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  Read the passage and match the photos with these descriptions.阅读文章并将图片与下列描述搭配起来。
  a landmark in Paris巴黎的标志性建筑 an art gallery in Florence佛罗伦萨的美术馆
  a church in Barcelona巴塞罗那的教堂
  a building in Athens雅典的一座建筑
  The Eiffel Tower埃菲尔铁塔
  The Parthenon帕台农神庙
  The Uffizi Palace乌菲齐美术馆
  The Sagrada Familia圣家大教堂
  Great European Cities欧洲大城市
  Paris is the capital and largest city of France,situated on the River Seine. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is visited by more than eight million tourists every year. 巴黎是法国的首都,也是法国最大的城市,坐落在塞纳河畔。巴黎是世界上最漂亮的城市之一,每年有超过八百万的游客来这里旅游。 The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower, the famous symbol of Paris. One of the world's largest art galleries,the Louvre,is also located in Paris. 最受游客欢迎的旅游景点是埃菲尔铁塔,它是巴黎著名的象征。世界上最大的美术馆之一--卢浮宫,也在巴黎。 The city is also famous for its restaurants, cafes and theatres. About two-thirds of France's artists and writers live in Paris. 这个城市也以餐馆、咖啡馆和剧院而闻名。法国大约三分之二的艺术家和作家都生活在巴黎。 BARCELONA巴塞罗那 Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain and is situated on the northeast coast, about five hundred kilometers east of the Spanish capital,Madrid. 巴塞罗那是西班牙的第二大城市,它位于西班牙东北海岸,大概在离西班牙首都马德里东边五百千米的地方。 One of Barcelona's most famous landmarks is the Church of the Sagrada Familia, which was designed by an architect called Antonio Gaudi. 巴塞罗那最著名的标志性建筑之一就是由建筑师安东尼奥?高迪建造的圣家大教堂。 Gaudi worked on the project from 1882 until his death in 1926. The church hasn't been finished yet! 高迪从1882年起从事这项工程直至1926年逝世,这座家庙还没有竣工。 FLORENCE佛罗伦萨 Florence is an Italian city which became famous because of the Renaissance, a great artistic movement which began in the 1300s and lasted for three hundred years. 佛罗伦萨是意大利的一座城市,这座城市因文艺复兴而变得著名。文艺复兴是一次大型的文艺运动,开始于13世纪,持续了三百年。 During the Renaissance, some of the greatest painters of all time lived and worked in Florence. 在文艺复兴时期,历史上一些最伟大的画家在佛罗伦萨生活和工作。 Many of Florence's most beautiful paintings and sculptures were produced by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. 佛罗伦萨很多非常漂亮的油画和雕塑都是由伟大的艺术家如莱昂纳多?达?芬奇和米开朗琪罗创作的。 Florence is visited each year by about a million tourists who come to see the art galleries,churches and museums.The Uffizi Palace is the most famous art gallery in the city. 每年大约有一百万的游客来佛罗伦萨参观美术馆、教堂和博物馆,乌菲齐美术馆是这座城市最著名的美术馆。 ATHENS雅典 Athens,the capital of Greece,is known as the birthplace of western civilisation. 雅典是希腊的首都,作为西方文明的发祥地而闻名于世。 Two thousand four hundred years ago,it was the world's most powerful city. 2400年前,雅典是世界上最强大的城市, Buildings such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill were built during this period.Greece's best writers lived in ancient Athens. Their work has influenced other writers ever since.像位于雅典卫城山的帕台农神庙这样的建筑等就是在那个时期建造的。希腊最优秀的作家就住在古雅典,他们的作品影响了后世的作家。
  Module 2
  Developing and Developed Countries
  Read the passage.Answer these questions.
  What did world leaders agree to do in 2000?
  What does the Human Development Index measure?
  What are the first two Development Goals?
  What progress have we made towards these goals?
  What do developed countries need to do?
