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book 4 Unit1Women of achievement复习课(公开课)


Book 4 Unit 1
Women of achievement

1.What does Jane study? chimps She studies ________ behavior . She is a chimp specialist 2.What did she find?

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★She found chimps behave much like human beings _______ .
★ One of the most important achievements was that she observed that chimps hunt and eat_____. meat

chimps Jane Goodall

按词性归类单词:behave , behavior, observe,achievement, v. n.
observation behavior achievement 1.I’m not here to argue with you. vi. 争论,辩论

构词法 1. 构词法 2 构词法 3
v. organize devote argue determine

observe behave

achieve 写出下列动词的名词形 n. organization devotion

2.His lawyers are arguing that he is unfit argument to stand trial(出庭受理) . vt. 坚决主张,提出理由证明 determination

选词填空 Jane Goodall went to Africa when she was twentytree years old, where she came across Louis Leakey . He chose Goodall to study wild chimps . determination Her ________________(determine, determination) devotion and _________(devote ,devotion) to the animals made her a good observer. Jane Goodall led a achieved hard life in the forest but she _________ (achieve, behave achievement) a lot. She found chimps _________ (behave, behavior) like human beings. She _________(observed, observation) chimps make observed and use tools . Only then did scientists know animals could also make and use tools.

【 behave搭配】 behave like sth behave well behave badly behave oneself 举止像什么 行为好 行为坏 well-behaved 表现好的

___________ 1.The child behave badly at table. 2.The child should learn to _____________ behave himself at table 3.It's hard to train children ___________ to behave well at the table.

阅读下列句子,注意observe 的意思及用法。 1.She observed chimps make and use tools. 观察 observe sb do sth 2. They faithfully observed the rules. 遵守observe sth 3. Do you observe Christmas? 庆祝observe sth 4. I observed him entering the bank with a gun. 观察 observe sb doing 【高考链接】 (湖北卷08)Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still ______ the traditional customs. A. perform B. possess C. √ observe D. support

选词填空 Jane Goodall went to Africa when she was twentytree years old, where she came across Louis Leakey . He chose Goodall to study wild chimps . Her ________________(determine, determination) determination and _________(devote ,devotion) to the animals devotion made her a good observer. Jane Goodall led a hard life in the forest but she _________ (achieve, achieved achievement) a lot. She found chimps _________ behave (behave, behavior) like human beings. She _________(observed, observation) chimps make observed and use tools . Only then did scientists know animals could also make and use tools.


1.He will observe the rules of traffic only when there are

policemen. Only when there are policemen will he observe the rules of traffic. 2. People began to observe Valentine’s Day only in recent years. Only in recent years did people begin to observe Valentine’s Day.

3. 课文经典句型再现 Only when her mother came to support her was Jane allowed to begin her work _____________________________________ (她才被允许 开始工作)
注意: only引导的状语放句首,主句要倒装

【寓词于境】阅读下列句子,注意support 的意思及 用法。 1.Which football do you support? Vt.支持,拥护 2. He has a large family to support. Vt.抚养,赡养

3. Bill had to support Jill or she would have fallen to the floor. Vt.支撑 【 高考链接】 (2010浙江卷). The majority of people in the town strongly __ the plan to build a playground for children. A. consider √ support C. confirm D. submit B.


Comments on Jane Goodall
devotes Jane Goodall ____________(奉献于,专心于) all her time to studying and protecting chimps. Her work is worthwhile (值得) . She gained a doctor’s degree. She _________ changed the way people think about chimps. It is her achievent that _________(鼓舞) more women to work inspires hard to achieve their dreams.
devote oneself/one’s time/one’s life +to +n/doing… It is worthwhile to do sth /doing sth.


visiting /a The museum is (well) worth________. visit visit It is worthwhile to _____the museum. visiting It is worthwhile _______the museum.
being visited The museum is worthy of_____________. The museum is worthy_____________. to be visited

Replace the underlined parts using words or phrases in the test.

