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Book1Unit3 语法

高一英语 必修 1 Unit 3 语法: 现在进行时表将来

复习: (用括号内单词的正确形式填空)
1. Listen! Someone is knocking (knock) at the door. 2. Dad is reading (read) the morning newspaper now. Don’t

bother him. 3. —I haven’t seen Mary recently. What’s she doing? —Oh, she is writing (write) her new novel. 4. You are always leaving (leave) the clothes on the floor. 5. She is always thinking (think) of others first. ★ 现在进行时最基本的用法:(1) 表示一个现在正在进行的动作;(2) 表示现阶段正在进行 的动作,虽然说话时并没在做这件事;(3) 常与副词 always, continually 等连用,表示反复 性或习惯性动作,带有说话人的赞扬、不满、厌恶、遗憾等感情色彩。

[观察] 仔细观察下列句子, 注意划线部分并总结用法。
1. —How are you going to Shanghai tomorrow? 2. —When are you leaving for Korea? 3. —When are you coming back? —By plane. —Next Sunday.

—In two months.

4. My boss is arriving in Singapore in eight hours. 5. My cousin is staying in the Paradise Hotel for two days. 6. Wang Kun and Wang Wei are cycling along the Mekong River in about one week. 7. The scientist is flying to Tibet next Friday. 8. Lily is walking to school tomorrow. 9. The soldier is riding a horse to send the message the day after tomorrow. 10. They are driving there tomorrow evening.

[小结] 现在进行时表将来:
(1) 通常指近期的、按计划或安排打算要进行的动作;通常带一个表示将来的时间状语,但 有明确的上下文时无须指出时间。 (2) “用现在进行时表将来”的常用动词有: ①趋向动词: go, leave, come, arrive, stay, return… ② 交通方式: walk, cycle, ride, drive, fly… ③ 其他动态动词: start, begin, take, bring, get, meet, wait, move…

[Practice] Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the given words.
1. The Browns are going (go) to the North China by train next week. They are staying (stay) in Beijing for a week. They are going (go) to Xi’an. They are getting (get) there by air. 2. Some friends are coming (come) to Anne’s birthday party this evening. Anne’s mother is (be) busy getting (get) ready for the birthday dinner. Anne is helping (help) her mother now.

[拓展] “表将来的句型”的比较:

高一英语 必修 1 Unit 3 语法: 现在进行时表将来

1. be going to do sth. 表示即将发生的或最近打算做的事,常与表示将来的时间状语连用。 ★be going to 和 be+V-ing 都可表示打算做某事, 在某些语境中可互换。 但如果主动词为 come, go, leave, arrive 等这类词,用 be+V-ing 更常见。 e.g. ① I am going to sell this old car, and buy a new one. 用来表示将有某事发生。 e.g. 下个星期六我们学校将有一场篮球比赛。 There is going to be a football match next Saturday in our school. 2. be about to do sth. 侧重于表达最近的将来,意为“即将,刚要, 正打算……”,不与表示将来的时间状语连用。 The performance is about to begin. 3. will/ shall (用于第一人称) do sth. (1) 没有“计划,准备”的意思,表示单纯客观的将来或自然趋势,不以主观意志为转移。 I shall be seventeen years old next month. (2) 紧接下来要发生的动作。 You go first. I’ll follow you. ★ 在有条件从句的主句中,一般不用 be going to,而多用 will。 If any beast comes at you, I’ll stay with you and help you. 4. be to do sth. 表示按计划、安排即将发生的动作,还可表示吩咐、命令、应该、可能、命运等。 ① No one is to leave the building. ②They said goodbye, little knowing they were never to meet again. [Exercise]: 1. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane _______. A. takes off 2. B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off --- You’ve left the light on. ---Oh, I have. ___ and turn it off. A. I go A. will change C. will have changed A. am taking C. take A. has closed down C. is closing down B. I’ve gone C. I’ll go B. has changed D. is changing B. have taken D. will have taken B. closed down D. had closed down D. I’m going 3. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is not easy because technology ____ so rapidly. ② I am going to the concert tonight. ★ There be 句型中的 be going to 结构: There is/are going to be ... (切记: be 不能写为 have) ,

4. I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I ____ my mum.

5. Because the shop ____, all the T-shirts are sold at half prices.



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