  The Human Development Report人类发展报告
  In the year 2000,147 world leaders agree to work together to reduce poverty by 2015 or earlier. From this agreement came the Human Development Report. 2000年,147个国家领导人达成协议,一起努力到2015年甚至更早缓解贫困,这个协议达成后接下来便产生了《人类发展报告》。 One of the most important sections of this report is the Human Development Index.This examines the achievements of 175 countries. 这个报告最重要的一部分就是"人类发展指标",这对175个国家的成果作了分析检测。 The Index measures a country's achievements in three ways:life expectancy (how long people usually live),education and income.The index has some surprises.Norway is at the top of the list,while the US is at number 7. 这项指标从三个方面衡量一个国家的成就:寿命(人们通常能活多久)、教育和收入。这项指标显示了一些令人感到意外的情况。挪威高居榜首,而美国则排在第七。 The other top five countries are:Iceland (2), Sweden (3), Australia (4), the Netherlands (5). 中间五个国家按名次分别是冰岛、瑞典、澳大利亚和荷兰, The UK is in the thirteenth position,while China is in the middle of the list.The bottom ten countries are all African countries,with Sierra Leone (in West Africa) at the bottom of the list. 英国位居第十三,而中国排在名单的中间。处于末端的十个国家均是非洲国家,西非的塞拉利昂排在最后。 The report describes eight Development Goals.The most important goals are to: 这个报告描述了八个发展目标,最重要的目标是: reduce poverty and hunger;缓解贫穷和饥饿; make sure that all children have education up to the age of 11;确保11岁以上的孩子都能接受教育; fight AIDS and other diseases;战胜艾滋病和其他疾病 improve the environment of poor people, e.g. make sure they have safe drinking water; 改善穷人的生活环境,如确保他们都喝上安全健康的饮用水; encourage developed countries to give more help to other countries.鼓励发达国家给予其他国家更多的帮助。 The 2003 Human Development Report gives examples of successful development. For example, in nine years(1953-1962),China increased life expectancy by 13 years. 2003年的《人类发展报告》报告了几个发展成功的实例,譬如,在九年(1953-1962)的时间里,中国的人均寿命就增加了13岁; In the last ten years in China, 150 million people moved out of poverty. However, the challenges are still great. 在过去的十年中,中国有1.5亿人摆脱了贫穷,然而,仍然还存在着很大的挑战。 Every day 799 million people in developing countries are hungry. Over half of these are in South Asia or Africa. 在发展中国家每天仍有7.99亿人处于饥饿中,这些人中有一半是南亚或者非洲的; Although more than 80% of children in developing countries go to primary school, about 115 million children are not being educated. 虽然发展中国家超过80%的孩子能上小学,但是仍然有1.15亿的孩子没有接受教育; More than 1 billion people in developing countries do not drink safe water. 在发展中国家还有超过一百万的人喝不到安全健康的饮用水, However, in other regions of the world, e.g. Eastern Europe,water is now mostly safe to drink. 但是在世界的其他地区,如东欧,水已经基本上可以安全饮用了。 The report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to make greater efforts. 报告显示我们正在进步,但是我们必须作出更大的努力。 Although developed countries give some financial help, they need to give much more. 虽然发达国家提供了一些经济救援,但是提供救援的数量应该大大增加。 Interestingly, the countries that give the most money are the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. 有趣的是,给予最多经济资助的国家分别是荷兰、挪威和瑞典。 These are among the five richest countries in the world, so it is right that they should do so. 这几个国家都是世界上最富裕的五个国家中的,所以它们应该这么做的。
  The Violence of Nature自然的暴行
  Read about the Gulf Stream and check the meaning of the words.阅读关于墨西哥湾流的文章,查找下列单词的意思。
  current 水流
  latitude 纬度
