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【金榜新学案】人教必修2同步辅导与检测Unit 2 The Olympic Games第五学时

The Olympic Games



1. That’s why they are called the Winter Olympics. 这就是人们叫它冬奥会的原因。 That is why .... 这就是为什么……; 这就是……的原因

即学即练 翻译下列句子

。 (1)这就是我来参加比赛的原因。

(2)这就是为什么运动员必须达到大家认可的标准的 原因。

________________________________________ (1)This is why I’m here to join in the competition
(2)This is why all the competitors must reach the agreed standard.

2.No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 其他国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加(奥运 会) 。 主语A +动词肯定式,so+ 助动词/系动词/情态 动词+主语B B的情况与A一样。 主语A+动词否定式,nor/neither + 助动词/系动 词/情态动词+主语B B的情况与A一样。

即学即练 完成下列句子。

(1)Tom is very clever,________Jack.
(2)Tom doesn’t study hard,________ Jack. (3)Tom is very clever, but he doesn’t study hard.______ Jack. (1) so is (2) nor/neither does

(3)It is the same with

3.There’s as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals. 国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟争夺 奥运奖牌一样的激烈。 It is as adj. to do A as (it is)to do B.做…… 与……一样


(1)学好英语与学好数学一样重要。 (2)保护环境与发展经济在我国同等重要。

(3) 生产更多粮食与发展工业一样紧迫。
(1)It is as important to learn English well as to learn maths. (2)It is as important to protect the environment as (it is) to develop the economy in our country. (3)It is as urgent to produce more rice as it is to develop industry.

4.“I will marry Atlanta—or die!” he said. (P14) or 表示“否则”“不然的话”。 即学即练 翻译下列句子。 (1)你马上离开这个屋,否则我要报警了。

(2)告诉我真相,不然我不会再相信你了。 ____________________________________. (1)You leave the room at once, or I’ll call the police. (2)Tell me the truth, or I won’t believe you any more.

5.This is important because the more you speak English, the better your English will become. (P16).
The + 比较级 + 主语 +谓语,

the + 比较级 + 主语 +谓语:

即学即练 翻译下列句子。 (1)你学习越努力,取得的进步就越大。 __________________________________. (2)他占有的越多,想要的就越多。 __________________________________.

(1)The harder you study, the greater progress you will make.
(2)The more he has, the more he wants.

用上述句型翻译下列小段落。 我的表弟要参加英语演讲比赛。 他说:“我要得第一, 否则就别参赛。”这就是他一个又一个小时练口语的原因。 然而,他越努力,我越担心。万一他输了,那该怎么办? 我真想告诉他:“亲爱的表弟,能有机会向别人学习就行 了,不要把获奖看得太重, 提高自己和获奖是一样重要 的。” _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________

My cousin will join in the English speaking contest. He always says, “I will win the first, or give up the chance.” That’s why he is practising oral English one hour after another. However, the harder he is working, the more I worry about him. What if he should fail? How I want to tell him, “My dear cousin, it’s OK so long as you have a chance to learn from others. Don’t think too much of the prize. It’s as important to improve yourself as it is to get the prize. ”

with + 宾语 + 宾语补足语 句型过关练习 (7) 在“with + 宾语 + 宾语补足语”结构中,宾语补足 语可以由形容词、副词、介词短语、现在分词短语、过去 分词短语、动词不定式短语充当,此结构在句中可以充当 定语、状语。如: The lady with a baby in her arms (定语)is my sister. 那个怀抱婴儿的女士是我姐姐(介词短语作宾补)。

The teacher came in, with a book in his hand.(状语)

With the meeting over(状语), we all went home. 会议结束了,我们回家了(副词作宾补)。

Why are you playing cards with the baby crying(状语)?
孩子在哭,你为什么还在打牌呢?(现在分词作宾补) The thief was brought in, with his hands tied behind his back.( 状语) 小偷被带进来,双手被反绑在背后(过去分词作宾补)。 She stood there, with her eyes wide open.( 状语) 她站在那儿,眼睛睁得大大的(形容词作宾补)。

即学即练 用“with+宾语+宾补”结构完成下列句子。 (1) He sat in a chair,________(手里拿着报纸). (2)He arrived at a mountain,________(山顶矗立着一 座塔). (3)________(冬天来了), it’s time to buy warm clothes. (4)________(有这么多人帮助我们), we believe that Sichuan will be more beautiful in the future. (1)with a newspaper in his hands (2)with a tower standing at the top (3)With winter coming on (4)With so many people helping us

(5) Please stand still,________(闭着眼睛). (6)________(所有的工作都完成了), I could have a rest in the end. (7)He picked up a purse________(里面有很多 钱).

(8)He came to a river________(河水清澈).
(5)with your eyes closed (6)With all the work finished (7)with a lot of money in it (8)with clear water in it


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