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广东省天河区2016届高考英语二轮复习 语法精讲精炼 动词时态和语态11

动词时态和语态精讲精炼 11
360.— That’s the third time he’s won the award in this field. — Yes. He ________ his maximum potential in the past decade. A. explored B. is exploring C. has been explorin

g D. has explored 【答案】 C 【解析】考查时态:“近十年来,我一直在挖掘自己最大潜能,所以又获奖了。” 361. Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture, but when and where _______ yet. A. hasn’t been decided B. haven’t decided C. isn’t being decided D. aren’t decided 【答案】 A 【解析】 现在完成时表示已经完成的动作或从过去某个时候开始一直延续到现在的动作。根 据时间状语 yet 可判断出要用现在完成时。因为主语与 decide 之间存在被动关系,所以要用 现在完成时的被动语态,表示“还没有被确定下来” 。 362.I while listening to music. Luckily, Jack woke me up in time! A.had fallen asleep B.have fallen asleep C.fall asleep D.fell asleep 【答案】D 【解析】考查动词时态。句意:我在听音乐的时候睡着了,幸运的是,Jack 及时把我叫醒。 363.Have you seen my dog? I for it and still haven’t found it. A.looked B.was looking C.have been looking D.had been looking 【答案】C 【解析】考查动词时态。句意:你看见我的狗了吗?我一直在找它但还没有找到。 364. I was giving a talk to a large group of people, the same talk I to half a dozen other groups. A. am giving B. was giving C. have given D. had given 【答案】D 【解析】考查动词时态。主句用的时态为过去进行时,而 the same talk 所发生的时间在此 之前,因此表示“过去的过去” ,故用过去完成时态。 365. The US troops_______ out of Iraq by the end of next month and they were sent there 9 years ago. A. have withdrawn B. will withdraw C. had withdrawn D. will have withdrawn 【答案】D 【解析】考查时态辨析。句意为:美军在下个月末将会已经撤离伊拉克,从开始驻军到撤离有 9 年 了。根据 by the end of next month 可知要用将来完成时,故选 D。 366.—Oh, God! What did you do to my report, Tom? —Terribly sorry. My mind and I will type it again for you. A.has wandered B.had wandered C.is wandering D.was wandering 【答案】D 【解析】考查动词时态。语境:---天哪!Tom 你怎么打的我的报告?---很抱歉。我刚才在走

神,我再给你打一次。 367.----What's that noise?Is the water still running? -----Oh,my god!I_to turn it off after I brushed my teeth. A. was forgetting B. had forgotten C. forgot D. forget 【答案】C 【解析】考查动词时态。语境:---那是什么声音?那是直在流着?----啊,天哪! (刚才) 我刷牙后忘记关水管了。 368.China _____ over 300 Confucius Institutes in more than 90 countries and areas to teach Chinese and promote Chinese culture in the past five years. A. is establishing B. established C. has established D. had established 【答案】C 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。根据句末的 in the past five years 可知,该题要用现在完 成时。故选 C。 369.He is a man of few words, and seldom speaks until _____ to. A.spoken B.speaking C.to speak D.Spoke 【答案】A 【解析】主要考查动词的语态。根据情景译文如下:他是一个寡言少语的人,他很少跟别人 讲话除非别人跟他交谈。知他是被动说话,所以用被动语态。选项中只有 A 项动词的过去分 词表“被动”概念,故 A 为正确答案。 370. —I wonder if you could go with me to the supermarket. —Don,t disturb me. I _____my experiment report all the morning and haven’t finished yet. A. write B. was writing C. have written D. have been writing 【答案】D 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。And 连接前后平行关系知,应用现在完成时态。又有时间状语 all the morning 知:我整个早上一直在写我的实验报告。应用现在完成进行时态,故选 D。 371.I was just going to move away the heavy case but someone _______ it.Was it you? A.has done B.would do C.had done D.will do 【答案】C 【解析】主要考查动词时态。根据语境可知句子译文如下:我正打算挪走那个重箱子,但是 有人已经挪走了(had done) 。是你吗?由句子中的时态:was 可知:有人挪走箱子(had done) 发生在我计划挪(was going to move )箱子之前,故此选择:C.had done 过去完成时。 372. The No. 1 subway, _____ in December 2011, will greatly improve the traffic conditions in Chengdu. A. opened B. to be opened C. being opened D. to open 【答案】B 【解析】主要考查动词的语态和形式。 “地铁”和“开放”间应为被动关系,先排除 D。此处 不可能为谓语动词,所以排除 A。又因为动名词 being opened 表“进行”概念, 与 will 表 述的时态不一致, 故排除 C。而 to be opened 为动词不定式的被动形式作定语,修饰 the N0. 1 subway,最合题,故选 B。 373.This is the second time I _______ the Himalayas as a college student. A.climb B.had climbed C.climbed D.have climbed


