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福建省厦门第一中学 2002—2003 学年第一学期期末考试 II. 单项填空 20% 21. -----What was the _____ of the fire? -----A cigarette end started the big fire in the hotel by accident. A. reason B. start C. cause D. beginning

22. All the people were standing in front of the house , _____ door was closed. A. which B. whose C. where D. its

23. In China, _____are all painted green. A. letter boxes B. letters boxes C. letter’s boxes D. letter box

24. On the wall _____ some pictures that were taken on his trip. A. hanged B. hang C. is hanging D. hanging

25. Tom hopes to become a friend of _____shares her interests. A. anyone B. whomever C. whoever D. no matter who

26. -----Which of the two American films do you like better? -----_____, because they are very boring. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

27. You _____at your lessons. Now you see, you failed again in all the subjects. A. must have studied hard C. will have studied hard B. should have studied hard D. might have studied

28. They still remembered the happy days _____ together in the camping. A. when they had B. which spent C. spent happily D. they had for

29. -----You look great in green. ----_____. A. I am glad you like it B. Thanks C. I don’t think so D. I like it.

30. _____ to all that the sun sets _____ the west. A. That is known / in C. It was knowing / from B. It is known / in D. Everyone is known / in

31. Mr. Li , as well as his close friends, _____ come to Beijing for a visit. A. has B. had C. have D. would

32. The scientist is busy with his research work and he has not even a day _____himself for a rest. A. to share 33. -----Ouch, my toe ! B. to take C. to give D. to spare


-----_____? A. Shall I get a chair for you to sit in? C. Sorry about that. Are you OK? 34. That is my idea. Can you think of _____ one? A. the better B. a better C. a best D. the best B. Why did you put your foot there! D. It hurts very much, doesn’t it?

35. -----I have no idea to improve my spoken English. -----_____. I am sure things will come out all right. A. I agree with you C. It seems to me that is true B. Well, don’t worry too much about it D. Oh, no! Your English is good enough

36. You _____ careful with your study, will you? Otherwise you will fail again. A. be B. are C. must D. do

37. _____the girl where she is. Remember you mustn’t move someone if they are badly hurt. A. Leaving B. To leave C. Leave D. Left

38. -----How was the talk called ―Saving the Earth‖ ? -----Wonderful. It was all about the damage that _____to the world. A. is causing B. is being caused C. will cause D. has caused

39. When I washed my coat, the colors ran. It looked as if it hadn’t been washed _____the instructions. A. to follow B. followed C. following D. follow

40. -----Good heavens! _____! We were getting worried about you. -----There is no need to be worried. We are both fine. We were only held up by the heavy rain. A. There you are III. 完形填空 20% On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Klarke locked the door and went to the women’s club as usual. It was a pleasant way of passing time ___41___ an old woman who lived ___42___. When she came home she sensed something ___43___. Has some one got in ? The back door and windows were all locked and there was no ___44___ of forced entry.(暴力进入) Had ___45___ been taken away? She went from room to room checking, and found her camera and a spare watch ___46___. The following Thursday she went out at her ___47___ time, but did not go to the club. Instead, she took a walk in a park nearby and came back home, ___48___ herself in through the back door. She settled down to wait and see what would ___49___. B. There are you C. You are there D. You there are


It was four o’clock when the front doorbell rang. Mrs. Klarke was ___50___ tea at the time. The bell rang again, and ___51___ she heard her mail-box being pushed open. ___52___ the Kettle of boiling water, she moved quietly towards the door. A ___53____ of wire appeared through the open of the mail-box, and then a ___54___. The wire turned and caught round the knob(圆形旋钮 ) on the door-lock. Mrs. Klarke raised the kettle and ___55___ the water over the hand. ___56___ was heard outside as the ___57___ fell to the floor and the hand pulled back, which was ___58___ by a sound of running feet. It was not long___59___ the police caught the thief. And Mrs. Klarke was greatly admired (敬佩)at the club for her ___60___ self-protection. 41. A. by 42. A. happily 43. A. terrible 44. A. scene 45. A. anything 46. A. losing 47. A. common 48. A. pushing 49. A. appear 50. A. cooking B. to B. alone C. with C. away D. for D. busily D. bad D. sight D. jewels D. disappearing D. usual D. leading D. continue D. serving D. at once D. Taking away D. piece D. key D. covered D. A sharp cry

B. uncomfortableC. unusual B. show B. nothing B. missing B. spare B. letting B. follow B. making C. sign C. money C. leaving C. special C. pulling C. happen C. burning C. in time

51. A. The next moment 52. A. Putting down 53. A. pill 54. A. knife 55. A. spread 56. A sad voice 57. A. key 58. A. followed 59. A. before 60. A. successful III. 完形填空 20%

B. for a while

B. Laying aside C. Picking up B. set B. hand B. dropped C. lot C. letter C. poured C. A warning shout D. wire

B. A strange noise B. kettle B. caused B. since

C. door-lock C. produced C. until

D. ended D. when

B. frightening

C. interesting

D. careful

(A) Sheryl Wakefield’s family used to live in six houses grouped together on a quiet country road in the middle of the southern US. Now all of their houses have gone and Wakefield’s sister and niece


are dead. They were killed as tornadoes (龙卷风)blew through their small town of Carbon Hill in Alabama, US, between November 8---10. Her sister and niece died when a tornado lifted their small mobile house into the air and threw it upon a tree. Now all that is left is the bent metal frame, which was wrapped (包裹) around the tree. ―Everybody’s house is just gone. My son doesn’t even know where his house is,‖ Wakefield said through tears. ―It is gone . It is just gone. Seven people in Carbon Hill were killed, 250 homes were destroyed and the town no longer has a grade school. It is now just a pile of bricks without a roof. It was only three months ago that Carbon Hill’s high school burned down. In Mossy Grove, Tennessee, clothes flapped in the wind, power lines swung in the air and cars were destroyed after the winds threw them around like toys. Over half of the houses in this small town were just a pile of bricks after the tornadoes passed through at up to 224 kilometers an hour. Susan Henry escaped unhurt: ―Yesterday, we had a nice brick house and four cars. Today we do not even own a toothbrush (牙刷)。 At least 36 people in five states were killed as more than 70 tornadoes moved along a path of destruction (破坏) from Louisiana to Pennsylvania. More than 200 people were injured. Dan McCarthy who studies storms said unusually warm weather, followed by a front of cold air, had caused the tornadoes. Tornado warnings were given in the worst-hit (灾情最严重的) areas. In Alabama, 46 tornadoes warnings were given in 12 hours. 61. Wakefield’s sister and niece were killed _____. A. in a car accident C. in a heavy rain B. in a strong wind D. in their house

62. Carbon Hill’s high school was burned down in_____. A. January B. March C. August D. June

63. In Mossy Grave more than _____ percent of the houses have been destroyed after tornadoes. A. 20% B. 70% C. 50% D. 10%

64. The tornadoes were caused by _____. A. Dan McCarthy who studies tornadoes B. warm weather , followed by a front of cold air C. a wind moved along a path of destruction D. a pile of bricks blown by a strong wind (B)


In our country, power stations that make electricity are often built on rivers. Cool water that is used in making electricity becomes warm as it runs through the station. Then the heated water is returned to the river. When large amount of warm water is poured into a river, the river itself is heated. The temperature of the water may be raised only a few degrees. Yet these few degrees can change the animal and plant life in the river. Heat causes a loss of oxygen (氧气), bacteria (细菌) in the river can not break down waste matter. The river is no longer clean. In the coming years, new power stations will be built. Many will be run by nuclear (核) energy. A nuclear power station heats a river even more than a power station run by gas, oil, or coal. In some states, laws are being passed to protect the rivers. Certain rivers will be called ―warm-water rivers‖ Power station will not be allowed to raise their temperature above 68°F. The temperature of ―warm-water rivers‖ will not be raised above 83°F. Power stations will have to cool the water they pour into rivers. 65. It can be inferred from the passage that _____. A. fish must have oxygen C. plants need warm water 66. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. The change caused by heating rivers. B. How do nuclear power stations use electricity. C. Why must we build new power stations D. How important is the water temperature for the fish. 67. Why are the laws being passed to protect the rivers? A. We must save all the water we can do to make electricity. B. People are catching too many fishes in our streams and rivers. C. Without laws, warm water poured into rivers could kill the fish. D. With laws, the temperature of ―warm-water rivers‖ can not be raised above 68° F 68. From this passage we know that _____. A. we will have to stop building new power stations. B. a nuclear power station is more harmful than an ordinary one in polluting a river C. nobody cares about the temperatures of our rivers. D. bacteria are harmful. (C) B. bacteria must be removed from rivers D. the warm water is cleaner than the cool water


In some ways, the United States has made some progress. Fires no longer destroy 18,000 buildings as they did in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, or kill half a town of 2,400 people, as they did the same night in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Other than the Beverly Hill Supper Club fire in Kentucky in 1977, it has been forty years since more than 100 Americans died in a fire. But even with such successes, the United States still has one of the worst fire death rates in the world. Safety experts say the problem is neither money nor technology, but the indifference(无所谓) of a country that just will not take fires seriously enough. American fire departments are some of the world's fastest and best-equipped. They have to be. The United States has twice Japan's population, and 40 times as many fires. It spends far less on preventing fires than on fighting them. And American fire-safety lessons are aimed almost entirely at children, who die in large numbers in fires but who, against popular beliefs, start very few of them. Experts say the wrong is an opinion that fires are not really anyone's fault. (失误) That is not so in other countries, where both public education and the law treat fires as either a personal failing or a crime(罪行). Japan has many wood houses; of the 48 fires in world history that burned more than 10,000 buildings, Japan has had 27. Punishment for causing a big fire can be as severe as life imprisonment.(终身监禁) In the United States, most education dollars are spent in elementary schools. But, the lessons are aimed at too limited a number of people; just 9 percent of all fire deaths are caused by children playing with matches. The United States continues to depend more on technology than laws or social pressure. There are smoke detectors in 85 percent of all homes. Some local building laws now require home sprinklers (喷水装置). New heaters and irons(熨斗) shut themselves off if they are tipped. 69. The reason why so many Americans die in fires is that _____. A. they took no interest in new technology B. they did not pay great attention to preventing fires C. they showed indifference to fighting fires D. they did not spend enough money on fire equipment 70. It can be inferred (推断)from the passage that______. A. fire safety lessons should not be aimed only at American children B. American children have not received enough education of fire safety lessons C. Japan is better equipped with fire equipment than the United States D. America's large population leads to more fires


71. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. There has been no great fire in the USA in recent 40 years that leads to high death rate. B. There have been some great fires in the USA in recent 40 years leading to high death rate. C. There has been only one great fire in the USA in recent 40 years that led to high death rate D. The fire in Kentucky in 1977 made only a few people killed. 72.In the USA people depend on _____ to prevent fire. A. laws B. social pressure (D) English is the native or official language of one-fifth of the land area of the world. It is spoken in North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. In South Africa and India it is one of the official languages. More people study English than any other language. In many countries, the textbooks in universities are in English. Many university classes are taught in English even though the native language is not English. English is the language of international communication. It is the language of international business, research, and science. More than three-fourths of the world’s mail is written in English. More than half of the scientific research journals are in English. Most other languages have borrowed many English words. Why did English become the international language? In the middle of the nineteenth century, French was the international language. Then Britain became very powerful in the world. England started colonies (殖民地) in North America and India in the seventeen century. By 1900 England also had colonies in other parts of Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. The people in the colonies had to use English. Slowly it became more important than French internationally. After the Second World War, the United States became very powerful, and even more people began to learn English. Is English a good international language? It has more words than any other language. The grammar is simpler than in the other major languages. However, English spelling is difficult. Foreigners all have trouble spelling English. So do native speakers! Since 1880, people have invented over fifty artificial (not natural) languages. No one speaks them as a native language. However, none of them has ever become popular. Some people do not want to study English, but it is the international language. There is no way to change that now. 73. English is the native language of _____. A. South Africa B. Australia C. All of Canada D. Malaysia C. technology D. life imprisonment

74. England started a colony in India in the _____.


A. 1600s

B. 1800s

C. 1700s

D. 1900s

75. The writer concludes that _____. A. it is necessary to invent a new language. B. English is an international language whether you like it or not. C. English is much better than other languages. D. English should be spoken all over the world. V. 改错: 10% The day before the speech contest English teacher talked to me. She said that she and my classmate all wished me success, but it didn’t matter that I would win or not. When I was on the stage the next day, I felt very nervous that I shook like a leaf. There were so many people present! Suddenly I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. She was smiling but nodding at me. I remembered her words and calm down. I did a good job and won the first prize. Now my picture and prize is hanging in the library. Whenever I see them, I will think my dear English teacher. 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. __________

福建省厦门第一中学 2002—2003 学年第一学期期末考试

高二英语试题 (第二卷) 命题教师: 杨君坦 2003.1

班级____________ 姓名____________ VI. 作文: 10%



某国的一个教育代表团来学校访问,请用英语准备一篇发言稿,介绍学校情况,内容应包括: 1.学校分初中和高中部,共有学生 2200 多人,教师 180 多人,是厦门市一所重点中学。 2.开设课程:语文,英语,数学,物理,化学,历史等。 3. 学校有一栋实验楼,一栋教学楼, 一个大操场。 4. 学生们经常在实验楼做各种实验,经常在操场进行各种活额动。 福建省厦门第一中学 2002—2003 学年第一学期期末考试答案 1---5,ACCBB 6---10,ACBCB 11---15, CAABC 16---20, AACAB


21---25, CBABC 26---30, CBCBB, 41---45, DBCCA 61—65, BCCBA 46—50, BDBCB 66—70, ACBBA

31—35, ADCBB, 51—55, ACDBC 71—75, CCBAB

36—40, ACBCA 56—60, DDAAA

V. 改错: 1.my English 2. classmates 3. that---whether 4. very---so 7. but----and 8. calmed 9. is----are 10. think of VI. 作文: 10%

5. right

6. drop a

Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to our school! It is a great pleasure to tell you something about our school. Our school is a key school in Xiamen, which is made up of two parts, the junior classes and senior ones. There are more than 2200 students and over 180 teachers in our school. The students here study Chinese, English, maths, physics, chemistry, history and so on. We have a very beautiful lab building and a very good teaching building. On the right side of the two buildings there is a well equipped activity field. The students often go to the lab building to do different kinds of experiments. When school is over, many students go for activities on the ground. They always have a good time there. OK, now let me show you around our school. I am sure you will like it. Thank you. 福建省师大附中 2010-2011 学年高二上学期期末考试 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 1. --- How did you like Nick’s performance last night? --- To be honest, his singing didn’t ___to me much A. accustom B. appeal C. occur D. refer 2. ___ we know some basic knowledge concerning AIDS, we can protect ourselves from being infected. A. If only B. Even if C. So long as D. Unless 3. ____ of time and energy have been spent in making the earthquake-stricken areas a permanent museum to remind people how disastrous a natural disaster can be. A. A great deal B. A good many C. Large numbers D. Large quantities 4. John went to the hospital alone. If he me about it, I would have gone with him. A. tells B. told C. should tell D. had told 5. So difficult did I find ___ to work out the problem that I decided to ask my partner for help. A. myself B. us C. it D. that 26. There was a long queue for coffee. Having waited for 10 minutes, we ____ gave up. A. absolutely B. actually C. eventually D. occasionally 27. ____ the fog, we should have reached our school in time. A. But for B. Due to C. In case of D. In spite of 28. Why do we have to ____ Joan’s selfish behavior? She should learn to care for others. A. be addicted to B. be opposed of C. get rid of D. put up with 29. ____ himself with necessary knowledge and skills, Tom went to the job market with much confidence.


