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某些及物动词 + 直接宾语 + 宾语补足语 1.We think him clever.

2.They consider the answer correct.
3.Everyone calls him Tom.

(1)有些及物动词,接了______ 宾语 意义仍不完整,还 需要其他成分,来补充说明宾语的意义、状态等, 称为____________ 宾语补足语 ,简称_______ 宾补 。 被动 完成 (2)过去分词做宾语补足语,表示_____,______ 状态 。 或宾语所处的________ 动宾关系 ,即宾语是过去分 (3)分词与宾语具有_________ 词动作的__________ 。 承受者


1. His father named him Daming. (名词) 2. They painted their house white. (形容词) 3. You mustn’t force him to lend his

money to you. (动词不定式) 4. Nobody noticed him enter the room.

5. We saw her entering the room.

5. We must get the work finished by 10 o’clock. (过去分词) 6. We take English as a useful tool for research work. (用as引出) 7. Whenever you may go, you will find him at work. (介词短语) 8. Let the fresh air in. (副词) 9. The plant has its own name. You cannot call it what you will. (从句)


“致使,使· · · · ” 意义的使役动词, 归纳1: 表示__________________ have, make, get, keep, leave 如:______________________________________ 等。 后接宾语,其宾语后可接过去分词做宾补, 表示: “使某人/某事被做”

cut I had my hair ______yesterday.

He got his telephone open.

He got his glasses broken. He got his camera damaged.

He got his wallet stolen.

He had his hair_____ cut He had his clothes______ washed
He had his room_______. cleaned
painted He had his walls_______. repaired He had his bike________.

cut wash clean


“ have + 宾语+过去分词” Note1
1. 意为“主语请别人做某事”, 表被动。 He has his eyes examined tomorrow. 2. 意为“使完成某事”,事情既可以是别人做,也可以 由主语自己做,表完成。 He had the walls painted this morning. 他今早把墙漆了。(主语自己可能参与) 3. 意为“主语遭遇不测的事情”,表意外。 Be careful, or you'll have your hands hurt.

感观或心理状态 归纳2: 表示________的 动词后接宾语, 过去分词 see, watch, 其宾语后可接_____做宾补,如: _____ notice,hear, listen to, feel, think,find ,observe 等。 ___________________________ 表示: “感受到某人或某事被做”。


robbed by two men. ?I saw them __________


I saw him ___________________. blamed by his mother


I saw ___________________. him bitten by a dog

I saw ___________________. him beaten by his mother

?Knock down

I saw ___________________. him knocked down by a car

1.当他到达的时候,他发现所有的工作都做完了。 finished When he arrived ,he found _____all the work_______.
2.我们可以听到沉重的雨滴打在窗户 beaten hear We can ___ the windows______________ by the heavy rain drops.

Note 2
现在分词、过去分词与不定式作补语的区别 I saw him get off the bus. I saw him knocked down by a car. I saw him lying on the road just now.

(to) do: 整个过程
-ed:被动 -ing:主动

cut I found Tom’s hair________. cut

cleaned. I found his room________
repaired I found his bike________. washed. I found his clothes_______. I found the walls_______. painted

repair wash paint

Fill in the blanks.
I heard someone _________me. calling called I heard my name ________. break the window. I found Tom _______ broken I found the window _______.

I had my watch repaired. She found his hair cut. I had my room cleaned. She found his clothes washed. I had my foot injured. She found his room cleaned. find sth./sb done I saw him beaten by his He got his leg injured. mother. He got his camera I saw him bitten by a dog. damaged. He got his glasses broken. I saw him robbed by a man. get sth./sb done
I made him punished.

have sth./sb. done

see sth./sb. done
I watched him killed.

make sth./sb. done

watch sth./sb done

like, order “意欲; 命令” 归纳3:表示_____________ 的动词如: __________
to be ________ want,wish 相当于过去分词短语前省略了_______

I wish these letters (to be) typed as soon as possible. The father wants his daughter (to be) taught the piano.

He didn’t want such question (to be) discussed at the meeting.

归纳4:“with +宾语+过去分词”结构中, 过去 分词用作介词 with 的宾语补足语。 1)The murderer was brought in, with his hands tied ______behind his back. 凶手被带进来了, 他的双手被绑在背后。

heated we can see the steam. (2)With water__________, 水一被加热, 我们就会看到水蒸气。 settled we all went home. (3)With the matter__________, 事情得到解决, 我们都回家了。

My mother never allow me to play computer games with my homework unfinished (finish) ____________.

? Note 3


1) 情态动词 (除ought 外, ought to); 2) 使役动词 let, have, make; 3) 感官动词 see, watch, look at, notice, observe, hear, listen to, smell, feel, find 等后作宾补, 省略to。注意: 在被动语态中则to不能省掉。 I saw him dance. =He was seen to dance. The boss made them work the whole night. =They were made to work the whole night.

使役动词和感官动词 等作宾补, 省略to。 注意: 在被动语态中则to不能省掉。
1. I make her wait for an hour to wait She was made _________(by me)for an hour. 她被迫等了一个小时。 ?2. I saw him dance. to dance ?He was seen __________(by me).

solved 1. With all the problems_______(solve), he felt relaxed. (过去) going 2. With all the noise_______(go) on, I couldn’t concentrate on my study.(现在)

to solve 3. With all the problems__________(solve), the new
president will have a hard time.(将来)

? 下列各句均有一处错误,请指出并改正。
?1. I found the game excited. exciting

?2. We usually work only five hours a day, so we have plenty of spare time visit the area and have fun. to
?3. I want to have the flowers deliver delivered to my mother on Mother’s Day.

completed ?4. Would you like to get the building complete this week?
?5. He made his house be decorated by a famous company.

1. Laws that punish parents for their little children’s actions against the A laws get parents ______.

A. worried
C. worrying

B. to worry
D. worry

2. The managers discussed the plan C that they would like to see ____ the next year. A. carry out
the plan

B. carrying out
C. carried out D. to carry out

3. With a lot of difficult problems _____, A the newly—elected president is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled 4. With trees, flowers and grass _____ B everywhere, my native town had taken a new look. A. planting B. planted C. to plant D. to be planted

5. I can make you _____ B what I say, but
you can’t make yourself ____ in English.

A. understand; understand
B. understand, understood C. to understand, understand

D. understand; to be understood

6. He found them ____ C at a table_____ A. sat; to play chess B. sitting; to play chess C. seated; playing chess D. seat; play the chess 7. John rushed out in a hurry, _____ A the door _____. A. leaving; unlocked B. leaving;unlocking C. left, unlocked D. to leave;unlocking

8 . Helen had to shout _____ D above the

sound the music.
A. making herself hear B. to make herself hear

C. making herself heard
D. to make herself heard.

B on my face 9 . I could feel the wind ___ from an open window.
A. to blow B. blowing C. to be blowing D. blown A 10. It is wise to have some money____ for old age. A. put away B. kept up C. given away D. laid up

11. ---I can’t see the words on the blackboard. ---Perhaps you need __________. A A. to have your eyes examined B. to examine your eye C. to have examined your eyes D. your eyes to be examined 12. They woke up, finding everything around ________. C A. changing B. change C. changed D. to change

13. Being poor at English, I’m afraid

I can’t make myself ______. D
A. understand B. to understand

C. understanding
D. understood

14. I have had my bike ______, and C

I’m going to have somebody
______ my radio tomorrow.

A. repair; to repair
B. repairing; to be repaired C. repaired; repair

D. to repair; repairing



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