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2013 届高三英语综合训练题
一、完形填空 (30 分 ) A man who knows how to write a personal letter has a very powerful tool. A letter can be enjoyed, read and keep a 2 1 . It can set up a warm conversation between two people far apart; it can

with very little effort. .We

I will give an example. A few years ago my older brother and l were not getting 3 had been close as 4 but had grown apart. Our meetings were not 5 ; our

conversation was filled with arguments and quarrels: and every effort to clear the air seemed to only 8 6 our misunderstanding. Then he 7 a small island in the Caribbean and we

touch. One day he wrote me a letter. He described his island and its people, told me 9 . Rereading the letter, I was

what he was doing, said how he felt, and encouraged me to 10

by its humor(幽默)and clever expressions. These were all qualities for which I had 11 he no longer had them. I had never known he

once respected my older brother but

could write so well.. And with that one letter we became friends again.. It might never have occurred to my brother to write me if he had not been in a place where there were no 12 . For him, writing was a necessity. It also turned out to be the best way for 13 communication(通讯), people 15 . And that is that they don’t always have to phone or email. They have a

us to get back in touch. Because we live in an age of often to write. 1. A. received 2. A. record 3. A. through 4.A.brothers 5. A.normal 6. A.deepen 7. A.toured 8. A.lost 9.A. think 10.A.driven 11. A.realized 12. A.mail services 13. A.poor 14. A.believe 15.A. habit B. rewritten B. promise B. together B. children B. necessary B. start B. stopped B. kept in B. write B. beaten B. judged B. transport services B. easy B. decide B. choice 14

C. returned C. friendship C. along C.fellows C.pleasant C.express C.reached C.needed C.enjoy C.surprised C. thought C. phones C. popular C. argue C. method

D. reread D. secret D. away D.classmates D.possible D.settle D.move to D.got in D.read D.honored D. expected. D. relatives D. busy D. forget D. plan

二、语法填空(15分) Tim is an 16 (employ) of Chicago Fire Department. He is one of the 5,000 fire fighters


there. Fire is


major problem in big cities. Nobody in the fire department can forget 18

a large part of Chicago was burned down in the great fire of 1871. Modern fire fighters try to prevent anything time, the greatest 19 20 that from happening again. Big fires are very dangerous. Most of the (dangerous ) come from smoke. Sometimes, 22 21 , fire fighters have

to enter burning buildings to rescue the people inside. They trying to save lives. However, Tim isn’t going to give 23

are often hurt while they are

his job. He’s proud of himself and 24 he hears somebody

his service to the society. He always says that he forgets the danger 25 (cry) for help in a burning house.

三、阅读理解(40分) A A letter to Edward, a columnist(报刊专栏作家) Dear Mr Expert: I grew up in an unhappy and abusive home. I always promised myself that I’d get out as soon as possible. Now, at age 20, I have a good job and a nice house, and I’m really proud of the independence I’ve achieved. Here’s the problem: several of my friends who still live with their parents wish they had places like mine — so much so that they make mine theirs. It started out with a couple of them spending the weekends with me. But now they seem to take it for granted that they can shout up any time they like. They bring boyfriends over, talk on the phone and stay out forever. I enjoy having my friends here sometimes— it makes the place feel comfortable and warm— but this is my home, not a party house. I was old enough to move out on my own, so why can’t I seem to ask my friends to respect my privacy(隐私)? Joan Edward’s reply to Joan Dear Joan: If your family didn’t pay attention to your needs when you were a child, you probably have trouble letting others know your needs now. And if you’ve gathered your friends around you to rebuild a happy family atmosphere(气 氛),you may fear that saying no will bring back the kind of conflict you grew up with— or destroy the nice atmosphere you now enjoy. You need to understand that in true friendship it’s okay to put your own needs first from time to time. Be clear about the message you want to send. example, ―I really love your company but I For also need some privacy. So please call before you come over.‖ 26.We can learn from the first letter that Joan Edward A.lives away from her parents .

B.takes pride in her friends


C.knows Mr Expert quite well 27.We can infer from the first letter that .

D.hates her parents very much

A.Joan considers her friends more important than her privacy B.Joan’s friends visit her more often than she can accept C.Joan doesn’t like the parties at all D.Joan dislikes the boyfriends her friends bring over 28.According to Mr Expert, why can’t Joan tell her friends her feelings? A.She is afraid of hurting her friends. B. She does not understand true friendship.