A. Equipped B. Equipping C. Having equipped D. Being equipped 30. I still remember to the Famen Temple and what I saw there. A. taking B. to take C. being taken D. to be taken 31. I don’t mind her blaming me, but ____ is how she does it that I object to. A. it B. that C. this D. which 32. —I’m feeling terrible and lonely all the time, what should I do? —______! Try to talk to your friends, and take good care of your health. A. Go ahead B. Take it easy C. That’s right D. Don’t mention it 33. Jack is late again. It is ____ of him to keep others waiting. A. aggressive B. appropriate C. desperate D. typical 34. He accidentally _____ he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn’t been home for a couple of weeks. A. let out B. tried out C. ran out D. made out 35. Under no circumstances, he was warned, _____ to give the password to someone else. A. he was B. was he C. he could D. could he 第二节 完型填空 (共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Tong Shiqiang rushed into a kindergarten behind his primary school several times, carrying a __36__ of kids each time he rushed out of their classroom on that fateful(灾难的)day. Only 14 years old and 1.5m tall, Tong can now __37__ a national bravery award for saving seven children. The grade-6 student was __38__ a Chinese language class in Zhongwang Primary School in Qishan village of Longnan city, one of the worst-hit areas in Gansu province, __39__ the deadly quake struck on May 12,2008. There were 49 __40__ students in his class at the time. "Windows began rattling(嘎嘎响)and it __41__ as if lots of bees were singing underground," __42__ Tong Shuangxi, Tong Shiqiang's teacher and uncle. "The sound grew __43__ ... and then I __44__ it was an earthquake." The teacher cried: " __45__ out!" All the students ran out of the room immediately. __46__ outside, Tong Shuangxi rushed toward the kindergarten where the children __47__ a nap (午睡). Tong Shiqiang ran with him. Only three of the kids had __48__ to run out of their room when they __49__ the building. The rest were crying, too __50__ to move. It __51__ less than three minutes for them to carry out all the five- and six-year-olds to __52__. __53__ whether all the kids had been saved, Tong and his nephew had __54__ begun checking the name list when the classroom's walls fell down. "That's the only time I was scared," said Tong Shiqiang. The 14-year-old is __55__ to be nominated (提名) for the child hero award, to be given by the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League. 36. A. score B. dozen C. couple D. number 37. A. beat B. win C. show D. give 38. A. listening B. hearing C. giving D. attending 39. A. when B. while C. where D. which 40. A. another B. other C. others D. the other 41. A. looked B. turned C. appeared D. seemed 42. A. reminds B. remains C. recalls D. remarks 43. A. alouder B. weaker C. clearer D. louder 44. A. realized B. found C. thought D. recognized 45. A. Nobody B. Everybody C. Somebody D. Anybody 46. A. once B. Before C. Since D. After 47. A. were having B. have C. had D. having had 48. A. tried B. wanted C. managed D. attempted 49. A. arrived B. reached C. got D. escaped 50. A. surprised B. moved C. frightened D. excited


51. A. paid B. spent C. cost D. took 52. A. safety B. classroom C. yard D. hospital 53. A. No problem B. No wonder C. Not sure D. Not know 54. A. ever B. just C. never D. even 55. A. possible B. probable C. likely D. maybe 第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从各题的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上涂黑。 A LIPITOR ABOUT LIPITOR Lipitor is a prescription medicine.Along with diet and exercise, it lowers(降低)"bad" cholesterol(胆固醇)in your blood.It can also raise "good" cholesterol. Lipitor can lower the risk of heart attack in patients with several common risk factors, including family history of early heart disease, high blood pressure, age and smoking. WHO IS LIPITOR FOR? Who can take LIPITOR: ●People who cannot lower their cholesterol enough with diet and exercise ●Adults and children over 10 Who should NOT take DIPITOR: ●Women who are pregnant, may be pregnant, or may become pregnant.Lipitor may harm your unborn baby. ●Women who are breast-feeding.Lipitor can pass into your breast milk and may harm your baby. ●People with liver(肝脏) problems POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF LIPITOR Serious side effects in a small number of people: ●Muscle (肌肉) problems that can lead to kidney (肾脏) problems, including kidney failure ●Liver problems.Your doctor may do blood tests to check your liver before you start Lipitor and while you are taking it. Call your doctor right away if you have: ●Unexplained muscle pain or weakness, especially if you have a fever or feel very tired ●Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing ●Stomach pain Some common side effects of LIPITOR are: ●Muscle pain ●Upset stomach ●Changes in some blood tests HOW TO TAKE LIPITOR DO: ●Take Lipitor as prescribed by your doctor. ●Try to eat heart-healthy foods while you take Lipitor. ●Take Lipitor at any time of day, with or without food. ●If you miss a dose(一剂), take it as soon as you remember.But if it has been more than 12 hours since your missed dose, wait.Take the next dose at your regular time. Don't: ●Do not change or stop your dose before talking to your doctor. ●Do not start new medicines before talking to your doctor. 56. Taking Lipitor is helpful for _______________. A. women who are pregnant B. teenagers with liver problems C. breast-feeding women D. adults having heart disease 57. If it has been 7 hours since you missed a dose, you should ____________.


A. eat more when taking your next dose B. have a dose as soon as you remember C. take the next dose at your regular time D. change the amount of your next dose 58. Which of the following is a common side effect of taking Lipitor? A.Throat swelling. B.Upset stomach. C.Kidney failure. D.Muscle weakness. 59. What is the main purpose of the passage? A.To teach patients ways for quick recovery. B.To show the importance of a good lifestyle. C.To give information about a kind of medicine. D.To present a report on a scientific research. B Sports can help you keep fit and get in touch with nature. However, whether you are on the mountains, in the waves, or on the grassland, you should be aware that your sport of choice might have great influence on the environment. Some sports are resource-hungry. Golf, as you may know, eats up not only large areas of countryside, but also tons of water. Besides, all sorts of chemicals and huge amounts of energy are used to keep its courses(球场) in good condition. This causes major environmental effects. For example, in the dry regions of Portugal and Spain, golf is often held responsible for serious water shortage in some local areas. There are many environment-friendly sports. Power walking is one of them that you could take up today. You don’t need any special equipment except a good pair of shoes; and you don’t have to worry about resources and your purse. Simple and free, power walking can also keep you fit. If you walk regularly, it will be good for your heart and bones. Experts say that 20 minutes of power walking daily can make you feel less anxious, sleep well and have better weight control. Whatever sport you take up, you can make it greener by using environment-friendly equipment and buying products made from recycled materials. But the final goal should be ―green gyms‖. They are better replacements for traditional health clubs and modern sports centers. Members of green gyms play sports outdoors, in the countryside or other open spaces. There is no special requirement for you to start your membership. And best of all, it’s free. 60. Which of the following is the author most probably in favor of? A. Cycling around a lake. B. Motor racing in the desert. C. Playing basketball in a gym. D. Swimming in a sports center. 61. What do we know about golf from the passage? A. It is popular in Portugal and Spain. B. It causes water shortages in some areas. C. It pollutes the earth with chemicals and wastes. D. It needs water and electricity to keep its courses green. 62. The author writes the passage to_______. A. show us the function of major sports B. introduce different types of environment-friendly sports C. discuss the major influence of popular sports D. encourage us to go in for green sports C Andy rode slowly on his way to school, day-dreaming about the fishing trip that his father had promised him. He was so busy dreaming about all the fish he would catch that he was unaware of everything else around him. He rode along until a strange sound drew him to the present. He came to a stop and looked curiously up to the heavens. What he saw shocked and terrified him. A huge swarm(群) of bees filled the sky like a black cloud and seemed to be heading angrily towards him. With no time to waste, Andy sped off in the opposite direction, without knowing how to escape the swarm. With a rapidly beating heart, he sped down the rough road. As the bees came closer, his


panic increased. Andy knew that he was allergic to bee stings(蜇). The last sting had landed him in hospital —and that was only one bee sting! He had been forced to stay in bed for two whole days. Suddenly, his father’s words came to him. “When you are in a tight situation, don’t panic. Use your brain and think your way out of it.‖ On a nearby hill, he could see smoke waving slowly skywards from the chimney of the Nelson family home. ―Bees don’t like smoke,‖ he thought. ―They couldn’t get into the house.‖ Andy raced towards the Nelson house, but he knew he could not reach the house in time. The bees would catch up with him soon. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted a small dam used by Mr. Nelson to water his vegetable garden. He got off his bike and into the cool water, disappearing below the surface. After holding his breath for as long as he could, Andy came up for air and noticed the bees had gone. Dragging himself out of the dam, he struggled up the hilly slope(坡) and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Nelson took him inside and rang his mother. ―You’ll really need that fishing break to help you recover,‖ laughed his mother with relief. ―Thank goodness you didn’t panic!‖ But Andy did not hear her. He was dreaming once again of the fish he would catch tomorrow. 63. Why did Andy fail to notice the swarm of bees earlier? A. He was riding to school. B. He was listening to a strange sound. C. He was going fishing with his father. D. He was lost in the thought of the fishing trip. 64. How did Andy avoid the bees in the end? A. He asked Mr. Nelson for help. B. He hid himself under the water. C. He rushed into the Nelson house. D. He rode off in the opposite direction. 65. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about the swarm of bees in the passage? A. They crowded like a black cloud. B. They shocked and terrified Andy. C. They made Andy stay in hospital. D. They were coming towards Andy. 66. Which of the following can best describe Andy’s escape from the bees? A. No pains, no gains. B. Once bitten, twice shy. C. Where there is a will, there is a way. D. One’s mind works faster in an emergency. D To what degree can a computer achieve intelligence?The answer to this question may lie in a newly-developed US computer program called Smarter Child and the Internet. If you ran into Smarter Child online, you would be surprised at this kid’s huge memory. It can recite many facts. For example, Smarter Child knows every baseball player in every team this season. He knows every word in the dictionary and the weather in every major city areas across the US. However, if you ask Smarter Child other questions, you get strange answers. A question about Smarter Child’s age returns. ―One year, 11 days, 16 hours, 7 minutes, and 47 seconds!‖ Asking where he lives gets, ―In a clean room in a high-tech building in California.‖ Smarter Child uses the vast information on the World Wide Web as his memory bank. To answer questions about spelling, for instance, Smarter Child goes to American Heritage Dictionary online. For the weather, he visits www.intellicast.com. Some scientists believe that by joining the many systems of the Internet, an artificial being with the combined knowledge of, say, Albert Einstein, Richard Nixon and Britney Spears could be born. However, if Smarter Child wants to think and learn on his own like the boy-computer David in the movie A. I. Artificial Intelligence, he must overcome two problems. The first is that computers find it difficult to read web pages because the files are labeled in different ways. That’s why programmers need to tell Smarter Child where to look for the weather. It would be a much more difficult task to let him find it himself. Another problem is that while Smarter Child can process information more exactly and faster than any human, he lacks common sense—a basic grounding of knowledge that is obvious to any young child.


