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Unit 24 society Lesson 3 A Changing World & Communication Workshop (Language points)

Unit 24 Society
Lesson 3&Communication Workshop Language points

Step I 根据中文写出英文短语 turning point 1. 转折点 _______________________ keep an eye on 2. 留心,注意____________________

____ the joy and happiness 3. 同甘共苦 share ________________________ close to 4. 靠近 ______________________ the Forbidden City 5. 紫禁城 ________________________ back up 6. 支持 ________________________ be filled with 7. 充满 ______________________ on sale 8. 在出售 ________________ a thirst for knowledge 9. 渴求知识 have ________________________ relay race 10. 接力赛_______________________

Step I 根据中文写出英文短语 date back to/ date from 11. 回溯至(某时期) ____________________ commit a crime 12. 犯罪 ________________________ 13. 被赦免,免除(处罚,劳逸等) get/be let off ______________________ 14. 对……不信任,失去信仰 lose faith in ________________________ be locked up for life 15. 终身监禁 ________________________ do away with 16. 废除,取消, 除去____________________ take one’s time 17. 别着急,慢慢来 _____________________ an ageing society 18. 老龄化社会 ________________________ 19. 关闭,倒闭 _______________________ close down

Step II Analyze some complex sentences. 1. Nowadays,the word “hutong”has come to mean more than just the alleys that connect the courtyards. 现在,“胡同”这个词不仅仅指连接庭院的 小巷子。 【分析】more than 不只是;不仅仅 【例句】 Peace is more than the absence of war. 和平不只是没有战争。 He is more than a teacher. 他不仅仅是一个老师。

【拓展】more than的具体用法如下: 不仅仅,不只是 more than+名词,表示“________________” ; 多于,超过 more than+数词,表示“________________” ; more than+形容词/分词/动词,表示“非常,十分 __________”; more than+句子(常含有情态动词),表示 超过……所能 “____________________” 。 【即时应用】写出下列句子中more than的汉语意思: 非常,十分 ①He is more than happy about it. ______________ ②His father was more than 80 years old. 多于,超过 _______________ ③The beauty of the West Lake is more than I can 超过……所能 describe. ______________ 不仅仅,不只是 ④I met her more than once. ___________________

2. They were then able to place guards at the entrances of the various hutongs,which made it easier to keep an eye on people's movements. 他们派卫兵把守着胡同的入口,这样做使他们容易监 视人们的举动。 【句式分析】当不定式、动名词、从句等用作宾语且其 后跟有宾语补足语时,通常会在宾语补足语前使用形 式宾语it,而将真正的宾语移至句末,其基本结构为 动词+ it+宾语补足语+不定式(动名词或从句等) “ ________________________________________ find ” 。 it difficult I _____________________ to do the job well. 我发现很难做好这个工作。 think it best I _____________________ that you should stay here. 我认为你最好在这里待着。 think it no use

【拓展】 it作形式宾语常用于动词consider,think,make, find,believe,feel,imagine,prove等之后。 【单项填空】 ①Nowadays people sometimes separate their waste to make it easier for it________. D A.reusing B.reused C.reuses D.to be reused D ②It is by no means clear ________ the president can do to end the strike. A.how B. which C.that D.what

3. By connecting people's lives,the hutongs in fact connected people's lives,whether the lives of the rich or the lives of the ordinary citizens. 胡同使家家户户相通,实际上不管是富人还是普通 市民,他们的生活都被胡同联系起来了。 不管……还是…… 【句式分析】whether...or... _____________________ 【拓展】 (1)当只有两种相对的选择时,要使用 whether…or(not) ______________________ 。 Whether I do the dishes or you do them,they still need to be cleaned. 不管是你还是我,总得有人洗碗。

(2)当选择不受限制时,才使用 no_____________________________________ matter + who/what/which/when/where/how 等等。 No matter who does the dishes,they still need to be cleaned. 不管是谁,总得有人洗碗。 (3)例外:It doesn't matter whether...属于 加强语气 ______________ 的用法,是一独立句子。 It doesn't matter whether you like it or not. 你喜不喜欢都不要紧。 【完成句子】 Whether we help him or not 不论我们帮助他与 ①_________________________( 否),he will fail. Whether you believe it or not ②__________________(无论你是否相信),it's true. whether or ③So, baby, ________happy________frustrated( 无论 开心或失意), remember I love you!

