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高三英语冲刺辅导第一课时 20140509 一、词句识记:
Channel combination leaflets consumer distribute unfortunately Foresee improvement applaud a housing loan increased housing price. make an application for expert assume inflation accelerate interest rate have a long-term effect on rugby collective tackle climate changes. .address oppose be clear about link up pick up show off turn up warm up Sounds reasonable admit due to limited vocabulary expand attitude as long as accurate fluency get across tense make allowances for reactive proactive actively seek out opportunities to outlook solution shyness


21. Belgium universities, TV channels and newspapers may use a combination(联合) of Dutch, French and German, but ______ of them use all three. A. all B. neither C. no one D. none 22. We can often see leaflets (传单)___________ by a supermarket in order to attract more consumers. A. distributing B. distribute C. being distributed D. to be distributed 23. Our manager _____________ this problem months go, but unfortunately he did not. A. would have foreseen B. had foreseen C. should foreseen D. should have foreseen 24. The improvement in sales figures had a (an)________ influence on the company as a whole. A. beneficial B. benefited C. efforted D. affected 25. It was thought that the root of the plant __________ magical powers and many villagers used it to treat illnesses. A. possesses B. has possessed C. had possessed D. possessed 26. Though the news that the launch(发射) of the spacecraft Tiangong-1 is postponed came as ____ disappointment to some, many others applauded ________ decision. A. a; the B. /; the C. the; a D. a; a 27. Our teacher asked us to note how long it took to read each passage so that we ____________ our reading ability. A. improved B. could improve C. would have improved D. had improved 28. Many people have had to ___________ a housing loan(贷款) as a result of the increased housing price. A. make an application of B. take an application to C. make an application for D. application for 29. Some experts assume that inflation (通货膨胀)is likely to accelerate this year, _________ further upward pressure on interest rates. A. added B. having added C. and added D. adding 30. ________ healthy foods as a child will have a long-term effect on the development of the body. A. Eating B. Having eaten C. To eat D. Eat 31. Footy is a mix of soccer and rugby(英式橄榄球), a sport _______ players hold the ball and run with it. A. which B. where C. what D. as 32.The Prime Minister ________ an audience of top business leaders of the country. He talked about taking positive and collective action to tackle(对付) climate changes. A. addressed B. has addressed C. opposed D. accelerated 33. On this island, the outer walls of the houses are painted white. They look beautiful _________ the blue sky and the sea. A. with B. to C. against D. through 34. If you _________ the pieces of information, you will be clearer about what has really happened. A. link up B. pick up C. show off D. turn up 35. ---I’m not swimming in the lake unless it warms up outside today. --- _________ Unfortunately it will stay this cold all day. A. So am I. B. Why not? C. Sounds reasonable. D. Me neither.

第三部分 任务型阅读
Although many Chinese students say that their knowledge of English grammar is good ,most would admit that their



spoken English is poor .Whenever I speak to a Chinese student they always say, “My spoken English is poor.” However ,their spoken English does not have to remain “poor” ! I would like to suggest that there may be some reasons for their problems with spoken English. First, they fail to find suitable words to express themselves due to a limited vocabulary . Obviously the better answer is to expand their vocabulary. However ,you can speak with a limited vocabulary, if your attitude is positive .Others will follow you as long as you use the words that you know. Second ,they are afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes when they are speaking because they are shy and nervous .Yet students should remember that their goal should be FLUENCY NOT ACCURACY. Your aim in writing is to be accurate following the rules for grammar and using the right words and spelling them correctly .However ,in speaking your aim is fluency. You want to get your message across ,to talk to someone in English ,as quickly and as well as you can ,even though sometimes you may use a wrong word or tense ,but it doesn’t matter because the person you are speaking to will understand you and make allowances(留出余地,体谅)for any mistakes he hears. The third reason is that not enough attention is paid to listening .You have one mouth but two ears! All that hearing was necessary for you to start speaking. Fourth ,most Chinese students are reactive rather than proactive language learners .Instead of actively seeking out opportunities to improve their spoken English they passively wait for speaking opportunities to come to them and wonder why their English always remains poor .If you have this proactive outlook ,then you will see English opportunities wherever you go. If you do not use your English beyond the classroom you will forget what English you know .Remember: USE IT OR LOSE IT! You can learn how to speak English better by speaking English more. Title: Problems with spoken English Reasons Limit of(71) ________ Solutions/ Tips You have to(72) ________ their vocabulary You should take a positive attitude towards(73) ________ English. Shyness and (75) ________ make it easy to make mistakes. More(76) ________ should be paid to fluency. (77) ________ of attention while listening All that hearing is necessary for you to start speaking As language learners, most Chinese students are(79) ________ instead of being of active. You should take (80) ________ of all opportunities to improve your spoken English.

