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第一部分 I.单项填空(20%) 1. Only when the war was over ______to his hometown. A. the young soldier returned B. returned the young soldier C. the young soldier did return D. did the young soldier return 2. I’ll go on _______ the story where I left off last time. A. to B. with C. for D. at 3. We observed her ________on the opposite side of the way. A. to walk B. walked C. walking D. walks 4. Could you show me the radio you want _________? A. to have repaired B. to repaired it C. to have it repaired D. it repairing 5. ----What does your foreign friend, Tom think of Zhengzhou? ---- Tom _______Zhengzhou a very beautiful city. A. considers B. elects C. agrees D. recognizes 6. In order to change our attitudes ________learning English, our teacher told us English was very useful and important at the meeting. A. about B. towards C. of D. on 7. To whom did his teahouse _______after the old man died? A. give B. leave C. belong D. get 8. His English is so poor that he can’t make himself ________. A. understand B. to understand C. understanding D. understood 9. When _______ to make a speech, he said he would be glad to do so. A. inviting B. invited C. to invite D. invite 10. As we all know, Lu Xun made great contributions ________Chinese literature. A. for B. in C. to D. on 11. The old pictures _________ memories of his childhood. A. called in B. called on C. called up D. called for 12.__________we’ll go fishing tomorrow depends on the weather. A. If B.Wheather C. That D. Why 13. Even after a long time, they find _______ difficult to say simple things in Chinese. A. this B. that C. it D. these 14. With a lot of work ________, he was too tired too move. A. done B. to be done C. to do D. to have done 15. It is _______ to think how ________ people fall when it is snowing. A. frightening, easy B. frightening, easily C. frightened, easily D. frightened, easy 16.You should ______attention to _________your pronunciation. A. pay more, improve B. draw many, improve C. pay more, improving D. draw many, improving 17. The officer _______ _______ the outcome of the election would be at the meeting. A. forecasted, that B. forecast, how C. forecast, why D. forecast, what 18. Mother ______ my father to give up smoking and drinking , but she failed.

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A. managed B. persuaded C. advised D. enjoyed 19.It is reported that about 20 percent of the old people in this area suffer high blood pressure . A. of B. from C. in D. towards 20---Look! It’s raining hard. We can’t go to the concert now. ----What a pity! How I wish the rain _______soon. A. will stop B. would stop C. stopped D. had stopped II. 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,撑握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项 It was a Sunday afternoon and , unlike the past few weekends , the four of us did not sit at the kitchen table playing cards . That evening, my parents seated my sister Emily room because they said that they deep in his forehead divorce . Tears began to 26 in my mother’s eyes . My father went over and stared out 28 of my parents as being in love , 30 32 29 27 the view of the backyard . I always they fought all 31 came 33 the time . I saw them as in every way . I looked up to them .I think the 34 25 22 My father began slowly , as if he was 23 21 I down in the living 24 grew to talk to us . something back .

he told us that he and my mother were getting a

anyone else , and now they destroyed their from not having anyone to look up to .

Now I see my father about once a week , and it is him more 35

. I can talk to my

and I have learned to appreciate the time I get to spend with my father . 36 mother it has changed in a different way . I have She works so hard to to 40 38 the family . 39 37

to respect her more . and

It took lots of time for me to know that what they did was for the mistakes . 21.A.and 22.A.decided 23.A.getting 24.A.Threads 25.A.before 26.A.build 27.A.within 28.A.knew 29.A.as if 30.A.perfect B.but B.ought B.holding B.Marks B.as B.fall B.off B.heard B.even though B.happy C.when C.had C.taking C.Signs C.after C.drop C.away C.learned C.so that C.confused D.while D.meant D.stopping D.Lines D.since D.pile D.beyond D.thought D.now that D.puzzled

them for it . I now know that parents are not perfect and also make

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31.A.as much as 32.A.dream 33.A.effect 34.A.different 35.A.often 36.A.For 37.A.come 38.A.help 39.A.best 40.A.admired B.no more than B.mind B.sense B.difficult B.closely B.To B.known B.afford B.better B.forgive C.not more than D.more than C.image C.feeling C.distant C.openly C.At C.hoped C.support C.most C.thank D.figure D.pain D.delicious D.kindly D.With D.refused D.supply D.more D.praise

III:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Mr Smith is well known in Washington because of his many social blunders . He always likes to attend the various social functions because he wants to expand his circle of friends . Whenever he is invited, he goes , unless he is ill . Recently he received an invitation to a fashionable banquet . Although he did not know the hostess , he accepted the invitation . He was secretly very pleased , because he felt that his reputation as a desirable guest was growing . When he arrived at the banquet hall , he found that about one hundred people had been invited . He began to move around the hall . He spoke to other guests whether he knew them or not . He soon realized that he had never met any of the other people present , although they seemed to know each other . At dinner he was seated beside a very dignified woman . The woman tried to be friendly even though she had never met Mr. Smith before . She spoke politely whenever he spoke to her . Between the first and the second course of the meal , she , turned to Mr. Smith and said , “Do you see that gray-haired man at the end of the table ? The one with glasses .” “Ah , yes . Who is he ?” “He’s the Secretary of the Interior !” she replied . Mr . Smith said , “So that’s the Secretary of the Interior ! I’m afraid that I find very little to admire about him, although he is the Secretary .” The woman stiffened and did not reply . Mr. Smith continued in spite of her coldness . “I really can’t see how he received his appointment unless he is perhaps a relative of the President .”

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“It hardly matters whether you like the Secretary or not , ”she said . “He was chosen because the President thought he was the man for the job . If he does the job well , you should have no complaint .” “That’s just it,” persisted Mr. Smith . “No one does the things he does , unless he is a complete fool ! ” “Sir !” said the woman in all her dignity . “Do you know who I am ?” “No,” replied Mr. Smith . “I am the Secretary’s wife ,” she said coldly . Mr. Smith was shocked , but he went on in spite of his embarrassment . “Madam , do you know who I am ?” “No , I don’t ,” the woman replied . “Thank goodness !” exclaimed Mr. Smith , as he quickly left the table . 41.Why is Mr. Smith well known in Washington ? A.He’s the Secretary of the Interior . B.He has more friends than other people . C.He always makes foolish mistakes on social occasions . D.He likes to go to all kinds of parties . 42.At dinner he was seated beside a very dignified means . A.beautiful B.serious C.noble woman . The underlined part D.kind-hearted

43.When Mr. Smith learned that the woman didn’t know who he was , he felt A.shocked B.worried C.embarrassed B Biomass energy (生物能), often forgotten as promising alternative (替代物) to oil , received its day in the sun with the gathering of the Bio-Energy World Congress and Exposition in Atlanta , Georgia , late in April , 1990 . Nearly 1700 scientists , businessmen , and policy-makers , one-quarter from the foreign nations, gathered for a week to discuss various means of squeezing usable energy out of trees , crops manure , seaweed , algae and urban waste . Biomass in the United States contributes 2.5 percent of the total supply , but this amount can be doubled by 2000 and then doubled again by the year 2010. Eight percent of Sweden’s energy supply , for example , is presently coming from wood bark and pulp remains . Sweden intends to raise this percentage by more intensive harvesting of waste food lying around in forests , and through the planting of so-called energy forests of fast-growing trees such as willow and birch . Brazil is frequently pointed to as a nation with a major successful investment (投资) in energy coming from grains : it presently runs 330,000 automobiles on a water and alcohol (酒精) mixture , replacing 10 percent of its previous oil supply . Brazilian representatives (代表) at the conference said they wish to double this in five years , with a final goal of total replacement . Most of the cars are built D.relieved

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at the factory to use the mixture , while older models are changed through low-cost government programs . 44.In Line 2, the phrase received its day in the sun most probably means A.came to the public mind C.was regarded as a solar energy . B.had its turn in the sunlight D.came from the energy of the sun