4. Because the houses were built facing each other around courtyards, … 因为四合院的房子是门对门围绕着院子的四面建成 的,…… 【句式分析】 (1)facing each other around courtyards在句中作 方式状语 ______________ 。 He came running. 他跑着来的。 面临,面对 及物 动词,face (2)face _____________ ,可作______ be faced with 结构。 sb./sth. 也常用____________ What problems are facing you? 你有什么困难?

【及时反馈】单项填空: You should make yourself understook in a C foreign country, _______ both language and gesture. A. use B. to use C. using D. used

5. They supported each other when help was needed and shared the joy and sadness of everyday life, no doubt sharing recipes, borrowing mops, and burning fragrant incense together. 他们在需要帮助时互相支持、患难与共,共同 分享生活中的喜悦与烦恼,可能还共用菜谱、 互借拖把、一块点熏香。

【句式分析】 并列 的两个句子; They supported…and shared… 为____ 时间状语 when help was needed为______________ 从句; no doubt sharing…borrowing…burning…为分词作 伴随状语 _______________ 【及时反馈】单项填空: (1)—Dear Frank, when will our wedding be? A —“Ah, when? God knows!” he said, _____ away from her, walked rapidly away. A. turning B. turned C. turn D. to turn B in her (2)Mary spent the whole weekend ___ study, _______ for the coming examinations. A. locked; prepared B. locked; preparing C. locking; preparing D. being locked; prepared

6. The hutongs not only link Beijing's streets and communities after all,but also its past and present,showing that Beijing is truly an ancient yet modern city. 胡同不仅连接了北京的街道和社区,而且连接 了它的过去和现在,表明了北京确实是一个既 古老又现代的城市。 【句式分析】 不但……而且…… not only...but also...“_______________” , 在句中连接两个“谓语+宾语”部分,but link also后省略了 _______,避免重复。showing 短语为伴随状语 _____________。

【拓展】 (1)not only...but also...不但……而且……,应连接两个 对称的 并列成分。 __________ (2)not only...but also连接两个分句,并且not only位 部分 倒装。 于句首时,第一个分句中的主语和谓语要_____ 否定句 中。 (3)not only...but also不能用在___________ (4)not only...but also连接两个并列成分时,可以省略 also 。句尾可加 __________ as well _______ 。 (5)not only...but also连接两个主语时,谓语动词要与 最近的 其__________ 主语保持人称和数的一致。例如: Not only the students but also the teacher was against the plan. /Not only the teacher but also the students were against the plan. 不仅同学们,而且老师也反对这个计划。

【完成句子】 ①不只是你,她也必须参加典礼。 Not only you but also she____________________________ . has to attend the ceremony ②他不但在学校里教书,而且还写小说。 did he teach at school Not only___________________________ , but (also) he wrote novels.

Step III 巩固练习
翻译句子: 1. 在这个商店中用现金或信用卡支付都可以。 It doesn’t matter whether you pay ___________________________________________ by cash or credit card in this store ___________________________________________. 2. 面对困难,他放弃了。 Faced with/Facing the trouble, he gave up ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________. 3. 我们认为支持优秀领导者是我们的职责。 We consider it our duty to support good ______________________________________ leaders ______________________________________.

4.张老师不仅是我们的老师,他还是我们的朋友。 Mr. Zhang is more than our teacher, _____________________________________ he is also our friend. _____________________________________. 5.她除了在学习上帮助我,在生活上也常常帮助我。 She often helps me not only in my study, ______________________________________ but also in my life ______________________________________. 6.他整夜躺在床上睡不着, 思考着那个问题。 All night long he lay awake, thinking of ______________________________________ the problem ______________________________________.


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