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2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit4 Earthquakes完形填空全方位训练6 新人教版必修1

2014 届高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Unit 4 Earthquakes 完形填空 6
Diane Ray was completely self-centered and very spoilt.Her parents gave her 1 she

wanted, knowing that she would throw a

temper tantrum 耍小孩脾气)if they did not.She ( would scream and kick and 2 on the floor drumming her heels.Her parents always 3 . That was why she was alone on the 4 ,wearing an expensive swimsuit.It has taken a massive tantrum to 5 her parents to buy it.They were back at the beach-house,

6 from the tantrum she had thrown when they told her that it was too dangerous to go diving 7 .“Dangerous?” she had said.“You just don’t want me to have 8 .I’ m going and if you try to stop me,I’ll scream.” “What are you doing?” a voice asked.Diane jumped.She did not know that the man was there 9 he spoke. “I’m going diving, she answered. ” “You shouldn’t swim today, the man ” 10 .“There is a storm coming up.”

“You should mind your own 11 !” Diane replied and walked into the gentle waves. “If you go out there you’ll be 12 to reply. Diane slipped into the water and dived 13 until white caps began rolling in and it became harder to 14 against the current (水流) .Saltwater hit against her face, making it 15 to breathe.Oh,why had she not listened to advice? Panicking,she began to 16 .Then,just as it seemed as if she would slip beneath the surface,she heard a 17 voice.“Hold on!I’m coming.” With 18 ,she saw , the man called after her.She did not bother ”

the old man rowing an ancient-looking boat towards her.“I hope you’ve learned a lesson.You put us both in 19 , he shouted angrily,as he dragged her over the ”

side of the 20 .Gratefully,Diane thanked him and ran towards the beach-house. 1.A.either 2.A.jump 3.A.set out B.neither B.lie B.set in C.nothing C.spin C.gave in D.everything D.sleep D.gave out

4.A.beach 5.A.allow 6.A.changing 7.A.alone 8.A.time 9.A.when 10.A.decided 11.A.business 12.A.angry 13.A.nervously 14.A.rise 15.A.difficult 16.A.speak 17.A.calm 18.A.regret 19.A.power 20.A.house

B.bed B.warn B.recovering B.away B.money B.until B.intended B.swimsuit B.sorry B.sadly B.swim B.easy B.sing B.frightening B.relief B.safety B.wave

C.floor C.get C.appearing C.again C.food C.after C.advised C.friends C.confused C.shyly C.stop C.comfortable C.sniff C.beautiful C.interest C.danger C.beach

D.ship D.prefer D.traveling D.aside D.fun D.once D.repeated D.parents D.excited D.happily D.row D.suitable D.scream D.disgusting D.ease D.thought D.boat

【语篇解读】本文是一篇记叙文。Diane 是一个以自我为中心并且受父母溺爱的孩子。她不 听父母的劝告, 也不理会一位老人的忠告, 在暴风雨即将来临之际独自去潜水, 遭遇了危险, 最终被老人所救,在这次任性独自潜水的危险经历中,她认识到了自己的错误。 1.D 文章开篇点明 Diane 是一个完全以自我为中心,被溺爱坏了的孩子,所以父母会给她 想要的一切(everything) 。 2.B 如果不给的话,她会哭叫,躺在地板上乱踢,由 drumming her heels(踢蹬脚后跟) 可知是躺在地板上。 3.C 此情此景,她的父母总是向她屈服(give in) 。 4.A 根据后文的 wearing an expensive swimsuit,beach-house 以及 diving 可知 A 项正 确。 5.C Diane 发了一大通脾气才使得父母给她买了这套昂贵的泳衣。allow sb.to do sth.允

许某人做某事;warn sb.to do sth.警告某人做某事;get sb.to do sth.让某人做某事;prefer sb.to do sth.更喜欢某人做某事。故只有选项 C 符合题意。

6.B 6 空前说明父母正在沙滩后面的房子里, 从她刚刚耍的脾气中缓解过来。 change 改变; recover 恢复;appear 出现;travel 旅行。根据语义只能用 B,表示从不快的情绪当中恢复 过来。 7.A 从第二段第一句可知,她是单独在海滩上的,所以这里是形容词的复现,应该选 A

(alone 单独的) 。away 离开;again 再一次;aside 在旁边,都不符合。 8.D 根据文章语义,time 时间;money 金钱; food 食物;fun 开心,和 have 搭配的话,A、 B、C 三项均不符合,所以只能说 have fun(玩得开心) 。 9.B 直到有人说话她才知道有人在那儿。until 直到。 10.C 那人建议 (advise) 她不应该游泳, 因为有暴风雨。 线索一: 根据空格前的一句话 “You shouldn’t swim today”这是属于一个建议,所以 10 空应该是建议(advise) 线索二: 。 后文倒数第二段最后一个单词 advice,是 advise 的名词变形。所以更确定选 C。decide 决 定;intend 打算,倾向;repeat 重复,均不符合题意。 11.A mind your own business 管好你自己的事(别多管闲事) 。 12.B 此处表示“如果你去那里的话,你会后悔的(sorry)。 ” 13.D 起来。 14.B Diane 是在海中游泳,此时海浪强大,游泳艰难。线索一:女孩是在海中游泳;线索 二:前后文当中多次出现 swim,swimsuit,dive 等原词和同义词的重复;线索三:后文当 中的搭配是 against the current(水流)可知,答案为 B,swim 游泳。rise 上升;stop 停 止;row 划船,均不符合文意。 15.A 线索一:前文当中出现了她游得更加困难了 harder 的同义词复现;线索二:海水冲 打着她的脸可知, 是使得呼吸变得更加困难。 easy 简单的; comfortable 舒服的; suitable 合适的,均不符合文意。 16.D 她惊慌了,所以大叫了起来。 17.A 根据后文“Hold on.I’m coming.”可知,在危难中她听到了镇定的声音。 18.B 看到有人来搭救自己,自然是松了口气。 with regret 遗憾地,后悔地;with relief 宽慰地;with interest 好奇地;with ease 熟练地,轻而易举地。故 B 项正确。 19.C 老人生气地教训她“你应该吸取教训了,你把我们都置于了危险的境地” 。 20.D 线索一:前文中提到老人是划船去救她的;线索二:后文中提到是移向沙滩,可知, 是将女孩从一边拉上船的。house 房子;wave 波浪;beach 海滩,均不符合文意。

Diane 不管他人的劝告,自己兴高采烈地(happily)跳入起初浪花轻柔的水中游了


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