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Unit 5 Silver Screen Language Points

Language Points of Warming up 1. scene 辨析: scenery/ scene/ sight/ view

scenery指某地总的自然风景和景色, 尤其指 美丽的乡间景色。 E.g. The scenery of the co

untry is unparalleled (无与伦比的). scene指展现在眼前的情景, 也可指scenery的 一部分, 大多包括风景中的人和活动在内。 E.g. The scene after the earthquake was horrible. E.g. The scene of the sunset was very

sight (1)指眼前看到的景观(多指人工的事物); (2) 指名胜, 风景(复数)。当sight指景物时, 多 指某地特有的名胜。 E.g. the historical sights of London view (1)常指从远处或高处看到的scenery的 一部分; (2)观点, 看法

Ex.1 One of the advantages of living on the top of a high-rise is that you can get a good ____. A. sight B. scene C. view D. look Ex.2 -- Paul has gone abroad to try his luck. -- In my ____, his decision is not wise. A. word B. view C. sight D. way

2. work as... 做...工作 辨析: work as/ work on/ work at/ work out

work as “做...工作” work on “从事某工作”, 指从事一件具体的 事, 常与进行时和完成时连用。 work at 所指的是从事某项研究, 其范围比 work on大得多, 所指事情不够具体。 work out “解出, 找到答案”, 侧重于得出结 果

填空: work as/ work on/ work at/ work out out 1. I still haven’t worked _____ these physics problems. on 2. He has been working _____ this painting for days. as 3. She started working _____ an actress. at 4. He works hard _____ his French.

3. award n. 奖品; v. 授予 辨析: award/ reward/ prize

award n. “奖品” v. “授予”可接双宾语 award sb. sth. = award sth. to sb. reward n. “奖赏, 赏金” v. “酬劳, 报答” prize n. “(获得)几等奖, 得奖金额”

填空: award/ reward/ prize awarded prize 1. They ________ John the first ______. 2. She offered a reward of $500 for the lost _______ necklace. 3. A medal was _________ to the best speller awarded in the class. Prize 4. Einstein won the Nobel ______ for physics in 1921. rewarded 5. His efforts were _________ with good fruit.

4. play a role/ part in... 在...中扮演角色; 在...中起作用 词组: play a/ the role/ part of... 扮演...的角色 翻译: 1. 幸运在他的成功中起了重要的作用。 eg: Luck played an important role/ part in his success. 2. 他将扮演哈姆雷特一角。 eg: He will play the role of Hamlet.

5. 在英语中, 有些条件, 时间, 让步状语从句可 省略一些成分。

eg1: While still was still a student, sheroles in she a student, she played played roles plays. manyin many plays. she was graduating, to went to... eg2: After graduating, she wentshe New York. 省略的条件: 1. 状语从句的主语是it, 或和主句的主语一致 2. 状语从句的谓语v. 中包含be动词 那么, 这个从句的主语和be动词可以一起省略。 eg: When asked why he was late, he kept silent.

eg: When ____, the museum will be open to the public next year. A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed

6. marry vt. 与...结婚 marry sb. 词组: marry sb. to sb. 把...嫁给... be married to sb. 与...结婚 表状态 get married to sb. 与...结婚 表动作 eg: His father wants to marry her ___ a soldier, but she doesn’t want to ___. A. to; get married B. with; marry C. to; marry to D. with; get married

7. speed n. 速度 v. 迅速前进 搭配: speed n. speed与介词with搭配表示抽象, 模糊的速度; speed与介词at搭配表示极端, 具体的速度 eg: The car ran _____ all speed. with at eg: We were traveling ____ a speed of thirty miles an hour. at eg: He usually drives ____ top/ full speed. 词组: speed up 加速

补充 8. What do you think happens before this scene? 此句中do you think是插入语 能用于这种句型起插入语作用的v., 常见的有 think, believe, suppose, know, say, imagine, propose等。 翻译: 你觉得他发生了什么事? eg: What do you suppose has happened to him?

补充 9. since then 从那以后 表示动作从过去持续到现在 = ever since 一般 与现在完成时连用 拓展: from then on 从那时起 表示过去某一时刻之后的时间 = after that time 一般与过去时连用 eg: From then on, he was a model student.