67.From the text we can infer that www.intellicast.com is a website A.where we people can find Smarter Child B.which is specially designed to help Smarter Child C.where weather forecasts are made D.which is about artificial intelligence 68.It is probably most difficult for Smarter Child to . A.learn the ability to tell right behaviors from wrong ones. B.tell us how to spell a difficult word C.provide us with a famous poem by Shakespeare D.tell us how the American government is run 69.The underlined ―it ‖ in Paragraph 6 refers to ________. A.where to look for the weather B.Smarter Child. C.a much more difficult task D.to read web pages 70.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A.A New Web Child B.Intelligence Development C.Smarter Child D.The Future of Internet 第 II 卷 (共 55 分) (请将答案填写在答案卷上)


知识运用 I. 用适当的介词或副词填空: (每小题 0.5 分,共 5 分) 1. There is no known cure _________ the disease. 2. All houses within 100 meters of the sea are ____________ the risk of flooding. 3. A teacher should not show preference ____________ any one of his pupils. 4. People here have a more relaxed attitude __________ their work. 5. Where can I exchange my dollars ________ pounds? 6. Janet has been _______ a lot of stress since her mother’s illness. 7. There are several different models to choose _________. 8. The heights of the plants vary _______ 8 cm to 20 cm. 9. The terrible car accident resulted _______ his drinking. 10. The closure of the factory will cause severe damage ______ the local economy. II. 用下列方框中所给词组的适当形式填空: (每小题 1 分,共 7 分)
leave out be opposed to due to take the risk of be aimed at get into trouble burn?to the ground

1.This anti-smoking campaign mainly ____________________ young people gets more and more attention. 2.It is demanded that the students _________________________ (not) any important details while retelling the story. 3.The central fiancéhas handed out 6.3 billion yuan to help local governments solve the problems ___________________ the snow disaster. 4. He ___________________________ losing his own life and saved my life in the cold water. 5. The people who _____________________the government’s building a new hall in the neighborhood went on a strike today. 6. If the bottle of gas catches fire, the whole building may _____________________________. 7. When __________________________________, be sure to keep calm. III、根据汉语意思完成下列句子 (每空 1 分,共 8 分) 1. 如果没有发现透视法,现在我们就不能够欣赏到许多那个时代的名作。 If the rules of perspective , we appreciate many great


masterpieces of that time now. 2. 第一批在户外作画的是印象派画家。他们被认为是“现代艺术”的开创者。 The first painters outdoors were the Impressionists, who the beginners of what we call ―modern art‖. 3. 他多么希望自己是一个教育家! How he wishes . 4. 如果你能用电子邮件把文件发给我,我会非常感激的。 I if you could send me the document by e-mail. 5. 成功不是绝对的,失败也不是致命的;勇气才是最重要的。 (强调句) Success is never final; failure is never fatal; . 6. 虽然到现在我研究火山已经很多年了, 但是我对火山的壮丽景色以及它那潜在的巨大破坏 力至今仍然感到惊愕不已。 ___________ volcanoes now for many years, I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. IV. 短文填词 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Changbaishan stands in Jilin Province, northeast China. It is famous for its thick forest, China’s largest _____________ (自然) reserve, which 1. ___________ is _____________ to wildlife. Every year, Changbaishan attracts tourists 2. ___________ from all over the world to enjoy v_______________ of unique rare plants 3. ___________ and animals. Besides, visitors to Changbaishan are also rewarded _______ 4. ___________ the beautiful s__________ of Tianchi, once the crater of a volcano. However, 5. ___________ _____________ is no need to worry about the volcano, for it is a dead one. 6. ___________ The winter here is f________________ cold. The most interesting thing about 7. ___________ Tianchi is a beautiful story c____________ the father of the Manchu people, 8. ___________ who is said to have been born by a young woman from heaven _______ (沐浴) 9.__________ in the deep lake. The story is told to convey the message ______ the Manchu 10. __________ people are clever. 第四部分:书面表达(共 25 分) 春节即将到来,人们往往在此期间休息调整、休闲娱乐、走亲访友举行家庭聚会,但也 往往忽略健康、环保以及安全问题。请你作为《二十一世纪报》的编辑写一封至全体中学生 的公开信,呼吁他们注意以下问题。 1、适当休息,完成作业,养成良好的生活习惯 2、提醒亲友(1)勿抽烟、饮酒过度等,晓其以弊 (2)日常生活和外出如何做到环保、节能、低碳,以及防火、防灾。 要求: (1)公开信应包括以上要点,可适当增加 (2)字数:120 词左右(开头、结尾已给出,不计入总词数) Dear friends, It’s so nice that the winter vocation is drawing near, announcing the approach of the Spring Festival. As we know, the Spring Festival is a time for us Chinese to have a good rest as well as a family get-together. But at the same time people may forget the problem of health, environment protection and safety. Here I have some suggestions for all of you. As for yourselves, __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Wish all of you a happy, healthy and green Spring Festival! The Editor ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

福建省师大附中 2010-2011 学年高二上学期期末考试 英语答案 Keys 卷一 1 – 20:CBCAB/ CBABB/ ABACB/ ACBBA 21- 35:BCDDC CADCC ABDAB 36-55: CBDAB/ DCDAB/ AACBC/ DACBC 56-59: DBBC 60-62:ABD 63-66:DBCD 67-70: CAAC 卷二 I. 用适当的介词填空 1. for 2. at 3. for 4. to/towards 5. for 6. under 7. from 8. from 9. from 10. to II. 用下列方框中所给词组的适当形式填空 1. aimed at 2. (should) not leave out 3. due to 4. took the risk of 5. were opposed to 6. be burned to the ground 7. getting into trouble


III. 翻译 1 had not been discovered/ found, would not be able to 2. to work/ paint, are accepted as/ are thought of as/ are looked on/ upon as 3. (that) he were/ was an educator. / to be an educator 4. I would appreciate it 5. it is courage that counts/ is important. 6. Having studied/ Although I have studied


Listening texts Text 1 M: Shall we go to Hainan for a holiday? W: Good idea! We can take the children with us. But I hope they won’t be noisy. Text 2 W: Nice weather! David, do you want to go to the shopping mall with me? M: That sounds great! I’m going to buy a gift for my mother. It’s her birthday. Text 3 M: Hi, Alice! When did you come back from London? W: I arrived the day before y esterday. I had been there for two days. Text 4 M: I’m afraid I don’t know how to organize a charity show. W: Don’t worry. Our teacher will come to help. She will give you some suggestions. Text 5 M: I called you yesterday afternoon, but you didn’t answer. Where were you? W: I was writing a report in another room when you called. I didn’t hear the phone until it was too late. Text 6 M: Hi, Dr. Lee. How are you doing? W: Very well. Thank you. Oh, Peter, you look great today. Your suit is perfect. Everything matches perfectly. M: Thank you. Today is special for me. You remember? W: Oh, yes. You’re going to give a speech about European films. M: Yes. I’ve given the speech about European paintings. Now, it’s ―movie time‖! W: I heard that speech last Tuesday. It was amazing. I’m sure you’re going to give another excellent speech this afternoon. M: Thank you. I hope so. Text 7 W: Happy New Year, Daniel. M: Happy New Year, Tina. Come and enjoy some nice drinks with us! W: Oh, thank you. I’d like some orange juice. By the way, what are you going to do today? M: First, I’m going to get ready for the parade. I have a great costume. Then later today, I’m going to church. If you want, I can give you a costume and you can be in the parade, too. It’ll be fun. You should come. W: It sounds like fun. Why are you going to church? M: My father likes to go and I will go with him. Text 8 M: Home at last. Tonight we have a lot of homework to do. W: Are you saying we don’t have time to watch our favorite show tonight? Tom, you know I really don’t like our teacher. He gives us too much homework. M: To tell the truth. I don’t like him, either. He’s kind of boring and not very active. He always looks unhappy as well. W: Yes, and he also … M: Do you think we should be talking about him like this behind his back? W: Probably not. After all, he is our teacher. We should try to find something nice to say. M: I agree. It’s getting dark. We should finish our homework now. W: All right. I want to take a shower first. I’m tired. Text 9 W: Do you know there will be robot exhibition in the city , Jack? M: Really? What exciting news! W: Maybe we can go and have a look. M: I can’t wait for it. When will it be held, Sandy? W: It starts this Saturday. It will last four days. M: Where will it be held? W: It will be held at the International Exhibition Center. M: I will go there. And it would be great fun if we could buy a robot toy. How much do you think it may cost? W: I’ve got no idea. But I want to buy one for my little brother, too, since he can’t go with us. If the price is high, we can just enjoy watching the robots. M: You’re right. Text 10 More than one and a half million kids live in homes without the internet. The UK government wants to do something to change this. It says it’s important for kids to learn online skills in order to keep up with the modern world. Having the Internet can also help people save money., letting them search for bargains and paying bills online. So they’re setting up special online centers. People who don’t have the web at home can get online in those centers. As well as saving money, the Internet is now one of the main ways people communicate with each other. The government also believes that people who don’t have the Internet can get left behind their friends who do.


泉州一中 2010-2011 学年第一学期期末考试
第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 50 分)
第一节 单项填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)

21. —Do you know Tom came _____ third in the marathon held yesterday? —Yeah!And it was _____ 18-hour bicycle marathon. A. 不填; the B. the; 不填 C. 不填; an D. the; a 22. I booked two air tickets today but the tickets were _____ until the end of the week. A. acceptable B. accessible C. admirable D. available 23. — What a beautiful place! — Is this the first time that you _____ here? A. visit B. have visited C. had visited D. had been visiting 24. The expert says that it’s good to encourage children to try new things, but try not to______ them too hard. A. push B. strike C. treat D. convey 25. Owing to its wide ______ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets, this restaurant has become popular with customers. A. affection B. breakthrough C. range D. origin 26. — I’ve heard that another brand of milk powder has been banned. — It’s a shame that some companies lack the sense of social responsibility and______. A. conscience B. command C. consideration D. consequence 27. My parents always tell me that it’s not a good idea to spend our income______. A. in vain B. in advance C. in general D. in particular 28. It seems that the style of Lady Gaga ______ a major tendency in fashion. A. amuses B. blocks C. focuses D. represents 29. As the young generation,we should never forget those who______ the success of the revolution. A. bled for B. held up C. came into D. resulted in 30. ____ thin for a husband-to-be is not ____ a woman desires at all. A. Look; that B. Looking; what C. Looking; that D. Look; what 31. It was not until dark ______ he found______ he believed was the correct way to solve the problem. A. that, that B. that, what C. when, what D. when, that 32. At the concert, Mary sang and her husband ______ her on the piano. A. accompanied B. accomplished C. acknowledged D. abandoned 33. ______ is well-known to all is that the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has been brought to an end. A. As B. That C. What D. It 34. Organic food is superior ______ regular food in many ways. A. than B. on C. over D. to 35. The government is now trying to provide _______ health benefits to all citizens in China. A. significant B. professional C. temporary D. universal

36. Television has many advantages. It keeps us _______ of the _______ news and also provides entertainment in the house. A. informed, latest B. to know, later C. learning, latter D. to think, latest 37. Can you _______ your visit a few days longer? A. expa nd B. spread C. stretch D. extend 38. The construction of the two new railway lines ________ by now. A. had completed B. have been completed C. has been completed D. had been completing 39. People _______hobbies because these activities can offer enjoyment, friendship, knowledge and relaxation. A. take up B. dress up C. make up D. put up 40. I was about to give up my effort to work on the puzzle when a good idea _____ me. A. beat B. struck C. attacked D. caught
第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C、和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 One day last month after I received my salary, I went shopping with my little son. 41 in the crowded store, I had my pocket 42 and my whole salary was gone with it. I was so angry that I almost lost 43 of myself. We were not very rich. The money was 44 not a small sum for my family. It would 45 our life greatly. What could I do? How could I tell my wife? I felt very sad and even 46 for losing the money and had no choice but go back home. In order to make up for my 47 mistake, I gathered all my strength to give our house a thorough cleaning and then 48 a wonderful meal and cooked a special dish my wife loved to 49 her. When she came home, I gave a smile to 50 her. She was surprised to see the neat house and delicious meal. I told my story 51 while we were sitting at the table eating. To my 52 ,she did not respond immediately. It was as if she had not heard my 53 . ―I’ve lost my salary,‖ I murmured to her again. ―I see,‖ she did not shout at me as I had 54 . She didn’t lose her 55 . So I was afraid she was trying hard to control her 56 . A moment later, my wife was still 57 and seemed to be enjoying her favorite dish. At last I could not help 58 , ―I’ve lost the money. Why not shout at me?‖ 59 her eyes, she looked at me and said, Oh, on the contrary, I’m thinking about how to 60 you. It’s the thief who is to blame.
B. Unlikely B. scratched B. way B. purely B. suffer B. worried B. unforgettable B. served B. confused B. greet B. deeply B. surprise C. Unusually C. picked C. heart C. partly C. affect C. ashamed C. unbelievable C. delivered C. pleased C. adore C. deliberately C. relief

41. A. Unluckily 42. A. robbed 43. A. thrill 44. A. rarely 45. A. forbid 46. A. tense 47. A. unforgivable 48. A. prepared 49. A. convinced 50. A. meet 51. A. swiftly 52. A. amusement

D. Unfairly D. stolen D. control D. really D. i mprove D. guilty D. unbearable D. provided D. inspired D. demand D. nervously D. disappointment

53. A. reasons 54. A. expected 55. A. tears 56. A. authority 57. A. silent 58. A. showing 59. A. Opening 60. A. scold

B. information B. experienced B. tempe r B. smile B. steady B. expressing B. Raising B. punish

C. message C. wished C. emotion C. desire C. quiet C. asking C. Moving C. comfort

D. words D. witnessed D. interests D. anger D. calm D. clarifying D. Shutting D. discourage

第三部分 阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 A The story of how the song Happy Birthday to You came to be, began as a sweet one, that lat er soured. Two sisters, Mildred Hill, a teacher at the Louisville, Kentucky Experimental Kindergarten, and Dr. Patty Hill, the headmaster of the same school, together wrote a song for the children, named Good Morning to All. As the local expert on spiritual songs, and as the organist( 风 琴 师 ) for her church, Mildred combined her musical talents with her sister’s knowledge in the area of Kindergarten Education, Good Morning to All was sure to be a success. The sisters published the song in a collection called ―Song Sto ries of the Kindergarten‖ in 1893.Thirty-one years later, after Dr. Patty Hill became the head of the Department of Kindergarten Education at Columbia University’s Teacher College, a gentleman by the name of Robert H. Coleman published the song, without the sisters’ permission. What was worse, he added a second lyric, the familiar Happy Birthday to You.[来源:学科网 ZXXK] Mr. Coleman’s addition of the second lyric made the song famous and popular and, eventually, the sisters’ original first lyric disappeared. Happy Birthday to You the one and only birthday song, had altogether replaced the sisters’ original title Good Morning to All. After Mildred died in 1916, Patty, together with a third sister named Jessica, discussed the issue together and took Mr. Coleman to court. In court, they proved that they, indeed, owned the melody(曲调). Because the family legally owns the song, they can earn royalties(取版税)on it, whenever it is sung for commercial purposes. 61. Why was the song Good Morning to All successful? A. Because both of the two sister liked music a lot. B. Because the two sisters are experts on music and education. C. Because both of the sisters are passive and patient. D. Because the two sisters are teachers of kindergarten. 62. What do the underlined words later soured mean (in Paragraph 1)? A. The song was completely changed in the end. B. The song later had a sad development story. C. The son didn’t become popular years later. D. The song is meant for commercial use later. 63. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The Hill family got a lot of money eventually.