374.In order to reduce the increasing prices of vegetables , the toll( 过 路 费 ) if a truck carrying them passes through a toll station . A. cancels B. is cancelled C. was cancelled D. had been cancelled 【答案】B 【解析】主要考查动词时态和语态。cancel 与 the toll 之间是被动关系,而且是目前状况, 所以用一般现在时的被动语态 375.The young man, who by then ______ admission to university, decided to do some part - time jobs to pay for his education. A.gained B.was gaining C.had gained D.has gained 【答案】C 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。根据语境译文如下:这个年轻人为了交学费决定做兼职,而 那时他已经收到了大学录取通知书。 “收到通知( had gained) ”发生在“决定(decided) ” 之前,所以用过去完成时态,故选 C。 376.—Mum, where is my raincoat? —Oh, I forgot to tell you.It ___ behind the kitchen door. A.would hang B.has hung C.is hanging D.hung 【答案】C 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。题意为:——妈妈,我的雨衣在哪?——哦,我忘了告诉你, 它就挂在厨房的门后面。根据语境知,应用现在进行时态,故 C 为正确答案。 377.Don't worry! You won't miss her at the airport. She ___a red T-shirt and a white skirt at that time. A. has worn B. will be wearing C. was wearing D. wore 【答案】B 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。根据题中 won't 推知是将来时,由 at that time“在那时” 表示用进行时态,综合起来应该用:将来进行时态。故 B 为正确答案。 378.—I'm sorry; I shouldn't have been so rude to you. —You ___ something not very nice to me, but that's OK. A.have said B.had said C.were saying D.did say

3 79.The internet connection for the entire area _____ when there was a sudden power cut yesterday. A.lost B.was lost C had lost D.had been lost 【答案】B 【解析】主要考查动词的时态。译文为:昨天当一股突然的能量出现时,整个地区的因特网


联接被切断,彼此间失去了联接。internet connection(因特网联接)和 lose 间应为被动 关系,排除 A 和 C 项。题中没有表明确的过去的过去时间点,所以用一般过去时态,故 B 为 正确答案。 380.—John seems happy, even though his wife left him and he lost his job. —I think he ____ to put on a brave face. A. will try B. has tried C. tries D. is trying 【答案】D 【解析】 考查时态。句意:——约翰似乎很高兴,即使他妻子离开了他,他失去了工作。 ——我想他在竭力扮出一副勇敢的样子。表示目前正在干某事,用现在进行时。 381.—Did you find the missing couple in the mountain yesterday? —No, but we ____ to get in touch with them ever since. A.have tried B.have been trying C.had tried D.had been trying 【答案】B 【解析】 考查时态。根据答语中的时间状语可知自从那对夫妇在山中失踪以后,人们一直 在尽力和他们取得联系,所以用现在完成进行时,表示这个动作一直持续到现在,而且还有 可能继续进行下去。 382.With the country's population reaching 1.6 billion in the mid of this century, most of China's rivers, including the Yellow River, ____. A.is drying up B.will be drying up C.dry up D.have dried up 【答案】B 【解析】 考查时态。根据句中的时间状语 in the mid of this century 再结合语意可知 本题应该使用将来进行时表示在将来某一段时间内发生的变化。 383.—Come on, Kitty. —Oh, good heavens! Both my legs are nearly to give out. I ____ for hours like a dog. A.have been walking B.had walked C.was walking D.walked 【答案】A 【解析】 考查动词的时态。根据句中的 my legs are nearly to give out 可知本题应该 使用现在完成进行时,表示答话人一直走了几个小时的路,因此腿上没有一点儿力气了。 384.The writer and teacher Smith ______ through millions of ups and downs since he moved to Sydney. A.have gone B.had gone C.went D.has gone 【答案】D 【解析】 考查时态和主谓一致。语意表示既是作家又是教师的史密斯自从搬到悉尼经历了 无数的成败,由句中 since 可知主句要用现在完成时,且主语表示史密斯身兼两职,为单数, 故选 D 项。 385.— Mom, where is my lunch pack? — Just where it _____. A. has been B. had been C. was D. be 【答案】C 【解析】考查学生对题干的理解和对动词时态的掌握情况。句意表示:午饭盒在老地方,用

