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A gift for the future

Learning aims: To know the importance of sustainable development and some particular forms of renewable energy. Learning p

rocedures: Step 1. Reading 1. Read a future story, focus on the title first and discuss the questions. 1) What is sustainable development? 2) What is the gift for the future in your opinion? 2. Skimming Skim the article and find the main idea of this article and how it is organized. Para1~3: ___________________ of sustainable development Para4~10: ________________ of energy including fossil fuels and renewable energy 3. Read part 2 Para4~10 and fill in the chart 1. _____________ 2. _______________ wind energy hydroelectricity What we can do with the energy 3._________, hot water and electricity 7. _________ never running out;

use the sun’s natural energy to provide heat, renewable; use wind power to 4. ______________ , 5. friendly to the 8. _________ _____________and produce electricity use the force of water to 6. ____________

Step2. Language study 1. In the next several decades, it is believed that the world’s population will increase to about nine billion people.(L1-L3) 据信,在未来的数十年中,世界人口将增长到大约九十亿。 1) It is believed that… 本句用的句型是“It is believed + that -clause.” It 是形式主语, 真正的主语是后面的 that-clause. “It is believed +that-clause”相当于“People believe+ that-clause”可译作“人们相信/据信……”。 类似的结构有:“It is said/ known/ agreed/ thought + that-clause”。例如: It is believed that there is plenty of oil off the coast. 据信沿海有大量的石油。 It is thought/said/ believed that…据认为/说/信……相当于 sb./st. be thought/said/believed to do. 据认为这支球队肯定能赢得比赛。(用从句和简单句翻译) ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 2) increase v. to (make something) become larger in amount or size: 增加, 使增加 Incidents of armed robbery have increased over the last few years. Increased/Increasing efforts are being made to end the dispute. noun [C or U] price/tax increases There were 39, 000 new cases last year - an increase of 7 per cent. Increasingly adv. more and more Increasingly, there is pressure on the council to reverse its decision. [词义辨析]:increase by 和 increase to 的区别:


increase by 增加了 表示增加的幅度 increase to 增加到 表示增加后的结果 典型例题: It has been estimated that the earth’s surface temperature has increased ____ one quarter to three quarters of a degree since 1850. A. to B. by C. at D. with One of the consequences of our planet’s being warming up is a(n) in the number of natural disasters. A.result B.account C.reason D.increase 2. This is a simple idea, but one which is hard to put into practice. (L19-L21) 这是一个简单的想法,不过也是一个难于付诸实践的理念。 put into practice 实行, 实现 How do you intend to put these proposals into practice, Mohamed? The law should be put into practice as soon as possible. in practice 在实践上; 实际上; 在不断练习中; (=in fact) The plan worked well in practice. ( ) You should keep yourself in practice. ( ) Officially, Robert's in charge, but in practice Hannah runs the office. ( ) out of practice 生疏,荒废 (谚语) 熟能生巧。______________________________. 3. This is why many people are pushing for the use of alternative energy sources. ( L48-L50) 这就是许多人正在强烈要求使用替代能源的原因。 push for v. to take strong action to try to make it happen 奋力争取 Local residents are pushing for the road to be made safer. The workers are pushing for higher pay. push sb for sth 强求某人给予某物;敦促某人做某事 I’ll have to ____________________________ (强烈要求你做决定). 4. In many parts of the world, tentative steps are being taken to introduce these forms of renewable energy. (L86-L88)在世界的许多地方,人们正采取初步措施,来引入此类可再生能源。 step noun [C] 步骤;措施 The first step in changing a car tire is to loosen the wheel. 换轮胎的第一步是卸下车轮。 What's _______________ (下一步) in the programme? The President _______ (采取) the unusual step of altering his prepared speech in order to condemn (谴责) the terrorist attack. Step 3. 翻译 L3-L4 敲响警钟 ___________________ L5 in order for everyone to survive _____________ L13-14 可持续发展_________________ L20-L21 put into practice ___________________ L25. 在危险中 ____________________ L31-L32 power electrical equipment____________ L38 耗尽,用光___________________ L39-L40 at a much higher rate _________________ L49 奋力争取___________________ L50 alternative energy sources _________________ L53 太阳能_____________________ L70 wind power_________________________ L72-73 发电 ________________________ L87 take steps ______________________________


Step3 Homework Try to keep the key words and phrases in mind and write a short passage using at least 10 of them. 参考答案 2. Importance Different kinds of sources 3. 1. alternative energy sources/ forms of energy 2. solar energy 3. light 4. pump water 5. make flour 6. produce electricity 7. Advantages/Benefits 8. environment step2 1. It is thought that this team will surely win the match. people think that this team will surely win the match. B D 2. 在实践中 不断练习 实际上 3. push you for your decision 4.the next step took



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