

state, nation, and world —and even outer space. 41. A. Just when D. Before 42. A. give D. being given 43.A.gather D. bring 44.A.reason D. purpose 45.A.make D. write 46.A.another D. the other 47.A.However D. So B. And C. Therefore B. other C. one another B. publish C. know B. cause C. problem B. spread C. carry B. to give C. given B. While C. Soon after

48.A.value D. speed 49.A.spread D. completed 50.A.inform informed D. informed

B. ratio

C. rate

B. passed

C. printed

B. be informed

C. to be

51.A.entertain D. edit 52.A.on D. of 53.A.forms D. purpose 54.A.tries to cover to cover 55.A.source D. wealth 56.A.way D. success 57.A.measures D. was measured 58.A.somewhat D. something

B. encourage

C. educate

B. through

C. with

B. existence

C. contents

B. manages to cover

C. fails

D. succeeds in B. origin C. course

B. means

C. chance

B. measured

C. is measured

B. little

C. much

59.A.offering offered 60.A.by D. about 参考答案: ABADC BADCD

B. offered D. to be offered B. with

C. which

C. at



13 阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所 给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 Home, sweet home It was December 22. The bitter wind swept the countless snowflakes across my front yard. My dad was there sweeping the 36 . His nose was __37___as a cherry. With every breath he took, a white puff escaped into the air. Inside, my mother was 38 the last of the boxes. As I entered the front door, the 39 that after today I wouldn’t enter through that door ever again 40 a hole in my stomach. I picked up my dog and sat Indian style with him in my lap on the 41 , wooden floor. I had no 42 but to sit on the floor, for there was no longer any furniture occupying my house. I sat there in a daze (恍惚), just 43 . There was no reason for my parents to make me, a once 44 12-year-old kid, 45 . I had two best friends right across the street; I did well in school and I always kept my room clean. 46 , this was “my house”. By no means did I want a couple of 47 living here. These recurring (重复) thoughts 48 around in my mind and I couldn’t find an answer. Out of the front window I could see the orange top of a truck pulling in the cleaned driveway and I knew it was the other U-Haul. Instantly three men came 49 in the back door like World War III was starting. I watched 50 as the men, my mother and my dad loaded the truck. My dog even winced (畏缩)as he stared out of the window. I wondered if he was 51 , too, or if he just wished to play outside in the snow.

My mum came in, looking solemn (凝重)for my sake, I imagined. She turned 52 the overhead light, put the 53 in my arm and took me out of the back door. A totally 54 feeling filled my heart. For the first time in my life ,I wondered what 55 would be to me tomorrow. 36.A.stairs B.garden C.sidewalk D.driveway 37.A.red B.black C.grey D.blown 38.A.piling B.packing C.collecting D.locking 39.A.wish B.dream C.thought D.worry 40.A.cut B.burned C.shot D.made 41.A.cold B.wet C.broken D.messy 42.A.choice B.way C.solution D.means 43.A.dreaming B.thinking C . staring D.crying 44.A.diligent B.clever C . happy D.honest 45.A.remain B.cry C.suffer D.move 46.A.However B.Besides C.Therefore D.Yet 47.A.neighbours B.strangers C . visitors D.elders 48.A.floated B.traveled C.danced D.flowed 49.A.running B.laughing C.talking D.whistling 50.A.curiously B.strangely C . carefully D.helplessly 51.A.afraid B.angry C.sad D.lonely 52.A.down B.off C.on D.up 53.A.box B.dog C.bag D.hand 54.A.excited B.eager C.empty D.angry 55.A.place B.school C.home D.world 参考答案 36-40 DABCB CBBCC 14 阅读下面短文,从短文中所给各题的四个选项 (A 、B 、 C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 Every time I passed boys who were playing 41-45 AABCD 46-50 BBCAD 51-55

basketball, I stopped to silently watch them. I really envied them. But as a girl, I once thought that I could 36 play basketball. I like playing basketball though I'm not good at it. I've had a basketball 37 I was a child. At first, 38 when I was

I could play freely because no one

just a kid. But as I grew up it seemed harder and harder for me to enjoy basketball. At school, it was always the boys who played basketball during PE classes. The girls were allowed to play volleyball or badminton. My parents did not 40 me play basketball at 39

home. "Basketball is not fit for girls," they said. 41 42 I went to play basketball with my friends, boys at me on the court as if I were an alien. I was feeling basketball. 44 43 and had lost hope of playing

, something changed the first day of

high school. I made some friends who also enjoyed playing basketball. They court. One of them told me with a smile, "Go your own 46 , let others talk." This girl would always play 45 me to get back on the

basketball with me. Even the boy who sat next to me in class talked about 47 with me almost every day. 48

I was inspired by them. Confidence and passion

to my heart. I am ready to stand up and play. I will play as well as I can, boundless ( 无垠的). Basketball has become an important part of my 50 . I am interested in it. I watch matches and enjoy 49 for me, even the sky is

playing almost every day. Through basketball, not only do I feel happy and confident, but also 51 a lot.

I've heard the NBA star Tracy McGrady say, "Nothing is impossible." It is from an advertisement on TV. I have 52 to realize that life is just like playing 53 . After that,

basket: ball. You should have an just be confident and 54

going. Never give up and

you'll make it sooner or later. I love the motto of the NBA. It can 55 my strong

feelings for basketball, "I love this game!" 36. A. ever D. always 37. A. when D. since B. before C. after B. often C. never

38. A. struggled enjoyed 39. A. only hardly D. not D. joined

B. eared


B. almost


40. A. encourage D. permit 41. A. Still D. Even 42. A. looked D. stared 43. A. up D. satisfied 44. A. Unluckily Unexpectedly D. Clearly 45. A. encouraged D. explored 46. A. effort D. direction 47. A. basketball interests 48. A. stuck

B. agree



B. Yet



B. glared

C. glanced

B. down

C. excited

B. Naturally


B. forbade

C. ensured

B. way



B. sports D. dreams B. referred C.



D. returned

49. A. but D. however 50. A. wish D. study 51. A. experience D. play 52. A. come D. happened 53. A. idea D. effort 54. A, insist D. last 55. A. inform

B. though



B. life



B. grow



B. turned



B. aim



B. remain



B. express D. connect 参考答案



36.C 上文 silently watch 和 really envied 暗示了该空 应填 never. 下文介绍的成长过程中“我”无法享受对篮 球的爱也是选择线索。 37.D 38.B 一开始“我”可以自由打篮球,因为我只是个小孩,

没有人会介意。 39 . A 与 上 文 it was always the boys who played

basketball 形成对照,应填 only,表示人们对男女生学 校活动的性别刻板化印象。 40.C 41.D 42.D 甚至当“我”去和朋友们打篮球时,男孩们也盯着 在家里父母也不让“我”打篮球.A 项搭配不对。

“我”看( 不理解) ,就好像“我”是个外星人似的。用 stare at 表示“盯着”。 glare 指“怒视”, 不妥。 glance 指“瞥一眼”。根据语境,文中要表达的意息应是其他 男孩不解地盯着自己。 43.B 学校不谁、家庭不让、男孩不理解使“我”打篮球的 梦想根本无法实现,“我”感到心情沮丧。feel down 引 申为“感觉沮丧的”。 44.C 下文交待“我”新交的朋友鼓励“我”重新回到篮

球场,这一转机在当时是无法预料的,故填 Unexpectedly . 45.A 46.B 47.A 48.D 他们鼓励“我’回到篮球场。 走你自己的路,让别人去说吧。 本文话题是篮球与女生,因此该空应填 basketball 。 在朋友们的鼓励与引导下,自信、激情又回到“我”

心中。 49.C 50.B 篮球已变成“我”生命的一部分。



多东西。 52.A “我”逐渐意识到生活就像打篮球。 53.B 54.C 你首先应该有一个目标,然后应自信,并且不停地

走下去。 55.B 这个格言能够表达“我”对篮球的强烈感情。


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后所给各题的 四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选 项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 One Sunday morning my mother walked into my room. “_ 36 !” she said, proudly holding up a yellow 37

with black and white stripes. “I made it just for you. What do you think?” I 38 my tongue. How could I tell Mom it was the

most hideous one I had ever seen? “It’s perfect for “I 40 39 ,” my mother continued.

someone had made a dress like this for me.”


you can’t wear it, I thought. But I knew Mom

had spent a lot of time on the dress. Only the world’s most 42 daughter would refuse. reluctantly (不情

愿的). I put it on. All through church I prayed, Lord, let me get out of here __43 anyone seeing me. Especially Dennis

Pearce, the boy I had a crush on. He was one of the cutest (bright) guys at Neptune High. Although we were in some of the same classes, Dennis had of me. At the end of the service I I had to wait on the 46 45 for the door. But 44 taken any notice

while my parents chatted with 47 48

their friends. Just a little while longer? Then the corner of my eye I saw the Peace approaching. I could escape, Dennis was right beside me.

I started gabbing a mile a minute, hoping if I kept it 49 he wouldn’t notice my horrible dress. “I

am going to college in September,” I said. “That’s great,” Dennis replied. “I got to the police academy.” “Wow!” I said. Somehow I kept the conversation 50

going. Soon we were walking to the parking lot together. The next thing I knew Dennis had first asked me 51 .

We courted through college, and eventually got married. Months after our wedding I asked Dennis if he remembered the day “_ 53 54 52 he had first asked me out.

bet I do,” he said. “You were always

in school, almost standoffish (coldhearted). I

didn’t think you’d be much fun. But you were so animated (lively) when we talked on the church steps, I wanted to get to know you better.” Maybe that 55

yellow dress wasn’t what I would have chosen, but that day it was the perfect dress for me. 36. A. Strange Interesting 37. A. dress D. hat 38. A. beat bit D. caught B. church C. school B. held C. D. Puzzled B. coat C. skirt B. Surprise C.

39. A. the party D. your birthday 40. A. hope

B. expected

C. wish

D. wished 41. A. Too beautiful D. too bad 42. A. ungrateful considerate 43. A. beyond until 44. A. never D. ever 45. A. made escaped 46. A. steps D. bench 47. A. within beside 48. A. Until D. Before 49. A. on in D. up B. accepted C. B. back C. D. off B. After C. Not until B. out of C. D. walked B. gate C. door B. ran C. B. lovely C. B. Too big C. Too small

D. responsible B. before C.

D. without B. sometimes C. frequently

50. A. received


D. allowed B. my address C.

51. A. my telephone out 52. A. that D. \ 53. A. I We 54. A. quiet silent D. still D. They D. in

B. which

C. on when

B. You


B. calm


55. A. blue -white striped white stripes C. zebra-striped dark-white-striped 参考答案

B. black and


ACAAD 36 —40: BACBC 41 —45: DADAA 46 —50: ABDDB 51—55: CDBAC 16 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所 给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 The film starts out as a normal day at a typical American high school. Friends chat in the dining room and boys play football.

