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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T) 一、 单词拼写 1. Having suffered from the war for too long, Libyans ( 利 比 亚 人 民 ) are desperate for peace. 2. His efforts to raise money for his program were in vain, because no one showed any intention/intended to take a cent out of their pocket. 3. Crying is usually considered

characteristic(特征)of the female. 4. She was always very generous(慷慨 的)in her charity. 5. The police had to make a forcible 强迫 ( 的/强制的) entry into the house where the criminal was hiding. 6. Oliver Twist was written by one of the greatest novelists in the world. 7. The antique(古董)vase was made in
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

1628, so it is worth a lot now. 8. Violent criminal/crime like that are/is a danger to society. 9. His political reputation was ruined by his abuse of the power. 10.My hobby is a good tool to relieve the tension that builds up at work. 二、 选词填空 have a place in, would rather, come out, be set in, have nothing to do with, in vain, be bent on, live up to, base…on, be adapted from 1. They were very happy that their efforts had not been in vain. 2. If you want to have a place in the IT world, you will have to double your efforts. 3. The country girl was bent on going to that university as she liked urban life very much.
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

4. Many people don’t like classics because they consider they are old and boring and have nothing to do with life today. 5. Great Expectations is set in England in the early 1800s. 6. This new film is said to be adapted from a novel by Jane Austen. 7. A good marriage is based on trust. 8. Do you know that the first textbooks written for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century? 9. He is taking pains (尽力) to reach the goal set by his parents because he wants to live up to their expectations. 10.—Would you like him to paint your door with yellow stars? —I’d rather he painted it blue, and without any decoration. 三、 单项选择 1. The young man is _____ becoming a
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

lawyer and winning the girl’s love. A. bent with C. bent on B. bending on D. bending to

2. Li Ping, you can borrow books from the school library, but _____. A. one at a time C. one once B. one by one D. one after another

3. —Do you mind if I keep pets in this building? —_____. A. I’d rather you didn’t, actually B. Of course not, it’s not allowed here. C. Great! I love pets D. No, you can’t 4. I dislike _____ you treat me in this way. A. when C. it when B. it if D. one that

5. —I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cut in (超车/插入) and knocked me down.
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

—You can never be _____ careful. (你越仔细越好/无论你怎么样仔细 也不过分。 ) A. much C. so B. very D. too

6. His new story ________ what happened in the coal mine many years ago is the best seller this year. A. based on C. was based on B. basing on D. was basing on

7. —I’m not good at dancing, you know. —______ Just for fun. (09 浙江金华十 校联考) A. Don’t say so. B. Come on! (快/来吧! ) C. What a pity! D. Come out! 8. Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health. It may also be good for ________ building.
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

A. respect C. reputation

B. friendship D. character

9. It was too hard for the firefighters to get close to the burning building. All their attempts to rescue the people trapped were______. A. in vain C. in place B. in return D. in danger

10.Since her childhood, she has tried her best to ______ her ideals. A. live with C. live through B. live up to D. live on

11.—Will you join us in the game? —Thank you, _______(07 江西 21) A. but why not? B. but I’d rather not. C. and I won’t D. and I’ll join. 12.—Why on earth(到底/究竟) didn’t you come? —I _______ call on you, but was discouraged from doing so due to the
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

heavy snowstorm. A. had meant to C. intended to B. would like to D. would

13.The color of the coat ______ me well, but it is a little large, it doesn’t _____ me perfectly. A. suits; suit C. fits; suit B. fits; fit D. suits; fit

14.— If _____, some terrible diseases would spread in the stricken areas after the terrible earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. —So people there were in _____ need of medical teams. A. don’t controlled; short B. not controlling; little C. not being controlled; anxious D. not controlled; desperate 15.He is a worthy(相称的/可敬的) leader, who never______ his power
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高中英语整整体教学与细节优化学案—M8 U1 Welcome to the unit & reading (T)

which is given by people. A. uses C. ignores B. abuses D. forces

16.It was______ of her to contribute such a large sum. A. former C. secure B. regular D. generous

17.Last term our math teacher set so difficult an examination problem

_______ none of us worked it out. A. that C. so that B. as D. which

18.China has 56 nationalities, each of which has its own______, forming the various and colorful Chinese culture. A. virtues C. properties B. performances D. characteristics

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