C.Her family experience stops her from doing so. D.She does not put her needs first. 29.The underlined word ―conflict‖ in the second letter means A.dependent life B.fierce fight C.bad manners . B. warns Joan not to quarrel with her friends D. encourages Joan to be brave enough B Language learning begins with listening. Children are greatly different in the amount of listening they do before they start speaking, and later starters are often long listeners .Most children will ―obey‖ spoken instructions some time before they can speak, though the word ―obey‖ is hardly accurate as a description of the eager and delighted cooperation usually shown by the child .Before they can speak, many children will also ask questions by gesture and by making questioning noises. Any attempt to study the development from the noises babies make to their first spoken words leads to considerable difficulties. It is agreed that they enjoy making noises, and that during the first few months one or two noises sort themselves as particularly expressive as delight, pain, friendliness, and so on. But since these can’t be said to show the baby’s intention to communicate, they can hardly be regarded as early forms of language. It is agreed, too, that from about three months they play with sounds for enjoyment, and that by six months they are able to add new words to their store. This self-imitation (模仿) leads on to deliberate (有意的) imitation of sounds made or words spoken to them by other people. The problem then arises as to the point at which one can say that these imitations can be considered as speech. It is a problem we need to get out teeth into. The meaning of a word depends on what a particular person means by it in a particular situation and it is clear that what a child means by a word will change as he gains more experience of the world .Thus the use at seven months of ―mama‖ as a greeting for his mother cannot be dismissed as a meaningless sound simply because he also uses it at other times for his father, his dog, or anything else he likes. Playful and meaningless imitation of what other people say continues after the child has begun to speak for . D.painful feeling

30.The second letter suggests that Mr Expert A.is worried about Joan’s problem C.advises Joan on how to refuse people


himself, I doubt, however whether anything is gained when parents take advantage of this ability in an attempt to teach new sounds. 31. Before children start speaking________. A. they need equal amount of listening B. they need different amounts of listening

C. they are all eager to cooperate with the adults by obeying spoken instructions D. they can’t understand and obey the adult’s oral instructions 32. Children who start speaking late ________. A. may have problems with their listening B. probably do not hear enough language spoken around them C. usually pay close attention to what they hear D. often take a long time in learning to listen properly 33. A baby’s first noises are ________. A. an expression of his moods and feelings C. a sign that he means to tell you something B. an early form of language D. an imitation of the speech of adults

34.The problem of deciding at what point a baby’s imitations can be considered as speech________. A. is important because words have different meanings for different people B. is not especially important because the changeover takes place gradually C. is one that should be properly understood because the meaning of words changes with age D. is one that should be completely ignored(忽略)because children’s use of words is often meaningless 35. The speaker implies________. A. parents can never hope to teach their children new sounds B. children no longer imitate people after they begin to speak C. children who are good at imitating learn new words more quickly D. even after they have learnt to speak, children still enjoy imitating C Sometime in the next century, the familiar early-newspaper on the front porch will disappear. And instead of reading your newspaper, it will read to you.You’ll get up and turn on the computer newspaper just like switching on the TV. An electronic voice will distribute stories about the latest events, guided by a program that selects the type of news you want.You’ll even get to choose the kind of voice you want to hear. Want more information on the brief story? A simple touch makes the entire text appear.Save it in your own personal computer if you like.These are among the predictions from communication experts working on the newspaper of the future.Pictured as part of broader home based media and entertainment systems, computer newspapers would unite print and broadcast reporting, offering news and analysis with video


images of news events. Most of the technology is available now, but convincing (说服) more people that they don’t need paper to read a newspaper is the next step. But resistance to computer newspapers may be stronger from within journalism. Since it is such a cultural change, it may be that the present generation of journalists and publishers will have to die off before the next generation realize that the newspaper industry is no longer a newspaper industry. Technology is making the end of traditional newspapers unavoidable. Despite technological advances, it could take decades to replace news-print with computer screens. It might take 30 to 40 years to complete the changeover because people need to buy computers and because newspapers have established financial(金融的) interests in the paper industry. 36.The best title for this passage is __________. A.Computer Newspapers Are Well Liked B.Newspapers of the Future Will Likely Be on Computers C.Paper Newspapers Are out of Fashion D.Communications Technology in the Future 37.It might take 30 or 40 years for computer newspapers to replace traditional newspapers because __________. A.it is technologically impossible now B.computer newspapers are too expensive C.both the general people and professional journalists are against them D.traditional newspapers are easy to read 38.Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer newspapers? A.They are cheaper than newspapers. B.They are convenient to use. C.You can get more information from them quickly. D.You can easily save information for future use. 39.The reason why journalists are not eager to accept computer newspapers is that __________. A.they don’t know how to use computers B.they think computer newspapers take too much time to read C.they are afraid that they might be unfit for their jobs D.they have been trained to work for traditional newspapers 40.We can infer from the passage that __________. A.all technological changes are good B.all technologies will eventually replace old ones C.new technologies will replace old ones sooner or later


