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高考重点词汇用法精讲 第33讲


奥风英语《高考重点词汇用法精讲》第 33 讲(文字版) 魏训刚 主讲 (本系列讲座共 45 讲)
第 49 篇
1. arise vi.(arose, arisen)出现;起来;升起 [用法点睛] arise out of /from sth. 因某事而产生、造成、引起 如:Problems arose of the lack of money. 因为缺钱产生了很多问题。 A new difficulty has arisen in our work. 我们工作中又产生了新的困难。 [同根词] rise vi. 上升;升起 如:The sun rises in the east. 太阳从东方升起。 2. fix vt. 修理;安装;确定;固定 [用法点睛] fix one’s eyes /attention on 凝视;全身贯注于 fix a time/date for sth. 为某事安排时间/日期 fix sth. up 安排(某事) ;装修;修理 如:Her eyes were fixed on the book. 她的眼睛盯着那本书。 They have fixed a date for their wedding. 他们定了结婚的日子。 I will help you to fix up the meeting. 我来帮你安排这个会议。 My watch needs fixing. 我的表需要修理。 [同根词] fixed adj. 已决定的;确定不变的;固定的 3. suppose vt. vi.猜想;认为;假设;应当 [用法点睛] suppose (that)… 猜;认为 suppose sb. (to be)+名词/形容词 认为某人 be supposed to 应当;应该(做某事) 如:I suppose (that) you’re right.我想你是正确的。 I suppose her to be more than fifty years old. 我猜她有五十多岁了。 You are supposed to keep quiet in the library. 在图书馆里,你应该保持安静。 What do you suppose he wants? 你认为他想要什么? Suppose you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do? 假设明天丢了工作,你会怎么做? It is widely supposed that this kind of things won’t happen again. 人们一般认为这样的事情不会发生了。 [同根词] supposed adj. 误信的;误传的;信以为真的 如:The supposed beggar was really a police officer in disguise. 那个众人眼中的乞丐,其实是化了装的警察。 [高考链接] What are you doing out of bed, Tom? You’re___________to be asleep. A. supposed B. known C. thought D. considered [答案解析] A 本句意为“汤姆,你还没上床,在干什么?你现在应当睡觉” 。 4. arrange vt.筹备;整理;安排 [用法点睛] arrange (for sb./sth.) to do sth 安排(某人/物)做某事 arrange with sb. about sth. 与某人约定、商定某事



如:They will arrange a dinner to celebrate her birthday. 他们将筹备聚餐来庆祝她的生日。 I have arranged for a car to pick you up at the airport.我已经安排好了一辆车去机场接你。 [高考例句] The secretary arranged a convenient time and place for the applicants to have an interview. 秘书安排了一个方便的时间和地点让申请人进行面试。 We have arranged with them about the date of the meeting. 我们已经与他们商定好了会议的日期。 [同根词] arrangement n. [C U]安排;布置 5. call ① vt. 打电话;叫;呼唤;称为;vi.叫喊;拜访;打电话; [用法点睛] call out to sb. for sth.为某事而大声喊以引起某人的注意 call on sb. 拜访某人 call at sth. 拜访某地 call on sb. to do sth. 号召某人做某事 call sb in 召请某人 call for sth 需求或需要某事物 call sth off 取消 call sth up 想起某事;回忆某事 如:He called (Mary) from a telephone booth.他是从电话亭里(给玛丽)打的电话。 She called to her mother for help. 她向父亲喊叫求救。 Let’s call at the city to call on Mr. Brown. 我们去那个城市拜访布朗先生吧。 Young men were called on to join the army. 年轻人被号召去参军。 Mother being ill, we have to call in a doctor. 妈妈生病了,我们要去请医生来。 This kind of work calls for great patience. 这种工作需要极大的耐心。 The match was called off because of bad weather. 由于天气不好,比赛取消了。 The picture called up the memories of my happy childhood. 这张照片唤起了我幸福童年的回忆。 ② n. [C]喊;叫;通话; (一个)电话 [短语] a call for help 大声呼救 give sb. a call 给某人打电话 make/receive 或 get/return a call 打/接/回电话 如: I’ll give you a call at the weekend. 我周末给你打电话。 6. apologize vi.道谦;认罪;认错 [用法点睛] apologize to sb. for sth. 因为某事向某人道歉 如:He apologized to her for not going to her party. 他因为没有出席她举行的宴会而向她表示歉意。 [高考例句] He smiled politely as Mary apologized for her drunken friends. 当玛丽因为她醉酒的朋友道歉时,他礼貌地微笑着。 [同根词] apology n. [C U] 道歉;谢罪;认错 [用法点睛] make an apology (to sb. for sth.)(因为某事向某人)道歉 own sb. an apology (for. sth.) (因为某事)需要向某人道歉 如:We made an apology to our teacher for coming to school late.我们因为迟到向老师道歉。 I owe you an apology for my rudeness.我为我的粗鲁向你道歉。 7. appetite n. [C U] 欲望;食欲;胃口 [用法点睛] lose one’s appetite 没有食欲