  The Gulf Stream is a warm ocean current which starts in the Gulf of Mexico and flows northeast across the Atlantic. It also travels past the east coast of the United States towards eastern Canada. It is one of the strongest currents anywhere in the world. Because of the Gulf Stream, The United Kingdom and other places in Europe are much warmer than parts of Canada on the same latitude.墨西哥湾流是发源于墨西哥湾,穿过大西洋向东北流动的温暖洋流。它还沿着美国东海岸向加拿大东部流动。它是世界上最强大的一股水流。因为有墨西哥湾流,英国和欧洲其他地方比处于同纬度的加拿大很多地区更暖和。 What is a current?水流是什么? A kind of electricity.一种电 A movement of water.水的一种运动 A kind of wind.一种风 What kind of things flow?什么东西会流动? Water.水Time.时间Money.钱 Read the passages on page 23 and answer these questions.阅读第23页的文章,回答下列问题。 How strong are tornado winds?龙卷风有多强烈? What can happen to furniture when a house is destroyed by a tornado?当一座房子被龙卷风摧毁了,家具会发生什么? How many tornadoes are there in the US every year? 美国每年会有多少次龙卷风? How many people died in the worst tornado of all time? 最严重的一次龙卷风中死了多少人? What happens at sea during a hurricane? 刮飓风的时候,海上会发生什么? When was the worst hurricane of all time? 最严重的一次飓风发生在什么时候? Was the actor Charles Coghlan killed in it? 演员查尔斯?科格伦在飓风中被夺取生命了吗? What happened to him after the hurricane? 飓风之后,他发生了什么? What Is a Tornado?龙卷风是什么? A tornado is a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground. 龙卷风是指一个从空中的雷暴延伸到地面而生成的旋转气柱。 The most violent have winds of more than 400 kilometres per hour. 最强的龙卷风风速超过400千米每小时 Almost all of them occur in the US, in the area from Texas in the southeast to South Dakota in the north.,几乎所有的龙卷风都发生在美国,从东南部的得克萨斯州到北部的达科他。 Tornadoes can pick up cars, trains and even houses and put them down in the next street--or even in the next town. 龙卷风可以卷起汽车、火车甚至是房子并把它们卷到旁边的街道--甚至能卷到邻近的城镇。 They can take the fur off the back of a cat and the feathers off a chicken. 它们可以将猫背上的皮毛和鸡身上的羽毛拔下来, They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was. 它们可以摧毁房子,却把房内的家具留在原处。 On average, there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, causing about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. 美国平均每年会发生800次龙卷风,造成大约80人死亡,1500人受伤。 The worst tornado of all time occurred in 1925, affecting three US states: Missouri,Illinois and Indiana. 最严重的一次龙卷风发生在1925年,影响了美国的三个州:密苏里州、伊利诺伊州和印第安纳州。 By the time it ended, more than 700 people had been killed and 2,700 had been injured. 等到风停时,已有700多人死亡,2700多人受伤。 What Is a Hurricane?飓风是什么? Hurricanes are strong tropical storms, and they usually occur in the southern Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. 飓风是强烈的热带风暴,它们通常发生在大西洋南部、加勒比海和墨西哥湾。 There are violent winds of 120 kilometres per hour or more, which cause huge waves, heavy rain and floods. 猛烈的飓风以120千米每小时甚至更快的速度移动,引起巨大的波浪,大雨和洪水。 There are on average six Atlantic hurricanes each year and they usually affect the east coast of the US from Texas to Maine. 平均每年会发生6次大西洋飓风,通常会影响美国东部海岸从得克萨斯州到缅因州。 The worst hurricane disaster of all time occurred on the 8th September 1900 in Galveston, Texas. 最严重的飓风灾害是1900年9月8日发生在得克萨斯州的加尔维斯顿, Winds of 200 kilometers per hour and five-metre high waves hit the city. 飓风以200千米每小时的速度卷起5米高的波浪向城市袭来, The disaster killed 6,000 people in a population of 37,000 and destroyed 3,600 buildings. 那次灾害夺去了37000人口中的6000条人命,摧毁了3600栋建筑物。 An Extraordinary Event非比寻常的事件 This is a story about the 1900 Galveston hurricane.这是一个关于1900年的加尔维斯顿飓风的故事。 Charles Coghlan was a nineteenth-century Irish actor who went to live in Canada. 查尔斯?