(74) ________ about making mistakes

(78) ________ reactive outlook




高考英语冲刺辅导第二课时 20140509
一、单词短语识记 1、Forbidden City 2、 casual 3、be located in 4、be set in 5、research on 6、the new bird flu virus vaccine 7、challenging 8、demanding. 9、Depressed 10、 be bound to do 11、 competition. 12、Cheer up 13、nervous 14、athlete 15、injury 16、withdraw 17、professional 18、access 19、attachment 20、appeal 21、approach 22、surfing 23、seek excitement and adventure 24、injured man 25、improve the quality of the products 26、column 27、occupy 28、feature 29、register 30、rough 31、detective stories 32、in general 33、 in particular 34、in total 35、in all 36、in private 37、increasingly 38、positive 39、 performance 40、economic recovery 41、trace 42、signal 43、mark 44、sign 45、shock 46、get away 47、absorb 48、survive 49、look up to 50、look forward to 51、look down upon 52、look out for 53、on business 54、horrible 55、 tightly 56、grasp 57、explorer 58、treasure 59、equip 60、bury 61、master 62、Be bent on 63、Be desperate to 64、be abundant in 65、sharp 66、 after all 67、enthusiastic 68、aware 69、 above all 70、illegal 71、So what 72、What for 73、hurt 二、完成下列单选题 21.Tuesday being ________windy,cold day in Beijing,US President Barack Obama Toured ________Forbidden City in Beijing, wearing ________blue shirt with no tie and a casual leather jacket. A.a;the;the B.a;/;a C./;/;a D.a;the;a 22.---Where is your mother working? ---In a hospital ________ our town. A.is located in B.located in C.set in D.is set in 23.I like a house with a beautiful garden in front, but I don’t have enough money to buy_________. A.one B.it C.this D.that 24.---The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding.Who do you think can do the job? ---________ my students have a try? A.Shall B.Must C.Will D.May 25.---Oh,how depressed!I’m bound to lose to him in tomorrow’s competition. ---Cheer up!In fact,he is ________ than you. A.not more nervous B.no more nervous C.no less nervous D.a little less nervous 26. In Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps swam into Olympic history, ___ the first athlete ___the most gold medals ever. A.became;to win B.becoming;to win C.becoming;winning D.to become;to win 27.---Liu Xiang shouldn’t have given up... ---What?His injury was so serious,or he ________from the race. A.would never have withdrawn B.would have withdrawn C.would withdraw D.would never withdraw 28.For all the professional athletes,___to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history books. A.access B.attachment C.appeal D.approach 29.I think it was on the playground on ________ we played basketball with some boys yesterday ________you lost your handbag. A.that;which B.which;that C.where;that D.that;where 30.Mary was so tired that she fell asleep _________ her book. A.by B.over C.in D.through 31.In Australia, surfing is a popular sport among young people _______they can seek excitement and adventure.



A.that B.which C.where D.how 32.---What’s all that noise? ---Just in front of the bus __________ an injured man, all covered with blood. A.where lies B.lies C.does lie D.lying is 33.To improve the quality of the products, we asked for advice from _________ had used the products. A.no matter who B.who C.anyone D.whoever 34._________ her home, Lily went to the kitchen and began to prepare supper. A.As soon as she returned B.On arriving C.After she got D.Immediately she reached 35.---How long do you suppose it is _________ he arrived here? ----No more than ten minutes. A.when B.before C.since D.after 36.---Is this newspaper useful for us? ---Of course.It ________special columns for high school students. A.occupies B.features C.registers D.defends 37.I don’t like rough games.I am interested in reading ________,and in detective stories _______. A.in general; in particular B.in particular; in total C.in general; in all D.in all; in private 38. China has shown increasingly positive ________of economic performance,but the country’s economic recovery is still uncertain,Prime Minister Wen said. A.traces B.signals C.marks D.signs 39.As soon as little Tom had ________a little from his shock,his first thought was to get away. A.returned B.absorbed C.survived D.recovered 40.What advice would you give to the young people who_______ you and who want to be like you? A.look up to B.look forward to C.look down upon D.look out for 41.Both the parents are away on business.Who do you advise ________the child at home? A.attend B.to attend C.attending D.attended 42.---Here is our menu and wine list.Are you ready to order now? ---Yes,I’d like two French fries,a piece of pizza and a cup of coffee.How about you,Helen? --- ________! A.Me,too B.Same again,please C.It’s all the same to me D.The same to me 43.Which do you enjoy _________your vacation, travelling or just staying at home? A.to spend B.spend C.being spent D.spending 44.One of the successful people’ strong points is that they can succeed _________ others fail. A.of B.when C.how D.where 45.This film was so horrible that I ________ my brother ________ the arm tightly. A.grasped; on B.grasped; by C.took; in D.took; on 46.________ with new type of machine, the explorers went into a cave, hoping to find some ________ treasure. A.Equipping; buried B.Equipped; buried C.Being equipping; being buried D.Equipped; being buried 47.He is ________ mastering English------to learn it, he gets up early and goes to bed late every day. A.bent on B.bound to C.desperate to D.abundant in 48.It’s pretty ________ of Peter to know what happened at once.________, he is only five years old. A.sharp; After all B.enthusiastic; In all C.eager; After all D.aware; Above all 49.---Someone might see us. ---________? We’re not doing anything illegal. A.So what B.What for C.Why not D.What’s for 50.---What’s the matter? ---The shoes don’t fit properly.They________ my feet. A.Will hurt B.have hurt C.are hurting D.are hurt




参考答案 21-25 DCDAD 26-30 ABCDA 31-35 BACAD

任务型阅读 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
71.vocabulary 72. Expand/ Enrich 73. speaking 74.Worries 75.nervousness/ tense 76. attention Lack/Shortage 78. Having 79. passive 80.advantage 77.




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