45.Which of the following statements is supported by the passage ? A.1700 scientists attended the conference . B.A quarter of American businessmen were present at the conference . C.Foreign policy-makers accounted for a quarter . D.Three-quarters of the representatives were from the U.S. 46.Of the total supply twenty years later , biomass in the U. S. will be A.5% B.20% C.10% D.15% 47.Which of the following is not regarded as biomass energy ? A.Willow and seaweed . C.Water and alcohol mixture . A.An energy Conference C.Bio-Energy for Automobiles C Insurance (保险) is the sharing of risks . Nearly everyone is exposed to risk of some sort . The house owner ,for example , knows that his property can be damaged by fire ; the ship-owner knows that his vessel may be lost at sea ; the breadwinner knows that he may die at an early age and leave his family the poorer . On the other hand , not every house is damaged by fire nor every vessel lost at sea . If these persons each put a small sum into a pool , there will be enough to meet the needs of the few who do suffer loss . In other words , the losses of the few are met from the contributions of the many . This is the basis of insurance . Those who pay the contribution are known as “insure” and those who administer the pool of contributions as “insurers”. Not all risks lend themselves to being covered by insurance . Broadly speaking , the ordinary risks of business and speculation cannot be covered . The risk that buyers will not buy goods at the prices offered is not of a kind that can be statistically estimated (评估)—and risks can only be insured against if they can be so estimated . The legal basis of all insurance is the “policy” ! This is a printed form of contract on paper of the best quality . It states that in return for the regular payment by the insured of a named sum of money , called the “premium”, which is usually paid every year , the insurer will pay a sum of money or compensation for loss , if the risk or event insured against actually happens . The wording of B.Wood and grains . D.Crops and oil mixture . . B.Approval of Biomass Energy D.Keys to Energy Crisis .

48.A suitable title for this passage would be

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policies , particularly in marine insurance , often seems very old-fashioned , but there is a sound reason for this . Over a large number of years many law cases have been brought to clear up the meanings of doubtful phrases in policies . The law courts , in their judgments , have given these phrases a definite and indisputable meaning , and to avoid future disputes the phrases have continued to be used in policies even when they have passed out of normal use in speech . 49.According to this passage , insurance is possible because A.everyone at some time suffers loss B.only a small proportion of the insured suffer loss C.nearly everyone suffers loss D.only insured people suffer loss 50.By “ the pool of contributions” the writer means A.money paid by the insured C.the cost of administering insurance . B.money paid by the insurers D.the mount of each premium . .

51.Old-fashioned wording is sometimes used in insurance because A.insurance is old-fashioned B.insurance has existed for a long time C.it enables ordinary people to understand it D.the meaning of such wording has been agreed upon 52.The writer of this passage seems to think that insurance is A.a form of gambling C.old-fashioned D D.useful and necessary .

B.a way of making money quickly

From good reading we can get pleasure , companionship , experience and instruction . A good book may absorb our attention so completely that for the time being we forget our surroundings and even ourselves . Reading good books is one of the greatest pleasures in life . It increases our contentment when we are cheerful , and lessens our trouble when we are sad . Whatever may be our main purpose in reading , our contact with good books should never fail to give us enjoyment and satisfaction . With a good book in our hands we need never be lonely . Whether the characters portrayed are taken from real life or purely imaginary , they may become our companions and friends . In the pages of books we can walk with the wise and the good of all lands and all times . The people we meet in books may delight us either because they resemble (像) human friends whom we hold dear or because they present unfamiliar types whom we are glad to welcome as new acquaintances (相识) . Our human friends sometimes may bore us , but the friends we make in books need never weary us with their company . By turning the page we can dismiss without any fear of hurting

