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阅读理解专项训练(2010 年陕西卷)
A Ask Dr Jeffers. This month Dr. Jeffers is answering questions about the human brain and how it works. Dear Dr. Jeffers, One of my colleagues, Felix Moeller, told me that scientists are learning to use computer to “read minds”. Is there any truth to this story? Jane Leon, New York, USA Dear Ms. Leon, Well, a lot of research is being conducted in this area, but so far, the brain scanning equipment and corresponding computer programs haven’t been able to actually read thoughts. In one experiment, test subjects (受试者) were connected to scanning equipment and shown two numbers on a screen. They were then asked to choose between adding or subtracting (减) the two numbers. Using this method, researchers were able to follow brain processes and make the correct assumptions(假设)70 percent of the time. It’s not quite mind reading, but it’s certainly a first step. —Dr. J. Dear Dr.Jeffers, My three-year-old son loves it when I dig my fingers into his sides and tickle (胳肢) him until he laughs uncontrollably. The other day I noticed him trying to tickle himself but he couldn’t do it. Why not? —Glenn Lewis, Vancouver, Canada Dear Mr. Lewis, It’s because of how the brain works. The brain is trained to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. It causes us to ignore physical feelings we expect to happen, but it causes a mild panic reaction when there is an unexpected feeling. For example, you don’t notice how your shoulder feels while you’re walking down the street. But if someone comes up behind you and touches you lightly on the shoulder, you may jump in fear. It’s that unexpected part that causes the tickle reaction. —Dr. J. 46. What can we learn from the answer to the first question? A. Some equipment is able to read human minds. B. Some progress has been made in mind reading. C. Test subjects have been used to make decisions. D. Computer programs can copy brain processes. 47. People laugh when tickled by others because the feeling is ________. A. unexpected A. Ms. Leon B. expected B. Mr. Lewis C. comfortable C. Mr. Moeller B. a test subject D. a medical doctor D. uncomfortable D. Dr. Jeffers 48. Who has got a little child according to the text? 49. According to the text, Jeffers is probably ________. A. a computer programmer C. a human brain expert

B Brave Frenchman Found Half-way Around the World (NEW YORK) A French tourist highly praised for rescuing a two-year-old girl in Manhattan said he didn’t think twice before diving into the freezing East River. Tuesday’s Daily News said 29-year Julien Duret from France is the man who left the spot quickly after the rescue last Saturday. He lifted the little girl out of the water after she fell off the bank at the South Street Scaport museum. He handed the girl to her father, David Anderson, who had dive in after him. “I didn’t think at all,” Duret told the Daily News. “It happened very fast. I reacted very fast. ” Duret, an engineer on vacation, was walking with his girlfriend along the pier (码头) when he saw something falling into the water. He thought it was a doll, but realized it was a child when he approached the river. In an instant, he took off his coat and jumped into the water. When he reached the girl, she appeared lifeless, he said. Fortunately, when she was out of the water, she opened her eyes. Anderson said his daughter slipped off the bank when he was adjusting his camera. An ambulance came later for her, said Duret, who was handed dry clothes from cookers. Duret caught a train with his girlfriend shortly after. The rescue happened on the day before he left for France. Duret said he didn’t realize his tale of heroism he was leaving the next morning. “I don’t really think I’m a hero,” said Duret. “Anyone would do the same ting.” 50. why was Duret in NewYork? A. To meet his girlfriend C. To spend his holiday A. He was interviewed by a newspaper. B. He asked his girlfriend for his dry clothes. C. He went to the hospital in the ambulance. D. He disappeared from the spot quickly. 52. Who divide after Duret into the river to save the little girl? A. David Anderson. B. A passer-by. C. His girlfriend. D. A taxi driver. 53. When was duet most probably found to be the very hero? A. the day when he was leaving for home. B. a couple of days after the girl was rescued C. the first day when he was in New York D. the same day when he was interviewed. C The 1900 house The Bowler family was one of more than 400 families who applied to 1900 house, a reality TV shout which took a typical family back a hundred years to se how people lived in the days before the internet, computer games and even electricity. The bowler family spent three months in a London home without a telephone, computers, TV, or fast food. The bowlers wore clothes from 1900, are only food available in English at that time, and cooked their meals on a single stove. Paul bowler still went to work every day in a then B. To work as an engineer D. To visit the Andersons.

51. What did Duret do shortly after the ambulance came?

uniform. The children changed their clothes on the way to and from school and their classmates didn’t know about then unusual home life. Joyce stayed at home, cooking and cleaning like a typical housewife of the time, though everything took three times as long. So does Joyce think that people’s lives were better in the old days? “I think people in the old days had just ad many troubles and worries, ” Joyce said. And I don’t think their life was better or worse, there were lots of things back then that I’m happy I don’t have to deal with nowadays, but on the other hand life was simpler. “We had a lot more time with our family, and it was hard being nice to each other all the time, ” eleven-year-old Hilary said. So what did the Bowler family miss most about modern life while living in the 1900 house? Paul, 39: “telephone and a hot shower” Joyce, 44: “a quick cup of tea from a kettle you could just turn on” Hilary, 11: “rock CD” Joseph, 9: “hamburger and computer games” 54. While the Bowler family was living in 1900 house, ________. A. the mother spent more time on housework B. the two children wore the then clothes for school C. they prepared their meals together on a stove D. they ate simple foods they had never seen 55. according to Paragraph 4, what’s Joyce’s opinion about life in 1900? A. There were fewer problems for the family B. Life was simpler but worse than it is now C. There were things she liked and disliked D. The family had more time to stay together 56. What would Hilary expect most from modern life in the three months? A. To play computer games C. To listen to music B. To make phone calls D. To chat on the Internet D Stop Spam When I first got an e-mail account ten years ago, I received communications only from family, friends, and colleagues. Now it seems that every time I check my e-mail, I have an endless series of advertisements and other correspondence that do not interest me at all. If we want e-mail to continue to be useful, we need specific laws that make spamming(发送垃圾邮件) a crime. If lawmakers do not do something soon to prohibit spam, the problem will certainly get much worse. Computer programs allow spammers to send hundreds of millions of e-mails almost instantly. As more and more advertisers turn to spam to sell their products, individual (个人的) e-mail boxes are often flooded with spam e-mails. Would people continue to use e-mail if they had to deal with an annoying amount of spam each time? This problem is troubling for individuals and companies as well. Many spam e-mails contain computer viruses that can shut down the entire network of a company. Companies rely on e-mail for their employees to communicate with each other. Spam frequently causes failures in their local communications networks, and their employees are thus unable to communicate effectively. Such a situation results in a loss of productivity and requires companies to repeatedly repair their

networks. These computer problems raise production costs of companies, which are, in the end, passes on to the consumer. For these reasons, I believe that lawmakers need to legislate (立法) against spam. Spammers should be fined, and perhaps sent to prison if they continue to disturb people. E-mail is a tool which helps people all over the world to communicate conveniently, but spam is destroying this convenience. 57. What does the underlined word “correspondence” in the Paragraph 1 probably mean? A. messages B. ideas C. connections D. programs 58. According to the text, what is the major cause of the flooding spam? A. Companies rely on e-mail for communications. B. More people in the world communicate by e-mail. C. Many computer viruses contain spam e-mail. D. More advertisers begin to promote sales through spam. 59. According to Paragraph 3, who is the final victim of spam? A. The business A. To inform B. The advertiser B. To educate C. The employee C. To persuade D. The consumer D. To instruct 60. What is the purpose of the text?

阅读理解专项训练(2010 年陕西卷)答案
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