B. Mr. Coleman got a lot of money from the song. C. The Hill sisters got support from the court. D. Mr. Coleman published the song secretly. 64. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. The origin of a famous song. B. The addition of a famous song. C. The life of the two sisters. D. The story of a family’s fame. B It was the final examination for an introductory English course at the local university. The examination was two hours long, and exam papers were given to the students. The professor was very strict and told the class that any exam that was not on his desk in exactly two hours would not be accepted and the student would fail. Half an hour into the exam, a student came rushing in and asked the professor for an exam paper. ―You’re not going to have time to finish this,‖ the professor stated coldly as he handed the student a paper. ―Yes, I will,‖ replied the student. He then took a seat and began writing. After two hours, the professor called for the exam papers, and the students filed up and handed them in. All except the late student, who continued writing. Not until half an hour later, the last student came up to the professor who was sitting at his desk preparing for his next class. He attempted to put his exam on the pile of exam papers already there. ―No, you don’t, I'm not going to accept that. It’s late.‖ The student seemed not to believe what the professor said and appeared to be angry. ―Do you know WHO I am?‖ ―No, as a matter of fact I don’t,‖ replied the professor. ―DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?‖ the student asked again. ―No, and I don’t care.‖ replied the professor with an air of superiority. ―Good,‖ replied the student, who quickly lifted the pile of completed exam papers, put his in the middle, and walked out of the room. 65. The student was late for his exam and ________. A. the professor asked him for reason B. he didn’t finish the paper on time C. the professor refused him to take D. he had to wait for the next exam 66. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The professor was likely to have more than one teaching period. B. The papers were too difficult for the students to complete on time. C. The students were not satisfied with the results of their exam. D. The late studen t was probably an authority figure at school. 67. When the late student asked ―DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?‖, he meant ______. A. to show that he is both humorous and confident B. to make sure whether the professor knows his name C. to force the professor to allow him to pass the exam

D. to threaten the professor not to collect his paper 68. What’s the best title of the passage? A. A Special Examination. B. A Strict Professor. D. A Clever Student. C Crosstalk, a traditional form of comic storytelling, is making a comeback in China’s teahouses and theaters. Audiences can laugh the night away every Saturday at the Qianxiangyi Teahouse in Tianjin, entertained by the apprentices (学徒) of Hou Baolin, Ma Sanli or Yin Shoushan -- all leading crosstalk artists of years past —for only 20 yuan (US$2.40). The success in Tianjin has also given mo tivation to the rejuvenation (复活) of crosstalk in Beijing and other places. Although the art form originated in Beijing in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), Tianjin became a place where rising stars developed their styles and new pieces were tried out. The city was famous for the quality of its crosstalk performances. ―We only want to bring the traditional pieces back to the audiences, helping them to learn their charms and definitions,‖ said Yin Xiaosheng, head of the Zhongyou Arts Troupe. Known in Chinese as xiangsheng (literally, "face and voice"), crosstalk was the main form of comedy throughout most of the 20th century. In the old days in Tianjin and elsewhere, temple fairs and markets were the main places for crosstalkers to perform, although they occasionally also appeared in teahouses or theaters. Usually crosstalk pieces draw on every aspect of Chinese culture, from history and folk tales to contemporary social issues. Although there are hundreds of pieces in the traditional works, they are constantly rewritten to suit the times and the audience, while new works are written as well. This is one of the features that have made crosstalk a populist(平民化) art form throughout its history. ―Crosstalk was in the doldrums with competition from other art forms, especially TV,‖ sa id Wang Xiaochun, headmaster of the Northern Storytelling Arts School of China (NSAS). ―But it has regained its status with crosstalk fans, especially young people, growing aware of its rare qualities.‖ The reawakening of interest in the traditional art is going beyond merely watching and listening for many. ―More and more students are coming to NSAS to study crosstalk, including some girl students,‖ said Wang, ―They are sure that crosstalk will have a strong market.‖ 69. From the passage, we can know the crosstalk originates(源于) from ______. A. the TV shows B. the teahouse and theater C. the cinema D. the temple fairs and markets 70. Crosstalk makes a comeback mainly because_________. A. it is one of the most popular traditional art forms B. the pieces mainly cover folk tales and social issues C. the pieces are changing with times and audience D. it is performed by some leading crosstalk artists 71. Which is the opposite of the underlined word ―doldrums‖ (in the last paragraph)?

C. A College Course.

A. Boom. B. Variety. C. Harmony. D. Period. 72. From the pa ssage we can predict the future of crosstalk lies in______. A. making up a variety of traditional pieces B. having advantages over other media C. young people’s the awareness of its value D. the competitive and big markets for art D This brief book is aimed at high school students, but speaks to anyone learning at any stage of life. Its formal, serious style closely matches its content, a school-masterly book on schooling. The author, W. H. Armstrong, starts with the basics: reading and writing. In his opinion, reading doesn’t just mean recognizing each word on the page; it means taking in the information, digesting it and incorporating it into oneself just as one digests a sandwich and makes it a part of him. The goal is to bring the information back to life, not just to treat it as dead facts on paper from dead trees. Reading and writing cannot be completely separated from each other; in fact, the aim of reading is to express the information you have got from the text. I’ve seen it again and again : someone who can’t express an idea after reading a text is just as ineffective as someone who hasn’t read it at all. Only a third of the book remains after that discussion, which Armstrong devotes to specific tips for studying languages, math, science and history. He generally handles these topics thoroughly and equally, except for some weakness in the science and math sections and a bit too much passion regarding history. Well, he was a history teacher ? if conveyed only a tenth of his passion to his students, that was a hundred times more than my history teachers ever got across. To my disappointment, in this part of the book he ignores the arts. As a matter of fact, they demand all the concentration and study that math and science do, though the study differs slightly in kind. Although it’s commonly believed that the arts can only be naturally acquired, actually, learning the arts is no more natural than learning French or mathematics. My other comment is that the text aged. The first edition apparently dates to the 1960s—none of the references(参考文献)seem newer than the late 1950s. As a result, the discussion misses the entire computer age. These are small points, though, and don’t affect the main discussion. I recommend it to any student and any teacher, including the self-taught student. 73. According to Armstrong, the goal of reading is to________. A. gain knowledge and expand one’s view B. expresses ideas based on what one has read C. understand the meaning between the lines D. get information and keep it alive in memory 74. The author of the passage insists that learning the arts_________. A. is as natural as learning a language B. demands real passion C. is less natural than learning math

D. requires great efforts 75. What is a shortcoming of Armstrong’s work according to the author? A. It lacks new information. B. The style is too serious. C. There is too much discussion. D. Some ideas are slightly wrong. 76. This passage can be classified as________. A. an advertisement B. news report C. a feature story D. a book review zxxk E No poem should ever be discussed or ―analyzed‖, until it has been read aloud by someone, teacher or student. Better still, perhaps, is the practice of reading it twice, once at the beginning of the discussion and once at the end, so the sound of the poem is the last thing one hears of it. All discussions of poetry are, in fact, preparations for reading it aloud, and the reading of the poem is, finally, the most telling ―interpretation(解释)‖ of it, suggesting tone, rhythm, and meaning all at once. Hearing a poet read the work in his or her own voice, on records or on film, is obviously a special reward. But even those aids to teaching can not replace the student and teacher reading it or, best of all, reciting(背诵)it. I have come to think, in fact, that time spent reading a poem aloud is much more important than ―analyzing‖ it, if there isn’t time for both. I think one of our goals as teachers of English is to have students love poetry. Poetry is ―a criticism of life‖, and ―a heightening (提升) of life‖. It is ―an approach to the truth of feeling‖, and it ―can save your life‖. It also deserves a place in the teaching of language and literature more central than it presently occupies. I am not saying that every English teacher must teach poetry. Those who don’t like it should not be forced to put that dislike on anyone else. But those, who do teach poetry must keep in mind a few things about its essential nature, about its sound as well as its sense, and they must make room in the classroom for hearing poetry as well as thinking about it. 77. What is the better way to have a better understanding of a poem? A. Discussing it with others. B. Practising reading it aloud. C. Hearing the poet read out. D. Analyzing it by oneself. 78. According to the author, one of the purposes of teaching English is getting students A. to like poetry B. to criticize life C. to enjoy life D. to teach poetry 79. The underlined word ―make room ‖( in the last paragraph) probably means ____. A. to build a booth B. to provide equipment C. to leave a certain amount of time D. to set aside enough space 80. The passage is mainly about _______.zxxk A. teaching poetry B. discussing poetry C. reading a poem D. reciting a poem


第 II 卷(共 20 分)
第一部分 短文填词(10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示,2)首字母提示,3)语境提示。在每个空格内填入 一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确,拼写 正确。 I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I took _______ in a race. At first, I could not run very fast and fell behind. But I didn’t lose h_______ zxxk and kept _______ (跑). All the students on the playground cheered me on, ―Come on! ’’ I was _______encouraged that I ran faster and faster till I c_______ up with all the other runners. I felt as if _______ (飞) like a superman. In the _______, I got to the finishing line first and I won the race. I felt very p_______ of myself. Many of my _______ (同学) threw me up into the air. Just at that time I _______ (醒来) up and found myself still in bed! 第二部分 写作(20 分)
假如你是李华, 是一位影迷。最近姜文的电影《让子弹飞》 (Let the Bullets Fly)正在全国热播.请根据下列要 点提示,用英语写出你观后感。. 片名 导演 主要演员 上映时间 我的感想 《让子弹飞》 (Let the Bullets Fly) 姜文 姜文 葛优 周润发 刘嘉玲 周韵 姜武 等 目前 ? 没有让观众失望,是今年最好娱乐电影之一: ①故事背景:上世纪三四十年代的川西 ②故事情节: 。。。 。。。 ③演员表演: 。。。 。。。 ④电影对白: 。。。 。。。 ? 也有人说看不懂剧情,沉闷,充满暴力;

81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________ 86. __________ 87. __________ 88. __________ 89. __________ 90.__________

注意: 1.词数:120 左右(开头已给,但不计入总词数) 2.可适当增加细节,使行文连贯 3.必须包括所列要点。zxxk

Recently I went to the cinema to see a film named Let the Bullets Fly

参考答案: 1-5 BCBAC 21-25 CDBAC 41—45 ACDDC 61-64 BBCA 6-10 ABCCA 26-30 ABDAB 46—50 DAACB 65-68 ACBD 11-15 ACBAB 31-35 BACDD 51—55 DBDAB 69-72DCAC 16-20 CACAB 36-40ADCAB 56—60 DACBC 73-76 BDAD 77-80 BACA

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I took part in a race. At first, I could not

run very fast and fell behind. But I didn’t lose heart and kept running(跑). All the students on the playground cheered me on, ―Come on! ’’ I was so encouraged that I ran faster and faster till I caught up with all the other runners. I felt as if flying(飞) like a superman. In the end, I got to the finishing line first and I won the race. I felt very proud of myself. Many of my classmates(同学) threw me up into the air. Just at that time I woke(醒来) up and found myself still in bed!

Recently I went to the cinema to see a film named Let the Bullets Fly I think the film doesn’t let the audience down and of course it’s one of the most Chinese entertaining movies this year. The film, directed by Jiang Wen who also plays the role in the film, is set in the western part of Sichuan in the 1930s or 1940s. Many famous performers, including Hong Kong star Chow Yun-Fat and local favorite Ge You, gather together to make the film and they give an amazing performance in the film. While seeing the film, I’m impressed by its striking plot and smart dialogues as well as humorous lines. zxxk However, some people complain that it is hard to understand the plot of the film, and some even think the film is dull and full of violence. Personally, the film is well worth seeing and it is a real hit/masterpiece. Especially some of Jiang’s fans prefer to queue up to buy tickets for the film. 南安一中 2010—2011 学年高二年上学期期末考 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21.In recent years, ______ global warming is becoming ______ concern for people all over the world. A.the; the B.不填;不填 C.不填;a D.the; 不填 22.It really seemed ages ______ the police came to the scene of the accident and rescued the injured people. A. as B. after C. when D. before 23.— Mum, I really think Dad should have a break and get relaxed. — Yes. He _______ too long. A. read B. has been reading C. had read D. is reading 24.The experts recommended that measures _______ immediately to protect the endangered animals. A. should take B. must be taken C. would take D. be taken 25.My first summer vocation in the high school, _______I spent a fortnight on the farm, is really unforgettable. A. when B. that C. which D. where 26.In order to promote its brand, the company has put a lot of money and time to launch an advertising _______. A. commitment B. campaign C. tournament D. theme 27._______ interested in the position are asked to see the manager tomorrow. A. Whoever B. Who C. Those D. Anyone 28.At first I didn’t believe Peter but what he said was ______ and I changed my mind. A. amusing B. astonishing C. convincing D. disgusting 29.Mr.White to hospital for an examination yesterday but he was too busy.

