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Why to teach (The importance): ▲ ▲ 语言学家Wilkings:
“Without grammar,very little can be conveyed. Without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed.”

《英语课程标准》要求: 2009年浙江卷阅读中八级词汇统计(20)
A篇 B篇 C篇 D篇 E篇

classify, counter, expense, figure, profession, obviously, occupation purchase, convey

electronic, handful, fortune, agent, ripe professional , rob, deliver, considerate, reflect sincerely, inform

What to teach:
The Part of Speech The Definition The Connotations The Association The Usage

The spelling

The Pronunciation The Grammar Behavior The derivation


The Collocation

完形: eye-opening rundown homeless darkness companions sadness humanity reactions poverty-stricken painful brainstorm determination background 阅读A篇: upcoming unloading smile-warm week-even embarrassment lucky B篇: classified overtime sightseeing booklet thereafter wake-up transportation intersection workshop convenience international C篇: electronic challenging greenhouse impressive enclosed software D篇: misfortune unhappy peanut light-heartedly weatherman breathlessly unsympathetic rainstorm E篇: historian relationship teamwork competitor 任务型阅读: growth development elsewhere association relationship-driven management makeup strength bookkeeping hands-on

完形:depths represent swimsuit wooden assistant 阅读 A篇:hearing-impaired advisor headmaster outside outdoors achievements B篇:discussion website supermarket internet uncomfortable C篇:researcher enforce bedtime sleepyhead biological desktop timeout D篇:neighborhood middle-aged overvalued jogger weaknesses enjoyment pastime painlessly E篇:clothesline environmentally polluter environmentalism unpleasant homeowners eco-conscious bathwater dissatisfied lawmakers 任务型阅读: pressure unwillingness solution hurtful

1.one: /w?n/ ___ one-eye dog ____180-word article / _____80-word article 2.all in one; one after another one by one; one at a time one or two; one day /morning on one hand, on the other hand one in a thousand; ten to one (十之八九) become / be made one (团结一致) 3.one 与 a 的区别 / one 与 first 的区别: 4.one/it/that的区别:(重要考点)

5.one of… /the one of…的区别:
6.one-off chopsticks (一次性筷子) one-sided love (单相思) one-to-one conversations (一对一的会话) one-way street (单行道) one-way ticket ( 单程票) one-man show (一个人表演) oneself oneness N. (单一)

7.与one搭配 的一些谚语:

(1)One body is nobody.(一个人是微不足道。) (2)All for one, one for all.(人人为我,我为人人。) (3)To promise is one thing, and to keep is another. ( 约是约,做是做。) (4)The one way to have a friend is to be one. (得到朋友的唯一的办法是做一个朋友。) (5) One is never too old to learn. (活到老,学到老。)


1.Don't speak at once. _______ please! (1995) A. One at a time. B. One by one time. C. One for each time. D. Each at one time. 2.We needed a new cupboard for the kitchen. So Peter made ____from some wood we had. (2004) A. it B. one C. himself D. another 3.Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettabl moment, ____I will always treasure. (2002) A. that B. one C. it D. what 4.The CDs are on sale!Buy one and you get ______ completely free.(2009全国卷) A. other B. others C. one D. ones

head 的用法(一词多义)
1. The dinner cost us five dollars a head. (每人) 2. You should use your head. (动脑筋) 3. Let’s discuss the question under four heads. (题目) 4. a department head (系主任) 5. at the head of the list (开头) 6. You are wrong on that head. (这一点) 7. Where are you heading? (往……走) 8. Please head the article with a title. (给……加标题)

继 同 宣 要 埋 建 宣 意 拒 续 求 咕 议 布 布 说 绝 说 怨 说 说 哝 说 declare 说 demand 说 agree continue说 说 suggest refuse complain murmur announce advise

汉语中“说”的表达方式 (一义多词)

说 (say , speak , tell , talk )
explain shout add imply admit reply 承 解 repeat 大 whisper 补 report 暗 声 充 释 重 报 示 (answer) 认 低 说 说 回 说 说 复 声 告 说 说 答 说 说 说

1. Negroes and heroes like to eat potatoes and tomatoes from the volcanoes. 2. A modern modest model won a metal medal . 3. There is mutton and a button at the bottom of the bottle. 4. Does your lover love your glove? 5. Believe it or not,the sweat in my sweater is sweet, so I’d like to eat it. 6.Do you know,which is the most important, health or wealth?

7. There is a fly flying over the frying pan and crying for help. 8. The competitors competed in the composition competition, and they are all very competitive.

9.The emperor with his mayors and inspectors came to a hospital to see a sailor and a monitor of a school. The director of the hospital , as well as some doctors, professors and inventors warmly met the visitors. They thought highly of the wounded sailor and the brave monitor for their fighting against the traitor(叛徒), who robbed one tailor of her mirror and scissors on the tractor.

1.amaze/amuze 3.brave/grave 4.bunch/brunch 5.block/black 6.million/billion/trillion 7.blood/flood 9.adopt/adpat 10.abroad/aboard/broad/board 11.accept/except/expect 12.award/aware 13.concept/concert 14.content/context 15.certain/curtain 16.dawn/down 17. tough/rough

18.tour/pour 19.patent/patient 20.peach/beach 20.insect/insert 21.instruct/construct 22.headline/deadline 23.height/weight 24.gain/pain 25.familiar/similar 26.explore/explode 27.expert/expect/except 28.goal/goat 29.relief/belief 30.optimistic/pessimistic

F: faithful

frank friendly fair

real reliable responsible R: respectful E: easy-going everlasting equal


N: D:

encouraging nice noble

devoted determined dynamic

S: sincere secure selfless smart H: helpful honest hopeful I: P:
independent inspiring polite patient pleasant

fire snow slide mudflow

typhoon / hurricane

volcano eruption

Natural disasters
tsunami sandstorm




backpack a cell phone



some food


What to take when traveling?

credit card

ID cards/passports medicine compass

umbrella mobile phone

attract call draw catch invite devote

one’s attention to…

※ focus one’s attention on…
pay attention to…. /

1.stadium/gymnasium 2.sport meet 3.field event 4.track event 5.long jump 6.high jump 9.relay race 10.relay baton(接力棒) 11.finishing line 12.gunshot 13.cheer up 14.come on 15.take part in 16.athelete 17.Take/win the first prize 18.100-meter dash 21.sportswear


the birthday of Jesus Christ圣诞: Christmas day,圣诞节 Christmas carol 圣诞歌 Christmas card 圣诞卡 Santa Claus 圣诞老人 Christmas tree 圣诞树 Merry Christmas 圣诞 Christmas Eve 平安夜 ornament 装饰物 chimney 烟囱 Boxing Day:节后第一个工作日,即“重拳出击那一天” roast turkey 烤火鸡 Christmas crafts 圣诞工艺品

? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

停车场 斜靠… 破烂 露出 我断定… 费心做… 朝…方向前进 使…振足起来 徒劳

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ?

a parking lot lean against… be in rags stick out I assume… bother to do… make one’s way to… cheer sb up be in vain



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