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高中英语选修六 Unit1 Art


abstract 1.________adj.抽象的;深奥的 n.摘要
aim 2.________n.目标;目的 vi.& vt.瞄准;(向目标方向)努 力 adopt 3.________vt.采用;采纳;收养 attempt 4.________n.努力;尝试;企图 vt.尝试;企图 specific 5.______

__adj.确切的;特定的 exhibition 6.__________n.展览;陈列;展览会 7 .appeal ________vi. 有 感 染 力 ; 呼 吸 ; 求 助 vt. 将 ?? 上 诉 n.呼吁;恳求

8.________n.信任;信心;信念________adj.忠实的; faith faithful faithfully 守信用的____________adv.忠实地
9.________adj.典型的;有代表性的________n.类型; typical type

possession 10.________vt.拥有;具有;支配__________n.(尤作复 possess 数)所有;财产

11.____________n.巧合(的事);(事情、口味、故事等) coincidence 相结合
12.________vt.预言;预告;预测__________n.预言___ predict prediction predictor __________n.预言者 13.__________n.喜爱;偏爱________v.喜爱;偏爱 preference prefer 14.__________n.文明;文化;文明;文明社会________ civilization civilize v.使文明;使开化

1.____________也;还;而且 as well as 2.______________巧合地 by coincidence

3.____________大量 a great deal of
4.____________导致 lead to 5.____________大量,许多 scores of... (可是)另一方面 6.on the other hand____________

活着的;本人 7.in the flesh____________ 偏爱 8.have a preference for____________
(对某人)有吸引力;(使某人)感兴趣 9.appeal to____________ 瞄准 10.aim at____________

aim...at...把??瞄准、对准 aim at瞄准;以??为目标 物+be aimed at 针对;意指??而言 人 +aim at doing sth 打算做某事 物+be aimed at doing sth旨在做某事;目的是要做某事 人+aim to do...立志要??;打算做?? 物+be aimed to do 旨在做某事,目的是

(1)Take careful aim at

the target before firing.

开火之前仔细瞄准目标。[牛津] (2)We aim to finish by Friday.


appeal (to sb) for sth恳求(某人)?? appeal to sb to do sth恳求某人做某事 appeal to sb引起某人的兴趣;吸引某人 (1)Do these paintings appeal to you? 你对这些画感兴趣吗?[牛津]

(2)The police appealed to the crowd not to panic.

attempt to do sth试图做某事;尝试做某事

make an attempt to do...试图做某事
in an attempt to do sth试图做某事 at/on one's first attempt第一次尝试的时候 d. attempted an escape / to escape 囚犯企图逃跑,但是失败了。[牛津]

(1)The prisoners

but faile

(2)She passed her driving test at the first attempt.


come into one's possession被某人占有;落入某人之手 take/get/gain possession of拿到??;占有;占领 in possession of拥有;持有 in the possession of sb/in one's possession为某人所有 (1)He was caught in possession of stolen goods/ in his possession with stolen goods .他人赃并获。

(2)How did the painting come into your possession (=How did you get it)?你是如何拥有这幅画的?[朗文]

(1)The cure for stress lies in learning to relax. 消除紧张的方法在于学会放松。[牛津] (2)The strength of the book lies in the fact that the material is from classroom experience. 这本书的优势在于材料都选自于课堂经历。[朗文]

on (the) one hand...on the other hand(引出不同的,尤指对立 的观点、思想等)一方面??,另一方面 for one thing...for another...一则??,二则 (1)I'd like to eat out,but 我也该尽量省钱。[朗文] (2)For one thing,I've no money;and for another I'm too busy.一来我没钱,二来我太忙。[牛津] on the other hand I should be trying to save money.我喜欢在外面吃饭,但是,另一方面

在if引导的非真实条件状语从句中要使用虚拟语气。有以 下几种情况:①与现在事实相反时,if从句中的谓语动词用一般

do。②与过去事实相反时,if从句用过去完成时,主句用would/ could/might have done。③与将来事实相反时,if从句可用should

do/were to do/did三种形式,主句用would/could/might do。

(1) If I were you ,I'd start looking for another job.
我要是你,就去另找工作了。[牛津] (2)It would be nice if we could spend more time together.


(1)I'd like to start my own business-that's ________I'd do if I had the money.(2011·陕西卷·15)

C.which 解析



我想做的事情就是开始自己的事业。分析题干可知,is缺表语, I'd do中缺宾语,而what相当于the thing that,能同时满足缺成分 的这两处的需要,故D项正确。 答案 D

(2)Maybe if I________ science,and not literature then,I
would be able to give you more help.(2011· 北京卷,30) A.studied B.would study

C.had studied

D.was studying


与现在事实相反的虚拟,根据if从句中的时间状语then可知,从 句与过去事实相反的虚拟,所以用过去完成时的虚拟。故选C 项。 答案 C

Ⅰ.品句填词 1.He made an________(试图)to escape before he could be punished. 2.The police are ________(呼吁)to the public for information about the accident. 3.The company is excellent,and its customers have ______ (信任)in the quality of its products. 4.What a ________(巧合)that we were in the same hotel at

the same time!
5 . The purpose of new ________( 技 术 )is to make life easier,not to make it more difficult.

6 . New teaching methods have been________( 采 用 )to
improve the result of education. 7.It is ________(典型的)of the young man to think of

himself before others.
8.Not knowing where to go,he wandered ________(毫无目 的地)on the street. 答案 1.attempt 2.appealing 3.faith 4.coincidence 5.techniques 6.adopted 7.typical 8.aimlessly

by coincidence;a great deal;on the other hand; in the flesh;appeal to;lead to;be accepted as;lie in;

return to;scores of
1.On hearing this Jane looked up,smiling,and then _____ her reading. 2.________people arrived at the stadium,excited to see the game. 3.Doctors believe that smoking may________ lung cancer. 4.________we happened to be travelling on the same train. 5.She looked very pale,and seemed to have suffered______


6.I want to sell the house,but________ I can't bear the
thought of moving. 7.Advertising is intended to________ consumers,but it does

not force them to buy the product.
8.I have corresponded with her for some years,but I have never met her________.

9.Generally a correct idea will take many years before it ____
____being true. 10.I think the problem may_______ the fact that no attention has been paid to this matter. 答案 1.returned to 10.lie in 2.Scores of 3.lead to 4.By coincidence 7.appeal to 8.in the flesh 5.a great deal 9.is accepted as 6.on the other hand

1.许多人都期望可以收养失去双亲的孩子。(adopt) ___________________________________________________

2.他父亲拥有这个公司。(possession) ___________________________________________________ _____________________ 3.每一次我都试图说服她,但全然不起作用。(attempt) ___________________________________________________ _____________________

运用的色彩。(appeal to) ___________________________________________________

5.现在许多大学毕业生没有工作,但另一方面,他们又不 愿意干薪水低的工作。(on the other hand) ___________________________________________________ _____________________

答案 1.Many people are eager to adopt the children losing
their parents. 2.The company is in the possession of his father.

3 . Every time I attempted to persuade her , I failed
completely. 4.In fact,what appeals to me about her painting is not the style but the colours she uses. 5.Many college graduates are out of work now,but on the other hand,they won't take jobs that do not pay much.


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