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Sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London

What famous places do you know in London?

London Tower Bridge

Hyde Park

London Eye

British Museum

1.How did Zhang Pingyu plan her tour? 2.How many days did Zhang Pingyu stay in London?

Make a list of zhang Pingyu’ s tour in London each day.

Day 1
1. The Tower of London 2. St Paul’s Cathedral 3.Westminster Abbey

Day 2
1.Greenwich (old ships famous clock longitude line)

Day 3
1.Karl Marx’s Statue

2.British Museum

4. Big Ben
5.Buckingham Palace

Make a comment on each place Zhang Pingyu visited the first day.

sites of London 1 Tower
St Paul’s Day 1 2 Cathedral Westminster 3 Abby

comments Delight ,fancy
splendid and interesting interesting

4 Big Ben

famous and very loud

The Tower of London

Delight and fancy

St.Paul Cathedral
splendid and interesting

Westminster Abbey


Big Ben

famous and very loud

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

Royal Observatory Greenwich 格林威治天文台

The British Museum 大英博物馆

1. sightseeing n.观光 , 旅游 I returned to my homeland on a sightseeing tour. I am here for sightseeing. 拓展 sightsee v. 观光


n.观光客, 游客=visitor

go sightseeing 观光, 游览

2. Worried about the time available,形容词短 语 作状语,相当于一个原因状语从句。 1. Lost in the forest, the little girl burst into tears. =Because she was lost in the forest 2. Interested in stamps, he forms the habit of collecting stamps. =Because he was interested in stamps 3.Born in a poor family, he is cautious about spending money. =Because he was born in a poor family

3. available adj. 1) (sth.) that can be used (指物)可用的; 可得到的

This was the only available room.
Tickets are available at the box office.

2) (sb.) be free to be seen (指人)可会见的,

I am available in the afternoon.
He was not available for the interview.

4. delight: n. 快乐 ,高兴,喜悦 (不可数) She ran back home with delight. To our delight, we won the first prize.

n.乐事(可数) Raising flowers is a great light .

He delighted her daughter with a toy. She delights in cooking meals.

名词: take delight in doing sth. 以做某事为乐 with delight 高兴地,愉悦地 to one’s delight 使某人高兴的是 动词: delight sb. with sth. 用某物哄某人高兴 形容词: delightful 令人喜悦的,令人快乐的 delighted 高兴的,快乐的 be delighted to do sth. 高兴/愉快地做某事 be/feel delighted with/at sth. 因……而高兴

5. remain
1) 剩下,剩余 After the fire , very little remained of my house. 2) 留待以后去看/去做…… It remains to be seen whether your are right. Much remains to be done . 3) 停留,留下 I’ll remain to see the end of the game . 4)仍然是,保持不变 His death still remains a mystery.

6.To her great surprise, Zhang Pingyu found the Queen’s jewels guarded by special royal soldiers who , on special occasions, still wore the four-hundred-old uniform of the time of Queen Elizabeth I.
1. to one’s great surprise 令某人极为惊讶的是 例句:To my surprise, he didn’t pass the exam. 2. found the Queen’s jewels guarded by ……

(find)+ (宾语) +(宾语补足语)
3. on special occasions 在特殊场合

1.How did Zhang Pingyu plan her tour? 2.How many days did Zhang Pingyu stay in London?

The First day

1. The Tower of London 2. St Paul’s Cathedral 3.Westminster Abbey 4. Big Ben 5.Buckingham Palace

The second land

1.Karl Marx’s Statue 2.British Museum

The third day


7.There followed St Paul’s Cathedral……

? 全部倒装是指将句子中的谓语动词全部置于主语 之前。此结构通常只用与一般现在和一般过去时。 ? 常见的使用情况: ? 1)here, there, now, then, thus等副词置于句首, 谓语动词常用be, come, go, lie, run。 ? 例:There goes the bell. ? Here came the bus.
? (注意:主语必须是名词,若是代词做主语, 副词提前但不倒装。) ? 1.Here he comes . 2. Away they went.

2) 方位或地点状语放在句首,谓语动词多为be, lie, stand, sit, come, walk, run, stop 等不及物词。

例: 1.In front of the house stopped a police car. 房子的全面停着一辆警车。 2. Around the corner walks a young policeman. 拐角处有个年轻的警察在行走。 3. Under the tree sat a boy of about ten. 在树下坐着一个大约10岁的男孩。

例: 1.Present at the meeting were the manager, all the (…… were present at the meeting) designers and the writer. 出席会议的有经理,设计师和作家。

8.It looked splendid when first built. =when (it was) first built.
? 在when , if ,while 等引导的状语从句中,如 果的主语与主句的主语一致,且从句中的谓 语动词有be动词时,从句的主语和be动词 可以省略。
When (she was) very young, she began to learn to play the piano. 她很小时,就开始学习弹钢琴。

She kept silent when (she was) asked about her opinion . 当问到她的意见时,她保持沉默了。

1) Generally speaking, __according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. A. when taking B. when taken √ C. when to take D. when to be taken 2) Unless ____ to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. A. B. inviting √ invited C. being invited D. having invited

9. in memory of 纪念 …

The museum was built in memory of the
great writer – Lu Xun. They planned a concert in memory of Michael Jackson.

in honor of 为纪念…,为向…表示敬意, 为…庆祝 in celebration of 为庆祝 …

10. It is strange /necessary/ natural/
important/ … +that (should) + v. (虚拟 语气) 1)You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman (should) be so rude to a lady. 2) It is strange that he ___ so much about D me. A. knows B. knew C. has known D. know

Fill in the blanks.
to 1.____ one’s surprise 令某人惊讶的是 list 2.make a ____of 给……列清单 in 3.____ memory of 为纪念…… of in 4. feel proud ____ = take pride _____ 为......感到自豪 sightseeing 5. go __________ 去观光,去旅游 6.to one’s delight ______令某人高兴的是…… in 7. take delight ____ doing sth. 热衷于做……

A 1. He write a book_____ his dead wife, which is moving and touching. A. in memory of B. in terms of C. in place of D. in search of D 2. When I heard of the _____ news that my brother won the first prize , I felt very _____. A. delighted ; delightful B. delighted ;delighted C. delightful; delighting D. delightful; delighted C 3._____, child as he his ,he handed in the wallet he picked up on the ground yesterday. A. To his surprise B. To his joy C. To his credit D. To his sorrow

Remember the new word and phrases after class.


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