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Unit 5 Section Ⅲ Let’s Dance

Unit 5 Rhythm
Section Ⅲ Let’s Dance
新课导学 自主探究 板块 语言点一 单词集释 板块 语言点二 短语荟萃 板块 语言点三 句型解构 板块

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

课 时 跟 踪 检 测

(1)Do you know what's the difference between folk and popular dances?

参考答案:Folk dances are taught and spread from one generation to another, while popular dances are usually

popular for only a short time.

(2)Please match the pictures below with the descriptions.

①a dance in which you wear shoes with pieces of metal on the bottom, which make a sound as you move ②a performance in which dancing and music tell a story without any speaking

③a dance from South America with small, fast steps ④a kind of Chinese folk dance, and people are dressed in beautiful costumes, skipping back and forth to the

rhythm of loud drums
⑤American dance with a strong beat in which two people hold each other closely; or a piece of music for this dance ⑥a type of dancing to popular music that involves a lot of jumping and rolling on the floor







True (T) or False (F).
(1)Ballet began in Italy and France. (2)Folk dances come from ordinary people. ( ( ) )

(3)The dragon dance and the lion dance are performed during the Spring Festival. ( )

(4)In many parts of China people of all ages perform Yangge in the street during festivals. ( )

(5)Folk dances often come from social dances or popular
dances. ( )

(6)Rock‘n’ roll dances were popular during the 1970s.
( 答案:(1)T (2)T (3)T (4)T (5)F (6)F )

Choose the best answer according to the text.

(1)When we speak of a kind of dance telling a story, we
refer to ________. A.ballet C.social dances 答案:A B.folk dances D.ballroom dances

(2)Folk dances are usually danced ________.

A.in singles
C.in groups

B.in couples
D.in China


(3)What happened to social dances in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? A.It was introduced to North America. B.It became more popular.

C.It was held in palaces or the homes of noble families.
D.It began in the noble families. 答案:B

(4)Which types of dancing came into being in the USA?
A.Ballet and folk dances.

B.The waltz and the Tango.
C.Tap dancing. D.The ChaCha and rock ‘n’ roll dances. 答案:C

(5)How is the last paragraph developed?
A.By space. B.By comparison.

C.By analysis.

D.By time.

根据英文释义和首字母提示写出下列单词 1. encyclopedia a book or set of books giving information about all areas of

knowledge or about different areas
of one particular subject, usually arranged in alphabetical order 2. sword a weapon with a long metal blade and a handle

3. ordinary

not unusual or different in any way

4. generation

all the people who were born at about the same time

5. type

a class or group of people or
things that share particular qualities or features and are part of a large group

6. skip

to move forwards lightly and

quickly making a little jump
with each step 7. unique 8. noble being the only one of its kind belonging to a family of high social rank

1.ordinary adj.平常的,普通的

(教材原句)Folk dances are traditional styles of dancing that come from ordinary people. 民族舞蹈是来自老百姓的传统舞蹈形式。

(鲜活例句)Ordinary people like you and me can understand the matter as well. 像你我这样的普通人也能理解这件事。 (鲜活例句)Now electrical appliances have entered ordinary families. 现在家用电器已经步入普通家庭了。

(二)明辨易混失误防范 比较 ordinary, common, general 指由于与一般事物的性质或标准相同,因 ordinary 而 显 得 平 常 , 无 奇 特 之 处 , 反 义 词 是 special 指因常见而不足为奇,因共有而平凡,强 common 调共性 “普遍的”,指为大家所公用的或普遍 general


用ordinary, common或general填空

①Hares and squirrels here are very common .
②I skimmed through it to get a general impression

of the text.
③That morning he came earlier than usual, for it was

not an ordinary day.

2.type (教材原句)China is famous for many different types of folk dances, including the dragon dance and the lion dance, which are performed during the Spring Festival. 中国的民族舞形式多样,举世闻名,包括春节期间表 演的舞龙和舞狮。

(1)n.类型,种类 a type of ... of this/that type 一种?? 这种/那种??

①There is a new type of machine which can produce colour copies.

有一种新型机器可以生产出彩色复印件。 ②I've already seen a few movies of this type .

(2)vt.打字 ③The manager asked his secretary to type the report. 经理要求秘书打报告。 (语境串记)She could type a letter of this type.


