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复合句专项训练 It is said _______ Dr Green will come to our school. A. that B. what C. why D. Which _____ was said here must be kept secret. A. that B. Whichever C. Whatever D. However

I got very angry with ______ she said. A. what B. which C. that D. all what

My idea is _____ we should get more people to do the work. A. that B. which C. why D. what

Let me think of a proper situation _____ this idiom can be used. A. that B. which C. where D. at where

He often went to see his father during those days _____ he stayed in hospital. A. that B. when C. where D. on that

She is very good at maths, ______ everybody knows. A. that B. who C. as D. whose

_____ you’ve written the article in English will surprise your teacher. A. Who B. What C. When D. That

I was about to go to bed ______ the door bell rang. A. while B. when C. as D. and

We want to go to Beijing, ______ has more beautiful parks than Shanghai. A. who B. whose C. that D. which

The woman _____ my brother spoke just now is my teacher. A. who B. whom C. to whom D. that

He won’t believe it ______ he sees it with his own eyes. A. after B. that C. until D. as soon as

The man is not _____ he was thought to be. A. that B. what C. who D. whom

It looks ______ we are going to have a sunny day. A. that B. as if C. as D. like

This is the place ____ I’ve long wanted to visit. A. in where B. which C. as D. what

_____ he worked all day, he couldn’t finish the work. A. Though B. When C. Even D. Because

Is there a shop around ______ we can get fruit? A. which B. on which C. where D. that

This is ______ the river has been polluted. A. that B. whether C. what D. why

Trees must be planted _____ there is a lot of sunlight. A. which B. on which C. where D. that

_____ he is living now is not known to anybody. A. Whether B. In where C. Wherever D. When

I’ll leave him a note _____ he’ll know _____ we are. A. that; where C. in order; if B. so that; where D. so that; when

This is all _____ I know about the matter. A. which B. what C. whether D. that

There isn’t such a word in English _____ I know. A. as soon as B. so far as C. as long as D. so that

It was already eight o’clock _____ we got home. A. until B. since C. when D. while

_____ ants grow, they change their forms three times. while 和 as soon as 的区别 D. whatever A. Before B. As soon as C. While D. Until

You are always welcome, _____ you call on me. A. whichever B. whoever C. whenever

The family with ______ I stayed in London are coming to China. A. which B. whose C. whom D. that

You may lie _____ the grass is the thickest. 你可以躺草地上前 线。A. where B. unless C. when D. that

China has many rivers, _____ the Changjiang River is the longest. A. which B. among which C. one of which D. that

Do _____ the teacher told you. A. that B. as C. as if D. which

How long is it ______ I saw you last? A. unless B. whether C. when D. since

The reason _____ I can’t come is _____ I have to work late. A. why; that because He wrote a letter, telling me everything _____ he saw on the way to Guangzhou. A. where B. that C. to which D. what B. why; because C. that; why D. which;

It was _____ he was ill _____ he didn’t go with us. A> as; when B. because; why C. because ; that D. since; that

You can go out, _____ you promise to be back before eleven. A. as long as B. unless C. because D. till

His classmates no longer laughed at him _____ they used to. A. like B. as C. as though D. as if

Do you know who is living in that house _____ windows face south? A. which B. its C. whose D. which of

He almost knocked me down _____ he saw me. A. hardly B. until C. before D. as soon as

______ makes you think _____ I’m unfair? A. Which; that B. What; if C. That; if D. What; that

_____ you have made up your mind, you should act.

A. that

B. However

C. Now that

D. Whenever

51. I don’t like the way _____ you laughed at her. A. which B. where C. in that D. /

41.We’ll put off the outing until next week, _____ we won’t be so busy. A. which B. as C. when D. that

52. I’m anxious to have the same dictionary ____ you bought the other day. A. which B. as B. like D. what

42. That’s the only thing _____ we can do now. A. that B. which C. what D. all that

53. I still remember the days _____ I studied in this school. A. when B. how C. where D. what

43. this is the house in _____ my grandfather once lived. A. where B. which C. that D. whom

54. Do you remember _____ he came? Yes, I do. He came by car. D. if 55. _____ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. A. Anyone B. Person C. Whoever D. Who A. how B. when C. that

44. He makes good use of the time _____ he can spare. A. that B. when C. in which D. what

45. That is _____ we decided to put the concert off. A. as B. what C. why D. that

46. I wonder ______ it is true or not. A. whether B. what C. that D. why

56. _____ he comes, we won’t be able to go. A. Without B. Unless C. Except D. Even