With National College Entrance Examination approaching ,I went to all the bookstores of the town to buy books on how to guide high school students choose ideal college but failed. Today, I find an old book by chance on my came across an old book parents’ bookshelf. The book ,written by Lin Qiaozhi ,is designed for the women in the is Suddenly countryside. intended for it occurs to me that Lin hits is a specialist in women’ illness .She devotes her life to deliveringwomen to give birth to babies. A helping babies thought that why not study at medical college like Lin and continue her good work crowded carry on in. I am very eager to tell my parents the good can’t wait

? 吕植,我国著名大熊猫 专家。 ? 她从19岁开始在野外 考察大熊猫的自然生存 状态,进行了长期的野 外观察,向世界揭开了 野生大熊猫生活的神秘 面纱。 ? 野外考察行动被美国 《国家地理》拍成纪录 片.

inspire, devote, behavior, observe, observation, come across, lead a hard life, achievement, support, worthwhile,have

Dr Lv Zhi is considered as the "Jane Goodall" of the panda world.Inspired by Jane Goodall, Luzhi was determined to _______ _____ devote all her life to studying pandas . She spent eight years observing the Giant Panda's social behavior in the wild. She _______ ___________ led a hard life there but all her effort was worthwhile. Her __________ _______ observation of panda's daily life help her find out many ________ secrets . She developed a close bond with them. Once she came across _______ a sick panda . She nursed it back to health. Then the panda was not willing to leave her. She has won many rewards ______ for her achievements .Only after several years’ research work did she realize the ability of scientists is limited. She ______ needs the support of the public. Dr Lu Zhi , together with has other 4 professors, set agreement 主谓一致 Subject-verb up an organization to help save pandas.

Madam Curie

proofreading (10个错)
Madam Curie,great physicist and chemist, spend all her life on physics and chemistry research. Madam Curie devotes herself to discover new chemistry elements. Because her research, we now know Po and Ra. In 1903 she got the Nobel Prize for Physics and again in 1911 she won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Madam Curie is regarded to one of the greatest woman in the world. People all over the world think high of her selflessness and her outstanding contributions. His spirit of selflessness, determined and persistence encourage both of us learn from her.

Here is an example of reviewing a sentence pattern


It hits / hit sb. + that … 某人突然想起

他突然想到他是最佳人选。 ① It hit him that he should turn to the police for help. (hit) ② It struck him that he should turn to …. (strike) ③ It occurred to him that he should turn to ... (occur) ④ It flashed upon him that he should turn to ... (flash)

1. I couldn’t remember the answer when the teacher called me in class, and then it suddenly _____ me. A. hit B. caught C. reported D. reminded 2. It struck me that nobody was in favor of the change. (strike)

22.deliver: vt. ①投递;传送 ~~… to… eg:1)那个邮差准时地投递信件。 The mailman delivered the letters on time. 2)一些新书已被送到学校。 Some new books have been delivered to the school. ②生(小孩儿);给...接生 eg:1)晚上她生了一对双胞胎。 She delivered twins in the evening. 2)哪位医生接生了这个婴儿? Which doctor delivered the baby? ③发表(演说等);讲;宣布 deliver an important report

Describe a woman you know. Your description can be ordered like this:

Part1: General introduction (Beginning) Part2: Life experience (education, career…) Part2: her qualities/ achievements (give some example to explain) Part3: people’s opinion on her (Ending)

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. ----Helen Keller Helen Keller If ever there was a superwoman that woman is Helen Keller. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

假如你班宣传栏要出名人专版, 根据以下内容写一篇短文,简要 介绍美国著名盲人作家海伦.凯 勒。 1880年6月,出生在Northwest Alabama,19个月大时,因病导致 失明、失聪,在老师Anne Sullivan的支持下开始学习,凭 借坚强的意志完成大学学业;致 力于写书,还环游世界39个国家, 演讲,受到全世界人的尊敬,鼓 舞了残疾人。1968年去世

achievement respect inspire devote…to devotion, determination, lead a …life behave, behavior, support

Only 倒装句强调句

The assessment criteria of compositions
Well-organized? (Topic sentence ,details, conclusion( The criteria of marking Proper conjunctions compositions Variety of vocabulary Various sentence patterns


Proper tense/voice

( ( (

) ) )


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