D.traditional newspapers will stay for another century D The naive fellow has never met a thief and firmly believes that he lives in a world without thieves. And, the female thief fights against other thieves only to protect this guy's "daydream". Sound strange? Then go to the cinema to see what happens in "A World Without Thieves" (Tianxia Wuzei). It's the latest offering from Chinese director Feng Xiaogang. The film will hit mainland cinemas on December 9, 2004. Adapted from the book of the same name, it tells the story of a couple, both of them skillful thieves, who find their consciences on a thief-filled train. Wang Bo (Andy Lau, or Liu Dehua) is a master pickpocket from Hong Kong. Wang Li (Rene Liu, or Liu Ruoying) is a "talented" cheat from Taiwan. They're partners in crime and passion, and cheat their way across China, until one day they run into Shagen (Wang Bao qiang) at a railway station. An orphan since birth, Shagen spends more time with wolves than with men. He believes in the basic goodness of human nature and is convinced that he lives in a world without thieves. Having saved up 60,000 yuan after five years of hard work, he decides to go back to his hometown, build a house and get married. However, the train Shagen boards is full of thieves. Besides Wang Bo and Wang Li, there is a gang of highwaymen under the control of Uncle Bill (Ge You). While Bill's men are trying to get Shagen's savings, Wang Li takes it on herself to be his protector. Feng Xiaogang has become a supplier of New Year's movies in China. For four consecutive years, he has caused a nationwide media excitment at the end of each year. That started with 1998's "The Dream Factory" (Jiafang Yifang) and ran to last year's "Cellphone" (Shouji). With "A World without Thieves", Feng tries his hand at something beyond his standard humour. For the first time, he employs a lot of special effects. "I do like comedy, but I also want to know where my limits lie," said Feng, "The film is an experiment. It has special skills, love between thieves, as well as the rediscovery of conscience." Feng says the film is more like a fairy tale: It's two thieves trying to protect someone's "daydream". "You see, a fairy tale may expose more about life and human nature than another story. You don't


change the world with a film, but you make people see and feel innocence, and that's my power. " 41. Which of the following films is not directed by Feng Xiaogang? A. Red River Valley C. The Dream Factory A. Introduction of Feng Xiaogang B. Introduction of Liu Dehua C. Brief introduction of Feng’s film—A World Without Thieves D. Feng’s opinion about his film—A World Without Thieves 43. What’s Feng’s opinion about this film? A. All the World is peaceful and perfect objects. B. The power of the film is to make people see and feel innocence. C. It’s only a fairy tale. D. Let people rediscover their consciences by this film. 44. The underlined word ―naive‖ means _________. A. lovely B. interesting C. innocent D. smart B. A World Without Thieves D. Cellphone

42. Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the passage?

45. It can be inferred from the text that _________. A. Feng Xiaogang has directed more than three films since 1998. B. This film was first on show on December 9, 2004. C. Wang Bo and Wang Li are in the charge of Uncle Bill. D.Feng Xiaogang likes fairy tales. 四、 信息匹配(10 分) 下面是有关专家的详细信息,请阅读下列相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 56.Mr. Chen Fang, executive manager of the sales Department of Tianhua Trading Company, one of the leading companies in Shanghai, will give us a presentation this afternoon. Sales of the products have grown astonishingly since Mr. Chen took charge of the department in July, 1992. The products are exported to many countries and regions of the world. Mr. Chen has been credited with miraculous powers. 57.Local employers in the city send Linda Smith a list of job openings at their companies. Her task is to interview unemployed persons, find out their backgrounds, job skill and future plans. Then she searches through her list of openings to find a job that is suitable for the applicant. If the employer hires the applicant, he/ she pays her agency a fee. 58.Professor George Smith, a distinguished economist from Britain, will give us a speech this afternoon. He is one of the specialists in the economical growth of Britain, professor of Oxford University, Ph. D from London School of Economics. 59.Mr. Frederick Row of the United Nations will give all the students a lecture tonight. Mr.