47. All the books are here. You may borrow _____ you like. A. how B. that C. what D. whichever

57. _____ you have already known it, I don’t want to say it again. A. Because of B. So that C. Since D. When

48. The news _____ we had won in the match excited us all. A. that B. where C. which D. whose

58. Child _____ he is, he knows a lot of English. A. as B. when C. because D. if

49. _____ will teach us English next term is still unknown. A. Whom B. Which C. Who D. What

59. The story is less interesting _____ expected. A. when B. so C. as D. than

50. _____ had I got to the bus stop _____ the bus left. A. No sooner, when C. hardly; than Key: 1---5 AACCB 21---25CABDC 41---45 CABAC 6---10 DCBAD 26---30 BBCCB 46---50 ADACB 11---15 ADCCC 31---35 BCABD 51---55 DBAAC B. No sooner; than

60. _____ what happens, we must carry out the orders. A. If B. When C. All D. No matter

D. Just; when

16---20 BABCD 36---40 CABCC 56---60 BCADD

从句易错题 1.—Why does she always ask you for help? —There is no one else _____ , is there? A.who to turn to B.she can turn to C.for whom to turn D.for her to turn 2. —Is that the small town you often refer to? —Right, just the one _____ you know I used to work for years. 3. Last month, part of Southeast Asia was struck by floods, from _____ effects people are still suffering.) A. that B. whose C. those D. what 4. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, ________ the sailing time was 226 days. A. of which B. during which C. from which D. for which 5. Doris' success lies in the fact ___ she is co-operative and eager to learn from others. A. which B. that C. when D. why 6. Women _____drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a greater chance of having heart disease than those ____don’t. A. who; 不填 B. 不填 ; who C. who ; who D. 不填; 不填 7. His plan was such a good one_____ we all agreed to accept it. A. so B .and C. that D. as

8. Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others , _______ , of course , made the others envy him. A. who B. that C. what D. which 9. Anyway, that evening , _____ I’ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachel’s place. A. when B. where C. what D. which 10. There was ______ time _______ I hated to go to school. A.a; that B.a; when C.the; that D.the; when 11. What surprised me was not what he said but ______ he said it . A.the way B.in the way that C.in the way D.the way which 12. I can think of many cases _________ students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn't write a good essay. A. why B. which C. as D. where 13. I’ll give you my friend’s home address, I can reach most evenings. A. which B. when C. whom D. where 14. No decision about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed. A. will be made B. is made C. is being made D. has been made 15. He _______football regularly for many years when he was young. A. was playing B. Played C. has played D. had played 16. Occasions are quite rare ____ I have the time to spend a day with my kids. A. who B. which C. why D. when 17. The English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from spoken in England. A. which B. what C. that D. the one 18. For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread out further, _______ New York is an example. A. for which B. in which C. of which D. from which 19. —Have you got any job offers?—No. I ______.A. waited B. had been waiting C. have waited Dam waiting 20. The wet weather will continue tomorrow when a cold front _________ to arrive. A. is expected B. is expecting C. expects D. will be expected 21. Information has been put forward ____ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B. that C. when D. as 22. This is ___the Shenzhou V Spaceship landed. A. there B. in which C. where D. when 23. He asked the tailor ____. A. how long would the coat be ready B. how soon would the coat be ready C. how long the coat would be ready D. how soon the coat would be ready 24. The order came ___the soldiers ____the small village the next morning. A. that ; had to leave B. that; should leave C. /; must leave D. when; should leave 25. ___ is no possibility ____Bob can win the first prize in the match. A. There; that B. It; that C. There; whether D. It; whether 26.____the meeting should last two days or three days doesn’t matter. A. That B. Whether C. If D. Where 27. _____ more countries can use natural energy in the future remains to be seen. A. Whether B. That C. Who D. If 28. We all know the truth ________ there are air, water and sunlight there are living things.

