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扬中树人 2014~2015 学年第一学期高二年级英语导学案
编制人:高二年级备课组 M5 U3 Word study (1) welcome-grammar ▲Learning targets: 1. To pronounce the new words correctly 2. To know about the basic usage of some important words with the help of your dictionary 3. To finish the background reading ▲Self-study items before class: Ⅰ . Read all the new words and pay attention to the pronunciation Ⅱ . Word transformation 1. intention n.---________________ v. 2. anxiety n.---________________ adj. 3. adopt v.---________________ n. 4. legal adj.--- _________(反意词) 5. consequence n. ---___________adj. _________ adv 6. transform vt.--- ______________n. 7. crime n.--- ________adj. __________n. 8. profession n.---______________adj 9. original adj.--- ____________n. __________ adv 10. judgement n.--- ____________v. Ⅲ . Translate the following phrases 1.克隆第一个人类胚胎 2.一方面…另一方面… 3.指出 4.戏弄自然 5.正在做某事的过程中 6.一般来说 7.因为…而被表扬 8.杰出的科学进展 9.全神贯注于… 10.以…为目的 11.对…表示尊重 12.引起许多焦虑 13.收养其他人的孩子 14.一个克隆的孩子 15.努力推进 16.把…集中于… 17.对人类有益的 18.处理后果 19.用完 20.供出售 21.地球的自然资源 22.评论你的文章 23.完全同意 24.挑战道德观念 25.就我个人而言 26.彻底改变我的生活 27.死于心脏病 28.很有兴趣地 29.给某人做某事的权利 30.吊销某人的执照 ▲Read through the explanations and understand the usage of the new words 1. on the one hand…on the other hand… 一方面…另一方面… on the one hand 中的 the 可以省略,on (the) one hand 和 on the other hand 成对出现时,第二 个 hand 可以省略。 on the one hand…on the other hand…“一方面…另一方面…”用来表达相矛盾的两个方面。 for one thing…for another…“首先…再者…”陈述的两个方面的情况常常一致。 __________ they say they wish to reduce the cost of living, __________ they increase the duties on a number of articles.





__________, she is well-educated, __________, she is pretty. 2. tony with 戏弄 她一边和我说话,一边摆弄着一支铅笔 While she was takling to me, _______________________ Several students were ______________ 摆弄 a toy plane when I entered the classroom 3. intention n. [c] [u] 计划;目的 have no/every intention of doing sth. with the intention of doing sth. 你的意图究竟是什么? 他还没有要结婚的打算。 I began reading with the intention of finishing the book, but I never did.__________________ intend vt. ~ (sb.) to do; be intended for 政府打算采取措施来禁止向河中排放污水 这些书是为 5 到 7 岁的儿童准备的。 4. anxiety n. 忧虑, 焦急;渴望, 热望 pl. For some people, air travel is a real anxiety. anxiety about /over ; with (great) anxiety; 他焦虑地等着兄弟归来。 The teacher praised him for his anxiety for knowledge. be anxious for/about ... be anxious to do ... be anxious that...

父母亲为他的安全担忧。 My mother always gets a bit ___ if we don’t arrive when we say we will. A. anxious B. ashamed C. weak D. patient 5.adopt vt. 收养,领养;采用,采纳 adoption n. 收养,采取 adopt a child 领养孩子 adopt one’s idea 采纳某人的意见 adopt a new measure 采取新措施 某人的养子 one’s __________ son 他是一个固执的人,不会轻易地采纳别人的意见。 He is a stubborn man, and he doesn’t _____________________________________. adapt 和 adopt 词形相近,adapt 的意思为“ (使)适应, (使适合) ” 6.push ahead with 义无返顾地进行,努力推进 经过仔细考虑后,他们坚定坚决推动这笔交易的实现。 After careful consideration, they decided to __________________________. push aside __________ push forward _________ push over ________ push up _________ You just have to try and ________ these negative thoughts _________. The financial crisis ________ the price ___________. 7.consequence n. [c] 结果,后果 as a consequence/ in consequence 因此 as a consequence of/in consequence of 由于…的原因 大量的鱼死于排放入河流中的有毒废水。 (两种译法) 8. breakthrough n. 取得突破 break through 突破,穿过





科家们终于在同心脏病的斗争中取得了突破。 break down ____________ break up__________ break off ___________ break in___________ break out ______________ break away from ___________ ▲ Self-check exercises ⅠWord spelling 1. __________(精确地)speaking, you are making the same mistake. 2. He presented a new __________(概念)of the beginning of the universe. 3. The Greggs have __________(使改变) their garage into a guest house. 4. Stephen’s behavior caused his parents much __________(担忧). 5. In my __________(看法), we should accept his offer. 6. The farmer hired extra workers for the h__________. 7. Such a mistake would perhaps lead to disastrous c__________. 8. Her i__________ to make peace with you shone through without doubt. 9. As they had no children of their own, they a__________ an orphan. 10. Scientists have made a major b__________ in the treatment of cancer. ⅡSentence translation 1. 一般来说,人们都不喜欢被捉弄。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 她在会上提议的建议立刻被采纳了。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 他想赢得比赛的渴望是显而易见的。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 从他所说的判断,他对这个结果非常失望。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 由于全球变暖,许多地方的海平面都上升了。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. 在仅仅 20 年里。这个国家已经变成了一个工业强国。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. 他决定去国外留学,以提高英语水平。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. 做了一整天的作业,我完全累垮了。 _____________________________________________________________________________



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