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2013届英语基础知识复习课件:Unit4 Global warming(新人教版选修6)

假如你将参加某英语杂志社开展的一次征文活动,征文的 内容要求你在电视、手机(cell)和网络三者中,放弃其中一个并

陈述理由。请你以“Which would you give up TV,cell,or We


___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________



We are now living in an information age,in which TV,cells
and the Web are widely used.①It seems that many people cannot e njoy themselves without them.

②However,if I had to give up one of them,I would turn
off the TV rather than switch off my cell or cut off the Internet.I could do without TV because few shows take my fancy,and there're too many commercials.③Besides,most programs on TV are also available elsewhere.

④As for cells and the Web,they are more necessary to m

e.I need a cell to keep in touch with my friends and family,and alm
ost all information can be gathered on the Internet.


rather than而不是

cut off切断

commercial programs营利性广告节目 available 可以得到的 as for至于


1.It is likely that if there were no TV,cells or the Web,ma
ny people would not have a good time in their life. 2.However,if I had to give up one of them,personally I wo

uld turn off the TV instead of switching off my cell or cutting off the
Web. 3.In addition,we can watch most TV programs in some othe r way such as on the Internet. 4.But cells and the Web are more necessary to me.

Ⅰ.词汇链条 range 1.________n.种类;范围 glance 2.________vi.看一下;扫视 n.一瞥

widespread 3.______________adj.分布广的;普通的
average 4.__________adj.平均的 advocate 5.__________vt.拥护;提倡;主张 casual 6.________adj.随便的;漫不经心的;偶然的 circumstance 7.______________n.环境;情况 refresh 8.________vt.使恢复;使振作 phenomenon 9.______________n.现象___________pl.现象 phenomena

10.________n.量;数量________n.质量 quantity quality
11.________vi.趋向;易于;照顾 vt.照顾;护理________ tendency tend n.倾向;趋势 opposed 12.________vt.反对;反抗;与(某人)较量________adj.反 oppose 对的;对立的 13.____________n.结果;后果;影响____________adj. consequent consequence 随后发生的;作为结果的______________adv.因此;所以 consequently 14.______vt.陈述;说明_________n.说明;说法;表白 state statement 15.________adj.平稳的;持续的;稳固的________adv.平 steady steadily 稳地;持续地 16.__________n.生存;存在________vi.存在 existence exist

17.___________n.贡献__________v.贡献;投稿 contribution contribute

语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 Quantities of data and graphs indicate a steady widespread famine phenomenon as the consequence of the trend of advocating too much individual consuming.

come about 1.____________发生;造成

go up 2.____________上升;增长;升起
result in 3.____________导致 even if 4.____________即使

keep on 5.____________继续
put up with 6.____________忍受;容忍 so long as 7.____________只要

同意;赞成;订购 8.subscribe to___________________ 大量的 9.quantities of____________
反对?? 10.be opposed to____________ 大体上;基本上 11.on the whole___________________ 代表??一方;作为??的代言人 12.on behalf of____________________________________ 等等 13.and so on____________ 张贴;投宿 14.put up____________________

1.____________________the earth is becoming warmer and There is no doubt that that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather th

an a random but natural phenomenon.
毫无疑问,地球正变得更加暖和。全球变暖是人为的,而 不是随意的自然现象。 2.________we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide a Even if nd other greenhouse gases,the climate is going to keep on warming for decades or centuries. 即使我们开始减少二氧化碳和其他温室气体的含量,在未 来几十年或几个世纪内,气候仍会持续转暖。

3.It is OK to leave an electrical appliance on___________you so long as
are using it—________,turn it off! if not 只要你在使用电器设备,你便可以把它开着,如果不用就

4.________________________to make things from new mat It takes a lot of energy erials,so,if you can,buy things made from recycled materials. 用新材料来做这些东西要花费大量的能源,因此,只要有 可能,就买那些用回收材料制成的物品吧。

Although cigarette butts are small,they are bad for the __1__. Over 1,600 billion cigarettes are smoked each year in China and larg

e __2__of the butts are thrown away.Worldwide,about 4.5 trillion b
utts are littered every year.Apart __3__the fact that butts spoil the be auty of the environment,they__4__some very toxic chemicals.They find their way into the water supply__5__they decrease the quality of the water and endanger__6__and animals that live there.Because ther e are so many butts and because they can__7__up to 5 years to break down,the toxic chemicals add up to a__8__amount.So,if people h ave to __9__,they should not throw away the butts but put them in t

he rubbish bin __10__.







here 6.plants 7.take 8.large 9.smoke


a large/small quantity of或large/small quantities of “大

large quantities of短语作主语时,不管后接可数名词还是不 可数名词,谓语动词都要用复数。

in quantity“大量地;很多”,一般在句中作状语。

(1)It's cheaper to buy goods in quantity / in large quantitie .大批量购货较便宜。[牛津]
(2)Huge quantities of oil were spilling into the sea.


