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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 21. Tony is ______ fantastic pianist. I'm absolutely certain that his concert this Sunday will be______ success. A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a
答案:A 22. It's going to take ages to get to the airport this way.Can't you go ______? A.fast B.any faster C.fastest D.as fast 答案:B 23. The artist was very proud of his creation and called it the best painting ______ he

had ever done.
A.whose 答案:D B.which C.when D.that

24. In your life, sometimes you might end up back ______ you started. A.who B.when C.where D.which 答案:C

25.Every December Nobel Prizes ______ to people who have made outstanding contributions to the world.
A.award 答案:B B.are awarded C.awarded D.were awarded

26. The tour guide reminded people to be careful when ______ off the boat. A.stepping B.stepped C.to step D.step 答案:A 27. —Oh, I want to give up now.

—Come on! ______ doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
A.Whichever B.Whatever C.Whoever D.Whenever 答案:B 28. E-shoppers ______ to 300 million by the end of last year. A.had grown B.grew C.have grown D.grow 答案:A 29. Last night the naughty boy climbed ______ the wall and jumped into the

swimming pool only to find there was no water.
A.across B.over C.through D.for 答案:B 30. ______ at the way he had been treated in the hotel, John complained to the 官方网站:www.yitiku.cn 全国免费咨询电话:4008—555—865

2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 manager.
A.Having disappointed B.Disappointing C.Disappointed D.To disappoint 答案:C 31. You should plan for things that

____ happen and not just react to things that

have happened.
A.need B.should C.must D.might 答案:D

32.I'm glad that you had a good time at the tea party.I wish I
A.have been B.was C.were D.had been 答案:D

there !

33. Waterfalls never fail to attract and in Guangxi Province are no exception. A.they B.it C.those D.that 答案:C 34. Coming back after four years of studying abroad. she was busy phoning her friends together. A.getting B.to get C.get D.got 答案:B 35. —Your family is moving to Hawaii? Why ?


about a change of scenery for some time.

A.have been thinking B.had thought C.think D.thought 答案:A

Cell Phone Madness When I opened the box at my 12th birthday party, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had really gotten a cell phone!
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As soon as I got to my 36 asked everyone for their 38 . It felt like I didn't even 39 in that class anymore. I wouldn't pay much attention to the teachers because I was too busy on my 40 Luckily I didn't get 41 using it. I was pretty 42 that the teacher did 43 that I stopped paying attention to her 44 a week later we took a test and I failed. To make matters 45 , my mom had to 46 the test. It was hard to show my mom the 47 . She was used to seeing A's and B's on my tests. Well, eventually, I showed her and she couldn't 48 it. She was angry but most of all, she was disappointed. Weeks passed and my parents started to 49 the fact that I had a phone. They would say, " We have noticed that you never pay attention to us. It's like you have your own little 50 now and we don't communicate as much with your phone." I acted like they were wrong, but then I started to wonder if it was true that I was spending too much 51 on the phone. A week later I tried 52 a whole day without a cell phone and it didn't go that badly.I had so much 53 because I was actually spending time with my family and paying attention to them.From that day, I had a different point of view towards cell phones. Phones really take you away from the rest of the world.I'm not saying that phones are 54 and not to use them, but you do have to spare some time to spend with your family and not get 55 with your phone all day.My phone took away time from my homework and from my family.It also affected my grades. I will keep using my phone, but I will have it under better control. 36.A.office B.school C.store D.home 37.A.took B.put C.turned D.showed 38.A.number B.name C.help D.address 39.A.come B.hand C.give D.exist 40.A.job B.test C.phone D.desk 41.A.caught B.allowed C.troubled D.appreciated 42.A.proud B.doubtful C.sure D.angry 43.A.mention B.notice C.prevent D.punish 44.A.until B.before C.though D.because 45.A.clearer B.easier C.worse D.better 46.A.read B.sign C.do D.make 47.A.box B.book C.homework D.paper 48.A.believe B.receive C.see D.achieve 49.A.ignore B.dislike C.accept D.enjoy 50.A.secret B.idea C.world D.dream 51.A.time B.force C.money D.control 52.A.studying B.working C.going D.thinking
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 the next morning I 37 oft my phone and