A.must have come B.should have come C.need have come D.may have come 30.— How was your weekend, Rose? — Awful! That was the first time I _______ alone at home, bored to death. A. have left B. had left C. have been left D. had been left 31.The glass vases are so _______ that we must handle them with great care. A. delicate B. harsh C. tough D. consistent 32._______ her progress in English with Li Ping’s, she was quite satisfied. A. Compared B. Comparing C. To compare D. Compare 33.At the Asian Paralympic Games in Guangzhou, all the volunteers wondered ______ they could do more for the athletes. A. that B. which C. what D. how 34.When she saw the snake she was very frightened, but she tried to _______ a brave face. A. put on B. turn on C. get on D. keep on 35.—We really enjoyed ourselves at the party. Thanks again, Mr. and Mrs. White. —_______. Just drop in whenever you feel like it. A. With pleasure B. Our great honour C. Nice having you here D. Nice you are here 第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 ―This Friday we’ll have the yearly Egg Drop Challenge,‖ said our science teacher, Mr. Baker. ―You can work along with a partner.‖ My friend, Cassie, and I smiled at each other.We always worked on projects 36 . The 37 of the Challenge was simple — to build a protective container to keep an egg from breaking when 38 the stadium wall. I made my sandwich that afternoon while waiting for Cassie. 39 the butter-cream gave me an idea. ―I have a brilliant design for our 40 container!‖ I said when Cassie arrived.―We can 41 the egg with some butter-cream.‖ ―Why not put the egg in a basket with a parachute 42 ?‖ Cassie rolled her eyes.―The parachute is better than that stupid idea.‖ I couldn’t believe it.Of course we’d had our little 43 in the past, but she’d never called any of my ideas ― 44 ‖ before. ―Then I’ll build mine and you build yours!‖ 45 words had been out, our friendship was challenged. When Friday finally arrived, I had to 46 Cassie’s Egg Force One looked pretty good. 47 , my Egg-cellent Egg Cream didn’t look quite scientific.We kids carried our containers up three stadium steps and dropped them over the side wall.Those whose eggs broke were out; those whose eggs survived 48 three more steps and dropped them again.This would go on till the last egg broke. After four rounds, only Cassie and I were 49 .I let go of my box.I heard someone say ―ew‖ after seconds. Had my egg broken? I raced down the 50 . sidewalk was dotted with egg shells The from those 51 drops.Finally I found my little Egg-cellent Egg Cream. ―That looks like egg drop soup, Laura,‖ Cassie said. was holding her Egg Force One. She My 52 raced.Had she won? I looked at her basket. 53 . ―My egg bounced 54 ,‖ she explained, pointing to a broken shell. ―A tie ,‖ Mr.Baker said. Cassie looked at me, and her glare 55 .I laughed.She smiled… 36.A.patiently B.silently C.together D.alone 37.A.battle B.goal C.description D.campaign 38.A.rolled down B.pushed against C.thrown at D.dropped over 39.A.Spreading B.Boiling C.Baking D.Obtaining 40.A.butter B.sandwich C.cream D.egg 41.A.protect B.instruct C.resist D.overcome 42.A.followed B.operated C.supported D.attached 43.A.ideas B.quarrels C.worries D.challenges 44.A.wrong B.stupid C.brilliant D.scientific 45.A.Since B.While C.Though D.Unless 46.A.explain B.deny C.admit D.prove 47.A.Therefore B.Anyway C.Otherwise D.Besides

48.A.paced down B.turned around C.walked up D.went back 49.A.left B.teased C.ignored D.suspected 50.A.steps B.way C.wall D.sidewalk 51.A.intended B.unexpected C.failed D.desired 52.A.eyes B.hands C.feet D.heart 53.A.Lost B.Dirty C.Broken D.Empty 54.A.around B.out C.in D.down 55.A.returned B.remained C.increased D.softened 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A DGEWOOD — Every morning at Dixie Heights High school, customers pour into a special experiment: the district’s first coffee shop run mostly by students with special learning needs. Well before classes start, students and teachers order Lattes, Cappuccinos and Hot Chocolates. Then, during the first period, teachers call in orders on their room phones, and students make deliveries. By closing time at 9:20 a.m., the shop usually sells 90 drinks. ―Whoever made the chi tea, Ms. Schatzman says it was good,‖ Christy McKinley, a second year student, announced recently, after chatting with the teacher on the line. The shop is called the Dixie PIT, which stands for Power in Transition. Although some of the students are not disabled, many are, and the PIT helps them prepare for life after high school. They learn not only how to run a coffee shop but also how to deal with their affairs. They keep a timecard and receive paychecks, which they keep in check registers. Special-education teachers Kim Chevalier and Sue Casey introduced the Dixie PIT from a similar program at Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia. Not that it was easy. Chevalier’s first problem to overcome was product-related. Should schools be selling coffee? What about sugar content? Kenton County Food Service Director Ginger Gray helped. She made sure all the drinks, which use non-fat milk, fell within nutrition guidelines. The whole school has joined in to help. Teachers agreed to give up their lounge (休息室) in the morning. Art students painted the name of the shop on the wall. Business students designed the paychecks. The basketball team helped pay for cups. 56. What is the text mainly about? A. A best-selling coffee. B. A special educational program. C. Government support for schools D. A new type of teacher-student relationship. 57. The Dixie PIT program was introduced in order to . A. raise money for school affairs B. do some research on nutrition C. develop students’ practical skills D. supply teachers with drinks 58. How did Christy McKinley know Ms. Schatzman’s opinion of the chi tea? A. She once met her in the shop. B. She heard her saying it with others. C. She went to her office to deliver the tea. D. She talked to her on the phone. 59. We know from the text that Ginger Gray . A. starts the guidelines for coffee shops B. sees that the drinks meet health standards C. teaches at Dixie Heights High School D. manages the Dixie PIT program in Kenton County B EBay will launch an online group gift-buying service today designed to make it easier for several people to chip in, buy and pay for gifts using their social-network and e-mail contacts. EBay North America Vice President Christopher Payne says it is going to be a major step forward in social commerce, which is the still-small practice of selling products through social networks.Online retail experts aren't as certain, but eBay says the new tool makes it easier for friends and relatives to chip in (凑钱) for gifts because it eliminates the headache of collecting contributions.It can also be used for family members to pitch in to buy, say, an expensive child seat for a mother. Anything on eBay that's available immediately, rather than up for bid, can be purchased this way starting today at groupgifts.eBay.com.If members of an extended family wanted to buy a gift for one member, one person would choose a gift — or have one recommended by eBay — and invite family members to chip in using Facebook or e-mail.Those who wanted to join in would choose an amount to contribute (or agree to pay a requested amount) and pay using either PayPal or a credit card.They could also add a personal note. If enough people don't chip in, the organizer can ask people to contribute more or choose a less expensive gift. "I see myself using this most in cases when I typically might not buy someone what they want

because of price," says Nitzan Shaer of Boston, who was part of an online test of the site. EBay, with its 200 million products, millions of sellers and mobile commerce proficiency, is a logical place to pull together the products, groups of buyers and payment tools, Payne says. At least 12 sites, such as FrumUs. com and eDivvy. com, facilitate (便于,利于) group purchases but don't sell products.Although a handful of retailers, including Victoria's Secret and 1-800-Flowers, sell products through Facebook, Payne says he expects social commerce will take off as rapidly as shopping using mobile devices.EBay did more than $600 million in sales on mobile devices last year and expects mobile sales to increase to $1.5 billion this year. Although one in five consumers surveyed said they'd used Facebook for shopping in the past year, 88% said they would not be buying holiday gifts through a social network, mobile phone or smartphone.Of these, 26% were reluctant because of security or privacy concerns, and 20% were unclear about the benefits of using phones or Facebook to shop. 60.What procedure should be followed if your extended family intends to buy your grandpa an 80 th birthday gift? ①Asking family members to contribute more money if enough members don’t chip in ②Choosing a gift at groupgifts.eBay.com ③Paying using PayPal or a credit card ④Contributing or agreeing to pay a requested amount of money via Facebook or e-mail A.②-①-③-④ B.①-③-②-④ C.②-④-①-③ D.②-③-④-① 61.Where can we most probably read this text? A.In a research paper B.In a travel magazine C.In a microblog D.On a website 62.What does the underlined ―it‖ mean in the 2nd paragraph? A.The online group gift-buying service B.People’s social-network and e-mail contacts C.A major step forward in social commerce D.The still-small practice of selling products through social networks 63.It can be inferred from the text that ______. A.through eBay’s new tool, 200 million products on eBay are available to online shoppers B.social commerce can eliminate the headache of collecting contributions C.eBay’s new tool will gain mass adoption by online shoppers D.with the help of eBay’s new tool, FrumUs.com and eDivvy.com will also sell products C Sydney Airport International Terminal—Arrival Area SPECIALTY RETAIL Newslink: Two separate Newslink stores cater to all your reading needs including newspapers, magazines and the latest bestsellers. Downtown Duty Free: Make sure you shop at Downtown Duty Free for great savings on a range of items including perfume, alcohol, skincare and cigarettes. It’s your last chance before customs. Beach Culture: A must for those into the latest in beach clothing. Top surfer street and fashion labels including Mambo, Stussy and Quicksilver, including children’s sizes. DINING Blue Sky Cafe: Speedy service leaves you time to keep an eye on the arrivals gate. Fresh milk, coffee, lemon juice, beer, whisky, ice-cream, soda water, cakes and dumplings are on sale. Macdonald’s: hamburgers, fries, pancakes, toasted potatoes, muffins, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and chocolates—all your family favorites. Breakfast served until 10:30. SERVICES ATM: ATMs are conveniently located throughout Arrival and Departures. Dollars, pounds and francs and RMB are all available. Vodafone Rentals: This communications center offers the very latest technology for mobile phone rentals, sales and serving. 64. Where is the passage likely to appear? A. A morning newspaper. B. A monthly magazine. C. A geography book. D. An official guide. 65. The underlined phrase ―cater to‖ probably means ________. A. satisfy B. afford C. support D. help 66. You may have better choices to deal with _________. A. your hunger problem in Blue Sky Cafe and your thirsty problem in Macdonald’s

B. your thirsty problem in Blue Sky Cafe and your hunger problem in Macdonald’s C. your hunger and thirsty problems in the Blue Sky Cafe D. your hunger and thirsty problems in the Macdonald’s D Many children first learn the value of money by receiving an allowance (pocket money). The purpose is to let children learn from experiences at an age when financial mistakes are not very costly. The amount of money that parents give to their children to spend as they wish differs from family to family. Timing is another consideration. Some children get a weekly allowance. Others get a monthly allowance. In any case, parents should make clear what,if anything.the child is expected to pay for with the money.At first, young children may spend all of their allowance soon after they receive it. If they do this,they will learn the hard way that spending must be done within a budget.Parents are usually advised not to offer more money until the next allowance. The object is to show young people that a budget demands a choice between spending and saving.Older children may be responsible enough to save money for larger costs,like clothing or electronics.Many people who have written on the subject of allowances say it is not a good idea to pay your child for work around the home.These jobs are a normal part of family life. Paying children to do extra work around the house, however, be useful. can even provide an can It understanding of how a business works. Allowances give children a chance to experience the three things they can do with money.They can share it in the form of gifts or giving to a good cause. They can spend it by buying things they want.Or they can save it. Saving helps children understand that costly goals require sacrifice.You have to cut costs and plan for the future.Requiring children to save part of their allowances can also open the door to future saving and investing.Many banks offer services to help children and teenagers learn about personal finance. A saving account is an excellent way to learn about the power of compound interest. Compounding works by paying interest on interest.So,for example,one dollar invested at two percent interest for two years will earn two cents in the first year. The second year, the money will earn two percent of one dollar and two cents, and so on.That may not seem like a lot, but over time is adds up. 67.Giving an allowance, parents should consider all the following EXCEPT _. A.how much the child should get each time B.whether the child has made a budget C.where the money really goes. D.how often a child can get it 68.The underlined words“compound interest”in the passage probably mean _. A.increasing curiosity to learn how to make more money B.stronger power to hold one’s attention to saving money C.money paid by the bank on your original money and the gain from it D.you parents’ money from working in the bank 69.The author of the passage holds the opinion that_______. A.what children learn by handling allowances may be beneficial in the future B.children can learn to set up their own business with their allowances C.keeping allowances in the bank is the best choice for children D.it is not a good idea to pay children for housework at home 70.What is the best title for the passage? A.Be Generous to Pay Your Children. B.Be Wise to Avoid Financial Mistakes. C.Saving Allowances Does Good to Children. D.Allowances Help Children Learn about Money. E America’s greatest technological achievement, the Hoover Dam, now has a companion piece, a bridge held up by the longest arch in the Western Hemisphere(半球). The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which opened this month and connects the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, crosses the vast chasm(峡谷)890 feet above the Colorado River that is controlled by the dam. The striking 1,900-foot-long structure will improve traffic in the region and help protect the dam from being destroyed. It is the seventh highest bridge in the world, behind four in China, one in Papua New Guinea and one in the US state of Colorado. ―The Hoover Dam is the greatest civil engineering achievement in America’s history,‖ said the

bridge project manager Dave Zanatell. ―Our goal was not to outdo or outshine it. Our goal was to, in a respectful way, do something that would be great for our generation and that would stand besides Hoover Dam in a respectful and quality way that would become a part of Hoover’s legacy(遗产).‖ Just as the Hoover Dam was built in the heart of the Great Depression(大萧条)and was seen as an example of the nation’s can-do spirit, some hope this project can also provide some uplift. The bridge is surprising: at 1,050 feet, its support arch holds up a roadway that lies on 300-foot-long concrete pillars(柱子), some of the tallest in the world. It contains 16 million pounds of steel. The idea of the bridge came into being in the 1960s because the top of the Hoover Dam has been a narrow two-lane road that is the fastest route from Arizona to Las Vegas and then the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Access to the dam from each direction is a dangerously winding route, but massive trucks and passenger vehicles shared it for decades. During the day, when thousands of tourists travel to the dam from Las Vegas three times as many accidents as on a normal road will happen. The bridge has a sidewalk on the side facing the dam. The wall on both sides is 54 inches high, so walkers can take photos there. 71.Which of the following is true of the Hoover Dam? A. It was completed recently. B. It was built during the hard times. C. It has the longest arch. D. It’s the seventh highest dam in the world. 72. What is one of the purposes of building the bridge? A. To protect the dam. B. To save the cultures. C. To outdo the dam. D. To develop the tourism. 73. The underlined word ―uplift‖ in Paragraph 4 means _____. A. lift of the heavy object B. support in money C. spiritual encouragement D. instruction in technology 74. Which of the followings shows the right position of the bridge and dam?

