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academic province enthusiastic amazing information website brilliant comprehension instruction method bored embarrassed attitude behaviour previous description amazed embarrassing technology impress correction encouragement enjoyment fluency misunderstanding disappointed disappointing system teenager disappear move assistant cover diploma in other words look forward to at the start of at the end of go to college be divided into take part in energetic intelligent nervous organized patient

/,? k?'demik/ /'pr?vins/ /in,θju:zi'? stik/ /?'meizi?/ /,inf?'mei??n/ /web’sait/ /'brilj?nt/ /,k?mpri'hen??n/ /in'str?k??n/ /'meθ?d/ /'b?:d/ /im'b? r?st/ /'? titju:d/ /bi'heivj?/ /'pri:vi?s/ /di'skrip??n/ /?'meizd/ /im'b? r?si?/ /tek'n?l?d?i/ /im'pres/ /k?'rek??n/ /in'k?rid?m?nt/ /in'd??im?nt/ /'flu:?nsi/ /,mis?nd?'st? ndi?/ /,dis?'p?intid/ /,dis?'p?inti?/ /'sist?m/ /'ti:nid??/ /,dis?'pi?/ /mu:v/ /?'sist?nt/ /'k?v?/ /di'pl?um?/

/?'mju:zi?/ /,en?'d?etik/ /in'telid??nt/ /'n?:v?s/ /'?:g?naizd/ /'pei??nt/

serious shy strict impression avoid hate incorrectly completely immediately appreciate admit scientific literature loudly wave joke summary respect grade headmaster headmistress period revision translation timetable topic vacation revise discipline relationship formal relaxed similarly make sure so that make progress as a result in fact fall asleep tell jokes helicopter motorbike tram distance abandoned camel

/'si?ri?s/ /?ai/ /strikt/ /im'pre??n/ /?'v?id/ /heit/ /,ink?'rektli/ /k?m'pli:tli/ /i'mi:di?tli/ /?'pri:?ieit/ /?d'mit/ /,sai?n'tifik/ /'lit?r?t??/ /'laudli/ /weiv/ /d??uk/ /'s?m?ri/ /ri'spekt/ /greid/ /'hed'mɑ:st?/ /'hed'mistris/ /'pi?ri?d/ /ri'vi??n/ /tr? ns'lei??n/ /'taimteibl/ /'t?pik/ /vei'kei??n/ /ri'vaiz/ /'disiplin/ /ri'lei??n?ip/ /'f?:m?l/ /ri'l? kst/ /'simil?li/

/'helik?pt?/ /'m?ut?, /tr? m/ /'dist?ns/ /?'b? nd?nd/ /'k? ml/

cassette desert diamond expert midnight product scenery shoot soil journey train circus seaside stadium eagle frighten kindergarten apartment cartoon interview interviewer event exhausted downtown vacuum rail ceremony track souvenir get on get off get into get out of take off be short for not …any mor out of date refer to neighbourhood local suburb hometown attractive fortunate pretty sound

/k? 'set/ /'dez?t/ /'dai?m?nd/ /'eksp?:t/ /'midnait/ /'pr?d?kt/ /'si:n?ri/ /?u:t/ /s?il/ /'d??:ni/ /trein/ /'s?:k?s/ /'si:said/ /'steidi?m/ /'i:gl/ /'fraitn/ /'kind?,gɑ:tn/ /?'pɑ:tm?nt/ /kɑ:'tu:n/ /'int?vju:/ /'int?vju:?/ /i'vent/ /ig'z?:stid/ /'daun'taun/ /`'v? kju?m/ /reil/ /'serim?ni/ /tr? k/ /,su:v?'ni?/

/s?'vei/ n.四邻 /'l?uk?l/ /'s?b?:b/ /h?um'taun/ /?'tr? ktiv/ /'f?:t??nit/ /'priti/ /saund/

tourist bother nuisance rent district approach harbour gorgeous architecture starve park traffic committee organization unemployed household occupation professional manual employment gallery exchange fascinating afford survive contact put up so far up to now till now get away from a great many a number of go up liquid expand contract substance mixture oxygen electricity stage conclusion aim reaction electrical

/'tu?rist/ /'b???/ /'nju:sns/ /rent/ /'distrikt/ /?'pr?ut?/ /'hɑ:b?/ /'g?:d??s/ /'ɑ:kitekt??/ /stɑ:v/ /pɑ:k/ /'tr? fik/ /k?'miti/ /'?:g?nai'z??n/ /,?nim'pl?id/ /'haush?uld/ /,?kju'pei??n/ /pr?'fe??nl/ /'m? nju?l/ /im'pl?im?nt/ /'g? l?ri/ /iks't?eind?/ /'f? sineiti?/ /?'f?:d/ /s?'vaiv/ /'k?nt? kt/

/'likwid/ /ik'sp? nd/ /'k?ntr? kt/ /'s?bst?ns/ /'mikst??/ /'?ks?d??n/ /,ilek'trisiti/ /steid?/ /k?n'klu:??n/ /eim/ /ri'? k??n/ /i'lektrik?l/

equipment react potassium sodium calcium magnesium aluminium zinc partial copper oxide rust boil ordinary steam float form dissolve balance crucible tongs flame facility lecture department astonished add … to … used to in the area of be proud of be supposed to contain access crash keyword log software breakdown source accessible data defence create network via percentage

/i'kwipm?nt/ /ri'? kt/ /p?'t? s??m/ /'s?udi?m/ /'k? lsi?m/ /m? g'ni:zi?m/ /,? lju'mini?m/ /zi?k/ /'pɑ:??l/ /'k?p?/ /'?ksaid/ /r?st/ /b?il/ /'?:din?ri/ /sti:m/ /fl?ut/ /f?:m/ /di'z?lv/ /'b? l?ns/ /'kru:sibl/ /t??z/ /fleim/ /f?'siliti/ /'lekt??/ /di'pɑ:tm?nt/ /?'st?ni?t/

/k?n'tein/ /'? kses/ /kr? ?/ /'ki:,w?:d/ /l?g/ /'s?ftw??/ /'breikdaun/ /s?:s/ /?k'ses?bl/ /'deit?/ /di'fens/ /kri:'eit/ /'netw?:k/ /vai?/ /p?'sentid?/

design document invention permission military concentrate definite fantastic independent essay pass frequently disadvantage average statistics shorten sideways consists of as well become known as go down come up with from that moment on concentrate on compared with diet fat fit flu rare toothache unhealthy wealthy rarely proverb anxious captain injure injury pain painful normal lifestyle head eye overweight

/di'zain/ /'d?kjum?nt/ /in'ven??n/ /p?'mi??n/ /'milit?ri/ /'k?ns?ntreit/ /'definit/ /f? n't? stik/ /,indi'pend?nt/ /'esei/ /p? s/ /'fri:kw?ntli/ /,dis?d'vɑ:ntid?/ /'? v?rid?/ /st?'tistiks/ /'??:tn/ /'saidweiz/

/'dai?t/ /f?t/ /fit/ /flu:/ /rε?/ /'tu:θeik/ /?n'helθi/ /'welθi/ /'r??li/ /'pr?v?:b/ /'?nk??s/ /'k?ptin/ /'ind??/ /'ind??ri/ /pein/ /'peinfl/ /'n?:ml/ /'laifstail/ /hed/ /ai/ /,?uv?'weit/

lung throat breathe pneumonia prescription symptom X-ray awful insurance questionnaire be connected with take exercise be crazy about have a temperature lie down begin with put … into become ill drug bronchitis cancer cigarette tobacco addictive cannabis cocaine danger addict inject needle powerful reduce nearby burglary crime criminal connection illegal ratio shoplifting treatment likely adult café disagree ban

/l??/ /θr?ut/ /bri:? / /nju:'m?uni?/ /pri'skrip??n/ /'simpt?m/ /'eks,rei/ /'?:fl/ /in'?u?r?ns/ /,kwest??'nε?/                 /dr?ɡ/ /br??'kaitis/ /'k?ns?/ /,siɡ?'ret/ /t?'b?k?u/ /?'diktiv/ /'k?n?bis/ /k?u'kein/ /'deind??/ /?'dikt/ /in'd?ekt/ /'ni:dl/ /'pau?fl/ /ri'dju:s/ /,ni?'bai/ /'b?:gl?ri/ /kraim/ /'kriminl/ /k?'nek?n/ /I'li:gl/ /'rei?i?u/ /'??p,lifti?/ /'tri:tm?nt/ /'laikli/ /'?d?lt/ /'k?fei/ /,dis?'gri:/ /b?n/

horrible affect participant recognise leaflet distraction jogging gymnastic related to break into belong to become addicted to take one's advice in order to so as to give up audience choir classical composer conductor jazz musician orchestra saxophone court director genius lose musical peasant symphony talent Austria Austrian prince compose tour album ballad band catchy complex influence lyrice solo

/'h?r?bl/ /?'fekt/ /pa:'tisip?nt/ /'rek?g,naiz/ /'li:fl?t/ /di'str?k?n/ /'d??gi?/ /d?im'n?stik/                 /'?:di?nt/ /kwai?/ /'kl?sikl/ /k?m'p?uz?/ /k?n'd?kt?/ /d??z/ /mju'zi?n/ /'?:kistr?/ /'s?ks?,f?un/ /k?:t/ /d?'rekt?/ /'d?i:ni?s/ /lu:z/ /'mju:zikl/ /'peznt/ /'simf?ni/ /'t?l?nt/ /'?stri?/ /'?stri?n/ /prins/ /k?m'p?uz/ /tu?/ /'?lb?m/ /'b?l?d/ /b?nd/ /'k?t?i/ /'k?mpleks/ /'influ?ns/ /'liriks/ /'s?ul?u/

tune record lecturer mix be impressed with split up make a note of like dislike artist colourful contemporary delightful drawing paint painter painting scene traditional alive aspect imitate observe reality style adopt aim stand unusual exhibition expression landscape portrait realise realistic watercolour destroy be / get tired of be fond of tell by put off take turns a series of headlind photograph celebrity

/tju:n/ /ri'k?:d/ /'lekt??r?/ /miks/       /laik/ /dis'laik/ /'a:tist/ /'k?l?fl/ /k?n'temp?r?ri/ /di'laitfl/ /'dr?:i?/ /peint/ /'peint?/ /'peinti?/ /si:n/ /tr?'di?n?l/ /?'laiv/ /'?spekt/ /'imi,teit/ /?b'z?:v/ /ri'?l?ti/ /stail/ /?'d?pt/ /eim/ /st?nd/ /?n'ju:?u?l/ /,eksi'bi?n/ /ik'spre?n/ /'l?nd,skeip/ /'p?:trit/ /'ri?,laiz/ /,ri?'listik/ /'w?:t?,k?l?/ /di'str?I/             /'hed,lain/ /'f?ut?,gra:f/ /s?'lebr?ti/

economy politics photographer cosmonaut navigator taikonaut universe sailor orbit capsule flight congratulation aboard welcome historical achievement replace alien amateur astronomer autograph delighted fan spaceship telescope actor backstage part politician belief disbelief evidence cultural financial review royal found produce in total now that believe in be similar to poster thriller comedy sword

/i'k?n?mi/ /'p?l?tiks/ /f?'t?gr?f?/ /'k?zm?,n?:t/ /'n?vi,geit?/ /'taik?,n?:t/ /'ju:ni,v?:s/ /'seil?/ /'?:bit/ /'k?psju:l/ /flait/ /k?n,gr?t?u'lei?n/ /?'b?:d/ /'welk?m/ /hi'st?rikl/ /?'t?i:vm?nt/ /ri'pleis/ /'eili?n/ /'?m?t?/ /?'str?n?m?/ /'?:t?,gra:f/ /di'laitid/ /f?n/ /'speis,?ip/ /'teli,sk?up/ /'?kt?/ /,b?k'steid?/ /pa:t/ /,p?l?'ti?n/ /bi'li:f/ /,disbi'li:f/ /'evid?ns/ /'k?lt??r?l/ /fai'n?n?l/ /ri'vju:/ /'r?i?l/ /faund/ /pr?'dju:s/         /'p?ust?/ /'θril?/ /'k?m?di/ /s?:d/

actress character female male masterpiece fiance rooftop leap graceful interest brave moving occasionally ad argue channel entertaining telly drama plot setting shark section come out fall in love with be in love with play a part to one's surprise in surprise care about every now and then at the age of across boot continental face range landmark gallery situated symbol located architect project sculpture birthplace

/'?ktris/ /'k?rikt?/ /'fi:meil/ /meil/ /'ma:st?,pi:s/ /fi'?nsei/ /'ru:f,t?p/ /li:p/ /'greisfl/ /'intr?st/ /breiv/ /'mu:vi?/ /?'kei?n?li/ /?d/ /'a:gju:/ /'t??nl/ /ent?'teini?/ /'teli/ /'dra:m?/ /pl?t/ /'seti?/ /?a:k/ /'sek?n/                   [?? kr?s] [bu?t] [? kɑnt?? nentl] [fe?s] [re?nd?] [? l?nd? mɑrk] [? ɡ?l?ri] [? s?t?u? e?t?d] [? s?mbl] [l??? ke?t?d] [? ɑrk?? tekt] [? pr?d?ekt] [? sk?lpt??] [? b?rθ? ple?s]

civilisation ancient opposite sign agreement whereabouts govern head representative parliament region geographical feature produce hunger income poverty human development index measure goal expectancy position educate figure household homeless charity crowded freeway inhabitant similarity unfortunate location tourism transport industrial polluted smart vast entertainment exchange disaster flood hurricane

[? e?n??nt] [? ?p?z?t] [sa?n] [?? ɡri?m?nt] [?we?r??ba ts] ? [? ɡ?v?rn] [hed] [? repr?? zent?t?v] [? pɑrl?m?nt] [? rid??n] [? d?i??? ɡr?f?k(?)l] [? fit??r] [pr?? dju?s] [? h??ɡ?r] [? ?nk?m] [? pɑv?rti] [? hju?m?n] [d?? vel?pm?nt] [? ?ndeks] [? me??r] [ɡ??l] [?k? spekt?nsi] [p?? z??n] [? edj?ke?t] [? f?ɡj?r] [? ha?s? h??ld] [? h??ml?s] [? t??r?ti] [? kra?d?d] [? we?] fri? [?n? h?b?t?nt] [? s?m?? ler?ti] [?n? f?rt??n?t] [lo?? ke??n] [? r?z?m] t?? [tr?ns? p?rt] [?n? d?stri?l] [p?? lut] [smɑrt] [vɑ?st] [? ent?r? te?nm?nt] [?ks? t?e?nd?] [d?? z?st?r] [fl?d] [? h?r?? ke?n]

lightning thunderstorm tornado column experience cause current latitude furniture bury feather fur occur tropical equator rotating violent wave strike cemetery coffin ruin ash erupt lava tidal volcano previous eruption possibility earthquake terrifying luckily thankfully hopefully sadly fortunately warning worldwide active damage sandstorm frightening inland mass campaign

[?la ?tni?] [? θ?nd?r? st?rm] [t?r? ne?do?] [?k ?l?m] [?k? sp??ri?ns] [k??z] [? k?r?nt] [? l?t?? tju?d] [? f?rn?t??r] [? beri] [? ?r] fe? [f??(r)] [?? k?r] [? trɑp?k(?)l] [?? kweit?] [r??? te?t] [? va??l?nt] [we?v] [stra?k] [? sem?? teri] [? kɑf?n] [? ru?n] [??] [?? r?pt] [? lɑ?v?] [? ta?d(?)l] [v?l?ke ?n??] [? pri?vi?s] [?? r?p?n] [? p?s?? b?l?ti] [? ?rθ? kwe?k] [? ter?? fa???] [? l?k?li] [? θ??kf(?)li] [? ho?pf?li] [? s?dli] [? f?rt??n?tli] [? w?rn??] [? w?rld? wa?d] [? ?kt?v] [? d?m?d?] [? s?nd? st??m] [? fra?t(?)n??] [? ?nl?nd] [m?s] [k?m? pe?n]

dune desertification process citizen dust forecast strength cycle mask atmosphere carbon dioxide chemical environment garbage melt pollution recycle coastal concerned evidence major urgent pollute complain nutshell scary absolutely protection equal importance philosopher teaching thinker kindness order principle position stress resign adviser influential love honesty justice bark

[dju?n] [d?? z?rt?f?? ke??n] [? pr??ses] [? s?t?z(?)n] [d?st] [? f?r? k?st] [stre?θ] [? sa?kl] [mɑ?sk] [? ?tm?? sf?r] [?k ɑrb?n]   [?kem ?kl] [?n? va??rnm?nt] [? ɡɑrb?d?] [melt] [p??lu ??(?)n] [ri?sa ?k(?)l] [?k? ?st(?)l] [k?n?s ?rnd] [?ev ?d?ns] [?me ?d??r] [? ?rd??nt] [p??lut] [k?m?ple ?n] [?n ?el] ?t? [?skeri] [??bs?lu ?tly] [pr??tek ??n] [?ikw?l] [?m?p ?rt(?)ns] [f??l s?f?r] ɑ [?tit??? [?θ ??k?r] [?ka ?ndn?s] [? ?rd?r] [?pr ?ns?p(?)l] [p??z ??(?)n] [stres] [r??za ?n] [?d?va ?z?r] [? ?nflu?en ??l] [l?v] [? ?n?sti] [?d ??st?s] [bɑrk]

contribution invent leather monk soft category sutra inventor argument freedom fuel condition bulletin canal civil cliff damage engineering gorge hydro-electric reservoir structure terminal date accommodate carving construction relic Buddhist generate harness historical narrow poem submerge global watchtower remove freezing ridiculous enormous observatory foggy crash brick concrete

[?k ɑntr??bju ?(?)n] [?n?vent] [?le??r] [m??k] [s?ft] [?k?t? ɡ?ri]   [?n?vent?r] [? ɑrɡj?m?nt] [?frid?m] [?fju ??l] [k?n?d ??(?)n] [?b ?l?t?n] [k??n?l] [?s ?v?l] [kl?f] [?d?m ?d?] [?end ???n ?r??] [ɡ?rd?]   [?rez?r?vw ɑ] [?str ?kt??r] [?t rm?n(?)l] ? [de?t] [??k ɑm??de ?t] [?k ɑrv??] [k?n?str ?k?(?)n] [?rel k] ?   [?d ?en??re ?t] [?h ɑrn?s] [h??st?r?k(?)l] [?nero ?] [?po ??m] [s?b?m ?r(r)d?] [? ɡlo?b(?)l] [?w ɑt??ta ?r] [r??muv] [?friz ??] [r??d ?kj?l?s] [??n ?rm?s] [?b?z ?rv??t?ri] [?f ɡi] ? [kr??] [brik] k?nkri:t]

mud alternative crime for sure prediction risky resources run out material rely rely on solar urban get rid of load landfill arrest criminal fire limit outdoors online catalogue command recreation bowling softball charge free of charge power flick switch surgery telesurgery clinic disability attach spaceport use up look out optimistic dishwasher definitely eventually for a start on the way out

[m?d] [?:l't?:n?tiv] [kraim]   [pri'dik??n] ['riski] [ri'z?:siz]   [m?'ti?ri?l] [ri'lai]   ['s?ul?] ['?:b?n]   [l?ud] ['l?ndfil] [?'rest] ['krimin?l] ['fai?] ['limit] ['aut'd?:z] ['?nlain] ['k?t?l?g] [k?'mɑ:nd] [,rekri'ei??n] ['b?uli?] ['s?ftb?:l] [t?ɑ:d?]   ['pau?] [flik] [swit?] ['s?:d??ri]   ['klinik]   [?'t?t?] [ˋspe?sp?:t]   ?   [ ?pti'mistik] ['d??w???(r)] ['definitli] [?'ventj??l?]    

colony predict shape pad doormat trolleybus be connected to wire suburban be /get stuck in in no time display cab permit receipt get around fare air-conditioned limit destination impressive route double-decker provide under construction convenient pedal tricycle single return explore roadwork switch off keep cool blow horn react solution mood no way congestion registration communication communicate unconscious vary

['k?l?ni] [pri'dikt] [?eip] [p?d] ['d?:m?t]     ['wai?] [s?'b?:b?n]   [d?'sple?] [k?b] [p?(:)'mit] [ri'si:t]   [f??]   ['limit] [,desti'nei??n] [?f rn?t??r] ? [raut]   [pr?u'vaid]   [k?n'vi:nj?nt] ['pedl] [,traisikl] ['si?gl] [ri't?:n]

['r?udw?:k]     [bl?u] [h?:n] [ri'?kt] [s?'lju:??n] [mu:d]   [k?n'd?est??n] [,red?i'strei??n] [k?,mju:ni'kei??n] [k?'mju:nikeit] [,?n'k?n??s] ['vε?ri]

on guard formal aggressive traditionally weapon gesture threatening deal make a deal involve slightly Muslim Salaam forehead hindu bow informal youth hold up palm spread slap give away mind reader conscious ankle eyebrow lip wrist bend hug stare wipe lift up up and down religion host by accident toast sip blank panic rude say hello to switch invitation

  ['f?:m?l] [?'gresiv] [tr?'di??n?li] ['wep?n] ['d?est??] ['θret?ni?] [di:l]   [in'v?lv] ['slaitli] ['muzlim [s?'lɑ:m] ['f??hed]

[b?u] [in'f?:m?l [ju:θ] [pɑ:m] [spred] [sl?p]     ['k?n??s] ['??kl] ['aibrau] [lip] [rist] [bend] [h?g] [stε?] [waip]   [ri'lid??n] [h?ust]   ['t?ust] [sip] [bl??k] ['p?nik] [ru:d]   [swit?] [,invi'tei??n]

request rsvp favour live performance performer classical applause judgement prolong equality handclap social infectious funeral biochemistry biology botany genetics zoology staple producer leading figure bring up educated nickname agriculture breeding species yield original publish sterile breakthrough support as a result of production convert cash crop export hybrid agriculture replace quantity quality

[ri'kwest] [,a:r es vi: 'pi:] ['feiv?] [l?v,l??v] [p?'f?:m?ns] [p?'f?:m?] ['kl?sik?l] [?'pl?:z] ['d??d?m?nt] [pr?'l??, 'l?:?] [i:'kw?l?ti] ['h?ndkl?p] ['s?u??l] [in'fek??s] ['fju:n?r?l] [,bai?u'kemistri] [bai'?l?d?i] ['b?t?ni] [d?i'netiks] [z?u'?l?d?i, zu:-]   [pr?u'dju:s?] ['li:di?] ['fig?]   ['edju:keitid] ['nikneim] ['?grik?lt??] ['bri:di?] ['spi:?i:z, -si:z] [ji:ld] [?'rid??n?l] ['p?bli?] ['sterail, -r?l] ['breikθru:] [s?'p?:t]   [pr?u'd?k??n] [k?n'v?:t]   [ik'sp?:t, 'eks-, 'eksp?:t] ['haibrid] ['?grik?lt??] [ri'pleis] ['kw?nt?ti] ['kw?l?ti]

be known for best-seller cosmology diagnose motor neurone disease victim brilliant career brief partly physical graduate personal relativity earn one‘s living come to power rocket millennium gunpowder explosion explode escape arrow straight clear cave peak plain plateau shore slope valley wood flat at the edge of surround colleague downstream goods trade temple dock hilly raft narrow at least

    [k?z'm?l?d?i] ['dai?gn?uz, ,dai?g'n?uz]   ['viktim] ['brilj?nt] [k?'ri?] [bri:f] ['pɑ:tli] ['fizik?l] ['gr?d?u?t, ['p?:s?nl] [,rel?'tiv?ti]     ['r?kit] [mi'leni?m] ['g?n,paud?] [ik'spl?u??n] [ik'spl?ud] [i'skeip] ['?r?u] [streit] [kli?] [keiv] [pi:k] [plein] ['pl?t?u, [??:] [sl?up] ['v?li] [wud] [fl?t]   [s?'raund] ['k?li:g] ['daun'stri:m] [gudz] [treid] ['templ] [d?k] ['hili] [rɑ:ft] ['n?r?u]  

detour legend be heavy with deck distant exploit in the distance cruise cabin forbid lounge mountainous immense fertile remote steep varied spot rip off get a kick out of view pin naturally torch monster attack footprint hairy creature grey claw exist sharp nail journal sighting seal mysterious claim surface horn dive calm sceptical unlikely volcanic

['di:t??(r);] ['led??nd]   [dek] ['dist?nt] [iks'pl?it]   [kru:z] ['k?bin] [f?'bid] [laund?] ['mauntin?s]   ['f?:til] [ri'm?ut] [sti:p] ['v??rid]       [vju:] [pin] ['n?t??r?li] [t?:t?] ['m?nst?] [?'t?k] ['f?tpr?nt] ['h??ri] ['kri:t??] [ɡrei] [kl?:] [iɡ'zist] [?ɑ:p] [neil] ['d??:nl]   [si:l] [mis'ti?ri?s] [kleim] ['s?:fis] [h?:n] [daiv] [kɑ:m] ['skeptik?l] [?n'laikli] [v?l'k?nik]

cover adapt disappear extinct evolve die out throw light on come straight to the point fierce destruction generous unpredictable robe reputation border positive indicate identity due to myth fortune have …in common linguist make a difference accent obvious motorway underground subway get around flashlight queue confusing preposition compare omit variety differ settler be similar to remark variation have difficulty (-in) doing sth steadily satellite flick

['k?v?] ? [?'d?pt] [ dis?'pi?] [ik'sti?kt] [i'v?lv]       [fi?s] [dis'tr?k??n] ['d?en?r?s] ['?npri'dikt?bl] ? [r?ub] [ repju(:)'tei??n] ['b?:d?] ['p?zitiv] ['indikeit] [ai'dentiti]   [miθ] ['f?:t??n] ['li?ɡwist] ['?ks?nt, ?k'sent] ['?bvi?s] ['m?ut?wei] ['?nd?graund] ['s?bwei] ['fl??,lait] [kju:] [k?n'fju:zi?] [,prep?'zi??n] [k?m'pε?] [?u'mit] [v?'rai?ti] ['dif?] ['setl?] [ri'mɑ:k] [,vε?ri'ei??n] ['stedili] ['s?t?lait] ['flik]

switch lead to structure rapidly announcement linguistics edition cute add in favour of present refer to ... as … attempt simplify combination thanks to distinctive look criticize standard reference intellectual satisfying stressful accountant barber biochemist electrician miner volunteer offer signal in particular sheer on average in theory in practice respect toll bend circular direct pass by take… for granted encounter profound

[swit?] ['str?kt??] ['r?pidli] [?'naunsm?nt] [li?'gwistiks] [i'di??n] [kju:t] [?d] ['prez?nt, pri'zent] [?'tempt] ['simplifai] [,k?mbi'nei??n] [dis'ti?ktiv] [luk] [?kr ?t?sa?z] ['st?nd?d] ['ref?r?ns] [,int?'lektju?l, -t?u?l ['s?tisfaii?] ['stresful] [?'kaunt?nt] ['bɑ:b?] [,bai?u'kemist] [,ilek'tri??n] ['main?] [,v?l?n'ti?] [? ?f?] ['sign?l] [?i?]