Frederick Row is an expert on the problem of overpopulation, six years’ working experience in Africa and India, author of the book We’re Killing Ourselves, master’s degree from Harvard, Ph. D. from Yale. 60.Adrienne Rich is going to give us a lecture. She is the author of nearly twenty volumes of poetry, including. The School Among the Ruins: Poems 2000 – 2004 (W. W. Norton & Co. 2004), which won the Book Critics Circle Award. She is also the author of several books of nonfiction prose. Rich has received the Bollingen Prize, the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award, the Academy of American Poets fellowship, the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, the National Book Award, and the MacArthur Fellowship; she is also a former Academy Chancellor. In 1997 Adrienne Rich was awarded the Academy’s Wallace Stevens Award for outstanding and proved mastery in the art of poetry. 请阅读下面相关专家所从事职业或所作讲座的相关信息,然后完成信息匹配: A.He or She will give us a speech titled ―Prospects of British Economy‖. B.The professor will talk about this topic ―The Bible, Slavery‖, and the ―Irrepressible Conflict‖. C.He or she is a job placement specialist for the Professional Employment Agency. D.That expert will present us ―Global Management in the 1990s‖. E.This specialist will give us a lecture titled ―Poetry Reading and Discussion‖. F.The Dr. will give us a speech titled ―The Problem of Over – population in Developing Countries‖. 五、写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 基础写作 (15 分) [写作内容] 你的英语老师要求你在班上用英文向同学们介绍你英语写作的 方法和心得。请根据下表提供的中文提纲,选择相关的信息写一篇发言稿。 学习方法 背诵范文 多阅读英文文章 多听英文广播 学习语法 多写日记 多练习口语 参考他人的习作 [写作要求] 学习效果 运用英语思维,进行模仿性写作 吸取语言材料 提高听力水平 正确表达 在做中学 提高口头技能 取长补短

1. 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容; 2. 文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称; 3. 开头与结尾已经给出。



Ladies and gentlemen, Now I would like to tell you how I learn English writing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That’s all. Thank you. 第一节 任务型写作 (25分) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 左右的英语短文。 Honesty is one of the most treasured traditional values in China. The children are taught to be honest when they are very young. At schools the students are also instructed to be honest. However, with the development of society, we often hear complaints about dishonesty. Reports with the theme of dishonesty often appear in the media. For example, some people try to get rich and live a comfortable life. But they do not work hard honestly, instead they cheat others. They sell something quite ordinary at a very high price. Some people's delaying paying back the loan can serve as another example. Some people, including some college students, get loan from the bank, and promise to pay within, say, 3 years. However, they don't do that. The dishonest people sometimes can get benefit from their behaviors. So some people assert that dishonesty can bring people benefit, while honesty only makes people suffer. Is that so? Definitely not. It is always true that honesty is the best policy. It pays to be honest. The cheater selling "the treasure" mentioned above will surely be disclosed and punished some day. On the contrary, if he had been honest, neither the buyer nor he himself would have suffered. The people who do not return money in time will sooner or later become infamous, and will not get the money from others again. If he had acted differently, he would have earned respect and trust, meanwhile, the bank would not have suffered from loss. [写作内容] 1. 以约 30 个词概括短文的要点。

2. 然后以约 120 个词就―诚实‖的主题发表看法,并包括以下要点: (1)你对不诚实现象的看法; (2)诚实的重要性是什么; (3)作为中学生,该如何做一个诚实的人。 [写作要求] 1. 作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故事, 也可以参照阅读材料的内容, 2.标题自定。

但不得直接引用原文中的句子; [评分标准]



完型填空 1—5DCCBC 16. employee 21. however 25. crying 阅读理解 26--30 ABCBC 41-45 ACBCA 信息匹配 46—50 DCAFE 基础型写作 Ladies and gentlemen, Now I would like to tell you how I learn English writing. Firstly, I often recite good / beautiful English articles, which helps me think in English when I imitate English writing. Secondly, I also read English articles widely so that I can take in as many language materials as possible. Thirdly, in order to express myself correctly / make myself understood, I think that they are important to for us learn about some grammar, listen to the radio and practice speaking English a lot. Fourthly, I keep a diary every day so that I can learn by writing. Besides / In addition, I often refer to others’ articles to know what I need and what I can learn from others. That’s all. Thank you. 任务型写作 The passage mainly tells us that nowadays many people are dishonest for their own benefit. Because not only they neglect our traditional values, but also they want to escape being punished. Dishonesty does great harm to our society. It can destroy our good relationship with others, bringing lots of unstable factors to the society. Sometimes, it may even affect people’s health. Why should we be honest? Firstly, being honest is one of Chinese traditional virtues which we should carry forward. Secondly, friendship is based on honesty. Seeing that the honest person is reliable, most of people are willing to make friends with them. Thirdly, honesty is very important for us to build a harmonious society and realize our spiritual civilization. As students, we should act honestly every day and never cheat others, including cheat in exams. Besides, we should help those who are dishonest correct their mistakes. Only in this way can we win respect from others. 31—35 BDABD 36-40 BCADC 6—10ADABC 11—15CCBDB 17. a 22. themselves 18. that 23. up 19. like 20. dangers

24. whenever



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