But there's a big surprise when the movie 36 with two students going crazy in the 37 shooting and killing people. This is "Elephant". Filmed in just 20 days, it stars real high school kids. American 38 Gus Van Sant had no ready made lines ( 台词). The student actors 39 their own dialogue, with Van Sant asking them to base their characters on their own 40 . 41 it may not sound very high quality, the film won the Palme d'Or ( 金棕榈奖 ) for Best Film and the award for Best Director at the Cannes 42 festival in France on May 25. The film is based on the 43 at a high school in the US, where two boys 44 13 people and then themselves in 1999. The title of the 45 refers to the old expression about a 46 that's as hard to ignore ( 忽略 ) as an elephant in the house. The film takes a close look at a few hours in the lives of the victims ( 受害者) and the 47 . It shows how high school is a different experience for everyone — fun and friendly, or hard and 48 . In many ways, the two boys, who carry out the shooting, act like ordinary 49 . But, there are hints (暗示) of the 50 they feel inside. One of the boys is bullied ( 欺负) at school. The other plays violent 51 games. But Van Sant isn't 52 their killings on either bullying or violent video games. In fact, the film doesn't offer any 53 for why school violence happens. "I didn't want to 54 anything. It's up to the audience to draw its own 55 ," said the 51-year-old director. 36.A. deals B. begins C. ends D. agrees 37.A. school B. country C. city D. room 38.A. writer B. actor C. director D. student 39.A. made of B. made up C. carried on D. spoke of 40.A. lives B. movies C. friends D. families 41.A. Because B. When C. If D. Although 42.A. arts B. music C. wine D. film 43.A. studies B. shootings C. interests D. heroes 44.A. surrounded B. hit C. killed D. scolded 45.A. passage B. magazine C. movie D. newspaper

46.A. story B. murder C. problem D. thought 47.A. killers B. teachers C. children D. people 48.A. lovely B. happy C. lonely D. excited 49.A. actors B. kids C. murderers D. players 50.A. hunger B. surprise C. joy D. anger 51.A. sports B. video C. puzzle D. card 52.A. making B. praising C. discussing D. blaming 53.A. reason B. help C. introduction D. information 54.A. understand B. write C. promise D. explain 55.A. attention B. picture s C. conclusions D. cartoons 参考答案 36-40 CACBA 41-45 DDBCC 51-55BDADC 46-50 CACBD

17 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所 给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 Feeling hopeless and sick at heart, Tom turned away. For a quick moment his 36 met those of the cook, and he saw there a light of such 37 and fear that no words could describe. The cook moved quietly closer. He whispered to Tom in a rough voice, "Don't be too 38. Mark my words." And he went away. Tom' s thoughts did not stay focused on the cook and his 39. His friend was in trouble. How could he 40 him? He decided to slip away as soon as possible in search of information that would 41 Jay of all doubts and bring the true criminal( 罪犯) to justice. He had noticed a piece of old sailcloth lying on the 42 floor. With this and a length of string ( 绳子) he 43 a package which looked very much like the one the police had seized. His 44 was to step to the shore and hand it over just as the cook had ordered Jay to, hoping

in this way to learn the 45 about the criminal' s activities. He could then persuade the 46 of his friend' s innocence (无罪). By now it was 47. Taking the blankets out of Jay' s empty bed, Tom piled them up in his own in the shape of a sleeping 48 . How real it looked! With the 49 pulled up high around the figure' s head he could almost 50 he saw it breathing. Pleased with this, Tom moved quietly to the 51 . He was about to open it when he felt the handle 52 the other way. Someone was 53 and about to come in. Had his plan failed? Slipping quickly back behind the door 54 it opened, Tom waited. It was the 55 who was leaning forward now over the figure in the bed. His arm swung up and a long knife plunged down. 36. A. friends B. eyes C. hands D. thoughts 37. A. worry B. joy C. excitement D. hatred 38. A. clever B. rude C. careful D. active 39. A. ideas B. words C. action D. appearance 40. A. encourage B. support C. help D. persuade 41. A. tell B. inform C. remind D. clear 42. A. ship B. plane C. ocean D. bedroom 43. A. took B. bought C. sent D. made 44. A. plan B. dream C. decision D. work 45. A. news B. reason C. truth D. story 46. A. cook B. people C. public D. police 47. A. dawn B. dark C. hot D. cloudy 48. A. bag B. bed C. figure D. toy 49. A. cloth B. blanket C. rope D. dress 50. A. find B. know C. believe D. realize

51. A. door D. window 52. A. opening D. turning 53. A. inside D. away 54. A. as D. because 55. A. friend D. boy 参考答案 36-40 BDABC

B. room B. shaking B. outside B. after

C. floor C. dropping C. off C. since C. cook

B. policeman

41-45 DADAC 46-50 DBCBC 18

51-55 ADBAC

I would like to suggest that for sixty to ninety minutes each evening all television broadcasting in the United States be forbidden by law. Let us take a 36 , reasonable look at what the results might be if such a(an) 37 were accepted; families might use the time for a real family hour. Without the distraction( 困扰) of TV, they might 38 together after dinner and actually talk to one another. It is well known that many of our 39 —everything in fact, from the generation gap to the high divorce rate to some forms of 40 illness —are caused at least in part by 41 to communicate. By using the quiet family hour to 42 our problems, we might get to know each other better, and to like each other better. On evenings when such talk is 43 , families could discover more active pastimes(消遣,娱乐). Freed from TV, forced to find their own activities, they might take a 44 together to watch the sunset 45 they might take a walk together. 46 free time and no TV, children and adults might discover reading. There is more entertainment in 47 than in a TV program. 48 report that the generation growing up with television can hardly write an English sentence, 49 at the college level. 50 is often learned from reading. A more literate new generation could be a product of the

quiet hour. A different 51 of reading might also be done as it was in the past: reading aloud. The quiet hour could become the story hour. When the 52 ends, the TV net works might be forced to 53 with better shows in order to get us back from our newly discovered activities. At first glance, this idea seems radical (激进的). How will we spend the time then? The fact is: it has been only twenty-five years 54 television came to control American free time. Those of us thirty-five and older can 55 childhoods without television. It wasn’t that difficult. 36.A.valuable B.pleasant C . quick D.serious 37.A.advice B.suggestion C . opinion D.offer 38.A.get around B.stand still C . meet D.sit around 39.A.problems B.trouble C . affairs D.misfortune 40.A.physical B.common C . mental D.familiar 41.A.attempt B.failure C.ability D.permission 42.A.discuss B.talk C.make sure D.see to 43.A.impossible B.unnecessary C . funny D.unpleasant 44.A.walk B.look C.ride D.rest 45.A.and B.or C.but D.while 46.A.At B.In C.For D.With 47.A.a fine poem B.a good book C.a quiet hour D.a composition 48.A.Professors B.Scientists C . Parents D.Educators 49.A.yet B.still C.even D.just 50.A.Writing B.Skill C.Speaking D.Listening 51.A.form B.kind C.method D.step 52.A.reading B.quiet hour C . activity D.programme 53.A.come across B.come about C . come up D.broadcast

54.A.before B.since C.until D.after 55.A.remind B.remember C.recognize D.know 参考答案 DBDAC BABCB DBDCA ABCBB

19 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B 、C、D 四 个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。 Golf courses are being carved from forests and wetlands across Asia. For example, Malaysia now has 153 courses. That’s more than three times the in 1985. And 100 more are being planned. For golfers and governments, this is great news. The golf courses attract 22 . 21 it had

But for people concerned about the environment, the 23 of golf courses seems tragic.“I call them green 24 the

graveyards,”said Sreela Kolandai,“because grass, these golf courses 25

no other form of life.

No trees, no birds, no insects.” Kolandia is a founder of the global Anti-Golf Movement. 26 opposes the building of 27 golf

courses in Asia.

Environmentalists golf courses is


that the building of new

29_ some of the last untouched 30 their

wilderness in Asia. It’s forcing farmers land. It’s also using up water chemicals into the 32 . 33 31

and putting

Asian governments have been

to listen to the 34_

environmentalists. They are happy about the

that golf brings into their countries. And most government leaders are golfers Hal Philips is 36 35 . New

of Golf Courses

Asia-Pacific. He says environmentalists should be happy 38 it is golf courses 37 are being built and not

worse. “At least 39 golf, it is open space that’s being


,”he said, “Would you rather have a golf course

or a department store? A golf club or a 400-room hotel?” 21.A.place B.amount C.number D.quantity C . officials

22.A.players B.passers-by D.tourists 23.A.growth B.decrease C.adding 24.A.in addition B .

D.open instead of

C.apart from 25.A.afford B.show 26.A.That 27.A.other 28.A.tell B.It B.better B.warn

D.but for C.offer C.Who C.more C.add D.support D.Which D.expensive D.suggest . ruining

29.A.breaking D.hurting 30.A.backward D.from 31.A.store 32.A.dirt 33.A.slow D.excited 34.A.money B.amount B.soil

B.tearing C




C.source C.ground .

