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Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a Foreign Language As globalisation becomes the increasingly dominant worldwide trend, learning a new language is becoming ever more important. By learning a foreign language, there

are many benefits to be gained; such as an increased chance of gaining employment in transnational corporations and self convenience when you are travelling overseas. However, there are some disadvantages too; for example, it costs a lot of money and effort to learn a language, but you may not get satisfactory results. But despite all the arguments about whether learning a foreign language is beneficial, there is no doubt that it is becoming one of the important skills one must acquire in order to survive in the modern age. Firstly, learning a foreign language can bring a lot of advantages. The most important one is that it can add significantly to your resume. In an age when internet and I-phones rule the world, communication between different countries is just as easy as talking to your next door neighbour. But what if the people from these two countries cannot understand each other because they speak a different language? This is where knowing a foreign language becomes handy. It can solve not only your personal communication issues but can also help you gain a career in the translating industry, or perhaps entering a transnational company. Learning about different cultures and languages can also enrich our own understanding of the world and the other people that live in it. Thus, learning a new language has cultural significances and can improve one’s future prospect. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to learning a new language. It costs a lot of time and effort to try to learn a new language; now you need to ask yourself, is it worth it? It turns out that it is very difficult to learn a foreign language well if you are not living in that country. For example, it is not like that you can speak fantastic French if you have never been to a French-speaking country. A lot of the times, a language is based on habits rather than the rules of grammar. And you cannot acquire that habit if you do not live in that certain community in that certain country. Thus it is very difficult to learn a foreign language well on your own, and it may take up an amount of your time and money that is disproportionate to its benefits. In conclusion, learning a foreign language has two sides to it. It may improve your employment prospects and enrich your cultural understandings; but may also cost a lot of money, time and effort. However, whatever the argument on whether it is good to learn a foreign language; there is no doubt that it had become a very important part of the education and training of the modern age.

Experience of learning foreign language, having a different life
I once thought that it was enough for a Chinese to be good at the language of our own country. Following the development of our country and the policy of opening up, international communication becomes more and more frequently. And we need pass the voice of China to the world by using the world's official language – English. With the advance of my knowledge level, I know more and more affair that happen in the whole world, and I also realize the necessary of getting familiar with a foreign language, which not only is very helpful for us to communicate with foreigners, but also responds quite properly to the need for our city to build the modern and international New East District, and the talent group with international horizon positively. Ten years ago, when I was a junior high school student, it was my first time to learn the English letters. I felt fresh and thought the mysterious foreign language was full of curiosity. In English courses I always felt excited especially when I answered teachers’ questions in front of the class or said a complete sentence in English which appears very simple now, and all these things made me feel very proud. Unfortunately, there were not enough proper facilities for us to learn English, and even worse the pronunciations of those English teachers were varied. There was no need for us to expect talking with foreigners face to face. Although learning a foreign language was very "trendy", we must face with the embarrassment of "hard to open mouth”. I even did not have access to the computer or MP3, so I practiced the ability of Listening, speaking, reading and writing by listening to the tape recorder again and again. I formed my studying methods and laid basis for learning English at that time. When I came to college in Beijing, compared with the students who were from different provinces across the country, I clearly found that their English was so proficiency, while mine was still remains in the stage of passing examinations, and there was a large section of the distance to practical application. I knew little about the daily exchanges slang, the basic livelihood of etiquette and common sense of English-speaking countries. Facing with the questions of foreign teachers from the United States, what I can do is responding with "pardon" or "I'm sorry” in most time. But it did not make me feel frustration or discouraged, I was determined to learn English. Luckily my English teacher was very kind to me .He constantly encouraged me and gave me a lot of good suggestions. He told me to learn English as a communication language just like to learn the