A. where B. wherever C. that D. that wherever 29. Is____ true that the famous scientist will give us a lecture next week? A. that B. it C. his D. he 30. ___ gets home first is to cook the supper. A. Who B Whom C. Those who D. Whoever 31. ___ moved us most was___ he liked after the old man for more than twenty years. A. That; that B. What; that C What; what D. That; what 32. If you know___ it was that write A Tale of Two Cities, raise your hand. A. whom B. which C. who D. that 33. ___ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to leave with him___ happens. A. Whatever; whatever B. No matter what; whatever C. No matter what; no matter what D. Whatever; however 34. Why don’t you bring___ to his attention that you are too busy to do it? A. that B. what C. that D. it 35. The reason I plan to go is___ she will be disappointed if I don’t. A. because B. that C. why D. what 36. ---Have you found your book yet? ---No, I’m not sure___ I could have left it. A. whether B. where C. when D. why 37. ---What were you trying to prove to the police? ---___ I was last night. A. That B. When C. Where D. What 38. Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer ______ it was 20 years ago, _____ it was so poorly equipped. A. what; when B. that; which C. what; which D. which; that 39. Danby left word with my secretary _________ he would call again in the afternoon. A.who B.that C.as D.which 40. This is ____ the question lies. A. what B. that C. where D. how 二.动词适当形式填空 1. He insisted that he ___ (be) in good health and ______ (send) to work there. 2. It was natural that my pictures __________ (surprise) them 3. I’ll do whatever I can _____________ (help) him. 4. I’m sure the work _______________(finish) in tow weeks. 5. We heard that she ___________ ( get) married next month.. 6. By two o’clock yesterday afternoon, we _________ (get) everything ready. 7. Mr. White works as a lawyer now, but he _______ (work) in a company for several years. 8. ---We could have walked to the station. It was so near. ---Yes. A taxi _________ (be not)at all necessary. 9. I hope that my teacher __________ (help) me with my task. 10.I wish that my teacher ________(help) me with my task. Keys: 1-20 BCBAB CCDDB ADDAB DCCDA 21-40 BCDBA BADBD BCADB BCABC 1. was, be sent 2. should surprise 3. to help 4.will be finished

5. would get 9. will help

6. had got 7. worked 10. would help

8. wasn’t

◆典型陷阱题分析◆ 1. She was so angry and spoke so fast that none of us understood _______ he said meant. A. that B. what C. that that D. what what 2. After _______ had happened he could not continue to work there. A. which B. how C. what D. having 请再做下面一题: He pointed to ______ looked like a tomb and said, “Ghost.” A. that B. what C. which D. as 3. “Is ______ you want to say?” asked the teacher. A. this B. that C. all that D. that all 4. “When ______ leave for Japan?” “When ______ leave for Japan is kept secret.” A. they will, will they B. will they, they will C. they will, they will D. will they, will they (1) None knows if _______ that boy, but if _______ him, her parents will be disappointed. A. she will marry, she will marry B. she marries, she marries C. she will marry, she marries D. she marries, she will marry (2) “Where _______ go to work?” “Where _______ go to work is not known.” A. we shall, we shall B. shall we, shall we C. shall we, we shall D. we shall, shall we 5. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see ______. A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is 6. Don’t you know, my dear friend, ______ it is your money not you that she loves? A. who B. which C. that D. what (1) Everyone knows, perhaps except you, _______ your girl-friend is a cheat. A. who B. which C. that D. what (2) I think, though I could be mistaken, ______ she liked me. A. who B. which C. that D. what (3) He told me the news, believe it or not, ______ he had earned $1 000 in a single day. A. that B. which C. as D. because ◆精编陷阱题训练◆ 1. They lost their way in the forest, and _______ made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. it B. which C. that D. what 2. Patience is a kind of quality — and that is ___ it takes to do anything well. A. what B. which C. which D. how 3. It has come to my notice _______ some of you have missed classes. A. what B. which C. that D. when 4. “What were you trying to prove to the police?” “___ I was last night.” A. That B. When C. Where D. What 5. Country life gives him peace and quiet, which is ______ he can’t enjoy while living in big

cities. A. that B. why C. where D. what 6. It is pretty well understood _______ controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. how 7. _______ she couldn’t understand was ______ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why B. That; what C. What; because D. Why; that 8. _______ we are doing has never been done before. A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether 9. People have heard _______ the President has said; they are waiting to see _______ he will do. A. how, how B. what, what C. when, how D. that, what 10. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly _______ he wants. A. what B. which C. when D. that 11. These wild flowers are so special I would do _______ I can to save them. A. whatever B. that C. which D. whichever 12. _______ she was invited to the ball made her very happy. A. What B. That C. When D. Because 13. Eat ______ cake you like and leave the others for ______ comes in late. A. any, who B. every, whoever C. whichever, whoever D. either, whoever 14. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. _______ I got wet through. A. It’s the reason B. That’s why C. There’s why D. That’s because 15. ____ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. A. Who B. The one C. Anyone D. Whoever 16. _______ medicine works in a human body is a question _______ not everyone can understand fully. A. How; that B. That; which C. That; which D. What; that 2010 年真题汇编 1. (全国卷 I 33).We haven’t discussed yet _______ we are going to place our new furniture. A. that B. which C. what D. where 2. (全国 II 10) —Have you finished the book? —No. I’ve read up to _____ the children discover the secret cave. A. which B. what C. that D. where 3. (北京卷 31). I want to be liked and loved for I am inside. A. who B. where C. what D. how 4. (北京卷 32) . Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel, David Copperfield, was __ it was rather closely modeled on his own life. A. what B. that C. why D. whether 5. (北京卷 33). some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. A. Whether B. What C. That D. How 6. (福建卷 35 ) . We should respect food and think about the people who don’t have we have here and treat food nicely. A. that B. which C. what D. whether