75. The text is mainly about ______. A. the Hoover Dam B. American western development C. a tour along the Colorado River D. a recently built bridge 第二卷 第四部分 写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 短文填词(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示; 2)首字母提示;3)语境提示,在每个空格内填 入一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼 写正确。 Boys and girls, Our club aims to help Senior 2 students learn to take a positive attitude towards the problems we are f with, so that we can 76________ keep in high spirits to ________ up the challenge of study pressure. 77__________ There will be a variety of colorful _______(活动) on Saturday afternoons. 78________ Firstly, we will invite experts ________(定期) to give lectures on 79_____________ psychological problems, to _______ you can turn to seek for advice on 80_____________ how to r______ anxiety. Secondly, some discussions will be held, 81_____________ where you can e each other’s learning experience 82_____________ and explore ________ (科学的) learning methods. Here are two ways 83___________ you can join our club. Either fill out an a form in the 84___________

Students’ Union ________just register at the campus website. 85___________ Thank you! 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你班将举行一次英语班会, 主题为―How to be strong and healthy‖。 请你根据下面提示 写一篇发言稿。 存在问题 许多中学生近视,部分学生身体素质差 充足的睡眠 加强锻炼,增加户外活动 定时吃饭,少吃零食 养成讲卫生的习惯?? 卫生:hygiene


注意:1.字数 120 左右; 2.生词:零食:non-staple food 3.可根据所给材料适当发挥。

Dear friends, ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________



姓名: ________________ 班级: ___________

座号: __________

福州高级中学 2010---2011 学年第一学期期末考试
(满分:150 分,考试时间:120 分钟 命题教师:高二集体备课组郭彩凤 )2010.12. 审卷教师:谢小闽

第二部分 英语基础知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项选择(共 15 小题。每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 21. —Would you mind keeping _____ eye on my baby while I go shopping? —Not at all. Besides, you have so lovely ______kid. A. an; a B. an; the C. 不填;the D. 不填;a D. would rather 22.To enjoy the beauty of nature, I ______ spend long hours on the train rather than travel by air. A. would like B. prefer to C. feel like A. keep up with A. which B. what 23. Would you turn down the radio a bit please? I can’t _____ the noise. B. catch up with C. put up with D. go on with C. where D. when

24. Patience is a kind of quality and that’s ____ it takes to do such work well.

25. ---Have you heard Tom has got a promotion recently? ---Yes, he was ______ as a manager last month. A. abused B. adopted C. advocated D. appointed 26. I don’t think the colour of you coat _____ very well with your shoes. A. suits B. fits C. matches D. goes 27. We found _____ not so difficult to work with her. A. that B. it C. its D. it’s B. succeed C. succeeding D. be successful C. done D. to be cut C. conscious D. eager 28. The research he devoted all his time and energy to _______ in the end. A. succeeded A. cutting A. curious 29. Your hair is so messy that you had better have it _____ as soon as possible. B. doing B. anxious 30. My mother always gets a bit _____ if we don’t arrive home on time. 31.He apologized for _____ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. him to be not able D. his not being able 32. To improve our spoken English, we should practice _____ English as much as possible. A. speak with A. This B. speak of C. to speak D. speaking D. That 33. They are good friends. ______ is no wonder that they know each other so well. B. There C. It 34. What do you think would happen if there ______ no sunlight on the earth? A. was B. were C. will be D. would be 35.On the floor______ an old man, who had been killed in the fire. A. lay B. lies C. laid D. lied 第二节:完形填空(本题共10小题。每题1.5分,满分15分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从36-45各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答 案。 The other day, I had to go to a meeting, which lasted past my daughter’s bedtime. I returned home late. I was brushing teeth when I looked up, and there on the bathroom mirror was a note in the shape of a 36 . It said, ―Hi, Mom! I Love You. Laurel.‖ 37 , I also cut a heart out of a piece of paper and taped (粘)a note next to hers, saying, ― I Love You, Too. Mom,‖ which she would read the next morning. While teaching in a primary school, I learned how influential(有影响力的) parents can be as children learn to write. In fact, by watching my own child and her friends and by reading professional (专业的) books, I became more and more clear about how writing develops and how by her work. I offered praise(表扬) for her 的) and important than I had Laurel learn 43 41 40 38 can help 39 children become eager writers. So when my daughter first began to scribble (涂鸦), I became . It was clear that her scribbles, 42

, for I found that scribbling is far more complex(复杂 being lovely art objects(艺

术品), showed a lot about her understanding of the world of writing. I sensed that writing also helped to read. Gradually, my family began writing a great deal. 44 activities, we become My family has found that by integrating (融合, 结合)writing into our

more thoughtful of each other. Meanwhile, my daughter is learning to skilled writer. 36. A. hand 37. A. Immediately 38. A. teachers 39. A. disappointed 40. A. wishes 41. A. cared 42. A. besides 43. A. when 44. A. strange 45. A. take B. mouth B. Suddenly B. friends B. attracted B. efforts B. wanted B. for B. how B. useful B. consider C. smile C. Finally C. books C. surprised C. suggestions C. realized C. of C. what C. daily C. hate


writing and becoming a

D. heart D. Politely D. parents D. worried D. ways D. proved D. among D. whether D. funny D. enjoy

第三部分、阅读理解(共20小题。每题2分,满分40分) 阅读下面五篇材料, 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。选出一个最 佳答案。 A Newspapers in Great Britain vary greatly in their ways of carrying the news. There are serious (严 肃的)papers for those who want to know about important happenings everywhere, both at home and abroad.There are popular newspapers for those who prefer entertainment(娱乐) to information. The London newspaper that is best known outside Great Britain is probably the Times.It began in 1785, and has a high reputation (名声) for believable news and serious opinions on the news. It calls itself an independent (独立的)paper, which means that it does not give its support to a particular political party. Its leading articles give the opinions of the editors, not those of the owners of the paper. Letters to the editor are printed in the newspaper .These parts of the Times are always interesting. Most of the letters are serious subjects. from time to time there will be long letters on the But subject which is not at all serious, perhaps on a new fashion (时装) of dress, or the bad manners of the young people, compared with the manners of thirty years ago. 46.If you want to get pleasure, please buy yourself ____. A. a serious newspaper C. any independent paper B.a foreign newspaper D.a popular newspaper

47.The Times is an independent paper because _____. A.it gives special support to all the political parties B.it supports no political parties C.the editors' opinions are not examined by the owners of the paper D.it is not controlled by the British Government 48.The underlined word “vary” in the passage probably means “_____”. A.improve C.are different B.compete with each other D.keep in touch with each other

49.Which of the following is NOT true? A.The subjects of the letters to the editors are serious at all times.

B.The amusing parts of the paper are letters to the editors. C.The manners of the young people thirty years ago were often polite. D.Sometimes pieces of writing on the latest fashion in clothes can satisfy your interest. B In earliest times, men considered lightning (闪电)to be one of the great mysteries(神密) of nature. Some ancient people believed that lightning and thunder were the weapons(武器) of the gods. In reality lightning is a flow of electricity (电流)formed high above the earth. A single flash (闪烁) of lightning 1.6 kilometers long has enough electricity to light one million light bulbs. The American scientist and statesman, Benjamin Franklin, was the first to show the connection between electricity and lightning in 1752. In the same year he also built the first Lightning Rod (避雷 针). His device(发明物) protects buildings from being damaged by lightning. Modern science has discovered that one stroke of lightning contains more than 15 million volts(伏 特). A spark(火花) between a cloud and the earth may be as long as 13 kilometers, and travel at a speed of 30 million meters per second.Scientists estimate (估计) that there are about 2,000 million flashes of lightning per year. Lightning hits the Empire, State Building in New York City 30 to 48 times a year. In the United States alone it kills an average of one person every day. The safest place to be in case of an electrical storm is in a closed car. Outside, one should go to low ground and not get under trees. Also, one should stay out of water and away from metal fences. Inside a house, people should avoid open doorways and windows and not touch wires or metal things. With lightning, it's better to be safe than sorry.? 50.Lightning is actually _____. A.weapon A.scientists B.electricity B.ground C.light C.lightning rod D.mystery D.gods 51.People once thought that lightning came from ______. 52.Benjamin Franklin ______. A. made the first lightning rod C. invented electricity A.Swimming pool B.built the Empire State Building D.prevented lightning from hitting cars B. A high place C.Under a tree D.A car C For years scientists have been worried about the effects of air pollution on the earth’s natural conditions. Some believe the air inside many houses may be more dangerous than the air outside. It may be one hundred times worse. Indoor air pollution can cause a person to feel tired, to suffer eye pain, headache and other problems. Some pollutants (污染物) can cause breathing disorders, diseases of blood and even cancer. Most scientists agree that every modern house has some kind of indoor pollution. People have paid more attention to the problem now. It is said that when builders began making houses and offices they did not waste energy. To do this they built buildings that limited the flow of air

53.______is the best place to be in during an electricity storm.


between inside and outside. They also began using man-made building materials. These materials are now known to let out harmful gases. As the problem became more serious, scientists began searching for a way to deal with it. They discovered a natural pollution control system for building--- green plants. Scientists do not really know how plants control air pollution. They believe that a plant’s leaves absorb or take in the pollutants. In exchange the plant lets out oxygen through its leaves and small organizations on its roots. Scientists suggest that all buildings should have one large plant or several small plants inside for every nine square metres of space. Studies of different plants show that each absorbs different chemicals. So the most effective way to clean the air is to use different kinds of plants. Having green plants inside your house can make it a prettier and more healthy place. 54. Some kind of indoor pollution can be found in ________. A. every modern house C. all kinds of houses B. every old house D. all kinds of offices

55. The indoor air pollution is caused by ________. A. the limit of the flow of air between inside and outside B. the building way that the builders want to save energy C. the building things that are made of man-made materials D. the man-made building materials and the limit of air-flow 56. The reason why we should use different kinds of plants to clean the air is that ________. A. plants can let out all kinds of pollutants indoors B. plants may take in more oxygen which people need C. plants can absorb all kinds of harmful indoor chemicals D. plants can make our houses prettier D Do you like to eat out? Do you like to eat quickly? Do you like inexpensive food? Some people go to fast-food restaurants for these reasons. In the past, people usually went to diners(小餐馆)for these reasons. In fact, many people in the States still go to diners today for the same reasons. A man named Walter Scott had the first ―diner‖ in 1872. It wasn’t a real diner. It was only a food cart(手推车). People on the street walked up to the cart to buy food. These carts served late-night workers who wanted a cup of coffee and a late-night meal. The meal was a sandwich or boiled eggs. In 1887, Samuel Jones built the first diner big enough to allow the customers to come inside. However, they did not sit down. Later, people built diners with counters and stools, and people sat down while they ate. Before long, many diners stayed open around the clock. In other words, people were able to eat in diner at any time. Diners changed in other ways, too. The original menu of sandwiches and coffee became bigger. It included soup, favorite dishes, and a breakfast menu. In addition, diners soon became permanent(永久的) buildings. They were no longer carts on wheels. Diners today look similar to the diners of the early 1900s. They are usually buildings with large windows. Inside, the diners have shining counters with stools, booths, and tables and chairs. People can eat all three meals in a modern diner.

Today, many people eat in fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King. However, the diner remains an American tradition, and thousands of people still enjoy eating there. It was popular a century ago, and it is still popular today. 57.A man named Walter Scott had the first ―diner‖ in 1872. Why is the word ―diner‖ in quotation marks(引号)? A. Because it is spelled differently from ― dinner‖ B. Because the first diner was not what it is now C. Because diner was a new word D. Because it is special. 58.What meals did the first diners serve? A. Only breakfast B. Only lunch C. Only night-meals D. All of the above 59.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Diners existed before a fast-food restaurant. B. The menu included more food than sandwiches and coffee. C. Burger King is a fast-food restaurant. D. Sandwiches became bigger. 60.The main idea of the passage is that ______________. A. The diner is a traditional , popular place to eat in the United States. B. Samuel Johns built the first diner big enough to allow the customers to come inside. C. American diners serve many types of f ood 24 hours a day to their customers. D. Diners are different from fast-food restaurants in many ways. E Laptop(便携式) computers are popular all of the world. People use them on trains, airplanes, in airports and hotels. These laptops connect people to their workplace. In the United States today, laptops also connect students to their classrooms. Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program that allows students to do schoolwork at anywhere they want. Within five years, each of the 1500 students at the college will receive a laptop. The laptops are part of a $10 million computer program at Westlake, a 110-year-old college. The students with laptops will also have access to the Internet. In addition, they will be able to use e-mail to ―speak‖ with their teachers, their classmates, and their families. However, the more important of the laptop program is that students will be able to use computers without doing to computer lab. They can work with it at home, in a fast-food restaurant or under the trees---- anywhere at all. Because of the many changes in computer technology, laptops use in higher education, such as colleges and universities, is workable. As laptops become more powerful, they become more simila r to desktop computers. In addition, the portable computers can connect students to not only the Internet, but also libraries, and other resources. State higher-education officials are studying how laptops can help students. State officials also are testing laptop programs at other universities, too. At Westlake College, more than 60 percent of the staff use the computers. The laptops will allow teachers to use computers in their lessons. As one Westlake teacher said, ― Here we are in the middle of Virginia and we are given students a window on the world. They can see everything and do everything.‖

61.The main purpose of the laptop program is to give each student a laptop to ---------. A. use for their schoolwork C. work at home A. They don’t really talk C. laptops have speakers A. all teachers use computers C. it is an old college in America B. access the Internet D. connect them to libraries B. They use the computer language D. None of the above reasons is correct. B. 1500 students have laptops D. Students there can do everything

62.Why is the word ―speak‖ in the second paragraph in quotation marks?

