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名词性从句连接词的选用 (一) that 和 what 的选用: that 和 what 都可引导所有的名词从句。但是,what 除起连接作用外,还在名词性从句中充 当成分,可做从句的主语、宾语、或表语。而 that 在名词性从句中不充当任何成分,只起连 接作用。 that / what 1.______ he wants is a book. 2. ______ he want

s to go there is obvious. 3.The result is ______ we won the game. 4.This is _____ we want to know. 5.Is _____ he told us true ? 6.We should pay attention to ______ the teacher is saying. 7. I have no doubt _____ he will come. 8. I have no idea _____ he did that afternoon. (二) if 和 whether 的选用 不能使用 if 的情况: a. 主语从句 b. 表语从句 c. 同位语从句 d. 介词后的宾语从句 e. whether to do 做动词宾语不能用 if to do. f .whether or not 连在一起引导宾语从句时不用 if. 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. 2.______ we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather. 3. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. 4. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. 5. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. 6. The question is _________ he should do it. 7.The doctor can hardly answer the question ______ the old man will recover soon. 8. I don’t know _______ to go. (三)其它连接代词和副词的连用 主要根据名词性从句中的具体意义,正确的选择 who、which、when、where、why、how 等连接词,这些连接词既具有疑问含义,又起连接作用,同时在从句中充当各种成分。我们 何时举行运动会还没有决定。 ________ we shall hold our sports meeting is not decided. 我不知道昨天谁打破了玻璃。 I don’t know _________ broke the glass yesterday. 我不知道他长的什么样子。 I have no idea _________ he looks like. 这就是我忘记眼镜的地方。 This is _________ I left my glasses. (四)引导词 that 的省略 that 可省略的情况: 单个宾语从句中的 that 可省略 that 不可省略的情况: a. 主语从句 b.表语从句 c.同位语从句 d.用 it 做形式宾语的宾语从句 e. 并列的宾语从句中的后几个从句的,引导词 that 不能省略 1.I don’t think ________ she is coming. 2.It is a pity ________ he has made such a mistake. 3.The reason is _________ he is careless . 4.The news ________ our team won the match inspired us. 5.I don’t think it necessary _________ you should read English aloud. 6.He told me __________ his father had died and __________ he had to make a living alone. 五、同位语从句的引导和辨别
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1.同位语从句的格式:n.+ 连接词 + 从句 2.能接同位语从句的名词有:fact、idea, news, information, order, belief, suggestion, advice 等. 3.连接词通常是 that,也可根据含义选用 whether, what, when, where 等来引导同位语从句. 1. I have no idea _________ he comes from. 2. He can’t answer the question ________ he got the money. 3.He gave us many suggestions ________ we should get up earlier and take more exercise. 4.I have no doubt ________ he will win. 5. I have some doubt ________ he will win. (六) 同位语从句和定语从句的区别 1.定语从句是先行词的修饰语,它不涉及先行词的具体内容。定语从句中 that 不但起连接作 用,而且在定语从句中充当一个句子成分,充当从句的宾语成分时可省略。 2.同位语从句对中 心词的内容作进一步的解释和说明,表明中心词的具体内容。引导同位 语从句的 that 在同位语从句中不做任何成分,只起连接作用,无具体含义,且不可省略. 1.We expressed the hope that they had expressed. 2. We expressed the hope that they would come to China again. 1.The information has been announced that more middle school graduates will be admitted into university. 2.The information that he revealed at the meeting is of great value. (七) 名词 demand, suggestion, proposal, advice 等词后的同位语从句的语气要用虚拟语气, 结构为 should + do, should 可省略 He gave me a suggestion that I ( should ) be calm now. (八) 宾语从句的时态呼应 1. 如果主句时态是现在时或将来时,从句谓语可根据句意需要而选用任一种时态. a .他相信他的梦想总有一天会实现的. He believes _________________________ . b .请告诉我你昨天这个时候在干什么. Please tell me _________________________. Practice: 1. It now appears ______ they are in need of help. A. that B. which C. what D. how 2. It is good news ______ they will arrive in a few days. A. which B. what C. that D. how 3. This is ______ she was born. A. where B. which C. that D. what 4. The question is ______ we can’t go there today. A. that B. what C. which D. when 5. The question is ______ it is worth doing. A. if B. whether C. which D. what 6. The reason he has made such great progress is _______ he has never wasted his time. A. because B. why C. that D. what 7. My suggestion is ______ we should turn the land into rice fields. A. what B. that C. which D. where 8. His proposal is that the dam ______ at the foot of the mountain.
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A. build B. will build C. be built D. will be built 9. We all know the truth _____ the earth goes round the sun. A. that B. which C. what D. whether 10. We heard the news ______ our team had won. A. which B. that C. what D. where 11. The problem ______ it is right or wrong has not yet been decided. A. which B. that C. whether D. if 12. You must do well ______ the teacher asks you to do. A. which B. what C. that D. where 答案: 一:what,that,that,what,what,what,that,what 二:if/whether , whether, whether ,whether/if , whether , whether , whether , whether 三:when ,who , what , where 四: (that) ,that,that,that,that (that ) that 五:where, how, that, that, whether 六:定语从句,同位语从句 ,同位语从句 ,定语从句 七: he was preparing for the examination. He had been away from his hometown for ten years. light travels in a straight line. Practice: ACAAB, CBCAB, CB

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