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湖北 2014 年高职统考英语真题 注意事项: 1. 答卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在试题卷和答题卡上,并将准考证号条形码粘贴在答题卡 上的指定位置。用统一提供的 2B 铅笔将答题卡上试卷类型 A 后的方框涂黑。 2. 选择题的作答: 每小题选出答案后, 用统一提供的 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。 如需改动, 用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其它答案标号。写在试题卷、草稿纸和答题卡上的非答题区域均无效。 3. 书面表达的作答:用统一提供的签字笔直接答在答题卡上对应的答题区域内。写在试题卷、草稿纸和答题 卡上的非答题区域均无效。 4. 考试结束后,请将本试题卷和答题卡一并上交。 Ⅰ. 选择题 (本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个可以填入题中空白处的最佳选项。未选、错选或 多选均不得分。 1. —Your English is excellent! —______. A. Just so so B. No, my English is poor C. Thank you D. You are right 2. —Remember to telephone me when you arrive. —OK, ______. A. I must B. I will C. I should D. I can 3. —Hi, Peter! Shall we go out for a picnic this weekend? —______. A. Good idea B. Yes, please C. No, thanks 4. ―Excuse me, I’m a visitor to this city. I get lost. ―______ A. Sorry. B. That’s OK. C. What can I do for you? D. Nice to meet you. 5. Yesterday,I ______ an exciting TV program when she came in.

D. Never mind

A. watched B. was watching C. had watched D. am watching 6. I have been to the palace four times ______ 2000. A. since B. after C. in D. before 7. They are looking forward to ______ a good result after a long time of hard work. A. get B. getting C. be getting D. have got 8. The child is sleeping, and would you please ______ TV a little? A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down D. turn off 9. Can you ______ the differences between American English and British English? A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell 10. In our class, we have only two ______. A. woman teacher B. woman teachers C. women teacher D. women teachers 11. My new camera isn’t like Bill’s, but it is almost the same as ______. A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself 12. They tried hard, but ______ could answer the question.

A. all B. none C. some D. everybody 13. ______ it is to have a game of basketball after a day of study at school! A. What a fun B. How fun C. What fun D. How a fun 14. There is ______ old phone on the table. ______ phone is hers. A. an; The B. the; An C. a; The D. the; The 15. —Excuse me, ______ does it take me to the railway station? —It’s twenty minutes’ walk. A. how often B. how many C. how long D. how much 16. The soup smells ______. I would like to drink it. A. bad B. hot C. terrible D. nice 17. All the students are going to the park except ______. A. he and I B. him and I C. him and me D. he and me 18. Neither Tim nor Jim ______ from Britain. They are from Australia. A. is B. were C. are D. was 19. He has never had enough money to afford a house, ______ he? A. has B. hasn’t C. does D. doesn’t 20. After learning the grammar rules, we went on ______ exercises. A. to do B. done C. do D. did Ⅱ. 单句指错 (本大题共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) 下列每个句子标有 A、B、C、D 的词语或用法中,各有一个错误,请选出并将答题卡上对应字母的标号涂黑。 未选、错选或多选均不得分。 21. With the school starting , I am busy make money for my tuition. A B C D 22. Not only she heard about that TV play but also she watched it. A B C D 23. I still remember that Mum often tells us stories at bedtime when we were young. A B C D 24. They are going to buy a new bed for their boy, as the old one isn’t enough big for him. A B C D 25. In some countries of the world, tea served with milk and sugar. A B C D 26. Li Ming is not so tall as his brother, but both of them are much more taller than their father. A B C D 27. I wish my mother can sleep longer this morning, but she got up earlier than before. A B C D 28. The teacher, along with some students, are now working in the new lab. A B C D 29. It was two years ago when she went to teach in a country school. A B C D 30. They found this impossible to finish their homework within three hours. A B C D


III. 完形填空 (本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31~50 各小题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项,使短文的意思通顺、 前后连贯。未选、错选或多选均不得分。 I will never forget the day when the earthquake took place. The 31 was a quarter past five in the afternoon. And I was 32 along the road to fetch my daughter from her school. Our 33 had been to go swimming together. I had 34 work at about 4 o’clock and then gone to the post office. I was driving along a highroad on my way to the 35 . Over my road was another 36 for cars going the other way. Suddenly I saw the cars in front of me 37 to move from side to side. I slowed down. Then my car started to 38 . I didn’t know what was happening. Perhaps something had gone wrong with my 39 . I drove even slower. Then the road above started to 40 down. I stopped the car and at the same moment the road fell onto the cars in front of me. I found myself in the dark. I couldn’t 41 anything. The bottom part of my legs and my feet were hurting 42 and I couldn’t move them. I listened; all 43 me was quiet. But below me I could hear shouts and a lot of 44 . Then I remembered what had happened. It was 45 to me now that I had been in an earthquake. For about two hours nobody 46 . Then I heard people climbing 47 me. A team of people had come to see 48 anyone was under the road. I called out, “I’m 49 !” hoping to be heard. Luckily, I was. Soon a stranger 50 beside the bridge near my car. It took them more than twelve hours to get me out of my car and bring me to a hospital. 31. A. date B. earthquake C. time D. news