63.Which of the following is true about Westlake College?

64.A window on the world in the last paragraph means that students can ----------. A. attend the lectures on information technology B. travel around the world C. get information from around the world D. have free laptops 65.What can we infer from the passage? A. The program is successful C. The program is too expensive B. The program is not workable D. We don’t know the result yet

第四部分:完成句子(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 阅读下列句子,从方框中选择适当的词或词组,用其适当的形式填空,使句子意思通顺、完整。每 空限填一个单词或词组,每词或词组限用一次。方框中有三个词或词组是多余的。 appeal to, be due to, be addicted to, be accustomed to, run out, tend to, result in, keep on, compare with, make one’s way to, vary from…to, have a gift for 66. Being exhausted, she _______ bed early last night. 67. The supply of food almost _______ and we felt helpless. 68. His wild language and rudeness _______ a complete failure. 69. We often _______ studying late into the night before the final examination. 70. My kids _____ all ______ TV cartoons. 71. It _____ snow heavily here in winter. 72. ________ most of the women at that time, she was lucky. 73. I’m the boss! I _____ not ______ being told what to do. 74. The accident _______ his careless driving. 75. The temperature _______ hour _______ hour in some mountainous areas. 第Ⅱ卷 英语综合能力测试(共50分) 第四部分:英语知识综合应用 第一节:单项选择(共 20 小题。每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 76. It rained heavily the whole night . ______, the town was flooded . A. Immediately B. Consequently C. Surely

D. Widely

77. It was at the very beginning of the holidays _____ our monitor made the suggestion that we _____ for an outing . A. when; go A. might be B. where; went C. that; go D. which; went C. would have been D. had been 78. Had I studied harder in senior school, I _____admitted to Beijing University now . B. might have been 79. Even though he knew he would put his own life ______, he still wanted to try the newly discovered herb(药草) to find out what it would _______. A. at a risk; feel like C. at the risk; feel B. at risks; feel D. at risk; feel like

80. Large quantities of solid fuel ______consumed every day and too much carbon dioxide is sent into the air, which in turn _______ the rise of temperature. A. is; causes A. stressed B. are; results in C. is; leads to D. are; results from 81. It must be ______that this airport’s safety measures are the best in the world. B. addressed C. delivered D. expressed 82.—I regretted what I have done . ---______gone is gone. ____ __no use regretting it any more . A. What’s ,That’s A. what is it that C. how is it that A. what B. this C. which D. it B. It’s ,That’s C. What’s ,It’s D. That’s ,It’s B. what it is that D. how it is that 83. Why! I have nothing to confess. I don’t know ____ you want me to say.

84. The doctor advised my aunt strongly to eat less and exercise more, but ____ didn’t help. 85. ---VIP member service? But what does VIP ____? ---It is short for very important person, sir. A. call for B. look for C. seek for D. stand for B. Make an attempt; every other week D. In an attempt; every second week 86. ____ to visit his parents, he went home ____. A. In an attempt; each two weeks C. Make an attempt; every two weeks A. run out; that C. given out; why A. worthy; being done C. worth; being done A. Regardless of C. In spite of A. upset; attached to C. curious; employed in

87. The reason why his food had been ____ was ____ he ate too much. B. used up; that D. run out of; why B. worthwhile; doing D. worth; doing B. In case of D. On account of B. particular; addicted to D. concerned; absorbed in

88. Everything ____ doing is worthy of ____.

89. ____ the great efforts we had made three years before, we failed to carry our plan through.

90. She’s very ____ about what she wears and ____ love stories.

91. Teaching as a career ____ to many people because of the long holidays. A. attracts B. absorbs C. appeals D. affects 92. ____, we had to go home. And we were unconscious of how long it was ____we arrived home. A. There being no bus; before C. There was no bus; A. did; set C. should do; should be set A. when; on B. that; on when B. We couldn’t find a bus; until D. There no bus; since B. had done; be set D. had done; must be set C. when; in D. that; in

93. The young man insisted that he ____ nothing wrong and ____ free.

94. Was it 1969 ____ the American astronaut succeeded ____ landing on the moon? 95. Reading this instructive book, ____. A. tears came to his eyes C. he burst into tears B. his eyes were filled with tears D. his eyes were full of tears

第二节:完形填空(本题共10小题。每题1分,满分10分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-45 各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个 最佳答案。 One afternoon I went to an art museum and I was looking forward to a quiet view of the masterpiece (名作). A young couple looking at the paintings ahead of me talked watched them a moment and found she was doing all the talking. I admired his patience for on. I met with them several times as I moved through the different rooms of art. 98 I heard her continuous talking, I moved away quickly. I was at the counter of the gift shop when I noticed the couple going to the exit. Before they left, the man took out a walking stick and then tapped(敲) his 99 into the coatroom to get his wife’s jacket. ―He’s a(n) 100 man, ‖ the clerk at the counter said. ―Most of us would give up if we are 97 up with the talkativeness. Annoyed (恼怒) her noise, I moved by 96 between themselves. I

blinded at such a young age. During his recovery, he said his wife wouldn’t change. So, as before, he and his wife come in whenever there is a new art show. ‖ ―But what does he get out of the art?‖ I asked. ―He can’t see.‖ ―Can’t see! You’re 101 . He sees a lot. More than you or I do.‖ The clerk said. ―His wife 102 103 of a young wife each painting so he can see it in his head .‖ I learned something about patience, courage and love that day. I saw the describing paintings to a person without away hand in hand. 96. A. continuously 97. A. keeping 98. A. As though 99. A. way 100. A. patient B. carefully B. staying B. Even if B. wife B. unlucky C. sadly C. coming C. Each time C. the road C. brave


and the courage of a husband who would not allow 105 by two people as I watched this couple walk D. happily D. putting D. Ever since D. direction D. clever

blindness to change his life. And I saw the love

101. A. right 102. A. paints 103. A. kindness 104. A. stop 105. A. shown

B. wrong B. buys B. word B. sight B. given

C. foolish C. admires C. courage C. hearing C. shared

D. careless D. describes D. patience D. mind D. received

第六部分 短文填词(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示,2)首字母提示,3)语境提示,在每个空格内填入 一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确,拼写 正确。 The word ―tsunami‖ often arouses p 106 mentioned. Yet there is no no matter 109 107 and fear when it is 108 106._______ to be so anxious if you know what 107. _______ (生还) 108. _______ 110. _______ 111. _______ 112. _______ 114. _______ 115. _______

As long as you have ten minutes warning, you will many people are unconscious of the 110 As soon as you hear the 111 inland as quickly as you can. Do not fear, 112 tied to the spot at the thought of those high w 113 running away from the 114 from danger. Remember this and you will be 115 第七部分, 书面表达(本题10分)

powerful the actual tsunami may be. Unfortunately, 109. _______ they may be facing. (发抖) or remain put on your shoes and walk

. Ten minutes 113. _______ (绝对)safe.

is all you need to save yourself

假定你是李平, 最近你们班就“低碳”生活方式进行了讨论。你的美国朋友 John 来信向你 询问讨论情况,请你给他回信,简单介绍以下讨论结果: 1.节约水电; 2.垃圾分类; 3.节约用纸; 4.少用纸巾,重新使用手绢;5.步行、骑自行车或乘公交车出行 6.你的个人观点-----注意: 1.词数:120 左右(开头和结尾已写好,但不计入总词数) 2.适当增加细节,以使行文流畅连贯。 Dear John, Thank you for your letter asking about our discussion on a low-carbon lifestyle. Here are our main ideas about it. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ We all believe that if everyone does a little for our society it will become more and more beautiful. Best wishes, Yours sincerely

Li Ping

福州高级中学 2010---2011 学年第一学期期末考试 2010,12 参考答案: 第一部分:听力(共20小题。每小题1分,满分20分) 1-5 BABBB 6-10 ABAAB 11-15 BCCBB 16-20 CAACB 第二部分: 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项选择(共 15 小题。每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21-25. ABCBD 26-30. DBACB 31-35.DDCBA 第二节:完形填空(本题共10小题。每题1.5分,满分15分) 36-40 DADBB 41-45 CABCD 第三部分:阅读理解(共20小题。每题2分,满分40分) 46-49 DBCA 50-53 BDAD 54-56 ADC 57-60. BCDA 61-65 AACCD 67. ran out 71. tends to 68. resulted in 69. keep on 第四部分:完成句子(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 66. made her way to 70. are …addicted to 72. Compared with 75. varies from…to

73. am …accustomed to

74. was due to

第Ⅱ卷 英语综合能力测试(共50分) 第五部分:英语知识综合应用 第一节:单项选择(共 20 小题。每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 76-80. BCADB 81-85 ACBDD 86-90DBCCB 96-100 ADCAC 106 panic 101-105 BDDBC 108.survive 109.how 110. risk/ danger 91-95 CABCC 第二节:完形填空(本题共10小题。每题1分,满分10分) 第六部分:短文填词(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 107. need 111. warning 112. tremble 113.waves 114. sea 115. absolutely 第七部分, 书面表达(本题10分) Dear John, Thank you for your letter asking about our discussion on a low-carbon lifestyle. Here are our main ideas about it. All of us think we can do a lot in our daily life to live a low-carbon life. First, we advocate saving water and power. For example, turn off lights and electrical appliances if possible and spend less time watching TV or surfing the Internet. Don’t have water running all the time while cleaning our teeth, face, clothes, and so on. Second, we should sort out the rubbish and recycle as much as possible. Besides, we suggest saving and recycling all kinds of paper as well as usi ng handkerchiefs instead of tissues so that

we can prevent more forests from being destroyed. More importantly, when going out, we had better walk, ride bikes or take buses as often as possible. In my opinion, we should also plant as many trees and flowers as we can in our school, around our houses, along side of streets and roads, etc. It can not only satisfy our eyes and minds but clean the air and reduce noises. We all believe that if everyone does a little for our society it will become more and more beautiful. Best wishes, Yours sincerely, Li Ping











福州市2010—2011学年第一学期期末高二模块测试 英语(6)试卷听力材料
(Tex 1) M : Are you going to take the train to New York? W : Yes, we’ve booked the tickets. We wanted to drive up there but we’ve been having problems with the car and we can’t afford to fly.

(Tex 2) M : I’d like to speak to the manager, please. W : May I know what it’ s about? M : I’d like to see him for the position advertised in today’s newspaper. W : Certainly. Just wait here for a while, he’s making a phone call. (Tex 3) W : Have you heard the news? M : What news? W : Julie has won first prize in the diving competition. M : Oh, that’s great. (Tex 4) M : Shall we go to the concert this evening ?I have two tickets? W : Oh, sorry. I’ m afraid I can’t I’ m seeing my dad off at the railway station at 8:00. (Tex 5) M : Good morning , madam. What can I do for you? W : Good morning. How much should I pay for these books to be sent to New York? M : Hm … twenty dollars. (Tex 6) M : Excuse me, where is the newspaper? W : Why do you want to read the newspaper? You always watch the news on television. M : I know. But I won’t be leaving for another hour. I want to read the newspaper to kill time. I want to read the sports page in the newspaper. W : I’m sorry. I already put it in the garbage. Both Barbara and I read it. You never read the paper but watch TV, so I threw it away. M : Well. I found the paper. But I can’t find the page I want. W : Oh, I’m sorry, Mike. I always wrap the garbage in the sports section. (Tex 7) M : Do you have any planes flying to New Zealand? W : Sorry, we don’t. But I think you can fly on Northwest 212 to Tokyo and then change for Japan Airline 123 to Auckland. And it is the cheapest way, just $580. M : When is the plane taking off? W : At 11:50 am. By the way, it also stops at Chicago for more oil. M : How long will it stop there? W : Less than one hour. M : And how long do I have to stay in Tokyo for Japan Airline 123? W : Not so long, just one hour. M : So the time for the whole journey is about … W : About eleven hours. M : Mm, let me think…OK, it works out for my time schedule. Thanks a lot. W : You are welcome. (Tex 8) W : Hey, you look unhappy. Any problem? M : Yes, mum. I failed the computer test again. I really want to give it up. W : Why do you say that? I think you’ve made some progress. M : No. I’ve done my best, but I still can’t pass the tests. W : Don’t worry. To learn the computer well, you need to use it, not just read books about it. M : You are right. But where can I use it? W : You have a computer lab in your school, don’t you? M : Yes. But it’s always full and it’s very hard to find a place. W : Maybe we should consider buying one for you . M : That’s great!