科格伦是19世纪一位居住在加拿大的爱尔兰演员, He then moved to New York, where he became famous. By the late 1890s, he had moved to Galveston, where he died in 1899, a year before the hurricane struck. 那时,他搬到纽约并在那里出了名,19世纪90年代后期,他搬到了加尔维斯顿,并于1899年,也就是飓风来袭的前一年去世。 The cemetery where Coghlan was buried was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan's coffin ended up in the sea. 埋葬科格伦的公墓被飓风摧毁了,科格伦的棺材最后被卷入了大海。 Eight years later, the coffin was found by fishermen in the sea near his home on Prince Edward Island in the east of Canada. 八年之后,科格伦的棺材在加拿大东部的爱德华王子岛省被一位渔夫在离他家不远的海里发现了。 The Gulf Stream had carried it 3,000 kilometres up the eastern US coast to Prince Edward Island. 墨西哥湾流载着它漂了3000千米沿着美国东海岸漂到了爱德华王子岛省。 Coghlan travelled back to Canada--after he had been buried in Texas! 被葬在得克萨斯州后,科格伦又漂回了加拿大。
  Sandstorms in Asia亚洲沙尘暴
  Look at the photo. Answer these questions.看图回答问题。
  What is happening?正在发生什么?
  What is the cyclist wearing and why?那个骑自行车的人戴着什么?他为什么要那样做?
  What do you think happens to traffic in this situation? Why?你认为在这种情况下交通会发生什么?为什么?
  What do you think experts advise people to do in this situation?你认为在这种情况下专家会建议人们怎么做?
  Sandstorms in Asia亚洲沙尘暴
  Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. 几个世纪以来,沙尘暴已经成为很多亚洲国家的严重灾害。 Scientists have tried many ways to solve this problem and in China, a mass campaign has been started to help solve it. 科学家已经想了很多办法来解决这个问题,在中国,已经开展了一场帮助解决沙尘暴问题的大型战争。 Sandstorms are strong, dry winds that carry sand. They are often so thick that you cannot see the sun, and the wind is sometimes strong enough to move sand dunes. 沙尘暴是带有沙石和尘土的强大而干燥的风。沙尘暴通常很浓密以至于人们都看不见太阳,有时候,风的强度大到可以掀动沙丘。 The four main places in the world where there are sandstorms are Central Asia, North America, Central Africa and Australia. Ren Jianbo, from Inner Mongolia described a terrible sandstorm he experienced as a child in the desert. 世界上四个主要的有沙尘暴的地方是:亚洲中部、北美、非洲中部和澳大利亚。来自内蒙古的任建波描述了他小时候在沙漠中经历过的一次严重的沙尘暴, "To have been caught in a sandstorm was a terrible experience," he said. "There was nothing to be done. "被困在沙尘暴中是一种很可怕的经历,"他说,"什么也干不了, It was the most frightening and the most dangerous situation I've ever been in. You just had to hope you'd survive. I thought I was going to disappear under the sand." 那是我遭遇过的最可怕、最危险的境况,你只能希望自己能够幸存,我原以为我会消失在沙石底下。" Northwest China is part of the sandstorm centre in Central Asia. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. 中国西北是亚洲中央沙尘暴中心的一部分。沙尘暴开始于沙漠地带, Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years as a result of "desertification". 近年来因为"沙漠化",中国发生沙尘暴的次数明显增加了。 This is a process that happens when land becomes desert because of climate changes and because people cut down trees and dig up grass. 这是发生在由于气候变化以及人们砍伐树木、开垦草地等使得陆地变成沙漠时的过程。 Sandstorms sometimes affect Beijing. Citizens wake up to an orange sky and strong winds that cover the city in a thick, brown-yellow dust. 有时候沙尘暴会影响北京,市民醒来时,发现昏黄的天空,狂风夹着黄沙在城里肆虐。 The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see. 暴风有时持续一整天,因为浓密的尘土降低了能见度,所以车辆等开得很慢。 The Chinese Central Weather Station can forecast a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing, but the strength of the storm sometimes surprises people. 中国中央气象台在沙尘暴到达北京前的几个星期就能预见到,但是风暴的威力有时是惊人的。 When a sandstorm arrives in the city, weather experts advise people not to go out. Huang Xiaomei, who lives in Beijing says, 当沙尘暴到达一个城市时,专家会建议人们不要出门。