53.A.trouble 54.A.good 55.A.interested
答案: 36—40 BDADC 41—45 ACBDC 46—50 BDABC 51—55 ACCBD

B.worry B.bad B.pleased

2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 C.fun D.improvement C.necessary D.useful C.annoyed D.stuck

How to look good in a photo? What should you do if you want to have a nice photo taken? Whether it's work or fun, the most important thing is lighting.If you get bad lighting, you will look bad, too.Know where the light is.You don't want it below you or above you, you want it to shine directly at you. The key thing is no shadow.If you are being photographed outside, do it in the morning, or wait till the 2 o'clock shadow has passed.Also don't let pictures in the magazines stress you out —all the pictures are taken by great photographers.And all the faces have had pimples(丘疹,粉刺)taken out by computers. Tip your head and learn what angles work with your face; everyone is different. So you have to learn what suits you. You can practice in Photo Booth for as long as it is your turn, to learn what angles suit your face.Tip your neck to make it look longer, make eye contact with the camera.No one can look bad if they smile. For long legs, point one leg into center of the frame and get the photographer to shoot looking up your body. For just leg shots, lie upside down and raise legs in the air for the best angle. And your legs will look thinner and be in better shape. Keep shoulders back. Always have mouth slightly open, enough to put a penny between your lips, as this will make your lips look fuller. Lower your eyes and then look up just as shutter (快门) is clicked for full eyes. Delete any evidence of a less than perfect photogenic moment, everyone has off days. 56.If you want to look good in a photo, the light should be ______. A.below you B.above you C.directly at you D.right behind you 57.According to the passage, we should consider all EXCEPT ______. A.light B.shadow C.angles D.photographers 58.What advice does the author give on taking photos? A.Raise legs on the wall. B.Look down. C.Keep shoulders back. D.Put a penny between lips.

Throughout my 41 years at General Electric, I've experienced a lot.In the media,
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 I've gone from prince to pig and back again.And I've been called many things. In the early days, some called me a crazy, wild man.When I became CEO two decades ago, Wall Street asked, "Jack who?" When I tried to make GE more competitive by cutting back our workforce in the early 1980s, the media called me "Neutron Jack." When they learned we were focused on values and culture at GE, people asked if "Jack has gone soft." I've been No. 1 or No. 2 Jack, Services Jack, Global Jack, and, in more recent years. Six Sigma Jack and e-Business Jack. When we made an effort to acquire Honeywell in October 2000, and I agreed to stay on through the transition (过渡期) , some thought of me as the Long-in-the-Tooth Jack hanging on by his fingertips to his CEO job. Those characterizations said less about me and a lot more about the stage our company went through. Truth is, down deep, I've never really changed much from the boy my mother raised in Salem, Massachusetts. When I started on this journey in 1981 , standing before Wall Street analysts for the first time at New York's Pierre Hotel, I said I wanted GE to become " the most competitive enterprise on earth. " My objective was to put a small-company spirit in a big-company body, to build an organization out of an old-line industrial company that would be more high-spirited, more adaptable, and more flexible than companies that are one-fiftieth our size.I said then that I wanted to create a company " where people dare to try new things ?where people know that only the limits of their creativity and drive, their own standards of personal excellence, will be the ceiling on how far and how fast they move." I've put my mind, my heart, and my courage into that journey every day of the 40-plus years I've been lucky enough to be a part of GE. 59.According to the first two paragraphs, the author ______. A.had many ups and downs B.had a poor image in public C.became CEO of GE 41 years ago D.suffered from some mental illnesses 60.As the author sees it, the many nicknames of him indicate ______. A.the change of his character with the time B.the various opinions of different journalists C.his company's different stages of development D.his popularity among his friends and relatives 61.According to the author, GE in 1981 ______. A.should seek broader space for development B.was the most competitive company in the world C.differed from many old-line industrial companies D.was a big company with a small-company's spirit 62.What does the underlined word "journey" in the last paragraph probably mean? A.Taking GE to a new height.
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 B.Travelling from home to office. C.Seeking a higher position in GE. D.Growing from a baby into an adult.