[ri'spekt] [t?ul, t?l] [bend] ['s?:kjul?] [di'rekt, dai-]

[in'kaunt?] [pr?u'faund]

have an effect on mission take up vertical take notice of temporary freezer freeze contract earn permanent salary staff sign agent analyst apply deduction organizational post chef require renewable essential model shot in response to grateful available database demand bioinformatician traditional youngster suffer pathologist double leisure individual fitness outgoing personality biography fantasy have connection with detective

['mi??n] ['v?:tik?l] ['temp?r?ri] ['fri:z?] [fri:z] ['k?ntr?kt, k?n'tr?kt] [?:n] ['p?:m?n?nt] ['s?l?ri] [stɑ:f, st?f] [sain] ['eid??nt] ['?n?list] [?'plai] [di'd?k??n] [,?:g?nai'zei??n?l] [p?ust] [?ef] [ri'kwai?] [ri'nju:?bl] [i'sen??l] ['m?d?l] [??t] ['greitful] [?'veil?bl] ['deit?beis] [di'mɑ:nd, -'m?nd] [tr?'di??n?l] ['j??st?] ['s?f?] [p?'θ?l?d?ist] ['d?bl] ['l???] [,indi'vidju?l, -d??l] ['fitnis] ['aut,g?ui?] [,p?:s?'n?l?ti] [bai'?gr?fi] ['f?nt?si] [di'tektiv]

solve murderer account run away companion raft pour shelter paddle lie panick curious tie rope beard fright crawl terrified trunk play a trick on sb make up outline disturb comedy romantic fiction review be / feel in the mood (for sth. / to do sth.) set (a play, novel, etc.) in resemble create exception warn shallow adolescent determined make one’s fortune set off penny force pilot vivid establish reputation carnival

[s?lv, s?:lv] ['m?:d?r?] [?'kaunt] [k?m'p?nj?n] [rɑ:ft, r?ft] [p?:] ['?elt?] ['p?dl] [lai] ['kju?ri?s] [tai] [r?up] [bi?d] [frait] [kr?:l] ['terifaid] [tr??k]

['autlain] [dis't?:b] ['k?midi] [r?u'm?ntik] ['fik??n] [ri'vju:]

[ri'zembl] [kri'eit] [ik'sep??n] [w?:n] ['??l?u] [,?d?u'lesnt] [di't?:mind]

['peni] [f?:s] ['pail?t] ['vivid] [i'st?bli?] [,repju'tei??n] ['kɑ:niv?l]

Christian ghost costume hide confusion extend pretend come to an end dress up firearm empire memory revive council book wander elegant magic era calendar dove bean flour garlic onion peas pork sausage herb ingredient relaxing whistle tasty parade multicultural plantation mark trade transport landowner import master abolish magnificent celebration freedom

['kristj?n; -t??n] [ɡ?ust] ['k?stju:m, k?'stju:m] [haid] [k?n'fju:??n] [ik'stend] [pri'tend, pri:-]

['fai?rɑ:m] ['empai?] ['mem?ri] [ri'vaiv] ['kauns?l] [buk] ['w?nd?] ['eliɡ?nt] ['m?d?ik] ['i?r?, 'ε?r?] ['k?lind?] [d?v] [bi:n] ['flau?] ['ɡɑ:lik] ['?nj?n] [pi] [p?:k] ['s?sid?, 's?:-] [h?:b, ?:b] [in'ɡri:di?nt] [ri'l?ksi?] ['hwisl] ['teisti] [p?'reid] [,m?lti'k?lt??r?l] [pl?n'tei??n] [mɑ:k] [treid] [tr?ns'p?:t] ['l?nd,?un?] [im'p?:t, 'imp?:t] ['mɑ:st?, 'm?st?] [?'b?li?] [m?ɡ'nifis?nt] [,seli'brei??n] ['fri:d?m]

unite origin athletics rugby bat club net pitch ring stadium track tracksuit trainer retire perform retirement background brand sportswear logo on the increase advantage guarantee purchase designer gymnast slogan specific symbol marathon score ministry final champion quality ultimate rise to one’s feet victory dramatically protest declare borough competitor tough endanger reserve

[ju:'nait] ['?rid?in, '?:-] [?θ'letiks] ['r?ɡbi] [b?t] [kl?b] [net] [pit?] [ri?] ['steidi?m] [tr?k] ['tr?ksju:t] ['trein?] [ri'tai?] [p?'f?:m] [ri'tai?m?nt] ['b?kɡraund] [br?nd] ['sp?:tswε?] ['l?ɡ?u, 'l?uɡ-] [?d'vɑ:ntid?] [,ɡ?r?n'ti:] ['p?:t??s] [di'zain?] ['d?imn?st] ['sl?uɡ?n] [spi'sifik] ['simb?l] ['m?r?θ?n] [sk?:] ['ministri] ['fainl] ['t??mpi?n] ['kw?l?ti] ['?ltim?t] ['vikt?ri] [dr?'m?tik?li] [pr?u'test, 'pr?u-] [di'klε?] ['b?r?, 'b?:r?u] [k?m'petit?] [t?f] [in'deind??] [ri'z?:v]

habitat extinct struggle wildlife protect poacher antelope battle plateau ideal shawl herd worth skin spot raid confiscate condition meanwhile dealer aim reptile involve live lay wonder insect mammal bald be concerned about sth. whale ibis feed on brink extinction initial stand for branch continent focus energy waste monitor set up small talk informal

['h?bit?t] [ik'sti?kt] ['str?ɡl] ['waildlaif] [pr?u'tekt] ['p?ut??] ['?ntil?up] ['b?tl] ['pl?t?u, pl?'t-] [ai'di?l] [??:l] [h?:d] [w?:θ] [skin] [sp?t] [reid] ['k?nfis,keit] [k?n'di??n] ['mi:nwail] ['di:l?] [eim] ['reptail, -til] [in'v?lv] [l?v,l??v] [lei] ['w?nd?] ['insekt] ['m?m?l] [b?:ld] [hweil] ['aibis] [bri?k] [ik'sti?k??n] [i'ni??l] [brɑ:nt?, br?nt?] ['k?ntin?nt] ['f?uk?s] ['en?d?i] [weist] ['m?nit?]   /in'f?:ml/

serious confidently make friends lack be nervous about advance think of nod body language yawn sigh look away from social rules in addition find out opportunity obligation prize application form immigration visa impolite tidy refund favour reception embassy certain reply saleswoman firm fax outspoken human being motto put one’s foot in one’s mouth shortcoming absence as a consequence systematic coincidence customer mature awkward tease

/'s??r??s/ /'k?nfid?ntli/   /l?k/   /?d'vɑ:ns/   /n?d/   /j?:n/ /sa?/         /,?p?'tju:n?t?/ /??bl?'ge??n/ /pra?z/ /??pl?'ke??n/ /f?:rm/ /??m?'gre??n/ /'v?:z?/ /??mp?'la?t/ /'ta?d?/ /r?:'f?nd/ /'feiv?/ /r?'sep?n/ /'emb?s?/ /'s?:tn/ /r?'pla?/ /se?lz?w?m?n/ /f?:m/ /f?ks/ /,aut'sp?uk?n/   /'m?t??/   /??:t,k?mi?/ /'?bs?ns/   /?s?st?'m?t?k/ /k??'?ns?d?ns/ /'k?st?m?/ /m?'tj??/ /'?:kw?d/ /t?:z/

typist contradict pregnant apology cautious acquaintance messy divorce cheer sb. up fool clerk haircut anyhow modest brunch anniversary hostess interrupt leave out factual genuine hospitable secretive violate define (be) aware of take the lead graciously show off function psychologist successful formula imagine purpose circumstance apologise series subtle amber spyglass heroine hero play an important part in novel philosophical

/'ta?p?st/ /?k?ntr?'d?kt/ /'pregn?nt/ /?'p?l?d??/ /cau· tious || 'k?:??s/ /?'kweint?ns/ /'mes?/ /d?'v?:s/   /fu:l/ /klɑ:k/ /'he?,k?t/ /'en?,hau/ /'m?d?st/ /br?nt?/ /??n?'v?:s?r?/ /'h??st?s/ /,?nt?'r?pt/ /'f?kt???l/ /'d?enj??n/ /h?'sp?t?bl/ /'s?:k??t?v/ /'va??,le?t/ /d?'fa?n/     /'grei??sli/   /'f??k?n/ /sa?'k?l?d??st/ /s?k'sesfl/ /'f?:mj?l?/ /?'m?d??n/ /'p?:p?s/ /|'s?:k?mst?ns/ /?'p?l?d?a?z/ /'si?ri:z/ /'s?tl/ /'?mb?/ /'spai,glɑ:s/ /'her???n/ /'hi?r???r/   /'n?vl/ /,f?l?'s?f?kl/

direction vanish behave bush definitely hesitate scent doubt direction rub knuckle bite pad stupefied exhaustion tabby put ... down hold out come up to longing scald turn away patrol hornbeam paw pat invisible arch tail stiffly alertly patch hedge alarm sniff whisker twitch wariness blink sweep over keep one’s eyes on fix on cast about edge roughly square

/d?'rek?n/ /'v?n??/ /b?'he?v/ /b??/ /'def?n?tl?/ /'hez?te?t/ /sent/ /da?t/ /d?'rek?n/ /r?b/ /'n?kl/ /ba?t/ /p?d/ /'stju:p?,fa?d/ /?ɡ'z?st??n/ /'t?b?/       /'l????/ /sk?:ld/   /p?'tr??l/ /'h?:nbi:m/ /p?:/ /p?t/ /?n'v?z?bl/ /ɑ:t?/ /te?l/ /'stifli/ /?'l?:tli/ /p?t?/ /hed?/ /?'lɑ:m/ /sn?f/ /'w?sk?/ /tw?t?/ /'we?r?n?s/ /bl?? k/         /ed?/ /'r?fl?/ /skwe?/

shape level profoundly alien entice stoop swim thump scramble fabric palm boulevard utterly (be) laden with prospect slope parkland grove gleam bare bend shudder dawning light-headedness dream awake look around for revenge marry wicked cottage put a spell on punish appeal cafeteria envelope literary bond output schoolchildren typewriter stateswoman gifted roots flesh (be) associated with

/?e?p/ /'levl/ /pr?'fa?ndl?/ /'e?lj?n/ /?n'ta?s/ /stu:p/ /sw?m/ /θ?mp/ /'skr?mbl/ /'f?br?k/ /pɑ:m/ /'bu:l?,vɑ:d/ /'?t?l?/   /'pr?spekt/ /sl??p/ /'pɑ:k,l?nd/ /gr??v/ /gl?:m/ /be?/ /bend/ /'??d?/ /d?:ni?/ /,lait'hedidn?s/ /dri:m/ /?'we?k/   /r?'vend?/ /'m?r?/ /'w?k?d/ /'k?t?d?/   /'p?n??/ /?'pi:l/ /?k?f?'t??r??/ /'env?l??p/ /'l?t?rer?/ /b?nd/ /'a?t,p?t/ /'sku:l,t?ildr?n/ /'taip,rait?/ /seilz,w?m?n/ /'g?ft?d/ /ru:ts/ /fle?/  

format anecdote draft burden swift stubborn overcome adjustment automatic target criticism appeal to sb. curriculum (be) restricted to distribute accumulate deposit thus attain status billionaire wardrobe sorrow ahead of ought inquisitive look back over one’s shoulder catch a glimpse of set out crunch pitter-patter glossy trail muffler curly gracious exclaim elf magical power dwarf possess interpersonal close trust chat

/f?:m?t/ /'?n?kd??t/ /drɑ:ft/ /'b?:dn/ /sw?ft/ /'st?b?n/ /???v?'k?m/ /?'d??stment/ /??:t?'m?t?k/ /'tɑ:g?t/ /'kr?t?,s?z?m/   /k?'r?kj?l?m/   /d?'str?bju:t/ /?'kju:mj?,le?t/ /d?'p?z?t/ /? ?s/ /?'te?n/ /'ste?t?s/ /,bilj?'ne?/ /'w?:dr??b/ /'s?r?u/   /?:t/ /in'kwiz?tiv/       /kr?nt?/   /'gl?si/ /treil/ /'m?lfl?/ /'k?:li/ /'grei??s/ /ik'skleim/ /elf/ /'m?d?ik?l/ /'pau?/ /dw?:f/ /p?'zes/ /,?nt?r'p?:s?n?l/ /kl?us/ /tr?st/ /t??t/

note burst out knock ... over financially moody lose interest in from time to time cloakroom turn round amount locker fair raise raise money theft swing confront count underneath on the phone lively quarrel make up regret keep in touch lose touch with sweets alike (be) ashamed of betray considerate forgive loss scold hurt (be) blessed with bungalow pine worm cage (be) allergic to tiny swell walnut squirrel

/n?ut/     /fai'n?n?li/ /'mu:di/     /'kl?ukrum/   /?'maunt/ /'l?k?/ /f??/ /reiz/   /θeft/ /swi?/ /k?n'fr?nt/ /kaunt/ /??nd?'n?:θ/   /'laivli/ /'kw?r?l/   /ri'gret/     /swi:ts/ /?'laik/   /bi'trei/ /k?n'sid?r?t/ /f?'giv/ /l?s/ /sk?uld/ /h?:t/   /'b??g?,l?u/ /pain/ /w?:m/ /keid?/   /'taini/ /swel/ /'w?:ln?t/ /'skwir?l/

ripen harvest slide stony loch spray carpenter broom cigar slip damp scratch heel tear underwear (be) on good terms with salute spy perfect acute privilege (be) nostalgic for rewind predic click Auld Lang Syne pilgrim glowing murmur flee pace amid liar reiterate bud tread all at once auld bring ... to mind in return reunite couple partner mention belong to

/'raip?n/ /'hɑ:vist/ /slaid/ /'st?uni/ /l?k/ /sprei/ /'kɑ:pint?/ /bru:m/ /si'gɑ:/ /slip/ /d?mp/ /skr?t?/ /hi:l/ /te?/ /'?nd?we?/   /s?'lu:t/ /spai/ /'p?:fikt/ /?'kju:t/ /'privilid?/   /,ri'wa?nd/ /'prid?k?/ /klik/   /'pilgrim/ /gl?u??/ /'m?:m?/ /fli:/ /peis/ /?'mid/ /'lai?/ /ri'it?,reit/ /b?d/ /tred/   /?:ld/     /,riju:'na?t/ /'k?pl/ /'pɑ:tn?/ /'men??n/  

bottom from the bottom of one’s heart relative give concerts conservatory soloist repertoire interpret (be) true of / for folk song characteristic poetry poetic give life to (be) the same with combine depress share feelings and ideas with make contact with master musician compose music ambition regarding melody rhyme passerby pedestrian semi-circle interval plug socket regulate organ echo side road quartet suite session saucer voluntary shrink vacant lid barrel organ handle tap

/'b?t?m/   /'rel?tiv/   /k?n's?:v?t?ri/ /'s??l???st/ /'rep?,twɑ:/ /in't?:prit/     /,k?r?kt?'ristik/ /'p?uitri/ /p?u'etik/     /k?m'bain/ /di'pres/         /?m'bi??n/ /r?'gɑ:d??/ /'mel?di/ /raim/ /pa:s?'ba?/ /pe'destr??n/   /'int?vl/ /pl?g/ /'s?kit/ /'regju,leit/ /'?:g?n/ /'ek?u/   /kw?:'tet/ /swi:t/ /'se??n/ /'s?:s?/ /'v?l?nt?ri/ /?ri?k/ /'veik?nt/ /lid/   /'h?ndl/ /t?p/

mop spotted all of a sudden popcorn dance to the music rockabilly tunnel relay liveliness relief relax collection charm arena scene billboard draw upon signify symbolic numerology mythology hairpin chamber honour heritage present in addition to statuette gramophone critic therefore clone terrify wrinkled wing chase disgust emotion fiancé e murder refuse burn out breathe vein contrast contrast with

/m?p/ /'sp?t?d/   /'p?p,k?:n/   /'rɑk?,b?li/ /'t?nl/ /ri'lei/ /'laivlin?s/ /ri'li:f/ /ri'l?ks/ /k?'lek??n/ /t?ɑ:m/ /?'ri:n?/ /si:n/ /'b?l,b?:d/   /'signifai/ /s?mb'?l?k/ /,nju:m?'r?l?d?i/ /mi'θ?l?d?i/ /'he?,p?n/ /'t?eimb?/ /'?n?/ /'heritid?/ /pri'zent/   /?st?tju'et/ /'gr?m?f??n/ /'kr?t?k/ /'?e?f?:/ /kl??n/ /'ter?fa?/ /'r??kld/ /w??/ /t?e?z/ /d?s'g?st/ /?'m???n/ /fi'ɑ:ns?i/ /'m?:d?/ /r?'fju:z/   /bri:? / /ve?n/ /k?n'trɑ:st/  

rush throw oneself on ... fear make a sound again and again nightmare gene identical beneficial by mistake cure treat ... as imaginary head incredible nonsense acid bacteria embryo enzyme tissue organism stem cell upbringing genetic make-up genetics transparent twisting fundamental component pea procedure unzip a sequence of insert (be) identical to controversial valid optional reproduce exceptional contradictory vice virtue flexible

/r??/   /f??/     /'na?tme?/ /d??:n/ /a?'dent?kl/ /?ben?'f??l/   /kj??/   /?'m?d??neri/ /hed/ /?n'kred?bl/ /'nɑnsens/ /'?s?d/ /b?k't??r??/ /'embr?,??/ /'enza?m/ /'t??u:/ /'?:g?,ni?zm/   /'?p,bri?i?/ /d??'net?k/   /d??'netiks/ /tr?ns'p?r?nt/ /t'w?st??/ /?f?nd?'mentl/ /k?m'p??n?nt/ /p?:/ /pr?'s?:d??/ /'?n'zip/   /?n's?:t/   /?k?ntr?'v?:?l/ /'v?l?d/ /'?p??nl/ /?r?:pr?'dju:s/ /ik'sep??nl/ /?k?ntr?'d?kt?ri/ /va?s/ /'v?:t?u:/ /'fleks?bl/

compulsory regulaton handy resist sow rot pest rely on biodiversity breed analyse suspect saliva spit fingernail code as follows sci-fi eccentric accompany knock out get out of control as far as we know absorb sample intact break down arise vice versa bring ... back to life violence vengeful invade abandon declare war on operation make a breakthrough drown survivor last occupy beach troop commander eventually heroism

/k?m'p?ls?r?/ /,regj?'le??n/ /'h?nd?/ /r?'z?st/ /s??/ /r?t/ /pest/   /?ba???da?'v?:s?ti/ /bri:d/ /?'n?,laiz/ /'s?spekt/ /s?'la?v?/ /sp?t/ /'fi?g?,neil/ /k??d/   /'sai'fai/ /?k'sentr?k/ /?'k?mp?n?/       /?b's?:b/ /'sɑ:mpl/ /?n't?kt/   /?'ra?z/     /'va??l?ns/ /'vend?fl/ /?n've?d/ /?'b?nd?n/   /,?p?'re???n/   /dra?n/ /s?'va?v?/ /lɑ:st/ /'?kj?pa?/ /bi:t?/ /tru:p/ /k?'mɑ:nd?/ /i'vent?u?l?/ /'her??,iz?m/

artillery shell pick up deep wound shocked private memorial overlook grave weary condemn war memorial nationality rescue backpack afterwards drop bomb campaign station chain view sequence image chaos senseless courage sacrifice memorable to one’s astonishment company baggage bedding comb confidential mess perfume razor scissors shave stocking tractor yell barbershop stroke

