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第四单元 核心词汇 1.virtual adj. ① 虚拟的;② 实质上的 2.interpret v. ① 解释;② 翻译

3.tone n. 语气,腔调 4. stretch v. 伸展,拉长

5.edit vt. 编辑 6.via prep. 通过,用,借助于 n. 因特网,互联网


8.at times 有时,不时 9.take in 接收,得到 10.data 11.spit n. 数据(datum 的复数) ;资料 vt. 吐,吐出

12.on line 在线,联机 13.symptom n. ① 症状;② 征兆 14.critic n. 批评家,评论家,爱挑剔的人 15.nightmare 16.crawl n. 恶梦

v. 爬行,缓慢地行进 adv. 相反地


18.but then 不过;然而;但另一方面 19.jar v. 使震惊,使感到不快

20.be sucked in/into 被吸入;被吸进 21.angle 22.in sight 23.remark n. 角度,立场 adv. ① 在即,临近;② 看得见 n.注意;言辞

vt. 评论,评说 24.cue n. 提示,暗示 25.routine 26.external n. 惯例,日常工作,例行公事 adj. 外部的,表面的

27.abuse 28. suicide

n. ① 滥用;② 虐待
n. 自杀

29. restore vt. 恢复 30.flee v. 逃走,逃离
31. set apart 使分离,是分开

32.appointment n. 约会 33.annoy vt. 使脑怒,使烦恼 34.connection n. 连接 核心短语: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 一周中的最好时光 投稿 有时 对…感到厌恶 社交方式 缺乏自律 网络交际 面对 穿着得体 highlight of the week submit articles at times feel an aversion to forms of socializing a lack of discipline cyber-interaction be confronted with be dressed appropriately be jarred by the commercials Work moves into the background. be bad-tempered in this state daily routine rely on long-term unemployment drug abuse restore balance set apart…from… face to face

10. 广告令…心烦 11. 工作成了次要的。 12. 坏脾气 13. 在此状态下 14. 日常事务 15. 依赖 16. 长期失业 17. 吸毒 18. 恢复平衡 19. 将…与…区分开 20. 面对面

21. 找借口

make an excuse

难点句子 1. I start to feel as though I've become one with my machine, taking data in, spitting them back out, just another link in the Net. (=我开始觉得自己似乎与机器融为一体了,我接收信息,再发送出去,就如 同互联网的一个连接点。) 2. And once you start replacing real human contact with cyber-interaction, coming back out of the cave can be quite difficult. (=你一旦开始用网络交际取代人与人的真实接触, 要走出这种“穴居”状态就会 相当困难。) 3. I began to understand why long-term unemployment can be so damaging, why life without an externally supported daily plan can lead to higher rates of drug abuse, crime, suicide. (=我开始理解为什么长时间的失业会那么伤人,为什么一个人的生活缺少了 外部支持的日常计划就会导致吸毒、犯罪、自杀率的增长。) 4. When I'm in this state, I fight my boyfriend as well, misinterpreting his intentions because of the lack of emotional cues given by our typed dialogue. (=在这种精神 状态下, 我也和男朋友吵架, 常因键出的对话缺乏情感暗示而误解他的本意。 ) 5. 电视节目中的说话声让人感到宽慰,可那些广告又叫我心烦。 (=The voices of the programs are comforting, but then I'm jarred by the commercials.) 课后练习答案: Part II Reading Task Content Question Pair Work 1. She used to be a television producer, but now she is a writer. 2. She writes and edits articles online, submits them via email, and communicates with colleagues via the Internet, too.

3. She could stay computer-assisted at home for weeks, going out only t get mail, newspapers and groceries. 4. They feel as if they had become one with the computer, and life seems to be unreal. 5. That people who grew used to a virtual life would feel an aversion to outside forms of socializing. 6. She gets overexcited, speaks too much, and interrupts others. 7. She is bad-tempered, easily angered, and attacks everyone in sight, all because she has long become separated from others and lacks emotional face-to-face exchanges with people. 8. She fights her boyfriend, misinterpreting his intentions because of the lack of emotional cues given by their typed dialogue. 9. Because we rely on co-works for company. 10. She calls people, arrangers to meet the few friends remaining in the City, gets to the gym, arranges interviews for stories, doctor’s appointments---anything to get her out of the house and connected with others. 11. No, she doesn’t feel happy. She feels being face to face is intolerable. 12. She makes her excuses and flees, re-enters her apartment, runs to the computer, clicks on the modem, and disappears into the virtual world again. Text Organization Working On Your Own 1. 1. 2-3 2. 1,4-10,13 3. 11 4. 12 2. The first paragraph describes the consequences of living a virtual life and the last tells of the author’s escape back into it. Together, they bring out the dilemma people at present are in: Because of modern technology, we have a choice between a virtual life and real life, but find both unsatisfactory.

Language Sense Enhancement 1. (1) routine (2) for company (3) unemployment (4) externally (5) drug abuse (6) restore (7) fled (8) gym (9) set apart (10) appointments

Vocabulary I 1. 1) conversely 2) but then 3) symptom 4) spitting 5) abusing 6) tone 7) took; in 8) editing 9) have arranged 10) in sight 11) stretched 12) data


1) smoking cigarettes jars on me. 2) find themselves getting sucked in. 3) has arranged for a technician from the computer store to check and repair it. 4) fled their country to avoid military service/fled to other countries to avoid military service. 5) restore people’s confidence in it. 3. 1) the virtual; on line; via 2) nightmare; routine; any appointment; arrange for 3) cue; remarks; his tune II. Collocation 1. We came here all the way on foot. 2. Private cars are not allowed on campus. 3. They are on vacation in Florida. 4. Mary has been talking to her friend on the phone for an hour. 5. Don’t worry, Lucy is always on time. 6. Industrial demand on fuel is on the rise. III. Usage 1. hard 2. difficult 3. impossible 4. tough 5. hard 6. easy Comprehensive Exercises I. 1. (1) Internet (2) click (3) virtual cloze

(4) routines (5) arrange (6) nightmare (7) annoying (8) connection (9) crawls (10) take in (11) spit (12) data (13) sucked into (14) At times (15) flee (16) on line

2. (1) companion (2) deliver (3) access (4) enables (5) customers (6) delights (7) provides (8) small (9) remote (10) information

II. 1.


1) Research shows that laughter can bring a lot of health benefits. 2) A show Internet connection speed is really annoying.

3) As the law stands, helping someone commit suicide is a crime. 4) In her report, Mary tries to interpret the data from a completely different angle. 5) Sue is a girl of great talent. Her amazing memory sets her apart from her classmates. 2. Perhaps you envy me for being able to work from home on the computer. I agree that the Internet has made my job a lot easier. I can write, submit and edit articles via email, chat with my colleagues on line and discuss work with my boss. With a click of the mouse, I can get all the data I need and keep up with the latest news. But then, communicating through the Net can be frustrating at times. The system may crash. Worse still, without the emotional cues of face-to-face communication, the typed words sometimes seem difficult to interpret.



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