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Tianjin writers

Feng Jicai

1 .Do not let the soul to kneel down, this is my work from the motto. 2 .I can only give up personal artistic or creative desires, to comply w

ith a times larger, historical mission, it is no choice.
BY: Class three grade 2 Yi Yajie

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. profile ……………………………p.3 2. Personal honor ……………………………p.4 3. Social contribution ……………………………p.5 4. The main works ……………………………p.6 5. Social influence ……………………………p.7

NO.1 profile
? Feng Jicai
Born in February 9, 1942 in Tianjin, famous writers, writers, artists, famous folk literature and art, the Chinese Art Association vice chairman, China Fiction Institute president, chairman of the China folk artists association. Feng Jicai since childhood love art, literature, music and all kinds of ball games. After graduating from high school in 1960 to Tianjin City painting in the painting work, have a strong interest in the folk art, the local custom. A former Tianjin Shi Wenlian chairman, international pen China Center members. He published novel "one hundred ten years", in 1995 as the TV drama "prime minister Liu Luoguo" art consultant, President of Tianjin University Feng Jicai literature and Art Research Institute, honorary president of the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Mianyang Academy of art, Beijing Museum of fine arts Honorary Adviser Tang wind. In March 11, 2013 he was elected member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of the twelfth session of the national committee.


NO.2 Personal honor
? "For the life" "French"
witch "heavers won the prize" and "books for young people award", and won the Swiss "blue Cobra award". By "double gun" film of the same name was "Hawaii Film Festival" and "Spanish Film Festival" award. His works have been translated into English, intelligence, law, German, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, west of ten kinds of text, published overseas versions of thirty, of which five English versions. Feng Jicai and painter, published various large collections, and held personal exhibitions in every big city in China and Austria, Singapore, Japan, the United States and other countries, were the great repercussions. He takes the west through painting skills and implicative farreaching artistic conception of literature in Chinese contemporary art world, become an independent school, was the critics called "on behalf of the modern literati painting". Some works by collectors and art museum. China Federation of literary and art circles executive vice president, Chinese calligraphy and painting "ecological consultant on the literary freedom" magazine and "artist" magazine editor-in-chief, and President of the international organization of folk art (IOV) vice chairman of China Association for promoting democracy, vice chairman of the Central Committee, standing committee of the CPPCC National Committee etc.. The 2010 finalists "free net cup" China Art Network Award (China network represents the highest honor) the best writer of candidates. [2] works "heavers" was also elected to the Beijing Normal University Edition Chinese textbooks.

NO.3 Social contribution
? All these years,
Feng Jicai is committed to city folk cultural heritage protection and rescue, complete the conversion from artists to such "activist" role. The touch of Feng Jicai is the largest of the large-scale transformation of the old city on the century 90's after the reform and opening up began, he found a lot of city have destroyed their own cultural characteristics of the past have become a way. Feng Jicai thinks, industrial civilization is gradually replacing farming civilization, in this process, the original farming civilization under the construction of very large folk culture will be lost, fifty or sixty's of last century, the advanced countries are beginning to rescue, the folk culture own but at present, our entire intellectual consciousness is not enough, in addition Chinese folk culture is always in a state of emerge of itself and perish of itself, no one cares about, not really save will disappear. An important work of Feng Jicai is responsible to rescue Chinese folk cultural heritage, including the Han, 56 national monuments of all the folk culture, the ancient villages to small purse, including folklore and folk literature, investigating a carpet, and one-time doing 10. Feng Jicai made the first intangible cultural heritage data center, record the millions of words to obtain engineering field surveys to rescue Chinese folk cultural heritage of the text information, pictures, hundreds of thousands of hours of audio data and video data on thousands of hours. He repeatedly stressed, to rescue Chinese folk culture, not to save a form, but for China to keep her beautiful emotion and spirit in the process of globalization, culture to the world, the East is an outstanding achievement in the development of the mineral resources, but also we need to focus on the future to explore. With Feng Jicai persistent calls and running, people began to realize the value of the ancient culture. Feng Jicai said, cultural circles have to do, is to awaken the public to know the value of culture; but it is a huge project, not only by some intellectuals can be completed, but to mobilize the whole people, especially to let people know the importance of culture, and gradually become a consensus of the people.

NO.4 The main works
? "Feng Jicai"
? series painting outside "backlight" scenery "touch the book" "Feng Jicai" "thank living prose anthology" the one hundred person "ten years" "low high woman and her husband" "gun" whip "" double "three inch lotus feet" on the "artist" "Pearl" bird "beehive" (was selected as the compulsory education curriculum standard experimental textbook of the fifth grade volume one textbook) "carved pipe" "overseas" of the "selected works of Feng Jicai" "local novels" "Erhualian" (was selected for the sixth grade the first semester textbooks) "I am Feng Jicai" autumn "whisper" "" "Warren" earthly heavers (the "clay figurine Zhang" and "good mouth Yang Ba" was selected in the second grade of junior high school Chinese curriculum second semester Feng Jicai's "Shua Zili" was selected into the compulsory education curriculum standard experimental textbook of the fifth grade 2 textbooks) "a bouquet of flowers for you" "human Dunhuang" "the story of Vienna forest" (selected learning English the sixth grade second semester textbooks) The works of Feng Jicai "dog" paradise "quickly" Liu "nest" soul "who" earthly "beehive" flower "courage" (elected to pep the fourth grade 20 class 2) has the novel "the boxer" (co-written with Li Dingxing, is a historical novel) "lamp" prequel novella collection "flower" crossroads "! Whip " A collection of short stories "carved pipe" "Italy violin" stories "low high woman and her husband" series of reportage "one hundred ten years" movie literature scripts "magic lamp" literature review set "in my heart" "who" "literary world in Feng Jicai short stories set" "Feng Jicai's Novels" "selected works of Feng Jicai" Short stories "carved pipe" Medium-length novel. "" whip "won the best short, best novella.




? ?

No.5 Social influence
? In Tianjin,
don't know Feng Jicai very few people may, his 1 meter 9 big man a ramshackle on the street, then someone shouted: Feng, busy? To set of pancakes Guo son! Da Feng is really busy, especially in recent years, rarely honestly stay at home everywhere, or meeting, for the protection of folk culture go hither and thither to call for, or to the countryside, personally visit folk heritage. Once, I met his wife, Gu Tongzhao, he said, to persuade Feng, don't be so hard, after all, is over 60 years old. Gu sister helpless smile, said: "you let him free, he is not the itch is the pain, go out to run, but what disease did not, alas, old ox, endure hardship! '' Feng Jicai is famous for his novels, so far, various versions and various words, has more than 150, pile up taller than him, really works, readers at home and abroad with him, mostly through these works, therefore, his main business, should be a writer. But he also has the ability and spirit of painting, his every painting, with his novels, with shocking force, its cultural connotation, not ordinary painters can transcend. Walking on two legs, the front of Feng Road wider and wider. In recent years, Feng has become the famous social activist, said that specific point, is lobbying and put into action, focus, on the protection of folk culture. Go to today this step, can be said with his cultural thought is come down in one continuous line, in many of his works, we can find him on the national cultural insights and footnote, it is not difficult to understand, why would he put in writing, to do this arduous not please thing.


Feng Jicai Quotes 1 .of the people is the most perfect.

2. of the most profound life is the soul, the most superficial life is face.
3 .saving brain was full of. 4 .the poor man is that -if no money is nothing. 5 .enjoy loneliness, is the highest realm of life.

good-bye ~



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