/ɑ:'t?l?r?/ /?el/   /di:p/ /wu:nd/ /??kt/ /'pra?v?t/ /m?'m?:r??l/ /??uv?'luk/ /gre?v/ /'w??r?/ /k?n'dem/   /,n???'n?l?t?/ /'reskju:/ /'b?kp?k/ /'ɑ:ft?w?dz/ /dr?p/ /b?m/ /k?m'pe?n/ /'ste??n/ /t?e?n/ /vju:/ /'s?:kw?ns/ /'?m?d?/ /'ke??s/ /'sensl?s/ /'k?r?d?/ /'s?kr?fa?s/ /'mem?r?bl/   /'k?mp?n?/ /'b?g?d?/ /'bed??/ /k??m/ /?k?nf?'den?l/ /mes/ /'p?:fju:m/ /'re?z?/ /'s?z?z/ /?e?v/ /'st?k??/ /'tr?kt?/ /jel/ /'bɑ:b?,??p/ /str??k/

chin moustache wax sharpener unload jar carrot cheers liberation constitution vinegar worthwhile statesman toil retreat encourage surrender strategy quote helmet peacekeeper arm disagreement personnel civilian despite dream team star forward defend guard referee hoop court slam dunk association league top-class talented professional complicated hold consecutive title centre scorer

/t??n/ /m?'stɑ:?/ /w?ks/ /'?ɑ:p?n?/ /?n'l?ud/ /d?ɑ:/ /'k?r?t/ /t???z/ /?l?b?'re??n/ /?k?nst?'tju:?n/ /'v?n?g?/ /'w?:θ'wail/ /'ste?tsm?n/ /t??l/ /r?'tr?:t/ /?n'k?r?d?/ /s?'rend?/ /'str?t?d??/ /kw??t/ /'helm?t/ /'pi:ski:p?/ /ɑ:m/ /?d?s?'gr?:m?nt/ /?p?:s?'nel/ /s?'v?li?n/ /d?'spa?t/ /stɑ:/ /'f?:w?d/ /d?'fend/ /gɑ:d/ /,ref?'ri:/ /hu:p/ /k?:t/ /?,s??.si'e?.?n/ /li:g/ /'t? l?nt/ /pr?'fe??n/ /'k?mpl?ke?t/ /h??ld/ /k?n'sekj?t?v/ /'ta?t?/ /'sent?/ /'sk?:r?]

valued in the history of grow up attend with an average of average per gold medal motivation tie steak alongside awesome shipyard various entire immediate There’s no doubt that ... deserve outstanding generation popularity live commentary half overtime coach commentator rely stamina quarter selfish all the time nature instant hit nationwide if necessary be rude to dominate be used to draw sb’s attention to wrestling boxing upwards angle

/?'tend/ /'? v?r?d?/

/,m??t?'ve??n/ /ta?/ /ste?k/ /?'l??,sa?d/ /'?:s?m/ /'??p.jɑ:d/ /'ve?ri?s/ /?n'ta??/ /?'mi:di?t/ /d?'z?:v/ /a?t'st? nd??/ /,d?en?'re??n/ /,p?pju'l? r?t?/ / 'k?m?ntr?/ /hɑ:f/ /'?uv?ta?m/ /k??t?/ /'k?m?nte?t?/ /r?'la?/ /'st? m?n?/ /'kw?:.t?/ /'self??/ /'ne?t??/ /'?nst?nt/ /,ne??n'wa?d/


/'resl??/ /'b?ks??/ /'?pw?d/ /'??g?/

collision parallel adequate sock sneaker absorb bound vest abrupt horizontal accelerate bounce tournament interval appoint typical slim stout belly obtain circuit boundary controversial aside dip commit foul suspension penalty take possession of howl bleed cheek pulse confirm dizzy bandage blanket ambulance considerate apologise sniff weep frustration teamwork scar

/k?'l??n/ /'p? r?lel/ /'? d?kw?t/ /'sni:.k?/ /?b's?:b/ /ba?nd/ /vest/ /?'br?pt/ /,h?r?'z?ntl/ /?k'sel?re?t/ /'bauns/ /'t?:n?m?nt/ /'?nt?vl/ /?'p??nt/ /'t?p?kl/ /sl?m/ /sta?t/ /'beli/ /?b'te?n/ /'s?:.k?t/ /'baund?r?/ /,k?ntr?'v?:?l/ /?'sa?d/ /d?p/ /k?'m?t/ /fa?l/ /s?'spen?n/ /'penlt?/ /ha?l/ /bli:d/ /t?i:k/ /p?ls/ /k?n'f?:m/ /'d?zi/ /'b? nd?d?/ /'bl??k?t/ /'? mbjul?ns/ /k?nˋs?d?r?t / /?'p?l?d?a?z/ /sn?f/ /wi:p/ /fr?s'tre??n/ /skɑ:/

oval gymnasium pole basis be based on version highlight chart prom peer mediator forever look back at settle have fun competitive elect suit rent It’s a great pity that ... dinner jacket enormous slogan attract photography keen issue as far as I’m concerned in my view after-school consider be considered as develop activity ability outdoor water skiing be likely to do tradition boarding nursery recite alphabet institution sew woolen

/'?uvl/ d??m'ne?z??m /p??l/ /'be?s?s/ /'v?:?n/ /'ha?la?t/ /t?ɑ:t/ /pr?m/ /p??/ /'mi:die?t/ /f?'rev?/ /'setl/ /k?m'pet?t?v/ /?'lekt/ /sju:t/ /rent/

/?'n?:m?s/ /'sl??g?n/ /?'tr? kt/ f?'t?gr?f? /ki:n/ /'??u:/

/k?n's?d?/ /d?'vel?p/ /? k't?v?t?/ /?'b?l?t?/ /'a?td?:/

/tr?'d??n/ /'b?:.d??/ /'n?:s?r?/ /r?'sa?t/ /'? lf?bet/ /,?nst?'tju:?n/ /s??/ /'w?l?n/

suitcase luggage innocent pillow quilt worn armchair shabby cushion kettle decoration curtain washroom basin bathtub sob arithmetic multiply algebra geometry concept cubic acre gram dynamic bachelor botanical microscope regulation punctual T-shirt weekday Catholic irritate upset polish zipper button mailbox mummy airmail fortnight certificate scholarship cheerleading cheerleader

/'sju:tke?s/ /'l?g?d?/ /'?n?snt/ /'p?l??/ /kw?lt/ /w?:n/ /'ɑ:mt?e?/ /'?? b?/ /'k??n/ /'ketl/ /,dek?'re??n/ /'k?:.tn/ /'w??r?m/ /'be?sn/ /'bɑ:θt?b/ /s?b/ /?'r?θm?t?k/ /'m?lt?pla?/ /'? ld??br?/ /d??'?m?tr?/ /'k?nsept/ /'kju:b?k/ /'e?k?/ /gr? m/ /da?'n? m?k/ /'b? t??l?/ /b?'t? n?k?l/ /'ma?kr?sk?up/ /,regju'le??n/ /'p??kt?u?l/

/'k?θ?l?k/ /'?r?te?t/ /?p'set/ /'p?l??/ /'z?p?/ /'b?tn/ /'me?lb?ks/ /'m?m?/ /'e?me?l/ /'f?:tna?t/ /s?'t?f?k?t/ /'sk?l???p/ /'t???,li:d?/

cheer squad pompom routine course novelist scene cruel feed pot warden serve eager appetite whisper nudge desperate healthy in astonishment support in a ... voice no sooner ... than … seize hang lock workhouse reward scream collar rough drag naughty rascal orphan convict escape prison wedding intend illegally repay cast distribute chapter filthy sparrow

/skw?d/ /'p?mp?m/ /ru:'ti:n/ /k?:s/ /'n?v?l?st/ /si:n/ /'kru:?l/ /fi:d/ /p?t/ /'w?:.dn/ /s?:v/ /'i:g?/ /'? p?ta?t/ /'w?sp?/ /n?d?/ /'desp?r?t/ /'helθi/ /s?'p?:t/

/si:z/ /h??/ /l?k/ /r?'w?:d/ /skri:m/ /'k?l?/ /r?f/ /dr? g/ /'n?:t?/ /'rɑ:.skl/ /'?:fn/ /k?n'v?kt/ /?'ske?p/ /'pr?zn/ /'wed??/ /?n'tend/ /?'li:g?l?/ /r?'pe?/ /kɑ:st/ /d?'str?bju:t/ /'t?? pt?/ /'f?lθ?/ /'sp? r??/

seagull pipe smog choke swallow rag dustbin attain nutrition starvation welfare concern taxpayer compass anchor inn carrier accumulate corporation navy pile paperwork trial pump fountain pub maid bunch mistress accomplish ambassador humble pedestrian lantern mourn a huge amount of bring sth. to the attention of sb. soul music blues harmonica sophisticated rhythmic rhythm improvisation syncopation graffiti

/'si:g?l/ /pa?p/ /sm?g/ /t???k/ /'sw?l??/ /r? g/ /'d?stb?n/ /?'te?n/ /nju:'tr??n/ /stɑ:'ve??n/ /'welfe?/ /k?n's?:n/ /'t? ks,pe??/ /'k?mp?s/ /'??k?/ /?n/ /'k? r??/ /?'kju:mjule?t/ /,k?:p?'re??n/ /'ne?v?/ /pa?l/ /'pe?p?w?:k/ /tra??l/ /p?mp/ /'fa?nt?n/ /p?b/ /me?d/ /b?nt?/ /'m?str?s/ /?'k?mpl??/ /? m'b? s?d?/ /'h?mb?/ /p?'destr??n/ /l? nt?n / /m?:n/

/hɑ:'m?n?k?/ /s?'f?st?ke?t?d/ /'r??m?k/ /'r???m/ /,?mpr?va?'ze??n/ /,s??k?'pe??n/ /gr?'fi:t?/

microphone gospel hip hop DJ (=disk jockey) percussion rap reggae turntable movement MC-ing technique Jamaica side by side improvise vocal approach be bored with disco decline take advantage of backing track rapper emerge rather than touch trumpet in order try out arise offshore boom friction harmony virtue be blessed with conventional fancy blouse slacks neat mom consensus makeover budget cheque consultant

/'ma?kr?f?un/ /'g?spl/

/p?'k??n/ /r? p/ /'rege?/ /'t?:n,te?bl/ /'mu:vm?nt/ /tek'ni:k/ /d??'me?k?/ /'?mpr?va?z/ /'v?ukl/ /?'pr??t?/ /'d?sk?u/ /d?'kla?n/

/'r? p?/ /?'m?:d?/ /t?t?/ /'tr?mp?t/

/?'ra?z/ /,?f'??:/ /bu:m/ /'fr?k?n/ /'hɑ:.m?n?/ /'v?:tju:/ /k?n'ven??nl/ /'f? ns?/ /bla?z/ /sl? ks/ /ni:t/ /k?n'sens?s/ /'me?k,??v?/ /'b?d??t/ /t?ek/ /k?n's?lt?nt/

vain bonus DVD VCD pace tight schedule spokeswoman deadline otherwise come out allowance far from part-time devote be devoted to swap super yell beg beg for pension quit refreshing pioneer solo satchel make an impression on sb. protest migrant humorous ethnic minority rainforest diverse native bright-coloured belt varied maze cobbled run inherit property custom apron

/ve?n/ /'b??n?s/

/pe?s/ /ta?t/ /'?edju:l/ /'sp??ks,w?m?n/ /'dedla?n/ /'???wa?z/ /?'lau?ns/

/d?'v?ut/ /sw?p/ /'su:p?/ /jel/ /beg/ /'pen?n/ /kw?t/ /r?'fre???/ /,pa??'n??/ /'s??l??/ /'s? t??l/ /'pr??test/ /'ma?gr?nt/ /'hju:m?r?s/ /'eθn?k/ /ma?'n?r?t?/ /'re?nf?r?st/ /da?'v?:s/ /'ne?t?v/ /belt/ /'ve?r?d/ /me?z/ /'k?bld/ /?n'her?t/ /'pr?p?t?/ /'k?st?m/ /'e?pr?n/

hieroglyphic in use hatch pineapple bucket splash apparently has a population of crop opera maize farm fish script ouch hammer foolish lame hop tyre firm jungle soul in the distance ox spear garment sleeve necklace jewellery set off arch rigid framework fasten loose fibre corn spade tool chick rooster fold adjust furnish mat

/'hai?r?'glifik/ /h? t?/ /'pa?n,? pl/ /'b?k?t/ /spl? ?/ /?'p? r?ntl?/ /kr?p/ /'?pr?/ /me?z/ /fɑ:m/ /f??/ /skr?pt/ /a?t?/ /'h? m?/ /'fu:.l??/ /le?m/ /h?p/ /ta??/ /f?:m/ /'d???gl/ /s??l/ /?ks/ /sp??/ /'gɑ:m?nt/ /sli:v/ /'nekl?s/ /'d?u:?lr?/ /ɑ:t?/ /'r?d??d/ /'fre?mw?:k/ /'fɑ:sn/ /lu:s/ /'fa?b?/ /k?:n/ /spe?d/ /tu:l/ /t??k/ /'ru:st?/ /f??ld/ /?'d??st/ /'f?:n??/ /m? t/

teapot bare waist widow nephew garage awkward pierce rainbow aborigine gatherer venue preserve agreement invest divert prehistoric remains archaeologist primitive skull item existence relation limestone span fossil beast sharpen excavation list evolution exposure weed cement contribute maintain endangered recommend awareness propose fund assistance precious of vital importance catastrophe

/'ti:p?t/ /be?/ /we?st/ /'w?d??/ /'nefju:/ /'g? rɑ:?/ /'?:kw?d/ /p??s/ /'re?nb??/ /,? b?'r?d??n?/ /'g? ??r?/ /'venju:/ /pr?'z?:v/ /?'gri:m?nt/ /?n'vest/ /da?'v?:t/ /,pri:h?'st?r?k/ /r?'me?nz/ /,ɑ:ki'?l?d?ist/ /'pr?m?t?v/ /sk?l/ /'a?t?m/ /?g'z?stns/ /r?'le??n/ /'la?mst??n/ /sp? n/ /'f?sl/ /bi:st/ /'?ɑ:pn/ /,eksk?'ve??n/ /l?st/ /,i:v?'lu:?n/ /?k'sp????/ /wi:d/ /s?'ment/ /k?n'tr?bju:t/ /me?n'te?n/ /?n'de?nd??d/ /,rek?'mend/ /?'we?n?s/ /pr?'p??z/ /f?nd/ /?'s?st?ns/ /'pre??s/ /k?'t? str?f?/

estimate length request apart from waterproof marvelous imperial tangible intangible delegate monument inhabitant mankind directory bid enlarge discrimination go through practitioner advocate status virus malaria compromise remind sb. of sth. seminar symbolic ambassador epic agenda mercy at the mercy of ... undertake absence subjective diplomacy thorough bureaucratic in return autonomy federal guidance ignore Hispanic honour be honoured for journalism

/'est?m?t/ /le?θ/ /r?'kwest/ /'w?:t?pru:f/ /'mɑ:.v?l?s/ /?m'p??r??l/ /'t? nd??bl/ /?n't? nd??bl/ /'del?g?t/ /'m?njum?nt/ /?n'h? b?t?nt/ /m? n'ka?nd/ /d?'rekt?r?/ /b?d/ /?n'lɑ:d?/ /d?'skr?m?ne?t/ /pr? k't???n?/ /'? dv?ke?t/ /'ste?t?s/ /'va??r?s/ /m?'le?r??/ /'k?mpr?ma?z/ /'sem?nɑ:/ /'ep?k/ /?'d?end?/ /'m?:s?/ /,?nd?'te?k/ /'? bs?ns/ /s?b'd?ekt?v/ /d?'pl?um?s?/ /'θ?r?/ /,bj??r?'kr? t?k/ /?:'t?n?m?/ /'fed?r?l/ /'ga?dns/ /?g'n?:/ /h?'sp? n?k/ /'?n?/ /'d??:n?l?z?m/

polar penguin explorer Antarctica annual rainfall state depth gravity inhospitable extreme flower moss algae lichen adapt to trap meteorite extraterrestrial mass balance exploration set foot on rivalry treaty commercial nuclear test radioactive promote via trap lifeboat crew voyage drift ceremonial glacier magnetic glare intense sunglasses sun cream severe eyesight sunburnt

/'p??l?/ /'pe?gw?n/ /?k'spl?:r? / /?ntˋɑ:ktik?/ /?nj??l / /'rein,f?:l/ /ste?t/ /depθ/ /'gr?v?t? / /in· pi· ble / hos· ta· /?k'stri:m / /'fla?? / /m?s/ /'?ld?i:/ /'la?k?n /   /tr?p/ /'mi:t???ra?t/ /,ekstr?t?'restr??l/ /m?s/ /'b?l?ns/ /?ekspl?'re??n/   /'ra?vlr?/ /'tr?:t?/ /k?'m?:?l/ /'nju:kl??/ /test/ /?re?d???'?kt?v/ /pr?'m??t/ /'va??/ /tr?p/ /'laif,b??t/ /kru:/ /'v???d?/ /dr?ft/ /?ser?'m??nj?l/ /'gl?s??/ /m?g'net?k/ /gle?/ /?n'tens/ /'s?n,glɑ:siz/   / s?'v??/ /'aisait/ /'s?nb?:nt/

minus numb forst clothing portable pure millimetre abnormal sunrise sunset absence daylight tiresome depressing isolated aircraft platform powder minimum modest luxury cosy dormitory canteen stock laundry discourage in case of emergency conventional drill snap tricky fragile battery ecology delicate privilege trader spice jewel befriend tale legendary reliability obscure

/ 'ma?n?s/ /n?m/ /fr?st/ /kl??? ??/ /'p?:t?bl/ /pj??/ /'mili?mi:t?/ /?b'n?:ml/ /'s?n,raiz/ /'s?n,set/ /?bs?ns/ /'dei,lait/ /'ta??s?m/ /d?'pres??/ /'a?s??leit?d/ /'e?,krɑ:ft/ /'pl?tf?:m/ /'pa?d? /'m?n?m?m/ /'mɑd?st/ /'l?k??r?/ /'k??z?/ /'d?:m?tr?/ /k?n'ti:n/ /st?k/ /'l?:ndr?/ /d?s'k?r?d?/   /?'m?:d??ns?/ /k?n'ven??nl/ /dr?l/ /sn?p/ /'tr?k?/ /'fr?d?a?l/ /'b?t?r?/ /i'k?l?d??/ /'del?k?t/ /'pr?v?l?d?/ /'tre?d?/ /spa?s/ /'d?u:?l/ /b?'frend/ /te?l/ /led??nd?r?/ /r??la??'b?l?t?/ /?b'skj??/

intimate inhabit spaghetti insight inspiration renaissance disturbing subject dull basically work effect shade medieval Gothic frontier perspective polyphony cathedral motivate skilled parachute submarine tank overnight ferry horseshoe ornate tax depend on reckon in history leave for anecdote authentic spokesman burglar leave sth. Behind antique basement courtyard passerby moustache parcel dash crossing

/'?nt?m?t/ /?n'h?b?t/ /sp?'get?/ /'?nsa?t/ /??nsp?'re??n/ /r?'ne?s?ns/ /d?'st?:b??/ /'s?b??kt/ /d?l/ /'be?s?kl?/ /w?:k/ /?'fekt/ /?e?d/ /?med?'i:vl/ /'g?θ?k/ /?fr?n't??/ /p?'spekt?v / /p?'l?f?n?/ /k?'θi:dr?l/ /'m??t?,ve?t/ /sk?ld/ /'p?r?,?u:t/ /'s?bm?r?:n/ /t??k/ /?? ?v?'nait/ /'fer?/ /'h?:s,?'u:/ /?:'ne?t /t?ks/   /'rek?n/     /'?n?k,d??t/ /?:'θent?k/ /'sp??ksm?n/ /'b?:gl?/   /?n'ti:k/ /'be?sm?nt/ /'k?:t,jɑ:d/ /pɑ:s?'bai/ /m?'stɑ:?/ /'pɑ:sl/ /d??/ /'kr?s??/

crossroads flee appeal suspect loss circulate seek gang tentative behalf on behalf of chief fundamental drawback superb substitute confidential debt get tired of doing sth. merely outcome blame liberty at liberty gifted movable manuscript press squeeze olive mill Bible up to lead to passion official rural inspire take up profession calculate owe poison cookery taste obsess

/'kr?s,r?udz/ /fl?:/ /?'pi:l/ /'s?spekt/ /l?s/ /'s?:kj?,le?t/ /s?:k/ /g??/ /'tent?t?v/ /b?'hɑ:f/   /t?i:f/ /?f?nd?'mentl/ /'dr?:,b?k/ /su'p?:b/ /'s?bst?,tju:t/ /?k?nf?'den?l/ /det/   /'m??li/ /'a?t,k?m/ /ble?m/ /'l?b?t?/   /'g?ft?d/ /'mu:v?bl/ /'m?nj?,skr?pt / /pres/ /skwi:z/ /'ɑl?v/ /m?l/ /'ba?bl/     /'p??n/ /?'f??l/ /'r??r?l/ /?n'spa??/   /pr?'fe?n/ /'k?lkj?,le?t/ /??/ /'p??zn/ /'k?k?r?/ /te?st/ /?b'ses/

banquet dish greedily chopstick dessert no wonder intestine tongue hoof end up chew delicacy infamous appetising manner make out requirement tuna fixed mushroom mash filling unrecognisable have …in common guest fork in short entertain menu asparagus tender Polynesian remark casually compliment punctuation porriage bacon roast lamb consume butcher cattle outnumber justifiable mutton

/'b??kw?t/ /d??/ /'gri:dili/ /'t??p,stik/ /d?'z?:t/   /?n'test?n/ /t??/ /hu:f/   /t?u:/ /'del?k?s?/ /'?nf?m?s/ /'?p?,ta?zi?/ /'m?n?/   /r?'kwa??m?nt/ /'tju:n?/ /f?kst/ /'m??r?:m/ /m??/ /'f?l??/ /?n'rek?g,naiz?bl/   /gest/ /f?:k/   /?ent?'te?n/ /'menju:/ /?'sp?r?g?s/ /'tend?/ /?p?l?'ni:zi?n/ /r?'mɑ:k/ /'k??ju?li/ /'k?mpl?m?nt/ /?p??kt??'e??n/ /'p?rid?/ /'be?k?n/ /r??st/ /l?m/ /k?n'sju:m/ /'b?t??/ /'k?tl/ /,a?t'n?mb?/ /'d??st?,fa??bli/ /'m?tn/

consequence gradual trend fusion cuisine recipe bean curd seaweed raw eggplant lemon bakery loaf artificial grocery customer pan cocoa cookie maple syrup honey crisp samosa fragrant dairy yoghurt abundant ripe peach melon stove fry microwave reheat barbecue grill slice breast cutlet buffet pint brewery altogether ample willow

/'k?ns?kw?ns/ /'gr?d???l/ /trend/ /'fju:?n/ /kwi:'zi:n/ /'res?p?/ /'bi:n,k?:d/ /'si:,wi:d/ /r?:/ /'eg,plɑ:nt/ /'lem?n/ /'be?k?r?/ /l??f/ /?ɑ:t?'f??l/ /'gr??s?r?/ /'k?stm?/ /p?n/ /'k??k??/ /'k?k?/ /'me?pl/ /'s?r?p/ /'h?n?/ /kr?sp/ /s?'mos?/ /'fre?gr?nt/ /'de?r?/ /'j?g?t/ /?'b?nd?nt/ /ra?p/ /p?:t?/ /'mel?n/ /st??v/ /fra?/ /'ma?kr?,we?v/ /,r?:h?:t/ /'bɑ:b?,kju:/ /gr?l/ /sla?s/ /brest/ /'k?tl?t/ /'bufei/ /pa?nt/ /'br?:?r?/ /??:lt?'ge??/ /'?mpl/ /'w?l??/

pattern fence foreground songbird overhead set fire to hut transform instantly recognisable dialect cockney tell…apart matter as loog as count trace unique lie in intonation author ancestor apostrophe link rhythm bilingual debeat complain telegraph media revolution investigate flavour acquire convinced telecommunication in conclusion furthermore a huge number of splendid straightforward association ambiguous dilemma explicit figurative