32. A. walking 33. A. plan 34. A. begun 35. A. school 36. A. city 37. A. start 38. A. turn 39. A. ears 40. A. lie 41. A. see 42. A. badly 43. A. beside 44. A. shots 45. A. clear 46. A. died 47. A. for 48. A. why 49. A. here 50. A. hurt

B. driving B. pleasure B. finished B. office B. area B. stop B. back B. car B. slow B. hear B. suddenly B. above B. shouts B. important B. came B. off B. when B. hungry B. climbed

C. wandering C. interest C. founded C. hospital C. road C. continue C. shake C. hands C. sit C. understand C. deeply C. below C. noises C. necessary C. woke C. beyond C. if C. alive C. looked

D. running D. opinion D. discussed D. station D. way D. refuse D. break D. seat D. fall D. move D. immediately D. around D. music D. strange D. cried D. towards D. how D. ready D. called

Ⅳ. 阅读理解 (本大题共 25 小题,每小题 2 分,共 50 分) 阅读下列短文,每篇文章后面有五个小题,请从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳答案。未选、 错选或多选均不得分。 Passage One When I was coming to 50 years old, I announced to my three grown children that I no longer

wanted to celebrate my birthday and that they could phone me instead of sending a gift. At first they protested (抗议) , but finally they agreed to go along with my wish. So when the doorbell rang on the morning of my birthday, I was surprised to see the florist ( 卖花人) delivering a huge, beautiful plant. Suddenly, without a word, she rushed back to the truck and, with a sad look, turned once to glance at me. Puzzled, I read the card attached (附带) to the plant: “To Mom—with lots of love—on your very last birthday.” 51. On their mother’s 50th birthday, the children were expected to . A. call her B. send her a present C. tell her their wishes D. give her a birthday party 52. On hearing their mother’s announcement, the children ______. A. were surprised B. disagreed with her C. were sad D. accepted it happily 53. What did the florist deliver to the writer? A. A plant. B. A phone. C. A flower. D. A truck. 54. The writer was “puzzled” (in Line 6) by ______. A. the words on the card B. the gift from her children C. the ring of the doorbell D. the look on the florist’s face 55. Why did the florist feel sad? A. She was too tired. B. She had to hurry home. C. She disliked the writer. D. She thought the writer was dying. Passage Two I live in a small village in the country. My wife and I run the village shop. We have a very peaceful life, boring, some might say, but we love it. I have plenty of time for my hobbies—gardening, fishing, and walking in the countryside, but it wasn’t always like this. I used to have a very stressful job, till late in the office every evening and often bringing work home on the weekend. The advertising world is very competitive ( 竞争激烈的 ) . I had no private life at all. No time for the really important things in life. Because of the pressure, I used to smoke and drink too much. The trouble came when my wife decided to leave me. She complained she never saw me. And I had no time for a family life. This made me realize what was really important to me. I talked things through with her and decided to get back and start a new and better life together. 56. The writer of the passage is ______. A. a shop owner B. a fisherman C. a clerk in an office D. a manager of a company 57. In the writer’s opinion, life in the country is ______. A. satisfying B. boring C. stressful D. competitive 58. The man used to smoke and drink too much, as he ______. A. was in a big trouble B. enjoyed smoking and drinking C. often had dinners with his customers D. wanted to forget the pressure from work 59. Why did the man’s wife want to leave him? A. He drank too much.

B. They had little time together. C. He complained a lot. D. They never talked things through. 60. Which means the most important to the man? A. Family. B. Business. C. Hobby. D. Job. Passage Three Dear Xiaojun, I hope you are very well. I’m fine, but tired. Right now it is the summer vacation and I’m helping my Dad on the farm. August is the hottest month here. It is the time of year for the rice harvest, so every day I work from morning until dark. Sometimes we go on working after dark by the lights of our tractors ( 拖 拉机) . We grow rice in the south of the States, but in the north where it is colder they grow wheat. We have a lot of machines on the farm. Although the farm is large, my Dad has only two men working for him. But he employs more men for the harvest. My brother takes care of the vegetable garden. It doesn’t often rain in the summer here. As a result, we have to water the vegetable garden. Every evening we pump water from a well. It then runs along channels to different parts of the garden. Most Saturday evenings there is a party, even at harvest time. We cook meat on an open fire outside. It’s great! Americans eat a lot of meat—too much in my opinion. Some of my friends drink beer. I don’t, because I have to drive home after the party. In your letter you asked about the time in different areas of the States. There are five different time areas in the States. In my state we are fourteen hours behind Beijing time. How many different time areas do you have in China? Well, I must stop and get some sleep. Please give my regards to your parents. Best wishes, Charlie 61. How does Charlie usually feel in August? A. Cold. B. Drunk. C. Tired. D. Disappointed. 62. If they don’t have enough rain for vegetables, Charlie’s brother will try to get water from ______. A. a lake B. a machine C. a channel D. a well 63. In Charlie’s opinion, the Americans ______. A. should cook meat on an open fire B. should have more vegetables C. should have less meat D. should drink less beer 64. Different from Charlie, boys in Beijing ______. A. go to bed later B. see the sunrise earlier C. enjoy more rain in summer D. know nothing about time areas