一般过去时。答语是一个省略句, 补充完整后为 “It is just where it was.” 386.Last week I took part in the Civil Service Admission Examination, for which I ____ for nearly three months. A.had prepared B.would prepare C.was preparing D.have been preparing 【答案】A 【解析】考查动词时态。根据句意:我上周参加了公务员考试, (在这之前)我为之准备了 3 个月。故为“过去的过去”用过去完成时。 387.----What's that noise?Is the water still running? -----Oh,my god!I_to turn it off after I brushed my teeth. A. was forgetting B. had forgotten C. forgot D. forget 【答案】C 【解析】考查动词时态。语境:---那是什么声音?那是直在流着?----啊,天哪! (刚才) 我刷牙后忘记关水管了。 388.—Mum, where is my raincoat? —Oh, I forgot to tell you.It ___ behind the kitchen door. A.would hang B.has hung C.is hanging D.hung 【答案】C 【解析】考查动词时态。语境:---妈妈,我的雨衣在哪?---啊,我忘记告诉你,它在厨房 门的后面挂着呢。表示正在挂着的状态。 389.—I'm sorry; I shouldn't have been so rude to you. —You ___ something not very nice to me, but that's OK. A.have said B.had said C.were saying D.did say 【答案】D 【解析】考查动词时态。语境:---对不起,我不应该对你太粗鲁。---你的确说了对我不好 的话,但是没关系。 390.I called Hannah many times yesterday evening, but I couldn’t get through. Her brother ________ on the phone all the time! A. was talking B. has been talking C. has talked D. talked

A 考查动词时态。句意:昨晚我给 Hannah 打了多次对话,但都没有接通。他的弟弟一直 都在占线。 391.As a young man,he didn’t know that he famous later on. A.was to become B.will become C . had become D.became A 考查动词的时态。句意:作为一位年轻人,他不知道他后来会一定会成功。此处 be+to do 的形式表示将来一定。 392.----Where did you put the broom,Tom? -----I _______it behind the door.But now it is gone. A.do put B.do putting C.did to put D.did put[ D 考查动词时态。语境:---汤姆,你把扫帚放在哪儿了?---我确实把它放在了门的后面。可 现在它不见了。 393. Once harm ______ to the environment, it takes years to have the system recovered.