居住在北京的黄小梅说; "To be cycling in a sandstorm is frightening. The winds are very strong. It's difficult to breathe and the dust makes me ill. So if you want to go out, you'd better wear a mask." "在沙尘暴中骑车是很可怕的,风力非常强,很难呼吸,而且尘土会让我得病,所以如果你想出门,最好带上面罩。" The desert is only 250 kilometres away to the west of Beijing. To prevent it coming nearer, the government is planting trees. 沙漠位于北京西边距离北京仅仅250千米,为了防止沙漠进一步向北京延伸,政府正在植树。 Already the government has planted more than 30 billion trees and plans to continue planting for the next five years. 目前政府已经种了超过三十亿棵树,而且计划在接下来的五年中继续植树。
  Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China中国古代的伟大人物及其发明
  Read Philosophers of Ancient China and match the words with the definitions.阅读"中国古代的哲学家",将下列单词写在与之对应的定义后面。
  order(n) bring up found(v) principle belief 秩序 抚养成人 建立 准则 信仰
  an idea that influences the way you behave影响你行为方式的思想
  to start an organisation or philosophy创办一个组织或者哲学
  the feeling that something is true and exists事物真实存在的感觉
  when people obey laws and rules and do not cause trouble人们遵守法律准则,不惹麻烦
  to look after children until they are adults照看小孩直到他们成年
  Find the words and phrases in the passage that match these definitions.
  < gave a lot of importance to给出......的大量重要性
  $ job职位
  8 doing what he suggested按他的建议做
  X tell your employer that you are going to leave your job告诉你的雇主你要离开你的工作岗位
  9 someone who gives advice提出建议的人
  : having a lot of influence有很大影响
  T Read the passage again. Choose the correct answers.再读一遍文章,选择正确的答案。
  h Check your answers to Introduction activity 2 according to the passage.根据文章,核对你引言中活动2的答案。
  2 Learning to learn学会学习
  Write a list of seven words which are related to the same topic. Show it to your friend quickly. See how many he/she can memorise. Discuss with him/her how words are better memorised.写出与同一个主题有关的七个单词,快速给你的朋友看,看看他/她能记住几个,与他/她一起讨论怎样更好地记单词。 hilosophers of Ancient China中国古代的哲学家 Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other. But it was also a time when there were many great philosophers. Confucius(551BC-479BC) is the philosopher whose influence has been the greatest. 古代中国各诸侯国之间经常发生战争。但那也是一个产生了许多哲学家的时期。孔子(公元前551--公元前479)是影响最大的哲学家。 He stressed the importance of kindness, duty and order in society. Chinese society was influenced by these ideas for more than 2,000 years. 他强调了仁爱、责任和社会秩序的重要性。中国社会受孔子学说的影响已长达两千多年。 Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to those of Confucius. Mencius was born in 372 BC. 孟子是一位思想家,他的理论和孔子的理论很相似。孟子生于公元前372年, His father died when he was young, and he was brought up by his mother, He became a student of Confucius's ideas, and was then given an important position in the government of a state. 自小就丧父,他母亲把他抚养成人。他成为儒家弟子,并在一个国家政府谋得很重要的职位。 However, when he saw that the ruler was not following his advice, he resigned. For many years he travelled from state to state, teaching the principles of Confucius. He then became an adviser to another ruler. 但是当他发现统治者并不听从他的建议时,他辞职了。好几年的时间,他周游列国,宣扬儒家学说。然后他又成为了另一个统治者的顾问。 He spent his last years preparing a book of his teachings called The Book of Mencius. 他晚年一直在准备记载他自己学说的书《孟子》。 Mencius believed that the reason why man is different from animals is that man is good. 孟子认为人区别于动物的本质就是人是性善的。 