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their feelings . When human friends desert (抛弃) us , good books are always ready to give us friendship , sympathy and encouragement . One of the most valuable gifts bestowed (授予) by books is experience . Few of us can travel far from home or have a wide range of experiences , but all of us can lead varied lives through the pages of books . whether we wish to escape from the seemingly dull realities of everyday life or we long to visit some far-off place , a book will help us when nothing else can . To travel by book we need no bank account to pay our way , no airship or ocean liner or stream-lined train to transport us , no passport to enter the land of our hearts’ desire . Through books we may get the excitement of dangerous adventure without danger . We can climb noble mountains , brave the freeze of an Antarctic winter , or cross the scorching (灼 热) sands of a desert , all without hardship . In books we may visit the studio of Hollywood ; we may mix with the cheerful crowds of the Paris roads ; we may join the picturesque peasants in an Alpine village or the kindly natives on a south Sea island . Indeed , through books the world is ours for the asking . The possibilities of our literary experiences are almost unlimited . The beauties of nature , the enjoyment of music , the treasures of art , the success of architecture , the marvels (惊奇) of engineering , are all open to the wonder and enjoyment of those who read . 53.The main idea of the first paragraph is that A.we should always read good books , not bad ones B.happiness can be gained only from reading C.enjoyment and satisfaction can be achieved by reading good books D.reading good books is very important in human life 54.How does the writer account for the fact that people like their acquaintances in books even more ? A.They never hurt our feelings . B.They never desert us . C.They are more lovely than our friends in real life . D.They are exactly the same as our human friends . 55.What does the writer imply in the sentence “Indeed , through books the whole world is ours for the asking”? A.He implies that we can make a round-the-world trip free of charge . B.He implies that we can ask to go anywhere in the world . C.He implies that in books the world is more accessible (易接近) to us . D.He implies that we can make a demand for everything in this world . E “I’ve changed my mind . I wanted to have a telescope , but now I want my dad back .” Lucien Lawrence’s letter to Father Christmas written after his .

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schoolteacher father had been knifed to death outside his school gate , must have touched every heart .Lucien went on to say that without his father he couldn’t see the stars in the sky . When those whom we love depart from us , we cannot see the stars for a while . But Lucien , the stars are still there , and one day , when you are older and your tears have gone , you will see them again. And , in a strange way , I expect that you will find your father is there too , in your mind and in your heart . I find that my parents , long dead now , still figure in many of my dreams and that I think of them perhaps more than I ever did when they were alive . I still live to please them and I’m still surprised by their reactions . I remember that when I became a professor , I was so proud , or rather so pleased with myself , that I couldn’t wait to cable my parents . The reply was a long time in coming , but when it did , all Mother said was “I hope this means that now you will have more time for the children !” I haven’t forgotten . The values of my parents still live on . It makes me pause and think about how I will live on in the hearts and minds of my children and of those for whom I care . Would I have been as ready as Philip Lawrence have been to face the aggressors (挑衅者), and to lay down my life for those in my care ? How many people would want me back for Christmas ? It’s a serious thought , one to give me pause . I pray silently, sometimes , in the dead of night , that ancient cry of a poet “Deliver my soul from the sword , and my darling from the power of the dog .” Yet I know the death comes to us all , and sometimes comes suddenly . We must therefore plan to live forever , but live as if we will die tomorrow . We live on , I’m sure , in the lives of those we loved , and therefore we ought to have a care for what they will remember and what they will treasure . If more parents knew this in their hearts to be true , there might be fewer knives on our streets today . 56.According to the whole text we can see that the first paragraph A.puts forward the subject of the text pity on the kid C.acts as an introduction to the discussion D.makes a clear statement of the author’s views 57.In the second paragraph the author mainly wants to explain to us A.how much he misses his parents now B.why his parents often appear in his dreams C.when Lucien will get over all his sadness D.how proud he was when he succeeded in life . . B.shows the author’s