College students constantly hear the praises of education.We have all become used to believing that a college education is always a guarantee of an easier life. I was nine years old when my fourth-grade teacher presented me with a task, to write down all of the things I wanted in my life.I filled my paper with things like: own a big house and have servants; be rich and have a good job.The next day my teacher handed back my paper and in red ink she wrote: " GO TO COLLEGE." For a long time, I was convinced that once I obtained an education, BAM! Life would be easier . However, education cannot promise all wishes, dreams, and desires. Society must reject the foolish idea that a college education's main purpose is to satisfy our desires and secure success.Like most challenging things, education is a gamble (赌博) in which results depend entirely on people's ability to look past their wants to see the realism and reason behind their wants. For instance, my first year of college, I took a sociology class.In class, we were taught that Third World countries were poor. We learned that our quality of life would be almost impossible for an average person in those countries.I began to examine my own desire to be rich.To always go after money felt selfish when knowing others had none at all.Learning about other society's financial situations forced me to look beyond what I wanted. Through the process of education, everything once desired is tested.Wanting something no longer is enough; it's more important to examine why we want it and whether we really want it. When my desire for money changed, everything changed. I stopped longing for money-driven careers and stopped valuing the people who had them.I began to examine the things I purchased and my reason for wanting them. Education is a tool to be used to develop and advance our desires, so we can discover the things that are truly significant in life.Education is a source to expand our society to see beyond the superficial (表面的) appeals and the "quick fixes" , leaving the belief of an effortless life behind in order to desire a meaningful one. 63.The author's fourth-grade teacher probably agreed that ______. A.the author was an ambitious student B.the author should set more realistic goals C.a college student would lead an easier life D.a college degree was the key to the author's dreams 64.Why does the author mention her sociology class? A.To share her learning experiences with readers. B.To support her new understanding about education. C.To express her sympathy for people in Third World. D.To stress the importance of taking a sociology course. 65.With a college education, the author ______.
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 A.envied rich people B.lost interest in career C.desired more material things D.stopped always seeking more wealth 66.What's the main idea of the passage? A.College education promises an effortless life. B.College education tests and guides our life desires. C.College education offers solutions to social problems. D.College education turns young people into gamblers.
答案:D B D B

The word proactivity is fairly common in management literature, but you won't find it in the dictionary.It means that as a human being you take responsibility for your own life. Look at the word responsibility: ability to choose your response, response-ability. Effective people are proactive because they take responsibility. Their behavior is a product of their own decisions, based on values, rather than being a product of their own conditions, based on feelings.For instance, you are planning a picnic with your family. You're excited. You have all the preparations. You've decided where to go, and then it becomes stormy, killing your plan.Proactive people carry weather within them.They realize what their purpose really was, and they creatively have a picnic elsewhere even if it's in their own basement with some special games, and make the best of that situation . The opposite of being proactive is to be reactive.Reactive people would say, "What's the use?" "We can't do anything." "Oh this is so upsetting after all of our preparations and arrangements." They try to persuade the people around them and usually the picnic will be cancelled. Being proactive is really just being true to your human nature.Your basic nature is to act, and not to be acted upon.That's true, despite widely accepted theories of determinism used to explain human nature.Determinism says that you don't really choose anything and that what you call choices are nothing more than automatic responses to outside conditions. The language of reactive people is like: " I can't ." " Don't have time." " I have to. " " I must. " The whole spirit of that language is the transfer of responsibility. They think things are determined by their environment, or by their conditions, or by their conditioning or their genetic (基因的) makeup . Psychologically, people who believe they are determined will produce the evidence to support the belief, and they increasingly feel victimized and out of control. They're not in charge of their life at all. On the contrary, a proactive person exercises free will, the freedom to choose the response that best applies to his values.In that way, he gains control over the circumstances, rather than being controlled by them. 67.According to the passage, a proactive person's behavior can result from ______ . A.the environment B.an inner belief C.the genetic makeup D.a temporary feeling
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 68. When a picnic plan is threatened by a sudden storm, reactive people will probably ____. A.have the picnic as planned B.make the best of the picnic C.complain and give up the picnic D.find somewhere else for the picnic 69.What does "carry weather within them" in the second paragraph probably mean? A.Manage to improve the weather. B.Give in to the weather passively. C.Stress the influence of the weather. D.Find a solution to the weather problems. 70.It can be concluded from the passage that determinists ______. A.accept things passively B.are in charge of themselves C.are similar to proactive people D.respond to outside conditions actively