Worst of all,I get a larger ________of homework,compared (对比)to them.(2010·福建卷·短文填词)

答案 quantity


under/in no circumstances无论如何不;决不(置于句首时,

(1)But when we're acting as leaders,the circumstances are diff
erent.但我们当领导时,情况就不同了。[朗文] (2)Under no circumstances should you lend him any money.你


(1)Perhaps,but maybe it's also due to the shortage of policem en on the streets.Or changing social ________.Or some combination

of these factors.(2011· 浙江卷·阅读理解A)
答案 circumstances (2)If you take full advantage of your speech class,you will be able to develop your skills as a critical thinker in many ________.(20 11·北京卷·七选五) 答案 circumstances

take/suffer/face the consequences of承担??的后果 in consequence of因为;由于 in consequence因此;结果 as a consequence of因为;由于 as a consequence因此;结果

(1)She was found guilty,and lost her job in consequence (of i
t).她被判有罪,因而失去了工作。[牛津] (2)Animals have died as a consequence of coming into cont

act with this chemical.

(1)Mobile phones also have their dangers according to some sci entists;too much use may transmit harmful radiation into our brain

s,as a ________ we do not like to think about.(2010·江西卷·阅读
理解D) 答案 consequence (2)And these social phenomena can have very personal ______ __.For example,a woman from the southwestern part of the US we nt to live in an eastern city to take up a job in personnel.(2010·北京 卷·阅读理解C) 答案 consequences

range from...to...在??之间变化 in/within range在射程以内 out of/beyond range超出射程;在射程之外 a range of一系列的;一套 (1)His interests ranged from chess to canoeing. 他的爱好从下国际象棋到划独木舟,范围很广。[牛津] (2)Payment ranges from $25 to $400.


(1)It________ the extremely useful,such as where all the Wor ld Heritage Sites are,to the most bizarre(古怪的),such as where A

merica's drunkest cities are.(2011·重庆卷·阅读理解B)
答案 ranges from (2)Join Live Nation's Card for just £30 a year and enjoy a who le ________ discounts and benefit.(2011· 陕西卷·阅读理解A) 答案 range of

come across偶然遇到 come along 随同(...with);进展;好转;赶快 come up 上来;提出议题;(价格、温度)上升;发芽;到场 come out 出来;开花;出版;结果是 come off从??离开;脱落 come on跟随;进展;出场;快点 come over从远处来 come to变成某种状态;谈到;恢复知觉

come about/take place/happen/occur/break out/erupt 这些词语都有“发生”的意思。

come about相当于happen的用法。
happen普通用词,泛指一切客观事物或情况的发生,强调 动作的偶然性。另外该词还有碰巧的意思。 occur较正式用词,可指意外地发生,也可指意料中的发 生。相当于happen和take place。短语occur to表示想起的意思。 take place多指通过人为安排的发生。 break out侧重突然爆发。 erupt 侧重指火山等的喷发。

(1)How did it come about

that he knew where we were?

他是怎么知道我们在什么地方的呢?[牛津] (2)I don't know how this confusion has come about.


(1)How did it________that you failed to________in time yeste rday?(2012·南京模拟)

A.come up;turn down
C.come over;turn off 解析 答案为D。 答案 D

B.come on;turn over
D.come about;turn up

“come about”发生,“turn up”露面。根据句意,

(2)She had no idea how it________that her husband met with tr
ouble again.(2012·成都模拟) A.came about B.came across

C.came out
答案 A

D.came up

解析 句意:她不知道丈夫怎么又遇到了麻烦。

result from由于 as a result结果 as a result of由于(??的)结果 result in/result from 辨析 result in的主语是“起因”,宾语是“结果”;result from 与此相反,主语是“结果”,宾语是“起因”。

(1)Our efforts

resulted in


我们的努力终于成功(失败)了。[牛津] (2)We are still dealing with problems resulting from errors mad

e in the past.我们仍在处理因过去失误所带来的问题。[朗文]