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58.What feeling did the author’s mother express in her reply ? A.Proud . D.Worried . 59.In the author’s opinion , the value of a person’s life is A.to leave behind a precious memory to the people related B.to have a high sense of duty to the whole society C.to care what others will remember and treasure D.to share happiness and sadness with his family 60.What does the writer mean by the sentence taken from an old poem ? A.Call on criminals and murderers to lay down their guns . B.Advise parents stay with their children safely at home. C.Spend every day meaningfully in memory of the death . D.Try to keep violence and murder far away from society . IV.补全对话(5%) Bill: ____61_______ Mike: Tired just after a few kilometers of cycling? Bill: Not at all. __________ 62 Mike: I don’t really care if it gets cloudy. The sun is quite strong. Bill:Right._________63 Mike: That doesn’t sound so great, but I thought that those were fine weather clouds. Bill: No, those are thick dark clouds._______64. Mike: How did you ever learned all that? From your geography teacher? Bill: No,____65_____ I learned a lot about the weather. A. But those clouds mean a lot of rain. B. I grew up on a farm C. I think we have to turn round and head back home D. They’ll bring rain E. But look at the clouds building up F. What about going out for a walk G. That’s a good idea. V.单词拼写(10%) 66. They went to the factory and s_________ the workers’ opinions. 67. We p_______ flowers we made to our teacher. 68. If my father forgets it, I hope you will r________ him 69. Li Bai was a great p________ of our country. 70. Today the s_________ of war hangs heavily over the Iraqi people. . B.Happy . C.Disappointed .

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71.I shall never forget the first night’s ____________(经历)。 72.She _________ (仍然)sitting there when they came in. 73 .He ___________(设法) to pass the college entrance examination,which made his parents jump with great joy。 74.Chairman Mao _______(比作)young people to the sun at eight or nine in the morning. 75.He killed his enemy and (逃离) the country. 第二卷(共 35 分) 第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误.对标题号的每一行做出判断:如无错误,在该行右边 的横线上划(√) ;如有错误(每行只有一个错误) ,则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线划掉,在该行右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜线划 掉。 此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(^) ,在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 此行错一个词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 注意:原行没有错的不要改。 One day we were having English class when Mr. Black saw a boy reading a picture-book and said, “Tom , how do you usually do after lunch ? ” Tom nervously got up his seat . He did not know what to answer . He thought for some time and then said , Waiting for supper .” The teacher was unhappy , and at that moment he saw a boy was sleep . He was you , Joke? Joke wake up and did not hear the question. He asked his deskmate , who dared not tell him. Then he stood up but replied in a loudly voice , “So do I sir !” Everybody laughed . 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 周一——周五 4:00pm ——7:00pm 一楼运动室(乒乓球、棋牌)二楼 2.遵守各项规章制度,文明活动 3.培训项目见相关通知 4.电话 7622123 周末 9:00am—8:00pm 阅览室 三楼 外语和美术培训 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 83. 84. 85.

angry but he was trying not to show for it . Then he asked , “And 82.

请根据以下提示的内容,用英语写一篇 100 词左右的关于某青少年宫活动安排的说明。 开放时间 活动场所 说 明

1.凭学生证办卡,凭卡活动,每卡每月交费 10 元

吉林省公主岭市范家屯一中高二期末考试复习题答案 单项填空 1---5 DBCAA 6----10 BCDBC 11---15 CBCAB 16---20 CDCBB

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21—25 CCDAD ACBDB 26—30 CCBCA ADDBA 31—35 DCDAC 36—40 DACAB 41—45





CBDAD 61---65 CEADB 70.shallow 71.experience

66.sought 67.presented 72.remained 73. managed 76 English—an English 79 √ 82 去掉 for 85 loudly—loud One possible version:

68. remind 74.compared 77 how—what

69. poet 75. fled

78 up—up from 81 sleep—sleeping/asleep 84 but—and

80 Waiting—Wait 83 wake—waked/woke

The Children’s Palace opens from four to seven in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, and from nine in the morning to eight in the evening on weekends. You can play table tennis, chess or cards on the first floor. There are several reading rooms on the second floor, where you can read newspapers, magazines or books. The third floor is for foreign language and art training.

If you’d like to take part in the activities, you have to have a special card and pay ten yuan a month. You can’t get a card unless you have a student’s card. Here you must obey the rules and behave yourself. If you are interested in the training courses, you can refer to the poster related



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