Where would you most like to go on vacation? Paris? London? The Amazon Rainforest? Each of these destinations is attractive. 71 As a new word, staycation refers to people staying at home during their vacation time, and going sightseeing around their hometown. Staycations have become really popular recently, as a way of having an enjoyable vacation, without spending too much money . There are shortcomings to every positive thing, however. 72 You also might prevent yourself from enjoying things to the fullest, as the atmosphere might be the same as any other time. 73 It means you won't be available for work or other activities. What can you do to make your staycation fun? 1.Go to a nearby town, or to a fancy hotel in your hometown and stay over night.Treat yourself to room service and any other fun things the hotel has to offer. 2. 74 You would have done it on a vacation, right? Treat yourself to this, at least for one day! 3.Throw a small party.Think about the money you are saving by not going away.You will still save money, but have more fun, and you will help other people to have fun too! 4.Go shopping! Window shopping, or the super fun type, where you buy things! You would have bought souvenirs (纪念品) if you had gone on a vacation, so treat yourself during your staycation! The most important thing to remember is to do things that make you and your family excited! 75 A.Eat out for every meal! B.Go on a day trip to a nearby town, or to a beach.
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2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库 C.But why not remain at home and enjoy a staycation? E.Most of the time it involves dining out more frequently than usual. D.If you are on a staycation, you might get calls from work. F.Make sure you all have fun, and when it is over, you feel refreshed. G.The trick is to make sure your friends and coworkers know you are on a staycation.
答案:CDGAF 假如你是校学生会主席。新年即将到来,为了帮助你校的外国留学生更好地了解中国文化, 学生会将为他们举办一个新年晚会。请你根据以下提示,用英语向他们发出口头通知。 时间:下周五 6:00 -8:00 地点:教学楼 1 01 室 内容:1.唱中国歌 2.比赛用筷子 3.学习包饺子 注意: 1.词数不少于 50; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please?

Thank you for your attention.
答案: Goog afternoon,everyone.May I have your attention,please? To help you have a better understanding of Chinese culture,the Students’ Union will organize a New Year’s party.You can sing Chinese songs,have a competition using chopsticks and learn how to make dumplings.These are all typical Chinese activities,and I believe you will have great fun.The party will be in Room 101,Classroom Building at 6 p.m. next Friday.It will last about two hours.Please come and join the fun! Thank you for your attention. 假如你是红星中学高二 (1) 班李华, 下面四幅图描述了近期你看到骑公共自行车“绿色出行” 的宣传后所采取的行动。请根据图片的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文。词数不少 于 60。



2014 高考高频考点尽在易题库

答案: Being driven by my father to school one day,I suddenly noticed many public bicycles parked along the road in my neighborhood.Behind them on the wall was a sign reading “Green Travel”,Feeling it my duty to do something,I told my father that I would give up his car and rent a bike instead.Back home that day,I searched the Internet for information about how and where to rent a bike.I found out that there was a rental service nearby,where I could apply for a rental card.The next day I headed toward it immediately after school.To be honest,I was a bit surprised to find quite a few people lining up there for the cards.I joined them and finally got one.The next day I first rode a bike to the subway station and then took the subway to school. The bicycle seat is not as comfortable as a car seat,but I feel proud that I am doing something for the environment.





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