3.skip vi.跳,蹦;略过,跳过;跳绳

(教材原句)They are dressed in beautiful costumes, skipping back and forth to the rhythm of loud drums. 他们身着亮丽的服装,和着响亮的鼓点儿,扭来扭去。

(鲜活例句)The lambs were skipping about in the field. 小羊在田野里跳跃。 (鲜活例句)Children are fond of skipping (rope). So does Tom. 孩子们喜欢跳绳。汤姆也一样。


skip to
skip over


①Time's up. Let's skip to the last item on the agenda.
到时间了。我们跳到议程的最后一项吧。 ②She skipped over the dull passages in the novel. 她跳过了小说中枯燥的部分。 [点津] skip的分词形式分别为skipped和skipping,注


4.unique adj.独特的,唯一的 (一)背诵佳句培养语感

(教材原句)People like to watch performances of this
unique folk dance. 人们喜爱看这种独特的民族舞蹈表演。 (鲜活例句)The city has an atmosphere which is quite unique. 这座城市有一种十分独特的氛围。

(鲜活例句)Beethoven's symphony is unique in music.

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 be unique to ... ??是??特有的

Kangaroos are unique to Australia.

1.be dressed in 2.back and forth

穿着 往返;来回

3.fit in with
4.be famous for


5. from one generation to another 从一代人到另一代人 6. on special occasions 7. in the 1960s 在特殊的时候/时节 在二十世纪六十年代

8. in the air


1.be dressed in穿着

(鲜活例句)She was dressed in a blue suit at the party.

(1)be well/badly ...dressed get dressed (2)dress v. dress oneself dress up 穿着漂亮/褴褛?? 穿上衣服(动作) (给??)穿衣服 自己穿衣(动作) 穿上盛装;打扮

①Please get dressed and go out to try your luck. 穿好衣服出去碰碰运气吧。 ②I dress the kids before I go to work. 我上班前给孩子们穿好衣服。 ③They all dress up to take part in the New Year's party.


2.back and forth往返;来回

(鲜活例句)The flight flies back and forth between

Beijing and Shanghai.

up and down 上上下下

backwards and forwards
in and out day and night to and fro

进进出出;里里外外 日日夜夜 来来往往

①I don't mind living in a top flat. Going up and down stairs

will be good exercise for me.
住顶楼,我不在乎。上上下下爬楼梯对我会是很好的锻炼。 ②They had to work day and night to pay for their debts. 为了还债,他们不得不夜以继日地干活。 ③The cat made little rushes to and fro after the ball.


3.fit in with符合,一致;适应;(和??)合得来
(教材原句)Make sure that the sentence fits in with the

sentences before and after it.
确保句子与上下文连贯。 ①Do these plans fit in with your arrangements? 这些计划和你的安排冲突吗?

②I'll change my timetable to fit in with yours.

③She doesn't fit in with the other children.


They are easy to learn and are usually

danced in couples.

[典例背诵] it soon. 这首歌很容易学,你很快就能会唱了。 The song is easy to learn and you can sing


Dancing in couples returned in the

1970s and 1980s with “disco” music.

代再度出现。 [典例背诵] favourite. 吃饭时听音乐是我的最爱。 Listening to music while eating is my

1.They are easy to learn and are usually danced in couples.
它们容易学,通常是两人一起跳。 (1)在sb./sth.be+easy+不定式结构中,不定式作状语修饰作 表语的形容词,又和句子的主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系时, 不定式要用主动形式,后面也不带宾语;若这个非谓语动

①The problem is difficult to work out. 这个题很难计算。

②The room is comfortable to live in .

(2)像easy这样,后接不定式,用主动形式表被动意 义的形容词还有:difficult,hard,light,heavy, comfortable,pleasant等。 ③His handwriting is hard to learn.


2.Dancing in couples returned in the 1970s and 1980s with “disco” music.

代 再度出现。 dancing in couples为动名词短语在句中作主语。 ①Getting up early every morning is a good habit. 天天早起是个好习惯。



常见的动名词作主语的句型: It's no good+doing sth. It's no use+doing sth. 做??是没有好处的 做??是没用的

It's a waste of time+doing sth.


② It's no good complaining. 怨天尤人是没好处的。 ③It's no use crying over spilt milk.

④ It's a waste of time playing computer games for such a long time. 玩这么长时间的电脑是浪费时间。


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