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(新课标)2016届高考英语二轮复习 攻关篇 专题二 校园生活课件

专题二 校园生 活

该话题在高考英语书面表达中屡见不鲜。内容主要涉及课程设置、课外活动 (讲座、运动会、各类竞赛)、饮食起居、师生友谊和绿色校园等。写作类型常用 记叙文、日记、演讲稿、通知等。


必备语句 介绍活动: ◆活动的意义 场所类词汇: campus 校园 stadium 体育馆 1.Extracurricular activities played a very significant role in my canteen 餐厅 accommodation growth.课外活动对我的成长起 住宿 到了重要的作用。 dorm 宿舍 2.Out-of-class activities help dormmate/roommate 合租一间 cultivate students’ social 宿舍(公寓或房屋)的人 communication and leadership lecture theatre 大教室,阶梯教室 skills.课外活动有助于培养学生 们的社交和领导能力。

词汇积累 必备语句 auditorium 大礼堂 laboratory/lab 实验 ◆活动的内容 3.When they take part in an international 室 summer camp,Chinese students are given the Students’ Union 学生 chance to go abroad,meet new people and get 会 involved in all sorts of activities.中国学生参 Students’ Club 学生 加国际夏令营时,他们得到了出国、认识新 俱乐部 朋友及参与各种各样的活动的机会。 课程类词汇: 描述人物: semester=term 学期 ◆介绍人物特点 mid-term exam 期中 4.She was quite optimistic and energetic.She 考试 brought me a lot of happiness and courage.I final exam 期末考试 learned from her something precious—a required/compulsory belief in life.她非常乐观,有活力。她给我带 course 必修课程 来了许多快乐和勇气。 我从她身上学到了珍 optional/elective/selec 贵的东西——对生活的信心。 tive


必备语句 5.Li Hua always treats people course 选修课程 with respect and love.李华总是 schedule 课程表 以尊敬和关爱对待他人。 活动类词汇: ◆对人物的评价 register for/sign up for 报名参加 6.Li Hua set us a good example pick up 学会 major in 主修 with his touching story.李华以他 being punctual 准时 be 感人的故事给我树立了一个榜 involved in 忙于 样。 concentrate on 集中精力于…… 7.My teacher filled my heart with pay attention to 注意 warmth and joy,just as angels do. make improvement 取得进步 老师给我带来了温暖和快乐,就 stay up all night 熬夜 像天使一样。

词汇积累 必备语句 make up the exam 补 ◆学习生活中的困难和成绩 课 8.Every student,no matter how talented or cheat in the exam 考试 hard-working,will come across difficulties in his or her study.每位学生,不管他有多么 作弊 participate in/take part 聪明,多么努力,在学习中总会遇到困难。 9.Every time before an examination,I am so in 参与 extracurricular activities upset.I’m afraid I may fail in the exam and can’t live up to my teachers’ expectations. 课外活动 每次考试前,我都非常烦躁,害怕可能不能 scholarship 奖学金 及格,辜负了老师的期望。 apply for 申请

词汇积累 必备语句 评价类词汇: impressive 印象深刻的 10.It has been many years since I started learning English,but only recently do I get enthusiastic 热情的 some progress on it.我学英语已有许多年 discouraged 失望的 了,但是,最近我才取得了些进步。 exhausted 筋疲力尽的 ◆学习和实践的重要性 restless 焦躁不安的 11.It’s very important for me to acquire be addicted to 对……上 excellent English language skills.获得精 瘾 通英语的能力对我们来说非常重要。 distraction 分心 12.Only by making good preparation will deserve 应该得到 you have the time and focus essential to be on good terms 关系好 succeeding.只有做好充分的准备,你才拥 considerate/thoughtful 有成功所必备的时间和注意力。 考虑周到的;体贴人的

【典型模板】 学校活动类模板: We had 活动 last Friday.To my great surprise,结果. The competition was organized by 组织方 in 活动地点.It consisted of three steps.First,we were told 事情之一.And then,we were asked 事情之二.Lastly we were required 事情之三. At first,I was a little afraid,but later 变化的原因,I became comfortable and natural,and did very well in 具体的事件. The result has been out today.我的感受及评价.

对学校活动评价的模板: There are different opinions about it.Some students say A is their favorite.They hold their view for the reason of 支持 A 的理由 一.What’s more,理由二,Moreover,理由三. However,others think that B is a better choice because of the following three reasons.Firstly,支持 B 的理由一.Secondly/Besides,理 由二.Thirdly/Finally,理由三. From the point of view,我的观点.The reason is that 原因.As a matter of fact,there are some other reasons to explain my choice.其他原因 一.Besides,其他原因二.

假设你是红星中学高三学生李华。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,介绍在“传 统文化进校园”活动中,向面人艺术家学习捏面人的过程,并以“A Day with a

注意:词数不少于60。 提示词:一个面团 a piece of dough 面人 dough figurine


要审好图中的内容,用规范的语言描述下来,然后把四幅图用恰当的语言手段整合 起来。人称宜用第一人称;时态用过去时。

【范文展示】 Last Tuesday,our class invited an old craftsman to teach us how to make dough figurines. When the craftsman came into the classroom,①we gave him a warm welcome and two boys helped him with the tool box.First,he showed us the basic steps and skills of making dough figurines.We stood around him and watched attentively.Then we started to have a try ourselves.The old man walked around and helped us patiently.Finally,we put the figurines we made on the table② and took pictures with the old craftsman.Looking at the figurines,we were all very excited.③

We hope we can have more activities of this kind!


保持一致的原则。 句①为when引导的时间状语从句。




A (2015石家庄二模) 假定你是李华。校学生会正在举办“魅力中学生”评选报名活动,旨在给学生提 供展示风采的舞台,为大家树立学习的榜样。下面的海报吸引了正在你校访问的 美国学生Catherine的关注。请向她介绍此次活动,并阐述你心目中“魅力中学生” 的标准。




3.首句已给出,不计入总词数。 The poster is about a selection registration named Charming Students.



参考范文: The poster is about a selection registration named Charming Students.This activity,organized by Students’ Union,provides us with a stage to show our talents and also sets us students examples to follow.Anyone who is willing to participate in this activity is allowed to apply online.And the application deadline is May 20th.

To be charming students,in my opinion,they should be someone popular with
us,positive to life,kind to people and always ready to help others.Besides an excellent academic performance,they are also supposed to do well in various aspects,such as singing,dancing,painting and sports.Having a creative mind is equally important.



B (2015成都三模) 假如你是中学生李平。最近你校规定:学生在校期间,禁止到校外就餐。现在, 请你就此事给校报英文版编辑写一封信,内容包括: 1.学校制定此规定的理由; 2.同学们对此规定的反应及理由;

注意:1.词数120左右;信的开头与结束语已写好,不计入总词数; 2.文中不得透露你和所在学校的真实名字; 3.参考词汇:食堂 canteen [C]



Dear editor,

Best wishes! Yours, Li Ping



参考范文: Dear editor, I’m writing to talk about our school’s new rule that all students are forbidden to eat out during school days. The school says,for one thing,the food outside the campus isn’t healthy and its safety can’t be guaranteed,and for another,if students have meals in the canteen,they

may save money because the food there is cheaper.
However,some students are against the rule for two reasons.First,they dislike the food in the canteen because of its poor quality.In addition,the school seems to try to make more money if all students are forced to have every meal in school.



Personally,to make more students have meals inside the campus,the school should make the food taste nicer and offer them a larger variety of food,too. Best wishes! Yours, Li Ping


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