7. (湖南卷 35). Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears .No one in the office knew_________ she was so angry. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 8. (江苏卷 35). ----I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. ----That’s_______ I don’t agree. You should have a more active life. A. where B. how C. when D. what 9. (辽宁卷 34). ----It’s no use having ideas only . ----Don’t worry. Peter can show you ________to turn an idea into an act. A. how B. who C. what D. where 10. (山东卷 26). Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which 11. (陕西卷 18). It never occurred to me _____ you could succeed in persuading him to change his mind. A. which B. what C. that D. if 12. (四川卷 14). How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on he goes with,whether his friends or relatives. A. what B. who C. how D. why 13. (天津卷 14). As a new graduate, he doesn’t know _______ it takes to start a business here. A. how B. what C. when D. which 14. (重庆卷 25) . To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions had used the products. A. whoever B. who C. whichever D. which 15. (浙江卷 1). -- How about camping this weekend, just for a change? -- OK, __ you want. A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever 16. (浙江卷 9). It is uncertain __ side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand pat ients have taken it. A. that B. what C. how D. whether 17. (上海卷 36). One reason for her preference for city life is she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A. that B. how C. what D. why 18. (上海卷 37). When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know A. he is entering which lane B. which lane he is entering C. is he entering which lane D. which lane is he entering

1. 【陷阱】可能误选 B。许多同学一看选项首先就排除了 C 和 D,认为这样两个“引导词” 叠用的情况不 可 能。在 A 和 B 两个选项中,选项 A 肯定不行,因为它引 导宾语从句时不能充当句子成分,所以便选择了 B。 【分析】 正确答案选 D。 第一个 what 用作动词 meant 的宾语, 第二个 what 用作动词 said 的宾语,即 在 none of us understood what what he said meant 中,none of us

understood 为主句,what what he said meant 为宾语从句,而在此宾语从句中又 包括有 what he said 这样一个主语从句。 2. 【陷阱】可能误选 A。 【分析】最佳答案选 C。有的同学误选 A,是因为认为介词后应接关系代词 which,但 实际上,若填关系代词,其前没有先行词,这根据不是一个定语从句。另外, 由于 had happened 缺主语,所以 B 和 D 也不能选。 3. 【陷阱】根据中文字面意思误选 A 或 B。 【分析】最佳答案选 D。假若选 A 或 B,那么转换成陈述句即为:This is you want to say. / That is you want to say. 显然句中的两个谓语动词 is 与 want 相冲突。选 D 组成 的句子是 Is that all you want to say? 其中的 that 为句子主语,all 为表语,you want to say 为定语从句,用以修饰 all。

