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2004~2005 学年度第一学期 NSE(2)单元测试(Module 1~3)

英 语 试 卷(module 1—3
第 I 部分(选择题,满分 90 分)

二、语言知识(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 从所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空 白出的最佳选项。 21. ----Was Johnson’s father strict with him when he was at school? ----Yes. He had never praised Johnson ________ he became one of the top students in his grade. A. when B. after C. unless D. until 22. ________ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month. A. It B. As C. That D. What 23. My little pet dog always ________ towards he gate to wait for me when it’s getting dark in the afternoon.. A. heads B. to head C. heading D. headed 24. ----Smoking is bad for your health. Daddy! ----Yes, my dear. But I simply can’t _______ A. get into it B. give it up C. give it way D. break away from 24. Sara, let Harry play with your Tedy Bear ________. ----You must learn to ________. A. either; support B. as well; share C. as well; care D. too; spare 25. ----I thought I’d try to repair the car myself. ----________! You know nothing about the car. You’d better have it _____ A. That’s all right; repair B. You can’t be serious; repaired C. Absolutely; to repair D. It’s nothing serious; repaired 25. I don’t know ________ it is that has made you so upset. A. that B. what C. which D. why 26. ----I ________ visit my brother in hospital this afternoon. ----Sorry. You _______ able to go there because Mr Dick, our boss has decided that we _______ have a meeting this afternoon. A. will; will not be; will B. am going to; are not; are going to C. am going to; will not be; will D. will; will not be; are going to 27. As early as Chaplin’s second film, he ________ his own manner of acting, the one that was ________ world- famous. A. had developed; to become B. develops; becomes

C. had developed; become D. developed; become 28. ----It isn’t very nice if someone is smoking at the next table when I am having in the restaurant. ----__________ It’s horrible. A. Of course not. B. I totally agree with you. C. I don’t agree with you D. Are you sure of that? 28. ----It’s important for a student to follow ________ his teachers say. ----It’s true. I couldn’t agree ________. A. whatever; much B. whatever; more C. no matter what; more D. no matter; much 29. Adam ________ a drug addict, but now he ________ in the a center for drug addicts, helping others to stop smoking drugs. A. was; worked B. used to being; used to work C. used to be; is used to working D. was; is used to work 30. Crack cocaine is the most ________ form of cocaine. Users become ________ crack cocaine much more easily if they smoke it. A. addicted; addicted to B. addictive; addictive to C. addicted to; addicted D. addictive; addicted to 30. He hurried to classroom this morning, only _________ he was late again. A. finding B. found C.. find D. to find 三、完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31—50 各题 所给四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 The western world has always been divided into two types of people ---- the cool and the uncool. It is a 31 that starts in school. The cool kids are good at sports. They are 32 with the opposite sex. They are good-looking and people want to 33 their style. They can do their homework but they don’t 34 a big effort. That would not be cool . The uncool kids are in 35 corner of the playground. They are very bright, but they don’t have great 36 skills and they are 37 at sports. When they are not programming computers or doing calculus (微积分) in their heads, they are reading comic books(搞笑书) and watching shows 38 the “X Files”. They are 39 as the geeks. Here’s the geeks. The geeks are taking over (占上风) . Make friends with them now 40 . They will put virus in your computer and 41 your maths homework to ruin. Geeks might not be popular at school, yet they do

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2004~2005 学年度第一学期 NSE(2)单元测试(Module 1~3)