D.supplies D.earth encouraged

B.willing C

B.courses C.tourists D.green grass C . themselves

35.A.instead B.either D.though 36.A.an editor worker 37.A.which 38.A.what

B.a photographer


D.a gardener B.that B.much C.what C.that D.they D.something D.as to C . developed

39.A.having B.besides C.with 40.A.ploughed B.turned

D.grown 答案 21—25 CDACD ABDCC 20 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31-50 各题所 给的 A、B 、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 ? Each of us fails from time to time. If we are wise, we accept these failures as a 36 part of the learning process. But all too often as parents and teachers we 37 this same right to our children. Donnie was my youngest third-grader. He was a shy, nervous boy. His fear of 38 kept him from classroom games that other children played with joy. He 39 answered questions --he 40 be wrong. I tried my best to build him self-confidence. But 41 changed until midterm, 42 Mary Anne, a student teacher, was assigned ( 指派、分配) to our classroom. She was young and pretty, and she loved children. My pupils, Donnie 43 , admired her. Then one morning we were working on 44 problems on the blackboard. Donnie had copied the problems and filled in answers . 45 with his progress, I left the children with Mary Anne and went for art materials. When I returned, Donnie was in tears. He'd missed the third maths problem. My student teacher looked at me 46 . Suddenly her face brightened. From the desk we 47 , she got a canister (小筒) filled with 48 . "Look, Donnie," she said, kneeling beside him and 49 lifting the tear--stained face from his arms. "I've got something to show you." She removed the 26 —30 BCBCB 31—35 DBAAC 36—40

pencils, one 50 , and placed them on his desk. "See these pencils, Donnie?" she continued. "They belong to Mrs. Lindstrom and me. See how the erasers are 51 ? That's because we make mistakes too. Lots of them. But we 52 the mistakes and try again. That's 53 you must learn to do, too." She kissed him and stood up. "Here," she said, "I'll 54 one of these pencils on your desk so you'll remember that 55 makes mistakes, even teachers." Donnie looked up with love in his eyes and a smile --the first I'd seen on his face that year. 36. A.former B. useless C. necessary D. fair 37. A.deny B. admit C. give D. require 38. A.friendship B. failure C. success D. teachers 39. A.often B. seldom C. ever D. frequently 40. A.must B. can C. might D. will 41. A.everything B. nothing C. something D. anything 42. A.when B. because C. so D. while 43. A.excepted B. including C. included D. contained 44. A.English B. history C. maths D. geography 45. A.Eager B. Angry C. Surprised D. Pleased 46. A.in despair B. in public C. in want D. in silence

47. A.spared B. bought 48. A.books B. erasers 49. A.gently B. skillfully 50. A.at times time D. 51. A.dry B. 52. A.make B. erase 53. A.what B. why 54. A.remain B. 55. A.everybody somebody D. 参考答案 36-40.CABBC 51-55.DDABA

shared pencils

C. C.

stared knives

D. D.

slightly C. B. at time clean rewrite which leave B. one

quickly D. C. at a

at one time C. C. C. C. nobody

new D. worn copy D. that D. lie D. set C.



21 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 36-55 各题所给的四 个选项 A、B、C、D 中,选出最佳选项。 It happens every day, everywhere I go. At the supermarket and the post office, people keep telling me to enjoy my kids while they are ____36____. I spend my days taking care of them and answering ____37____ questions about everything from why we have two eyes

but one nose to ____38____ there are toilets in the heaven. They ____39____ me from eating a full meal or getting a full ____40____ sleep. Yet, the other day, when I took my kids to a children’s museum, I began to ____41____ what people were trying to tell me. It was the ____42____ time we went there without diaper (纸尿片 ) bag, baby bottle or stroller ( 小推车). As I watched my sons paint there, I was suddenly ____43____ by a wave of ____44____. My babies weren’t babies any Now I’m paying more attention more. to the

____45____that won’t happen when my kids are ____46____. I’m enjoying when Christ looked up the sky and cried ____47____,“Wow! The moon!” In a few ____48____, it will take a rare Shrek card or something else to get him that excited.I’m

____49____ when Nicholas put down his fork at dinner and asked,“Mommy, how are you doing?”About ten years from now , he ____50____ not care. When they’re in primary school, they won’t want to hold my ____51____ any more. In junior high school, they won’t hug me and say,“I love you, too.”In high

school, they won’t even want to be ____52____ with me. Pretty ____53____ they’ll both be gone. And I’ll ____54____ through the supermarket and the post

office alone, warning young ____55____ to enjoy their kids while they are little. Hope they’ll listen. 36. A. well D. humorous 37. A. strange endless 38. A. how D, when 39. A. make D. keep 40. A. day’s night’s 41. A. realize remind 42. A. very D. first 43. A. hit B. thrown C. stuck B. time’s D. bed’s B. admit D. admire B. real C. best C. C. B. turn C. take B. boring D. special B. whether C. why C. B. little C. funny

D. moved 44. A. happiness D. fail 45. A. accident D. moment 46. A. younger D. older 47. A. excitedly lovely 48. A. days months 49. A. measuring treasuring 50. A. might D. need 51. A. hair D. basket 52. A. seen carried 53. A. quickly D. more 54. A. come B. go C. B. talked D. treated B. slowly C. soon C. B. hands C. bag B. disappointedly D. shyly B. weeks D. years B. pleasing D. surprising B. should C. must C. C. C. B. better C. worse B. event C. scene B. sadness C. luck

wander 55. A. fathers people 参考答案 36. B 42. D 49. C 43. A 50. A

D. pass B. mothers D. ladies 37. C 44. B 51. B 38. B 39. D 40. C 47. A 54. C 41. A 48. D 55. B C.

45. D 46. D 52. A 22 53. C

阅读下列短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的四 个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 From the earliest times men seem to have noticed the habits of insects, and to have learnt lessons from them. Ants and bees work very hard during the summer, 36 enough food to last during the winter. They give us a good example to 37. If we waste time when the conditions are good for work, we shall probably 38 later; when we really want to work, we are 39 to do so. Moths, and some other insects, cannot help flying towards a light of any kind. The attraction seems to be too strong for them. __40____, they often 41 themselves by flying into something that is burning, such as a lighted candle. In some countries, when such insects as flying ants become a nuisance( 讨厌的东西 ), people 42 themselves by lighting fires at the doors of their cottages. Sometimes the insects fly into the fire in such large 43 that they put it out. In literature we often find poets warning us of the danger of being attracted


44 or beautiful things that will destroy us. Butterflies are admired for their 45 , though they receive very little praise for anything else. They fly 46 in the sunshine, going from flower to flower, happy all day long, leading a life of 47 . They are beautiful, but it seems that they are not of much 48 use to anybody. Some human beings lead very much the same sort of life 49 they are butterflies of society. Locusts are 50 , though . They are active enough, too active. They spend their time eating the food of others. 51 there are men like this, destroying things wherever they go, taking for themselves 52 belongs to others, using up everything and 53 nothing. They are human 54 Perhaps it may be said that even the worst insects have one use: they 55 us not to be like them. 36. A. raising B. picking C. collecting D. growing 37. A. learn B. copy C. set D. accept 38. A. work B. realize C. suffer D. miss 39. A. anxious B. unnecessary C. nervous D. unable 40. A. As a result B. After all C. In the meanwhile D. What’s more 41. A. destroy B. heat C. devote D. kill 42. A. prevent B. keep C. protect D. escape 43. A. teams B. numbers C. groups

D. lines 44. A. bright B. burning firing D. lighting 45. A. colour B. attraction beauty D. work 46. A. about B. up D. high 47. A. happiness B. pleasure business D. value 48. A. real B. true proper D. right 49. A. but B. and D. though 50. A. different B. similar interesting D. exciting 51. A. Luckily B. Generally Unfortunately D. Usually 52. A. that B. which all D. what 53. A. preparing B. making storing D. producing 54. A. locusts B. moths enemies D. butterflies 55. A. tell B. suggest D. ask 参考答案: 36—55 CBCDA ACBAC ABABA CDDAC

C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. warn or down

23 阅读下面短文,撑握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给 的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项 Learning experiences happen to us throughout our lives . Not long ago , I had one that I would like to


with you . I was going to Marblehead with my sailboat team . The team was racing down the highway at 85 mph 37 we realized we were 38 . Luckily , we saw a rest area ahead . I had a brand –new $ 20 bill . I was so 39 because I had never had that kind of cash before . But spending it on 40 seemed like throwing it away . We all rushed into the pizza line . 41 , I got a pizza and a drink , and walked to my table . About halfway through the meal , I 42 I had not actually handed my money to the cashier . I had just 43 out , and nobody had noticed . I felt terrible . My conscience ( 良心) opened its mouth and swallowed me in one bi g bite . I couldn’t 44 over it . I just couldn’t go back to the cashier and 45 for my stolen pizza . I was so upset that I 46 to give myself the pleasure of an ice cream for 47 that someone would say , “Hey , Jeff , why don’t yo u use the change 48 the pizza instead of that nice , new $ 20 bill ?” I was not so 49 of my cash now . For the next two years , whenever I was 50 of the “pizza incident,” I would say to myself, “Don’t think about it .” I have learned two things from this 51 . Maybe I was a fool for 52 in to my conscience , and being too stupid to appreciate a 53 pizza . But the real lesson is that even if you get away from what you have done , your conscience will 54 up with you . This reflects the saying , “A coward (懦夫) dies a thousand deaths , a hero dies one.” I was a coward and have felt terrible about that accident at least a thousand times . If I had been a 55 and gone back to pay for the pizza , I would have felt a little uncomfortable about it only once , or maybe twice . 36.A.say B.spare C.share D.explain

37.A.as B.while C.however D.when 38.A.lost B.tired C.hungry D.anxious 39.A.excited B.worried C . satisfied D.encouraged 40.A.rest B.food C.travel D.drink 41.A.Unluckily B.Finally C.Immediately D.Actually 42.A.forgot B.recognized C . noticed D.realized 43.A.walked B.left C.worked D.found 44.A.look B.get C.turn D.think 45.A.ask B.pay C.apologize D.send 46.A.refused B.wanted C . hoped D.meant 47.A.hope B.surprise C . anger D.fear 48.A.into B.with C.for D.from 49.A.sure B.upset C.proud D.pleased 50.A.asked B.reminded C . thought D.told 51.A.experience B.experiment C . story D.mistake 52.A.turning B.taking C . handing D.giving 53.A.free B.cheap C.plain D.oily 54.A.make B.wake C.catch D.put 55.A.coward B.fool C.loser D.hero 参考答案 36—40 CDCAB 41 —45 BDABB 46 —50 ADDCB 51 —55 ADACD 24 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给 的四个选项(ABC 和 D 中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑。 Mary Kimble-Smith was an ordinary 12-year-old girl; ordinary, that is, in every way _36_one .She

suddenly started to walk in her sleep. No one knew why this happened. The best guess _37_ to be that it represents _38_: the sleep-walker is worried. This feeling normally remains under control during _39_ hours, but at night, when the mind is in a _40_ passive mode, it _41_ to the surface and shows itself in the _42_ of physical movement. At first, her family _43_ help from just about every doctor they could find. But _44_ of them were able to suggest a means _45_ which she could be cured. Then her parents were frightened, and they tried to wake her up. _46_, the general advice is that we _47_ not wake a sleepwalker. _48_ follows the idea that sleepwalker derives from some deep anxiety. To wake a person and bring them to a _49_ realization that they are not where they thought they were could _50_ the feelings of anxiety and perhaps _51_ reinforce( 强化)the habit. Most sleepwalkers at last stop _52_ any warning--they _53_ do it again. In Mary’s case _ 54_ , she

started sleep-walking soon after her twelfth birthday and was still doing it the day _55_ she died in 1989, at the age of 93.