He taught that if the government was kind, then people would be good. He believed that people were more important than rulers, and hated the state when it treated people badly. 他主张"仁政"、"王道",提倡"民为重,君为轻",反对暴政。 Mozi was another teacher who was very influential. Born in 476 BC, he came from a family which was very poor. 墨子是又一位极具影响力的先哲。墨子于公元前476年出生于一个贫苦家庭。 He became famous for his unusual clothes and behaviour. Mozi founded the philosophy called Mohism. 他因为不同寻常的服装和行为举止而出名。墨子创立了墨家学派, In some ways, his beliefs were similar to those of Confucius. For example, he considered that government was most important. As a result, he spent many years trying to find a state where people would follow his teachings. 他的理论在某些方面和孔子的理论相似。例如,他认为统治非常重要,因此他花了好多年努力寻找一个人们愿意听从他的理论的国家。 Mozi believed that all men were equal. His idea of love was different from the Confucian idea of kindness. 墨子认为人人都是平等的,他主张的"兼爱"与孔子的"仁爱"不同。 Mozi taught that we should love all human beings and look after those who are weaker than ourselves. He hated the idea of war. Mozi died in 390 BC. 墨子认为我们必须爱护所有的人,照顾比我们弱小的人。墨子反对统治者发动的侵略战争。墨子逝世于公元前390年。
  Old and New古今鉴
  Now answer the questions before reading the passage.阅读文章之前,现在先回答下列问题。
  Mao Zedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of "walls of stone ..." Did Mao Zedong actually see the walls of stone?
  The power of the Yangtze River has been harnessed by the Three Gorges Dam. Does this mean that the power can be used or not?
  Sun Yat-sen first suggested the idea in 1919. Did Sun Yat-sen think of the idea himself or hear it from someone else?
  About 800 historical relics have been submerged. Is it possible to see the relics now that they have been submerged?
  The Three Gorges Dam三峡大坝
  "Walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain""更立西江石壁,截断巫山云雨" Mao Zedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of "Walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges". 毛泽东写过一首词,在词中,他想象了"更立西江石壁,截断巫山云雨,高峡出平湖"的壮丽景观。 Now his dream has come true. The power of the Yangtze River, which is the world's third longest river, has been harnessed by the Three Gorges Dam. 如今,他的理想变成了现实,世界第三长河--长江的水力已经被三峡大坝很好地利用了。 The Three Gorges Dam, which is the biggest construction project in China since the building of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, has been built to control flooding and provide hydro-electric power for the central region of China. 三峡大坝是中国自万里长城和京杭大运河以来最大的建筑工程,它是作为防洪大坝和中国巨型水利枢纽而建的。 The dam is nearly 200 metres high and 1.5 kilometres wide. It is the largest hydro-electric power station and dam in the world and has cost more than any other construction project in history. 大坝高约200米,宽约1.5千米,是世界上最大的水力发电站和水坝,耗资超过历史上其他所有的建筑工程。 Sun Yat-sen, who was the leader of the 1911 Revolution, first suggested the ides of a dam across the Yangtze River in 1919. Three quarters of China's energy is produced by burning coal. 孙中山是1911年的革命领袖,他在1919年最先提出横跨长江建立大坝的想法。中国四分之三的能源是通过燃煤获得的。 In 1993, China used 1.2 billion tons of coal for heating and generating electricity. Unfortunately, burning coal causes serious air pollution and increases global warming. 1993年,中国燃掉了12亿吨煤用于供热和发电。遗憾的是,燃煤造成严重的空气污染并使得全球变暖。 The dam will generate electricity equal to about 40 million tons of coal without causing so much air pollution. 大坝将要生产相当于燃烧4000万吨煤所产生的电量,但却不会造成那么严重的空气污染。 