original language of my own, and creating an application environment for the English language learning by watching English movies or news will make the study funny. It should be helpful to memorize the fixed usage and classic sentence. After a period time of the continuous accumulation, you can speak English naturally. According to the teacher's instructions, I practiced English reading every morning, and I was affluent in the vocabulary, English idioms and common sentence. I made a gradual increase in the standard of English, and passed the CET-6 and the Beijing Olympic Games volunteers selecting English interview. I became a glorious 2008 Beijing Olympic Games volunteers. During my daily volunteer service, I was no longer nervous to face foreign audience's questions. I answered their questions fluently in English. When they appreciated my helping, I sincerely felt very happy which came from the volunteer service to help others, and appreciated the fun of English. I have a job in Beijing after graduating from college. Although the English rarely used in the work, I have maintained the habit of learning English. When I find foreign tourists in the streets suffer from language barriers to seek help with eager eyes, I will take the initiative stepped forward to provide assistance as my greatest effort. I think that it’s very important to master a foreign language in the contemporary society, especially in big city such as Beijing. It’s my honor of being one of the foreign language talent pool of our region in 2010. The Foreign Affairs of Dong cheng District organize English lectures and subscribe the magazine "English corner" for us. The magazine is full of informative and interesting, in which we can know the popular social topic and the authentic English usage. In my spare time, I keep the habit of learning English by reading the English news and books. In this way, I broaden my horizon and know many international affairs and foreign flavor. Learning a foreign language can open a window to understand the world, and it is also the needs for people to keep pace with the development of the era. This year happens to be the tenth year for most people like me in our city to learn how to speak English. Learning English is not easy, but you will have much fun if you get interested in it. Time waits for no life-long learning. By learning a foreign language, you will learn about the different culture, and find the world more rich and colorful.

My Uncle


My uncle will never forget what happened to him yesterday.

Towards the evening, he was invited to an inn. He enjoyed his dinner with his friends, drinking a lot of beer. As a result, he got drunk. He insisted on driving home after the meal, although his friends tried to persuade him not to.

A few minutes later, he was winding his way on the street. And then his car ran into a tall tree. Fortunately, he was still alive, though seriously injured. The police came to the scene, and he was taken to hospital. Naturally, he had to stay in hospital for several days. Worse still, his driving license was revoked. How he regretted what he had done!

as a result 结果

insist on 坚持

try to persuade him not to 努力说服他不要(开车回家)

wind his way 迂回地走,弯曲地前进

worse still 更糟的是

His driving license was revoked.他的驾照被吊销。

How he regretted what he had done!为自己做的事感到后悔!

My Grandpa


My grandpa is a retired worker. On summer evenings, we often sat together outside the house enjoying the cool air. It was the time that he told me lots of his experiences before liberation.

When my grandpa was fourteen years old, he worked in a coal mine. One day, when he and his two workmates were working in the tunnel, an unfortunate thing suddenly happened. A part of the tunnel fell down, and they were shut in it. They had no food to eat. When they were hungry, they only drank some water there. It was very cold in it. In order to keep warm they hugged one another. In the darkness, the y didn’t know whether it was day or night, they only felt they had stayed there for a very long time. They were too hungry to speak or move, and thought they would die. At last, the tunnel was dug through. They were saved. They had been there for fourteen days! My grandpa said they had not been let out at once. If so, they would have died. They were kept at the entrance to the tunnel where it was very dim, and they were fed with some thin porridge. After a day or two, they had recovered a bit, and they were helped out.

retired worker 退休工人 fall down 倒塌

hug one another 抱在一起

If so, they would have died. 如果这样(马上出去),他们将会死。

the entrance to the tunnel 隧道的入口

be fed with 以……为食

help sb. out 帮助某人摆脱困境

A Good Friend of Mine


I have a good friend, whose name is Hu Ying. She is an ordinary-looking girl with short hair. She is not very tall but very clever.

We study in the same class. She always studies hard. She is more diligent than any other student in our class. Every morning she comes first into the classroom and then reads aloud. In my opinion, she sets us a good example.

Not only does she work hard but also is kind to others. Especially when you are in trouble, she will give you warm help. I’ll never forget the day when I had a bad stomachache in P.E. class. I was sitting on the playground, bending down painfully. Everyone did what he or she enjoyed, but she came up to me in a hurry and asked, “What’s the matter with you?” I told her weakly about it. Without hesitation, she supp orted me with her hand to see the school doctor. After taking the medicine, I felt better.

Since then, we become good friends. I have made great progress in my English study with her help.