65. By saying “Please give my regards to your parents”, Charlie wants Xiaojun to ______. A. be nice to his parents B. pay his parents a visit C. stop reading the letter D. say hello to his parents for him Passage Four Stanford University is a world famous university. But you may not know its founding is connected with a president of Harvard University. Many years ago, an old couple called on the president of Harvard University without telling him in advance (提前) . The president received them unwillingly (不情愿地) . Judging from their clothes, the president regarded them as poor people. The old woman said that their son had studied in Harvard University for a year but he passed away because of an unexpected accident. They wanted to build a building to honor him. The president wasn’t moved and he felt funny. He told them, “You don’t know how much will be needed for a building. The building in our school is more than $7,500,000.” The old lady was silent. The president felt more unhappy and funny. The old lady turned to her husband, “Only $7,500,000 is enough for a building. Why don’t we build a university in memory of our son?” In this way, the Stanfords left Harvard University for California; there they built Stanford University in memory of their son. This thing is regarded as the most regretful in Harvard University’s history. 66. The passage talks about ______. A. an unexpected accident B. the death of a student from Harvard C. an old couple’s visit to a university D. the founding of a world famous university 67. The president from Harvard University received the couple ______. A. kindly B. happily C. with care D. without respect 68. The underlined phrase “passed away” (in Para.3) means “______”. A. died B. got hurt C. left D. got lost 69. Why did the old lady become silent? A. She felt regretful. B. She didn’t have so much money. C. She was going to make a new decision. D. She decided to leave Harvard University. 70. The story is a good example to show that ______. A. we should be respectful to parents B. we should be friendly to old people C. we shouldn’t judge people by their words D. we shouldn’t judge people by what they wear

Passage Five The names of certain places in the United States make people think of big businesses. Detroit, a city in Michigan, means cars. Texas means oil. Wall Street in New York City means the stock ( 股票) market and “big money”. There is another place name that is well-known in the U.S.. That is Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue in New York is the place where many advertising companies have their offices. And advertising is one of the biggest businesses in America. The same kinds of things are produced and sold by many different companies in the U.S.. Many different companies sell cars, many others sell oil. Many different companies sell soap, tires ( 轮胎), and so on. Each company wants the public to buy its products. By advertising these companies make the public interested in what they want to sell. Each company pays advertisers to tell the public about its products. Suppose a company has a new breakfast cereal that it wants to sell. In an advertising office on Madison Avenue plans are made for telling the public about this product. The advertising company takes beautiful pictures of people eating the cereal. These pictures appear in newspapers or magazines and also on TV. 71. According to the passage, the names of certain places in the United States remind people of ______. A. living places B. working units C. different products D. different businesses 72. Madison Avenue is the place where ______. A. people can earn their living B. there are many advertising companies C. many office buildings have been built D. people can buy all kinds of products 73. The word “cereal” in the last paragraph refers to a kind of ______. A. medicine B. food C. drink D. restaurant 74. According to the passage, the main task of advertising is to ______. A. draw the picture of a product B. put a product in newspapers C. design the image of a product D. tell the public about a product 75. The best title for this passage is “______”. A. The Stock Market in the U.S. B. The Famous Cities in the U.S. C. The Different Companies in the U.S. D. The Advertising Business in the U.S. Ⅴ. 书面表达 (25 分) 新学期开学,你们班在班会上对同学们在春节期间的主要活动做了调查。其中 60%的同学在家看电 视或上网,20%的同学做运动,20%的同学帮助父母做家务。你个人认为我们不应该将大量时间花费在看 电视和上网上,而应该充分利用假期做些有意义的事情,比如做些户外活动或帮父母做些家务。 根据所给信息写一篇 80 词左右的短文,可以适当调整内容的顺序和增加细节。 参考词汇:做调查 do a survey;上网 surf the Internet; 充分利用 make good use of;户外活动 outdoor activities.




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