The reservoir has flooded 2 cities, 11 counties, 140 towns and more than 4,000 villages. 水库淹没了2个城市、11个县市、140个城镇和4000多个村庄, More than a million people who lived in the region have moved from their homes. 超过一百万住在这个地区的人们离开了他们的家乡。 Now they're living a happy new life in different areas. 现在,他们在不同的地区过着幸福的生活。 The Three Gorges area is one of the most beautiful areas of China and the project has flooded some of China's most famous historical sites, including the Qu Yuan Temple, the Han Watchtower and the Moya Cliff carvings. 三峡坝区是中国最美丽的地方之一,三峡工程淹没了一些中国著名历史遗迹,包括屈原祠、汉阙、 摩崖石刻。 About 800 historical relics have been submerged. Some of them are being removed and some are being put into museums. 大约有800个历史遗迹被水淹没,这些被淹没的遗迹有的搬迁到其他地方了,有的搬到了博物馆。 MODULE 7 Revision复习 Read the passage, an article written by a student called Mark.阅读学生马克写的这篇文章。 I decided to spend a year between school and university travelling round the world. 我决定中学毕业后,在上大学之前,花一年的时间周游世界。 I worked hard and saved quite a lot of money for the trip. I started my trip in France and after visiting the capital Paris, I travelled down to the south of France, which is known for its lovely beaches. 我非常努力地工作,为这次旅行攒了一大笔钱。我的旅行从法国开始,游览了首都巴黎之后,我就沿法国南下,去了一个以美丽可爱的海滩而闻名于世的地方。 Then I spent a month walking in the mountains in northern Italy. I then travelled to Rome, the capital of Italy, and spent a week visiting the city's wonderful art galleries, churches and museums. 然后我花了一个月行走于意大利北部的山脉之间。之后我去了意大利的首都罗马,在那里花了一个星期参观这个城市精彩绝伦的美术馆、教堂和博物馆。 From there I flew to Athens, Greece, and took a boat to a small Greek island. I had planned to meet a friend of mine there and we took an apartment on a beach and had a wonderful time swimming and sunbathing. 然后从那里飞往希腊的雅典,并坐小船去了希腊的一个小岛。我早就计划去那里会见一个朋友,我们相约在海滩上,在那里游泳、洗日光浴,度过了非常快乐的时光。 Next, I flew to India, and travelled round it for about three months. 接下来我飞往印度,花了大约三个月在那里周游。 Although the cities were crowded, the countryside was beautiful. I stayed in a small fishing village on the west coast and it was the happiest time of my life. 虽然那里的城市很拥挤,但是乡下很漂亮。我待在西部海岸的一个小渔村,那是我生命中最快乐的时光。 I then flew to northeast India, where there had been a terrible flood three months ago. 接着我飞往印度东北部,三个月前那里发生了一场严重的洪灾。 The water had gone but the damage to crops and homes was terrible. 虽然洪水退了,但是庄稼和家园所受的损害极其严重。 I then flew to China, a country I had always wanted to visit. I saw Beijing, of course, and the Great Wall, and also took a trip to see some villages on the Yangtze River which would soon be under water because of the Three Gorges Dam. 然后我飞往了中国,这是我做梦都想去的国家。当然,我游了北京,看到了万里长城,还去了长江沿岸的一些村庄,这些村庄很快就要因为建三峡大坝而被淹没了。 While I was in China, I read a lot about ancient Chinese history and became particularly interested in the ideas of the great philosopher Confucius. 在中国的那段时间,我阅读了很多关于中国古代历史的书籍,并对伟大的哲学家孔子的思想特别感兴趣。 Then I flew to Japan where I spent two interesting weeks. I was astonished to see that some people in the big cities wear masks to protect their lungs from pollution. 接着我飞往日本,在那里我度过了有趣的两周。我惊讶地发现大城市里有些人因为环境污染,戴着面具以保护他们的肺。 I hope that never happens in my city! Then, at last, I flew all the way home again. It had been a great experience, but, yes, it was good to be home! 我希望我所在的城市永远都不会发生那样的事情。最后,我乘飞机按照原路返回。这是一次非常不错的经历,但是,当然了,还是在家里好!



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