36. A. beside D. including 37. A. appears D. proves 38. A. excitement D. anxiety 39. A. sleeping D. waking 40. A. more D. very 41. A. falls D. raises 42. A. type D. sort 43. A. looked D. obtained 44. A. not all D. none 45. A. in D. on 46. A. In fact D. Besides

B. besides

C. except

B. seems

C. looks

B. anger

C. fear

B. playing

C. working

B. less

C. most

B. rises

C. reduces

B. kind

C. form

B. sought

C. searched

B. all

C. some

B. by

C. for

B. However

C. Meanwhile

47. A. would D. could 48. A. What D. This 49. A. sudden D. complete 50. A. increase D. produce 51. A. still D. even 52. A. against D. upon 53. A. never D. seldom 54. A. also D. though 55. A. after D. since 参考答案 36-55 CBDDA

B. might

C. should

B. That

C. It

B. slow

C. through

B. develop

C. form

B. ever

C. rather

B. without

C. beyond

B. sometimes

C. often

B. anyway

C. still

B. when

C. before




Beijing is a firm favorite( 幸 运 儿 )to win the bid( 竞 标 )for the 2008 Olympics, according to the

International Olympic Committee(IOC). The Chinese capital's bid came first with four cities on Monday, when the IOC 37 in half the 36 38

cities fighting for hosting the world's most important sporting 39 .

The IOC's executive( 执行的) committee said that the five cities will be Beijing, Istanbul, Osaka, and Toronto. The host city will be 41 at the IOC session ( 会 42 in 40

议)next July in Moscow. The 2000 Olympic Games Sydney and the 2004 Olympic 43

be held in Athens. 44 to win the

According to IOC sources Beijing is

2008 Olympics bid. The Chinese capital lost out to Sydney by 45 two votes(选票)for the 2000 Olympics.

The committee had suggested that only four cities should be 46 for the final vote 47 it is 48

believed IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch hard for the Turkish capital to be included.

Istanbul has bid for the past three summer Olympics and Samaranch was 49 not to upset them

according to sources within the executive board. Osaka, Japan's second largest city, was included

in the


round because of their 52



support for the Olympic movement, Paris is 53

the source. 54 55

to hid for 2012 if they

Beijing. Toronto is considered an outsider Istanbul. 36. A other large 37. A reduced 38. A five D. ten 39. A activities 40. A Athens 41. A D. selected 42. A. were completed held D. happened 43. A. will might 44. A. sure D. should B. favorite B. must B. broke out games B. event D. conference Atlanta D. Sydney elected B. picked B. Paris B. capital D. beautiful increased D. raised B. four B. improved



C. 2004



C. made

C. were



rather difficult 45. A. hardly fewer than 46. A. received D. forbidden 47. A. and D. because 48. A. pushed quarreled

D. easy B. more than D. only B. refused C. accepted C.

B. but

C. so

B. pulled D. drove B. pleased


49. A. careless careful 50. A. first third 51. A. last first 52. A. spoke pointed D. added D. light D. final


D. satisfied B. second C.

B. strong


B. promised


53. A. expected agreed 54. A. win defeat 55. A. except D. required

B. invited


B. lose out to D. replace B. and


C. along


D. instead of ACDBB 41-45 DCABD 46--50 CBACD

参考答案 36--40 51--55 BDABC

26 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所 给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项. “Hey, Dad, are you going to come to my award ceremony tonight? ”I 36 asked my father. “I have to work late tonight. I doubt I ’ll be able to 37 it on time. I am just too busy right now, ”he replied. My mind could not 38 the idea that he would be too busy working late. He was also too busy to 39 my horse show, football games and the 15th birthday party. He always used the same 40 . Why had I even bothered to ask? 41 , there was always a slight hope that tonight would be 42 . As my mother and I arrived at school, two friends 43 me. “Jill, meet my dad. Dad, this is my friend Jill. ”I shook the hand of a tall man. Camera flashes lit up the room, and claps filled the 44 as students accepted their awards. My name was finally called, 45 three others. I followed my classmates to the 46 . When I reached out my hand to shake the 47 , a big smile lit up her face. The blinding flash from my mother’s camera 48 my eyes and I knew my dad wasn’t there. I walked back to my seat 49 . Back at home, seeing my dad’s car in the garage, I told myself he would not be 50 . But the strong smell of alcohol (酒精) hit me as soon as I 51 inside, and I could feel my tears 52 . I followed the sound of his drunken words and saw him 53 on the couch. 54 did father lie to me? I threw my award on

the floor, walked to my bedroom, and shut the door. Tears rolled down my face. I wondered if I would ever be more 55 than his whiskey bottle. 36. A. confidently B. eagerly C. proudly D. fearfully 37. A. reach B. keep C. take D. make 38. A. create B. support C. appreciate D. accept 39. A. watch B. avoid C. attend D. speed 40. A. excuse B. reply C. promise D. trick 41. A. Besides B. Thus C. Otherwise D. However 42. A. active B. formal C. different D. serious 43. A. recognized B. greeted C. encouraged D. showed 44. A. air B. audience C. school D. playground 45. A. apart from B. other than C. except for D. along with 46. A. stage B. position C. office D. exit 47. A. Jill’s B. teacher’s C. mother’s D. father’s 48. A. fixed B. touched C. hurt D. inserted 49. A. successfully B. disappointedly C. delightedly D. hopefully 50. A. drunk B. woken C. forgiven D. hidden 51. A. stepped B. noticed C. examined D. glanced 52. A. getting off B. taking down C.

building up D. turning around 53. A. leaning B. lying C. putting D. carrying 54. A. How B. Where C. Why D. Whether 55. A. perfect B. comfortable C. fortunate D. important 参 考 答 案 36~40 ABCBA 51~55 BDDCA 41~45 DCBAD 46~50


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后人 36-55 各题所给的四个 选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Byrne turned the key in the heavy lock and put it calmly in his pocket. He 36 so much more from caution 37 any kind

( taking care, paying attention ) than of fear. This was the only he did not want to be outside. He night before. 40 41 39 38

to the house, and by any danger from

if Tom Corbin had been careful the Tom would be away for at least 42 feeling of his nearness.

three days, Byrne had a

In the stillness h e seemed to hear Tom’s voice. He looked around quickly, for the tricks of the most realistic of all. But there were 43 44 are women.

It seemed impossible that Tom should not be there. That girl carrying a smoky oil lamp 45 Byrne

upstairs. He threw open one


another the doors 47

along the passage. At this, the girl stopped and

the lamp in each doorway, staring at him , meanwhile. Satisfied he was the only last door, 49 48 , Byrne came to the

the girl threw open herself.

“You sleep here sir, ” she said, giving him the 50 . “ Your friend slept here too. It’s our 51

comfortable bed.” “Good night, Miss, ”he said politely. Her 52 moved in reply, but he did not 54 53 the

words. Her eyes never for a moment

his face. He

stepped in, and as he turned to close the door she was 55 sanding there motionless ( without moving ). He

paused, and in the silence he thought the again heard the sound of Tom’s voice. The sound terrified him now, not only because it seemed much nearer but also because he imagined a note of warming in it. 36.A.did D. considered 37.A.for D. of 38.A.entrance B.opening C.door B.from C.by B.acted C. made

D.window 39.A.kept D.seized 40.A.knew D.imagined 41.A.If D.When 42.A.strong D.strange 43.A.hearing D.feeling 44.A.simply D.almost 45.A.persuaded D.followed 46.A.by D.after 47.A.raised D.held 48.A.customer D.assistant 49.A.that B.where C.which B.guest C.visiter B.handed C.put B.and C.before B.pushed C.led B.only C.hardly B.listening C.speaking B.wonderful C.terrible B.Though C.Because B.thought C.wondered B.troubled C.caught

D.when 50.A.key D.lamp 51.A.more D.best 52.A.lips D.feet 53.A.answer D.grasp 54.A.watched D.left 55.A.still D.straight 参考答案 36—55 ABACC BDABC DABCD 28 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 One day, an expert in time management was speaking to a group of students. To drive his 36 home, he used an illustration (演示) those students will never 37 . “Okay, now watch carefully”, and then he pulled out a wide-mouth jar and set it on the 38 in front of him. He also 39 about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully 40 them, one at a time, into the jar. When the jar was filled to the 41 and no more rocks would 42 inside, he asked , “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the class answered, “Yes.” BACDA B.yet C.already B.touched C.noticed B.master C.catch B.mouth C.eyes B.most C.better B.bed C.lock

The expert replied, “Really?” He 43 under the table and pulled out a bucket of small stones. He dropped some 44 and then asked the group once more, “Is the jar full?” By this time the class was on to him. “ 45 ”one of them answered carefully. “Good!” he replied, and then brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping(dropping) the sand in the jar and it 46 into all of the 47 left between the rocks and the small stones. 48 he asked the question, “Is this jar full?” “No!” the class shouted. “Good.” Then he looked at the class and asked, “What is the point of this illustration?” One 49 student raised his hand and said, “The point is, no matter how 50 your schedule (时间表) is, if you 51 really hard you can always fit some more things in it!” “ 52 .” the speaker replied. “That’s not the point. The 53 this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in 54 .” What are the ‘big rocks’ in your 55 ? Then, put those in your jar first. 36.A.time B.point C.example D.speech 37.A.understand B.remember C . realize D.forget 38.A.board B.chair C.floor D.table 39.A.shaped B.formed C.produced D.performed 40.A.dropped B.threw C.drew D.placed 41.A.surface B.edge C.top D.end 42.A.fix B.fit C.fill D.feed

43.A.reached B.extended C.fetched D.inched 44.A.off B.down C.out D.in C . Of course

45.A.No way B.Probably not D.Certainly is 46.A.entered B.broke C.went


47.A.spaces B.areas 48.A.Once or twice D.Once in a while 49.A.nervous D.eager 50.A.full 51.A.work 52.A.Maybe 53.A.means B.whole B.try B.Never B.fact



B.Once more C. All at once

B.impatient C . anxious

C.entire C.think C.Okay C.truth

D.thorough D.act D.No D.reality all

54.A.after all D.and all 55.A.life B.time

B.above all C . at



参考答案第一、二、三部分(Key to 1-75) 36.B 44.D 52.D 37.D 45.B 53.C 38.D 46.C 54.C 39.C 47.A 55.A 29 阅读下面短文,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The Ministry of Education has spared no efforts to bring on IT learning. What is its main aim? Is it to teach students how to learn the computer or is it meant 40.D 48.B 41.C 49.D 42.B 50.A 43.A 51.B

to change the usual method of teaching in order to students’ strong interest in computers?