/'p?t?n/ /fens/ /'f?:,ɡra?nd/ /'s??,b?:d/ /,??v?,hed/   /h?t/ /tr?ns'f?:m/ /'?nst?ntl?/ /'rek?g,naiz?bl/ /'da??lekt/ / 'k?kn?/   /'m?t?/   /ka?nt/ /tre?s/ /ju:'n?:k/   /??nt?'ne??n/ /'?:θ?/ /'?nsest?/ /?'p?str?f?/ /l??k/ /'r???m/ /ba?'l??gw?l/ /d?'beit/ /k?m'ple?n/ /'tel?,grɑ:f/ /'me:d??/ / ?rev?'lu:?n/ / ?n'vest?,ge?t/ /'fle?v?/ /?'kwa??/ /k?n'vinst/ /?telik??mju:ni'kei ??n/   /'f?:??m?:/   /'splend?d/ /?stre?t'f?:w?d/ /??s??s?'e??n/ /?m'b?gj??s/ /d?'lem?/ /?k'spl?s?t/ /'f?g?r?t?v/

relevant absurd convey concept thus get down to sth clarify tendency disorganised vague clumsy select metaphorical significance withdraw reject potential abuse offence stateman betray let sb down overcome prayer oppose prejudice resist conflict moral superior status classify sex approval curiosity fascination tone initially candidate spin-off leap joint Mars Jupiter Aldebaran probe

/'rel?v?nt/ /?b's?:d/ /k?n've?/ /'k?nsept/ /? ?s/   /'kl?r?,fa?/ /'tend?ns?/ /|d?s'?:g?,na?zd/ /ve?g/ /'kl?mz?/ /s?'lekt/ /,met?'f?r?kl/ /s?g'n?f?k?ns/ /w?? 'dr?:/ /r?'d?ekt/ /p?'ten?l/ /?'bju:z/ /?'fens/ /'ste?tsm?nt/ /b?'tre?/   /???v?'k?m/ /pre?/ /?'p??z/ /'pred??d?s/ /r?'z?st/ /'k?nfl?kt/ /'m?r?l/ /s?'p??r??/ /'ste?t?s/ /'kl?s?,fa?/ /seks/ /?'pru:vl/ /?kj??r?'?s?t?/ /?f?s?'ne??n/ /t??n/ /?'n??l?/ /'k?nd?,d?it/ /'spin?f/ /l?:p/ /d???nt/ /mɑ:z/ /'d?u:p?t?/ /?l'deb?ren/ /pr??b/

Saturn accustomed shuttle historic tune witness assume patience in spite of advanced at the very beginning of burst depend planet view ultraviolet Phoebe Titan decade a series of acknowledge random backwards deed knight tension autonomous defeat authority accuse accuse sb of doing sth swear avenge sorrow latter grasp relief glory division airspace motherland abstract foresee destiny aid broad

/'s?t?n/ /?'k?st?md/ /'??tl/ /h?'st?rik/ /tju:n/ /'w?tn?s/ /?'sju:m/ /'pe??ns/   /?d'va:nst/   /b?:st/ /d?'pend/ /'pl?n?t/ /vju:/ /,?ltr??va ??l?t/ /'f?:b?/ /'ta?t?n/ /'deke?d/   /?k'n?l?d?/ /'r?nd?m/ /b'?kw?dz/ /di:d/ /na?t/ /'ten?n/ /?:'t?n?m?s/ /d?'fi:t/ /?:'θ?r?t?/ /?'kju:z/   /swe?/ /?'vend?/ /'s?r??/ /'l?t?/ /grɑ:sp/ /r?'l?:f/ /'gl?:r?/ /d?'v??n/ /'??,speis/ /'m???,l?nd/ /'?bstr?kt/ /f?:'s?: / /,dest?n?/ /e?d/ /br?:d/

sympathy commitment ought consistent faith rational dignity devotion pray pray for holy acute ba similar to stable human being supreme scholar consult whilst arguably dramatic invasion alien impact observation inescapable assumption vanguard set in motion underway hysteria newsflash mounting deliberately set out acquaintance farewell bar gird thistledown part steed neigh seed dynasty expansion

/'s?mp?θ?/ /k?'m?tm?nt/ /?:t/ /k?n's?st?nt/ /fe?θ/ /'r???nl/ /'d?gn?t?/ /d?'v???n/ /pre?/   /'h??l?/ /?'kju:t/   /'ste?bl/   /s?'pr?:m/ /'sk?l?/ /k?n's?lt/ /wa?lst/ /'ɑ:gj??bl?/ /dr?'m?t?k/ /?n've??n/ /'e?l??n/ /'?mp?kt/ /??bz?'ve??n/ /??n?'ske?p?bl/ /?'s?mp?n/ /'v?ngɑ:d/   /,?nd?'wei/ /h?'st??r??/   /'ma?nt??/ /di'lib?r?tli/   /'?kwe?nt?ns/ /,fe?'wel/ /bɑ:/ /g?:d/ /'θisl,daun/ /pɑ:t/ /st?:d/ /ne?/ /s?:d/ /'d?n?st?/ /ik'sp?n?n/

tolerant cosmopolitan Persian Arab Jew Buddhism astronomy shadow altitude specialist share advance syllable failure suffering corruption merchant irregular realist romantic take hold of reflection mental alcohol daffodil flutter breeze long-term disorder channel prove reveal cereal appeal glance upwards surplus approve approve of sth. sponsor expense launch damp descend barrier shabby

/'t?l?r?nt/ /,k?zm?'p?l?t?n/ /'p?:?n/ /'?r?b/ /d?u:/ /'b?d?z?m/ /?'str?n?m?/ /'??d??/ /'?lt?,tju:d/ /'spe??l?st/ /?e?/ /?d'vɑ:ns/ /'s?l?bl/ /'fe?lj?/ /'s?f?r??/ /k?'r?p?n/ /'m?:t??nt/ /?'regj?l?/ /'r??l?st/ /r??'m?nt?k/   /r?'flek?n/ /'mentl/ /'?lk?,h?l/ /'d?f?d?l/ /'fl?t?/ /bri:z/ /'l??t?:m/ /d?s'?:d?/ /'t??nl/ /pru:v/ /r?'v?:l/ /'s??r??l/ /?'pi:l/ /glɑ:ns/ /?pw?dz/ /'s?:pl?s/ /?'pru:v/   /'sp?ns?/ /?k'spens/ /l?:nt?/ /d?mp/ /d?'send/ /'b?r??/ /'??b?/

caution literary bench preview departure carriage merry chorus a chorus of realm sonnet Arbitrary cater cater for homeland enterprise correspond correspond with anniversary donate update decorate whichever zone independence imagination typically reflect surgeon

/'k?:?n/ /'l?t?rer?/ /bent?/ /'pr?:vju:/ /d?'pɑ:t??/ /'k?r?d?/ /'mer?/ /'k?:r?s/   /'relm/ /'s?n?t/ /'ɑ:b?tr?r?/ /'ke?t?/   /'h?um,l?nd/ /'ent?,pra?z/ /?k?r?'sp?nd/   /??n?'v?:s?r?/ /d??'ne?t/ /?p'de?t/ /'dek?,re?t/ /w?t?'ev?/ /z??n/ /??nd?'pend?ns/ /??m?d??'ne??n/ /'t?p?kl?/ /r?'flekt/ /'s?:d??n/

adj. 学术的 n.省 adj. 热心的 adj. 令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 n.信息 n.网站;网址 adj. (口语)极好的 n. 理解;领悟 n. (常作复数)指示;说明 n. 方法 adj. 厌烦的; 厌倦的 adj. 尴尬的;难堪的;困窘的 n. 态度 n. 行为;举动 adj. 以前的;从前的 n. 记述;描述 adj.吃惊的;惊讶的 adj.令人尴尬的;令人难 n. 技术 vt. 使印象深刻 n. 改正;纠正 n.鼓励;激励 n. 享受;乐趣 n. 流利;流畅 n. 误解 adj.失望的 adj令人失望的 n. 制度;体系;系统 n. 少年 vi. 消失 vi. 搬家 n. 助手;助理 vt. 包含 n. 文凭;毕业证书 换句话说 期待;盼望 在……开始的时候 在……结束的时候 上大学 被(划)分成…… adj.参加 adj.精力充沛的 adj.聪明的 adj.紧张的;焦虑的 adj.有组织的;有系统的 adj.耐心的

(SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1 ) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M1) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2)

adj.严肃的 adj.害羞的;羞怯的 adj.严格的;严厉的 n. 印象 vt.(故意)避开 vt.讨厌;不喜欢 adv.不正确地 adv.十分地;完全地 adv.立即,即刻 vt. 感激 vt. 承认 adj.科学的 n. 文学 adv.大声地 vt. 挥(手);招(手) n. 玩笑;笑话 n. 总结;摘要;提要 vt. & n.尊敬;尊重 n.(美)成绩;分数 n. 校长 n. 女校长 n. 一段时间 n.复习 n.翻译 n.时间表 n.话题;题目 n. 假期 vt. 温习(功课) n. 纪律 n. 关系 adj. 正式的 adj. 轻松的;松懈的,宽松的 adv. 同样地,类似地 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚 (引起表示结果的从句)因此 取得进步 结果 事实上 睡着 讲笑话;开玩笑 n. 直升飞机 n. 摩托车 n. 电车 n. 距离 adj. 被遗弃的 n. 骆驼

(SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M2) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3)

n. 录音带 n. 沙漠 n. 钻石 n. 专家 n.半夜 n.产品 n.风景;景色 vt. (shot, shot) 射杀 n. 土壤 n. 旅程 vt. 训练 n. 马戏团 n. 海滨 n. 运动场;体育场 n. 鹰 vt. 使吃惊;惊吓 n. 幼儿园 n. (美)公寓;单元住宅 n. 卡通;漫画 n. 面试;面谈 n. (面试时的)主考官;面谈者 n. 事件 adj.疲惫不堪的 adj.商业区的;市中心的 n. 真空;空白 n. 铁轨 n. 仪式 n. 轨道 n. 纪念品 上(车、船等) 下(车、船等) 上(车) 下(车) (飞机)起飞 是……的缩写/简称 不再 过时 n. 指的是 n. 四邻;街坊 adj. 地方的;局部的 n. 城郊;郊区 n. 家乡 adj.有吸引力的;吸引人的 adj.幸运的;吉祥的 adv. 很;相当 vi. 听起来

(SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3 ) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M3) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4)

n. 旅游者;观光客 vt. 打扰;烦扰;麻烦 n. 令人讨厌的人或事 n. 租金 n. 地域;区域;行政区 vt. 接近 n. 海港 adj.美丽的;宜人的 n. 建筑 vi. 饿死 vt. 停车 n. 交通 n. 委员会 n. 组织 adj.失业的;没有工作的 n. 家属;家人 n. 职业 adj.专业的 adj.用手的;手的 n. 就业;工作;职业 n. 美术馆;画廊 vt. 交换 adj.迷人的;吸引人的 vt. 买得起;有能力支付 vi. 死里逃生;大难不死 vt. 联络;联系(某人) 修建 到目前为止 到目前为止 到目前为止 摆脱 许多;大量 许多;大量 上升 n. 液体 vi. 膨胀 vi. 收缩 n. 物质 n. 混合物 n. 氧气 n. 电 n. 阶段;时期 n. 结论 n. 目标;目的 n. 反应 adj. 与电有关的;用电的

(SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M4) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5)

n. 设备;装备 vi.(化学)反应 n. 钾 n. 钠 n. 钙 n. 镁 n. 铝 n. 锌 ad 部分的;局部的 n. 铜 n. 氧化物 vi.生锈 vt.煮;煮沸 ad普通的;平常的 n. 蒸汽;水气 vi.漂浮 vi.形成 vi.溶解;分解;分离 n. 天平 n. 坩埚 n. 夹子;小钳子;镊子 n. 火焰 n. 常作复数)设备;工具 n. 演讲 n. (大学的)科、系 adj吃惊的;惊愕的 往……加入…… 过去(常常)…… 在……领域 为……感到骄傲/自豪 应当;理应 vt. 包含;包括 n. 接近;通路 vi. (计算机)崩溃 n. 密码;口令 vt. 记录;登录 n. 软件 n. 故障 n. 来源;出处 adj 可进入的;可使用的 adj (复)数据 n. 保护;防卫 vt. 创造;发明 n. 网络 pre途经;经由 n. 百分数;百分率

(SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M5 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 ) (SH1 M6 )

(SH1 M6 ) vt. 设计 (SH1 M6 ) n. 文件 (SH1 M6 ) n. 发明 (SH1 M6 ) n. 许可 (SH1 M6 ) adj 军事的;军队的 (SH1 M6 ) vi. 集中(注意力、思想等) (SH1 M6 ) adj明确的 (SH1 M6 ) adj极好的;美 (SH1 M6 ) adj独立的 (SH1 M6 ) n. 文章 (SH1 M6 ) vt.超过 (SH1 M6 ) ad时常;经常 (SH1 M6 ) n.弊端;缺点 (SH1 M6 ) adj平均的 (SH1 M6 ) n. 统计数字 (SH1 M6 ) vt.缩短 (SH1 M6 ) adv. 横着地;斜着地 (SH1 M6 ) 由……组成 (SH1 M6 ) 也 (SH1 M6 ) 作为……而出名;被称为… (SH1 M6 ) 下降 (SH1 M6 ) 提出 (SH1 M6 ) 从那时起 (SH1 M6 ) 聚精会神;集中思想 (SH1 M6 ) 与……相比 (SH2 M1 n./vi.饮食,日常食物;照医生的规定饮食 ) (SH2 M1 ) n. 脂肪 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 健康的;强健的 (SH2 M1 ) n. (=influenza) 流行性感冒 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 稀少的;罕有的 (SH2 M1 ) n. 牙痛 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 不健康的;有碍健康的 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 富裕的;有钱的 (SH2 M1 ) adv. 稀少地;极少地 (SH2 M1 ) n. 谚语 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 焦虑的;不安的;渴望的 (SH2 M1 ) n. 队长 (SH2 M1 ) vt. 伤害 (SH2 M1 ) n. 伤害;损伤;受伤处 (SH2 M1 ) n.疼痛 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 疼痛的 (SH2 M1 ) adj. 正常的;一般的 (SH2 M1 ) n. 生活方式 (SH2 M1 ) vi. 朝……方向前进 (SH2 M1 ) vt. 注视;观看 (SH2 M1 ) adj. (人)太胖的;超重的

(SH2 M1 ) n. 肺 (SH2 M1 ) n. 喉咙;咽喉;嗓子 (SH2 M1 ) vi.呼吸 (SH2 M1 ) n. 肺炎 (SH2 M1 ) n. 处方 (SH2 M1 ) n. 症状 (SH2 M1 ) n. X光 (SH2 M1 ) adj可怕的;吓人的 (SH2 M1 ) n. 保险 (SH2 M1) n. 问卷;问卷调查;调查表 (SH2 M1 )  与……有联系 (SH2 M1 )  锻炼 (SH2 M1 )  迷恋 (SH2 M1 )  发烧 (SH2 M1 )  躺下 (SH2 M1 )  以……开始 (SH2 M1 )  将……投入…… (SH2 M1 )  生病 (SH2 M2) n. 毒品;药品 (SH2 M2) n. 支气管炎 (SH2 M2) n. 癌症 (SH2 M2) n. 香烟 (SH2 M2) n. 烟草;烟丝 (SH2 M2) adj(药物等)上瘾的 (SH2 M2) n. 大麻 (SH2 M2) n. 可卡因 (SH2 M2) n. 危险 (SH2 M2) n. 对(药物等)上瘾的人;瘾君子 (SH2 M2) vt.注射 (SH2 M2) n. (注射用的)针;针管 (SH2 M2) adj有力的;(药等)有功效的 (SH2 M2) vt.减少 (SH2 M2) adj附近的 (SH2 M2) n. 盗窃;窃案;盗窃罪 (SH2 M2) n. 罪行;犯罪行为 (SH2 M2) n. 罪犯 (SH2 M2) n. 联系;关系;关联 (SH2 M2) adj违法的;不合法的 (SH2 M2) n. 比;比率 (SH2 M2) n. 逛商店时偷窃商品的行 (SH2 M2) n. 治疗 (SH2 M2) adj可能的 (SH2 M2) n. 成人 (SH2 M2) n. 咖啡馆;餐馆 (SH2 M2) vi. 不同意;意见不合 (SH2 M2) vt. 禁止

adj令人不快的;极讨厌的 vt. 影响;对……有坏影响 n. 参与者;参加者 vt. 认识;认知;认出 n. 传单;印刷品 n. 分心;分散注意力 n. 慢跑 adj体操的  有关系的;有关联的  破门而入;强行闯入  属于  对……上瘾;沉迷于  听某人的意见  为了……  为了……  戒除;放弃 n. 听众 n.(教堂里的)唱诗班;合唱队 n.古典音乐 n.作曲家 n.指挥 n.爵士乐 n.音乐家 n.管弦乐队(团) n.萨克斯管 n.宫廷 n.指挥 n.天才 vt. (lost, lost) 失去;丢失 ad音乐的 n.农民 n.交响乐;交响曲;交响乐团 n.天分;天赋;才华 n.奥地利 ad奥地利的 n.王子;亲王 vt.作曲;创作 vt.巡回演出 n.专辑 n.民歌;民谣;(伤感的)情歌 n. 乐队 adj. 动人的 adj. 复杂的 vt. 影响 n. 歌词 adj. 独奏的

(SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M2) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 )

n. 曲调 vt. 录音 n. (大学的)讲师 vt. 使混合  留下深刻印象  分裂;分割  记录 n. 爱好;嗜好 n. 憎恶;不喜欢 n. 艺术家 adj. 彩色的 adj. 当代的 adj. 令人愉快的;可爱的 n. 图画 vt. 绘画;(用颜料)画 n.画家 n. 绘画;油画 n. 景色;风景 adj. 传统的;习俗的 adj. 有活力的;有生气的 n.方面 vt临摹;仿造;模仿;仿效 vt观察;注意到 n.真实;现实;逼真 n.风格 vt采纳;采用 vi以……为目标;打算;意欲 vt(stood, stood) 忍受 ad不寻常的;非凡的 n.展览 n.表现;表达 n.风景;景色;风景画;山水画 n.画像;肖像;人像 vt领悟;了解;实现;实行 ad现实主义的;写实主义的 n.水彩画 vt破坏;毁坏  对……厌烦  喜欢;喜爱  从……可以看出  推迟;延期  轮流 n.一系列的  (新闻报道等的)标题 n.照片 n.名人

(SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M3 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 ) (SH2 M4 )   (SH2 M5 ) (SH2 M5 )

(SH2 M5 ) n.经济 (SH2 M5 ) n.政治 (SH2 M5 ) n.摄影师 (SH2 M5 ) n.宇航员 (SH2 M5 ) n.领航员;(飞机的)驾驶员 (SH2 M5 ) n.太空人;宇航员 (SH2 M5 ) n.宇宙 (SH2 M5 ) n.船员;水手 (SH2 M5 ) n./vt.轨道;绕轨道飞行 (SH2 M5 ) n. 太空舱 (SH2 M5 ) n. 飞行;班机 (SH2 M5 ) n. 祝贺 (SH2 adv在船(飞机、火车、公共汽车)上 M5 ) (SH2 M5 ) vt. 欢迎 (SH2 M5 ) adj 历史性的 (SH2 M5 ) n. 成就;功业;伟绩 (SH2 M5 ) vt. 代替;取代 (SH2 M5 ) n. 外星人 (SH2 M5 ) adj业余的 (SH2 M5 ) n. 天文学家 (SH2 M5 ) n.亲笔签名 (SH2 M5 ) adj高兴的;快乐的 (SH2 M5 ) n. (电影等的)迷 (SH2 M5 ) n. 宇宙飞船 (SH2 M5 ) n.望远镜 (SH2 M5 ) n.演员 (SH2 M5 ) ad在后台 (SH2 M5 ) n.角色 (SH2 M5 ) n.政治家 (SH2 M5 ) n. 信念;信条 (SH2 M5 ) n. 不信;怀疑;疑 (SH2 M5 ) n. 证据 (SH2 M5 ) ad文化的 (SH2 M5 ) ad金融的 (SH2 M5 ) n. 评论 (SH2 M5 ) ad皇家的;皇室的 (SH2 M5 ) vt.创立;建立 (SH2 M5 ) vt.创作 (SH2 M5 )  总共;合计 (SH2 M5 )  既然 (SH2 M5 )  相信 (SH2 M5 )   和……相似 (SH2 M6 ) n. 海报 (SH2 M6 ) n. 充满刺激的电影 (SH2 M6 ) n. 喜剧 (SH2 M6 ) n. 剑

n. 女演员 n. 角色;人物 ad女的;女性的 ad男的;男性的 n. 杰作 n. 未婚夫 n. 屋顶 vi. 跳跃;飞跃 adj. 优美的;优雅的 vt. 使感兴趣 adj. 勇敢的 adj. 感人的 adv. 有时;偶尔 n. 广告 vi.争论 n. 频道 adj. 有趣的;令人愉快的 n. (非正式)电视 n. 戏剧 n. 情节 n. (小说、戏剧、电影的)背景 n. 鲨鱼 n. 部分;节  出现;出版  爱上;喜欢(表动作)  爱上;喜欢(表状态)  扮演角色  令某人吃惊的是  吃惊地  关心;顾虑;在乎  有时;偶尔  在……岁时 prep.横过;穿过 n. 长筒靴;皮靴 adj. 大陆的;大洲的 vt.面向;面对 n.山脉 n.标志性建筑 n.美术馆;画廊 adj.坐落(某处)的; n.象征;符号 adj.位于 n.建筑师 n.计划;项目;工程 n.雕刻;泥塑 n.发源地

(SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH2 M6 ) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1)

n.文明 adj.古代的 prep.在…对面 vt.签署 n.协议 adv.在哪里 vt.统治;治理 n.领袖;领导人 n.代表 n.国会;议会 adj.地区 区域 adj.地理的 n.特点 n.产品 n.饥饿 n.收入 n.贫穷 n.(与动物等对比的)人 n.发展 n.指数 vt.测定;测量;评估 n.目标 n.预期数额 n.位置 vt.教育;培养;训练 n.数字 n.一家人;家庭 adj.无家可归的 n.慈善团体 adj.拥挤的 n.高速公路 n.居民 n.类似;相似 adj.不幸的;遗憾的 n.位置;所在地 n.旅游业 n.交通工具 adj.工业的 adj.受到污染的 adj.漂亮的;整洁的;时髦的 adj.巨大的;庞大的;浩瀚的 n.娱乐 n.交换 n.灾难 n.洪水 n.飓风

(SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M1) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M2) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3)

n.闪电 n.雷暴 n.龙卷风 n.柱状物;柱状体 vt.经历 vt.引起;导致 n.海流;潮流 n.纬度 n.家具 vt.埋葬 n.羽毛 n.(动物的)皮毛 vt.发生 adj.热带的 n.赤道 adj.旋转的;循环的 adj.猛烈的。激烈的 n.波浪 vt.& n.(雷电;暴风雨等)袭击 n.墓地;公墓 n.棺材 vt.毁坏 n.灰 vt.(火山的)爆发;喷发 n.熔岩;岩浆 adj.受潮水影响的;有涨落的 n.火山 adj.以前的 n.(火山的)爆发;喷发 n.可能;可能性 n.地震 adj.吓人的;可怕的 adv.幸运的;幸亏 adv.感激的;满怀的 adv.满怀希望的 adv.伤心地;不幸地 adv.幸运的;幸亏 n.警告 adj.全世界的 adj积极的 活跃的 n.&v.损失;损害 n.沙尘暴 adj.吓人的;可怕的 adj.内陆的;内地的 adj.大量的;大规模的 n.战役;活动

(SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M3) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4)

n.沙丘 n.沙漠化的 n.进程;过程 n.公民;市民 n.沙尘;灰尘 vt.预报;预告 n.力量;力气 vi骑自行车 n.面具;面罩 n.大气;大气层 n.碳 n.二氧化碳 n.化学药品 n.环境 n.肥料;垃圾 vi.融化 n.污染 v.重新利用,再循环 adj.沿海的 adj.关心的;担心的 n.根据;证明 adj.主要的;多数的 adj.紧急的 vt.污染 vi.抱怨 发牢骚的 n.坚果壳;简单的一句话 adj.恐怖的 吓人的 adv.绝对地;完全地 n.保护 adj.平等的 n.重要;重要性 n.哲学较 n.教导 学说 n.思想家 n.善良 n.秩序 n.原则;准则 n.职位 vt.强调 vti.辞职 n.顾问 adj.有影响的 n.仁爱 n.诚实 n.公正 n.树皮

(SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M4) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5)

n.贡献 vt.发明 n.皮革 n.和尚 adj柔软的 n.范畴;种类 n.佛经 n.发明家‘ n.争论;辩论;议论 n.自由 n.燃料 n.状况;条件 n.小型报刊;短新闻 n.运河 adj.民用的;国内 n.悬崖;峭壁 n.坝;堤 n.工程 n.峡谷 adj水力发电的 n.水库 n.建筑物;结构 n.集散站;终点站 vi始于 vt.容纳 vt.雕刻 n.建造 n.遗迹;遗物 n.佛教经 vt.发(电) vt.利用;将(自然力)变成动力 adj.历史的;有关的 adj.狭窄的 n.诗;诗歌 vt.浸入水中;淹没 adj.全球 n.望台 vt.迁移。搬迁 adj.冷冰冰;极冷的 adj.荒唐的;可笑的 adj.巨大的。庞大的 n.观察台 adj.有浓雾的 vi飞机失事;坠落 n.砖头 n 混凝土

(SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M5) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH3 M6) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1)

n 泥 adj 替换的;供选择的 n 罪;罪行 肯定地 n 预测 adj危险的;冒险的 n 资源(常作复数) (某物)用完;不多了;没有了 n 材料 vi 依靠;依赖 依靠 adj 太阳的 adj 都市的;城市的 除掉;处理掉 vt 装;装载 n 垃圾填埋地 vt 逮捕;拘留 n罪犯;犯人 vt开火;启动 n(常作复数)范围 adv户外 adv联机地 n目录 n 命令;指令 n娱乐;消遣 n 保龄球游戏 n 垒球(运动) n 费用;价钱 免费 vt 供给动力 n 轻打 n 开关 vi.交换;调换 n 外科手术 n 门诊病人 n 诊所 n 失去能力;伤残 vt 系;贴;连接 n 宇航基地 用完 小心;当心 adj 乐观的;乐观主义的 n 洗碗碟机 adv 无意的;确定地 adv最后;终于 首先 即将被淘汰;即将过时

(SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1) (SH4 M1)

(SH4 M1) n 殖民地 (SH4 M1) vt 语言;预料 (SH4 M1) vt造成……形状 (SH4 M1) n (动物的)脚 (SH4 M1) n 门前擦鞋垫 (SH4 M2) n 电车 (SH4 M2) 与……相连 (SH4 M2) n 电线 (SH4 M2) adj 郊区的;市郊的 (SH4 M2) 被困在…… (SH4 M2) 马上;一会儿 (SH4 M2) vt 展示;陈列 (SH4 M2) n 出租汽车;计程车 (SH4 M2) n 执照;许可证 (SH4 M2) n 收据 (SH4 M2) 到处旅行;四处走动 (SH4 M2) n 车费 (SH4 M2) adj 带空调的 (SH4 M2) vt 限制 (SH4 M2) n 目的地;终点 (SH4 M2) adj给人印象深刻的 (SH4 M2) n 路线 (SH4 M2) n 双层公共汽车 (SH4 M2) vt.提供 (SH4 M2) 正在建设之中 (SH4 M2) adj方便的 (SH4 M2) vt&vi汽车;踩…… 的踏板 (SH4 M2) n 三轮脚踏车 (SH4 M2) n 单程票 (SH4 M2) n 往返票 (SH4 M2) vt 探索 (SH4 M2) n(常作复数)道路施工 (SH4 M2) 关上(电灯、电视等);断掉 (SH4 M2) 保持冷静 (SH4 M2) vt 吹响(乐器,号角等) (SH4 M2) n 喇叭;号角 (SH4 M2) vi 反应 (SH4 M2) n 解答;答案 (SH4 M2) n 心情;心境 (SH4 M2) (俚语)肯定不;没门儿 (SH4 M2) n 拥塞;堆积 (SH4 M2) n 执照;登记 (SH4 M3) n 交流;沟通 (SH4 vi (用语言信号) 传递信息;交流 M3) (SH4 M3) adj 无意的;不知不觉的 (SH4 M3) vi 变化

(SH4 M3) (保持)警惕 (SH4 M3) adj 正式的 (SH4 M3) adj攻击的;挑斗的;挑衅的 (SH4 M3) adv传统的 (SH4 M3) n 武器 (SH4 M3) n 姿势;姿态 (SH4 M3) adj 恐吓的;具有威胁的 (SH4 M3) n 协议;交易 (SH4 M3) 达成协议;做成交易 (SH4 M3) vt 包括 (SH4 M3) adv轻微的;稍微 (SH4 M3) n (常作复数)穆斯林 (SH4 M3) n (穆斯林的)额手礼(用右手扶额鞠躬的礼节) (SH4 M3) n 前额 (SH4 M3) n 印度人 (SH4 M3) vi 鞠躬 (SH4 M3) adj 非正式的 (SH4 M3) n 年轻人 (SH4 M3) 举起 (SH4 M3) n 手掌 (SH4 M3) vi(spread,spread)张开 (SH4 M3) vt掌击 (SH4 M3) 暴露(自己的情况) (SH4 n(自称或被认为)能看透别人心思的人M3) (SH4 M3) adj意识到的;自觉的 (SH4 M3) n脚踝 (SH4 M3) n 眉毛 (SH4 M3) n嘴唇 (SH4 M3) n 手腕 (SH4 M3) vt (bent,bent)弯下腰 (SH4 M3) vt 紧抱;拥抱 (SH4 M3) vi 凝视;盯着看 (SH4 M3) vt 擦;抹;揩 (SH4 M3) 举起 (SH4 M3) 一上一下的 (SH4 M3) n 宗教 (SH4 M3) n 主人 (SH4 M3) 偶然的 (SH4 M3) n 祝酒;干杯 (SH4 M3) n 一抿之量;小口喝 (SH4 M3) adj 空白的 (SH4 M3) v 恐慌;惊慌 (SH4 M3) adj粗鲁的;无礼的 (SH4 M3) 向……问好 (SH4 M3) n打开(灯、无线电等) (SH4 M3) n 邀请

(SH4 M3) n 请求;要求 (SH4 M3) (请帖等用语) 请答复 (SH4 M3) n 恩惠;善意的行为 (SH4 M3) adj现场的 (SH4 M3) n 表演 (SH4 M3) n 表演者 (SH4 M3) adj古典的;古代的 (SH4 M3) n 掌声 (SH4 M3) n 判断;意见 (SH4 M3) n 判断;意见 (SH4 M3) n 平等 (SH4 M3) n 拍手 (SH4 M3) adj 社会的 (SH4 M3) adj有感染性的 (SH4 M3) n 葬礼 (SH4 M4) n 生物化学 (SH4 M4) n 生物学 (SH4 M4) n 植物学 (SH4 M4) n 遗传学 (SH4 M4) n 动物学 (SH4 M4) adj主要的;重要的 (SH4 M4) n 生产者 (SH4 M4) adj主要的 (SH4 M4) n人物 (SH4 M4) 培养;养育 (SH4 M4) vt教育 (SH4 M4) n 绰号 (SH4 M4) n 农业 (SH4 M4) n培育 (SH4 M4) n(动物或植物的)种 (SH4 M4) n 产量 (SH4 M4) adj原来的;最初的 (SH4 M4) vt出版 (SH4 adj(指生物)不孕育的;不结果实的 M4) (SH4 M4) n 突破 (SH4 M4) vt 支持 (SH4 M4) 由于……的结果 (SH4 M4) n 产量 (SH4 M4) vt 改变;转换 (SH4 M4) 经济作物 (SH4 M4) vt 出口 (SH4 M4) n杂交种 (SH4 M4) adj农业的 (SH4 M4) vt取代;以……代替 (SH4 M4) n 数量 (SH4 M4) n 质量

因……而出名/闻名 n畅销书(或唱片等) n宇宙生成学;宇宙论 vt 诊断 n运动神经元病 n 受害者 adj聪颖的;才华横溢的 n生涯;经历 adj简短的;简洁的 adv 部分地;在一定程度上 adj身体的 vi毕业 adj个人的 n 相对论 谋生 掌权 n火箭 n千年 n火药 n 爆炸;爆炸声 vi 爆炸 vi 逃跑;逃避 n (弓)箭 adj 直的 vi(烟雾)消散 n 洞;山洞 n 山顶;山峰 n 平原 n高原 n(海、湖、河等的)岸 n斜坡 n 山谷 n (常作复数)树林 adj 平坦的 在??????的边缘 vt 围绕;环绕 n 同事 adv 向下游;随波而下 n 货物 n 做生意 n 寺庙 n 码头 vi 驶入码头 adj 多山的;丘陵起伏的 n 木筏 vi 变狭窄 至少

(SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M4) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5) (SH4 M5)

(SH4 M5) n 迂路;绕行之路 (SH4 M5) n 传奇;传奇故事 (SH4 M5) 有大量的······ (SH4 M5) n 甲板 (SH4 M5) adj 遥远的 (SH4 M5) vt 开发 (SH4 M5) 远处的 (SH4 M5) n (乘游轮的)漫游;巡航 (SH4 M5) n 船舱;机舱 (SH4 M5) vt (forbad/forbade ,forbidden)禁止 (SH4 M5) n 休息室;休息厅 (SH4 M5) adj 多山的 (SH4 M5) adj 极大的 (SH4 M5) adj 肥沃的 (SH4 M5) adj 遥远的 (SH4 M5) adj 陡峭的;险峻的 (SH4 M5) adj 多变化的 (SH4 M5) n 地点;场所 (SH4 M5) 敲竹杠;敲诈 (SH4 M5) (俚语)从……中得到乐趣 (SH4 M5) n 景色;风景 (SH4 M5) n 别针 (SH4 M5) adv 自然地 (SH4 M5) n 手电筒 (SH4 M6) n 怪物 (SH4 M6) vt 袭击;攻击 (SH4 M6) n 脚印;足迹 (SH4 M6) adj 毛的;多毛的 (SH4 M6) n 动物;生物 (SH4 M6) adj 灰色的 (SH4 M6) n 爪 (SH4 M6) vi 存在 (SH4 M6) adj 锋利的;尖的 (SH4 M6) n (手、脚的)指甲;爪 (SH4 M6) n 杂志;学报;期刊 n (珍奇动物等的)目击;发现 (SH4 M6) (SH4 M6) n 海豹 (SH4 M6) adj 神秘的 (SH4 M6) vt 声称 (SH4 M6) n 表面;水面 (SH4 M6) n (动物头上的)角 (SH4 M6) vi 潜水 (SH4 M6) adj 平静的 (SH4 M6) adj 怀疑的;不相信的 (SH4 M6) adj 不可能的 (SH4 M6) adj 火山的

(SH4 M6) vt 占地(多大面积) (SH4 M6) vi 适应;适合 (SH4 M6) vi 不见;消失 (SH4 M6) adj 绝种的;消亡的 (SH4 M6) vi 进化;演变 (SH4 M6) 灭绝 (SH4 M6) 帮助弄清楚;阐明某事 (SH4 M6) 谈正题;开门见山 (SH4 M6) 凶猛的;残暴的 (SH4 M6) n 毁坏 (SH4 adj 有雅量的;大方的;心底高尚的 M6) (SH4 M6) adj 变化莫测 (SH4 M6) n 长袍 (SH4 M6) n 名誉;名声 (SH4 M6) n 边境;国界 (SH4 M6) adj 正面的 (SH4 M6) vt 象征;特征 (SH4 M6) n 身份;特征 (SH4 M6) 由于;因······造成 (SH4 M6) n 神话;神话故事 (SH4 M6) n 运气;命运;财富 (SH5 M1 ) 有相同的特点 (SH5 M1 ) n. 语言学家 (SH5 M1 ) 有影响,使不相同 (SH5 M1 ) n. 口音 (SH5 M1 ) adj. 显然的;显而易见的 (SH5 M1 ) n. (英)高速公路 (SH5 M1 ) n. (英)地铁 (SH5 M1 ) n. (美)地铁 (SH5 M1 ) 四处走动(旅行) (SH5 M1 ) n. (美)手电筒;火把 (SH5 M1 ) vi. (英)排队(等候) (SH5 M1 ) adj. 令人困惑的;难懂的 (SH5 M1 ) n. 介词 (SH5 M1 ) vt.比较 (SH5 M1 ) vt. 省略  (SH5 M1 ) n. 种类 (SH5 M1 ) vi. 不同;有区别 (SH5 M1 ) n. 移民;定居者 (SH5 M1 ) 与……相似 (SH5 M1 ) n. 评论;讲话 (SH5 M1 ) n. 变化 (SH5 M1 ) 做某事有困难 (SH5 M1 ) adv. 不断地;持续地 (SH5 M1 ) n. 卫星 (SH5 M1 ) n. 轻打;轻弹;抖动

(SH5 M1 ) n. 开关 (SH5 M1 ) 引起;导致 (SH5 M1 ) n. 结构;体系 (SH5 M1 ) adv. 迅速地 (SH5 M1 ) n. 声明;宣告 (SH5 M1 ) n. 语言学 n. (广播、电视节目的)期;版 (SH5 M1 ) (SH5 M1 ) adj. 逗人喜爱的 (SH5 M1 ) vt. 加;增加 (SH5 M1 ) 同意;支持 vt. 陈述;提出(观点、计划等) (SH5 M1 ) (SH5 M1 ) 称……为…… (SH5 M1 ) n. 努力;尝试 (SH5 M1 ) vt. 简化 (SH5 M1 ) n. 组合;结合 (SH5 M1 ) 幸亏,多亏 (SH5 M1 ) adj. 与众不同的 (SH5 M1 ) n. 外观;外表;样子 (SH5 M1 ) vt. 批评 (SH5 M1 ) adj. 标准的 (SH5 M1 ) n. 参考;查阅 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 脑力的;思维的,需用才智的 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 令人满意的 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 充满压力的;紧张的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 会计 (SH5 M2 ) n. 理发师 (SH5 M2 ) n. 生物化学家 (SH5 M2 ) n. 电工;电器技师 (SH5 M2 ) n. 矿工 (SH5 M2 ) n. 志愿者 vi. (主动)提出(愿意做某事) (SH5 M2 ) (SH5 M2 ) n. 信号 (SH5 M2 ) 尤其;特别 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 垂直的;陡峭的 (SH5 M2 ) 平均 (SH5 M2 ) 理论上;从理论上来说 (SH5 M2 ) 实际上;在实践中 (SH5 M2 ) vt. 遵守 n. (事故、疾病等的)伤亡人数 (SH5 M2 ) (SH5 M2 ) n. 弯曲处;弯道 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 圆形的 (SH5 M2 ) vt. 指挥 (SH5 M2 ) 经过 (SH5 M2 ) 以为……理所当然 (SH5 M2 ) n. 相遇;邂逅 adj. (影响)深刻的;极大的 (SH5 M2 )

(SH5 M2 ) 对……产生影响 (SH5 M2 ) n. 任务;职责;使命 (SH5 M2 ) 站好位置以备…… (SH5 M2 ) adj. 垂直的 (SH5 M2 ) 注意到 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 暂时的;临时的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 冰箱 (SH5 M2 ) vi. 冻住;冻僵 (SH5 M2 ) n. 合同;契约 (SH5 M2 ) vt. 挣(钱) (SH5 M2 ) adj. 长久的;永久的;永恒的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 工资;薪水 (SH5 M2 ) n. 全体职员;员工 (SH5 M2 ) vt. 签字;签署 (SH5 M2 ) n. 代理人;经纪人 (SH5 M2 ) n. 分析家;分析师 (SH5 M2 ) vi. 申请 (SH5 M2 ) n. 推理;推断 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 组织的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 工作;职位 (SH5 M2 ) n. 厨师 (SH5 M2 ) vt. 需要 (SH5 M2 ) adj. (合同)可续签的 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 必不可少的;绝对重要的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 模特 n. (电影、电视或照片的)镜头 (SH5 M2 ) (SH5 M2 ) 作为……的回应 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 感激的;感谢的 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 可获得的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 数据库;资料库 (SH5 M2 ) n. 要求;需要 (SH5 M2 ) n. 生物信息学(研究)者 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 传统的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 年轻人 (SH5 M2 ) vi. 遭受(痛苦 (SH5 M2 ) n. 病理学家 (SH5 M2 ) vi. 加倍 (SH5 M2 ) n. 休闲 (SH5 M2 ) n. 个人 (SH5 M2 ) n. 健康 (SH5 M2 ) adj. 外向的 (SH5 M2 ) n. 个性;性格 (SH5 M3 ) n. (由他人撰写的)传记 (SH5 M3 ) n. 幻想;想象 (SH5 M3 ) 与……有联系 / 有关联 (SH5 M3 ) n. 侦探

(SH5 M3 ) vt. 解决 (SH5 M3 ) n. 凶手;谋杀犯 (SH5 M3 ) n. 叙述;描写;报道 (SH5 M3 ) (秘密地)逃跑 (SH5 M3 ) n. 同伴;伙伴 (SH5 M3 ) n. 木排;木筏 (SH5 M3 ) vi. (雨)倾盆而下 (SH5 M3 ) n. 遮蔽物;栖身之地 (SH5 M3 ) vi. 用桨划(小船) (SH5 M3 ) vi. 说谎;撒谎 (SH5 M3 ) vt. (panicked, panicked)(使)恐慌;(使)惊慌失 (SH5 M3 ) adj. 好奇的 vt. (用绳、带等)绑;系;拴 (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) n. 绳子 (SH5 M3 ) n. 胡须 (SH5 M3 ) n. 恐惧;害怕 (SH5 M3 ) vi. 爬行;匍匐前进 (SH5 M3 ) adj. 非常害怕的;极度恐慌的 (SH5 M3 ) n. 树干 (SH5 M3 ) 捉弄某人,对某人恶作剧 (SH5 M3 ) 编造(说法、解释等) (SH5 M3 ) n. 外形;轮廓 (SH5 M3 ) vt. 打 (SH5 M3 ) n. 喜剧 (SH5 M3 ) adj. 浪漫的;关于爱情的 (SH5 M3 ) n. 虚构或幻想出来的事 (SH5 M3 ) n. (影视、音乐)评论 (SH5 有意(做某事);有(做某事的)心情 M3 )
设置(戏剧、小说等的)背景 vt. 与…相似 vt. 塑造;创作 n. 例外 vt. 警告 adj. 浅的 n. 青少年 adj. 坚决的 发财 出发;启程 n. (硬币)便士;(美)分 vt. 强迫;迫使 n. 领航员 adj. (描述)生动的;逼真的 vt. 确立;确定;建立 n. 名誉;名望;声望 n. 狂欢节

(SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M3 ) (SH5 M4 )

(SH5 M4 ) adj. 基督教的 (SH5 M4 ) n. 鬼;幽灵 (SH5 M4 ) n. 服装;戏装;化妆服 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 掩藏;躲藏 (SH5 M4 ) n. 杂乱;混乱 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 延长 (SH5 M4 ) vi. 假装 (SH5 M4 ) 完结 (SH5 M4 ) 装扮;打扮 (SH5 M4 ) n. 火器 (SH5 M4 ) n. 帝国 (SH5 M4 ) n. 记忆 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 复兴;再兴起;再流行 (SH5 M4 ) n. 地方议会;政务委员会 (SH5 M4 ) vi. 预订 (SH5 M4 ) vi. 漫步;闲逛 (SH5 M4 ) adj. 优美的;高雅的 (SH5 M4 ) n. 魅力;魔力 (SH5 M4 ) n. 时代;年代 (SH5 M4 ) n. 日历;月历 (SH5 M4 ) n. 鸽子 (SH5 M4 ) n. 豆子 (SH5 M4 ) n. 面粉 (SH5 M4 ) n. 大蒜 (SH5 M4 ) n. 洋葱 (SH5 M4 ) n. 豌豆 (SH5 M4 ) n. 猪肉 (SH5 M4 ) n. 香肠 (SH5 M4 n. (叶或种子用作调味品的)药草,芳草 ) (SH5 M4 ) n. (烹调用的)原料 (SH5 M4 ) adj. 使人放松的 (SH5 M4 ) n. 哨子 (SH5 M4 ) adj. 美味可口的 (SH5 M4 ) n. (庆祝)游行 (SH5 M4 ) adj. 多文化的;跨文化的 (SH5 M4 ) n. 农庄;庄园 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 标志(着) (SH5 M4 ) n. 贸易 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 运输;运送 (SH5 M4 ) n. 地主;土地拥有者 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 引进;进口 (SH5 M4 ) n. 主人 (SH5 M4 ) vt. 废除 (SH5 M4 ) adj. 华丽的;富丽堂皇的 (SH5 M4 ) n. 庆典;庆祝 (SH5 M4 ) n. 自由

vt. 联合 n. 起源 n. 田径运动 n. 橄榄球 n. 球拍;球棒 n. 高尔夫球棒 n. 网 n.(足球、橄榄球等)球场 n. 拳击台 n. 体育场;运动场 n. 跑道 n. 运动服 n. 运动鞋;教练员 vi. 退休 vi. 表现 n. 退休 n. 背景 n. 商标;牌子 n. 运动服装;休闲服装 n. (公司或组织的)标识;标志 正在增加 n. 优势;长处 vt. 保证 vt. 购买 n. 设计师 n. 体操运动员 n. 标语 adj. 具体的;特定的 n. 符 n. 马拉松 vi. & vt. 得分 n. (政府的)部 n. 决赛 n. 冠军 n. 特性;品德;品性 adj. 最后的 站起身 胜利 adv. 戏剧性地 vi. 抗议 vt. 宣布 n. (自治)区 n. 竞争者;对手 adj. 费力的;棘手的;困难的 vt. 使……处于险境;危及 n. 保护区;保护圈

(SH5 M4 ) (SH5 M4 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M5 ) (SH5 M6 ) (SH5 M6 )