(1)The arrangements may ________ the waste of future discov eries at sites such as Happisburgh in Norfolk,where digging is conti

nuing after the discovery of stone tools made by early humans 950,00
0 years ago.(2011·上海卷·Reading Comprehension Section B) 答案 result in (2)Sadly,this has ________ a number of persons being forced to leave their homes and /or unable to find new affordable homes.(20 11·辽宁卷·阅读理解D) 答案 resulted in

keep sb doing让某人一直做某事 keep up with 赶上,不落后 keep out (of...)不让??进入 keep off 离开;避开 keep back阻止;扣留 keep (sb/sth) away (from sb/sth) 使??不靠近?? keep (oneself) from doing sth克制自己不做某事 keep up使不落下;不衰退;继续保持;使某人不睡觉

keep to不偏离,不离开

(1)She kept on working although she was tired.
她虽疲劳但仍继续工作。[牛津] (2)I keep on thinking I've seen her before somewhere. 我一直在想我从前在哪里见过她。[剑桥]

(1)The world has never been a better place to live in,and it wi ll ________ getting better both for humans and for nature.(2011·湖

答案 keep on (2)But they can ________ course even under cloudy skies.(201 0·江苏卷·任务型阅读) 答案 keep on

put aside 储存,保留 put across 解释清楚,说明 put down 记下;放下;镇压 put away 放好;收好 put in 花费;付出;申请 put on 穿上;上演;增加 put off 推迟;阻止,劝阻 put over 解释清楚,说明 put out 熄灭;公布;生产 put forward提出(要求、事实、计划、建议等);把(钟或表)


put up 建造;张贴;投宿
put back 推迟;放回(原处);拨回(时钟) put in order 整理

put into practice 实行
put on weight 增加体重 stand/bear/put up with/endure/tolerate 辨析 一般来说,这五个动词或短语在表示“忍耐;忍受”的意 思时可以通用,但要注意put up with后面一般不能跟动词作宾 语,stand跟v.ing作宾语,而bear既可跟v.ing也可跟动词不定式 作宾语。

(1)I don't know how she puts up with him/his cruelty to h
er.我不明白她怎么能容忍他(忍受他的虐待)。[牛津] (2)She put up with his violent temper.


直通高考——看看高考怎么考 (1)We have to ________ with noise.(2011·安徽卷·阅读理解

答案 put up (2)I can________the house being untidy,but I hate it if it's not clean.(2011· 新课标卷,26) A.come up with C.turn to 解析 B.put up with D.stick to

考查动词短语辨析。A项come up with意为“提出,

想出,提供”;B项put up with意为“忍受,容忍,忍耐”;C

项turn to意为“转向;求助于,致力于;着手”;D项stick to意
为“遵循,坚持”。根据句意可知,正确答案为B。 答案 B

so/as long as意为“只要”,用来引导条件状语从句,相当 于if,on condition that,provided that等。

as far as/so far/as long as/as much as/as well as so far表示到目前为止,常和完成时态连用。

as far as就??而言;和??一样远
as long as=so long as用来引导状语从句,表示只要,如 果;既然的意思。还可表示“和??一样长(时间)”。 as much as和??那样多;差不多 as well as既??也(又);同样;同样好地。比较as well也, 还,用作副词,常位于句尾。

(1)As long as it doesn't rain we can play.
只要不下雨,我们就能玩。[牛津] (2)You can stay for as long as you want. 你想待多久就待多久。[朗文]

(1)This will continue ________ we use these things to make ot her things.(2011·湖北卷·阅读理解D)

答案 as long as
(2)He was judged unfit to return to sea and took a shore job in Glasgow for the rest of the war.For ________ I can remember,he h ad a weak heart.(2011· 湖南卷·Reading Comprehension,Passag e B) 答案 as long as

it takes...to do...是固定句式,可表示“做某事需要(时间、 精力等)”之意。 (1) It took her three hours to mend her bicycle/ It took three hours for her to mend her bicycle. 她修理自行车用了三个小时。[牛津] (2)It would take a strong man to lift that weight. 身强力壮的人才能举得起那么重的东西。[牛津]

(1)Firms sometimes fail to understand the difference between o perational speed (moving quickly) and strategic speed (reducing the t

ime ________ to deliver value).(2011·四川卷·阅读理解E)
答案 it takes

(2)—That must have been a long trip.
—Yeah,it________us a whole week to get there.(2011·北京 卷,27)

C.took 解析

B.has taken
D.was taking

考查动词时态。根据前面句中的谓语动词must have

been可知,是对过去事实的推测,故此处用一般过去时表示过 去的动作,故选C项。 答案 C

Ⅰ.品句填词 1.________(消费者)are encouraged to complain about faulty goods. 2.We________(提倡)using cloth or paper bags instead of pla stic ones. 3.Child as he is,he has many interests,________(变化)fro m chess to swimming. 4.Jane's work is above________(平均)while Hob's is very m

uch below it.
5.All the crops and fields here are under water during the___ _____(洪水).

6.The violent________(现象)of nature are still hard for us to
deal with. 7.We________(不同意)with each other on the matter.