have an appetite for sth 渴望、喜欢某事物 如:When I was ill, I completely lost my appetite. 我生病的时候,完全没有食欲。 The walking has given me an appetite for dinner. 步行使我晚饭很有胃口。 He has no appetite for fight. 他毫无斗志。 [同根词] appetizer n. [C] 开胃品 appetizing adj. 开胃的;促进食欲的 8. apparently adv. 显然;表面上;似乎 如:He was apparently much surprised at the news. 他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。 Apparently she did not succeed. 看样子她没有成功。 [同根词] ① apparent adj. 表面上的;明显的 [用法点睛] It is apparent that…??是很明显的 如:It is apparent that Taiwan is part of China. 很明显台湾是中国的一部分。 ② transparent adj.透明的;显而易见的 [高考链接] The state-run company is required to make its accounts as___________as possible for its staff to monitor the use of money. A. transparent B. reasonable C. secure D. formal [答案解析] A 根据后面的 for its staff to monitor the use of money 可知,答案为 A。句意为“国有企业被 要求帐务尽可能做到公开透明,以便于其员工监督资金的使用” 。reasonable 合理的的;secure 安全的; formal 规范的;正式的。 9. appeal ① vi.呼吁;吸引;vt. & vi. 申诉;上诉; [用法点睛] appeal to sb. (for sth.) 向某人请求 appeal to sb. to do sth. 呼吁某人做某事 appeal (to sb.) against sth. (向某人)上诉 appeal to sb. 迎合某人的爱好;吸引某人 如:He appealed to his friends for support. 他向朋友们请求帮助。 The police appealed to the crowd to keep calm.警察向群众呼吁要保持冷静。 He appealed against the five-year sentence he had been given. 他对被判五年徒刑提出上诉。 The idea appealed to Mary. 这主意正合玛丽的心意。 ② n. [C U]呼吁;恳求;上诉;[U]吸引力 如:The country has made an appeal for help to the world. 那个国家向世界求助。 The new fashion soon lost its appeal. 这种新式样很快就失去了吸引力。 10. applaud vt. & vi. 鼓掌;喝彩 [用法点睛] applaud sb. for sth. 因某事称赞某人 如:The audience applauded the singer for three minutes. 观众向歌唱家鼓掌喝彩达三分钟。 We applauded him for his courage. 我们称赞他的勇敢。 [同根词]applause n. [U] 鼓掌欢迎

第 50 篇
1. submit vt.递交;vt. & vi. 服从;顺从;屈服;让步 [用法点睛] submit to sb. 屈服或归顺某人;服从某人 submit sth. to sb. 向某人提交某物 submit that… 认为??


如:We will never submit to enemy.我们永远不会向敌人屈服。 He has submit the plan to the manager.他已经向经理提交了计划。 I submit that his words are reasonable. 我认为他的话是有道理的。 [同根词] submissive adj. 服从的;顺从的 2. apply ① vi.申请 [用法点睛] apply to sb for sth 向某人申请某事物 如:You should apply to the manager for the post.你应该向经理申请这份职位。 ---How do I apply for this license? 如何申请许可证? ---You want inquiries. 你需要到问讯处出打听。 ② vt. & vi.应用 [用法点睛] apply sth to sth 把某物涂在某物上;把??应用到??上 apply oneself to (doing) sth.集中精力做某事;专心做某事 如:The new technology can be applied to our daily life. 这种新的技术可以应用到我们的日常生活中。 Apply some glue to the cover of the book. 往书的封面上涂些胶水。 You will pass the exam if you apply yourself to your work. 如果你能专心致志于你的学习,就能通过考试。 [同根词]:applied adj. 应用的;实用的 applicant n. 申请人 application n. [C U] 申请;要求 3. polish ① vt.磨光;擦亮;修改;润色(文章) [用法点睛] polish sth. (up)磨光;擦亮 polish sth. off 迅速做完 如:He polished his glasses with a handkerchief.他用手帕擦拭了一下眼镜。 The speaker spent several days polishing her lecture. 演讲者花了几天时间润饰她的演讲稿。 They polished all the dishes off on the table in a short time. 他们很快就吃完了桌子上的所有的菜。 ② n. [C U] 磨光;修饰;上光剂 [用法点睛] give sth a polish 将某物磨光、擦亮 如:I will give your shoes a polish. 我把你的鞋子擦一擦。 [同根词] polished adj. 磨光的;擦亮的 [高考链接] Finally, my thanks go to my tutor, who has offered a lot of suggestions and comments on my paper and___________every page of my draft. A. approved B. quoted C. polished D. folded [答案解析] C 本句意为“最后,我要感谢我的导师,他就我的论文提出了大量意见和建议,并且对我 草稿的每一页都进行了修改” 。approve vi.赞同;认可;vt.批准;通过;quote vt. vi. 引用;引述;n. [C] 引语;引用的话;fold vt.折叠;vi.可以折叠;n. [C] 褶;折痕 4. relative ① adj. 相关的;有关系的;相对的 [用法点睛] be relative to sth.与??相对的;成比例的;与??有关的 如:Supply is relative to demand. 供应是按需求而定的。 He asked me some questions relative to the subject. 他问了我一些有关这个题目的问题。


② n. [C] 亲戚 [用法点睛] a close /distant relative 一个近亲/远亲 如:I have many close relatives in that village. 在那个村子里有我好多近亲。 The president has sent a message of sympathy to the relatives of the dead soldiers. 总统已向死亡士兵的亲属们发了慰问信。 [同根词]:relatively adv. 相对的;比较的



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