(SH5 M6 ) n. 栖息地 (SH5 M6 ) adj. 灭绝的;绝种的 (SH5 M6 ) n. 挣扎;斗争 (SH5 M6 ) n. 野生生物 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 保护 (SH5 M6 ) n. 盗猎者;偷猎者 (SH5 M6 ) n. (藏)羚羊 (SH5 M6 ) n. 战斗 (SH5 M6 ) n. 高原 (SH5 M6 ) adj. 理想的 (SH5 M6 ) n. 披肩 (SH5 M6 ) n. 牧群;兽群 (SH5 M6 ) prep. 值……钱 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 剥皮;去皮 (SH5 M6 ) n. (某事发生的)准确地点;现场 n. & vt. (警方的)突击搜查 (SH5 M6 ) (SH5 M6 ) vt. 没收 (SH5 M6 ) n. (-s) 环境;情况 (SH5 M6 ) adv. 同时 n. (尤指买卖贵重商品的)商人 (SH5 M6 ) (SH5 M6 ) n. 目标;目的 (SH5 M6 ) n. 爬行动物 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 涉及;包括 (SH5 M6 ) adj. 活的 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 产卵;下蛋 (SH5 M6 ) n. 奇迹 (SH5 M6 ) n. 昆虫 (SH5 M6 ) n. 哺乳动物 (SH5 M6 ) n. 秃(头)的 (SH5 M6 ) 关心某事;担心某事 (SH5 M6 ) n. 鲸 (SH5 M6 ) n. 鹮 (SH5 M6 ) (动物)以……为食 (SH5 M6 ) n. 边缘 (SH5 M6 ) n. 灭绝;绝种 (SH5 M6 ) n. 首字母 (SH5 M6 ) 代表 (SH5 M6 ) n. 分支机构;办事处 (SH5 M6 ) n. 大陆;洲 (SH5 M6 ) n. 焦点;集中点 (SH5 M6 ) n. 能源 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 浪费 (SH5 M6 ) vt. 监测 (SH5 M6 ) 建立;设立 (SH6 M1)  闲谈,聊天 (SH6 M1) adj. 非正式的

(SH6 M1) adj. 严肃的 (SH6 M1) adv. 自信地 (SH6 M1)  交朋友,建立友谊 (SH6 M1) v.缺乏,缺少 (SH6  对……神经紧张/害怕/胆怯/焦虑不安 M1) (SH6 M1) adj. 预先的,在前的 (SH6 M1)  想起,回忆起 (SH6 M1) v. 点头 (SH6 M1)  身体语言,肢体语言 (SH6 M1) v.打呵欠 (SH6 M1) v.叹气,叹息 (SH6 M1)  把目光从……移开 (SH6 M1)  社交规则 (SH6 M1)  除此之外,另外 (SH6 M1)  了解(到);找出(信息) (SH6 M1) n. 机会 (SH6 M1) n. 责任;义务 (SH6 M1) n. 奖品,奖金 (SH6 M1) n. 申请 (SH6 M1) n. 表格 (SH6 M1) n. 移民 (SH6 M1) n. 签证 (SH6 M1) adj. 不礼貌的 (SH6 M1) v. 使……整洁,整理 (SH6 M1) n. 退款 (SH6 M1) n. 恩惠,照顾 (SH6 M1) n. 欢迎会;招待会 (SH6 M1) n. 使馆 (SH6 M1) pron.某些 (SH6 M1) n. 回答,答复,回信 (SH6 M1) n. 女推销员,女销售员 (SH6 M1) n. 公司 (SH6 M1) n. 传真(机) (SH6 adj. 直言不讳的,坦率的,不客气的 M1) (SH6 M1)  人类 (SH6 M1) n. 座右铭,格言 (SH6 M1)  犯使人难堪的错误,说错话 (SH6 M1) n. 缺点,短处 (SH6 M1) n. 缺乏,不存在 (SH6 M1)  因此,结果 (SH6 M1) adj. 非偶然的,经常的 (SH6 M1) n. 巧合 (SH6 M1) n. 顾客,客户 (SH6 M1) adj. 成熟的 (SH6 M1) adj. 尴尬的 (SH6 M1) v. 戏弄,嘲弄,揶揄

(SH6 M1) n. 打字员 (SH6 M1) v. 反驳 (SH6 M1) adj. 怀孕的 (SH6 M1) n. 道歉,致歉 (SH6 M1) adj. 谨慎的,慎重的,小心的 (SH6 M1) n. 熟人 (SH6 M1) adj. 棘手的,难办的 (SH6 M1) n. 离婚,离异 (SH6 M1)   使某人高兴/振作起来 (SH6 M1) n. 傻瓜,笨蛋 (SH6 M1) n. 职员,办事员 (SH6 M1) n. 发型,发式 (SH6 M1) adv. 不管怎么说,无论如何 (SH6 M1) adj. 谦虚的,谦逊的 (SH6 n. 早午餐(早餐与午餐合并吃的一餐) M1) (SH6 M1) n.周年纪念日 (SH6 M1) n. 女主人 (SH6 M1) v. 打断 (SH6 M1)   省去,删去 (SH6 M1) adj. 实际的,事实的,确实的 (SH6 M1) adj. 纯粹的,真正的,真实的 (SH6 M1) adj. 好客的,殷勤的 (SH6 M1) adj.秘而不宣的,隐藏的 (SH6 M1) v. 骚扰,妨碍,侵犯 (SH6 M1) v. 解释,给……下定义 (SH6 M1)  知道 (SH6 M1)  带头,领先 (SH6 M1) adv. 优雅地 (SH6 M1)  炫耀 (SH6 M1) n. 功能 (SH6 M1) n.心理学家 (SH6 M1) adj. 成功的 (SH6 M1) n.法则;原则 (SH6 M1) v. 想象 (SH6 M1) n. 目的 (SH6 M1) n. 情形,情况 (SH6 M1) v. 道歉 (SH6 M2) n. 系列,丛书 (SH6 M2) adj. 精致的,精巧的 (SH6 M2) n. 琥珀 (SH6 M2) n. 小型望远镜 (SH6 M2) n. (小说、电影中的)女主角 (SH6 M2) n. (小说、电影中的)男主角 (SH6 M2)  在……中起重要作用,对……有重要影响 (SH6 M2) n.小说 (SH6 M2) adj. 哲学的;达观的

(SH6 M2) n. 方向 (SH6 M2) v. 消失 (SH6 M2) v. 表现,举动 (SH6 M2) n. 灌木,矮树 (SH6 M2) adv. 确定地,一定地 (SH6 M2) v. 犹豫,迟疑 (SH6 M2) n. 气味,香味,芳香 (SH6 M2) n. 怀疑 (SH6 M2) n. 方向 (SH6 M2) v.蹭,摩擦 (SH6 M2) n. 指节,掌指关节 (SH6 M2) v.咬,咬伤 (SH6 M2) n. (有规律地)悄悄行走 (SH6 M2) adj.神志不清的,昏昏沉沉的 (SH6 M2) n. 疲惫,精疲力竭 (SH6 M2) n. 斑猫 (SH6 M2)  放下 (SH6 M2)  伸出 (SH6 M2)  朝……走过来 (SH6 M2) n.渴望 (SH6 M2) v. 热泪盈眶 (SH6 M2)  走开 (SH6 M2) v. 巡逻,巡查 (SH6 M2) n. 角树,(植)鹅耳枥 (SH6 M2) n. 爪子 (SH6 M2) v. 轻拍,轻打 (SH6 M2) adj. 看不见的 (SH6 M2) v. 拱起,成弓形 (SH6 M2) n. 尾巴 (SH6 M2) adv. 僵硬地,不灵活地 (SH6 M2) adv. 警觉地,警惕地 (SH6 M2) n. (与周围部分不同的)斑,小块 (SH6 M2) n. 灌木(或小树)树篱 (SH6 M2) n. 惊慌,恐慌 (SH6 M2) v. (以鼻)吸气,嗅,闻 (SH6 M2) n. (猫的)胡须,触须 (SH6 M2) v. 抽动,颤动 (SH6 M2) n. 谨慎,小心 (SH6 M2) v. 眨眼睛 (SH6 M2)   向……扩展 (SH6 M2)  注视,盯着看,注意 (SH6 M2)   注视,凝视 (SH6 M2)  寻找,搜寻,想办法 (SH6 M2) n. 边,边缘 (SH6 M2) adv.大概地,粗略地 (SH6 M2) adj. 正方形的

(SH6 M2) n. 形状 (SH6 M2) adj.同高度的 (SH6 M2) adv.深深地,极度地 (SH6 M2) adj. 其他种族的;外国的 (SH6 M2) v. 吸引,诱使 (SH6 M2) v. 俯身,弯腰 (SH6 M2) v. 眩晕,头昏眼花 (SH6 M2) v. (由于生气、恐惧或兴奋等心脏)砰砰直跳 (SH6 M2) v. 爬,攀 (SH6 M2) n. 结构,框架 (SH6 M2) n. 棕榈树 (SH6 M2) n. 林荫大道,大街 (SH6 M2) adv. 完全地,绝对地  (空气中)充溢着(某种味道) (SH6 M2) (SH6 M2) n. 视野,景象,景色 (SH6 M2) n. 斜坡,斜面 (SH6 M2) n. 公共绿地 (SH6 M2) n. (尤指树木排列成行的)树丛,小树林 (SH6 M2) n. 亮光,反光 (SH6 M2) adj. 光秃秃的 (SH6 M2) v. 弯腰,屈身 (SH6 M2) n. 战栗,发抖 (SH6 M2) adj.开始出现的,开始发展的 (SH6 M2) n.头晕,眩晕 (SH6 M2) v. 做梦 (SH6 M2) adj. 醒着的,清醒的 (SH6 M2)  四处寻找 (SH6 M2) v. 报仇,复仇 (SH6 M2) v. 结婚,娶,嫁 (SH6 M2) adj. 邪恶的 (SH6 M2) n. 小屋 (SH6 M2)   用咒符镇住 (SH6 M2) v. 惩罚 (SH6 M2) n. 吸引力,魅力 (SH6 M2) n. 自助餐厅 (SH6 M2) n. 信封 (SH6 M2) adj. 文学的 (SH6 M2) n. 纽带,接合剂,黏合剂 (SH6 M2) n. (文学等的)作品数量 (SH6 M2) n. 小学生,学童 (SH6 M2) n. 打字机 (SH6 n. 在某一领域受尊敬的女性领导人物 M2) (SH6 M2) adj. 有天才的,有天赋的 (SH6 M2) n. (喻)根,根基 (SH6 M2) n. 肉 (SH6   与……有联系,与……联系在一起 M2)

(SH6 M2) n. (节目、计划等的)构成,安排 (SH6 M2) n. 趣闻,轶事 (SH6 M2) n. 草稿 (SH6 M2) n. 负担,重负 (SH6 M2) adj. 快的,迅速的 (SH6 M2) adj. 顽强的,坚持的 (SH6 M2) v. 克服 (SH6 M2) n. 调整 (SH6 adj. 自动的,习惯性的,自然发生的 M2) (SH6 M2) n. (批评等的)对象 (SH6 M2) n. 批评,评论 (SH6 M2)  对某人有吸引力,引起某人的兴趣 (SH6 M2) n. 课程 (SH6 M2)   限于 (SH6 M2) v. (书报的)发行 (SH6 M2) v. 积累,积聚 (SH6 M2) n. 存款 (SH6 M2) adv. 因此,所以 (SH6 M2) v. 达到,得到 (SH6 M2) n. 身份,地位 (SH6 M2) n. 亿万富翁,巨富 (SH6 M2) n. 衣橱 (SH6 M2) n. 悲哀,伤心,苦难 (SH6 M2)   在……前面 (SH6 M2) v. 应该,应当 (SH6 M2) adj. 好奇的 (SH6 M2)  回头看 (SH6 M2)   瞥见 (SH6 M2)  出发,动身 (SH6 M2) n. 嘎吱嘎吱的声音 (SH6 M2)  劈里啪啦的声音,劈劈啪啪的声音 (SH6 M2) adj. 有光泽的 (SH6 M2) v. 拖,曳,拖着走 (SH6 M2) n. 围巾 (SH6 M2) adj. (头发)卷曲的 (SH6 M2) int.(表惊讶)天哪!哎呀! (SH6 M2) v. 惊叫,大叫 (SH6 M2) n. 小精灵 (SH6 M2) adj. 魔法的;不可思议的 (SH6 M2) n. 力量,能力 (SH6 M2) n. 侏儒,小矮人 (SH6 M2) v. 拥有 adj. 人际关系的,人与人之间的 (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) adj. 亲密的,亲近的 (SH6 M3) v. 信赖,信任 (SH6 M3) v. 闲谈,聊天

n. 钞票,纸币  突然发生,突然……起来  (开车)撞伤,撞死 adv. 财政上地 adj.喜怒无常的   对……失去兴趣   偶尔,有时 n. 衣帽间,临时寄物处  转过身来 n. 数量 n. (带锁的)衣物柜 n. 义卖会 v. 筹措(金钱)  筹款 n. 偷,盗窃 v. (使)旋转,(使)摆动 v. 面对(危险、困难) v. 数 prep. 在……下面  在通电话 adj. 活泼的,有生气的 v. & n.吵架  和好,和解 v. 后悔,悔恨   保持联系   与……失去联系 n. 糖果 adj. 相像的,相似的  对……感到惭愧/羞耻 v. 背叛

(SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3)

(SH6 M3) adj. 体贴的,考虑周到的 (SH6 M3) v. 原谅,宽恕 (SH6 M3) n. 损失 (SH6 M3)   责备,申斥 (SH6 M3) adj. (感到)痛苦的,受到伤害的 (SH6 M3)  享有……的福气 (SH6 M3) n. (有平台的)平房 (SH6 M3) n. 松树 (SH6 M3) n. 虫,蠕虫,蚯蚓 (SH6 M3) n. 笼子 (SH6 M3)  对……过敏 adj. 细小的,细微的,微小的 (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) v. 肿,肿大 (SH6 M3) n. 胡桃 (SH6 M3) n. 松鼠

v. 成熟 n. 收获

(SH6 M3) (SH6 M3)

(SH6 M3) v. 滑,滑行,滑落 (SH6 M3) adj.石头的,多石的 (SH6 M3) n. (狭长的)海湾 (SH6 M3) n. 水花,浪花 (SH6 M3) n. 木匠,木工 (SH6 M3) n. 扫帚 (SH6 M3) n. 雪茄 (SH6 M3) v. 滑倒,失足 (SH6 M3) adj. 潮湿的 (SH6 M3) v. 擦伤,划伤 (SH6 M3) n. 脚后跟,踵部 (SH6 M3) v. 撕破,撕裂 (SH6 M3) n. 内衣 (SH6 M3)  与某人关系很好 (SH6 M3) n. 致敬,行礼 (SH6 M3) n. 间谍,侦探 (SH6 M3) adj. 完美的 (SH6 M3) adj. 剧烈的,急剧的 (SH6 M3) n. 权利,特权 (SH6 M3)  对……很怀念 (SH6 M3) v. 倒(磁带),倒回去 (SH6 M3) v. 预言,预测 (SH6 M3) v. 喜欢(某人),有相同想法(观点等) (SH6 M3)  友谊地久天长(苏格兰民歌,通常在新年前夕的午夜,人们围成圈、手挽手地演唱) (SH6 M3) n. 朝圣者 (SH6 M3) adj. 炽热的,发光的 (SH6 M3) v. 低声说,喃喃道 (SH6 M3) v. 逃跑,逃走 (SH6 M3) v. 踱步走 (SH6 M3) prep. 在……中 (SH6 M3) n. 撒谎者 (SH6 M3) v. 反复地说,重述 n. (花、枝、叶等的)苞,蓓蕾 (SH6 M3) (SH6 M3) v. 踩,踏 (SH6 M3)  突然,忽然 (SH6 M3) adj. 老的,旧的(苏格兰语)= old (SH6 M3)  使……想起 (SH6 M3)  反过来,作为交换 (SH6 M3)   重聚 (SH6 M3) n. 夫妇 (SH6 M3) n. 合伙人,共同出资人 (SH6 M3) v. 提到,涉及 (SH6 M3)   属于

(SH6 M3) n. 底部,底端 (SH6 M3)  真心诚意地,发自内心地 (SH6 M4) n. 亲戚,亲属 (SH6 M4)  举办音乐会 (SH6 M4) n. 音乐学院 (SH6 M4) n. 独奏者;独唱者 (SH6 M4) n. 演奏曲目,演出节目 (SH6 M4) v. 诠释,解释;翻译 (SH6 M4)  与……情况相同 (SH6 M4)   民歌 (SH6 M4) n. 特征,特性,特质 (SH6 M4) n. 诗歌 (SH6 M4) adj.有诗意的;诗的  赋予……生命(生命力,活力) (SH6 M4) (SH6 M4)   与……情况相同 (SH6 M4) v. 结合,联合 (SH6 v. 使沮丧,使意志消沉,使心灰意冷 M4) (SH6 M4)   与……分享感受与想法 (SH6 M4)  与……进行来往 (SH6 M4)   音乐大师 (SH6 M4)   创作乐曲      (SH6 M4) n. 志气,抱负,雄心 (SH6 M4) n. 旋律 (SH6 M4) n. 押韵,韵 (SH6 M4) n. 过路人,行 (SH6 M4) n. 行人,步行者 (SH6 M4) n. 半圆 (SH6 M4) n. 间隔,空隙 (SH6 M4) v. 插上(插头) (SH6 M4) n. 插座 (SH6 M4) v. 规定,管理,整顿 (SH6 M4) n. 风琴,手摇风琴 (SH6 M4) v. 回响 (SH6 M4) n. 小路,支路 (SH6 M4) n. 四重奏,四重奏乐队 (SH6 M4) n. 组曲 (SH6 n. 从事某项活动的集会(或一段时间)M4) (SH6 M4) n. 茶碟,茶托 (SH6 M4) adj.自愿的 (SH6 M4) v. 变小,减少 (SH6 M4) adj. 空的,空缺的 (SH6 M4) n. 盖,盖子 (SH6 M4)  手摇风琴 (SH6 M4) n. 柄,把手 (SH6 M4) v. 轻拍,轻敲,轻叩

(SH6 M4) v. 擦,揩(脸、汗等) (SH6 M4) adj. 有污迹的,有斑点的 (SH6 M4)   突然间 (SH6 M4) n. 爆米花 (SH6 M4)  伴着音乐跳舞 (SH6 M4) n. 乡村摇滚乐(一种由乡村音乐与摇滚音乐结合而成的旋律狂热的轻音乐) (SH6 M4) n. 隧道,地道 (SH6 M4) v. 转播,接转 (SH6 M4) n. 活泼,快乐,生动 (SH6 M4) n. (痛苦、忧虑等的)解除,减轻,调剂 (SH6 M4) v. 使放松,使轻松 (SH6 M4) n. 收藏;收藏品 (SH6 M4) v. 吸引,使陶醉 (SH6 M4) n. 舞台 (SH6 M4) n. 活动领域 (SH6 M4) n. 告示牌,广告牌 (SH6 M4)  利用,凭借,依赖 (SH6 M4) v. 表示,表明 (SH6 M4) adj. 象征的,作为象征的 (SH6 M4) n. 数字命理学(以出生年月日及其他数字测定之学) (SH6 M4) n. 神话 (SH6 M4) n. 发卡,发夹 (SH6 M4) adj. 室内(音乐)的 (SH6 M4) v. 尊敬,敬重 (SH6 M4) n. 遗产 v. 赠送,颁发(礼物、奖品等) (SH6 M4) (SH6 M4)   除此之外 (SH6 M4)  小雕(塑)像 (SH6 M4) n. 留声机 (SH6 M4) n. (文艺)批评家 (SH6 M4) adv. 因此,所以 (SH6 M5) v. 克隆 (SH6 M5) v. 使惊恐,使受惊吓 (SH6 adj. (皮肤等)布满皱纹的,具有皱褶的M5) (SH6 M5) n. 翅膀 (SH6 M5) v. 追逐,追赶,追踪 (SH6 M5) v. 使觉得恶心;使厌烦 (SH6 M5) n. 感情;情绪 (SH6 M5) n. 未婚妻 (SH6 M5) v. 谋杀 (SH6 M5) v. 拒绝 (SH6 M5)  (火)燃尽,烧完自灭 (SH6 M5) v. 呼吸 (SH6 M5) n. 血管;静脉 (SH6 M5) v. 对照 (SH6 M5)  与……形成对照

(SH6 M5) v. 冲,猛冲 (SH6 M5)  扑倒在……上 (SH6 M5) n. 害怕,恐惧 (SH6 M5)   发出声音 (SH6 M5)   一再,屡次 (SH6 M5) n. 噩梦 (SH6 M5) n. 基因 (SH6 M5) adj.完全相同的,同一的 (SH6 M5) adj.有益的,有用的 (SH6 M5)   错误地 (SH6 M5) v. 治愈 (SH6 M5)  把……当成……对待 (SH6 M5) adj. 假想的,虚构的 (SH6 M5) n. 头目,领导 (SH6 M5) adj.难以置信的 (SH6 M5) n. 胡说八道,胡扯 (SH6 M5) adj. 酸(性)的 (SH6 M5) n. 细菌 (SH6 M5) n. 胚胎 (SH6 M5) n. 酶 (SH6 M5) n. (生理)组织 (SH6 M5) n. 有机体 (SH6 M5)  干细胞 (SH6 M5) n. 抚育,养育 (SH6 adj. 基因的,遗传基因的;遗传学的 M5) (SH6 M5) n. 构成,构造 (SH6 M5) n. 遗传学 (SH6 M5) adj. 透明的 (SH6 M5) adj.扭曲的,弯曲的 (SH6 M5) adj. 基本的,不可或缺的,重要的 (SH6 M5) n. 成分 (SH6 M5) n. 豌豆 (SH6 M5) n. 程序 (SH6 M5) v. 解开 (SH6 M5)  一系列的 (SH6 M5) v. 植入,插入 (SH6 M5)   和……一样,与……一致 (SH6 M5) adj. 有争议的 (SH6 M5) adj.有确实根据的,有效的 (SH6 M5) adj. 可选择的 (SH6 M5) v. 复制,使再现 (SH6 M5) adj. 特别的,非凡的,卓越的 (SH6 M5) adj. 互相矛盾的,相反的,对立的 (SH6 M5) n. 缺点,弱点 (SH6 M5) n. 道德上的优点,善行 (SH6 M5) adj. 易适应的

(SH6 M5) adj. 强制的,强迫的 (SH6 M5) n. 法规,条例i (SH6 M5) adj. 方便的,便利的 (SH6 M5) v. 抵抗 (SH6 M5) v. 播种 (SH6 M5) n. (细菌引起的)腐败病,腐蚀病 (SH6 M5) n. 害虫 (SH6 M5)  依靠,依赖 (SH6 M5) n. 生物多样性 (SH6 M5) n. (动植物的)品种 (SH6 M5) v. 分析 (SH6 M5) n. 嫌疑人 (SH6 M5) n. 唾液,口水 (SH6 M5) v. 吐出(唾液) (SH6 M5) n. 手指甲 (SH6 M5) n. 法规,规则 (SH6 M5)   如下 (SH6 M5) adj.科幻的 (SH6 adj. (人、行为等)古怪的,反常的 M5) (SH6 M5) v. 陪伴,陪同 (SH6 M5)  摧毁 (SH6 M5)  摆脱控制 (SH6 M5)   据我们所知 (SH6 M5) v. 吸收 (SH6 M5) n. 样本 (SH6 M5) adj. 完好无损的,完整的 (SH6 M5)   分解 v. (问题、困难等)发生,出现 (SH6 M5) (SH6 M5)   反过来也一样,反之亦然 (SH6 M5)  使……复活 (SH6 M5) n. 暴力 (SH6 M6) adj. 复仇的,报复心切的 (SH6 M6) v. 入侵,侵略 (SH6 M6) v. 放弃,抛弃 (SH6 M6)   向……宣战 (SH6 M6) n. 行动 (SH6 M6)   取得重大突破(进展) (SH6 M6) v. 淹死,使溺死 (SH6 M6) n. 幸存者 (SH6 M6) v. 持续 (SH6 M6) v. 占领 (SH6 M6) n. 海滩 (SH6 M6) n. 部队;士兵 (SH6 M6) n. 指挥官 (SH6 M6) adv. 最后,最终 (SH6 M6) n. 英雄主义,英雄气概

