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过去分词专题练习 Ⅰ.分析下列句子的特点(过去分词做定语,表语以及被动) 1. The excited children are opening their Christmas presents. 2. This supermarket is now closed. 3. The blackboard was broken by Tom. 4. She had a worried

look on her face because she failed the exam. 5. He looked interested in the idea I put forward. 6. The machine produced last year(= which were produced last year) are very expensive. Ⅱ. Fill the form with proper form.适当形式填空 1. The animal and plants that they found there were (astonish) 2. I was (astonish) to learn that his long lost child had been found. 3. The news made us .(diappoint) 4. The mother went to visit Einstein. (puzzle) 5. Madame Curie found husband’s death .(shock) 6. I saw the boy very (excite) 7. (encourage), the girl was determined to study harder and make greater progress. 8. Be brave. You look like a bird (frighten)(惊弓之鸟) 9. The fierce lion looks (frighten). Keep away from its cage or it will attack you. 10. The food served at the dinner party did not seem very (invite) Ⅲ. Fill the form with V-ed 1. The book ___________________ (一本农民写的书) is very popular. 2. The building _________________(去年建的楼房) now collapsed in the Wenchuan earthquake. 3. The problem _________________________(在昨天会议上讨论的) was very difficult to solve. 4. The window _________________________(被那个顽皮男孩打破的 ) is being repaired 5. The children ________________________( 昨 天 在 医 院 检 查 的 ) were seriously ill. 6. The people _________________(暴露在阳光下的) got sunburnt. 7. The boy _____________________________(受到老师严厉惩罚的) is now a college student. 8. The water ___________________________( 送 到 他 家 的 水 ) carried disease. 9. The English today is quite different from the English ___________________(300 年前所说的). 10. Most of the artists___________________ (被邀请去参加聚会的) were from South Africa. 11. The students ____________________(受到老师鼓舞的)worked harder than ever before. Ⅳ. 基础单选题。 1. Mary is a new nurse and her job is to take care of the soldiers. A. wound B. wounded C. wounding D. being wounded 2. Lily seems very much in the magazine, but I think it’s too expensive. A. interested B. interesting C. to interest D. to be interesting 3. All the passengers should remain when the plane is making a landing. A. seat B. seating C. to be seating D. seated

4. After her journey from Australia, Sophie Armstrong returned home, A. being exhausted B. exhausting C. exhausted D. having exhausted 5. their new album on time, the two famous singers worked far into the night every day. A. Release B. Released C. To release D. Having released 6. The meeting next Thursday mainly aims to deal with the problems related to teenagers’ mental health. A. to be held B. held C. being held D. having been held 7. There is nothing to do but wait for my parents to come here. A. leave B. left C. to leave D. leaving 8. are now good care of in the hospital. A. The workers injured; taken B. The injured workers; being taken C. The injured workers; taken D. The workers injured; being taken 9. All his fans are by Lionel Messi’s performance in F.C.Barcelona A. inspire B. inspiring C. inspired D. being inspired Ⅴ. Choose the best answer.过去分词做定语、表语专项练习 1. Most of the artists _____ to the party were from South Africa. A. invited B. to invite C. being invited D. had been invited 2. The computer center, _____last year, is very popular among the students in this school. A. open B. opening C. having opened D. opened 3. Cleaning women in big cities usually get _____ by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay 4.—How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? —The key _____ the problem is to meet the demand _____ by the customers. A. to solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made 5. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases _____ only to people with specific knowledge. A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known 6 _______ English is different from ______ English in many ways. A. Spoken; written B. Speaking; written C. Spoken; writing D. Speak; write 7 The woman ________ there under the tree, _______ in a blue shirt, is our headmaster. A. sitting; wearing B. sitting; dressed C. seating; dressed D. seated; dressing 8 Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing Mining Company, _____ as 3M. A. knowing. B. known. C. being known. D. to be known 9 The _____ dishes lay on the floor. A breaking. B. broken. C. broke. D. break 10 the ship,______ by a huge piece of iceberg, cam to a sudden stop. A. hitting. B. hit. C. hitted. D. to hit. 11 Sandy, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to ____ before the party. A. get changed. B. get change. 12. get changing. D. get to change. 13 he seems quite _____ at the idea. A. pleasing. B. pleased. C. please. D. pleasant. 14 . She felt rather _______that she shouldn’t drive the car at such a _______ speed. A. frightening, frightening B. frightened, frightened C. frightening, frightened D. frightened, frightening

15 Tell Mary that there’s someone ____ for her at the door. A. waiting. B. waits. C. waited. D. to wait. 16 there is a big dog____ to a fence outside the house. A. tying. B. tied. C. to tie. D. ties. 17 The Olympic Games, ___ in 776 B.C.did not include women players until 1912. A. first played B. to be first played C. first playing D. to be first playing 18. What he has done is really ____. Now his parents are _____ him. A. disappointing; disappointed at B. disappointing; disappointed about C. disappointing; disappointed with D. disappointed; disappointing by 19. Prices of daily goods ___ through a computer can be lower than some store prices. A. are bought B. bought C. been bought D. buying 20. Mr Smith, ____ of the ___ speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring 21 As soon as she entered the room, the girl caught sight of the flowers ____ by her mother. A. buying B. being bought C. were bought D. bought 22. As we joined the big crowd I got ______ from my friends. A. separated B. spared C. lost D. missed 23. The students, ____ at the way the question was put, didn’t know how to answer it. A being surprised B. surprising C. surprised D. having surprised 24. The first textbooks _____ for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century. A having written B. to be written C. being written D. written 25. Look at the note_____ to the door, you will see that someone paid a visit when we are away. A. pinning B. pinned C. being pinned D. is pinned 26. I was very ____ to find all the tickets had been sold out when I got there. A. disappoint B. to disappoint C. disappointing D. disappointed 27 . --- A woman was killed. --- Where is the body of the ______ woman? A. murder B. murdered C. murdering D. having murdered 28 .The ___ look on the girl’s face suggested that she ___ such bad news. A. surprising, would expect B. surprised, should expect C. surprising, shouldn’t have been expected D. surprised, hadn’t expected 29 . You’ll find the word "psychology"___under "P" in your dictionary. A. have listed B. list C. listed D. listing 30 . From the date ___ on the gold coin, we decided that it was made five hundred years ago. A.marking B.marked C.to be marked D.having been marked 31. There was a terrible noise ____ the sudden burst of light. A. followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed 32. The Olympic Games, ____ in 776 B. C., didn’t include women until 1912. A. first playing B. to be first played C. first played D. to be playing 33. What’s the language ____ in Germany? A. speaking B. spoken C. be spoken D. to speak






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