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状语从句习题 一. 单项选择。
1. _____ I like the color of that hat, I don’t like its shape. a. That b. While c. So long as d. So

2. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome the difficulty,____ great it is. a. what b. however c. whatever d. how

3. I have told the story just____ it happened. a. as b. if c. then d. when

4. We found people friendly____ we went. a. to which b. in which c. wherever d. to where

5. The day breaks, ____ the birds are singing. a. because b. as c. since d. for

6. It was 12 ____ they finished the work. a. since b. which c. that d. when.

7.Why do you want a new job____ you’ve got such a good one already? a. that b. where c. which d. when

8---What was the party like? ---Wonderful. It was years ____ I had enjoyed myself so much. a. after b. before c. when d. since

9.I thought her nice and honest ___ I met her. a. first time c. the first time b. for the first time d. by the first time

10. After the war, a new school building was put up _____ there had once been a theatre. a. that b. where c. which d. when

11.John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out___ he phones. a. as long as b. in order that c. in case d. so that

12. _____ , mother will wait for him to have dinner together. a. However late is he b. However he is late

b. c. However is he late

d. However late he is

13. I think I should prefer to go on Friday,___ it’s all the same to you. a. unless b. if c. as soon as d. though

14. ---The experiment is of particular importance. ---I see. We will carry on with it _____ we can get enough money. a. until b. unless c. whether d. however

15. Someone called me up in the middle of the night but they hung up____ I could answer the phone. a. as b. since c. until d. before

16.---It’s a long time___ I saw you last. ---Yes, and what a pity it is since it will be a long time___ we see each other again! a. before, since b. c. since, before b. when, when d. when ,then

17. He whispered to his wife___ he might wake up the sleeping baby. a. so that c. for fear that b. on condition that d. so long as

18. I won’t give you any help ____ you tell me the truth. It’s none of my business. a. unless b. since c. if d. even if

19. I was so familiar with him that I recognized his voice_____ I picked up the phone. a. immediately b. quickly c. suddenly d. hurriedly

20. ---Can I join you in the game? ---Sorry, not____ you have finished your homework. a. if b. since c. unless d. that

二. 翻译题。
1. 你越是努力学习英语,你说英语就会越好。

2. 除非天下雨,否则飞机将正点起飞。

3. 我们早晨早点走,以便我们能及时赶到机场。

4. 当我们听到老师告诉我们的那个消息,我们都激动得睡不着觉。

5. 乘务员怕旅客不明白,她又解释了一遍。

6. 我们做得越多,就越能做;做得越少,就越会变得越懒惰。

7. 当乌云出现时(appear),聪明人就披上斗篷(cloaks)。

答案与分析: 一、单项选择。 1. 答 b. while 在此表示“尽管,虽然” 相当于 although/though. 又如: while(she is ) respected, she is not liked. 2.答 b. 本题的关键词是横线后的形容词 great. however great it is =no matter how great it is. What 和 whatever 后都不能直接跟形容词或副词; how 后可以跟形容词或副词, 但为本句的句法所不容。 3.答 a. as “就像” “就如同” , 后接方式状语从句.其他选项均与原题意 不符. 4.答 c. 本句相当于: No matter where we went, we found people friendly. 5. 答 d. 本题是从结果推断出原因 , 不是表示直接的从原因导致结果 , 故选 for. 6.答 d. 本题中的 it 指时间. it 指时间外还可指天气, 环境, 距离等. 又 如: They live on a busy main road. It must be very noisy. 7.答 d. when 在本题中的意思是:在---的情况下。本题意为: 在你已经找到 了一份好工作的情况下,你为什么还要另找工作呢? 8答 d. 答语中的关键词是:great(太棒了); It was years since I had enjoyed myself so much 的语意是: 我好几年没这样开心过了。 9.答 c. the first time 相当于 when ---for the first time. 选项 a 少了 定冠词 the. 选项 b 只能作为状语 如:In Oct,1968 I met him for the first time. 选项 d (by the first time) 虽然后可接从句, 但主句的时态应用过去 完成时,而且也与原意不符。本题意为:当我第一次遇见她的时候,我就认为她 很好,很老实。 10答 b. 本句是 where 引导的让步状语从句,相当于 at the place where---. 11.答 c. 本题的关键词是 may. “John 今天会打电话来。 (所以)我今天不 想出去万一他打电话来。 ” 其他选项均与题意不符. 12.答 d. 本题考查 however 引导的让步状语从句. 通常用这样的句型: However +adj/adv + 从句主语+谓语, + 主句

如: However tired he was, he went on working. =No matter how tired he was, he went on working. 13.答 b. 本题的语意是: 我想我情愿星期五去, 如果对你来说是一样的话. 14.答 c. Whether we can get enough money = No matter whether we can get enough money or not. “ 无论我们是否能搞到足够的钱,我们都得进行下 去. 15.答 d. “在我接电话之前, 他就把电话挂断了” 16答 c. 本题中有两个句型 : It’s/has been + 一段时间 +since sb did sth.(自从---以来已经---时间 了) It will be +一段时间+before sb do sth.( 再过多久才---) 应答语中的第一个 since 作 “因为”解. 17.答 c. for fear that “惟恐;担心”. 本题中的其他选项不符合原意逻 辑. 18.答 d. 本题的提示语是 “ It’s none of my business.” “这不关我的 事”. 表示无论怎样我都不会帮你的. 所以选择有让步意义的 even if 为最佳 答案. “即使你告诉了我事情的真相, 我也不会帮你的.” 1 9 . 答 a. immediately 是 个 连 词 , 相 当 于 as soon as/ the moment/ directly 等. 20.答 c. 本句的应答语是省略句, 相当于: Sorry, you can’t join us in the game unless you have finished your homework.

1. The harder you study English, the better you speak it. 2.The plane will take off on time unless it rains. 3. We set off early in the morning in order that we can arrive at the airport in time. 4. When we heard that news which the teacher had told us, we all were so excited that we couldn’t go to sleep. 5 . The stewardess explained again for fear that the passengers could not understand. 6. The more we do, the more we can do; the less we do, the lazier we become. 7.When clouds appear, wise men put on their cloaks.



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