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2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit4 Earthquakes阅读理解全方位训练4 新人教版必修1

2014 届高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Unit 4 Earthquakes 阅读理解 4
第Ⅳ组 A When the earthquake hit Japan on March 11,2011,workers in a supermarket in Japan didn’t run away when they felt the shaking.In

stead,they held on the shelves and tried to stop the goods (货物) from falling down. Reporters from NHK,the country’s largest TV station,stayed calm in front of cameras during the earthquake,even though some were facing real danger. The earthquake was the most powerful one to hit Japan in the country’s history.But Japan ’ s reaction ( 反 应 ) to the accident has shown that it is the most earthquake-prepared country in the world.The calm the Japanese showed during and after the quake has impressed the world. This is because Japan has “an earthquake culture”.Japanese people are taught how to prepare for and react to earthquakes from a young age. Schools in Japan organize earthquake practices every month.They make students become familiar with being in an earthquake. Japan also has a good earthquake warning system (警报系统).Warnings were broadcast on television,radio and mobile phones nine seconds after experts (专家) first knew about the quake on March 11. The warning system is unable to predict earthquakes.But it can usually alert people about 15 seconds before they feel the effects.Even 15 or 20 seconds can be enough time to save people’s lives. 1.How did Japanese people react when the big earthquake hit Japan on March 11? A.They felt angry. C.They stayed calm. B.They were scared. D.They were frustrated.

2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Japan’s reaction to the earthquake impressed the world. B.Japanese schools organize earthquake practice every day.

C.Japan has a warning system that can predict earthquakes. D.Japanese people learn about earthquake safety only from universities. 3.After experts first knew about the quake on March 11,warnings were NOT broadcast A.on radio phones 4.What does the underlined word “alert” mean in Chinese? A.改善 B.提高 C.提醒 D.改变 . B.on the movie C.on television D.on mobile

5.What does the story mainly tell us about? A.Japan’s earthquake culture. B.The bad results caused by the earthquake. C.Japanese people were scared after the earthquake. D.Japanese people were homeless after the earthquake. 【语篇解读】本文是记叙文。讲述了在 2011 年 3 月 11 日的日本大地震中,人们面对地震表 现地非常镇静;并且讲述了日本的地震文化以及介绍了日本先进的地震报警系统。 1.C 由第一段中“...workers in a supermarket in Japan didn’t run away when they felt the shaking.Instead,they held on the shelves and tried to stop the goods (货 物) from falling down.”以及第二段中“Reporters from NHK...stayed calm...”可知 人们面对地震表现地很镇静。 2.A 细节理解题。由短文第三段最后一句话“The calm the Japanese showed during and after the quake has impressed the world.”可知:在地震中或者地震后日本人们表现出 来的镇静给世界留下了很深的印象。故选 A。 3.B 细节理解题。由短文第六段中“Warnings were broadcast on television,radio and mobile phones nine seconds after experts (专家) first knew about the quake on March 11.”可知,没有在电影中播出。故选 B。 4.C 词义猜测题。 “报警系统”当然是“提醒”人们了。故选 C。 5.A 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了日本人们在地震面前表现地非常镇静,以及讲述了日本 的“地震文化” 。 B In Singapore,most of us love window-shopping while some others enjoy having a picnic

at East Coast Park or Changi Beach on sunny days.Singaporeans are never bothered by the occasional thunderstorm.However,we know that if it rains for long continuous periods,there will be more serious effects.Just recently the main shopping street of Orchard Road was flooded and some part of Bukit Timah was impassable to traffic.People reacted by writing in to the newspaper to complain about this! We forget that other countries suffer much worse effects. Elsewhere,heavy tropical(热带的)storms often result in floods that ruin crops especially in Thailand and Malaysia.This in turn usually means that the price of rice and vegetables here in Singapore will rise because we import these products from them.If there is a typhoon or tsunami,thousands of lives are lost too.This happened in Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand in 2004 and it serves to remind us of how Mother Nature can cause great damage. Weather patterns in general have changed dramatically in recent years.Scientists believe that global warming and the resulting melting of the polar ice-cap has caused the level of the ocean to rise.This in turn causes flooding of low-lying areas in countries where the land is rather flat and some parts of which is below water level.It is believed that human activities have caused Mother Nature to show her extreme anger,so it is now important that we really work together to cut down on harmful activities , for example , illegal logging ( 伐 木 ) or irresponsible forest-burning to clear land for farming. 6.From Paragraph 1,we can see that most Singaporeans love A.making complaints .