I’m so proud that I have such a good friend.

an ordinary-looking girl 一位相貌平凡的女孩

more diligent than any other student 比其他的同学更勤奋

set sb. a good example 为某人树立好榜样

have a bad stomachache 胃很痛 bend down painfully 痛苦地弯曲着身子

without hesitation 毫不犹豫地

support sb. with one’s hand 用手搀扶着某人

make great progress in sth. 在……方面取得巨大进步

My Piano Performance


I have been playing piano for four years. My deepest memory is my first piano performance. That year I just started learning piano for a couple of months. When I heard the news that there was going to be a piano performance coming up in a few weeks, I felt very nervous. Finally came that day. When we arrived at the concert hall, my hands just started trembling une xpectedly. Just looking at my teacher’s warm face let me gain back my self-confidence. When it was my turn to perform, I held my head high up, boldly went up the stage, sat on the chair, and lifted up my hands to play. In one breath, I played the piece from beginning to end and played it very smoothly and very pleasantly. Soon, a thunder of applause filled the concert hall, I felt very happy, and very proud of myself, too. That is my first piano performance, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

have been playing piano 一直(毫不间断地)弹刚琴

a couple of months 两个月 come up 进行

Finally came that day(That day came finally. ) 那天终于来了。

gain back my self-confidence 重新获得自信

hold my head high up 高昂着头

lift up 抬起,举起 in one breath 一口气

a thunder of applause 雷鸣般的掌声 the rest of my life 余生

My Good Teachers


I like my English teacher. She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very kind and is a good teacher.

She is both my teacher and my friend. I have known her since I was in preschool. She very patiently helps us learn. When I make a mistake she lets me redo it, saying that it doesn’t matter, just remember to be more careful next time.

I like my Chinese teacher. She has black hair and black eyes. She is nice to me and my classmates.

One time, the teacher told everyone to write an essay. She asked me, “Lulu, do you have any difficulty?” I answered, “I’m not afraid of difficulty. I’ll give it a try.” “Lulu is the youngest; yet she works hard. Everyone should follow her example,” she said. I knew this was a compliment from my teacher and it encouraged me to keep on learning.

These are my good teachers and when I grow up I will not forget them!

beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes 漂亮的金发和蓝色的眼睛

make a mistake 犯错

write an essay 写散文

I’m not afraid of difficulty. 我不怕困难。

give it a try 试一试

follow her example 以她为榜样

encourage me to keep on learning 鼓励我继续学习

My Father, My Teacher


My father is fluent in English and French. What a high intellect! He has not only taught me how to learn, but also told me one very important rule: being self-taught is very important!

This is embarrassing to admit, but my learning habits were not adequate, and playing was the only thing on my mind. Chinese was no exception. I always thought that it was pointless. My father always patiently lectured me, always using himself as an example, telling me a few of his experiences. Later on, my father visited the Shanghai library to read English books. In order to save a few cents from bus fares, he would constantly walk for one to two hours. His studying conditions were very rough. Like this, my father self-taught his way to be able to understand English.

When he graduated from middle school, my father was sent to the countryside. Everyday after work, no matter how tired he was, he always managed to squeeze some time to continue learning English. Many people didn’t understand him, calling him stupid, because English had virtually no use then. Through my father’s experiences, I understand that self-teaching is very important. Whenever I feel that learning Chinese has no point, my father always tells me, “You can’t be afraid of the hardship of learning. Right now you don’t really know if the studying is important, but later you will experience the joy of success. If you don’t learn now, and only try to learn when you need it, it would already be too late!”

I really admire my father, and will always remember what he has taught me!

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. 忍耐是痛苦的,但它的果实是甜蜜的。

What a high intellect! 多高的才能啊!

being self-taught is very important 自学是非常重要的

this is embarrassing to admit 不好意思地承认

no exception 毫不例外

manage to squeeze some time 尽量挤出一些时间

An Honest and Humorous Teacher


Gregory, an American, teaches English in Zhengzhou University. He was born in October 1951. After graduating from a university in 1972, he went to South Africa. Twenty years later, he came to China and became a teacher in Zhengzhou University. He loves China and Chinese students very much. He also takes great intrest in educational cause. He has a lot of ways to make his classes lively and interesting. In the past eight years, he has put his heart and soul in his work and study. He is considered as an honest, humorous teacher, and he is respected and loved by the students and the teachers.