A. does

B. is done

C. will be done

D. be done

B 考查被动语态。此处 harm 是不可数名词,用单数。句意:一旦对环境造成伤害,它需要花 费多年的时间回复生态系统。 394. I don’t understand how you got a ticket. I always driver. A. think; are B. am thinking ;are C. thought; were D. think; were C 考查动词的时态。句意:我过去总以为你是一个细心的司机。 395.I fixed my eyes upon the newcomer, wondering whether I ________ him somewhere before. A.saw B.has seen C.had seen D.would see C 考查动词时态。句意:我盯着新来的那个人,想以前我在什么地方见过他。 “盯着”这一动 作发生在过去; “看见过”就应是“过去的过去” ,用过去完成时。 you a careful

396.My toothache is killing me.I _____ it _____ away.But now it’s getting worse and worse. A.think; is going B.thought; was going C.have thought; is going D.had thought; had gone B 考查动词的时态。句意:我的牙疼。我原以为它会消失的。可现在它变得越来越厉害。 397. My brother _______ football quite well, but he hasn’t played since last year. A. will play B. has played C. played D. plays D考查动词时态。根据句意“乒乓球打得好是一种技能,不会因为一时不练而失去” ,故用一 般现在时。 398. –You speak very good Chinese. --Thanks. I _______ it for 4 years before I came to China. A. studied B. study C. was studying D. had studied D考查动词时态。此处before I came to China表明study发生在过去的过去,故用过去完成 时。 399.By the time my mother came back from work, my sister and I supper and were waiting for her at the table. A.have cooked B.were cooking C.had cooked D.would cook C 考查动词时态。根据句意“我母亲上班回来时发生在过去,而我姐姐和我做好饭发生在母亲 回来之前,故用过去完成时。 ” 400. —How long in Shanghai? —Just the weekend. I've to be back for an important meeting to be held next Monday. A. have you stayed B. are you staying C. did you stay D. do you stay

B 考查动词时态。语境:---你要在上海呆多久?---就到这个周末。我必须回去参加下周一要 举行的一个重要会议。此处用现在进行时表将来时。 401.Justin a book about his adventures in Tibet.I hope he can find a good publisher when it is finished. A.was writing B.is currently writing C.has already written D.wrote B考查动词的时态。句意:Justin目前在写一本关于他在西藏探险的书。我希望写完后他能找 到一家好的出版社。 402.My friend, Tom, left New York in 1976 and since then. A.hadn’t been heard of B.hasn’t been heard of C.hasn’t heard of D.hadn’t heard of B 考查动词的时态和语态。句意:我的朋友汤姆 1976 年离开纽约,从那时起就没有听到过他 的消息。 403.Tom has been absent for two days.Do you know what _________ to him? A.has happened B.would happen C.was happened D.had happened A 考查动词时态。句意:汤姆两天不在了。你知道他发生了什么吗? 404.When I was at college I ______ three foreign languages, but I ______ all except a few words of each. A.spoke; had forgotten B.spoke; have forgotten C.had spoken; had forgotten D.had spoken; have forgotten B 考查动词的时态。第一空由时间状语 When I was at college 可知用一般过去时;第二空表 示现在的影响和结果,我全忘了除了每种语言的一些词汇,故用现在完成时。 405.―Look! What a mistake! Why? ―Sorry, I _________ on it. A. don’t concentrate C. haven’t been concentrating B. hadn’t concentrated D. wasn’t concentrating

D 考查动词的时态。语境:---看!多大的错误!为什么?---对不起,我没有集中精力去做。 406.--Tony, come down and help me with the heavy box! -- Come on! I _____ all day long.Get Peter to do that! A.work B.had been working C.had worked D.have been working

D 考查动词时态。句意:我一整天都在劳动。让彼得帮你。 407. ------ Have you seen your nephew lately? ------ Yes, in fact, I saw him yesterday. I ______ him for three years. A. haven’t B. didn’t C. hadn’t D. don’t C 考查动词时态。句意:我昨天看到了他。我三年没看到他了(指昨天以前) 。根据句意用过 去完成时。 408. Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 ________ off at 18:20. B. will take C. has taken D. takes