B.going out for picnics

C.doing window-shopping D.traveling along the coast 7.What will happen in Singapore if there are floods in its neighboring countries? A.Heavy tropical storms will follow shortly. B.The price of rice and vegetables will go up. C.Many people will write in to the newspaper. D.More rice and vegetables will be imported. 8.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refers to A.the arrival of heavy tropical storms


B.the import of rice and vegetables C.the rising price of rice and vegetables D.the loss of lives in natural disasters 9.Which of the following shows how the low-lying areas are flooded? a.global warming b.the rise in ocean level c.harmful human activities d.the flooding of low-lying areas e.the melting of the polar ice-cap A.c→a→e→b→d e 10.What should we do in order not to make Mother Nature angry? A.Clear more land for farming. C.Bring down the price of food. B.Reduce harmful human activities. D.Improve the quality of weather. B.a→c→e→b→d C.c→a→b→e→d D.d→a→c→b→

【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文。说明了人类与自然灾害之间的关系,进而倡导大家减少危 害环境的行为。 6.C 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句可知。 7.B 推理判断题。根据第一段倒数三、四句可知。热带风暴导致的洪水会毁掉庄稼,新加 坡的蔬菜和大米是从这些国家进口的,所以会导致蔬菜、大米的价格上升。 8.D 词义猜测题。 上句提到台风和海啸会导致成千上万的人死亡。 这在 2004 年在印度尼西 亚和泰国的普吉岛发生过。 自然灾害导致人死亡这件事用来提醒我们大自然可以带来巨大损 害。 9.A 细节理解题。根据最后一段可知。 10.B 推理判断题。根据最后一段中 It is believed that human activities have caused Mother Nature to show her extreme anger,so it is now important that we really work together to cut down on harmful activities...“人们认为是人类的活动导致了大自然 极端愤怒,因此,现在我们真的应该团结合作减少有害活动??”可知。 C Everyone knows the earth is big,most of which is covered by water.About ninety percent of the world’s water is salty and is found in our oceans and seas.But as

we can’t drink seawater,how can it be important? Every part of our seas and oceans contains an amazing number of animals and fish that live at different ocean depths.Most of the different species of animals and fish depend on simple plants for their food.These simple plants called algae (海 藻) drift near the surface of the ocean and use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide and water into food and oxygen.In fact,algae produce over half of the oxygen people breathe.How important seawater is! Each plant or animal in our seas and oceans is an important link in a food chain.The algae are eaten in large amounts by microscopic animals,which are in turn consumed by larger animals.These food chains are delicately balanced. The bad news about the food chains in the oceans is that they are under threat because of man.People once thought that the oceans were so big that it didn’t matter if we dumped rubbish into them or caught huge quantities of fish and whales for food.But we now know this is not true and fish stocks in the oceans have started to drop. Thankfully , the world is taking steps to protect the future of our oceans by introducing international agreements to protect marine habitats.Most countries have introduced fishing restrictions to protect fish stocks in the oceans and new techniques are being pioneered to cope with pollution.Finally,the importance of protecting oceans is being made known to more people.This is just the beginning of a long process to protect the oceans for our future.We depend on the oceans for fish which are an important part of the human diet.How important seawater is! 11.Which of the following statements is true? A.Overly fishing has caused the decrease in fish stock. B.It is very hard to break the balance of a food chain. C.An amazing number of the fish and sea animals live at the surface of the seas. D.It won’t be long before the problems concerning oceans will be solved. 12.What does the underlined word “delicately” mean? A.easily-damaged B.hard-broken C.simply-made . D.beautifully

13.In the past,people hold the view that the rubbish A.would kill the animal in the sea

B.would change the balance of the sea

C.would pollute the sea D.wouldn’t have a bad influence on the sea 14.Which is the best title of the passage? A.The importance of seawater. C.Importance of food chains. B.Fishing on the oceans. D.How to deal with seawater pollution.

