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M8 U2 Words(1)


M8U2 Words(1)


M8 U2 The universal language
Made by AGGY 一、词形变化 1. universal-----adv._________ n._________ 2. awesome

-----adv.__________ n.___________ 3. stubborn-----adv.____________ n.______________ 4. condemn-----n.______________ 词组:被处以某种刑罚________________________ 5. disturbing-----v.___________ n._____________ adj.______________ 6. unwilling-----adv.______________ n.______________ 反义词:_____________ 7. evident-----adv.____________ n._____________ 8. merciful-----adv.____________ n._____________ 词组:show mercy to/have mercy on(upon)__________________ at the mercy of_______________________ 9. dawn-----反义词:______________ 10. unit-----adj.__________ n.___________ 11. broken-----v.__________ 12. unemployment-----adj.______________ 反义 v:___________ n.____________ 词组:从事于,忙于(做某事)_____________ 13. composer-----v.___________ adj.____________ 二、知识点 1. cast vt&vi be cast down 沮丧,不愉快 cast light on/upon 弄清楚 cast doubt on/upon 使人怀疑 (1)Don’t ____________________. Just keep up your spirits. 不要这么沮丧,打起精神来。 (2)So far,the police investigation hasn’t ________________________her disappearance. 迄今为止,警方的调查还没有对她的失踪提供任何线索。 2. condemn vt.①谴责,指责 ②宣判;判处(某人某种刑罚) ③迫使……接受困境(或不愉 快的状况)④宣告使用……不安全 ⑤证明(或表明)有罪 【在下面的横线上填上表示 condemn 不同意思的标号】 1)He was condemned to spend the rest of the football season on the bench.__________ 2)She was condemned to death for murder and later hanged.__________ 3)The government issued a statement condemning the killings.__________ 4)The meat was condemned as unfit to eat._________ 5)She is condemned out of her own mouth._________ 3. dare vt&vi. 敢于,胆敢; 激(某人做某事);问(某人)有没有胆量做(某事) I dare say(=I think)...我敢说……(后跟省去 that 的宾语从句) How dare you...?你竟然,你竟敢……? 【注意】(1)dare 用作情态动词时,多用在否定句和疑问句中,用法同其他情态动词一样; 用作实义动词时,可用在各种句式中,在否定句中其后的不定式可省去不定式符号 to。 (2)在做有关 dare 的练习题时,首先要分清 dare 是情态动词还是实义动词。 1)他不敢说出他的想法。______________________________________________________


M8U2 Words(1)


2)他们不敢再要钱了。______________________________________________________ 3)几个大男孩激他,问他敢不敢干这事。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4. seize vt. seize sb. by the arm 抓住某人的胳膊 seize a chance/an opportunity 抓住机会 (1)我抓住这个黄金时机来攻击他。 _____________________________________________________________ (2)抓住这个机会,你会成功的。 _____________________________________________________________ (3)她抓住了我的胳膊。_______________________________________________________ 5. demand vt&n. 【词组累积】 demand (of sb.) to do...要求(某人)做…… demand that...(should) do...要求 in demand 需要 satisfy/meet one’s demands 满足某人的需求 on demand 一经要求 1)受到对蔬菜更大需求量的驱使,农民们建了更多的暖棚。 ___________________________________________________________________________ 2)He demanded of me to write a letter to her. =He demanded ___________________________________. 6. broken adj. break v 【词组累积】 break away (from sb/sth)_________________ break down____________ break in__________ break into_____________ break off_____________ break out____________ break through_____________ break up______________ 用上述词组填空: 1)She longed to ____________ on their conversation but didn’t want to appear rude. 2)Her health ______________ under the pressure of work. 3)The people of the province wished to _____________ and form a new state. 4)Scientists think they are beginning to ____________ in the fight against AIDS. 5)They had escaped to America shortly before war _____________ in 1939. 三、巩固练习 单词拼写: 1. Tom is u_____________ to play basketball with us—he even refuses to come outside. 2. The king was just and m____________, so he let the criminal go after a light punishment. 3. After waiting for some time, it became e____________ that Nancy was not going to show up at the party. 4. The fireworks show was really a___________. Everyone thought it was so beautiful. 5. The new plan got u____________ approval from everyone on the committee. 6. Today is the d____________ for handing in your homework. 7. The company d___________ that they receive their money before they would do the work. 8. The concert was held in a g__________ hall near the town centre.



M8U2 Words(1)


9. The police s__________ three men for possession of illegal drugs. 10. Being shy, he did not d__________ to speak in front of other. 句型转换: 1. They do not want to invest any more money in the project. They _________ __________ ___________ invest any more money in the project. 2. She was busy making a list of all the jobs to be done. She was __________ __________ ___________ a list of all the jobs to be done. 3. He was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing. He was ____________ ____________ three years in prison for stealing. 4. Tom wanted to marry Jerry but was refused. Tom __________ ___________ _________ ___________ ____________ __________ but was refused. 5. They fell in love the first time they met. They fell in love _________ _________ __________. 翻译句子: 1. 越来越多的年轻人正面临失业,这让许多人感到不安。(disturbing) _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. 老板要求所有员工都准时上班。(demand) _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. 他努力抓住一切可能的机会练习英语口语。(seize) _______________________________________________________________________________



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