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1. (开放于 1987 年), Futuroscope is one of the largest space-age parks in the world. (open) 2. (说完这些) he spread some food on the table and produced a bed , from the floor. (say)

3. , he looks more like a cook than a doctor. (dress) 穿着白色制服,他看上去更像一个厨子而不像一个医生。 4. I really can’t understand . (treat) 你那样对待她,我实在不理解。 5. “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, . (look) 看着窗外,鲍勃说道:“这样的天气,我们不能出。” 6. The next thing is to carry away the machine. (do) 下一步要做的事情是把机器运走。 7. we think and practicing good thinking strategies, we can become more creative. (think) 通过考虑我们的思维方式、实践良好的思维策略,我们可以变得更富有创造性。 8. makes it easier for us to understand. (use) 使用熟悉的单词让我们理解起来更容易。 9. He suddenly stoop up and soon was found by his friends. (make) 为了让自己被人看见,他突然站起来,很快被他的朋友发现了。 10. The boy was seen and buy himself a bottle of juice. (enter) 看见男孩进入超市,买了一瓶果汁。 11. Many young graduates have to devote dozens of years in life. (seek) 许多年轻毕业生不得不花数年时间追求人生的成功。 12. It is rather too much for her very well. (know) 假装非常了解他对她来说要求太高。 13. In most American schools, students use textbooks . (use) 多数美国学校里,学生使用别人用过的课本。 14. I never dreamed of in the noisy city. (be, such) 我从未梦想到闹市里有如此安静的地方。 15. , poems by Du Fu, Li Bai and Wang Wei are better appreciated. (compare) 与其他的诗相比,杜甫、李白和王维的诗更受欢迎。 16. Jane hasn’t got along well with her classmates. You should give her some advice on the relation between students. (deal) 简和她的同学相处不融洽。你应该在如何处理同学之间的关系上给她一些建议。 17. Mr. and Mrs. Smith love their daughter so much that they are always ready to do everything they can her happiness. (make) 斯密斯夫妇非常爱他们的女儿,总是准备做他们能做的一切来保证她的幸福。 18. It’s no use advising him . (mind) 建议他改变主意没有用。

19. When I called on him, he happened . (read) 我拜访他时,他碰巧在读一本英语小说。 20. full preparations, they thought it better to put off the sports meet till next week. (make) 因为没有作好充分的准备,他们认为把运动会推迟到下周更好。 21. I rushed to the phone at the reception desk ( 却 被 告 知)there was no doctor available. (only) 22. (根据他的话判断), he did well in his exam. (judge) 23. This is a story (追溯到)the Tang Dynasty. (date) 24. Do tell me the ways you think of (解决这个问题)as soon as possible. (solve) 25. The speech which he made (关于足球比赛的)bored a lot of fans to death. (concern) 26. Do you know his difficulty he had (养活五个孩子) school? (keep) at 27. The bank is reported in the local newspaper (被抢了) the broad in daylight yesterday. (rob) 28. the tower(从顶上看), our town looks more beautiful. (see) 29. the tower(从顶上看), we find our town more beautiful. (see) 30. the tower 为了看) he drove two hours from a mountainous village. (see) ( , 31. With (石油价格上涨), the economy of that country is slowing down. (go) 32. When the national flag is being hoisted, all the students stand at attention, their eyes (注视着国旗). (fix) 33. The murderer was brought to court, ____ (双手捆着) the back. (with) at 34. ____ (没收到他的信)him, I decided to write again. (hear) 35. He doesn’t seem to mind ____ (被取笑)by others. (make) 36. The sports meet ________ (举行)next week is of great importance. (hold) 37. The sports meet ________ (正在举行)is very important. (hold) 38. The sports meet ____________________(上星期举行)is of great importance. (hold) 39. China is a country (属于)the Third World. (belong) 40. his research(致力于研究), the professor paid little attention to his surroundings. (devote) 41. He is always the first (到校)in the morning. (come) 42. (参观完图书馆) the parents were taken to the dining room. (show) , 43. Such being the case, l have no choice (只有支持他).(support) 44. Without money, he has nothing to do but (辍学). (drop) 45. He dressed up so as (为了不被注意)by others . (notice) 46.the students are working very hard ______________(不辜负) their parents’ expectation.(live) 47._________________________________(有待观察) his new book is in great demand. (remain) 48.I haven’t seen Jack these days; he seems ________________(在忙于执行) the plan. (occupy) 49.Everyone __________________________________(应该参加那个会议) on time. (suppose) 50 I __________________________________(本打算去看望你) yesterday evening, but there was an unexpected visitor. (mean)



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