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Unit 9 health

To recognize some health words in English. 2.To develop some conversation abilities . 3. Asking about one’s health problems and giving advice.

Learning Ai

ms 学习目标

wrong adj. 有问题的,错误的 there are sth wrong with sb 某人怎么了? e.g.It was wrong of you tell a tie. sick adj. 有病的,恶心的 e.g. The smell made me sick.
作“病”解时,sick可作定语或表语,ill只作表语, ill当“坏”解时,可作定语。Ill habits 坏习惯,另外可以说the sick(病人);不能说the ill。

feel v. 感觉 feel as if 感觉……似的 e.g. How are you felling now? 你现在感觉怎么 样?

medicine n. 药;医学;内科学 (take /have some medicine 服药) advise v. 建议,忠告,通知,告知 advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 C e.g. He is advised . A. that he gave up smoking. B. giving up smoking. C. to give up smoking. D. that he gives up smoking.

doctor n. 医生 hurt v.伤害,(使)疼痛 serious adj. 严肃的;严重的;认真的 e.g.serious damage was done by the storm. 暴风雨造成了严重的损害 matter n.事件,物质,原因,问题 what’s the matter/the wrong/the trobule with sb? careful adj 小心的,仔细的

fell(fall)off 跌落;从…掉下来; be careful (of) 当心,小心;注意

13A What‘s wrong with you?
Useful expression(日常用语小贴士)
What‘s wrong with you? =What‘s the matter with you? = What’s the trouble with you? = What‘s your trouble?

Make up a dialogue
句型练习(分角色朗读) (1)A: What’s the matter with you? B:I’m sick.I feel tired. (2)Doctor:What’s wrong with you? Tom: I hurt my back. Doctor: What happened? Tom: I fell off my bike yesterday. Mum: Let me see it. Tom: Is it very serious? Doctor: Not really. You will be OK soon. But be careful next time. Tom: You are welcome.

Talking about someone‘s health problems

1.What’s wrong with you? 2.Are you feeling all right? 3.How are you felling today? 4.Why don’t you see a doctor? 5.I don’t feel well. 6.I ’m sick. 7.I have a bad headache. 8.My back hurts. 9.I ’ve got a bit of temperature

head hair ear mouth nose shoulder arm stomach elbow Look at the picture. Write out each part of the body eye



13B What’s the matter?

leg knee



Touch the parts of body on the drawing when you hear your partner say…

ache n.(持续而隐约的)疼痛
head back tooth ear stomach headache backache toothache earache 头疼 背疼 牙疼 耳朵疼 胃疼


Role play the conversations A: What’s the matter? B: I have a toothache. A: Maybe you should see a dentist./You’d better go to see a doctor. B: Yes, I will./That’s a good idea.

What’s the matter with you/ her/him? I have a…… She/He has a ……




Sore neck

1、掌握并灵活运用下列句子: (1)What’s the matter? I have a ____ache. (2)Are you okay? 2、连词成句,译成汉语: (1)a, have, I, stomachache. I have a stomachache. (2)matter, the ,what’s. What’s the matter? (3)my, cut, I, hurts, finger, it. I cut my finger. It hurts.

“患病”的两种表达方式 :
The first way of having a problem. 表达方式之一: My ___hurt(s).

Ouch! I cut my finger. It hurts

My ear hurts.

“患病’的两种表达方式之二 : The second way of having a problem I have a +部位+ache.

I have a toothache

I have a stomachache.

1.What’s the matter with sb? = What’s the trouble with sb? = What’s wrong with sb? 2. have a +名词 “得…病 ” e.g. have a cold/fever/headache/sore back 3.Should是情态动词,没有人称和数的变化。 should +动词原形 “应该……” e.g. You should see a dentist. should + not =shouldn’t “不应该….” e.g. You shouldn’t go to that party.

Match the problems with the advice
I have a … toothache sore throat stomachache fever You should … a. lie down and rest b. hot tea with honey c. see a dentist d. drink lots of water

hot tea with honey


see a dentist


lie down and rest


drink lots of water.

Teacher:Amy,Are you feeling all right? Amy: No, I am not feeling well. Teacher: you’d better go and see a doctor. Amy: Yes, I will.

13C Are you feel all right?

Doctor: what’s the matter with you? Amy: I have a headache. Doctor: you’d better take some medicine and have a rest. you should pay more attention to the exercise,OK? Amy: thank you, I will. Doctor: you are welcome.

How can we stay healthy?
Eat right! sleep right! exercise to keep right!

We should often eat all kinds of healthy food

Take moring exercise


singing Play basketball Riding

Home work
1. Copy and read each new words & phrase of P119 & 120 three times. 2. Finish the related exercises in workbook and Recite the passage. 3. Interview your family members and write 2dialogues on their health 4. Practice role playing the conversation with your partners.

That’s all! Thank you!
“Good health, good luck and much happiness around you today and always. ”



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