Teaching students computer knowledge and skills is different 37 giving class lessons through the use

of computers. And schools are beginning to pay much attention to using computers to teach students. There is 38 about the fact that IT learning plays an

important role as a new teaching tool in this day of technology. 39 , views differ on whether the 40

schools can achieve their targets, as success

whether they can make use of computers effectively. Let’s take the subject of Chinese as an example and see 41 difficulties the experts face in their

IT management. At present, 20 percent of lessons are given with the help of computers. In other words, in a period of 10 weeks, a Chinese - language teacher must spend two weeks to teach the subject 42 . In

carrying out such a major policy as IT learning, the experts should know 43 that different teachers

teaching different subjects have different demands, thus making it 44 to see the policy through.

Some teachers, having already got some computer

knowledge, will still be forced to


the training

courses with those who have zero knowledge about computer. Another problem is that new teachers may be sent to work in schools 46 IT learning has just started.

All teachers - including the seniors who are very 47 in teaching, who suddenly have no idea what to do 48 from

when it comes to computers, will have to the very beginning. They will become 49

and their

teaching performances may be badly affected. The experts have found out how much of each subject is taught by computers in every school, and have 50

all school to complete the given work. A hard - pressed teacher may put the daily teaching 51 or

the courses onto the computer just to order the required time for IT learning and then 52 the usual way. 53

Furthermore, he may leave school work to his

through the computer before class comes to an end in order to“complete” his IT learning 54 . 55

the teaching of the Chinese language is concerned, do computer lessons really achieve the desire goals to raise the students’ level of Chinese, pass on common

values and so on? I am not so sure. 36. A. show have 37. A. with from 38. A. no reason D. no time 39. A. However D. So 40. A. depends on D. believes in 41. A. that how 42. A. the usual way best way B. the regular way C. the B. such C. what D. B. leads to C. results in B. Therefore C. And B. no doubt C. no need B. to C. in D. B. be C. match D.

D. the new way B. the message C. the news

43. A. the fact D. the truth 44. A. easy D. fast 45. A. sit for D. attend 46. A. for which

B. helpful

C. hard

B. run for

C. give

B. that

C. where

D. which 47. A. interested successful 48. A. work D. manage 49. A. pleased D. comfortable 50. A. ordered D. instructed 51. A. methods D. performances 52. A. make a living lectures D. does work B. give lessons C. go to B. skills C. programs B. improved C. encouraged B. disappointed C. certain B. satisfied C.

D. experienced B. start C. teach

53. A. work - mates B. headmasters C. instructors 54. A. skills D. methods 55. A. As D. As far as 36. C. match 表示与调和, 适合, match students’ strong B. So long as C. Even though D. students B. experiences C. duties

interest in computers 37. D. be different from 短语搭配

38.B. There is no doubt 毫无疑问 39.A. However , 表示转折,然而,关于学校能否达到他们 的目标观点各不相同。 40.A. depends on 表示 成功取决于他们能否有效地利用电 脑 41.C what difficulties, difficulties 是名词, how 后 跟形容词 difficult 表示面临着的困难。 42.D. the new way 用电脑上课,当然是新方法了 43.A.专家应该知道不同科目的不同老师有不同的要求,专 家应该知道这样一个事实。 44.C.由上句知道,因此要把这个政策看透,很难。 45.D. 短语搭配 attend the training courses 参加训练课 程。 46—50 CDBBD 46. C 51 —55 DBDCD

where 引导定语从句修饰 schools,在学校 IT 教育

才刚刚开始 47.D who are very experienced in teaching, 在教学中 很有经验的老师,从后句中“突然面对电脑,不知该怎么 办”可知答案。 48.B 在教学中很有经验的老师,也要从头开始 start from the very beginning. 49.B 他们会感到失望( disappointed ),甚至会影响他们

的教学 50.D 指导命令( instructed )全校完成这个任务 51.D 教师可能会把教学内容 performances 或课程输入电 脑,programs 节目表,程序表,纲领 52.B give lessons the usual way ,上课时仍采用平常的 方式 53.D 54.C 为了完成他的 IT 学习任务 duties, 他可能会把 school work 通过电脑留给学生 students 55.D As far as the teaching of the Chinese language

is concerned ,as far as?? is concerned 30 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从36~55各题所给的 四个选项(A、B、C和D)中选如最佳选项。 I guess I should look upon it as a sweet proof of my tastes ,My 17 一year-old son,who had for so long 36 my choice of clothing , now 37 searches through my closet . Wasn’t it only yesterday that he had turned up his 38 at my clothes? When Alyosha was in middle school and 39 beginning to look at his 40 as a creature from outer space , I had once 41 to suggest buying a pair of chinos( 斜纹棉布裤)while we were 42 .He said nothing but selected a pair of Jeans. He 43 it on.“Too 44 , ”I pronounced.“Just right ,”was his reply, 45 he admired himself mirror , completely 46 with the image.I think that set the tone(基调)for the next four years.When it 47 to clothing ,the divide seemed 48 .I

was chinos ,he was outsized jeans;I was neatly pressed shirts,he was loose T’s. 49 began to change about a year ago .I remember the 50 day .I had gone to my 5l in search of a favorite T-shirt . I couldn't find it,52 it appeared later in the day when Alyosha returned home from school . “That’my shirt, ”I said. “Yeah, I know , ”said Alyosha as he 53 for the fridge .Since that time , he often —and 54 warning —searched for the new and different in my closet .I asked Alyosha why he wore my clothes.“I like some of them,”he smiled.Warmed by his words ,I 55 my tongue as he slipped into ajpair of my trousers . 36. A.thought B.looked C.set on D.based highly of down on on 37. A.intereste B . hurrie C.disappo D.unwil dly dly intedly lingly 38. A.head B.eyes C.hand D.nose 39. A.also B.soon C.just D . almo st 40. A.classmate B.teacher C.father D . moth s s er 41. A.attempted B.managed C.longed D . pers uaded 42. A.reading B.walking C.wanderi D.shopp ng ing 43. A.put B.tried C.had D.wore 44. A.big B.tight C.cheap D.expen sive 45. A.because B.though C.until D.as 46. A.worried B . satisf C.proud D.nervo ied us 47. A.belonged B.talked C.came D.happe ned 48. A.opposite B.slight C.unbridg D.unthi eable nkable

49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A.Things A.first A.house A.and A.headed A.about A.took

B.Times B.exact B.store B.unless B.looked B.with B.held


D.Taste s C.only D.singl e C.office D.close t C.but D.so C . search D.walke ed d C.on D.witho ut C.got D.moved 46-50 BCCAB

参考答案 36-40 BADCC 41-45 ADBAD 51-55 DCADB 31

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的 四个选项 A、B、C 和 D 中,选出最佳选项. One student took a box of chicken to class .Another carried on a cell-phone 36 , and still another 37 turned his

whistled loudly every time the back. Reform school ?No. College.

More and more ,professors say ,they are coming across 38 students in their classrooms .Many of today’s 39 ,talk loud

young scholars arrive late ,leave or take care of personal during class. 40

such as paying bills

Why are the students behaving badly ? “Because they can,” said a student of University of North Texas . “A lot of the time ,the professors let them get with it.” Some educators say it is time to bring politeness back to their classrooms –and even 42 taking some 41

of the blame for bad behavior .They say that rude students are by no means the majority but that one of them can ruin an entire People are 44 43 .

when they learn that impolite 45

behavior is becoming more and more common in

education , says Dr .Gerald Amanda ,a counselor at City College of San Francisco .They 46 some high

school students to misbehave but think those who get to 47 will behave more politely. 48 has 49 50

Dr. Amanda believes that society in

become more tolerant of rude behavior and people in power ,including professors ,no longer standards for 51

.That leads to a growing 52 some college students .

imprudence (轻率行为) “There’s a great 53

of bad behavior in the world around them ,and

young people see it and Amanda, 55


disrespect,” said Dr.

that sometimes students “have no idea

that they are being rude.” 36.A.line D.picture 37.A.professor D.classmate 38.A.hardworking D.selfish 39.A.late B.early C.noisily D.quietly B.cheating C . rude B.student C . president B.conversation C . message

40.A.feeling B.interest C.computer D.business 41.A.away 42.A.enjoy B.down B.hate C.along C.start D.back D.avoid

43.A.school B.company C.society D.class 44.A.delighted C.interested 45.A.better B.more 46.A.expect B.hope 47.A.work 48.A.all 49.A.why B . surprised

D.encouraged C.higher C.forbid D.younger D.wish

B.college C.learning D.knowledge B.time B.how C.charge D.general

C.whether D.that C.set D.reach

50.A.change B.break

51.A.teaching C.thinking D.progress 52.A.about 53.A.deal B.for B.number



C.behind C.many

D.among D.sum

54.A.prepare B.grow 55.A.speaking D.wishing 参考答案 36—40:BACBD 51—55:BDACB

C.develop D.improve B.adding C . warning

41 —45:ACDBC

46 —50:ABDDC

32 Little Chad was a shy, 36 young man. One day he

came home and told his mother that he’d like to make a Valentine for everyone in his class. Her heart sank. She thought, “I wish he 37 do that !” because she had 38 the children

when they walked home from school. Her Chad was always 39 them. They laughed and 41 40 on to each other.