15.Which is not a good way to protect oceans? A.The use of international agreements. B.The use of new techniques. C.Forbidding fishing to protect fish stocks. D.Raising people’s awareness of the need to protect oceans. 【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文。说明了海洋资源的重要性、目前海洋资源所面临的危险以 及政府所采取的保护措施。 11.A 细节推断题。 根据第四段中的 “...fish stocks in the oceans have started to drop.” 可知大量捕捉鱼类肯定会造成鱼类储量的下降;根据第三段中的“These food chains are delicately balanced.”可知 B 项错误;根据第二段首句可知 C 项错误;根据最后一段中的 “This is just the beginning of a long process to protect the oceans for our future.” 可知 D 项错误。 12.A 词义猜测题。根据上下文,我们可以猜出 delicately 是“脆弱地,容易损坏地”的 意思。 13.D 细节推断题。根据第四段中的“People once thought that the oceans were so big that it didn’t matter if we dumped rubbish into them...”可知人们过去以为海洋那 么大,扔进一点垃圾不会对海洋造成多大的影响。 14.A 主旨推断题。 根据文章的第一段, 以及第二段和最后一段的末句可知文章的中心是在 说明海水的重要性。 15.C 细节推断题。 根据最后一段可知很多国家通过限制捕鱼数量来保护鱼类, 但不是禁止 捕鱼;其他几种措施在最后一段中都可找到。 D A major landslide hit a mining area in Tibet autonomous region on Friday morning, burying 83 workers,local authorities said. The landslide happened at about 6 am in Maizhokunggar county of Lhasa,the regional capital.The victims were workers from Tibet Huatailong Mining Development Co.Ltd,

belonging to the China National Gold Group Corporation. The affected area of the landslide is 3 kilometers long,with about 2 million cubic meters of mud,rock and debris,a Xinhua reporter said from the disaster site.More than 1,000 rescuers,including police,firefighters and medical personnel,are working at the site,which is at an altitude of 4,600 meters. Villagers living nearby told Xinhua that the landslide struck suddenly,bringing massive rocks down to smash the workers’ camp area in early morning.A mass of rolling rock from the mountaintop cut a big excavator in two parts,a witness told Xinhua. Two of the buried workers are local Tibetans and others were recruited mainly from neighboring provinces of Yunnan,Guizhou and Sichuan. Five excavators,five pick-up trucks and an SUV were also buried in the debris, said Zou Yuming,deputy head of the Maizhokunggar county government. About 200 large vehicles and equipment,15 sniffer dogs and 15 life-detector machines are being used in the rescue.The rescue will be very difficult due to the size of the affected area,said an official from the regional fire department. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on Friday ordered top efforts to rescue the buried workers.They have told local authorities to spare no efforts to rescue the buried and prevent secondary disasters. A work team led by officials from the State Administration of Work Safety,Ministry of Land and Resources and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is rushing to the accident site to guide rescue efforts. 16.Where do we read the passage? A.In a magazine. C.In a newspaper. 17.Which of the following is NOT true? A.The landslide occurred in the early morning. B.Lhasa lies at an altitude of 4,600 meters. C.Policemen,firemen and doctors are called in to rescue. D.People from neighboring provinces work in the mining area in Tibet. 18.What caused the rescue so difficult?

B.In an advertisement. D.In a poster.

A.The heavy rain. C.Too many rescuers.

B.The loose land of the area. D.The big size of affected area.

19.How did the officials immediately react to the landslide? A.They took active measures to reduce losses in time. B.They drove about 200 large vehicles and equipment. C.They rescued the buried workers. D.They took 15 life-detector machines with them. 20.What attitude to the natural disaster did the writer express in the passage? A.Excited. mentioned. 【语篇解读】本文是一篇新闻报道。报道了拉萨矿区山体滑坡:83 人被埋,现场海拔 4 600 米。灾害发生后,习近平、李克强分别作出重要指示,要求全力展开救援,尽最大努力抢救 被困人员,防止再次发生灾害,并抓紧核实被困人数,查明滑坡原因,做好各项善后工作。 16.C 推理判断题。本文是一篇新闻报道。报道了拉萨矿区山体滑坡:83 人被埋,现场海 B.Critical. C.Ironical. D.Not

拔 4 600 米。A:在杂志上;B:在广告上;C:在报纸上;D:在海报上,显然 C 项正确。 17.B 细节理解题。根据常识可知,拉萨市区地处海拔 3 650 米的河谷冲积平原,是世界上 海拔最高的城市之一,而 4 600 米是拉萨矿区山体滑坡的现场海拔,故选 B。 18.D 细节理解题。倒数第三段信息 The rescue will be very difficult due to the size of the affected area 表明,由于大面积山体滑坡致使援救工作难度大。 19.A 灾害发生后,习近平、李克强分别作出重要指示,要求全力展开救援,尽最大努力抢 救被困人员, 防止再次发生灾害, 并抓紧核实被困人数, 查明滑坡原因, 做好各项善后工作。 自治区、市、县领导立即赶赴现场,组织抢救被困人员。B、C、D 三项是援救人员做的。故 A 项正确。 20.D 推理判断题。excited 兴奋的;critical 批评的;ironical 讽刺的。通读文章可知, 作者客观的报道新闻情况,未表达自己的态度,故选 D。



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