4.【陷阱】可能误选 D,认为 when 后应用疑问句词序。
【分析】最佳答案选 B。第一个 when 引出的是一个特殊疑问句,故用疑问词序;第二 个 when 引出的是主语从句,故其后用陈述句词序。 (1) C (2) C 5.【陷阱】几个干扰项均有可能误选。 【分析】此题最佳答案为 D。首先可以排除 A 和 C,因为空格处实为一个宾语从句,所 以不能用疑问句词序。另一方面,但按英语习惯,当用于指代身份不明的人时, 要用代词 it,而不用 he 或 she 等。比较以下两句: Mr Smith is at the door. He wants to see you. 史密斯先生在门口,他想见你。 Someone is at the door. It may be the postman. 有个人在门口,可能是邮递员。 第一句因前面指明了是 Mr Smith,所以后面用代词 he;而第二句因前面用的是不定代 词 someone,说明此人身份尚不明确,故其后用了代词 it 来指代。 6. 【陷阱】此题容易误选 A 或 B:选 A 的同学认为这是指人的,故用 who;选 B 的同学 认为这是非限制性定语从句,两者都是误认为这是定语从句(注意没有先行词)。 【分析】其实答案应选 C。that 引导的是一个宾语从句,用作动词 know 的宾语,它只是 被句中的插入语 my dear friend 隔开罢了。 (1) C (2) C (3) C 前面两题 that 引导宾语从句,后面一题 that 同位语从句(修饰 the news)。 ◆精编陷阱题训练◆ 【答案与解析】 1. 选 D。what made matters worse 是主语从句(注意其后有谓语动词 was),相当于 the thing that made matters worse。 2. 选 A。what 引导的是表语从句,相当于 the thing that it takes to do anything well。 3. 选 C。that 引导的是一个主语从句,句首的 it 为形式主语。 4. 选 C。 答句为省略句, 其完整形式为 I was trying to prove to the police where I was last night,在此 where 引导的是一个宾语从句。类似地,下面选 C: “_______ made her struggle to become an artist so hard?” “______ she was a woman.” A. What, What B. That, That C. What, That D. That, What 5. 选 D。what 引导的是表语从句,what 在此相当于 the things that。 6. 选 C。句首的 it 是形式主语,空格处所填词用于引导主语从句。由于该主语从句中 又缺主语,故排除 A、B、D。(注意:不能选 A,因为 that 引导名词性从句时不 能充当句子成分)

7. 选 A。第一空填 what,是因为该主语从句中的动词 understand 缺宾语;why 和 because 均可引导表语从句,其区别是: why 引导表语从句强调结果,because 引 导表语从句强调原因。句中空格后文表明的是结果,故用 why。 8. B。what 在此引导主语从句且在从句作宾语,它相当于 the thing that。 9. B。 两空均填 what, 均用于引导宾语从句, 因为两个宾语从句中的动词 said 和 do 均 缺宾语,而在各个选项中只有 what 可用作宾语。 10. 选 A。what 引导宾语从句。由于动词 wants 缺宾语,所以填 what。句意是:当 你找工作面试回答问题时,请记住这条黄金定律:永远给予对方确实想要的东西。 11. 选 A。I can to save them 为 I can do to save them 之略,此句中的 do 缺宾语,故 选 whatever。 12. 选 B。that 在此引导主语从句,无词义,也不充当句子成分。注意不要根据中文意 思选 D,因为 because 不用于引导主语从句。 13. 选 C。两个空格处均为引导宾语从句的引导词,而四个选项中两者可引导宾语从句 的只有 C。 14. 选 B。比较 That’s why… 与 That’s because…:前者用于强调结果,后者用于强调 原因。如下面一题选 D: I got wet all through. _______ I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. A. It’s the reason B. That’s why C. There’s why D. That’s because 15. 选 D。由 is worth praising 这一谓语可知前面是主语从句,排除不能引导从句的 B 项和 C 项;whoever 引导主语从句表示“任何……的人”,在此它相当于 anyone who。 16. 选 A。how 引导主语从句,that 引导同位语从句。



高中英语各类从句综合练习(有答案解析)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语 14 种从句综合测试 (50 题,每题 2 分,总分 100 分) 1. ___ is known to the...


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高中英语各种从句经典高考练习题_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1. I don't know ...1-5:ADBCD 6-10:DBDDD 11-15:ADBDC 16-20:DABDC 参考答案及解析: 1....


高中英语各种从句经典高考练习题_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1. I don't know ...1-5:ADBCD 6-10:DBDDD 11-15:ADBDC 16-20:DABDC 参考答案及解析: 1....


高中英语定语从句专项练习50题(含答案) - 定语从句专项练习 1. A football fan(球迷) is ___ has a strong interest in football...


从句练习题及答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。从句练习题 一、单项填空 1. ---Who is the man ___ was talking to our English teacher? ---Oh! It’s Mr...


高考从句综合练习(2016真题,附答案及解析)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考从句...7. C。句意:尽管网上购物已经改变了我们的生活,但是并不是所有的影响都是积极...


高中英语各类从句综合练习_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语各类从句综合练习 (一) 1. It is said ___ Dr Green will come to our school. A. that B. ...


英语从句练习含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.He told me the news ___ the Queen would visit China the next month. A. that B. which C. when D....


高中英语状语从句讲解和练习(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。状语从句讲解和...7. 让步状语从句 常用引导词:though, although, even if, even though 特殊...


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