8.He was________(教育)at a very good school in his teens.
答案 1.Consumers 2.advocate 3.ranging 4.average 5.f loods 6.phenomena 7.disagree 8.educated

Ⅱ.短语识境 come about;go up;result in;be opposed to;keep on;on

behalf of;put up with;so long as;build up;turn up
1.I can hardly hear the radio.Would you________please? 2.The car crash______three people being killed and one injur ed. 3.These exercises are good for________leg strength. 4.The price of oil has________by over 50 percent in less than a year. 5.At first they________the scheme,but we managed to argu

e them round.
6.________all the guests here,I wish to thank you for givin g us this warm reception.

7.We want to know how it________that humans speak so ma
ny different languages. 8.“I will not________your bad behaviour any longer,” sa

id the girl angrily.
9.You can certainly do it well if you________practising hard. 10.I don't care about the price,________the car is in good c ondition. 答案 1.turn it up 2.resulted in 3.building up 7.came about 10.so long as 4.gone up 5.were opposed to 6.On behalf of 8.put up with 9.keep on

1.已经收集了大量信息。(quantity) ___________________________________________________

2.说实话,我反对你独自一人去那儿。(oppose) ___________________________________________________ _____________________ 3.只要你不把书弄脏,就可以借给你。(as/so long as) ___________________________________________________ _____________________

e about) ___________________________________________________

5.他的努力使他在考试中取得了优异的成绩。(result in) ___________________________________________________ _____________________

答案 1.Large quantities of information have been collected.
2.To be honest,I oppose your going there alone. 3.You may borrow the book so long as/as long as you keep it

4.I'll never understand how it came about that you were an ho ur late on such a short journey. 5.His hard work resulted in excellent grades in his exams.

这类题的选项一般短而精,具有概括性、针对性和醒目性 的特点,解题时应运用“中心词+概括性词语”策略。

【典例】 (2011·新课标全国·C)Cassandra Feeley finds it har
d to manage on her husband's income.So this year she did something more than a hobby;She planted vegetables in her yard.For her first

garden,Ms.Feeley has put in 15 tomato plants,and five rows of a
variety of vegetables.The family's old farm house has become a chick en house,its residents arriving next month.Last year,Ms.Rita Gart in kept a small garden.This year she has made it much larger becaus e,she said,“The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds,too;so it's a win-win situation all around.”

They are among the growing number of Americans who,drive
n by higher living costs and a falling economy(经济),have taken up vegetable gardening for the first time.Others have increased the size

of their existing gardens.Seed companies and garden shops say that n
ot since the 1970s has there been such an increase in interest in growi ng food at home.Now many gardens across the country have been sol d out for several months.In Austin,Tex.,some of the gardens have a three-year waiting list.

George C.Ball Jr.,owner of a company,said sales of veget
able seeds and plants are up by 40% over last year,double the avera ge growth of the last five years.Mr.Ball argues that some of the reaso

n have been building for the last few years.The big one is the striking
rise in the cost of food like bread and milk,together with the increas es in the price of fruits and vegetables.Food prices have increased be cause of higher oil prices.People are now driving less,taking fewer vacations,so there is more time to garden.

66.Which of the following might be the best title for the
text? A.Family Food Planning

B.Banking on Gardening
C.A Belt-tightening Move D.Gardening as a Hobby 解析 本文向读者介绍了美国的一种新现象:很多居民纷 纷开始在家里种植蔬菜或者养殖家禽,目的是省钱,因此本文 的最佳标题为B。 答案 B

【归纳总结】 标题特征
1.概括性。文章的标题能最大程度地概括全文,直接指向 文章的主要内容,体现文章主旨。

的阅读兴趣。标题是文章的点睛之笔,是文章的灵魂,要简 洁、突出、新颖。标题的好坏往往影响读者阅读的兴趣。读者 一般会通过阅读标题来取舍文章,故标题要醒目,以吸引读者 的注意力。所选择的标题除了要满足概括性的特点,还要满足 题目性的特点。

【方法指导】 如此归纳标题
要做好标题归纳题,还需要了解标题的归纳方式。一般来 说,标题的归纳方式是:以话题为核心,将控制性概念的词按

比如某文章的中心句子为:Coffee is a universal beverage th at is served in different ways around the world. 话题:Coffee 控制性概念:is a universal beverage that is served in different ways around the world

标题:Coffee Around the World
注意,做此类题时,要避免下列三种错误:1.概括不够(多 表现为部分替代整体,从而导致范围太小);2.过度概括(多表现



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高中英语 Unit4 Global warming 4-1同步检测 新人教版选修6 - Unit 4 第 1 课时 Ⅰ.单词拼写 根据下列句子所提供的汉语提示或所给单词的首字母,写出各单词正...


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