(SH6 M6) n. 大炮 (SH6 M6) n. 炮弹 (SH6 M6)  停下来让某人搭车(船等);救起 (SH6 M6) adj. 深的 (SH6 M6) v. 使受伤 adj. (感到)震惊的,惊骇的 (SH6 M6) (SH6 M6) n. 兵,士兵 (SH6 M6) n. 纪念碑;纪念馆 (SH6 M6) v. 俯视,往下看 (SH6 M6) n. 墓,墓穴 (SH6 M6) v. 使人疲倦;使人厌烦 (SH6 M6) v. 责难;谴责 (SH6 M6)   战争纪念碑 (SH6 M6) n. 国籍 (SH6 M6) v. 营救,拯救 (SH6 M6) n. 背包 (SH6 M6) adv.后来 (SH6 M6) v. 扔下,投下 (SH6 M6) n. 炸弹 (SH6 M6) n. 作战行动,军事行动 (SH6 M6) n. 根据地,驻扎地,基地 (SH6 M6) n. 链条,铁链 (SH6 M6) n. 观点 (SH6 M6) n. (电影中的)连续镜头 (SH6 M6) n. 影像 (SH6 M6) n. 混乱,无秩序 (SH6 M6) adj. 无意义的,欠思考的 (SH6 M6) n. 勇气,胆量 (SH6 M6) n. 牺牲 (SH6 M6) adj. 难忘的,特别的,值得回忆的 (SH6 M6)   令某人惊讶的是 (SH6 M6) n. (陆军的)连,连队 (SH6 M6) n. (军队的)行装,行李 (SH6 M6) n. 被褥,寝具 (SH6 M6) n. 梳子 (SH6 M6) adj. 机密的,秘密的 (SH6 M6) n. 混乱的局面 (SH6 M6) n. 香水 (SH6 M6) n. 剃须刀 (SH6 M6) n. 剪刀 (SH6 M6) v. & n.刮胡子 (SH6 M6) n. (常复)(女式)长袜 (SH6 M6) n. 拖拉机 (SH6 M6) v. 大叫,呼喊 (SH6 M6) n. 理发店 (SH6 M6) v. 抚摸

(SH6 M6) n. 下巴,下颌 (SH6 M6) n. 小胡子,髭 (SH6 M6) n. 蜡 (SH6 M6) n. 磨器,磨具 (SH6 M6) v. 卸下 (SH6 M6) n. 罐子,广口瓶 (SH6 M6) n. 胡萝卜 (SH6 M6) int.(用于祝酒)祝你健康! (SH6 M6) n. 解放 (SH6 M6) n. 宪法 (SH6 M6) n. 醋 adj.值得做的,有价值的,有用的 (SH6 M6) (SH6 M6) n. 政治家 (SH6 M6) n. 辛劳,辛苦 (SH6 M6) v. 撤退,后退 (SH6 M6) v. 鼓舞,鼓励 (SH6 M6) v. 投降 (SH6 M6) n. 策略,战略 (SH6 M6) v. 引用,引述 (SH6 M6) n. 头盔 (SH6 M6) n. 维和人员 (SH6 M6) v. 装备,武装 (SH6 M6) n. 争论,矛盾,意见不合 (SH6 M6) n. 全体人员 (SH6 M6) n. 平民;文职人员 (SH6 M6) prep. 不管,不顾 (SH7 M1 ) 梦之队 (SH7 M1 ) n.(娱乐或体育的)明星 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(球赛的)前锋 (SH7 M 1 ) v.防守 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(球赛的)后卫 (SH7 M 1 ) n.裁判 (SH7 M 1 ) n.圈 (SH7 M 1 ) n.球场 (SH7 M 1 ) n.扣篮 (SH7 M 1 ) n.协会 (SH7 M 1 ) n.联赛 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.最优秀的;第一流的 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.有天资的;有才能的 (SH7 M 1 ) n.职业球员 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.复杂的 (SH 7 M 1 ) v.保持 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.连续的,不间断的 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(重大体育比赛中的)冠军 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(足球,篮球等的)中锋 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(进球得分的)运动员

adj.有价值的 在……历史上 成长,长大 v.上(学) 平均为…… n.平均数 prep.每 金牌 n.动力 n.平局 n.牛排 prep.靠着;并排 adj.了不起的 n.造(修)船厂;船坞 adj.各种各样的 adj.全部的;整个的 adj. 立刻的;即刻的 毫无疑问 v.应得;值得 adj杰出的;优秀的;出色的 n.一代人 n.流行;普及 adv. 现场直播地;现场演出地 n. 解说 n.(比赛的)半场 n.加时赛 n.教练 n(实况)解说员 v.信任;信赖 n.持久力;耐力;毅力 n.(篮球赛的)一节 adj.自私的;自私自利的 一直 n.性格;本性;天性 adj.立刻的 n.热门人物 adj.全国各地的 如果有必要的话 对……粗鲁 v.支配;控制 习惯于(某事物) 引起某人注意(某事物) n.摔跤(运动) n.拳击(运动) adv.向上地 n.角,角度

(SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7 (SH7

M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1) M1)

(SH7 M 1 ) n.碰撞 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.平行的,并行的 (SH7 M 1 ) adj适当的,足够的,充分的 (SH7 M 1 ) n. 短袜 (SH7 M 1 ) n.胶底运动鞋 (SH7 M 1 ) v.消减,缓冲 (SH7 M 1 ) v.跳跃 (SH7 M 1 ) n.内衣背心,汗衫 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.突出的,出其不意的 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.水平的,与地平线平行的 (SH7 M 1 ) v.加快,加速 n.(使球等)反弹,(使)弹回 (SH7 M 1 ) (SH7 M 1 ) n.锦标赛,联赛;比赛 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(球赛的)中场休息 (SH7 M 1 ) v.任命,委派 (SH7 M 1) adj.典型的,具有代表性的;独特的 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.苗条的,修长的 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.(躯体)胖的,粗壮的 (SH7 M 1 ) n.肚子,腹部 (SH7 M 1 ) v.获得,得到 (SH7 M 1 ) n.环形 (SH7 M 1 ) n.界限,范围 (SH7 M 1) adj.有争议的 (SH7 M 1 ) adv.靠一边,站到一边 (SH7 M 1 ) v. 下降 (SH7 M 1 ) v.犯(错误,罪行) (SH7 M 1 ) n.(运动比赛中的)犯规动作 (SH7 M 1 ) n.暂停,中止 n.(体育比赛中对犯规的)处罚 (SH7 M 1 ) (SH7 M 1 ) 占有,占据,拥有 (SH7 M 1 ) v.(因悲伤、疼痛、愤怒而)不停地嚎哭;咆哮 v.(尤指因受伤而)流血,出血 (SH7 M 1 ) (SH7 M 1 ) n.脸颊,脸蛋 (SH7 M 1 ) n.脉搏 (SH7 M 1 ) v.(尤指通过提供更多证据)证实,进一步确定 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.头晕目眩的,眩晕的 (SH7 M 1 ) n.绷带 (SH7 M 1 ) n.毯子,毛毡 (SH7 M 1 ) n.救护车 (SH7 M 1 ) adj.体谅的,考虑周到的 (SH7 M 1 ) v.道歉,谢罪 (SH7 M 1 ) v.(短促有声地)以鼻吸气 (SH7 M 1 ) v.哭泣,流泪 (SH7 M 1 ) n.挫折,失望,失意 (SH7 M 1 ) n.合作,协作,配合 (SH7 M 1 ) n.(伤)疤

(SH7 M 1 ) adj. 卵形的;椭圆形的 (SH7 M 1 ) n.体育馆;健身房 (SH7 M 1 ) n.杆;柱 (SH7 M 1 ) n.基础;根据 (SH7 M 1 ) 根据,以……为基础 (SH7 M 1 ) n.变体;改编本 n.最重要的部分;最精彩的部分 (SH7 M2 ) (SH7 M2 ) n 图;图表 (SH7 M2 ) n.(美)(常在学年末举行的)高中生的正式舞会 (SH7 M2 ) n.同龄人 (SH7 M2 ) n. 调解员;斡旋者 (SH7 M2 ) adv.永远 (SH7 M2 ) 回顾,回忆 (SH7 M2 ) v.解决 (SH7 M2 ) 玩得开心 (SH7 M2 ) adj.好强的;好竞争的 (SH7 M2 ) v.选举;推选 (SH7 M2 ) v.合适;适合 (SH7 M2 ) v.(短期)租用 (SH7 M2 ) 很可惜…… (SH7 M2 ) 男子晚礼服上装,无尾礼服上装(正式场合穿着,黑色或白色,通常打蝶形领结) (SH7 M2 ) adj.巨大的,庞大的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 口号;标语 (SH7 M2 ) v. 吸引 (SH7 M2 ) n. 摄影(术) (SH7 M2 ) adj.渴望的;热切的;热心的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 问题 (SH7 M2 ) 就我而言 (SH7 M2 ) 我认为;在我看来 (SH7 M2 ) adj.校外的,课外的 (SH7 M2 ) v. 认为 (SH7 M2 ) 被看作,被认为是…… (SH7 M2 ) v. 发展;培养 (SH7 M2 ) n. 活动 (SH7 M2 ) n. 能力;本领;技能 (SH7 M2 ) adj.户外的;用于户外的 (SH7 M2 ) 滑水运动,水橇运动 (SH7 M2 ) 有可能 (SH7 M2 ) n. 传统 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 提供食宿的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 托儿所 (SH7 M2 ) v. 背诵,朗诵 (SH7 M2 ) n. 字母表 (SH7 M2 ) n. 机构,团体 (SH7 M2 ) v. 缝;缝制;缝补 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 羊毛制的,毛料的

(SH7 M2 ) n. (旅行用)手提箱 (SH7 M2 ) n. 行李 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 天真无邪的;阅世不深的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 枕头 (SH7 M2 ) n. 被子 (SH7 M2 ) adj. (物品)陈旧的,损坏的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 扶手椅 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 破旧的,破烂的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 垫子 (SH7 M2 ) n. (煮开水用的)水壶 (SH7 M2 ) n. 装饰物 (SH7 M2 ) n. 窗帘;门帘;帘子 (SH7 M2 ) n. 厕所 (SH7 M2 ) n. 洗脸盆 (SH7 M2 ) n. 浴缸,澡盆 (SH7 M2 ) v. 啜泣,呜咽,抽噎 (SH7 M2 ) n. 算术 (SH7 M2 ) v. 乘,使相乘 (SH7 M2 ) n. 代数 (SH7 M2 ) n. 几何学 (SH7 M2 ) n. 概念 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 立方的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 英亩 (SH7 M2 ) n. 克 adj. 精力充沛的,有创新思想的 (SH7 M2 ) (SH7 M2 ) n. 未婚男子,单身汉 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 植物(学)的 (SH7 M2 ) n. 显微镜 (SH7 M2 ) n. 规章,规则,条例 (SH7 M2 ) adj. 准时的,守时的 (SH7 M2 ) n. T恤(衫),短袖运动衫 (SH7 M2 n. 工作日,周日(星期一到星期五中的某天)) (SH7 M2 ) n. 天主教徒 (SH7 M2 ) v. (尤指不断重复做某事而)使(人长期)烦躁 (SH7 M2 ) v. 使(某人)心烦意乱,使心情不好 (SH7 M2 ) v. 擦光,擦亮 (SH7 M2 ) n. 拉链,拉锁 (SH7 M2 ) n. 纽扣,扣子 (SH7 M2 ) n. 邮箱,邮筒 (SH7 M2 ) n. (儿语)妈咪 (SH7 M2 ) n. 航空邮件 (SH7 M2 ) n. 两星期, 天 n. (毕业)文凭,成绩合格证书 (SH7 M2 ) (SH7 M2 ) n. 奖学金 (SH7 M2 ) n. 当拉拉队队员 (SH7 M2 ) n. 拉拉队队员

(SH7 M2 ) v. 欢呼;喝彩;加油 (SH7 M2 ) n. 拉拉队 (SH7 M2 n. (拉拉队队员用的)彩色塑料线球;绒球 ) (SH7 M2 ) n. (公共表演的)一套固定舞步;一套舞蹈动作 (SH7 M2 ) n. 课程 (SH7 M3 ) n. 小说家 (SH7 M3 ) n. 场景;场面 (SH7 M3 ) adj. 冷酷的 (SH7 M3 ) v. 喂养;为……提供食品 (SH7 M3 ) n. 锅 (SH7 M3 ) n. 管理员 (SH7 M3 ) v.端上(饭菜等) (SH7 M3 ) adj.热切的;渴望的 (SH7 M3 ) n. 胃口;食欲 (SH7 M3 ) v. 低声地说;耳语 (SH7 M3 ) v. 推开 (SH7 M3 ) adj.绝望的 (SH7 M3 ) adj.健康的 (SH7 M3 ) 惊讶地,吃惊地 (SH7 M3 ) n.支撑物 (SH7 M3 ) 用……声音(说),……声地 (SH7 M3 ) 刚一……就 (SH7 M3 ) v. 抓住 (SH7 M3 ) v. 绞死;吊死 (SH7 M3 ) v. 用锁锁(起来) (SH7 n. (英国昔日的)济贫院;贫民习艺所 M3 ) (SH7 M3 ) n. 酬谢;奖赏;赏金 (SH7 M3 ) v. 尖叫;高声喊叫 (SH7 M3 ) n. 衣领 (SH7 M3 ) adj. 多暴力的;犯罪率高的 (SH7 M3 ) v. 拖;拉;硬拽 (SH7 M3 ) adj. 淘气的;调皮的 (SH7 M3 ) n. 恶棍;无赖 (SH7 M3 ) n. 孤儿 (SH7 M3 ) n. 囚犯 (SH7 M3 ) v. 逃跑 (SH7 M3 ) n. 监狱 (SH7 M3 ) n. 婚礼 (SH7 M3 ) v. 打算 (SH7 M3 ) adv.违法地;非法地 (SH7 M3 ) v. 报答;回报 (SH7 M3 ) n. 演员阵容,全体演员 (SH7 M3 ) v. 分发,分配,分送 (SH7 M3 ) n. 章节 (SH7 M3 ) adj. 十分肮脏的,污秽的 (SH7 M3 ) n. 麻雀

(SH7 M3 ) n. 海鸥 (SH7 n. (通常埋在地下的)管,管子,管道 M3 ) (SH7 M3 ) n. 烟雾 (SH7 M3 v. (使)窒息,(使)噎住,(使)呼吸困难) (SH M 9) v. 吞下;咽下(食物或饮料) (SH7 M3 ) n. (一小块)旧布;抹布 (SH7 M3 ) n. 垃圾箱,垃圾桶 (SH7 M3 ) v. 获得,达到 (SH7 M3 ) n. 营养(作用);滋养 (SH7 M3 ) n. 挨饿,饿死 (SH7 M3 ) n. 幸福,福祉;健康 (SH7 M3 ) n. 关心, 担心 (SH7 M3 ) n. 纳税人 (SH7 M3 ) n. 指南针,罗盘 (SH7 M3 ) n. 锚 (SH7 M3 ) n. (样式古老的)小酒馆;小旅馆 (SH7 M3 ) n. 运输工具 (SH7 M3 ) v. 积累 (SH7 M3 ) n. 公司,企业 (SH7 M3 ) n. 海军 (SH7 M3 ) n. 堆,叠,摞 (SH7 M3 ) n. 资料,文件 (SH7 M3 ) n. 审判,审理 (SH7 M3 ) n. 泵;抽水机 (SH7 M3 ) n. 喷泉;喷水池 (SH7 M3 ) n. 酒馆,酒吧 (SH7 M3 ) n. 女仆 (SH7 M3 ) n. 一束,一串 (SH7 M3 ) n. 女主人 (SH7 M3 ) v. 完成(任务等),取得(成功) (SH7 M3 ) n. 大使 (SH7 adj. (身份、地位等)低下的, 卑微的 M3 ) (SH7 M3 ) n. 行人 (SH7 M3 ) n. 灯笼,提灯 (SH7 M3 ) v. 悼念,哀悼,为……哀痛 (SH7 M3 ) 大量的 (SH7 M3 ) 使某人关注某事 (SH7 M4 ) 灵乐 (SH7 M4 ) n. 布鲁斯音乐 (SH7 M4 ) n. 口琴 (SH7 M4 ) adj. 复杂的;高级的 (SH7 M4 ) adj. 有节奏的 (SH7 M4 ) n. 节律;节奏;律动 (SH7 M4 ) n. 即席演奏 n. (音乐的)切分音;切分节奏 (SH7 M4 ) (SH7 M4 ) n. 涂鸦;乱涂乱抹

(SH7 M4 ) n. 麦克风;话筒 (SH7 M4 ) n.福音音乐(通常由黑人歌手有力地大声演唱的基督教歌曲) (SH7 M4 ) 嬉蹦乐(节奏强烈、说唱形式的一种流行伴舞音乐) (SH7 M4 ) n.(电台)音乐唱片节目主持人;(俱乐部)舞曲唱片播放员 (SH7 M4 ) n.打击乐器 (SH7 M4 ) n.说唱乐 (SH7 M4 ) n.雷盖(西印度群岛的一种节奏强劲的流行音乐) (SH7 M4 ) n.(唱机的)转盘;唱盘 (SH7 M4 ) n.运动 (SH7 M4 ) n.司仪;节目主持 (SH7 M4 ) n.技巧;手法 (SH7 M4 ) n.牙买加 (SH7 M4 ) 并排;并肩 (SH7 M4 ) v. 即兴演奏;即兴表演 (SH7 M4 ) adj.嗓音的;与嗓音有关的 (SH7 M4 ) n. 方法;步骤 (SH7 M4 ) 厌烦 (SH7 M4 ) n.迪斯科(音乐) (SH7 M4 ) n.衰退;下降;减少 (SH7 M4 ) 利用 (SH7 M4 ) (音乐)伴奏曲 (SH7 M4 ) n.说唱乐歌手 (SH7 M4 ) v. 出现 (SH7 M4 ) 而不是 (SH7 M4 ) v. 触动;感动;使动心 (SH7 M4 ) n.小号(一种铜管乐器) (SH7 M4 ) 有序地 (SH7 M4 ) 尝试 (SH7 M4 ) v. (由……)引起(产生) (SH7 M4 ) adv.向海,离岸 (SH7 M4 ) v. 繁荣;兴起;迅速发展 (SH7 M4 ) n. 不合,抵触;摩擦 (SH7 M4 ) n. 融洽,一致 (SH7 M4 ) n. 美德 (SH7 M4 ) 有幸 adj.按惯例的;因袭的;传统的 (SH7 M4 ) (SH7 M4 ) adj.新潮的 (SH7 M4 ) n. 女士宽松短衫,女衬衫 (SH7 M4 ) n. 宽松长裤,便裤 (SH7 M4 ) adj.整齐的,整洁的 (SH7 M4 ) n. 妈妈 (SH7 M4 ) n. 共同意见,一致看法,共识 (SH7 M4 ) n. 改头换面 v. 制定预算,按预算来安排开支 (SH7 M4 ) (SH7 M4 ) n. 支票 (SH7 M4 ) n. 顾问

(SH7 adj.自负的,自视过高的 (SH7 n. 没有预料到的好事 (SH7 数码录像光碟 (SH7 数码影音碟 (SH7 n. 速度,进度 (SH7 adj.(控制)严格的,严密的 (SH7 n. 计划表,进度表,日程表 (SH7 n. 女发言人,女代言人 (SH7 n. 截止时间,最后期限 (SH7 adv.否则,要不然 (SH7 出版 (SH7 n.津贴,补助 (SH7 完全不 (SH7 adj.部分时间的,兼职的 (SH7 v. 为……付出时间 / 努力 / 金钱等 (SH7 对……专一,专注 (SH7 v. 交换 adj.极好的,了不起的,超级的 (SH7 (SH7 v. 叫喊,叫嚷 (SH7 v. 请求,恳求 (SH7 乞求,请求 (SH7 n. 养老金;退休金;抚恤金 (SH7 v. 离开,辞去 (SH7 adj.令人耳目一新的 n. 先锋;创始人;先驱;开拓者 (SH7 (SH7 n. 独奏;独唱 (SH7 n. 书包;小背包 (SH7 给某人留下印象 (SH7 n. 抗议 (SH7 n. 移民 (SH7 adj.幽默的 (SH7 adj.种族的;民族的 (SH7 n. 少数民族 (SH7 n. 热带雨林 (SH7 adj.完全不同的;各不相同的 (SH7 adj.出生地的;土生土长的 (SH7 adj.颜色鲜艳的,鲜亮的 (SH7 n. 腰带;裤带 (SH7 adj.各种各样的;形形色色的 (SH7 n. 迷宫;曲径 (SH7 adj.铺鹅卵石的 (SH7 v.控制;管理 (SH7 v. 继承 (SH7 n. 财产 (SH7 n. 风俗,习惯,传统 (SH7 n. 围裙

M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M4 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 )

(SH7 adj.象形文字的 (SH7 在使用 (SH7 v. 孵化 (SH7 n. 菠萝,凤梨 (SH7 n. 桶 (SH7 v. (液体)溅落;飞溅 (SH7 adv. 看起来;显然 (SH7 有……人口 (SH7 n. 庄稼,农作物 (SH7 n. 歌剧 (SH7 n. 玉米 (SH7 v. 种植;养殖 (SH7 v. 捕鱼;钓鱼 (SH7 n. (一种语言的)书写字母 (SH7 interj(突然感到疼痛时的叫声)哎呦 (SH7 n. 榔头,锤子 (SH7 adj. 愚蠢的,傻的 (SH7 adj. 瘸的,跛的 (SH7 v. 单足蹦跳 (SH7 n. 轮胎 (SH7 adj. 牢固的,稳固的 (SH7 n. 热带丛林 (SH7 n. (一个)人 (SH7 在远处 (SH7 n. (常用于干农活的)阉牛 (SH7 n. 矛,梭镖,标枪 (SH7 n. (一件)衣服 (SH7 n. 袖子 (SH7 n. 项链 (SH7 n. 珠宝,首饰 (SH7 出发,动身 (SH7 n. 弓状物;拱形物 (SH7 adj. 僵硬的;不动的;不能弯曲的 (SH7 n. 构架,框架,结构 (SH7 v. 系牢,缚紧 (SH7 adj. 稀松的,疏松的 (SH7 n. (植物的)纤维质 (SH7 n. 谷物 (SH7 n. 铲,铁锹 (SH7 n. 工具 (SH7 n. 小鸟 (SH7 n. 公鸡 (SH7 v. 折叠,对折 (SH7 v. 适应,使适应 (SH7 v. 为(房屋或房间)配备家具 (SH7 n. 地垫;地席;蒲席

M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 ) M5 )