Language Points of Reading 1. take off (1) 成功, 大受欢迎 (2) (飞机)起飞 (3) 脱去 (4) 休息, 减价 翻译: 1. The flight for New York took off an hour ago. 起飞 2. It was at this point that her acting career really took off. 成功 3. I’d like to take Friday off because I’m moving house. 休息, 休假 4. Take off your coat and let me take your measure. 脱去

2. owe (1) 欠(债) owe sb. sth. = owe sth. to sb. 欠某人多少钱 (2) 把... 归功于... owe sth. to sb. 翻译: 1. 我把我的健康归功于有规律的生活。 eg: I owe my good health to my regular life. 2. 我欠同学10元钱去买了一本书。 eg: I owed my classmates 10 yuan for a book. 词组: owing to 介词“因为” = because of

3. 系动词go 表示由好变坏, “变得” 词组: 《高调》P74 eg: The party was going well until my parents arrived, then everything ____. A. went wrongly B. went wrong C. made wrongly D. made wrong 拓展: 除go以外, 表示变化的系动词还有哪些? become, get, turn

补充 4. in the end 最后 =at last 词组: at the end of... 在...末尾 by the end of... 到...为止 + 将来时间, 与将来完成时连用 + 过去时间, 与过去完成时连用 eg: I _______________ (finish) the task by the will have finished end of this weekend. eg: I ______________ (finish) the task by the had finished end of last weekend.

eg: Wash your hands with soap ___ experiment. A. in the end of B. in the end C. to the end D. at the end of eg: We had planted 300 trees ___ the end of March. A. by B. in C. at D. to

补充 5. in all 总数, 总共 翻译: 这对夫妻总共有7个孩子。 eg: The couple has seven children in all.

Language Points of Integrating Skills

1. afford 常与can, could, be able to连用, 表 示 “支付得起”, “负担得起” 搭配: afford + n. afford to do... eg: He says he really can’t ___ to wait another day. A. waste B. afford C. spend D. cost

2. not just...but also... = not only...but (also)... 注意1: not only...but (also)...用来连接两个主 语时,谓语v.就近原则。 eg: Not only Jane but also her parents _____ are fond of watching football matches. 注意2: not only...but (also)...也可用来连接两 个句子,当not only位于句首连接句子时,not only后的句子要部分倒装。

eg: Not only ____ interested in football but ___ beginning to show an interest in it. A. the teacher himself is; all his students are B. the teacher himself is; are all his students C. is the teacher himself; are all his students D. is the teacher himself; all his students are

3. think highly of... 对...高度评价 = think well of... 反义词组: think badly/ little/ ill/ poorly of... 对...评价低 4. determine v. 决定, 决心 = decide determined adj. 有决心的 搭配: determine (sb.) to do... determine that-clause be determined to do... be determined that-clause

5. until (1) 用于肯定句时, “直到...为止” 主 句谓语v.是延续性v., 动作延续到until所表示 的时间为止。 (2) 用于否定结构 not...until... “直到...才...” 翻译: 直到他回来我们才走。 eg: We didn’t go until he came back.

要强调 not...until...有两种方式。 (1) not until放在句首, 主句要部分倒装。

eg: We didn’t go until he came back. → Not until he came back did we go. eg: It didn’t stop raining until midnight. → Not until midnight did it stop raining.

(2) 强调句型: It is/ was not until... that... eg: We didn’t go until he came back. →

It was not until he came back that we went.
eg: It didn’t stop raining until midnight. →

It was not until midnight that it stopped raining.

补充 6. take one’s place = take the place of sb. 取代 拓展: take place v. (按计划)发生 无被动态 eg: As Mr. Zhang was sick, a new teacher ___. A. took place B. took his place C. took a place D. took places 翻译: 电脑不可能彻底取代人脑的作用。 eg: Computers cannot completely take the place of human beings.

补充 7. live adj. 现场直播的; 活的, 有生命的

eg: That volleyball match is not a recorded TV performance. It is ___. A. alive B. live C. living D. lively

补充 8. on the air 正在播出的 拓展: in the air 在空中 in the open air 在户外 by air 乘飞机



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