(Tex 9) W : Excuse me. I’ m a student of this school during the day. I’ m writing a report for the school newspaper. It’s about the evening school. Can I ask you a few questions? M : OK. There are about ten minutes before my classes begin. W : Thanks. Well, where are you from? And when did you come to this country? M : I’ m from Russia. I came here with my wife and children last year. W : How are you getting along with your English now? M : My reading, writing, and grammar are OK, but I have some problems talking to Americans. It seems that they don’t like to talk to people like me. W : I’ m sorry. I know some Americans don’t try to understand foreigners. That’s too bad. Er … well, do you have a job? M : Yes. I do. I work in a shop. W : Where do you live? M : We stay with my uncle in Bell Street. He has a big house. W : I see. Well, I have finished my questions. Thank you very much for your help. M : You are welcome. (Tex 10) M : Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Welcome to the summer English course in South Carolina University. I’m David Smith, the head teacher of this class. To start with, I’d like to say something about how you can improve your English. To learn English well, you have to practise all the time. Listening to the radio, watching television, and watching movies are good ways to improve your listening skills. You can improve your speaking skill by talking to native speakers of English whenever possible and by speaking aloud to yourself when you are alone. Reading and writing also need a lot of practice. You can improve your reading skills by reading English language newspapers and magazines. Writing to friends in English and keeping a diary are good ways to practise writing. Hope you have a good time during your stay here for the course. Thank you.

福州市2010—2011学年第一学期期末高二模块测试 英语(6)试卷参考答案及评分标准


第六部分 任务型阅读 (共10小题, 每小题1分, 满分10分) 87. cause 88. damaging 89. newly 90.hit/affected 91. present/ current 92. with 93. different 94. features 95.Encouraging 96. involved 第七部分 短文填词(共10小题, 每小题1分, 满分10分) 97. holding 98. us 99.but 100. into 101. raised 102. dropped 103. dirty 104. friends 105. what 106. because 第八部分 书面表达(20分) One possible version As is apparently shown in the chart above, many middle school students have problems both physically and mentally. 70% of the students have learning anxiety as well as poor eyesight, and a larger percentage lack sleep. Coming next is the lack of physical exercise. 40% of the students surveyed won’t obey their parents or teachers. In addition, still fewer claim not to have enough communication with others. As far as I am concerned, we students should balance our physical exercise and studies. Just as a saying goes: ―All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,‖ without a sound body, one cannot achieve anything. However, too much attention has been paid only to studies. Therefore, I suggest we should be given less homework and more time for out-of-classroom activities to solve all the problems. Only in this way can we lead a happy and healthy life.



第二部分:英语知识运用(共 35 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 35 分) Ⅱ. 单项选择: (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 35 分) 21. We are sure you’ll be famous an artist. A. for B. by C. at D. as 22. The homeless old man was help. A. calling for B. calling on C. calling at D. calling up 23. The reason why he hasn’t come is his mother is ill. A. because B. that C. because of D. for 24. Although he explained again and again, he could not make himself by all of us. A. understand B. understanding C. understood D. be understood 25. I have worked as a teacher for 30 years and I’ve been used late into deep night. A. working B. to working C. to work D. to be working 26. My teacher advised me a foreign magazine. A. reading B. to read C. read D. should read 27. , John’s mother became a famous film star, a rich and successful woman. A. At the age of ten B. At ten C. When she was ten D. When he was ten 28. about the difference between the two words? A. Is it certain B. Are you certain C. Do you certain D. Are you certainly 29. He wrote a lot of books, many were all received. A. of which B. from which C. of whom D. from that 30. The language in the Eskimo villages difficult for me to understand. A. which speaks…is B. speaking…are C. spoken…are D. spoken…is 31. The girl referred to in the next room now. A. is singing B. singing C. sing D. sings 32. I like , but I don’t like now, A. to swim…to swim B. swimming…swimming C. to swim…swimming D. swimming…to swim 33. Don’t ride too fast, or you might be your bike by others, A. fell off B. knocked off C. got off D. turned off 34. is the population of this city? A. How many B. How much C. What D. How about the number 35. he sticks to doing is he thinks right. A. What…that B. That…what C. That…that D. What…what Ⅲ、完形填空: (共 20 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 20 分) Many people who work in London prefer to live outside it, and to go to their offices, factories or schools every day by train, car or bus, even though this 36 they have to get up earlier in the morning and reach 37 later in the evening. One benefit of living outside London is 38 houses are 39 . Even a small flat in London 40 a garden costs quite a lot 41 . With the same money, one can get a little house in the country with a garden of 42 own. Then, in the country one can be 43 from the noise and hurry of the town. 44 one has to get up earlier and spend more time in trains or buses, one can sleep 45 at night, and, during week-ends and 46 summer evenings, one can enjoy the 47 clean air of the country. If one 48 gardens, one can spend one’s 49 time digging, planting, watering and doing the hundred and one other jobs which 50 in the garden. Then, when the flowers and vegetables come up, one has the reward of a person 51 has shared the secrets of nature. Some people, however, take 52 in country things; for them, happiness lies in the town, with its cinemas and theatres, beautiful shops and busy streets, dancehalls and restaurants. Such people would 53 that their life was not worth 54 if they had to live it outside London. A walk in one of the parks and a visit 55 the sea every

summer is all the country they want. 36. A. shows B. expresses C. means D. requires 37. A. home B. family C. flat D. house 38. A. because B. that C. the D. all 39. A. cleaner B. nicer C. bigger D. cheaper 40. A. with B. without C. near D. opposite 41. A. money B. to lend C. to borrow D. to hire 42. A. it’s B. its C. one’s D. their 43. A. free B. far C. out D. absent 44. A. If B. Although C. Because D. After 45. A. little B. less C. longer D. better 46. A. on B. for C. at D. by 47. A. cold B. warm C. fresh D. pleasant 48. A. pleases B. likes C. wants D. interests 49. A. day B. rest C. spare D. whole 50. A. need B. needed C. are needing D. are needed 51. A. who B. whom C. whose D. which 52. A. no interest B. an interest C. much interest D. great interest 53. A. know B. feel C. understand D. hope 54. A. to live B. to spend C. living D. spending 55. A. for B. to C. of D. at 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Ⅱ. 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项: A This book tells about the development of the English people, their form of government and their language. It shows they became united with their neighbours in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and how together they formed the Great Britain and helped to form the United States of America. As the writer explains on page 87, it is a history of England because England is the base on which the rest were built. The book is written within the 2000-word vocabulary of the most common use, but extra words are needed to cover its special subject. These are explained as they appear, the most important ones also appear in the index(附录)at the end of the book. This index includes a choice of interesting subjects and famous names which will be useful for future reference(参考). The study of the past helps us to understand the present. It is hoped that this book will help the readers to understand better the British people of today. The writer is thankful for the help he has received from G. M. Trevelyan’s English Social History and Shortened History of England, and also from Keith Feiling’s History of England. 56. The underelined "they" in the first paragraph refers to A. the British people B. the English people C. the American people D. the Scottish people 57. This article shows us about A. how Great Britain formed B. how the English people united their neighbours C. how to write a book of history D. the book of a history of England 58. According to the article, we study history in order to understand A. what happened in the past B. nothing but the present C. not only the past but also the present D. better the British people of today 59. When the writer wrote this book, his vocabulary was A. only 2000 B. more than 2000 C. less than 2000 D. a choice of interesting subjects 60. From the last paragraph we can see that A. G.M. Trevelyan and Keith Felling helped the writer to finish the book

B. G.M. Trevelyan and Keith Felling taught the writer how to write a book C. the writer finished the book with G. M. Trevelyan and Keith Felling D. the writer read G. M. Trevelyan’s and Keith Feiling’s books and took some of their ideas B Time spent in a bookshop can be enjoyable. If you go to a good shop, one assistant will come near to you and say, "Can I help you?" You needn’t buy anything you don’t want. You may try to find out where the book you want is. The assistant will lead you there and then he will go away and look as if he were not interested in selling a single book. There is a story which tells us about a good shop. A medical student had to read a textbook which was too expensive for him to buy. He couldn’t get it from the library and the only copy he could read was in a bookshop. So every afternoon he went there to read a little at a time. One day, however, he couldn’t find the book from its usual place and was about to leave when he noticed an assistant signing to him. To his’ surprise the assistant pointed to the book, which was in a corner. "I put it there so as not to be sold out, "said the assistant. Then he left the student to continue his reading. 61. In a bookshop you’ll feel very happy when A. the assistant says "Can I help you?" to you B. you meet some of your friends there C. the assistant watches you attentively D. you find the book you want 62. A good assistant of a bookshop A. is never interested in selling books B. likes to read all kinds of books C. often helps book-lovers when necessary D. must keep silent all the time 63. The student went to the bookshop every day in order that A. he could take the book away when the assistant was absent B. he could read the whole book little by little C. the book couldn’t be sold out D. he could see clearly how much that book cost C Many people complained(抱怨)to the manager of a cinema that some ladies watched films with their hats on and blocked their view. They suggested the manager should put up a notice asking the ladies to take off their hats when seeing films. The manager said that it wouldn’t be polite to ask ladies to take their hats off, and that they would protect their rights to wear their hats. The complainers were greatly disappointed. But the next day, the following words appeared on the screen before the film was on: "Considering the health of ladies of old age, this cinema allows old ladies to wear their hats while seeing films." All the ladies took their hats off after they saw the amusing notice. 64. The manager was asked A. to take off the ladies’ hats when they were seeing films B. to protect the rights of wearing hats when a film was going on C. to forbid wearing hats when a film was going on D. not to let the ladies do what they would love to 65. The suggestion was probably made by A. boys B. girls C. gentlemen D. some gentlemen and some ladies 66. Which of the following is not true? A. the manager sympathized(同情)with the people who complained about the ladies’ hats B. The manager disagreed to the suggestion made by many people C. The manager considered it wrong to have hats on when a film was going on D. He considered it right to have hats on when a film was going on 67. The story tells us that

A. sometimes permission works more than prohibition(禁止) B. we should be polite to old ladies C. ladies shouldn’t wear hats when seeing films D. we should keep in mind, "Ladies first" D With the development of material prosperity(繁荣), advertisements have become more and more important in our daily life. Advertisements give up-to-date(当代的) information about products. If there were no advertising, consumers(消 费者)could not know about goods in their local shops. Advertising helps sell to a bigger market. Therefore, as more goods are sold, they are cheaper. Advertisements also provide money for newspapers, magazines, radios and TV stations, etc. But there are also some opinions against advertising. Some people think that advertisements do not give much information but only try to persuade you to buy. They create a demand for goods that are not really needed, Besides, advertising adds to the cost of goods. Further more. they are ugly to look at and spoil the environment. Actually, every coin has two sides. Advertising is without exception. But in today’s world, advertising is not only necessary but also helpful. 62. According to the passage, which of the following is nm among the advantages of advertisements? A. Giving information about goods B. Adding to the cost of goods C. Helping sell more goods D. Providing money for newspapers, magazines and radios and TV stations. 69. Some people are against advertising, because they think that advertising A. has more disadvantages than advantages B. can persuade consumers to buy more goods A. can create a greater demand for goods B. can add goods to the market 70. The writer’s attitude(态度) towards advertising is that A. he is against it B. he stands for it C. both A and B D. we are not told 71. "Every coin has two sides" in the last paragraph means A. advertising is neither good nor bad B. advertising is not only necessary but also helpful C. strong points differ from weak points D. everything has two aspects(方面)——the good and the bad E Doctors have known for a long time that very loud noises can casue hearing damage or loss. The noise can be the sound of a jet airplane(喷气式飞机) or machines ill factories or loud music or other common sounds found at home and at work. A person only needs to hear the noise for a little more than one second to be affected. An American scientist has found that using aspirin(阿斯匹林) can increase the temporary (暂时) hearing loss or damage from loud noises. He did an experiment, using a number of men students at a university who all had normal hearing. He gave them different amounts of aspirin for different periods of time, then he tested their hearing ability. He found that the students who were given four grams of aspirin a day for two days suffered from much greater temporary hearing loss than those who did not use aspirin. The hearing loss was about twice as great. The scientist said millions of persons in the United States use much larger amounts of aspirin than were used in the study. He said these persons face a serious danger of suffering hearing loss from loud noises. 72. Doctors have long known that ___ A. one will become deaf when he hears a loud noise B. hearing damage or loss can be caused by sounds of all kinds C. one may lose his hearing when he hears a terribly loud noise D. common sounds at home are not harmful to the ear 73. This passage suggests that one’s hearing will be damaged A. after hearing a normal noise for a long period of time

B. even if he has heard a terrible noise only for a moment C. if hearing a normal noise for only a little more than one second D. when he has only one second to get ready for a lound noise 74. One conclusion you can draw from the passage is that aspirin A. should never been taken more than four grams daily B. can damage one’s bearing when given more than four grams daily C. helps make hearing damage from loud noises worse D. increases hearing loss by three times 75. The purpose of the experiment the American scientist did was to find out ___ A. how much aspirin would affect a person’s hearing B. how much aspirin should be given in the treatment of the patients with hearing damage from loud noises C. whether the person now had hearing damage should use aspirin D. whether aspirin would increase the temporary hearing damage from loud noises 第Ⅱ卷(二大题,共 25 分) 第四部分:写(满分 25 分) Ⅴ. 短文改错: (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 10 分) The population problem may be tile great one 76. of the world today. Two thousand years before, 77. there was only 250 million people on the earth. 78. Four hundred years ago, the figure(数字)was over 79. 500 millions. At the beginning of this century, 80. however, the world population was about 1700 million. 81. In 1970, this figure was over 3,600 million. And the people 82. say that by the year 2010, they may be 8000 million 83. According to UN report, in about 600 years 84. there will be only standing rooms on the earth. 85. Ⅵ. 书面表达(满分 15 分) 假如你是班长, 你班将请怀特教授开一次英语讲座。 请根据下列内容用英语作一次口头通知(字数 100 左右), 要点如下: 1. 时间:1 月 22 日,星期三晚上 7:00——9:00。 2.地点:406 教室。 3. 主讲人:美国华盛顿大学的 Professor White. 4. 内容:美国英语与英国英语的差异。 5. 可邀请自己的朋友或其他班级同学参加。请注意带好笔和笔记本,不要迟到。





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