A. took


D 考查动词的时态。此处特指航班的特定时间表,故用一般现在时表示。 409. ---You speak very good English. Have you ever been abroad to learn English? ---Thanks. I have never been abroad before but I _____English in Beijing Foreign Language University for four years. A. studied B. study C. was studying D. had studied A 考查动词时态。根据句意“在北京外国语大学学英语”这一动作发生在过去,故用一般过去 时。 410. ---What’s the matter, Mary? You are awfully quiet and look blue. ---Oh, I ________ of my best friend who went to America last year. A. just thought B. was just thinking C. had just thought D. have just thought B 考查动词时态及语境。句意:我刚才正在想去年去了美国的我最好的朋友。 411. Over the past decades, sea ice in the Arctic as a result of global warming. A. had decreased B. decreased C. has been decreasing D. is decreasing C 考查动词时态。句意:在过去的几十年里,海中的冰由于全球气候变暖一直在减少。 412. ------Is there anything wrong , Bob? You look sad. ------ Oh, nothing much. In fact, I ______ of my friends back home. A. have just thought B.was just thinking C. would just think D. will just be thinking B 考查动词时态。语境:---鲍勃出了什么事?你看起来难过。---奥,没什么事。事实上,我 在想我的朋友回家。 413. By the time he realizes he ______ into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it. A. walks B. walked C. has walked D. had walked C 考查动词时态。句意:当他得知他已经走入圈套时,他再做任何事情都为时太晚了。 414. ______ you eat the correct foods ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A. Only if; you will B. unless; you will C. Only if; will you D. unless; will you C 考查倒装句。此处 only 强调的条件句置于句首,其后用部分倒装。 415. Travelers that they should bring their ID cards with them. A. have reminded B. are reminded C. were reminding D. had been reminded B 考查动词的时态和语态。此处根据句意应为被动语态,因旅行者被提醒。 416. —Alice, you look puzzled. Have you understood it? —Yes, I another problem just now. A. have thought of B. am thinking of C. had thought of D. was thinking of D 考查动词时态。根据时间状语 just now 可知,我刚才在想另一个问题。故用过去进行时。 417. —You look so young. Haven’t you graduated from your university? —Yes, I in the English Department of Shandong University for four years. A. studied B. study C. had studied D. was studying A 考查动词时态。语境:---你看起来很年轻。难道你还没有大学毕业?---我毕业了。

我在山东大学英语系学习了 4 年。此处表明现在已经毕业,以前在山大学习过 4 年。故用一 般过去时。 418.--- Would you have called her up had it been possible? --- Yes, but I busy doing my homework. A.was B.am C.had been D.would be A 考查动词时态。句意:过去我正在做功课。 419. Unexpected difficulties ____in the course of their experiment. A. arises B. were arising C. arose D. were arisen C 考查动词时态。根据 in the course of their experiment 可知用一般过去时。 420.--- Do you think we should accept that offer? --- Yes, we should, for we such bad luck up till now, and time out. A.have had; is running B.had; is running C.have; has been run D.have had; has been run A 考查动词时态。第一空由 up till now 可知用现在完成时;第二空用进行时表将来时。 421.By the time he realizes he into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it. A.walks B.walked C.has walked D.had walked C 考查动词时态。句意:直到他意识到他已经走进圈套时,他再做什么都晚了。 422.This is the first time we a film in the cinema together as a family. A.see B.had seen C.saw D.have seen D 考查动词时态。此处考查 This is the first time 句型,其后用现在完成时。 423. I along the street looking for a place to park when the accident . A.went; was occurring B.went; occurred C.was going; occurred D.was going; has occurred C 考查动词时态。句意:当我正在沿着大街走以寻找停车的地方时,这时意外事故发生了。 424.--- It was really very kind of you to give me a lift home. --- Oh, don’t mention it. I past your house anyway. A.was coming B.will come C.had come D.have come A 考查动词时态。语境:---很感谢你把我带回家。---不用谢。不管怎么我也要路过你家。此 处用进行时表将来时。 425.— How about buying Sam a mobile phone? After all, he isn’t a boy any more. — I think it necessary, for we sometimes want to make sure if he _______ home for dinner. A. will come B. comes C. has come 答案:A. 此句为宾语从句,根据句意可知是一般将来时。 D. would come



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