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辽宁省沈阳铁路实验中学 2013-2014 学年高一英语下学期期初考试试 题(无答案)新人教 B 版

I. 单项选择 (每小题 1 分, 共 15 分) 1. ---We are late because we took _______ wrong road. ---You should be careful ______ next time. A. the?the A.did they A. twice high than C. twice higher as B. a?the B.was it C. the?/ C.didn't they D. /?/ D.wasn't it 2. They didn't believe that a hurricane was on the way, ________? 3. The tower of London is ____ the church tower. B. more than twice so high as D. more than twice the height of

4. — ________ are you doing in your study? — Very well. I work hard and have won many prizes. A.What B.How C.Why D.Where 5. — Will $200 ________ the cost of the repairs? — I'm afraid not. You need to pay 10 more dollars. A.contact D.exchange 6. John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work________ , he gladly accepted it. A.finished finished 7. John hurried into the classroom to avoid ________ by his teacher.[ A.seeing B.see C.to be seen D.being seen 8. ________ you see this kind of flower, you will be attracted. A.For the first time C.The first time — Yes, but she ________ soon afterwards. A.had left A.took place taken place 11. ________ of the money________ my parents. A.Two- fifth; belongs to B.Two- five; belongs B.left C.will leave D. would leave D . have been 10. Great changes ________ in China in the past 20 years. B.have taken place C.were taken place B.When the first time D.When first time B.finishing C.having finished D . was B.cover C.afford

9. — Was Mary in the office when you arrived there?


C.Second -fifths; is belonged to 12. I was watching the Winter Olympic Games was disappointing. A. while B. then

D.Two- fifths; belongs to the electricity went off, which C. when D. so

13. Every foreigner is really ________at our ________achievements recently. A.astonished; astonished C.astonished; astonishing A.contains; including C.contains; contained — B.astonishing; astonishing D.astonishing; astonished B.includes; containing D.includes; including

14. This dictionary________ ten parts, ________ one special part with some pictures.

15. —I think smoking in public places is very bad. . Smoking in public will make non—smokers uncomfortable. B. I disagree with you D. I couldn’t agree more A. All right C. That’s all right II. 完型填空(每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) I move to Chicago ten years ago. As I was new to the area, I had I 19 17 an elderly couple. The wife and I she was about her husband who was 22 20 18 16 friends and rarely went out to parties. But a month later, I was invited to a party and there for a long time. She told me how a heart operation. At that time I was 23 me to let me

working as a researcher in the same 21 operation, know when he was there. She phoned a few weeks later as she admitted to the hospital and do the same, so I 27 25 26 on him every day while I was at

where the husband would be going for his

I told her to take down my phone number and 24

and told me that her husband was

waiting. I told her that I would go and check . I thought that if it was my dad, I would 28 to see them and keep track 30 together . As time

to give them some company.

Weeks turned into months and it just became my bring a 29

of how things were going before, during and after the heart operation. Sometimes I'd for him to read, or some food that we would 31 33 32 went by, it seemed like I became a Now ten years later, I have my own truly of the family . Even after the husband each other on holidays. 34 close . Since our parents don't

returned from the hospital, we still often

by, this couple has become my son's "local" grandparents. My wife and I often feel 35 to have this couple as our "local" parents! Sometimes family comes out B. some B. helped C. several C. met D. many D. supported of the most unexpected place. 16. A. few 17. A. served


18. A. searched 19. A. regretful 20. A. giving up turning down 21. A. hotel office 22. A. so 23. A. ask 24. A. promised required 25. A. even 26. A. work 27. A. admitted 28. A. method 29. A. magazine 30. A. order 31. A. guest 32. A. missed visited 33. A. work 34. A. live 35. A. nervous

B. talked B. calm B. waiting for B. hospital B. but B. call B. predicted B. seldom B. school B. decided B. tradition B. picture B. share B. member B. followed B. style B. remove B. curious

C. argued C. pleased C. paying for C. restaurant C. although C. help C. imagined C. sometimes C. home C. reacted C. hobby C. computer C. prepare C. doctor C. observed C. family C. move C. thankful

D. fought D. worried D. D. D. when D. invite D. D. still D. table D. trust D. habit D. tape D. cook D. friend D. D. duty D. drive D. suitable

III. 阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 30 分) A

Are you always busy? Is your schedule hectic(忙碌的)? Do you sometimes forget to take time to eat?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need QUICKEATS HEALTHY EATING THAT FITS YOUR DAILY ROUTINE Vacuum-sealed meals for people on the go! Nutritious, low-sugar, low-fat, well-balanced meals in a convenient pocket! They don’t spoil! Are you in the mood for a hot meal? Or do you prefer a cold dish instead? Hot or cold, Quickeats are delicious and the tempting taste will have you believe you are eating a home-cooked meal. A variety of meals are already