But Chad was never would 42

. However, she decided she

with her son. So she bought the paper and

glue and crayons( 蜡笔). For three weeks, night after night, Chad painstakingly made 35 valentines. Valentine’s Day 43 , and Chad was 44

himself with excitement. He carefully put them in a bag and bolted out the door. His mother decided to bake him his favorite cookies and 45 them nice and warm with a cool glass of milk when 46 and maybe

he came home. She just knew he would be

that would ease( 减轻) the pain a little. It hurt her to think that he wouldn’t get many valentines -maybe 47 at all. That afternoon she had the cookies and milk on the table. When she heard the children outside, she looked out the window. Sure enough, laughing and having the 49 time. And, as 50 , there was Chad at the back. 51 48 they came,

He walked a little faster than usual. She expected him to burst into inside. His arms were 53 52

as soon as he got

, she noticed, and when the

door opened she choked back the tears. “Mommy has some cookies and milk for you,” she said. But he hardly heard her words, he just 54 right

on by, his face aglow( 满面红光), and all he could say

was, “Not a one. Not a one.” Her heart sank. And then he added, “I didn’t forget a one, not a 55 one!” C.cold B.might D.calm C . wouldn’t

36.A.excited B.quiet 37.A.shouldn’t D.could

38.A.watched B.noticed C.found 39.A.behind B.among 40.A.dropped B.hung 41.A.contained D.favored 42.A.go on B.go off C.go in C.with C.fell

D.stared D.beside D.turned

B.included C . received

D.go along D.dawned D.for D.supply . high

43.A.reached B.followed C.passed 44.A.in B.of C.beside C.serve

45.A.provide B.offer 46.A.disappointed D.anxious 47.A.some 48.A.there 49.A.best 50.A.never B.none B.where B.good B.always

B.worried C



C.nowhere D.anywhere C.great C.still D.happy D.seldom

51.A.hardly B.badly 52.A.laughter D.tears 53.A.full


D.seriously . crying

B.laughing C

B.straight C.empty

D.bent . moved

54.A.traveled D.rolled 55.A.single B.only 参 考 答 案 36—40 BCAAB 51—55 CDCBA

B.marched C

C.very 41 —45 BDDCC

D.just 46 —50 ABAAB

33 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的四个 选项 A、B 、C、D 中,选出最佳选项。 It happens every day, everywhere I go. At the supermarket and the post office, people keep telling me to enjoy my kids while they are ____36____. I spend my days taking care of them and answering ____37____ questions about everything from why we have two eyes but one nose to ____38____ there are toilets in the heaven. They ____39____ me from eating a full meal or getting a full ____40____ sleep. Yet, the other day, when I took my kids to a children’s museum, I began to ____41____ what

people were trying to tell me. It was the ____42____ time we went there without diaper (纸尿片 ) bag, baby bottle or stroller ( 小推车). As I watched my sons paint there, I was suddenly ____43____ by a wave of ____44____. My babies weren’t babies any Now I’m paying more attention more. to the

____45____that won’t happen when my kids are ____46____. I’m enjoying when Christ looked up the sky and cried ____47____,“Wow! The moon!” In a few ____48____, it will take a rare Shrek card or something else to get him that excited.I’m

____49____ when Nicholas put down his fork at dinner and asked,“Mommy, how are you doing?”About ten years from now , he ____50____ not care. When they’re in primary school, they won’t want to hold my ____51____ any more. In junior high school, they won’t hug me and say,“I love you, too.”In high school, they won’t even want to be ____52____ with me. Pretty ____53____ they’ll both be gone. And I’ll ____54____ through the supermarket and the post

office alone, warning young ____55____ to enjoy

their kids while they are little. Hope they’ll listen. 36. A. well D. humorous 37. A. strange endless 38. A. how D, when 39. A. make D. keep 40. A. day’s night’s 41. A. realize remind 42. A. very D. first 43. A. hit D. moved 44. A. happiness D. fail 45. A. accident D. moment B. event C. scene B. sadness C. luck B. thrown C. stuck B. time’s D. bed’s B. admit D. admire B. real C. best C. C. B. turn C. take B. boring D. special B. whether C. why C. B. little C. funny

46. A. younger D. older 47. A. excitedly lovely 48. A. days months 49. A. measuring treasuring 50. A. might D. need 51. A. hair D. basket 52. A. seen carried 53. A. quickly D. more 54. A. come wander 55. A. fathers people 参考答案 36. B A 42. D 43. A

B. better

C. worse

B. disappointedly D. shyly B. weeks D. years B. pleasing D. surprising B. should




C. must

B. hands

C. bag

B. talked D. treated B. slowly


C. soon

B. go D. pass B. mothers D. ladies 37. C 44. B 38. B 39. D 40. C 47. A



41. 48.

45. D 46. D


49. C

50. A

51. B

52. A

53. C

54. C


34 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给 的四个选项 A、B、C 和 D 中,选出最佳选项. What separates me from everyone else? The difference is not what clothes I wear or the music I listen to ,but what I feel 36 . Ever since I was young ,I have loved professional wrestling .As I grew older ,my friends 37 me for following what was called a “man’s soap opera.” 38 , I put my love for wrestling on the shelf . It was not until freshman year that I 39 I wasn’t being myself. That year ,I tried many new things and activities .In my town ,football was the sport ,so I decided to play football , 40 it might give me a head 41 in popularity. The team started with forty-eight athletes . 42 ,there were fourteen of us left .I stuck it out not because I liked it ,but because I am not a quitter (懦 夫) .That long season taught me a (n) 43 : I wasn’t a football player .More importan tly ,it taught me to be 44 . After that season ,I 45 back to being a wrestling fan .I came across a well-known saying: “Don’t Dream It .Be It .” When I read this ,my friend Dan and I had the 46 idea. “What if we build a wrestling ring?” we asked .The following weekend ,we met at his house. We saw our 47 in a pile in his backyard .We worked from dawn to dusk to build our great project .Our hard work paid 48 .We had a real ring . We decided to hold an “event .” We practiced for ho urs , trying to 49 every aspect (方面)of our wrestling ability .The date was May 24th. To our surprise , about one hundred friends and fans showed up to 50 us .It was the most important night of my life and a 51 success .Since that time , we have held five shows with as many as two hundred and fifty people turning out .We 52 to live this dream .We accomplished what we set

out to do. As my senior year winds down, I’ll remember all of my high school memories .But 53 will stick out most is the memory that I did something I 54 ,despite what everyone said or thought ,I achieved the 55 ?. I lived my dream. 36.A.outside B.inside C.behind D.beside 37.A.laughed at B . talked about C.listened to D.called on 38.A.Then B.But C.And D.So 39.A.admitted B.noticed C . realized D.declared 40.A.thinking B.finding C.remembering D.guessing 41.A.level B.start C.end D.point 42.A.At the end B.At the beginning C.In return D.On one hand 43.A.art B.truth C.fact D.lesson 44.A.oneself B.somebody C.myself D.nobody 45.A.gave B.went C.put D.set 46.A.original B.perfect C . same D.correct 47.A.dream B.success C.progress D.future 48.A.for B.out C.off D.back 49.A.discover B.learn C . improve D.show 50.A.praise B.support C.teach D.follow 51.A.gradual B.complete C.endless D.timeless 52.A.have B.begin C.prefer D.continue 53.A.why B.how C.which D.what 54.A.loved B.faced C.studied D.needed 55.A.task B.step C.goal D.game 参考答案 36—40:BADCA 41 —45:BADCB 46 —50:CACCB

51—55:BDDAC 35 Christmas was a quiet affair when I was growing up. There were just my parents and _31_. I wished that

someday I’d _32_ and have six children and at _33_ my house would be full of _34_ and love. I found the _35_ who shared my dream, but we had not _36_ the possibility of infertility( 不能生育). So we asked for adoption( 收养 ) and, within a year, he arrived. We called him our Christmas boy because he came to us during that season of joy, _37_ he was just six days old. Then nature _38_ us again. Within two years we _39_ two biological children to the family- not as many as we had hoped for, _40_ compared with

_41_childhood, three made an entirely _42_ crowd. As our Christmas boy grew, he made it clear that only he had the special skill to select and decorate the Christmas _43_ each year. He started his Christmas gift list _44_ before we’d finished the Thanksgiving turkey. He encouraged us to sing songs, using our froglike _45_ comparing with his musical gift of perfect voice. Our friends thought that adopted children were not the same and they were _46_. Our Christmas boy brought _47_ into our lives with his good cheer, his wit. He made us look and act better than we were.

Then on his 26 Christmas, he left us as _48_ as he had come. He was killed in a car accident on an icy Denver street, on his way home to his young wife and daughter. But first he had _49_ by our home to decorate our tree, as usual. His father and I sold our home, where memories clung to every room. We moved to California, leaving _50_ our friends and church. 31. A. my friends children 32. A. like better 33. A. night Christmas 34. A. energy child 35 .A. woman D. son 36. A. planned expected D. B. wanted imagined B before D. until B. surprised C, C. C . D. hope B. man C . wife D. home B. people C. D. me B. marry D. love B. New Year C. C. B. my brothers C. my


37. A. after when

38. A. disappointed

interested 39. A. brought hoped 40. A. so but 41. A. quiet happy

D. encouraged B. took C .

D. added B. because D. while B. noisy D. exciting B. great C C

42. A. satisfactory C small 43. A. house gift 44. A. ever even D. yet D. tree

D. necessary B. card C

B. still


45. A. sounds noises 46. A. right C. kind 47. A. color C. love 48. A. early C. unexpectedly 49. A. stopped D. D. D. D. voices

B. songs


B. silly clever B. bright dream B. late happily B. gone C.



entered B. for D. out (36-40)CCBDC (41-45)AADCD 36

50. A. behind C. away

参 考 答 案 (31-35) DBCAB (46-50)AACAA

III.完形填空(满分 20 分,每小题 1 分) It was the end of my first day as waitress in a busy New York restaurant .My cap had gone away, and my feet 51 .The loaded plates I carried 52 to be heavier

and heavier .Tired and discouraged, I didn't seem able to do anything 53__ . As I made out a check for a

family with several children who had changed their ice cream 54 a dozen times, I was ready to stop .Then 55 at me as he handed me my tip .“Well 56 us really well .”

the father

done,” he said, “you've Suddenly my tiredness 57

. I smiled back, and later, _58 I'd like my _59

when the manager asked me day, I said, “ 61__ 60

! “ Those few words of praise had 62 to the human 63 ,

everything .Praise is like

spirit; we cannot flower and grow without it . And while most of us are only too 64

to apply to others 65 to give our

the cold wind of criticism, we are

fellows the warm sunshine of praise .Why-When one word of praise can bring such 66 ?

