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1. Though it was difficult, Carlos knew the only ___C___ thing to do would be to admit cheating on the test. A. honestly B. honor C. honorable D. honest 2. Debbie is very ____D___ to the plig

ht of homeless people and always gets very emotional when she sees them on the street. A. empathy B. empathetic C. sympathy D. sympathetic 3. Certain types of birds often develop the skill of ___B____ and sound like they can speak. A. impressions B. mimicry C. personification D. imitating 4. As babies develop, they need to learn to ___D____ before they can walk. A. run B. climb C. swim D. crawl 5. When he was a child, Tony lost all vision in his right eye, so he feels ___A____ for the difficulties faced by blind people. A. empathy B. empathetic C. sympathy D. sympathetic 6. Kindergarten teachers often have to reprimand their students for ___B____. A. mimicry B. misbehaviour C. misery D. misunderstanding 7. During the Christmas holiday, many people feel a surge of ___C____ and give to charities. A. malevolence B. discipline C. benevolence D. sensitivity 8. Babies usually cry when they feel ___C____ because they have no other way to express themselves. A. distinguished B. dishonest

C. distressed D. discouraged 9. Different cultures have different ways of ___B____ their children. A. authorizing B. disciplining C. obeying D. sympathizing 10. The research project was an ___D____ success—we managed to prove our theory conclusively. A. overage B. overdue C. overnight D. overall 11. Thomas has no ___A____ to the feelings of others—he always makes very negative and offensive comments. A. sensitivity B. sense C. sensory D. sensitive 12. No matter where Sue goes, something major happens; it's like she takes the ___D____ along with her. A. comedy B. tragedy C. romance D. drama 13. He reached out and ____B___ her cheek tenderly. A. scratched B. stroked C. wiped D. massaged 14. Brian felt incredible pressure and made a ____C___ decision, which ultimately turned out to be a big mistake. A. haste B. hastily C. hasty D. hasten 15. The ____A___ events of this morning were making everyone feel very depressed and lonely. A. sober B. moderate C. blissful D. welcome 16. My brother was ___D____ interested in taking that psychology class at school.

A. eagerly B. excitedly C. impatiently D. keenly 17. That documentary about the ___A____ of African refugees won all the major awards. A. plight B. flight C. blight D. slight 18. Her little sister is still just a(n) ___C____; she turns six months next week. A. toddler B. teenage C. infant D. adolescent 19. Children love to ____A___ the actions they see in others, so be careful what you do! A. imitate B. irritate C. instigate D. implicate 20. The photographs ___C____ strong memories of our holidays in France. A. damaged B. impaired C. evoked D. imitated 11. The police presence at airports seemed to double ____C___ after the bomb threat. A. overage B. overdue C. overnight D. overall 12. In order to ____B___ information from people, investigators sometimes use questionable methods. A. extort B. extract C. exchange D. exert 13. It is a federal crime to ___A____ a lawyer in a courtroom. A. impersonate B. personify C. personalize D. impersonal 14. After the September 11 ___C____ attacks in the United States, the

government took extreme measures to make sure it wouldn't happen again. A. radical B. revolutionary C. terrorist D. activist 15. International business and ____B___ have made the world very interconnected and countries dependent on one another. A. online banking B. commerce C. credit cards D. retail 16. I think pop-up ads on the Internet and spam in my e-mail inbox are terribly ___A____ —so much so that it might be an invasion of privacy. A. offensive B. offense C. defensive D. defense 17. Online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes are so successful that they have become ___B____ names. A. obvious B. household C. opportunistic D. offensive 18. The new facial recognition security system ____D___ knows who you are and if you have access to the building. A. anonymously B. obviously C. tastefully D. automatically 19. Today's students simply have to go ___A____ to find the answer to almost any homework question. A. online B. Internet C. Web D. computer 20. After my store was broken into, the police officer drove me home as a ___D____. A. prerequisite B. prevention C. pretension D. precaution 1. Dogs share many of the same ___A____ as humans and can easily show emotion. A. attributes