available(可获得的) at leading grocery stores in your area. Try our Red Hot Quickeats! ( Heat in a microwave for 3 minutes. ) Stew(煮,炖) with Garden Vegetables Barbecued Chicken and Rice Creamy Hum and Noodles Choose one of our Cool Blue Quickeats! (Refrigerate for extra coldness, if desired.) Yogurt with Dried Fruit and Nuts Vegetable Salad and Pasta Salad Tuna Salad and Whole Wheat Crackers Quickeats are reasonably priced and ready to eat. Take the coupon(优惠卷)below to a participating store to receive a free Red Hot or Cool Blue container that will fit neatly in your backpack, briefcase, or shoulder bag and keep your Quickeats meal hot or cold until you’re ready to eat it. Each container holds up to 4 Quickeats. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact our national office: Neavest Inc., P. O. Box 90210, Lexinet, VA or call 1-888-293-3151 36. This advertisement is designed especially for those who____________. A. like eating in restaurants C. prefer home-cooked meals A. Different kinds. D. Good taste. 38.Which of the following can be cooled in a refrigerator before eating according to the ads? A. Nuts Fruit B I arrived in the classroom, ready to share my knowledge and experience with 76 students who would be my English literature class. Having taught in the US for 17 years, I have no doubt about my ability to hold their attention and to impress on them my admiration for the literature of my mother tongue.

B. want to save money D. have little time High quality. C. Exact prices.

37.What information CAN'T we get from the advertisement about Ouickeats? B.

B. Pasta Salad

C. Noodles

D. Dried

I was shocked when the monitor shouted, “stand up!” The entire class rose as I entered the room and I was somewhat confused about how to get them to sit down again, but once the embarrassment was over, I quickly regained my calmness and admiration. I went back to my office with the rosy glow which came from a strong sense of achievement. My students kept diaries. However, as I read them, the rosy glow was gradually replaced by a strong sense of sadness. The first diary said, “Our literature teacher didn't teach us anything today. Perhaps her next lecture will be better.” Greatly surprised, I read diary after diary, each expressing a similar theme .“Didn't I teach them anything? I described the entire Western philosophy ( 哲 学 ) and laid the historical background for all the works we will study in class,” I complained. “How should they say I didn't teach them anything?” It was a long term, and it gradually became clear that my ideas about education were not the same as those of my students. I thought a teacher's job was to raise interesting questions and provide enough background so that students could draw their own conclusions. My students thought a teacher's job was to provide exact information as directly and clearly as possible. What a difference! However, I also learned a lot, and the experience with my Chinese students has made me a better American teacher, knowing how to teach in a different culture. 39.We can know that on the first day the writer ________. A.was disappointed at her students' performance B.felt very confident about herself at first C.felt she didn't teach them much D.was very confident about her students 40.At the beginning , the writer got confused because of ________. A.cultural differences C.students' embarrassment A.raise interesting questions C.know more about exact facts B.her own embarrassment D.students' admiration B.know more about background D.draw their own conclusions

41.The writer learnt from their diaries that the students wanted to ________.

42.The writer wants to tell us through her experience that ________. A.Chinese students are hard to teach B.she has no experience in teaching Chinese students C.Chinese students has made her a better American teacher D.different countries have different cultures even in teaching Passage C Louis Armstrong had two famous nicknames (绰号). Some people called him Bagamo.


They said his mouth looked like a large bag, Musicians often called him Pops, as a sign of respect for his influence on the world of music . Born in 1901 in New Orleans, he grew up poor, but lived among great musicians. Jazz was invented in the city a few years before his birth. Armstrong often said,” Jazz and I grew up together.” Armstrong showed a great talent for music when he was taught to play the cornet (短号) at a boy’s home. In his late teens, Armstrong began to live the life of a musician. He played in parades, clubs, and on the steamboats that traveled on the Mississippi River. At that time , New Orleans was famous for the new music of jazz and was home to many great musicians. Armstrong learned from the older musicians and soon became respected as their equal. In 1922 he went to Chicago. There, the tale of Louis Armstrong begins. From then until the end of his life, Armstrong was celebrated and loved wherever he went . Armstrong had no equal when it came to playing the American popular song. His cornet playing had a deep humanity (仁爱) and warmth that caused many listeners to say, “Listening to Pops just makes you feel good all over.” He was the father of the jazz style and also one of the best-known and most admired people in the world. His death, on July 6, 1971, was headline news around the world. 43. Armstrong was called Pops because he . A. looked like a musician B. was a musician of much influence C. showed an interest in music D. traveled to play modern music 44. The third paragraph is developed . A. by space B. by examples C. by time D. by comparison 45. Which statement about Armstrong is true? A. His tale begins in New Orleans. B. He was born before jazz was invented. C. He learned popular music at a boy’s home. D. His music was popular with his listeners. 46. Which would be the best title for the text? A. The Invention of the Jazz Music C. The Making of a Musician B. The Father of the Jazz Style D. The Spread of Popular Music Passage D I will tell a story about a man and a woman who live in the same neighborhood. The woman is interested in the man. She uses many methods to catch his eye, or to get him to notice her. Once he sets eyes on her, or sees her, she might try to get him interested in her by being playful. In other words, she might try to make eyes