(SH7 M5 ) n. 茶壶 (SH7 M5 ) adj.赤裸的 (SH7 M5 ) n. 腰,腰部 (SH7 M5 ) n. 寡妇,遗孀 (SH7 M5 ) n. 侄子;外甥 (SH7 M5 ) n. 汽车修理厂 (SH7 M5 ) adj.尴尬的,为难的 (SH7 M5 ) v. (声音、光、痛苦等)被突然听到(看到、感觉到等) (SH7 M5 ) n. 彩虹,虹 (SH7 M5 ) n. (澳大利亚)土著居民 (SH7 M5 ) n. 采集者 (SH7 M6 ) n. 会场;举办地点 (SH7 M6 ) v. 保护;保存 (SH7 M6 ) n. 协议 (SH7 M6 ) v. 投资 (SH7 M6 ) v. 使改道 adj.史前的;有历史记载以前的 (SH7 M6 ) (SH7 M6 ) n. 遗迹;遗体 (SH7 M6 ) n. 考古学家 (SH7 adj.(人类或动植物)原始的,原生的 M6 ) (SH7 M6 ) n. 头颅;颅骨 (SH7 M6 ) n. 一)件 (SH7 M6 ) n. 存在 (SH7 M6 ) n. 亲属;亲戚 (SH7 M6 ) n. 石灰石 (SH7 M6 ) n. 时距;期间 (SH7 M6 ) n. 化石 (SH7 M6 ) n. 野兽 (SH7 M6 ) v. 使变锋利 (SH7 M6 ) n. 发掘 (SH7 M6 ) v. (按某次序)把……列表,列清单 (SH7 M6 ) n. 进化;演变 (SH7 M6 ) n. 暴露;显露 (SH7 M6 ) n. 野草;杂草 (SH7 M6 ) n. 水泥 (SH7 M6 ) v. 促成 (SH7 M6 ) n. 保持;维持;保养 (SH7 M6 ) adj.濒危的 (SH7 M6 ) v. 建议 (SH7 M6 ) n. 意识;认识;感悟能力 (SH7 M6 ) v. 建议;提议 (SH7 M6 ) n. 基金;专款 (SH7 M6 ) n. 帮助,援助 (SH7 M6 ) adj.宝贵的;珍贵的;贵重的 (SH7 M6 ) 至关重要 (SH7 M6 ) n. 毁灭性的大灾难

(SH7 M6 ) n. 估计;估算 (SH7 M6 ) n. 长度 (SH7 M6 ) n. 请求;要求 (SH7 M6 ) 除……之外 (SH7 M6 ) adj.防水的;不透水的 adj.极好的;绝妙的;了不起的 (SH7 M6 ) (SH7 M6 ) adj.皇帝的;皇家的 (SH7 M6 ) adj.有形的;可触摸的 (SH7 adj.无形的;难以捉摸的;无法形容的 M6 ) (SH7 M6 ) n. 代表 (SH7 M6 ) n. 纪念碑;纪念馆 (SH7 M6 ) n. 居民 (SH7 M6 ) n. 人类 (SH7 M6 ) n. 名录;指南 (SH7 M6 ) n. 投标;努力,争取 (SH7 M6 ) v. (使)增大;(使)扩大 (SH7 M6 ) n. 歧视 (SH7 M6 ) 获准,经过程序 (SH7 M6 ) n. (尤指医学或法律界的)从业人员 (SH7 M6 ) v. 主张,拥护 (SH7 M6 ) n. 法律地位 (SH7 M6 ) n. 病毒 (SH7 M6 ) n. 疟疾 (SH7 M6 ) n. 折中;妥协 (SH7 M6 ) 使某人想起… (SH7 M6 ) n. 讨论课,研讨会 (SH7 M6 ) 形象大使 (SH7 M6 ) n. 史诗,叙事诗 (SH7 M6 ) n. (事项)待办;待讨论 (SH7 M6 ) n. 任凭……的摆布 (SH7 M6 ) 受……支配 (SH7 M6 ) v. 许诺做某事;同意做某事 (SH7 M6 ) n. 缺乏;没有 (SH7 M6 ) adj.主观的 (SH7 M6 ) n. 外交 (SH7 M6 ) adj.彻底的;全面的;详尽的 (SH7 M6 ) adj.官僚的;官僚主义的 (SH7 M6 ) 反过来 (SH7 M6 ) n. 自治,自治权 (SH7 M6 ) adj.联邦政府的 (SH7 M6 ) n. 指导,引导,咨询 (SH7 M6 ) v. 忽视;不理;不管 (SH7 M6 adj.与说西班牙语(葡萄牙语)国家有关的 ) (SH7 M6 ) v. 给予荣誉 (SH7 M6 ) 因……而受到尊敬 (SH7 M6 ) n.新闻业;新闻工作

(SH8 M1) adj.极地的 (SH8 M1) n.企鹅 (SH8 M1) n.探险者 (SH8 M1) n.南极洲 (SH8 M1) adj.每年的 (SH8 M1) n.降水量;降雨量 (SH8 M1) n.状态;状况 (SH8 M1) n.深度 (SH8 M1) n.重力;地心引力 (SH8 M1) adj.荒凉的;不宜居住的 (SH8 M1) adj.极端的;极度的 (SH8 M1) v.开花 (SH8 M1) n.藓;苔藓 (SH8 M1) n.藻类(植物) (SH8 M1) n.地衣 (SH8 M1)  (使)适应 (SH8 M1) v.储存,留存 (SH8 M1) n.陨石 (SH8 M1) adj.天外的,地球外的 (SH8 M1) n.块,堆,团 (SH8 M1) v.使平衡 (SH8 M1) n.(对某地区的)勘查 (SH8 M1)   进入,到达 (SH8 M1) n.(不断的)竞争 n.(国家或政府间的)条约,公约 (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) adj.商业的 (SH8 M1) adj. 核的,核能的 (SH8 M1) n.试验 (SH8 M1) adj.具有)放射性的 (SH8 M1) v.促进,增进 (SH8 M1) prep.经由,取道 (SH8 M1) v.使陷入困境 (SH8 M1) n. 救生船 (SH8 M1) n.全体)船员 (SH8 M1) n.(乘船的)旅行,航行 (SH8 M1) v. 漂流,漂泊 (SH8 M1) adj.正式的 (SH8 M1) n. 冰川;冰河 (SH8 M1) adj. 磁的,磁性的,磁场的 (SH8 M1) n. 刺眼的光 (SH8 M1) adj.强烈的 (SH8 M1) n.太阳镜;墨镜 (SH8 M1) n.防晒霜 (SH8 M1) adj.艰难的,艰巨的 (SH8 M1) n.视力;目力 (SH8 M1) adj. 晒伤的

prep.零下 adj.麻木的;失去知觉的 n.霜;霜冻 n. 衣服;(尤指)某种服装 adj.轻便的;便携的 adj.干净的;不含有害物质的 n.毫米;千分之一米 adj.不正常的,反常的 n.日出 n.日落 n.缺乏;没有 n.日光;白天 adj.烦人的,令人讨厌的 adj.令人沮丧的;令人抑郁的 adj. 孤单的,孤立的 n.飞机;飞行器 n.平台 n.粉;粉末 adj.最少量;最小数 adj.不很昂贵的; 适中的 adj. 温暖舒适的 adj. 温暖舒适的 n.宿舍;寝室 n.(工厂学校等的)食 堂,餐厅 v.储存,储备 n. 待洗的衣物 v.阻止;打消……的念头  如果;假使 n.紧急情况;突发事情 adj. 常规的;普通的 n.钻;钻机 v.崩溃,支持不住 adj.困难的,棘手的 adj.脆弱的;易碎的 n.电池 n.生态;生态学 adj.娇气的,纤弱的 n. 荣幸 n. 商人;买卖人;经商者 n.香料 n. 宝石 v.对待……如朋友 n.传说;故事 adj. 传说中的 n. 可靠性 adj.难理解的,晦涩的

(SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1) (SH8 M1)

(SH8 M1) adj.亲密的 (SH8 M1) v.居住 (SH8 M1) n.意大利面条 (SH8 M1) n. 洞察力,眼光 (SH8 M1) n.鼓舞;启示;灵感 (SH8 M2) n. (文艺的)复兴 adj. 引起烦恼的;令人不安的 (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) n.(绘画,摄影等的)主题 (SH8 M2) adj. 枯燥的;沉闷的 adv. 基本上,本质上,大致说来 (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) n. 作品 (SH8 M2) n. 效果;作用 (SH8 M2) n. (图画等中的)阴影;阴暗部分 (SH8 M2) adj. 中世纪的 (SH8 M2) adj.哥特式的,哥特风格的(指12至16世纪流行于西欧的建筑风格) (SH8 M2) n. 新领域 (SH8 n. 透视(画)法;透视效果;透视感 M2) (SH8 M2) n. 复调音乐(作品) (SH8 M2) n. 大教堂 (SH8 M2) v. 激发,激励 (SH8 M2) adj.有技巧的,熟练的 (SH8 M2) n. 降落伞 (SH8 M2) n. 潜艇 (SH8 M2) n. 坦克 (SH8 M2) adj. 持续整夜的 (SH8 M2) n. 渡船 (SH8 M2) n. 马掌;马蹄铁 (SH8 M2) adj. 华丽的 (SH8 M2) v. 对……征税,向……课税 (SH8  依靠,依赖;取决于(条件、情况) M2) (SH8 M2) v. 认为 (SH8 M2)  历史上 (SH8 M2)  出发去某地 (SH8 M2) n. 趣闻,轶事 (SH8 adj. (书画、文件、书籍等)原作的 M2) (SH8 M2) n. 发言人;代言人 (SH8 M2) n. 窃贼,小偷 (SH8 M2) 把……抛在后面 (SH8 M2) adj. 古时制造的,古董的 (SH8 M2) n. 地下室;地下层 (SH8 M2) n. 庭院,院子 (SH8 M2) n. (过)路人 (SH8 M2) n. 小胡子 (SH8 M2) n. (小)包裹 (SH8 M2) v. 猛冲 (SH8 M2) n.十字路口;交叉口

n. 十字路口 v. 逃跑,逃掉 v. appeal v. 恳求;呼吁 n. (犯罪)嫌疑人;可疑分子 n. 丢失;丧失 v. 流传;传播 v. 寻找;寻求 n. (犯人的)一群,一帮 adj. 不确定的;试探性的 n. 方面;利益  代表…… adj. 最重要的;首要的 adj. 根本的;基本的 n. 不利因素 adj. 极好的;超级的 n.代替物;代替品 adj. 秘密的,机密的 n. 债务;人情债  厌倦做某事;厌烦做某事 adv. 仅仅;只不过 n. 结果;后果 n. (对错事或坏事应付的)责任 n. 自由;自由权  获得自由的 adj. 有天赋的;有才华的 adj. 活动的,可移动的 n. 底稿;手稿 n. 印刷机 v. 榨出;挤出;压出(液体) n.橄榄 n. 工厂,制造厂 n. 《圣经》  到(某个数量)  导致,通向,通往 n. 激情,热爱 n.官员,高级职员 adj. 农村的,乡村的 v.鼓舞,激励  从事,开始做(某项工作) n. 职业 v. 计算 v.应给予 n.毒药 n.烹饪法,烹饪术 n.味道 v. 使着迷

(SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M2) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3)

(SH8 M3) n.宴会 (SH8 M3) n.一道菜 (SH8 M3) agj.贪婪地 (SH8 M3) n.(常复) 筷子 (SH8 M3) n.甜食 (SH8 M3)  难怪 (SH8 M3) n.(常复)肠 (SH8 M3) n.舌头 (SH8 M3) n.(猪、牛等的)蹄 (SH8 M3)  结束 (SH8 M3) v.咀嚼 (SH8 M3) n.佳肴,珍馐 (SH8 M3) adj.臭名昭著的,声名狼藉的 (SH8 M3) adj.开胃的,增进食欲的 (SH8 M3) n.方式;方法 (SH8 M3)  看出,理解 (SH8 M3) n.要求 (SH8 M3) n.金枪鱼 (SH8 M3) adj.固定的 (SH8 M3) n.蘑菇 (SH8 M3) v. 捣烂,捣成泥 (SH8 M3) n. 馅 (SH8 M3) adj. 无法辨认的 (SH8 M3)   与……有共同点 (SH8 M3) n. 客人 (SH8 M3) n. 叉子 (SH8 M3)   总之;简言之 (SH8 M3) v. 招待,款待; 请客 (SH8 M3) n.菜单 (SH8 M3) n. 芦笋 (SH8 M3) adj.嫩的 (SH8 M3) adj.波利尼西亚的 (SH8 M3) v.谈到,说起 (SH8 M3) adv.随意地 (SH8 M3) n. 赞美 (SH8 M3) n.标点符号 (SH8 M3) n.燕麦(麦片)粥;粥 (SH8 n.(通常切成薄片的)咸猪肉;熏猪肉 M3) (SH8 M3) adj. 烤好的;烤制的 (SH8 M3) n. 羔羊;羔羊肉 (SH8 M3) n.正式)吃;喝 (SH8 M3) n.屠夫;屠户 (SH8 M3) n.牛(指菜牛或奶牛) v. 在数量上胜过……,比……多 (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) adv.有正当理由地 (SH8 M3) n.羊肉

(SH8 M3) n. 后果 (SH8 M3) adj. 逐渐的;逐步的 (SH8 M3) n. 趋势,趋向 (SH8 M3) n. 合并;合成 n. 烹饪,烹饪术; 菜肴,饭菜 (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) n. 烹饪法;食谱 (SH8 M3) n.豆腐 (SH8 M3) n. 海藻;海草 (SH8 M3) adj.生的 (SH8 M3) n.茄子 (SH8 M3) n.柠檬 (SH8 M3) n.面包店 (SH8 M3) n.(条型)面包 (SH8 M3) adj. 人造的;人工的 (SH8 M3) n. 食品杂货店 (SH8 M3) n. 顾客 (SH8 M3) n. 平底锅 (SH8 M3) n.可可粉 (SH8 M3) n.小甜饼;甜饼干 (SH8 M3) n. 槭树;枫树 (SH8 M3) n.糖浆 (SH8 M3) n.蜂蜜 (SH8 M3) adj松脆的 (SH8 M3) n.萨莫萨炸三角饺 (SH8 M3) adj.香的,芳香的 (SH8 M3) n. 牛奶场 (SH8 M3) n.酸乳酪;酸奶 (SH8 M3) adj.丰富的;充裕的 (SH8 M3) adj.(水果或庄稼)成熟的 (SH8 M3) n. 桃子 (SH8 M3) n.瓜 (SH8 M3) n炉子 (SH8 M3) v. 煎;炸;炒 (SH8 M3) v. 微波 (SH8 M3) n.重新加热 (SH8 M3) v.烧烤野餐 (SH8 M3) n.烧烤;烤制 (SH8 M3) v.薄片;切片 (SH8 M3) n.胸脯肉 (SH8 M3) n. 供烤或煎的)肉片,肉排 (SH8 M3) n.自助餐 n.品脱(美国和英国的液量单位) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) n.啤酒厂 (SH8 M3) v.总的说来;总而言之 (SH8 M3) adj.充足的;充裕的 (SH8 M3) n.柳树

n. 图案 n.栅栏,围栏;篱笆 n.(图片或照片的)前景 n.鸣禽 adv.在头顶上;在空中  放火烧…… n.简陋的)小屋;棚屋;茅舍 v. 转化,转变 adv立即,马上 adj.能辨认的,能认出的 n方言,地方话 n.伦敦东区土话  区分开 v.重要,要紧;有关系  只要 v.很重要;很有价值 n.痕迹,踪迹 adj.独一无二的;独特的  在于 n.语调 n.作家,作者 n.祖先,前辈 n. 表示所有格的撇号 n.联系 n.节奏;韵律 adj.双语的,会讲两种语言的 .讨论;辩论 v.抱怨;不满 n.电报 n.新闻媒体,传媒 n.革命 v.调查 n.特点,特色;情调 v.得到,获得 adj.确信的,信服的 n. (常复)电  总之 adv.此外,而且  大量的 adj.极好的;优秀的 adj.简单的,易懂的 n. 联系 adj. 歧义的;含糊的 n.进退两难的境地;困难的抉择 adj.清楚明白的;易于理解的 adj.比喻的;借喻的

(SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M3) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4)

adj.有关的;切题的 adj.荒谬的,荒唐的 v.传达,传递 n.概念;观念 adv.因此;因而  开始做某事 v.弄明白;澄清 n.趋向;倾向 adj.杂乱无章的 adj.不明确的;含糊的 adj.笨拙的 v.挑选,选择 adj.隐喻的;暗喻的 n.意义;含义 v.收回;撤销(说过的话) v.拒绝接受 adj.潜在的;可能的 v. 辱骂;恶语 n.得罪;使伤感情 n.政治家 v.对……不忠  使某人失望 v.征服;战胜 n.祈祷文;悼词 v.反对 n.偏见;歧视 n.反抗;抵抗 n.抵触;冲突 n.寓意;教育意义 adj.更好的;更强的 n.地位 v.将……分类 n.性别 n.赞许;赞成 n.. 好奇心 n.着迷,迷恋;吸引力 n.语气;音调 adv. 起初 n.投考者,应考人 n. 附带的结果;副产品 n.飞跃,跳跃 adj.共同的;联合的 n.火星 n. 木星 n.毕宿五,金牛座中的红色巨星 n.宇宙探测器,航天探测器

(SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M4) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5)

(SH8 M5) n.土星 (SH8 M5) adj.习惯的 (SH8 M5) n.航天飞机 adj.历史性的,有重大历史意义的 (SH8 M5) v.收看(电视);收听(广播) (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) v.目击,亲眼看见;亲身经历 (SH8 M5) v. 假定,假设 (SH8 M5) n.耐心 (SH8 M5)   不管 (SH8 M5) adj.高级的,先进的 (SH8 M5)  在……一开始的时候 (SH8 M5) v.爆炸 (SH8 M5) v.依靠;取决于 (SH8 M5) n.行星 (SH8 M5) v. 看,观察 (SH8 M5) adj.紫外线的 (SH8 M5)  土卫九 (SH8 M5)  土卫六(土星卫星中最大的一颗) (SH8 M5) n.十年 (SH8 M5)  一系列的;一连串的 (SH8 M5) v.承认;认为 (SH8 M5) adj.任意的;随机的 (SH8 M5) adv.向后地;倒退地 (SH8 M5) n.行为 (SH8 M5) n.骑士,武士 (SH8 M5) n. 紧张关系 (SH8 M5) adj.自治的;有自治权的 (SH8 M5) n.失败 (SH8 M5) n.权力;权威 (SH8 M5) v.指责 (SH8 M5)   指责某人某事 (SH8 M5) v.起誓保证 (SH8 M5) v.替……报仇,报复 (SH8 M5) n.悲伤;悲痛 (SH8 M5) n.刚提及的两个人或物之中的)后一个,第二个 (SH8 M5) n. 控制 (SH8 M5) n.安慰;宽慰 (SH8 M5) n.光荣;荣誉 (SH8 M5) n.部分 (SH8 M5) n.(某个国家的)领空 (SH8 M5) n. 祖国 (SH8 M5) adj.抽象的 (SH8 M5) v. 预知;预见 (SH8 M5) n.命运;天命 (SH8 M5) n.帮助 (SH8 M5) adj.丰富的;广泛的

(SH8 M5) n.同情;同情心 (SH8 M5) n. 忠诚;奉献 (SH8 M5) v.应当;应该 (SH8 M5) adj.一致的;吻合的 (SH8 M5) n. 宗教信仰 (SH8 M5) adj.理智的;合理的 (SH8 M5) n.尊贵;尊严 (SH8 M5) n.忠诚 (SH8 M5) v.祷告;祈祷 (SH8 M5)  祈望;祈求 (SH8 M5) adj.(有关)上帝的;神圣的 (SH8 M5) adj.剧烈的;激烈的 (SH8 M5)   与……相似的 (SH8 M5) adj.稳定的;安定的 (SH8 M5)  人 (SH8 M5) adj.最高超的;最优的 (SH8 M5) n.(文或英)学生 (SH8 M5) v. 咨询;请教 (SH8 M5) conj.  (SH8 M5) adv. 有争议地 adj.给人深刻印象的;戏剧性的 (SH8 M5) (SH8 M5) n. 入侵 (SH8 M5) n.外星人 (SH8 M5) n.影响,作用 (SH8 M5) n.观察;监视 (SH8 M5) adj.不可避免的 (SH8 M5) n.假定,假设 (SH8 M5) n. 先头部队 (SH8 M5)  使某事开始 (SH8 M5) adj.在进行中的 (SH8 M5) n.歇斯底里 (SH8 M5) n.新闻快讯 (SH8 M5) adj.越来越强烈的 (SH8 M5) adv.蓄意地,故意地 (SH8 M5)  开始做;着手进行 (SH8 M6) n.相识的人;泛泛之交 (SH8 M6) n. 告别 (SH8 M6) v. 摒除;阻挡 (SH8 M6) v. 围绕 (SH8 M6) n. 蓟种子冠毛(蓟种子上的软翅,可帮助种子飘浮在空中) (SH8 M6) v. 分手;分离 (SH8 M6) n. 骏马 (SH8 M6) v. (马)嘶鸣 (SH8 M6) n. 种子 (SH8 M6) n. 朝;代 (SH8 M6) n. 扩张

(SH8 M6) adj. 宽容的;容忍的 (SH8 M6) adj. 兼容并包的 (SH8 M6) n. 波斯人 (SH8 M6) n. 阿拉伯人 (SH8 M6) n. 犹太人 (SH8 M6) n. 佛教 (SH8 M6) n. 天文学 (SH8 M6) n. 影子,阴影 (SH8 M6) n. 高度;海拔      (SH8 M6) n. 专家 (SH8 M6) n. 进步;进展 (SH8 M6) n. 音节 (SH8 M6) n. 失败者 (SH8 M6) n. (肉体或精神上的)痛苦;苦难 (SH8 M6) n.腐败;堕落 (SH8 M6) n. 商人 (SH8 M6) adj. 不规则的;无规律的 (SH8 M6) n. 现实主义作家 (SH8 M6) n. 浪漫主义作家 (SH8 M6)  抓住 (SH8 M6) n. 倒影 (SH8 M6) adj. 内心的;精神上的 (SH8 M6) n.酒精;白酒 (SH8 M6) n. 水仙花 v. 飘扬,飘动;拍打(翅膀) (SH8 M6) (SH8 M6) n. 微风,和风 (SH8 M6) adj. 长期的 (SH8 M6) n. 混乱,失调;紊乱 (SH8 M6) n. 途径;渠道 (SH8 M6) v. 证明是;被发现是 (SH8 M6) v. 揭示,揭露;显露 (SH8 M6) n. (燕麦片、玉米片等)谷类早餐食品 (SH8 M6) n. 魅力,吸引力 (SH8 M6) v. 一瞥;迅速看一眼 (SH8 M6) adv. 向上;朝上 (SH8 M6) n.剩余;过剩 (SH8 M6) n. 赞成;同意 (SH8 M6)  赞成某事;满意某事 (SH8 M6) n. 赞助商 (SH8 M6) n. 费用 (SH8 M6) v. 开始,(积极有力地)着手进行 (SH8 M6) adj. 潮湿的 (SH8 M6) v. 下来,下降 (SH8 M6) n.关卡 (SH8 M6) adj.肮脏破旧的

(SH8 M6) v.警告;劝……小心 (SH8 M6) adj.文学的 (SH8 M6) n.(尤指户外的)长凳 (SH8 M6) n.预观;预看 (SH8 M6) n.启程;上路 (SH8 M6) n.客车车厢 (SH8 M6) adj.欢快的 (SH8 M6) n.合唱;合唱曲 (SH8 M6)  异口同声的 (SH8 M6) n.王国,国度;领域,范围 (SH8 M6) n.十四行诗(每行十个音节,韵律规范的诗体) (SH8 M6) adj. 任意的;随机的 (SH8 M6) v. 满足需求 (SH8 M6)  满足……的要求 (SH8 M6) n. 祖国;本国 (SH8 M6) n 事业 (SH8 M6) v. 通信 (SH8 M6)   与……通信 (SH8 M6) n.周年纪念日 (SH8 M6) v提供;捐 (SH8 M6) v.更新;刷新 (SH8 M6) v.装点;美化 (SH8 M6) pron.无论哪个 (SH8 M6) n.地区;区域 (SH8 M6) n独立 (SH8 M6) n.想象;空想 (SH8 adv.典型地,有代表性地;向来,一向 M6) (SH8 M6) v.反映,显示;表达 (SH8 M6) n. 外科医生



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