B. distributes C. tributes D. reattributes 2. Compared to my pet frog, that horse seemed like a ___C____ animal. A. miniature B. typical C. giant D. short 3. It might be hard to believe but some ants are ____A___ of carrying more than ten times their body weight! A. capable B. capability C. able D. ability 4. Over millions of years, animals on Earth ____D___ and adapted to many different environments. A. grew B. involved C. developed D. evolved 5. Polar bears are able to stay warm in such cold places because they have a thick ____A___ of fat beneath their fur. A. layer B. coat C. sheet D. stack 6. Many animals, like chipmunks, live underground in vast networks of ___B____ that they dig. A. holes B. tunnels C. openings D. caves 7. Elephants are often called ____B___ animals because of their size, beauty, and elegance. A. enormous B. magnificent C. interesting D. compelling 8. Scientists have been studying DNA for years but they've only ____D___ a fraction of the information it contains. A. covered B. recovered C. discovered D. uncovered

9. Charles Darwin suggested that humans and apes, such as chimpanzees, shared a similar ___A____ from a common ancestor. A. descent B. ascent C. descendent D. descendant 10. There is a famous story about a lion that had a thorn stuck in its ___B____. A. hand B. paw C. hoof D. flipper 11. When he wants to go outside, my dog will ___D____ bark at the front door until someone opens it. A. unreliably B. previously C. distractedly D. repeatedly 12. Penguins may look a little silly walking on land, but they ___B____ through water beautifully. A. leap B. glide C. squirm D. drape 13. When a tiger shows its teeth, that's an ____C___ that it is about to attack. A. indicate B. indicative C. indication D. indicating 14. Many fish swim with a gentle side-to-side ___A____ of the fins and tail. A. motion B. motive C. motor D. motel 15. I could see a subtle ___C____ of sadness on the face of my cat when I left for work this morning. A. clue B. motion C. hint D. gust 16. Parrots have the ability to ____B___ the sounds they hear around them. A. produce B. reproduce C. pronounce D. mispronounce

17. Some species of birds can fly for miles simply by gliding on a ___C____ of wind. A. breeze B. motion C. gust D. hint 18. The sign said that the ___D____ age of Mildred, the zoo's oldest gorilla, is around 45. A. exact B. exactly C. approximately D. approximate 19. She divided the dog food ____D___ among all the puppies. A. evening B. eventually C. even D. evenly 20. I wore a sweater and a jacket, but the cold wind still managed to ____C___ to my skin! A. uncover B. filter C. penetrate D. navigate 11. Do we have the ___A____ of coming to work on Friday or is it mandatory? A. option B. optional C. options D. optioning 12. I've never ridden a ____B___ because they move so fast and frighten me. A. bicycle B. motorcycle C. unicycle D. tricycle 13. Thinking about my job interview tomorrow scares me to death and fills me with ____C___. A. bread B. tread C. dread D. thread 14. Many ____A___ companies are working together to help find a cure for AIDS. A. multinational B. multimedia C. multilingual

D. multicultural 15. Employees are usually much more ___B____ if they think the boss listens to their ideas. A. cooperate B. cooperative C. cooperating D. cooperation 16. My father always taught me to be a ___A____ in life and not just a spectator. A. participant B. participate C. participation D. participates 17. BBC Light Programme ____D___ for the masses. A. struts B. entertains C. dedicates D. caters 18. When she had flu, Jenny's doctor wrote her a ___C____ for medicine. A. inscription B. description C. prescription D. subscription 19. In graduate school, Brad wrote his PhD ____B___ about ancient Chinese history. A. hypothesis B. thesis C. theory D. proposal 20. We have to work in a different building next week because ____D___ of the new air conditioning system will take several days. A. insulation B. inspiration C. insinuation D. installation



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