It's strange how chary (吝啬的) we are about praising .Perhaps it's accept it . It's 68 _ 67 few of us know how to

rewarding to give praise in

areas in which effort generally goes unnoticed or unmentioned . An artist gets complimented (admired ) for a glorious picture, a cook for a _ 69 meal.But do

you ever tell your laundry manager how pleased you are when the shirts are done just right? In fact, to give praise 70 the giver nothing but a moment's thought

and a moment's effort . 51.A.rested D.stopped 52.A.remained D.appeared 53.A.new C.nervous 54.A.order C.material 55.A.stared D.glared B D.right B D.chair B.smiled C.glanced . price . special B.looked C . seemed B.hurt C . broke


A . called on D.thought of B

B . looked


C.passed by 57.A.arrived


C.disappeared D.developed 58. whether 59. next 60.A.Oh D.Terrible 61.A.made D.improved 62.A.heat C.snowstorm 63.A.then C.therefore 64. A. ready B D.sunlight B D.yet B . doubtful . thus . warmth B.changed C. found A. how D. if A. second D. first B . Well C . Fine B. last C. B. why C.

C.satisfied 65.A.unable D.anxious 66.A.attention C.pleasure

D.disappointed B.unwilling C.likely




67.A.because D.where 68.A.finally D.fortunately 69.A.daily C.perfect 70.A.adds D.costs 参考答案 BCDAB BCADC D.poor


C . what


C. silly




C . offers



阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 36-55 各题所给的四 个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。 It was a small town in England. The people there worked hard but they always got poor 36 The weather was 37 38 There was people

cold and wet and it was bad for their only a primary school in the town and

were so poor that they couldn't send their children there. Mr Morgan, 39 father was the headmaster, was sent 40 law there and

to a university in the capital. He knew much. He usually 41

to his hometown during his

holidays and a lot of his friends wants to



They asked a lot about the capital and hoped to be given some advice on their own warm-hearted and was there but he didn't 44 45 43 The young man was

to help them. He was busy it.

Mr Waley, one of the Morgans' neighbours, had a shop in the centre of the town. He had been a soldier in France and always 46 he knew more and liked to talk 47 Mr

with others. But he got into trouble and

Morgan could help him. But before the young man said a 48 , he talked on and on in a flaw of eloquence 49 him for nearly an hour

(口若悬河). Mr Morgan

and then he began to pour (倒)him a cup of tea. The cup was full but he didn't The shopkeeper felt 51 50 and went on pouring.

and said, “Haven't you

found the cup is full? You can't pour any tea into it. ” “You're 52 , Mr Waley, ”the young man stopped

to say. “Your brain(脑子)has been full of all kinds of you 53 54 like the full cap. How can I help

I give you an empty one? You come here to 55 , you know!” B. harvests C. soil

ask me for

36. A. education

D. government 37. A. health D. animals 38. A. most no 39. A. his whose 40. A. hated D. explained 41. A. returned D. wrote 42. A. play with D. visit 43. A. studies D. science 44. A. ready D. impossible 45. A. forget D. mind 46. A. advised described 47. A. made B. thought D. discovered B. ordered C. hoped C. B. remember C. like B. successful C. proper B. business C. farming B. flight with C. offer B. agreed C. replied B. discussed C. studied B. which C. that D. B. few C. a few D. B. lives C. crops

D. suggested 48. A. story D. reason 49 A. heard D. listened to 50. A. stop D. find 51. A. sorry D. happy 52. A. wrong D. wise 53. A. opinions problems 54. A. when D. unless 55. A. saving D. wish 参考答案 B. money C. advice D. projects B. after C. if B. questions C. B. Right C. polite B. angry C. strange B. rest C. sit down B. talked with C. reported B. Word C. passage

36. B 天气的好坏与收成有直接关系。 37. C 寒冷和潮温对农夫的庄稼不利。 38. A 由于收成不好, 大多数人就无法送子女上学, 应选 A。

39. D 40. C Mr Morgan 在大学里学习法律。 41. A Mr Morgan 在假期就返回故乡。 42. D 人们想向 Mr Morgan 求教, 自然要去拜访他。 43. B Mr Morgan 对农活不懂, 人们要问的自然是与他们的 事务有关的事情。 44. A Mr Morgan 是一个热心肠的人, 所以他乐于助人。 45. D 由于 Mr Morgan 喜欢帮助人, 所以就是忙, 他也不会 在意。 46. B 47. C 48. B 这里说 Mr Morgan 没有来得及说一句话, 那人就开始 夸夸其谈。 49. D Mr Morgan 没有机会说, 只好听他说。 50. A 在杯子满了以后, Mr Morgan 故意不停下来, 以引起 那个人的注意。 51. C 那个人觉得奇怪, 因为他不知道 Morgan 的用意。 52. B 53. A 这里指的是那个人头脑里充满了各种想法。 54. D 55. C 那个人是向 Mr Morgan 请教的。 38

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选 出最佳选项。 American cities are 36 other cities

around the worlD . In every country, cities show the 37 of the culture. Cities contain the very 38

aspect( 方面) of a society: opportunities for education, employment and so on. They also 39 the very worst

parts of a society. Now American cities are changing, just 40 American society. 41 After World War Ⅱ, the

population of smaller; 42

large American cities became

, the population in many Sun Belt

cities increased. Los Angeles and Huston are cities 43 population increased. That people come into and

out of the city shows the changing value of American society. During this time, in the 44 1940s, the

people of the city became wealthier and they had more children. They need more 45 . They moved out to buy 46 the city,

their own homes. They bought houses

areas near a city where people live and there are not many offices or factories. During 1950s the American "dream" was to have a house outside the city. Now things

are changing. The children of the people who cities in the 1950s are now adults. They parents want to live in the cities. 49

47 48

the their

continue to 50

move to cities in the Sun Belt. Cities are becoming and the population is increasing in Texas, Florida and Californian. 52 51

states as

are moving to

more established cities, such as Boston and Chicago. Many young doctors, lawyers and bosses are moving back into the city. They prefer the city 53 the outside

of it, because their jobs are there; they are afraid of the oil shortage; or they just 54 the excitement

and opportunities which the city offers. A new class is moving into the cities —a wealthier and class. 36.A.different from than 37.A.value D.expense 38.A.well B.good C.better C.contain D.best B.similar to C. better 55 mobile

D.worse than B.worth C.importance

39.A.content B.get D.include 40.A.likely B.as



41.A.all 42.A.but D.although 43.A.its 44.A.late 45.A.space

B.most B.and

C.few C.however


B.which B.later B.spots

C.where C.lately C.time

D.that D. latter D.food

46.A.beside B.downtown D.outside 47.A.arrived B.left D.entered 48.A.as 49.A.Some 50.A.big B.like B.All B.noisy



C.dislike C.Several C.larger

D. unlike D.Both

D.wonderful 51.A.such B.these C.those B.The ones D.many C.Peoples

52.A.The others D.Others 53.A.than D.to 54.A.win 55.A.very B.enjoy B.and

B.better than

C.rather than

C.earn C.more 41-45 BCCAA

D.own D.or 46-50 DBDAC

参考答案 36-40 BADCB

51-55 ADDBC 39 阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的 四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳选项。 On a cold December morning, my mother and I were walking home from a pizza store. We were dressed warmly and equipped 36 the video we had been dying to watch. 37 , as I was carrying our

I was feeling a little

shopping, bags of snacks and the video. They were so heavy that I decided to 38 some

things. So I started to walk towards the garbage can when I 39 a poor man walking his bike out of the

restaurant in front of us. He held a paper bag with his dirty hand. He and started 41 40 over to another nearby garbage can

it. 42 . I knew this man would I walked up to him and 44

I suddenly felt very take all he could get, 43

the drink and some snacks over to him. The man, with lines on his face and wrinkles on his forehead, looked up in 45 and took what I gave him. 46 across his face and this caused 47 . I felt like I couldn’t

A huge smile

me to feel indescribable



with myself, but then he said: “Wow, first

someone gives me this sandwich, then this drink, and now some 49 food; this is my d aughter’s 51 50 day!”

He thanked me

and started off on his bike. I

even heard him whistling a song as he rode away. I now 52 what is meant by the saying “giving is

getting”. Everyone in the world needs help, everyone can 54 . The image of that man’s happiness caused by my small gift appears in my mind every time I have the to do something nice. 55 53 help and everyone will be helped by showing

36. A. for about 37. A. excited D. satisfied 38. A. pick out D. throw away 39. A. heard watched 40. A. headed

B. of

C. with


B. puzzled

C. tired

B. eat up

C. put down

B. noticed

C. felt


B. rode

C. ran


fled 41. A. breaking into staring at 42. A. cold D. content 43. A. but 44. A. turned handed 45. A. surprise D. return 46. A. disappeared D. spread 47. A. disappointment satisfaction 48. A. sadder crazier 49. A. cheap D. useful 50. A. lucky D. quiet 51. A. carefully D. fortunately B. happily C. calmly B. busy C. interesting B. tasty C. clean B. shame C. B. paused C. existed B. detail C. case B. because B. thought C. so C. took D. if D. B. looking through C.

D. searching for B. afraid C. guilty

D. victory B. angrier C. happier D.

52. A. remember D. recognize 53. A. refuse find 54. A. kindness D. braveness 55. A. chance feeling

B. understand

C. appreciate

B. receive

C. offer


B. eagerness



B. desire

C. purpose


参考答案 36—40 CCDBA 41—45 BCCDA 46—50 DCCBA 51—55 BBCAA 完形填空 本文是一篇记叙文,作者通过自身经历感悟到付出即是 回报这一深刻的人生哲理。 36. C be equipped with 表示“带有;配备有”。 37. C 根据后半句及第二段第一句可知作者拿着那么多 东西感到有点“累”。 38. D 根据下一句作者走向垃圾箱及本句前半句可知作 者想扔掉一些物品。 39. B 作者“注意到”一位可怜的人推着自行车走出饭 店。如选择 D 项,意味着作者一直在注视着这个人,显然与 文意不符。

40. A head 此处是动词,意思是“朝??方向走”。根 据本段前面 walking 一词可知他没有骑车,所以 B 项错误。 41. B 他“仔细”往垃圾箱里看,希望能发现自己所需 要的东西。C 项指因惊奇、愤怒或恐惧等而凝视,因此不恰 当。如选择 D 项,应去掉 for。 42. C 拾荒者的悲惨境况让作者感到“内疚”。 43. C 作者知道他因生活所迫会拿走任何可以带走的东 西,“所以”就走了过去。 44. D 作者非常同情他,把食物“递给”了他。 45. A 一位素不相识的陌生人竟然给了自己这么多好吃 的食物,所以他感到很“吃惊”。 46. D 他的脸上荡起了笑容。 47. C 作者没有想到自己的举手之劳给了对方这么多快 乐,因此非常“满足”。 48. C 作者从来没有这么“高兴”过。 49. B 根据前 sandwich 半句可知是“美味的”食物。 50. A 能吃到如此可口的食品,女儿很“幸运”。 51. B 他“高兴地”谢过我就骑车离开了。 52. B 作者现在才“理解”giving is getting 的含义。 53. C 每个人都可以“提供”帮助。 54. A “友爱”可以使每个人都得到帮助。 55. A 作者每次遇到做好事的“机会”,脑海中总会浮