Zhengzhou University 郑州大学

graduate from 从……毕业

South Africa 南非

take great intrest in 对……充满兴趣

First impression is always the most important thing when you meet a stranger.It takes just a quick glance,maybe three seconds,for someone to understand you when you meet for the first time.In this short time,the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance,your manners and even your behaviours that tell them what type of person you are and your characteristics. So,whether they are in your career or social life ,it’s important to know how to create a good first impression.To make a good impression,we have to have deep confidence in ourselves.If you are calm and confident,the other person will feel more at ease and this makes a solid foundation of a good first impression.The next thing is your appearance.Although physical appearance seems to be more important nowadays,don't get upset if you are not born pretty/handsome.Try presenting yourself appropriately,start with the way you dress.Dress for occasions,do not dress for your own mood.Make sure that you look clean and tidy as this help to make a good impression. Well,the most important thing is a smile.“Smile and the world smiles too.” A warm and confident smile will put both you and t he other person at ease.You have to look sincere and true while you are smiling.When it comes to making the first impression,body language as well as appearance speaks much louder than words.Thus,stand tall,smile (of course),make eye contact,greet with a firm handshake.All of this will help you project confidence and encourage both you and the other person feel better at ease. Conversations should be short and sweet.Don't talk non-stop as this makes the other person bored.Try to find something common between the two of you to talk so as to keep it flowing. Your attitude is also what counts in a good impression.Stay positive,courteous and don't start criticising people or make sarcastic comments because this will spoil your image. You have probably heard the old adage,"you never get a second chance to make a first impression," right?It may be trite but it is true.Fortunately,making a good

first impression is not too difficult. 1 Smile!Immediately they will see you as warm and approachable.Also if you give someone a genuine smile,it will be difficult for that person not to smile back.This releases pleasure-causing hormones in their own brain,so they will relate those feelings to you. 2 Make eye contact.This will give the impression that you are honest,trustworthy and self-confident. 3 Pay attention to what the other person says,and use body language to show that you are interested.Stand facing them,without crossing your arms in front of you.And do not interrupt! 4 Ask questions.People love to talk about themselves,so ask about their job,family,car,whatever comes up.Believe it or not,if you are a good listener and allow a person to tell you about him or herself,they will walk away thinking of you as tremendously interesting! 5 Pay attention to your grooming.While it is what is on the inside that really counts,first impressions are largely based on appearance.You don't have to look like a super model!Simply appear clean and well-maintained.

抵抗艾滋病--英语作文 1 篇
Aids has become one of the most terrifying desease in todays's world.It has been caculated that if we don't take measures soon enough,the hole human race will be under siege! To fight against Aids,we definitely need to work together,basicly, we shall realize first of all,this kind of desease is never too far from ourselves,it is eccencial for every one of us to learn about neccesary ways to prevent it from happening. People who had been infected should not never be regarded as criminals,in fact, many of them are just harmless as we are.In this case,any forms of discrimination shall be regarded as illegal. Furthermore, we must solve the problem through global cooperation, only if we stick together,can we possibly give Aids a final strike.

抵抗艾滋病--英语作文 2 篇
The uniting of the world around the AIDS epidemic is without prior example. As the number of AIDS cases around the world rapidly increases, nations are showing great focus in battling this common enemy — attacking rich and poor countries the same. By 1989, almost every nation on earth had established a program educating its people about AIDS, according to Jonathan Mann, director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) International Program on AIDS. At that time, 143 countries had reported one or more AIDS cases. In addition to national AIDS programs, working together internationally has begun. Through open exchanges of scientific facts as well as support of international organizations such as the World Health Organization, all nations can join efforts to fight against this life-threatening disease. According to WHO, this international effort has produced two critical developments: first, there is an amazing level of world —wide focus, using world scientists and international sharing of human and economic resources to fight AIDS. Second, the work of governments, organizations, and businesses has been followed by the very high activity of people - as singles, families, and communities. The Influence of AIDS The rise of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) around the earth has represented a major challenge to medical progress both in developed and in less - developed countries. The past forty years saw great success in the control of spreading diseases and great strides toward achieving "health for all by the year 2000" (a major WHO goal) through improved basic health care, food, cleanliness, and immunization(免疫) programs. Yet, because of its sudden start and rapid spread, AIDS could soon wipe out this progress. By the end of 1988, more than 130,000 cases of AIDS were reported, but, because of under reporting, there may actually be more than 350,000 cases. Also, at least five million persons likely have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (艾滋病病毒), which causes AIDS. That means as many as 400,000 new cases of AIDS could occur in the next few years - more than doubling the present total. Caring for AIDS patients could seriously stress economic resources even in richer countries. Plan your university life at the end of September college entrance examination, and freshman at University campus. As a senior in the University of life for a
few years, putting a few thoughts and mentees to share 1, make more friends. The dormitory, and my roommates become integrated with, can say the roommate is most important in your university friends, and they live up to. In the class, to maintain a good relationship with my classmates, utilitarian sense, help a schoolmate at college on your career in the future. Also can be in the school to