at him or give him the eye. Let us suppose that this man gets hit between the eyes. In other words, the woman has a strong effect on him. He wants to spend time with her to get to know her better. He asks her out on a date. She is so happy that she may walk around for days with stars in her eyes. She is extremely happy because this man is the apple of her eye. On their date, the couple might eat a meal together at a restaurant. If the man is really hungry, his eyes might be bigger than his stomach. He might order more food than he can eat. When his food arrives at the table, his eyes might pop out. He might not even believe his own eyes when he sees the amount of food provided. During their dinner,the couple might discuss many things. They might find that they see eye to eye. For example, they might agree that every crime (罪行) or injury should be punished. That is, they strongly believe in the idea of an eye for an eye. They might also agree that it is wrong to pull the wool over a person's eyes. This means to try to trick a person by making him believe something that is false. 47.What's the writer's purpose in writing this passage? A.To show us the right ways to look at other people. B.To tell us an interesting story between a man and a woman. C.To explain why the word “eye” has so many different meanings. D.To introduce some English expressions related to the word “eye”. 48.The woman makes eyes at the man in order to tell him that________. A.she likes him C.she is different man________. A.is really hungry C.might be surprised A.like each other C.don't get along well B.eats like a horse D.likes wasting money B.look like each other D.share the same opinions B.she is too busy D.she is beautiful

49 . By saying the man's eyes might pop out, the writer wants to show that the

50.If we say that two people see eye to eye, we probably mean they________.

IV. 信息匹配 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 The person behind you constantly kicks the back of your seat. Your talkative seatmate doesn't understand your need for sleep. And the aircraft's bathroom is a total mess. These situations can make even a short flight unbearable. Hopefully you don't cause these unpleasant experiences for others. __51__ Always recline (向后倾斜) your seat slowly. There's nothing worse than suddenly


being hit in the knees by the seat in front of you. In addition, don't keep your seat reclined for the entire flight. Always keep it upright during mealtimes. And remember to put it in the upright position before going to the restroom or anytime you leave your seat. __52__ Wait until the meal is done and all the food trays (盘子) have been collected. It's hard for passengers to stand up to let you pass when they still have their food trays. And when using the bathroom, always clean up after yourself—the next user will be grateful! Keep your body—and your possessions—to yourself as much as possible so as not to crowd your inflight seatmate(s). Share the armrest, especially on a long flight. Also, be careful not to kick or push on the seat in front of you. While some people enjoy chatting with other passengers during a flight, not everyone does. Some people may want to nap, read or work. __53__ If you are traveling with someone and want to chat, keep your voices low. __54__ People can still hear through your headphones if the volume is too high. When exiting the plane, if others are having trouble with their carryon luggage, help them if you can. If you can't help, wait patiently, and don't push past people to get off the airplane. On your flight, remember the golden rule:__55__ A.Treat others the way you want to be treated! B.If the conversation seems one-sided, you should notice it. C.Don't leave your carryon in the aircraft. D.Instead, you can set an example by following these common airplane courtesies (礼貌) E.Avoid going to the bathroom during mealtimes. F.It is not polite to talk loudly in the aircraft. G.If using electronic gadgets(小装置), keep the volume down. 注意: 请按下列要求把答案涂在卡上 E 涂 AB F 涂 AC G 涂 AD

英语答题纸 V. 短文改错(每改对一处得 1 分,共 10 分) 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。


Dear Jim I am so exciting that you will come to China. I will free from December 18 and will have a plenty of time to be together with you. I’ll meet you at the airport and then you will take Bus No. 8 for my home. You worry about the weather here in your email. In fact, the weather here is quite different from it in your city. It isn’t very cold, but you needn’t bring many clothes with you. During your stay here, I’ll take you to some places of interests and you can taste some local snacks. I am sure we will have greatly fun together. Looking forward to meeting you soon. John VI.用所给词的适当形式填空(每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) surprise interview talent approach addict likely relate create design fluent

1. I got a letter asking me to go for a job ____________ next day. 2. When Beethoven was very young, he showed a great ___________ for music. 3. The government has been trying to ___________ more jobs for the college graduates. 4. It seems common in China that some starts are ___________ to taking drugs. 5. She's very ___________ to ring me tonight so I will have the mobile phone on all the time. 6. The course is ____________ for English beginners. 7. He speaks English very well but of course not so ___________ as a native speaker. 8. Winter is coming to an end. In other words, summer is _____________. 9. To our great ___________, he could write such a good article. 10. He died of an illness ____________ to water pollution. VII.翻译句子(共 10 分) 1. 他受的教育如此的少以至于找不到一份好工作.(2 分) ________________________________________________________________________________ __

________________________________________________________________________________ __ 2. 在中学课外活动正变得越来越受学生的喜爱.(popular) (2 分) ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ 3. 她依然没来上学, 这使我很担心她的健康.(concerned) (3 分) ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ 4. 上学期我参加了当地电台举办的英语演讲比赛并获一等奖. (3 分) ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __

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