D. picture pass their examinations, and they might not be too popular 63. There are _______ flights from Shanghai to Hong at university, but 42 good degrees . Kong every week. The most important 43 of the 21st century, A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 computers and IT, has been at least partly created(=made) D. 6 by geeks. Geek heroes like Bill Gates 44 others to 64. There are _______ flights between Hong Kong and follow their examples. Being a good is a way of earning Beijing each week. good money. And the creation of the Internet gave them a A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 45 of their own to work and play in, making them a D. 6 global force(国际竞争力). 46 , the effect of the geeks 65. Suppose: On arriving in Shanghai by Cathy Pacific 47 popular culture has started a new trend(趋势). It is Flight on Thursday, you’re told to return to Hong Kong now cool to be 48 . Geek culture is becoming an by Cathy Pacific Airways immediately. Now the most important part of general popular culture, in which what proper way is___________. you know is more important than 49 you look like. A. to wait until Sunday But there are also 50 . Geeks were often bullied B. to stay in Shanghai and take the Friday’s flight from (欺侮)or laughed at in school, Now a geek may be your Beijing to Hong Kong. boss. Perhaps it is time for punishment. C. to go to Beijing and take the Friday’s flight 31.A.division B.part C.group D.habit D. to take the same day’s flight from Shanghai to Hong 32.A.pleasant B.popular C.crazy D.particular Kong. 33.A.take B.act C.copy D.advance B 34.A.have B.suffer C.support D.make THE BEST SHOPPING IN SYDNEY SOVEREIGN HILL 35.A.the other B.any C.other D.another Sydney is one of the world’s biggest cities This: prize-winning living museum is wh 36.A.operating B.speaking C.social D.experimental and has something for everyone when it Australia’s history comes alive! Visit daily 37.A.good B.active C.hopeless D.sharp comes to shopping. You will find excellent stay for the night and experience life of 38.A.like B.for C.such D.as Australian products alongside the best that Gold Rush days. A wonderful nightly so 39.A.admired B.thought C.known D.recognized the world has to offer. At the bottom of and light show, “Blood on the South 40.A.and B.so C.or D.that Sydney Tower, you can shop in 160 of Cross” tells the story of the famous Eur 41.A.put B.cause C.bring D.take Sydney’s favorite stores including 16" Uprising. Enjoy shopping along with 42.A.win B.take C.wishjewellery stores D.finish and many gift and fashion life character and entertainment. 4-star h 43.A.industry B.progress C.discovery D . improvement shops. It’s all at Westfield Centre point. and breakfast. 44.A.excite B.discourage C.demand D . promise Tel: 9231 9300. Tel: 5331 1944 45.A.space B.world C.chance D.heaven ANCHORAGE RESTAURANT COOK’S COTTAGE 46.A.Therefore B.However C.Though D.Besides Come and enjoy our delicious Cantonese Built by James and Grace Cook, parents of 47.A.in B.of C.on D.for seafood right on the water’s edge in the Captain James Cook, Cook’s Cotta 48.A.rich B.uncool C.attractive D.handsome historic fishing port of Williamstown with stands proud in the Fitzroy Gardens as a 49.A.how B.that C.how much D.what views of the city centre across Port Philip reminder of life in the eighteenth century, 50.A.dangers B.questions C.possibility D.chances Bay. as a Celebration and commemoration of Open 7 days a week life and travels of Captain James Cook. 四、阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) Lunch: Sunday to Friday11:00 am-2:00 pm Open 9:00 am--6:00 pm daily, and until 5 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的的四个选项(A、B、 Dinner: Monday to Saturday pm during the summer. C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 5:00pm.--10: 30pm. Information: 9419 4677. A Tel: 9397 6270 or 9397 7799 62. Where can you spend the night in a tour? A. Sovereign Hill. B. Airways Westfield Centre point. Shanghai ---- Hong Kong Beijing ---- Hong Kong C. Sydney Tower D. Cook’s CX 301 CX 331 Dep. Shanghai 20:30 Dep. Beijing Cottage 17:45 Tue.Thur. Tue.Thur. 63 . 19:45 What is the time that Cook’s Cottage is open on Arr. Hong Kong 21:45 Arr: Hong Kong Sat. Sun. Fri. Saturday in the summer? Dep: 出港 A. 11:00 am--2:00 pm. B. 9:00 Hong Kong ---- Shanghai Hong Kong ---Beijing am--5:30 pm. CX 300 CX 330 C. 5:00 pm--10:30 pm. D. 9:00 Dep. Hong Kong 16:15 Dep. Hong Kong 12:50 Tue.Thur. Tue. Thur. am--5:00 pm. Arr. Shanghai 19:15 Arr. Beijing 16:00 Sat. Sun. Fri. 64. The Anchorage Restaurant is___________. Arr:到达 A. in the centre of the city B. in a 62. The above is ________. Cantonese fishing port A. notice B. a piece of news C. form C. in Anchorage D. in New Schedules of Cathy Pacific
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2004~2005 学年度第一学期 NSE(2)单元测试(Module 1~3)

Williamstown 65. If you want to buy the best products in Australia, you may call_____________. A. 9397 6270 B. 9419 4677 C. 5331 1944 D. 9231 9300

英 语 试 卷(module 1—3)
第 II 部分 (非选择题)
八、单词拼写。根据短文内容和首写字母提示,完成 下列单词的正确拼写形式。 (每空 1 分,满分 10 分) Listz was born in 1881 at Raiding in Hungary. When he was a child, he moved with his family to Vienna, where he took piano lessons and c__________. Regarded as the greatest p__________ of all time, Listz was a genius and was c____________ about music. When he stood on the s__________ for the first time, the a__________ were deeply i__________ with the tall, slim young man. From then on, Listz wrote and played many p________ of music in his c__________ life. In 1824, he held his first concert in Paris which followed by various tours in French and England. His tours i__________ the musical field greatly. In 1886, Listz died after a successful tour. The whole world were sad for losing the great musical t__________. 九、书面表达(25 分) (写在试卷背面) 假设你是周凯,下面是一封来自美国的 email,请 根据其内容写一封回信。 Dear Zhou Kai, How are you? We’re doing a class survey and I have to write emails to all my penfriends in other countries. I hope you don’t mind answering these questions. 1.Do most adults smoke in China? 2.In most states in the US, it is now against the law to smoke in public buildings, such as banks and offices, on public transport and in restaurants and cafes. Is it the same in China? 3.Is the government planning to change the law about smoking in public? Hope you can answer my three questions! Best wishes, Paul

参考答案: 31—35 ABCDA 36 — 40 CCACC 41 — 45 CBAAB DCBDA 51-53 A A B 54-58 CDBAD 59-61DDC 62-65ABDD

46 — 50

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