pay more friends, are these people your university life will be more interesting. 2, learning. My point is, don't learn to see too much, pay attention to learn some interesting things. The school will never catch up with the society, teaching materials are used in the old, work not, why not now recruitment companies are people with work experience. And you learn that you will not do. 3, English and computer. Remember to learn this two door. No matter what you do have to use, such as PubMed, the civil service exam and so on; usually play computer games don't play the game to learn computer knowledge. 4, the cost of living. Don't spend, save unnecessary expenses, accumulating some. Daily examination and so on, or to some scenic spots to play, long to see. 5, love. A love no ground for blame in university. One thing to keep in mind, there is love don't ignore your friend. Some of the students has had a girlfriend, girlfriend every day and tired in the one side, the results and the friends of light. The first reference. Only love without friendship you will lose a lot of. 6, responsible for their own, what do not ask for others. Unlike the University High School -- some people have selfish motives, some things make people very angry. Sometimes the class notice things or enroll in some games, don't you know, don't complain about your roommate students didn't tell you, this is very normal. Waiting for you for a long time, you will find that the school is very arbitrary, some things are not quite outrageous, pay attention to habits, get used to it. 7, see the student organization, exercise your own. There are many organizations in the school, students, community radio stations, etc., to join them, these people are able to exercise. I have seen an extreme lack of self confidence of students, the community has exercised a year make a spurt of progress, ability promotion, later to become community leaders. 8, as the University of society. Can be said that the university is a sub community, to enjoy the experience it. 9, to do some part-time jobs. You can exercise your ability, also can earn some extra money. 10, to set their own goals for the future, to have a sense of crisis. Don't patronize the play, big two you don't feel you to the big three, big four you will suffer, because does not have the goal, not knowing what to do next. I always have a sense of crisis, the pain over a period of time, some time ago to find out my goals, is now in this direction, so I have been very substantial.

Preventing one case of AIDS means preventing many future cases, while preventing a case of measles( 麻疹) or malaria(疟疾) in Africa would have little effect on its spreading, since those diseases are already common in many countries. Resources devoted to AIDS testing, care, and education could also be used to battle other, more-known diseases in developing countries. Stopping the Spread AIDS spreads only in limited ways and can be prevented through informed and mature behavior. Encouraging such behavior depends on understanding the different ways AIDS is spread around the world. AIDS spreads in three basic ways: first, through sexual intercourse(性交); second, through contact with diseased blood; and third from an HIV mother to her baby. The actual patterns of spreading of the AIDS virus change from culture to culture. Spreading of AIDS in North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Latin America occurs most often among homosexual(同性恋) or bisexual(双性恋) men and intravenous (IV) (静脉内注射的) drug users(吸毒者), most often in city areas. Heterosexual(异 性之间的) spreading is low, but there is danger that the spread of AIDS from male(男性) IV-drug users to their female(女性) partners could increase the appearance of AIDS in the heterosexual population. In sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, particularly the Caribbean, most cases occur among heterosexuals, and spreading from mother-to-child is common. Spreading through homosexual contact and IV-drug use almost does not exist. In Eastern Europe, northern Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, Asia, and most of the Pacific, fewer cases of AIDS, usually among drug users, have been reported thus far. The WHO estimates that Bangkok, Thailand IV-drug users having the AIDS virus increased from less than 1 percent in August 1987 to 30 percent one year later. Reaching Out WHO believes that, as AIDS becomes more common, the disease promises to unite the world to a degree never seen before. In just two years, the international plan against AIDS has grown from ideas to practice, from speeches to action. WHO is certain that, together, we will triumph over AIDS rather than allow the disease and the fears, worries, and prejudices(偏见) which go with it to overpower us.


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