现出那个拾荒者。 40 阅读下列短文,从 ABCD 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 One of the reasons I loved going up to my uncle’s farm was because of (36). There was a pond in a grassy field about 50 feet from his (37). On hot summer evening, green frogs would sing from the pone, their (38) like the performance of rubber bands. But the best place to see them was not the pond but the (39) beside the road, home to the frogs (40) spring peepers. I learned this on the very first (41) I went looking for frogs. Holding a torch( 手电), I moved across the driveway and over the grass toward the (42). When I got there, however, I didn’t hear the sound as I had (43). The high peeping noise seemed to come from further away, near the road. I (44) round and (45) the sound. Kneeling by the ditch( 沟) beside the road, I knew the frogs were ther e, but I couldn’t (46) them, because I didn’t know where to look and what the spring peepers (47) --- I only knew them by sound and from a description in a book on (48) life. Hearing their lively song, though, I started searching with my torch. And there one was ! A frog so (49) that he could have stood on a small coin. He was sitting on some grass, his skin shining in the pale light of the (50). He became silent, (51) frightened by the light. I looked at him and he looked at me, his small throat sack changing like a balloon as he (52). I (53) my light and he slowly began to peep again. No longer wanting to (54) him and his relatives, I slowly backed to the driveway, listening to the calling of the frogs. Even now, a year on from that experience, I remember (55) so wonderfully alive as the frogs calling to me on that hot summer night. 36. A. fish B. frogs C. plants D. forests 37. A. house B. farm C. village D. fields 38. A. homes B. shapes C. appearance D. voices 39. A. house B. field C. ditch D. home 40. A. like B. calling C. called D. as 41. A. day B. morning C. afternoon D. evening 42. A. ditch B. pond C. river D. fields 43. A. expected B. liked C. wanted D. known 44. A. looked B. turned C. went

D. came 45. A. followed B. heard C. discovered D. caught 46. A. catch B. feel C. hear D. see 47. A. ate B. lived on C. looked like D. sounded like 48. A. animal B. wild C. forest D. pond 49. A. strange B. beautiful C. tiny D. lovely 50. A. star B. torch C. moon D. sun 51. A. probably B. certainly C. immediately D. finally 52. A. sang B. breathed C. swam D. jumped 53. A. shut B. opened C. weakened D. turned up 54. A. listen to B. watch C. disturb D. understand 55. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing 参考答案 36-40 BADCC 41-45 DBABA 46-50 DCDCB 51-55 ABACD 41 What would life be like without television? Would you spend more time 36 , reading, or studying? Well, now 37 !

it’s your chance to turn off your TV and TV-Turnoff Week is here.

The goal of TV-Turnoff Week is to let people leave their TV sets 38 and participate in activities 39

drawing to biking. The event was founded by TV-Turnoff Network, a non-profit organization which started the event in 1995. In the 40 , only a few thousand people

took part. Last year more than 7.6 million people



people in every state in America

and in more than 12 other countries! This is the 11 year in which TV and turn on 42 43

are asking people to “turn off the .” 44

According to the TV-Turnoff Network, the average in the US spend 45

time in front of the TV (about

1,023 hours per year) than they do in school (about 900 hours per year). Too much TV grow fat. 47 46 has made many kids

, in 2001’s TV -Turnoff Week, US Surgeon

General David Satcher said, “We are raising the most 48 generation of youngsters in American history.

This week is about saving lives.” Over the years, studies have shown that watching a lot of TV 49 poor eating habits, too little exercise,

and violence. Frank Vespe of the TV-Turnoff Network said that turning off the TV “is or healthy lifestyle”. “One of the great lessons of is the realization that 52 51 TV-Turnoff Week 50 , part of a

I turn on the TV, I’m

deciding not to do something else,” Vespe said. TV-Turnoff Week seems to be making a US Census (人口普查)data 54 53 . Recent

that about 72 percent

of kids under 12 have a limit on their TV time. That’s 55 about 63 percent ten years ago. B. sleeping C. washing D.

36. A. drinking playing outside 37. A. find out D. keep out 38. A. away beside 39. A. like 40. A. end total 41. A. besides D. except 42. A. governments businessmen 43. A. the light D. the Internet 44. A. grown-ups parents 45. A. less more 46. A. programmes

B. go out

C. look out

B. alone

C. on


B. as B. event

C. from

D. such as D.

C. beginning

B. except for

C. including

B. parents

C. organizers


B. the radio

C. life

B. kids

C. clerks


B. enough

C. little


B. screen

C. hours

D. watching 47. A. However D. As a result 48. A. overweight D. overseeing 49. A. leads to D. keeps away 50. A. will be could be 51. A. organizing B. taking part in C. B. should be C. may be D. B. results from C. develops B. overeaten C. overgrown B. On the contrary C. In fact

participating D. asking for 52. A. wherever this time 53. A. living sense 54. A. shows writes 55. A. rising up from 参考答案完形: 36-40. DABCC 51-55. BCCAD 36.根据上下文考查合适的动名词。从文章大意可知是希望 41-45. CCCBD 46-50. DCAAB B. down from C. up to D. B. says C. reads D. B. choice C. difference D. B. every day C. every time D.

人们有健康的生活方式,参加一些 activities( 第二小节 中),因此选 playing outside 最合适。后面的 reading 和 studying 都是室内活动。 37.根据上下文考查合适的动词。上文提出了一个问题,所 以选 find out“发现、找到(答案)”。 38. 根据上下文考查意义正确的搭配。 leave?off“关掉”, 这是 leave 复合宾语结构。 39.考查搭配。由后文的 to,可见这里只能填 from。 40.根据上下文考查合适的词组。这两句话讲的是参与这个 活动的人数的变化,因此先说的是 “一开始”in the beginning 。 41.根据上下文考查意义正确的词。这句话是对前一句话的 补充说明,根据后文的 and in more than 12 other countries 可 见 是 对 所 有 参 与 者 的 一 个 说 明 , 用 including“包括”。 42.考查符合上下文的名词。进一步陈述组织者的目的。 43.考查符合文章中心思想的词义选择。组织者的目的就是 希望人们有健康的生活方式,用 turn on life“点亮生 活”很形象地阐明了中心。 44.考查符合上下文的名词。下文的数据明显是针对学生而 言,因此用 kids。 45.根据上下文提供的数据,当然看电视的时间更多。

46.考查符合上下文的词。这里表示“看电视过多”。 47.考查符合上下文的关联词。下文是对上文作更具体的说 明,in fact“实际上”。 48.根据上文的 grow fat ,这里应该是 overweight“超体 重的”。overeating“吃得过多”是导致肥胖的一个方 面 (还有缺乏锻炼) , “成长过快的”overgrown 和“监 督”overseeing 不合文意。 49.根据上下文及搭配考查合适的动词词组。从逻辑上看首 先排除 result from“由于”、keep away“不接触”, 再根据后面的 too little exercise, and violence 从 搭配上排除 develops 。 50 .根据中心思想,组织者认为从道理上说这样做“应该 是”健康生活的一部分。 51.从下文来看 Vespe 是作为一个电视观众,即一个参与本 次活动的参与者,讲自己的体会,而不是一个组织者, 因此选 taking part in ,而 participate 后面需要加 in。 52.结合句意考查名词引导的时间状语从句。从主句的现在 进行时,可以判断选 every time“每次”最合适。而 every day 后面要加 when,this time“这次”不合题 意。 53 .结合上下文 考查固 定搭配 。 “产 生了影 响”make a

difference 。 54.根据句意考查名词与动词搭配。下文不是列举 data“数 据”具体是多少,所以不能用 says 或 reads,应该用 shows 表示数据说明的情况。 55.根据上下文考查词义。从前后数字来看是在 63 percent 的基础上的上升,选 up from。 42 In the United States a university professor is granted ( 获准) a few months of freedom from his duties about every seventh year for travel or advanced study. This 36 of freedom from teaching is called a 37 . Its aim is to give the 39 person

sabbatical ( 轮 流 ) professor 38

which will make him a

and better teacher when he returns to his university. 40 41 the public learned how Dr. John R. Coleman, 42 his

of Haverford University, had

sabbatical leave. At the age of 51 Dr. Coleman decided to escape from university 43 for a few months and to get 44

experiences in the world of work. He especially wanted to 45 people. People who do hard physical 46 47

were particularly interesting to him. “I want to

from the world of words and meetings ---- the



president does,” Dr. Coleman later explained to reporter. “As a college president you begin to yourself very seriously and to think you have You forget things about people. I wanted to things I’d forgotten. ” At the end of his sabbatical leave Dr. Coleman felt that his time had been well spent. He that every person 53 52 believes 54 50 49 . 51

be required to spend 55

half a year in the world of work university studies. 36. A. period B. absence


C. way

D. means 37. A. teaching D. sickness 38. A. trouble D. time 39. A. valuable B. political D. wiser B. Recently D. Finally C. C. B. wealth C. experiences B. leave C. play

important 40. A. However



A. reporter

B. traveler D. professor B. thought


president 42. A. said D. asked 43. A. library D. life 44. A. various

C. spent

B. league

C. teaching

B. same

C. strange

D. ordinary 45. A. live with D. wait for B. technology C. labor B. learn about C. meet

with 46.

A. theory D. research


A. learn


B. hear about

C. die from

D. get away 48. A. favor D. research 49. A. ask D. take 50. A. power D. money 51. A. relearn B. keep C. realize B. truth C. health B. understand C. teach B. experiments C. things

D. accept


A. seldom

B. now

C. usually

D. never 53. A. would D. could 54. A. in reality D. in all 55. A. from B. for C. till B. at last C. at least B. should C. might

D. before 参考答案 36~55 KEY: 36~40 ABCDB 51~55 ABBCD 41~45 CCDAB 46~50 CDCDA



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